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Heating grants - do you recommend them?

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Warm Front is a government grant scheme in England that gives poorer households up to £2,700 to make their homes warmer, healthier and more energy efficient.

As Dom Littlewood found out, Warm Front has left some people without a warm glow.

Dom spoke to Robert Flello, MP for Stoke-on-Trent South. Robert said to Dom that he has received many complaints about the Warm Front Scheme - constituents telling him about poor workmanship and excessive costs.

Warm Front is run by Eaga. Paul Varley, their Divisional Managing Director, told Dom:

"The contractors aren't charging too much for the work they are doing. It's important to compare what the Warm Front scheme offers versus the equivalent in the private sector. When the government's independent auditor undertook that analysis they concluded we were a third cheaper. We continually monitor our supply chain to ensure it delivers value for money.

"We don't always get it right, but where we don't get it right we put it right. In the last two years we've helped half a million people and across the scheme life we've helped close to two million people."

More information about energy saving grants. Click for:

Warm Front grant (England)
Warm Homes grant (Northern Ireland)
Warm Deal and the Central heating programme (Scotland)
Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (Wales)

Have you received a grant to make energy saving improvements to your home? Would you recommend applying for a grant? Tell us, please.


  • 1. At 7:12pm on 20 Nov 2008, Enticy wrote:

    We had a Warm Front grant and following the inspection of our property (which does not have central heating) we had two nightsotrage heaters installed.

    However, following their installation we learnt that they were not even connected to the mains.

    We are still without the heaters now and therefore reliant upon gas and normal electric heaters.

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  • 2. At 7:18pm on 20 Nov 2008, juggles wrote:

    we didn't get a grant but paid 4k for a new boiler instead of a back boiler system, we didn't have any new radiators. have we been ripped off? It was the gas board that installed

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  • 3. At 7:19pm on 20 Nov 2008, namelessreality wrote:

    I was awarded a warm front grant and and inspector came round and arranged for us to have five raidiators plus a new boiler put in.

    We received a letter telling us we would have to pay a further approx £200 which we were fine with, but a couple of days later we received a letter from our city council who adv they would be paying the top up amount, so we would have nothing to pay.

    I've had the new heating fitted for almost a year and have not had a problem with it. The guys who came round to do the work were really nice and even came back a week later at no extra cost to make sure everything was ok before the final inspection.

    The on ly complaint i would have is the time it took from getting the grant to getting the heating fitted was a little long but otherwise i would totally recommend the scheme

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  • 4. At 7:19pm on 20 Nov 2008, englishcharlie wrote:

    My son was working for a plumber who installed solar panels. They were getting plenty of work until warm front came along and charged excessive amounts to be registered with them. It appears that only big concerns could afford the vast sums and charge more for the work. My son had to be laid off.

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  • 5. At 7:19pm on 20 Nov 2008, turneytowers wrote:

    i dont agree with people who moan about these grants -why should thay not pay anything towards their boilers?? many people on benefits get cold weather payments , free insulation, double glazing, winter fuel payments etc etc. many people have to get loans to pay in full on low incomes. it wouldnt harm people to contribute towards anything they get off the state. they wouldnt be paying any rent or council tax in many cases either. why doesnt the government make them pay a weekly amount back from their benefits instead -it might make them realise what working people have to do

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  • 6. At 7:21pm on 20 Nov 2008, Nick Johnston wrote:

    We had a Warm Front grant this year, to install a new boiler and controls. The work was first class and carried out by a polite engineer from Iguana who worked to high standards. When a problem with an existing radiator was identified, they returned to replace it (and the thermostatic valve). The full cost was covered within the £2,700 allowance.

    We could also have had cavity wall insulation installed, but we live in a stone house, which can be problematic from a damp perspective.

    What a pleasant experience!

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  • 7. At 7:21pm on 20 Nov 2008, looby_loo67 wrote:

    A few years back the company I worked for was the supplier of boilers for a similar heating grant system in Scotland. We had no end of complaints regarding the standard of workmanship of the installing contractors. Are contractors chosen because of they are cheap as opposed to their standard of workmanship & experience?

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  • 8. At 7:21pm on 20 Nov 2008, ladylee1979 wrote:

    we had a warmfront grant in 2004 we recieved loft insulation and cavity wall insulation,we was never charged extra the job was done quickly and cleanly,the people who did the job were kind and polite,we a family of 6 from lincolnshire on tax credits,no complaints here jobs a good en thanx leann

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  • 9. At 7:21pm on 20 Nov 2008, John wrote:

    A lot of these contractors up there prices when they know the money is coming from the government. They know that there is not the diligence there to make sure they are not getting ripped off. The government don't care as it is tax payers money. It is the same with car body repairer's. If it is an insurance claim they whack up the quote.
    I know, I have experienced this.

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  • 10. At 7:22pm on 20 Nov 2008, milottie wrote:

    Also had warmfront very poor service and job done in our home,all they had to do was replace 2 radiators and clean system though,radiators fell of the wall 1 before plumber left and other 2 months later (paid to have this one put back onto the wall,had leaks,also nearly blew our boiler up by nleaving the top up water valve open, blocked our drains,did not clean system out,stained carpets,i would be causious having these people into your home NEVER A FREE JOB.

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  • 11. At 7:24pm on 20 Nov 2008, BobL wrote:

    We applied for the Grant what the Government and Warm Front don't tell you in any of their advertising is that "single" Brick or flat roofed properties are not eligable for the grant payment. We are pensioners on suplementary benefit and cannot get any help to insulate our property.

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  • 12. At 7:24pm on 20 Nov 2008, zoewilch wrote:

    I live in Norwich and I received a Homefront grant and had the work done 15 months ago ( using their contractors). They fitted a new boiler 3 new radiators, had to lift all the flooring up and change the ebb and flow of my pipes, then flush all the tanks out ect. The quality of the work i had done was fantastic and efficient. Also the follow up of checking on the products and the yearly inspection. I also had to pay nothing towards this.
    I am very satisfied with every aspect of the service and would reccommend it, personally !
    Zoe Wilch

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  • 13. At 7:24pm on 20 Nov 2008, looby_loo67 wrote:

    Damejuggles if you seriously paid £4,000 paid for a boiler & nothing else, that does sound very excessive

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  • 14. At 7:25pm on 20 Nov 2008, ellenles wrote:

    We had a new boiler fitted in May this year. It was fitted in one day. The fitter was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable and did an excellent job. We could not recommend Warm Front highly enough. We have not had any problems with our boiler and it did not cost us anything. The man even made a return call after a couple of weeks to make sure we were happy with the work.

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  • 15. At 7:25pm on 20 Nov 2008, midnightmaz wrote:

    Got wall insulation + top up loft insulation a few months ago via Warmfront. No problems

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  • 16. At 7:25pm on 20 Nov 2008, BarbsHorth wrote:

    I work as a Housing Inspector in the Local Authority and have dealt with dozens of clients who have applied for a warm front grant. My experience has been ,almost without exception, that the cost of the work through Warmfront is over inflated. Quotes for the work through local contractors consistently comes in at a THIRD TO HALF less expensive. Most of the people who contact me are pensioners who cannot afford to pay a large amount of money in order to get the work done and consequently end up remaining in cold houses. I am so pleased you have highlighted this issue on the One show, it is a NATIONAL SCANDAL.

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  • 17. At 7:26pm on 20 Nov 2008, gins55 wrote:

    The person who did the survey confirmed we were entitled to loft insulation, draught proofing and cavity wall insulation.
    When the installers arrived they said the current loft insulation was OK, the walls without cavity insulation were OK and they installed one strip of draught proofing on the bottom of one of the external doors.
    The work was inspected several weeks later and the strip deemed to be in the wrong place on the door.
    We have heard nothing since.

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  • 18. At 7:26pm on 20 Nov 2008, goodsandyx wrote:

    i applied for warm front grant 3years ago had a visit to asses what was needed in my property. i was assured once my landlady sign the agreement they would carry out the works this did not happen as my surename was spelt wrong.i contacted warmfront about this and was told to send in a bill confirming my corrrect spelling of my surename.
    i've waited a while a got in touch again and have now been told i now need a new assessment to be done which i was told would be done over 3 months ago and still nothing has happened.i would also like to point out i have a 4year old grand-daughter living with me and we have no heating in our property at all. i feel that warmfront have treated me badly and their costumer service is disgusting.Debbie,Southend

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  • 19. At 7:26pm on 20 Nov 2008, jayprime wrote:

    When we moved to this property the boiler was already quite old. We've been here 24 years, so I think the boiler must be 30+ years old, so I tried to contact Warmfront to apply for a grant since the boiler must by now be horrendously inefficient.
    After not hearing anything for a couple of months I contacted them again to ask if I needed to do anything else.
    I received a reply "Thank you for your email.
    I have forwarded your concerns to the enquiries Department who will respond according ...".

    That was 12 November.
    I'm still waiting for a responce.

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  • 20. At 7:27pm on 20 Nov 2008, shelljuliea wrote:

    my 5 year old daughter and I went without heating and hot water for 18months as working part-time I could not afford to replace my broken down boiler. I then found out about warmfront and applied. They were fantastic from beginning to end. They fitted us a brand new combi-boiler, 5 new radiators, and new piping. Originally they wrote to me advising i would need to pay approx £1400 towards the cost, then within a week they rang me to say the cost had been waived and they would be out in 3 weeks to carry out the work. Iguana heating came and did all the work in one day, they were fantastic! I have found warmfront extremely helpful.

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  • 21. At 7:27pm on 20 Nov 2008, billywilgar wrote:

    I own a central; heating company which has been voted as the best heating installation company in the UK twice. We are based within greater London and carry out high quality owner occupied installation work. I am shocked at the prices being quoted by the "Approved installers" from warmfront. A standard boiler replacement with two radiators in a house such as the one shown in the video, should cost no more than 2.5K. including a minimum two year warranty and a total system poerflush!
    This is simply a rip off!!

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  • 22. At 7:27pm on 20 Nov 2008, darlingkaren59 wrote:

    I contacted warm front on behalf of my elderly parents, i set up all appointments from london, my parents live in liverpool. Warm front visited them gave them a quote of around £250, warm front also kept me informed of things, the work was done without problem, i was actually in liverpool when it was done, the workers were great and no problems at all.

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  • 23. At 7:27pm on 20 Nov 2008, OldIronBaz wrote:

    My name is Barry O'Connell, I had a major accident three years back I appiled for a grant and was granted one. The work done was walls insulated, and the loft insulation was renewed to correct depth. Now I also have left a bit of the grant left incase my twenty one year old boiler goes to the boiler heaven. Now my main worry is this, due to serve spine injuries I have no body clock and as such my body cannot regulate heat what so everm I can go dead cold at a drop of hat without even knowing, or far worse get to hot over heat, which would lead to a shutting down of the bodies major organs. Now for me heating is the key part of my life, so what I am so dead frighten of is the fact that I have only a small portion of the warm front grant left, yet if my deare old boiler dies what on earth am I going to do to find the remainder I do not know, could not the scheme ally a bit lee way for those like myself, it would really help. British Gas offer me a new one for £3,500 right dream on was my answer.

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  • 24. At 7:28pm on 20 Nov 2008, dudekee1y76 wrote:

    I got 3 quotes all said i need different work to doing ranging from a price of 500 extra for 2 new radiators and boiler one was nearly 900 for boiler and 5 radiators and was asked to choose between my sons room or my babys room to which was not having a radiator and my last quote was for 300 for just a boiler I know I was ripped off but was the only affordable way to replace my old boiler that was broken :(

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  • 25. At 7:28pm on 20 Nov 2008, snowtimblogs wrote:

    I work for a charitable concern who manages disabled facility and minor repair grants for elderly and disabled people all over the country. We undertake heating repair, renovation and disabled facility work which includes the type of work you described in your show tonight. I have on occasion come across Warm Front work and have even had reason to inspect it and have always been horrified not only with the prices they charge people but more importantly with the shoddy workmanship which in a lot of cases is left in a dangerous, unfinished state.
    We work in close conjunction with local authority and social services to ensure a reliable, cost effective (mostly free to the client) and proffessional service to provide the best solution to the clients problems, unfortunately not a lot of people are aware of our existence we are called Anchor Trust and our number one aim is to support the disabled and elderly clients that we represent.

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  • 26. At 7:28pm on 20 Nov 2008, penners30 wrote:

    makes me laugh when people moan about having to pay on top of the 2.7k grant. we dont qualfy as, even though we have a little girl, we both work full time and are not on benefits. we paid 3.5k for our new boiler. we are not exactly rolling in it, but because we choose to work we are penalised.

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  • 27. At 7:28pm on 20 Nov 2008, Mathiasbulldogs wrote:

    I have a baby and have been waiting 8 months for the sub contractor company from Warm Front to set a date to install the heating system, although I paid my excess 3 months ago. Very bad service for the start.

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  • 28. At 7:28pm on 20 Nov 2008, beau18 wrote:

    hi i have a warm front grant and i did not have anything to pay out but i have had to call them out so many times with problems and just a few weeks ago the switch was knocked of for about a sec and the whole thing went kuput and we were without heating and water for 3 days and i have a child with asthma it was unbelievably cold.we've had radiators going wrong,leaking from boiler,leaking from radiators,thermostats breaking down....... a nightmare all told but AT the moment it seems ok. thanks debbie

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  • 29. At 7:29pm on 20 Nov 2008, dizzymbeone wrote:

    Denise from Maidstone Kent.
    My husband was a young Alzheimer sufferer and was getting disability living allowance.
    We therefore qualified for a Warm Front Grant. I can only say that we had excellent service. They first came to check our loft insulation and added to what we already had with money left over. The boiler needed repairing, it was 10 years old. They decided they would replace it with a new boiler. It cost us nothing, it was still inside the grant, they came within three weeks to install it and have been back for its yearly check up.

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  • 30. At 7:30pm on 20 Nov 2008, wellard7445 wrote:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It is reasuring to know that we are not the only ones who are having problems with Warm Front. I qualified for a grant bedause I am disabled. We had a Warm Front Grant and had the central heating installed aprox 2 nearly 3 years now. We have phoned Warm Front on three separate occasions over 6 month period because we keep having to press the reset button in order to get hot water or the central heating to heat up. Nobody has bothered to get back in touch with us. We have been told that the problem is the exchanger. Their after sales service it seems doesn't exist.

    Peter Stanton
    Walthamstow, London

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  • 31. At 7:30pm on 20 Nov 2008, andikay wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 32. At 7:31pm on 20 Nov 2008, eloquentsammy wrote:

    My mother got a warm front grant for a new boiler.The workmanship was extremely shoddy.She developed several leaks resulting in loss of hot water and heat(in winter,she is 87).They came back many times but failed to fix this problem.I eventualy caled an independent plumber who fixed the problem in 2 mins.The money they received for this job was approx double what an independent plumber would have charged and the other crew that look after warm front (same company, dont care what they say ) do not take complaints

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  • 33. At 7:31pm on 20 Nov 2008, margaretlilian wrote:

    We had a quote from Warmfront and an inspector called and left us some photograpphs of their installation in another house.
    On looking at the photographs, we saw that all pipework and electric wires would be surface mounted.
    The pipework was really ugly and would have lowered the value of our house.
    We declined Warmfront offer and were told that they did the cheapest installation method - SO THAT AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE COULD ACCESS THE SYSTEM.
    I dont think that this should be an excuse to give applicants for the grant. There shoulld be enough money in £2700 to do a proper job and not create an eyesore!!!!!!!

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  • 34. At 7:32pm on 20 Nov 2008, bizarreNicola wrote:

    Earlier this year we applied for a warmfront grant and were accepted.Iguana was the company who visited. We were after a new boiler only. We asked about TRV's aswell but were told they were considered a 'home improvement' and therefore not covered by the grant. Fair enough I thought. Iguana wanted a further £600 on top of grant allowance. My husband really kicked off with eaga and demanded a breakdown of the quote and this was refused. We asked to have our own installer and again refused. However we were allowed to have a different quote from one of their other approved installers and this was done. "Dyson Installation" gave us another quote and this INCLUDED 7 TRV's and the quote was fully covered by the grant. The installers were fabulous and all aftercare has been exemplary. How can 2 different installers have such different prices where the lower price included extras?? I would definitely say that Iguana were preying on the 'needy'.

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  • 35. At 7:33pm on 20 Nov 2008, hyhughes wrote:

    Recently had cavity wall and loft insuation done by Eager. In May of this year my 11yr old daughter was diagonosed with type 1 diabetes, because we are able to claim disability living allowance this made us elegible to sign upto British Gas' essentials tarriff. This then entitled us to have the loft and wall insulation provided by Eager. However we wanted to change our inefficient boiler but when we applied to warmfront for this we were told the person with the disability had to be the home owner. Thus makjng our claim invalid. Eager did do a very tidy efficient service although making the appointment and getting them to stick to it was difficult.

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  • 36. At 7:33pm on 20 Nov 2008, ocotpus112 wrote:

    Hi we had a warmfront grant which fel hort, th council toped it up but we rang independant plumbers and they were less than hlf the price! I rang warmfront and they said the government sets th ammount allowd for parts labour etc. The installation left us wih no heating for a week as they hd done i wrong!! This was with children. They fitted a hot water tank and left the old electric heater uniton which then sparked and caused a mini fire!! ame back and just fitted another thermostat into he old unitn andit di the sme again! Radiators put up in wrong place. Had plumbers doing electicians job, not issued with acertiicate. Coldnt ge thre riators twork, so the left us agan with no heating and just kept saying we had to prove they were working before they came!!!!!! Aery shoddy experience and nealy a year on, the council have paid thei bit without me signing it off. Even theinspector saidabout the danger bu they have still yet to come and inspect a year later!!!!!!!! TOTALLY RUBBISH ND A RIP OFF

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  • 37. At 7:33pm on 20 Nov 2008, doelaws wrote:

    We were very excited to hear we were elegible for a warm front grant, both being in our seventies. We have an old draughty house and any help would be appreciated.

    But, if you already have some loft insulation, YOU will have to pay to upgrade it, although if you have none, they will pay for it to be done properly.

    Window? We suggest you install a blind and get some thick curtains.

    Very draughty back door? We suggest you buy a really think curtain.

    Why can't we have some help? Because you live in a listed building. You'll just have to put up with being cold.

    Hey ho!

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  • 38. At 7:33pm on 20 Nov 2008, micky1888 wrote:

    hi i tried to get help from home front i am a single prent on benifit and rent a house now the central heating boiler is very tired and struggles to heat bedrooms upstairs so i thought they could help but when they sent someone round they said i had to have a contract from landlord that says i had to stay in house for at least 7 years so its very unlilkly that any land lord would give tennant so long a contractso they said sorry and would send me energy saving light bulbs wich i said i did not need but he said they would be sent anyway waist of time promise the earth and give nowt ... thanks

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  • 39. At 7:34pm on 20 Nov 2008, Freeview1971 wrote:

    I was awarded the warm front grant in July this year and got a letter a month later that i had to pay an extra £128 towards the cost.

    I thought why do i have to pay the extra when i was only needing a boiler only out of the £2700 grant? You mean to say that it costs all that money plus a bit more just to put in a boiler only and no radiators?

    Somebody is making money in their back pocket some where i think and this should be well looked into.

    When they came out to do the work, instead of sawing a bit of wood off each side of 2 cupboards, they just broke it off with their hands and i had to finish up mending and tidying up myself after the work was completed.

    The boiler is ok at present but for what you get out of the grant for just a boiler on it's own and labour for nearly £3000 is a rip off in my opinion and people should not be asked to pay anymore than the grants total if the work should really cost less than the amount awarded. Any extra work needed alter on if a radiator or so needs replacing then the remainder of the grant should be used on that and not more money out of the person own pocket.

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  • 40. At 7:34pm on 20 Nov 2008, briannicols wrote:

    hi i am an installer and have been trying to find ways of complaining about the monopoly this company has, i can tell several stories about how people in great need have had to wait six weeks for an assessment and then up to six months for installation ( this was two weeks ago)

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  • 41. At 7:34pm on 20 Nov 2008, fabhelend wrote:

    My mom is elderely and disabled she had a warm front grant nearly two years ago, they didn't ask her to pay any more money, however six months after having the central heating system fitted the hot water didn't work and still to this day doesn't. The comapny who fitted it have been out several times and have decided its not their fault its moms water pipes are leaking somewhere in the house. This can't be correct as no leak or damp spot as appeared. I have complained in writing to Warm Front but no joy. The only good thing is that the warranty runs out in Feb 09 and we can then pay someone to put it right,becuase we were told that if we got someone in whilst in guarantte it would become in valid. Mom has careers in every day and its not helpful to them either keep boiling a kettle.

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  • 42. At 7:34pm on 20 Nov 2008, joanwinterburn wrote:

    I had a new boiler and three radiators fitted in December 2007 with a warm front grant. I had to pay an extra £1350.00. I have not been happy with the new system due to clicking radiators and excessive noise in the attic if the heating is set at 25 degrees.
    The company who fitted the system is Ideal Boilers, and getting any response from them is impossible. I wish I had kept our 20 year old boiler.

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  • 43. At 7:34pm on 20 Nov 2008, janeebenson wrote:

    My mum is 88yrs old and had no central heating in her house in Coventry. I contacted eaga and they installed a boiler and 5 radiators for less than the £2,700 we were quite impressed with the company until I saw the job they had done. "cowboys" is how I would describe them. the pipework and boiler are finished off really badly, and they left the flooring in her bedroom in a very unsafe condition (it sank by 3inches when you stood on the floor they had lifted for pipework, my brother fixed this) I did not complain as my mothers house is privately rented and owned by a lazy landlord, who ultimately has benifited from having the heating installed. and her house is warmer! and it didn't cost her a penny so my attitude was 'you get what you pay for'

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  • 44. At 7:35pm on 20 Nov 2008, clevercaptainflint wrote:

    We had a new boiler installed through Warm Front this year. Iguana carried out the work and were very efficient and cleaned up afterwards. We also had loft insulation carried out which took us over the £2700 grant but Warm Front passed us on to Eaga who carried out the work without us having to pay extra. We have no complaints so far and would certainly recommend the scheme.

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  • 45. At 7:36pm on 20 Nov 2008, roadheader wrote:

    we are retired and in our 60's and applied for a warmfront grant after it was recommended by a friend and the survey was done within 3 weeks and we were told that as the boiler was working it would not need replacing but they would wait for the engineers report.
    he came about 2 weeks ago and came armed with a G.A. drawing of a boiler to use as a template and we are having the boil;er replaced along with a further radiator in the hall and updated wireless thermostats, this is as well as having the system pressure jetted internally.
    at this time we have not recieved any quote buit the man said that it should be covered by the grant and that there should be no excess to pay the other info we were give was that it takes about 8 weeks before they can get around to doing the work and this would be around just before or just after Xmas so at the moment we are in wiat and see mode but warmfront actually rang me today to confirm the benefits that we are recieving and they did a check to see if we could get any more and that they will monitor our situation and this will be confirmed in writing which we should get next Monday/Tuesday
    all in all we have been treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism and I can't commend them highly enough , when we get more info and get the work done I wi;ll let you know more

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  • 46. At 7:36pm on 20 Nov 2008, jossyjo123 wrote:

    I have had someone from Warm Front assessing my property today, he was brilliant and suggested that, although my boiler is 10 years old and has had a few problems in the past, "if it isnt broke dont mend it" for now, and that I would still be able to access the remainder of the grant in future if it goes wrong. He is going to arrange for cavity walls, loft insulation and draught proofing the front door using the grant, which he advises will save me more money per month than a newer more efficient boiler, along with other tips such as not leaving tv on standby, not boiling kettle more than necessary and using energy saving light bulbs. He was extremely helpful and I felt he gave me good commonsense advice, not pushing to get me to spend money I haven't got.

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  • 47. At 7:36pm on 20 Nov 2008, foreversheila wrote:

    My husband, David suffered a stroke and is now registered disabled. I applied for a heating grant because our rented cottage has no central heating, just open fires and a solid fuel rayburn. We had the choice of £2,700 towards oil-fired central heating or 2 night storage heaters. It was quite obvious that central heating was out of the question because the boiler alone would have swallowed the grant so we opted for the storage heaters. I cannot speak highly enough for the service that they provided. The contractors, who were not local, were reliable, considerate and very clean and tidy. There was a follow-up questionaire to give us the opportunity to air our views and I made it quite clear that I was very impressed. We also receive energy saving light bulbs from them and, only last week, I received a letter saying that they will fit a bathroom heater in David's shower room free of charge. The only drawback - we might have to wait up to 6 weeks but never mind, we have both learnt to be patient. Sheila Lemon

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  • 48. At 7:36pm on 20 Nov 2008, fabhelend wrote:

    My mom is elderely and disabled she had a warm front grant nearly two years ago, they didn't ask her to pay any more money, however six months after having the central heating system fitted the hot water didn't work and still to this day doesn't. The comapny who fitted it have been out several times and have decided its not their fault its moms water pipes are leaking somewhere in the house. This can't be correct as no leak or damp spot as appeared. I have complained in writing to Warm Front but no joy. The only good thing is that the warranty runs out in Feb 09 and we can then pay someone to put it right,becuase we were told that if we got someone in whilst in guarantte it would become in valid. Mom has careers in every day and its not helpful to them either keep boiling a kettle.

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  • 49. At 7:37pm on 20 Nov 2008, MeThrifty wrote:

    I do not recommend them in their present form. Warmfront want you to sign up with them so that you can call them immediately when you need a new boiler. You are tied to them so they can charge whatever they like and deduct £2,700 from it. I thought they were coming to give me advice but instead I got a sales woman who took a phoney phone call 5 minutes after arriving from a supposed very happy customer. She was very unhappy when I would not sign her piece of paper which she assured me was not a contract. If my boiler goes I want to be able to get quotes for 3 or 4 companies and give the work to the one I choose at that stage. I recommend BEWARE even if you thing you are getting it for free.

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  • 50. At 7:38pm on 20 Nov 2008, SuseeQ wrote:

    Hi, I had a new boiler fitted. Every time it rains I have to put bowls on the work surface to catch the rain that somehow gets in through the boiler fittings. Thermostatic controls were only fitted to the upstairs radiators and none of them match.. The boiler now makes a real noise. I now only ever use the central heating because having the hot water side on as well is just too noisy. An independent plumber states the boiler is fitted incorrectly.

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  • 51. At 7:39pm on 20 Nov 2008, rosbry wrote:

    I would not reccomend Warm Front at all my daughter had a new system installed under the scheme- called them when her heating system broke down- with 3 small children in the house told ' they did not do emergency call out's' so better to put extra clothing on the children would get an engineer out within 48hours- lucky she had break down cover with British Gas- called thm and they came out within 2 hours- This breakdown was caused by the thermostate breaking down the second box fitted since February-Made a complaint about call centre but quite frankly did not get anywhere
    I cannot believe anyone would leave 3 small children in a house with no heating for 48 hours more so when they were told the youngest aged 2 had just come out of hospital after being in with chest infection

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  • 52. At 7:39pm on 20 Nov 2008, geminipaulab wrote:

    Paula from Blackpool, I applied for a warm front grant on behalf of my seriously ill husband. When we had the initial visit, the inspector was rude and not helpful at all. We then had a visit from a contractor who was really helpful, he offered to replace two old storage heaters and to install a new one in the living room for us, this was way back earlier in the year. We heard nothing from this contractor, so a couple of months ago we contacted warm front again, and another contractor came out yesterday, they won't install the new storage heater in the lounge unless we have the wiring exposed in the hall, as quote "we don't like taking floors up". They will replace the two old ones but not with the slimline ones that the other company offered. This will be in about 3 - 5 weeks, we have waited over 6 months for this and it is getting colder and more expensive to heat the house.
    We are not scrounging off the system, I work full time and pay my taxes the same as everyone else, and let me assure anyone who feels that we are getting something for nothing my husband would much rather be going out to work, than being in the state of health that he is in.

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  • 53. At 7:39pm on 20 Nov 2008, elsiegodfrey wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 54. At 7:41pm on 20 Nov 2008, masterBadpenny wrote:

    The two heating engineers have just left my house after fitting a new boiler, pump, thermostat, flue and various safety valves.
    I have no complaint about their work at all. The complaint i have is regarding their head office.....who informed me a week ago that the work would take place today, i arranged time off work cleared the area and awaited their arrival sometime between 0800-1000 this morning. At 0920 their head office called to explain that it had been cancelled due to another job over running. I quietly explained to the chap what i would do and who i would contact if the work was not carried out Today, he asked me if i would give him 5 mins to make a phone call and call me back. The engineers arrived at 10.10 and very quickley started work, well done warm front for finding two engineers at such short notice. We had to pay £381 over the top of the Grant which a friend of mine who works for British Gas said was fantastic value for the job.

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  • 55. At 7:41pm on 20 Nov 2008, Happyuser wrote:

    I needed to replace our boiler and had not heard of Warm Front but got 3 quotes. One from British Gas and 2 from local firms. The British Gas salesman told us about Warmfront. So having 3 Quotes I phoned Warmfront who confirmed that all were on their list and said they would send me a voucher for £330, the most I was entitled to, which should be handed to the firm of my choice from the three. I chose a local company as they were well under a £1000 less than British Gas. I am delighted with the service provided and would recommend them anyone living in the Salisbury area. the company I used was SGS heating.

    Two warm pensioners and paying less than we were with the old boiler.

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  • 56. At 7:41pm on 20 Nov 2008, ladyBellass wrote:

    I applied for a grant for loft insulation at the very beginning of the scheme, a rep came and drilled a hole in my outside wall and said that because I had some wall insulation, even though it wasn't up to today's standards I wasn't able to have the grant but he could do the job and quoted me a price, unbeknown to him my nieghbour had just had her loft insulated privately and his price was double what she had paid, so I decided that the whole scheme was a big scam. I am now wondering if I should make a second claim but really don't understand what I am entitled to.

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  • 57. At 7:41pm on 20 Nov 2008, bhi3dgs wrote:

    Hi team and consumers! Not entirely sure if this is the correct place to post this but want to get the warning out to people. My mum, who is 73,called at my house the other saturday teatime. She had got me some shopping while she was out and had stopped in her car outside my place. I live in a small village, Farndon, near Chester. I live on the small, narrow High Street and Mum parked opposite . As she parked a man appeared at her drivers door holding a map. She wound the window down but said he was very excitable and loud and animated in demeanour. He was pointing at the map and talking in an eastern european language. Mum felt sorry for him being lost and got out of the car to point to his map. He kept shouting "the centre" and London. Anyway he suddenly shrugged and went back towards his car. Mum came into me and was telling me about it then went home. It was later that evening when Dad noticed that the back door of the car appeared half open/shut and commented to Mum that it was strange that it had let her lock it like that. This preyed on Mums mind all night as she couldnt remember using that door at all.
    Very early next a.m she checked her handbag but her purse and other belongings were all there. Then she thought about her disabled stickers in the car. They were still there. She just sensed that something was wrong however then opened her purse. 3 credit cards had gone. She then realised that it had been a scam and that the loud lost man was a diversion while somebody else had opened thedoor of the car and removed the cards, putting the purse back. Presumably this way, and at a weekend ,they would assume that because everything still looks intact it buys them more time to access the accounts. Mum is ok ,but was shaken by the incident ,and I know that worse things happen but this is just a salutory warning to the general public about this method of "mugging". Many thanks for letting me air this and Christine for Strictly Champ!! Kate Roberts, Farndon, Chester.

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  • 58. At 7:41pm on 20 Nov 2008, rapidcaroline wrote:

    we had warm front grant we where told we had to pay to top up the money . like some wone alse we all so got a latter from our council they where paing the extra money . we have had a new boller and 5 radators put in . it was done really well and whene we wonted done . the gys that did the work did a really good gob . and so far no problems with it . our house is really warm now . much better than our old system we had . if it was not for warm front we would of not been able to of had a new boiller and radators . the only thing is we are still wating for them to see if they are going to come and box our pipes that are exposed and a bit dangers whene they are hot.

    but warm front are offer a good service and we dont have any tthing bad to say

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  • 59. At 7:42pm on 20 Nov 2008, romeneice wrote:

    We had a warm front grant, and our loft insulated with them, not very pleased with the loft insulation, But we had a new gas boiler fitted, and never had to pay anything. We were well pleased with the work carried out with the boiler, the fitter was a really nice guy who worked really hard. He came over two days to get it done, he worked untill late, and even offered to stay later, because he was worried about leaving us without hot water.
    We have no complaints at all, they did a fantastic job. It has all been inspected, we must be the lucky ones. Thankyou Warmfront. And thankyou to the gas fitter we think you did a really good job.

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  • 60. At 7:42pm on 20 Nov 2008, oliversurch wrote:

    We had a warmfront grant for a new boiler and cleaning radiators. The cost was £2,790. We contacted warmfront to say how expensive this was; and told them we knew professionals who could do job a lot cheaper. They knew they could charge what they like; as they were the only installers. Warmfront explained that when the radiators were cleaned out that a large machine would be used to flush them out; none was used, just a manual cleaning. A man on your programme said some of the quotes were comparable, but we definately don't agree with this statement. We felt we had been ripped off. The plumber on £350 a day is on one big screw. All our grant money has now been used up; so if anything goes wrong i.e. radiators then we could not afford to get them repaired. We couldnt understand why the boiler was only covered for 30 days; then it was down to homefront insuring it?

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  • 61. At 7:42pm on 20 Nov 2008, gigapompeygirl wrote:


    I have just had warmfront in, and
    I have nothing but praise for them.
    i have cavity wall insulation now AND a new boiler AND 6 radiators. was only asked to pay £360.00

    the guys that did it. Kershaws . a father and son team. were tidy, friendly and worked their socks off to get it right for, radiators where i wanted them, not just what was easiest for them. they were fantastic.

    had good communication with warmfront all the way through.

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  • 62. At 7:42pm on 20 Nov 2008, honestmadtony wrote:

    I have been given a Warmfront grant and am waiting for the contractor Interglow to contact me for a start date to install a new boiler.

    I have already been told that I will have to pay towards the cost,which I have been told privately should not have gone over the £2,700
    allowance,but I am waiting for the figures to arrive.

    Warmfront also told me I can get my contribution back from my Local Council,so I contacted them and they said this is true and is done through the Springboard Organisation?

    My client reference number is:-3828501
    Letter ref is:- QSD392/5

    In the mean time I have had no hot water since 31/10/08,which they are aware of,in my Static Mobile Home.

    Please feel free to use any of the above information.
    Tony Evans.

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  • 63. At 7:42pm on 20 Nov 2008, wicherman19 wrote:

    I applied for a grant to replace my twenty old central heating system,but was told as it was working, even though it was very inefficent I would have to wait till it broke down to reapply ,and it would take at least six months before it could be fitted.
    bet you it would break down in the winter !

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  • 64. At 7:43pm on 20 Nov 2008, kalten001 wrote:

    My parents dealed with warmfront earlier this year. They received a letter saying they were eligible for the £2700 grant but would have to pay £676.80 on top. The contractor Gavin Ward limited quoted a price of £3304.80 for a new boiler plus a "power flush" and one new radiator. My parents paid the money at the end of June and 4 months later the work was still not done and no installation date given despite many phone calls. After intervention from a local news paper Warm Front sent my parents back the cash they had paid. In the end work never got done. They are a joke a total and complete joke.

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  • 65. At 7:43pm on 20 Nov 2008, fredhood wrote:

    The charges quoted are immoral.
    We are a Corgi registered company and will be happy to send one of our plumbers from Kent to Stoke on Trent (and include for the cost travel and overnight stay) to replace a boiler and 2 radiators for for the grant amount.

    Fred Hood, Fremel Ltd

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  • 66. At 7:44pm on 20 Nov 2008, erialcremlap wrote:

    My parents have been granted a Warm Front grant to replace their boiler.

    The grant is for £2700 but the estimate from the installation company is approx. £3900. My parents are unable to go ahead with the work because they do not have the extra money to pay the excess, they are on pension credit.

    I was wondering if it is common practise for the installation companies to quote excessive prices a) to put people off applying, therefore saving the government money or b) to line their own pockets by charging excessive prices.

    My father has been writing to his MP and other organisations since May 2008 without any joy. Having seen your programme he is not alone!!!

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  • 67. At 7:45pm on 20 Nov 2008, motherdementia wrote:


    I applied for a warmfront grant to replace my broken boiler, i have had no heating now for 4 months, and i had hoped they would replace the old radiators too.
    It took 3 weeks before the intial inspector turned up to confirm who i was (confirm my valid tax credit award) and check that the boiler was in fact broken. He also measured the rooms and looked outside to check the flu exit.
    He agreed they would change the boiler but he didnt say they would replace the radiators.
    Then i waited another 2 weeks for the 2nd assessor to come out, who was almost completely uncomunicative and gave cursory answers to direct questions, and he walked round and filled in a tick sheet on his clipboard and left.
    I am still waiting for the work to be done, despite having 2 children under 12 and no heating other than a very old,dodgy gas fire in the living room.
    This is a large 3 bed, victorian house with a cellar..its freezing.
    I rang them today to be told at least another week before they can even offer me an instillation date.

    We are frozen and havent been well because of it, i am also disabled and on Incapacity benefit, and the cold has drastically degraded my movement and increased my pain.
    My partner has cancer, and is wanting to return home for palliative care from head and stomach tumour ops and if this heating isnt in place he cannot come out of hospital for christmas.

    I was most concerned with your piece on people being charged over and above the grant amounts as i have only child tax credits, child benefit and did have Incapacity, but that has been stopped, so there is no way i can afford any extra costs.
    No one at any stage has told me if that is likely. So i dont know if this grant will cover the work they have scheduled, and also what happens if the valves they fit dont make the existing radiators work, as they have only said they will replace the valves not the 20+yr old radiators.

    Hope this gives you another insite to the way they operate..

    Gail from Derby

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  • 68. At 7:46pm on 20 Nov 2008, lollipoppett wrote:

    On October 3rd this year I had a new boiler installed having obtained a full grant from Warm Front because I am disabled. The local council topped up the amount that needed to be paid and the work went ahead. I only waited a couple of months for the work to take place which made me happy but the problems started after the heating company (IGUANA HEATING LTD) had left. The boiler was noisy on ignition and when it shut down, we had a noise that sounded like a badly played trumpet coming from somewhere else and my once airing cupboard had been taken out of commission due to a larger hot water tank being installed and badly run pipe work prevented me from putting back the shelves. The noise got so bad that despite over 20 + calls to the heating company and them promising to call back and never did, I just lost my temper and demanded to speak to the area supervisor. He paid me a visit and said that the gas pressure was too low to the boiler and a new pipe needed to be run.... I waited for almost 5 weeks for that to happen and that was done on Monday this week (in a panic I feel) because the EAGA inspector was coming to check the work. Well by Monday night the noise had returned when the boiler fired up and the strange noise that sounded like a trumpet had gone but the radiator that was causing that (not due to an airlock we were told but the valve) was not working at all now...even though on Monday they fitted a new valve. The new pipework has stopped the loud juddering noise as the boiler switched off but that is all.
    The Inspector came yesterday and before I even opened my mouth he commented on how noisy the boiler was when it fired up. He checked the upstairs radiator which wont work now and determined the valve was faulty. He commented that the pipework in the airing cupboard could have been run better but did say that thicker insulation on the hot water tank did cause a problem with the shelving but told me how that can be rectified.
    I told the inspector of the problems I have had getting IGUANA to recognise my boiler and heating had problems i.e. no weekend emergency cover, but was assured that from January 2009 that WarmSure will be taking over any maintenance issues. I was pleased to hear that except that their automated emergency phone line leaves a lot to be desired as you seem to go around in circles and not end up speaking to anyone at the end of the day. I would most certainly NOT put any private work (if I could afford it) in IGUANA's direction in the future.
    I think the scheme is good and would only recommend it IF I could see their heating contractors work they have done locally and to get some feedback from their customers. We now wait to see what happens when the inspector files his report. I did email Warm Front and made a formal complaint against their contractor. I think they were only interested in the grant money and their after care service leaves me wondering if they care at all.

    Just my views.

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  • 69. At 7:46pm on 20 Nov 2008, LesBarclay wrote:

    I am a Heating engineer who was on the Warm Front Approved installer list. I was surprised to find that I was not on the recommended installers list, when I went to sort out a system installed by a so called Warm Front Approved company.
    The customer showed me the list Warm Front had provided. The closest was 40 miles away up to 150 miles away. I live 3 miles from the customer.
    The standard of work was very poor, they contravened building regulations and had left the system empty, no wonder it did not work. The householder had called me in on a recommendation after the installing company failed to respond to her calls.
    As for saving money by fitting a modern High Effiency Oil Boiler, they had fitted a Standard Effiency Oil Boiler, again in contravention of Building Regulations.

    Another point is, an installer carrying out grant work, have to pay a £50 admin fee to Warmfront. I challanged this via my MP John Whittingale, he received a sort of reply, but the most telling part was, that Warmfront themselves said that installers usually load the quote to cover the admin fee.

    I have just given a quote to one of my customers for a new Oil Boiler System, they have told me that they are applying for a Grant, it will be interesting to see what the so called approved installer quotes!!!!!!!!

    Probably somthing cheap, nasty and far to expensive.

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  • 70. At 7:47pm on 20 Nov 2008, kfkelly wrote:

    As plumbing and heating installers we registered with Warm Front two years ago but have discovered that as we not one of the Government appointed installers we can only to do work for Warm Front when the grant is a small £300 grant which is available to anyone over the age of 60. For any larger grant work only certain installers can carry out the work. We know of one person who was awarded £2700 but this only paid for partial heating of the house and she had to pay another £1000 if she wanted the rest of the radiators. We could have done the whole house for £3000. Also when people are awarded he £300 it is only actually £250 as we have to pay £50 admin cost of Warm Front every time in order to get our payment of £300 (which obviously we have to charge the customer)

    Yours sincerely

    Kelly and Richards

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  • 71. At 7:48pm on 20 Nov 2008, ajbbja wrote:

    I applied for a warm front grant and was told I had the right benefits.
    to cut a very long story shorrt the quote I had from warm front was £ 3000 over the £4000 grant they said I could .I have since had a local contractor to do the work for just over £ 3000.

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  • 72. At 7:48pm on 20 Nov 2008, in-flanders-fields wrote:

    I had wall heaters installed around 2001 through Eaga. The company they used were appalling and not even local. Their 'inspector' told lie after lie about when work would be completed. They were a nightmare and treated my property with no respect. I was left with a gaping hole in my wall for 6 weeks. I eventually wrote a letter of complaint to the Chief Executive, because their call centre was as bad as the company that did the 'work'. I was constantly told, even when spoken to by a supervisor, that the original company would need to put the work right.

    Following my letter of complaint, a different installer did the work. Two of the three heaters have not worked for the past 5 years. Earlier this year I applied for a central heating grant as my multi-point has stopped working. I was told I qualified for full central heating and boiler by the person who came to my home initially. The surveyor then told me that I would qualify for partial central heating, but insisted that they have to put one in the bathroom even though the company who installs do not make one small enough to fit! I was told that I would have to have one behind the door, which in my opinion would not be safe as the door would not open fully. Other houses the same size as mine have small radiators in the bathroom!

    I was then 'accepted' by the company, who by the way have offices in the same building as Eaga, and sent a bill for nearly £600, which would have to be paid to the company before work could commence. According to Eaga, it was because I had already had wall heaters a few years ago. No amount of explaining that they weren't any good, nor all of the horrendous problems were listened to. I asked to speak to a manager and am still waiting months down the line. The company 'nominated' sent a letter a couple of months ago stating that if they didn't hear from me within 4 weeks, they would take me of their list.

    I still have no hot water so am using a large pan to heat water and a bucket to transfer it to the bathroom. I am using various electric heaters for warmth.

    The whole thing is a monopoly. I asked if I could find a qualified heating installer to install the right system for my property and was told that I could not. It is disgusting and I have heard of other instances of very shoddy work with pipes exposed. We may qualify for heating grants because of our circumstances, but that doesn't mean we can be treated as if our property is nothing to do with us.

    It is about time that they were made accountable. Overpriced and anything will do is disgraceful and the government need to take the blinkers off to this.

    Rising energy bills made worse because of the greed and mismanagement of something that is supposed to help.

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  • 73. At 7:48pm on 20 Nov 2008, bikeral64 wrote:

    We had our boiler changed from oil to gas, just 12 months ago. Home Front surveyed our system and told us we needed to have all the pipe work changed from 10mm diam. tubing to 15mm diam. tubing. This would incurr extra cost on top of the £2700.00 government grant. We agreed and paid the extra £600.00 up front for the work to take place.
    When the contractors arrived to do the job, they had been instructed not to change the pipework as it had been agreed by Home Front that it didn't need changing. I therefore asked Home Front to return my £600.00 extra payment for work not required but which I had paid for. At first they flatly refused, but after I persisted with more and more letters, they then graciously refund £136.00. I still think I was entitled to a full re-payment, and a breakdown of how they came to there final figure. I was refused this. If any other company had quoted on this job I would have received a written quote. Not so from Warm Front, so what's so different about them.
    I think in summing up that the government should take a much closer look at this company. They are blantantly ripping people off and getting away with it.
    I hope my comments will help to warn other would be customers of Warm Front,to look closely at what your signing for.
    Alan Spencer (bikeral64)

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  • 74. At 7:48pm on 20 Nov 2008, funnymikacat wrote:

    My friend tried to apply to warm front for a grant and was totally refused on the spot, all because she lives in a static caravan!! This is her home and needs insulating!! She also recieves incapacity benefits what does she need to do to get help?!

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  • 75. At 7:49pm on 20 Nov 2008, redFoxfamily wrote:

    My parents have a had new boiler from warm front they paid nothing and are pleased with the work carried out. This all done earlier this year in Dorset!

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  • 76. At 7:49pm on 20 Nov 2008, blue-eyedNickyf wrote:

    Nicky - Plymouth
    I applied for a grant in January and was advised I would need to pay a further £500 on top of the grant for £2700.00 to put central heating in a two bedroom house, independant quotes came to no more than £2500.00.

    As I am a single mum, there is no way I could afford to pay the additional £500, therefore I do not have central heating, and have to live with 2 gas fires to heat my home. The way this scheme is sold by the goverment is to ensure every one has adequate heating and this is so un true, I work hard to have my own home and feel let down by a scheme which is badly managed and a rip off, even when I complained I got no where

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  • 77. At 7:49pm on 20 Nov 2008, stephenhartnett wrote:

    We was awarded a grant for full gas central heating as we only had electric heaters around the house. Within the grant we had to pay £750 upfront as the system was over £3000, this seemed quite expensive as I'd seen other deals half the price!! When the guy came round to see what we needed and where things would go he said the boiler would go in the kitchen and we'd have five radiators three downstairs and two upstairs. One behind the front door meaning we would'nt be able to open the front door!! When they came to fit the system they said the boiler would'nt be able to go in the kitchen as we had a conservatory along the outside wall. They then had to fit the boiler in the loft this required more equipment!! We also needed a roofer to put the flue in as this was extra, this took an extra couple of days when he came to put the flue in he noticed he needed scaffolding to get onto the roof we had to wait again. We had no heating / hot water for a number of days as they took everything out before fitting the new system I called them "Cold Front" at this stage we were all "Freezing" Once the system was finally instaled we had to call them out on a number of times as it wasn't working right / installed right!! As someone who is disabled and was undergoing hospital treatment at the time I wished I'd Never Entered into the Agreement at all as it Greatly Effected my Condition with the extra STRESS!!

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  • 78. At 7:50pm on 20 Nov 2008, davidpope1 wrote:

    Hello to all at the One Show,
    just watched your piece on warm front and in particular the boiler and two radiators for £4,100. I own my own plumbing and heating company Prestige Plumbing and Heating in St Helens and the cost for a fitting a replacement energy efficient boiler and two radiators would be approximatley £1800. It really upsets me that "cowboys" are taking advantage of our older generation and people in a vulnerable position. Not only that they are blantantly ripping people off and abusing a goverment scheme put in place to help those who need it.

    David Pope
    ps love the show!

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  • 79. At 7:50pm on 20 Nov 2008, LesBarclay wrote:

    I forgot to mention on my previous post, please feel free to contact me.

    Les Barclay
    Southminster Essex

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  • 80. At 7:50pm on 20 Nov 2008, denisekelsey wrote:

    My mother applied and was given a warm front grant several years ago. From the system being fitted it has never worked properly and has been repaired on many occasions. One of the first problems was that to get hot tap water you had to have the heating system on at full. Water could not be heated unless the radiators were on at full. She was always told that this was quite normal but we had never had a system like this ourselves. We had to call the service department several times a year and each time a repair man came and I feel her heating system was botched. Her last repair was for water pouring from the boiler and again it was repaired. Her guarentee has just run out and apparently she should have been sent at least 3 letters to make her aware of this but sadly this never happened. Once again water was pouring from the pipes in her boiler and when she rang she was told they were no longer responsible for her boiler and so she would have to find another repairer. I feel the system was faulty from the start and should have lasted for far longer than this has. We had to call an emergency plumber to repair the leak once again. If this company if receiving government backing shouldn`t it at least provide a good service for those most vunerable.

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  • 81. At 7:50pm on 20 Nov 2008, CANNOCK123 wrote:


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  • 82. At 7:51pm on 20 Nov 2008, snowPatricia wrote:

    We phoned to Warmfront on 9 Nov 2007 to apply for new boiler and was told that the application would be considered. We got a letter on 12 Nov to say that the application was being considered then had no further contact until on 26 Nov when we received a phone call from a heating co. to say that they would like to come on 28 Nov to install the boiler. This was done in one day - a very hamfisted and messy job but we were grateful to have the new boiler. We received a letter on 24 Jan. 2008 saying that our application was successful and that we would have to pay a balance of £256.23 before the work could commence !! We phoned Warmfront to say that the work had been done in Nov and that we had had no advice that we would have to contribute any money. The person we spoke to took all this into account and said ' ignore the letter the Contactor had paid the difference'. Since then we have had the boiler serviced and it is working perfectly.
    Gordon & Patricia Sutton

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  • 83. At 7:51pm on 20 Nov 2008, tobyofirby wrote:

    I am a single mum and have just had central heating installed into my private retal flat from a warm front grant,as i had nothing has been installed totally free of charge and i can not fault it they were totally profesional,my mum who is a pensioner has also had her old system upgraded on the grant free of charge and she is 100% happy with hers too. her system was installed by compas gas and mine was put in by iguana,they were on contract from eaga,we have had no problems at all ,and would recomend them to anyone


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  • 84. At 7:52pm on 20 Nov 2008, sparsaff wrote:

    I watched your report with great interest, we moved in February, we new that we would need a new boiler and we took his into account when me made our offer. We have used British Gas for over 20 years not always for our supply, only to insure our boiler and never had a problem with them on call outs. Seeing your report made us realise that we got a good deal. We are
    pensioners and BG explained to us all the benefits we would receive, a £5000 top of the range boiler cost us a little under £4000 we are now negotiating with them with regard to loft insullation sometimes it pays to go the more established companies.

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  • 85. At 7:52pm on 20 Nov 2008, rokib_98 wrote:

    I appliedfor the grant approx. 2 years ago for my mothers flat. The response we got from warm front was second to none. They promised a full combi boiler, draft-proof doors, windows, and some sort of gadget for the radiators. It took about 6 weeks from application for the engineer to visit and further 5-6 months before installing the new boiler.

    She didnt have to pay any top up as the boiler etc cost approx, £2k. and came from the Government.

    All in all very good but takes slightly longer. Considering you get the grant approved its well worth the wait especially if its costing around £2k and none of ur paying for.

    Location: East London.

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  • 86. At 7:52pm on 20 Nov 2008, christineatyewdale wrote:

    hi i have just had a warm front grant to get anew boiler and 2 radiators the work was do to a very high standerd the 2 lads that did the work were very good the people at warm front were helpfull the work was done with in 6 weeks of contacting them and i dident have to pay anything

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  • 87. At 7:53pm on 20 Nov 2008, angelirisheyes wrote:

    We have just had a boiler installed this week.The first quote was over £1.300 i did complain and it was reduced to just under £800.00. It has taken from July to sort it out.

    It is a very long story but we were in much need of the boiler.

    After your show we are now very worried .
    hope we dont have any more proplemnsMust add the plumber has been here for two and a half days then came a roofer,and then an electrician so every one complain

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  • 88. At 7:53pm on 20 Nov 2008, OperationWarmfront wrote:

    I am "blogging" on behalf of an old friend who is 83 years of age and is having serious problems with Warm Front. She suffered boiler failure on 8th September (this year) leaving her without hot water or central heating. She sought advice from a people's centre who said that she was entitled to a grant and that she would have her replacement boiler free of charge. To date, some 10 weeks on she is still awaiting a new boiler even though two people have lately been ourt to visit her. I complained to our local MP who promptly replied resulting in the visits. However, she has still to receive a new boiler. I am absolutely disgusted that a woman of her age in the current cold weather has had to suffer nedlessly in this day and age. Poor soul is having to boil a kettle and wash her extremities by standing in a plastic dish and empty bath. Is this right???

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  • 89. At 7:54pm on 20 Nov 2008, smiffy999uk wrote:

    My mum applied for the warm front grant about three months a go they came round and done all the inspections and said she would only have to pay about 200 pounds which we thought would be good. As all they where only going to fit was a new boiler and hot water tank, when the quote came they wanted 1200 pounds on top of the grant which mum found was a lot of money to find at the time we tried to speak to warm front but the people on the other end of the phone just did not seem to care it was take it or leave it , anyway to cut a long story short we found the money which was got through The British Legion only because my dad was in the army years a go if it had not been for them mum would not be able to pay for the work to be done as for the work its should be done this week but as yet they seem to be putting it of all in all its been a complete night mare we are only just hoing that they make a good job of it so watch this space

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  • 90. At 7:56pm on 20 Nov 2008, antonina1 wrote:

    My mother who is 82 applied for a grant two years ago. She got a quote for £3000 to replace a central heating boiler only! She was asked to contribute approx £200 because the quote was above the government allowance. When I queried this ega backed down and said ok - they would do the work!! A company called Heating Efficency - I call them Heating Inefficency did the work. Two years on and still the job is not finished - the radiators have got air in them and I am having to constantly bleed them. A solution was put into the radiators to clear any blockages but they have still not been flushed out. I have made hundreds of calls to Ega who say okay we will look into it I have asked for a breakdown of the costs but no-one has come back to me on that one. When they tried to account for the cost there was lots of jobs which had never been done.

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  • 91. At 7:56pm on 20 Nov 2008, honestBigBrian wrote:


    I recently saw the warm front details on the internet and filled out their electronic form as I get DLA. I received a phone call from their office asking to if they could arrange a survey visit, to which I agreed. The girl arrived the next day and took evidence I received the appropriate benefit and then did her survey ( basically measured the house and looked in the loft) then I signed two forms. Within 7 days I received a phone call form East Coast Gas Services Ltd to arrange for a survey which took 2 hrs. I then received a call from Blue Flag Insulation wanting to survey for the loft & cavity wall insulation,they then called me to ask if they could come the following day to do the insulation,I said no. This week I received a letter from East Coast Gas Services Ltd asking for an additional £433.46 before they would commence the work (the cheque for this amount is currently sat on my mantlepiece I am having doubts after seeing your report and I am unsure whether to proceed). That would make the total job cost of £3133.46 just to fit a new boiler (Worcester Bosch but with no new radiators) but I admit that the new boiler will be re-located upstairs,with the necessary piping and labour that would entail. £3133.46 seems quite a high amount.

    Sincerely Brian Craven,Leeds

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  • 92. At 7:58pm on 20 Nov 2008, happycheesedoff wrote:

    Hi my parents had recived the grant for Home front, and they were really gratefull as my parents have always paid there own way. However my father has End stage Renal failour and cant walk much and gets breathless, and because of his terminal illness needs my mum to care for him.

    Well my parents have had nothing but trouble with the heating system that was installed, Home front took out her water tank and electric emersion heater aswell and installed a load a rubbish she has had nothing but trouble with the system, where she has been without heating and hot water several times.

    my parents also paid bitish gas monthly on the home care cover so that if there was any repairs they would fix it, and when she encountered problems british gas came out the other week and condemded the boiler, but would not replace it, but under the policy it states that if the boiler is under 3 yrs old they will replace it. However this was not the case, british gas just offered her the money she had paid them montly returned to them.

    My Mum contacted Home front the person who fitted the system and they told her that she had had all she was entitled to and that there was nothing they could do.

    So my parents were left with no heating or hot water and had to wash in a bowl, for over a week this is totally unexceptable from the goverment to offer such a scheme that leaves vunerable in such a way.

    As a family we had to raise the money to pay for a new bolier to be fitted as my father needs to be warm because of his condition, they could not wait any longer as its much too cold, my mum has wrote to her Mp and is waiting for a responce. Im disgusted that people are treated in this way. please help

    Kind regards
    sarah harris birmingham

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  • 93. At 7:58pm on 20 Nov 2008, jonus1 wrote:

    Having received notification of acceptance for a warmfront grant of £2700, we were told we needed to pay a top up fee of £660.23 direct to the contractor before any work would be carried out.
    The contractors are Kershaw Contracting Services who then contract the work to other companies. Each of which put a further mark up on their pricing.
    Allthough the work has been carried out quickly and professionally I did phone to ask how the price had been worked out as I felt it was excessive.
    We had a new boiler and replacement radiator valves for 11 radiators at a material cost of £960.05,
    the remainder of the cost was for the labour for which they charged £2329.94,
    The total cost recommended was £3289.99,
    however a grant of £2700.00 + £660.23 totals £3360.23 a difference of £70.24 and no explanation as to why.

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  • 94. At 7:59pm on 20 Nov 2008, leobrightflame wrote:

    Hi One Show. I am in North Yorkshire. I have various health problems. Over three years ago I put in for a Warm Front grant as I was told the gas heater I have in my front room was very faulty. Last September 2007 thought my luck was in. Two men arrived from Newcastle & were more interested in going to a football match. The work was not done. Six months later I got a letter asking to come and inspect the work. I informed them the work had never been done. Craven council has tried its best to help. Warmfront though have increased my contribution from £750 to £1226.24.Three years on Warm Front still have not done the work. They keep blaming Craven Council. Uncle tom Cobley and all. It would be far better if local contractors were allowed to do the work. If I had the money I would have been able to have a local contractor to do the same work for under the grant price.

    My Mother in Law had considerable problems with the boiler after warmfront installed it. Every three months it was breaking down and she then had no heat. Eventually a gas fitter arrived that knew his job. He informed my mother in law. The particular boiler was faulty and Warmfront Knew it when they fitted the boiler. Eventually a new motherboard was fitted to the boiler and now it appears to be ok.
    As for me I am still waiting for warmfront to pull their finger out. Craven council had promised me an intrest free loan to make up the differance and Warmfront is still dragging their heals.

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  • 95. At 8:00pm on 20 Nov 2008, sniffer48 wrote:

    Applied to Warm Front. They sent an rep round. Engineer visited. Agreed Grant. Contacted by contractor. Agreed date. They arrived on time. 6hrs later job done. No problems nd no top-up fee. Wonderful.

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  • 96. At 8:00pm on 20 Nov 2008, esmeegray wrote:

    My personal experience was so different from Dom's description. Everything went perfectly smoothly and the contractors were absolutely marvellous. The cost for my very old cottage with a complete system from scratch was £5,500. This covered all the labour, a state of the art boiler, an oil tank, 5 radiators, a remote control thermostat, all the pipework and removal of the old system. For the price, I also had my loft insulated by a separate contractor who was equally efficient. It was £1,500 over Warm Front budget, but the council paid the difference because of my low income. I feel deeply grateful for this. It has really made a difference to my quality of life. Eaga gives you no choice of contractor, but their rules are very stringent, and their quality checks very thorough. I think where things may be going wrong is that the clients, because they are getting something for nothing, are not checking the quality of work as rigorously as they might if they were using their own money, or perhaps do not think they are entitled to do so. I certainly knew that both Eaga and the contractors were listening to me, and went to considerable lengths to make sure I was happy with the work.
    Margaret, Shropshire

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  • 97. At 8:04pm on 20 Nov 2008, nimrod77 wrote:

    As a wheelchair user I applied for the London Warm Zone grant for loft insulation in May 2008. The Inspector recommended a new Boiler, controls and a replacement hot water cylinder. The work was carried out about 4 weeks later and the fitters did an excellent job. The work was carried out to a high standard, they minimised disruption to the existing floor coverings by going out of there way to find an alternative route for some new pipework. They were very tidy and respectful of the disruption the work entailed. All the work was completed within the £2700 grant. So we would therefore recommend the Warm Zone grant system.
    There was a minor problem with the new condensing Boiler but this was corrected very quickly. The plumbers were a West London based company fully recommended.

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  • 98. At 8:05pm on 20 Nov 2008, honestjillyd wrote:

    just over a year ago I got a warm front grant of £4000 towards a new boiler and 2 radators. when the quote came in it was for over £9000 leaving us with over £5000 to pay we were not happy so we asked them to look at it again. We stated we had asked watch dog to look into this for us. a week later we received a letter to say they had made a mistake and they now wanted £3000 from us but we only had 7 days to send the money. we didn't go ahead as we were told it was still far to expensive and we could not raise the money. We are still this winter with our old heating. I have a disability the money sould have been to help with that.
    Mrs Jill Davies.

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  • 99. At 8:05pm on 20 Nov 2008, tigerbumclaire wrote:

    I had a new boiler installed through the Warm Front grant scheme. The quote came in at £3400 which I thought was a ridiculous price for just a boiler and refused to pay the extra. Next thing the council contact me and tell me they are paying the extra. Within 3 days the whole system was making banging noises and I was scared to have it on. The engineer never came out to it until several days later when the system leaked and came through my kitchen ceiling! The council came to inspect it before paying the top up payment and were disgusted with the state of the work. The warm front guy came a few days later and he was disgusted. He said I would be hearing from the installers, Iguana, to sort it out. Both inspectors said their hands were tied and they had no choice but to use Iguana even though there were hundreds of complaints about them. The council guy confirmed that their prices are way too high compared to their own contractors.

    Weeks later and still nothing but I had to call them out again as the system was noisy. Thye took over 3 weeks to come out and finally have it sorted. I am left with the mess of the kitchen ceiling to clear up and a noisy, but working system. I saw the problems on Wachdog months before but thought I would take the risk. I couldn't afford a new boiler but I hope I wont regret it. I have fears the system will not last and I will continually have problems from now on and their call out system is appalling and slow.

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  • 100. At 8:06pm on 20 Nov 2008, psuydam wrote:

    We have just had Warm Front and their installer in to add/replace 3 radiators, but no estimate was provided before installation.
    I was a bit suspicious that we had to use their chosen contractor and am worried what the final bill may be after watching The One Show this evening. We should always be wary of any government sponsored monopolies of which this is just one of myriad others. Is this another gov't scam for which someone gets a kickback?
    We're supposed to get the final tally tomorrow, but I'm signing nothing until satisfied with both the work and the price.
    Wish me luck.

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  • 101. At 8:07pm on 20 Nov 2008, glitterdavids wrote:


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  • 102. At 8:08pm on 20 Nov 2008, beechybarebum wrote:

    I recently applied and was succesful for the warmfront grant on behalf of my father whos 84, When the assessor from the contracting firm "Iguana"came out he decided a new boiler and immersion tank would be required, the new boiler he decided would be sited in the garage, upon leaving he asked if we was happy with all that he had said, I had commented several times that surely the boiler would be better placed and less work in the downstairs toilet " I am a engineer" which was far less work and again stated this on his departure, several days later a letter came from Iguana stating to proceed we would need to send a cheque for £1300 on top of the grant, making the job total £4000, I had recently priced the job but included radiators as well as boiler two costs in £3100 & £3300, I rang Iguana and said they must made a mistake with there costings, after a heavy debate the assesor came back out and requoted the job but this time quoting to site the boiler in the downstairs toilet, "which was half the copper usage" several days later a letter came from Igauna stating to proceed we would need to send a cheque for WAIT for it! £1300! On further investigation I found that the project management company who works on behalf of warmfront, ownes Iguana and they also have interests in Ideal boilers which is the boiler they install. there is more to this story but alas I believe the above gives one a insite that this Grant protocol needs serious investigation.

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  • 103. At 8:09pm on 20 Nov 2008, penners30 wrote:

    how can people complain the warmfront grant is a RIP OFF!!!! try working for a living,and being told you dont qualify for a grant...then have to pay £3k+ out of your own pocket for a new boiler

    some of you people should live in the real world

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  • 104. At 8:10pm on 20 Nov 2008, SUPERLIPS169 wrote:

    Warm Front are a joke. We were told we had a £2,700 grant due to my husband's disability and someone would come and survey out house and tell us what we could have a grant for.
    This was organised when the man came to do the survey he would not come in the house as we had a dog so my husband had to stand outside with the dog while he did the survey.
    We were then told we could have a new boiler, top up roof insulation and draft proofing but out house was to thick to have cavity wall insullation. When I asked what to think ment he reponded well to thick. He then said that warm front would be in touch and left.
    About 3 weeks later we had a phone call from another company to undertake a survey for a new boiler they came did the survey and said they would submit the quote and be in contact with us. We then received a letter from Warm Front to let us know what company would be doing the work. The new boiler day came and the plumbers came and put the boiler in but told us we could not use the central heating until the electricians came sometime within the next 5 days. So we had a new boiler but couldn't use it. We were also left with 2 leaking radiators. After 4 days the electricians came and electrical work. That night my son came to visit us and said he could smell gas after calling TRANSCO the gas supply was disconected and had then to wait until the next day for someone to repair the gas leak.
    The loft installation contractors then visited to survey the loft for top up. A week or so later we had a letter from warm front to say if we wanted the work done we would have to contribute around £300 as we had used all the grant on a
    the new boiler. I phoned Warm Front to ask how much the boiler had cost they said they would not tell me. I asked if the grant was mine or Warm Fronts they said mine but they would not tell me what I had spent after a long conversation they said the boiler had cost over £2,600 so I had nothing left for the other work they has recomended.
    After endless phone calls to Warm Front in response to their letters telling us they would be doing the loft installation then they wouldnt. I have since given up with them and now having the work done by another company who seem to be more understanding and professional.
    We have however found another company to do the loft insulation top up and the cavity wall insulation even though Warm Front surveyor said we couldn't have cavity wall insulation. Warm Front need investigating. Three months later and I am still waiting for the two leaking radiators to be repaired.

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  • 105. At 8:10pm on 20 Nov 2008, fourfamilyman wrote:

    I Gurantee that the audit of warmfront by a government agency will find them wanting.
    In this area, that being stoke on trent. they consistently overcharge above the grant.

    My son was asked to pay an extra 1700 pounds on top of the grant of 2700 which he qualified for.

    He currently has an old and dangerous gas warm air system which he has to use as his only means of heat, we fear for his three young children and have told him not to use it.

    I know he could purchase a whole heating pack for under 1000 pounds that a professional plumber could fit in four days and still cost less than the grant.

    Warmfront are just ripping off the least able and vunerable

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  • 106. At 8:10pm on 20 Nov 2008, Ramasseum wrote:

    We had the Warm Front scheme installed in our house in 2002, however since having this done we have had trouble with the hot water, it seems to get hot when it wants to, it is cold
    practically all the time!!! The Radiators are excellent,it's just the water not being hot in the taps.


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  • 107. At 8:10pm on 20 Nov 2008, judesrules wrote:



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  • 108. At 8:11pm on 20 Nov 2008, ShopGoodie wrote:

    I am Disabled,and we got a grant to replace the boiler in our home.We were going on holiday , but warmfront wanted to come and fit it while we were away. As the winter of 2007 was on it's way, and they could not say if they could do before winter if we did not have it done then. We throught as we were away we would get it done. Owe what a mistake , it took them less than six hours to fit the boiler ,change postion of pipes and test it.We were told by a corgi plummer it would take 2-3 days. He said it would cost about £1800.00 , warmfront wanted just under £2900.00.
    When we got home the boiler was in the wrong place, the pipes were making it so you could not use the cupboard they were in,the controls were in the wrong place, and the work outside did not conform to regulations.After a while they did put it right,
    the boss came out and could not believe what work had been done, the sub contractor refused to put it right, so the boss came and did it himself

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  • 109. At 8:11pm on 20 Nov 2008, robinjak wrote:

    We live in the Chesterfield area, we applied for Homefront grant in February this year. An assessor came out to do a report and said we could definately get the grant. Recieved a letter, in April, stating we had qualified for a grant for £2700, but because we had had previous work done under this scheme, namely, loft and wall insulation, we couldn't get the full grant for what wanted doing, namely, new boiler with new controls ( room stat,cylinder stat,programmer), and so they needed an extra £314.18p. I informed them that we couldn't afford this and would have to leave it for the time being. Before this I had already heard about Warmfront trying to rip people off by asking for them to pay excesses on top of their grant, so wasn't surprised when we recieved this letter. Meanwhile I had written to the company that was supposed to be installing the boiler etc., namely, Iguana Services Ltd,asking for a brake down of everything, as I thought that the labor charges were excessive, these were £530.34p for ' other work done or due to be done', £1772.96p for contractors quotation to complete work and cost of materials at £704.27, coming to a total of £3007.57p. .Needless to say I didn't recieve a breakdown, and so left it at that.
    Mid-July, we had a phone call from Iguana, telling us that the excess had been waivered and did we now want to go ahead with the grant, we confirmed that we did and the installation went through on the 30th July this year. We are pleased to say that the chaps that came out and did the installation, plumber and electrician, were excellant, they did a great job and cleaned up all their mess after and up to now the installation has been perfect.
    Now whether they came back and waivered the excess, because they would have lost the money from the grant, who knows, seems strange though.

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  • 110. At 8:13pm on 20 Nov 2008, dawn-chorus wrote:

    After years of only having one gas fire to heat the whole of our home, it was suggested to us that we apply for a Warm Front grant.
    It took just a couple of weeks for a surveyor from Iguana to come to take a look at the house and draw up plans for the installation engineers. We received a telephone call within days to arrange an installation date.
    On the appointed day, the engineers drove from Liverpool to Derby. They introduced themselves and set about their task. They couldn't have been more pleasant or helpful. They even suggested improvements on the surveyors planned route.
    By the end of the day they had installed a new combi-boiler, and five radiators. Care had been taken to fit pipes under floorboards (leaving no pipes visible whatsoever) The combi-boiler was fitted into a very small airing cupboard leaving as much room as possible for storage. Absolutely no mess of any kind was left to clear.
    We were informed that there was even money left in the grant to cover the cost of having the loft insulation 'topped-up' and cavity wall insulation. Even energy saving light bulbs were thrown in.
    It's nearly four years now since Warm Front fitted the combi-boiler and radiators. We have had absolutely no problems whatsoever.
    We cannot thank Warm Front and the installation engineers enough!

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  • 111. At 8:13pm on 20 Nov 2008, MikeBR50 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 112. At 8:15pm on 20 Nov 2008, purplejoanie wrote:

    My forty year old boiler needed replacing in August 2006. British Gas quoted £3600. Warm Front said a grant of £2700 was available which should be enough to cover. It was.All I had to pay was £200 for an aditional radiator which I asked for. They came back unasked and serviced the boiler in August 2007 and August 2008. This was free. I have no complaints at all. I am more that satisfied.

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  • 113. At 8:16pm on 20 Nov 2008, thespasticflyer wrote:

    Warm Front Grant worked for me after I had taken Warm Front to task for nearly a year, they surveyed my flat and told me I was entitled to a new "Combi" boiler out of a £2,700 grant.
    I was gobbsmacked when a letter arrived asking for extra money!
    No way was it in excess of £1,700! No where near £2,700.
    I would like to add: after 3 months use, my gas bill is down £20 per quarter ! !

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  • 114. At 8:17pm on 20 Nov 2008, odelljas wrote:

    I am a a qualified plumber registered with wrm front, i have recenty pricda full heating system relacement (boiler, 8 radiators, vaves pipes etc) for a customer about 500 yards from my house he price was under £4000 pounds including VAT. But when the warm front inspetor went to my customers house, e basically said to him why did you go to my company we have, our own lst of peple we like to use, after watching you show i think ts because i was to cheap and they are probably getting back handes from te bg companies, i have yet to hear rom my customer to see if i can go ahead with the work. Jason O'Dell of O'Dell lumbing and Heating

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  • 115. At 8:17pm on 20 Nov 2008, barrovians wrote:

    Warm front knocked at my elderly parents door saying they had £2700 to spend on improving their heating.
    When my parents asked for central heating they were refused and told it was because they have 3 flue heaters upstairs, which they have had for many years.
    Warm front checked the heaters and said they needed replacing but they could only replace 1. Their reasons for not replacing the other 2 was that suppliers don't make models to replace them, their position would have to be moved from under a window and there wasn't space to move them elswhere in the room.
    I find it hard to believe that there aren't replacements suitable and if you saw the size of the rooms and wall space. When my parents called warm front to ask questions about this they were told that their questions couln't be answered because they didn't know who the contractors would be.
    So it appears my parents have had 1 heater replaced with £2700, they were never told how much the work cost.
    My parents said that they got the impression that the contractors were only interested in doing the easy work and could't be bothered with the extra work in moving heaters.

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  • 116. At 8:18pm on 20 Nov 2008, chezwhite wrote:

    hello, someone from warmfront sent a surveyor round he assesed what we needed doing and put a couple of extras on that didnt really need doing, then we waited for the allocated company to get in touch (iguana services ltd)they quoted £855.oo over the grant entitlement of £2,700.when we phoned up to knock the extras off and the labour for the extras off we were unable to do so when should you ever have to pay for things in your home you dont need or want doing cost of materials for the job is £817.00 the rest is labour for a days. I have wrote this on behalf of my daughter who has no computer and is living with a plastic dustbin in her kitchen as her boiler is leeking,she cares for her partner who has cancer and they cannot have the work done because she has not got the extra £855.oo

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  • 117. At 8:18pm on 20 Nov 2008, trundleon wrote:

    My 84 year old mother qualified for this when the boiler broke down and was replaced this year. We had to wait from November 07 to march 08 before completion. It became obvious to me that the contractors doing the job were hired by contractors appointed to do the job.
    The system has broken down four times since then and the last time when water started pouring through the ceiling I called in a plummer of my choice after warm front informed me they could not come for at least a week.
    The quick repair service for emergency does not exist only maintenance and this is not pointed out to you.
    To keep costs down they use the cheapest boilers and you have no say in paying extra yourself for a better one.
    Someone is getting rich.

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  • 118. At 8:21pm on 20 Nov 2008, leatheroid wrote:

    I was awarded a grant for new boiler, cavity wall and loft insulation in January this year. The cost was £3,200.
    There has not been much publicity about the fact that the local council makes up a short fall from £2,700 to £3,600, therefore my installations were done at no cost to myself for which I am truly thankful. I am also to get a free safety check for the following two years, this first one is already booked for 18th. Dec. and with two free boxes of low voltage light bulbs I am not complaining.
    I also believe that it is not so much the government which pushes this scheme but a directive from the EU, if so, why is that not made known more widely.
    The workmen were lovely, worked efficiently and left no mess, in fact everything went like clockwork. I live in the Castle Point area.

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  • 119. At 8:21pm on 20 Nov 2008, davidfG3 wrote:

    being disabled i was told and aplied, i qualified for the warm front grant, back in 2003 i had loft insulation and cavity wall insulation, and am very satisfied, recently under warm front grant i had my storage heaters replaced, (3 in total) fitted September 2008 both cases the grants covered everything. after having the heaters replaced the warm front team told me if i needed my boiler replaced there should be enough left of the current grant to cover this, if it breakks down when the grant expires i shall be legible for anoter warm front grant, The guys who fitted the heaters were very helpfull,

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  • 120. At 8:21pm on 20 Nov 2008, seacharles wrote:

    Charles ASKAM IN FURNESS We have had a new condenser boiler fitted under the warm front england scheme,and the roof insulation doubled as well as wall cavity insulation.This cost us nothing,we are very grateful .

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  • 121. At 8:22pm on 20 Nov 2008, mickgriff wrote:

    I was given a warm front grant,I recieved a letter on 9-10-2008 saying i had got £2700.00 but i would have to pay £268.82 out off my own pocket or apply for it of the council.I was totaly dumbfounded at I phoned w/f when I asked what this money would include,they said it was for a plumber for 2 days work , a combi boiler £711.78 + £8.09 for light bulbs.i said so the plumber earns £1124.97 a day. I ask what work would be carried out for this, they wanted to put the combi boiler i one of my bedrooms . I have at the moment a gravity fed boiler,they said all of that would be drained but they would not take it out.
    I told them that I could get a worcester combi + flue and thermostats for £1150.17
    and a plumber to take out the old boiler and tanks including roof tanks,and fit combi for £843.00.they said it could not be done this way,it had to be done there way.if i was not happy with the quote they could send another one of there recommended companys to quote on it but because they would still pay the first company for quoting my grant would be less. so I might have to pay more.before i was made disabled I ran my own business and was never paid for just quoting on work.anyway I told them I was not going to beg for the money anywhere else.

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  • 122. At 8:22pm on 20 Nov 2008, archiebh wrote:

    I applied for a warm front grant for my aged Mother-in-law (re: roof insulation) in November 2007. The initial forms arrived and I submitted all the information required including financial statements. In February 2008 a Warm Front adviser surveyed the property and advised me that my Mother-in-law's property should have additional roof insulation as it only had 100mm and should be at least 200mm, I was also advised that the cylinder jacket needed replacing and this would be done at the same time. In late July 2008 I received a call from a Company called Castle Point, based in Witham, Essex to arrange an appointment to fit said insulation. I must add that my Mother-in-law lives on the border of Oxfordshire/Warwickshire, some 120 miles away from the contractor. When the contractor arrived and went into the loft, they informed us that they could not fit the insulation as there was already 100mm of insulation in the loft. I have yet to see any information that does not allow the improvment of current insulation to meet the Government's recommended standard. This is case of total incompetance by all the experts concerned and only to be expected,
    it appears that everyone works to a different set rules.

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  • 123. At 8:25pm on 20 Nov 2008, colorado1953 wrote:


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  • 124. At 8:27pm on 20 Nov 2008, redgaynor wrote:

    i applied for a warm front grant 2 years ago for my mum who has breathing problems, plus angina. she got the grant eventually after going without heat and hot water for 6 months, but before the work was started she had to find £1,400 before they would do the work even though she had the grant as well. i told the heating company which is called IGUANA that she had no savings so they put the work on hold it was winter and she had to use electric fires and boil water to wash.In the end she had to get a loan to pay for them to start the work its was shabby workmanship in the end and the after sales was disgusting. My mum is 76.

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  • 125. At 8:27pm on 20 Nov 2008, jogill wrote:

    An elderly friend of mine applied for a grant for a new boiler and loft insulation from Warm Front. They arrived from up North and gave her the indication that she would need radiators as well as a new boiler.
    A plumber friend of mine went round to see if she needed all the work to be done. He said no, it could be done for half the price and no new radiators were required. Because she didn't accept the Warm Front quote they said that she couldn't have the free loft insulation! That is not so, and I got the local council to see her and they soon fitted her loft insulation for free. Warm Front are holding the very elderly to ransom which is wrong. The government should allow local contractors to carry out the work and then pay the grant to them directly.
    People eligible for the grant should get other quotes before listening to the Warm front team.

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  • 126. At 8:29pm on 20 Nov 2008, thelovelychrisbod wrote:

    My dad applied for a grant in Dec 2007 he had a representative visiting him from warm front my dad asked if he could have a new boiler for his water because the back boiler was not working right and a heater(which had broke down) for the bottom of the stairs which was sufficient to heat the upstairs on a night (he did not want central heating because he is asthmatic and suffers because of the dryness of the central heating ) they said yes they would be able to do this within the next 6 weeks. The water boiler would be fit in the bathroom . My dad got another visit from warm front stating that they could not fit it in the bathroom because of outside pipes and it would be fit in the back bedroom my dad said it would be ok and would it still be six weeks .. the man laughed and said 6 months.... he said my dad must have misheard him but my dad said it would be definatley 6 months
    after waiting 3 months and the weather getting colder ( my dad had a thermometer from help the aged and it said the hallway up to my parents bedroom was at the hyperthemic level) warmfront stated that they were waiting for parts.
    My mum and dad suffered endless colds and chest infections and me and my brother were concerned that we ended up paying for a wall heater for the hallway on my brothers credit card we could not see my parents suffering like this
    My dad received a telephone call from warmfront stating he would have to pay £400 extra before they could go ahead, he said he could not afford this .
    Then my dad rang again to find out what was happening with the boiler for the hot water they said that he would have to pay £170.00 my dad said even though my son and daughter paid for the heater I still have to pay extra .. the warm front rang back and said they would knock off £55 taking it to £115.00 to pay . My dad could not afford this and he has heard nothing since .. If me and my brother had not paid for the heater in the hallway we would have been attending funerals of our parents..
    I had to get a new boiler for my house and 2 new radiators 3 years ago the price was £2000.00 including fitting and it was a top of the range boiler
    how warmfront can charge all this money is beyond my belief.. the goverment need to act ..if there is grants available then it should be given to the individual in a voucher form and they should be able to choose which company to use.
    It is now nearly December 2008 and my mother and father still have no hot water boiler ....please get this sorted

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  • 127. At 8:33pm on 20 Nov 2008, durlstonclose wrote:

    My daughter a divorced woman with two young children used the Warm Front option and received a first class service. The contractors were extremely professional, the quality of their work was good and although she was required to pay a contribution to the installation of a new boiler and four new radiators, she did not feel that this was excessive.

    Coincidentally she had quotes from other installers prior to using the company nominated by Warm Front and they were compariable.

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  • 128. At 8:34pm on 20 Nov 2008, Coldwall wrote:

    EAGA also instals loft and cavity wall insulation for the over 70's through County Council schemes, by which, on age alone people qualify for the Council grant. I applied and indeed received loft insuation. However I had to pay £600.00 for the cavity wall insulation. I have since discoverd that others in the same village paid nothing.
    However we all had similar eXperiences in that the surveyors, without exception, underestimated the amount of materials required for both wall and loft insulation, leading to delays in job completions and difficulties for the workmen.

    We are trying to establish whether we should have been charged the £600.00 for the cavity wall insulation and have reached the point where we have now asked our District County Councillor to make enquiries - quote - "he is being given the runaround".

    It seems to me that EAGA has a lot of questions to answer and I would ask that you investigate this other side of the company.

    At the time of our original request the company who had the Council's contract was MILFOLD which EAGA bought out before our work was installed. We were billed by EAGA (twice). Our County Council is South Somerset.

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  • 129. At 8:35pm on 20 Nov 2008, kathdiz wrote:

    I had a grant from warm front...... i was charged over 3 thousand for a boiler and one radiator. (A friend i knew had the same work and more radiators with another firm and it came well within the £2700???)
    I had to pay nearly £800 towards the work. It was winter and I had had no heating for a month. So I was elated when i qualified, but the joy was unfortunately short lived due to the extortionate amount.
    I had been quoted £1600 by a local firm but not allowed to use them.
    In all i paid the £800 because i couldnt find the £1600 and was desperate for a warm home for xmas, even though i most definately felt i was being over charged.
    This grant in my opinion, takes advantage of people in vulnerable or desperate situations, the very people that it should be helping!! by using the most expensive contractors.
    I did write and complain and heard nothing from warm front.
    I complained to my local councillor with little joy there either.
    I am sure i am not the only one who feels they were hard done by. We do not expect handouts or charity, i for one am a hard working single mum. All we ask is value for money and the opportunity to find our own contractor that will not charge the earth.
    Shame on you Warm Front. You need to do your homework when finding contractors....not only are they ripping off the customers, but the government also by the sounds of it.
    Wake Up your being had!!
    Kathryn Lancs

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  • 130. At 8:36pm on 20 Nov 2008, starDorreen wrote:

    We too have been ripped off by Warmfront and their contactors. We had just a replacement boiler from a leaking combination to a condensor type. Cost £3,100 we had local Corgi dealers quote £1,600 and £1800 plus vat. Our own Labour MP asked why we could not have the cheaper quotes and he too was fobbed of by eaga. Not only did we not get the job we paid for but they wrecked our bathroom and it cost us £700 to top up the grant for this disaster. Their inept work now means I can not have the disabled bathroom my council had given me a grant for. We are taking them to the Small Claims Court but hold little hope as they have some slick solicitors. DONT EVER APPLY TO WARMFRONT.
    Roy. Great Yarmoth.

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  • 131. At 8:36pm on 20 Nov 2008, ProfAkers wrote:

    We had a boiler and extra radiator fitted a year ago. The workmen were polite, efficient, cleaned up after themselves and worked hard fitting a new vent through our thick rubble walls.
    The follow up was superb,the boiler is a great improvement on our old one and more importantly the house is WARM.
    All this at no cost to us.

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  • 132. At 8:38pm on 20 Nov 2008, tonylovatt45 wrote:

    I worked for 5 years as a surveyor for a contractor on the warm front scheme, it was wonderfull, but i have to say I left because it was clear to me that. although the prices being paid to the registered contractors was set by the scheme, (EAGA).
    it was clear to me that this was purely a money making scheme for greedy people, and the clients were not getting value for money, there are many companies who have made Millions out of this scheme.
    Although based in Stoke on Trent I worked for a company working in lots of areas including London, I have to say, I surveyed Million pound properties, because it is not means tested, that used to make me mad, because people like my own Aunt who had worked all her life, and was barely under the grant level. could not have the grant, Eaga, used to be a non profit making company, they are now a P L C is this acceptable for tax payers money, I miss the job because I believe in the consept, but not, in a few people making millions not just from heating but from Cavity wall insulation and loft insulation,

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  • 133. At 8:40pm on 20 Nov 2008, adamondiahman wrote:

    Vickie in Walsall

    We have a disabled daughter and also receive tax credits and were therefore eligible for a grant. We have received loft insulation and a replacement boiler without having to pay anything towards it. The quality of the boiler is very good and has reduced our energy consumption. One problem we had was with Iguana who fitted the replacement boiler. The engineer left after the first day promising to return in a few days to finish off securing the flue in the loft and running a pipe to an external wall. He would also bring the completion certificate as he had forgotten to bring his pad with him. We were subsequently let down three times with promised appointments and finally got two other engineers out after complaining to the area manager. These engineers couldn't issue a certificate because they hadn't installed the boiler and admitted to us that they did not have anything to do with boiler installations, normally they were sent out on repair jobs. We finally got the certificate posted to us after more phone calls and making a nuisance of ourselves. The main problem we still have is due to the ineffectiveness of the inspection process. An inspector called a few weeks after the work had been completed and highlighted that Iguana would be failed for not issuing a certificate, not completing other paperwork in the installation manual properly, but more importantly because electrical work had not been completed to his satisfaction. There was no earth on the bathroom radiator! He said it was an important safety issue and he would be forwarding a report to Iguana. The electrical company who work with Iguana is Eaga Electrical Limited. The report seems to be ignored because we have had to chase it up several times with Iguana and Warmfront and keep being told that they are aware of the problem and it's in the hands of the manager. I have emailed Eaga Electrical today as a last resort to ask them to send the electrician back out to us to complete the work or I will have to complain to NICEIC who have approved them as a contractor. The certificate posted to us by the electrcal company clearly confirms the adequacy of earthing when it hasn't been completed adequately! Amazingly the electrician also forgot to bring his pad of works certificates and had to post it to us. The inspector looked at it and said he could tell that it had been completed in an office rather than by the person who had done the work. He acted as if it was a common occurence so I'd like to know what powers the Warmfront inspectors really have?

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  • 134. At 8:41pm on 20 Nov 2008, Doreen wrote:

    My mother had a Grant with Warm Front. Apart from a long time to wait to have the central heating installed it went well they even sent 2 different people to see if one it was installed right then an electrical came to see if the electrical side was done correctly. The only annoying thing is that the Company who installed it came from Portsmouth, the place they had to collect all their plumbing equipment was in Basingstoke so when they were working in Croydon and they needed more material they had to go back to Basingstoke to collect it. Which proved a bit of a nightmare.

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  • 135. At 8:46pm on 20 Nov 2008, msmuggins wrote:

    Dear all,

    I am a small heating business and like many thousands of small struggling companies do not have a chance of competing against these preffered contractors nominated by EAGA a very cosy rellationship.

    Small businesses like mine do excellent work for our clients at half the prices charged, and all to often we find that we have to hand our clients over as we we are not able to access grant aid on there behalf,often the standard of the work and value for tax payers money falls pitifuly short of expectation.

    This is corruption on a huge scale, it is allso common knowledge that Iguana have a very cosy relationship with Eaga in fact they may even own this company, conflict of interest ?

    Why not give local companies the opportunity of providing for our own customers after all we offer excellent service as well as value for money, certainly well within the grant figure of £2700

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  • 136. At 8:46pm on 20 Nov 2008, heylidledidle wrote:

    we also applied for a warmfront grant, was awarded this grant of £2700.00 We would also have to pay £775.62 to the installer, to cover difference. We spoke to member of the DWP Staff, who then advised us to request a breakdown of costs for materials. We are waiting to hear the outcome.

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  • 137. At 8:46pm on 20 Nov 2008, Abycatchat wrote:

    The Warmfront scheme was originally set up, to be administered by Eaga, as a non-profit making enterprise. Did you know that Eaga is now listed on the stock exchange? How does that count as non-profit making - one financial pundit when recommending the stock even hailed it as "a licence to make money"!

    Further, Eaga are actually buying plumbing companies which then become the only permitted installer. So, by over-charging for the work (which they most definately do) they are making (swindling) money from both the tax paying public funding the grant and the grant recipient who has to top-up to cover the cost over and above the grant.

    I would not expect a Warmfront installation to cost as little as a plumbing sole-trader (less over-heads) but reasonably and like for like it should be in the same region as an established company with several employees and office staff - unfortunately, it is always considerbly more than those quotes.

    Sometimes householder's have expectations which cannot be fulfilled as all installations must conform to not only Corgi/Oftec regulations but (since 2005)current Building Regulations. However, on top of this under Warmfront the householder's have no choice of make of boiler (one manufacturer or nothing) or type of installation (i.e. combi, regular, etc).

    It is a monopoly excluding all fair and realistic competition.

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  • 138. At 8:47pm on 20 Nov 2008, mongoose20 wrote:

    Warmfront also installed loft insulation; when I was in Trading Standards we had complaints from (in particular) pensioners who had only HALF of their lofts insulated by warmfront contractors.

    OK~ so this was done for the pensioners for free, but our tax-pounds were paying for only half a is bad enough folk being ripped off with over zealous boiler charges, but as for these contractors simply robbing warmfront blind is outrageous.

    It seems no-one at warmfront checks their contractors work.

    What about Trading Standards? I was told to drop it as the contract was between warmfront (i.e the government), and the installer- the householder had no say, warmfront were tight-lipped and the council didn't want a fuss (biting the hand that feeds and all that).

    Needless to say I don't work for Trading Standards anymore...

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  • 139. At 8:47pm on 20 Nov 2008, ewopaul wrote:

    My contractor was East Coast Gas, and I couldn't believe how they charged what seems an extortionate amount for a boiler, and are able to get away with this. As I required a larger boiler to match the power of the one that they were removing (glowworm compact 100e), they felt that they were justified to charge over £3200 for the boiler, flu, Wall thermostat, and timer. However as the grant only covers costs of upto £2700, I was told that I’d be required to pay an additional £595, myself, or they recommended that I contact my council to see if they had any home efficiency grants to pay the difference.

    Fortunately, my local council did have a scheme to pay the extra – which I’m sure that they were aware of. They know that either central or local government will pay the costs-what ever they charge!!

    My gripe was also that it took months to get the boiler changed starting in Oct/Nov 06 – to getting commissioned on 28th Jun, 07 in , the “engineer” that came to assess my old boiler didn’t have a clue about boilers, especially heat output and flow rates, and that this company seems to be able to charge whatever they want!

    When I challenged them on the costs, they told me that it was Warm front that set the prices, but Warm Front denied this when I spoke to them.

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  • 140. At 8:48pm on 20 Nov 2008, midiman22 wrote:

    We have got a grant of £2700 and after the survey was done we were asked to contribute £1512-47 we were surprised as the work was to install a new condensing boiler,new hot & cold water tanks and to flush out the system.The company that quoted said they would not be taking out the old boiler either.We complained to warm front who sent out another company who also wanted us to pay £1307-68 but they would take out the old boiler.Because we are both elderly and disabled we had no choice but to go with the second company although it took most of our savings.the work is imminent.

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  • 141. At 8:49pm on 20 Nov 2008, containerman wrote:

    Hi, Ihave recently had a warm front grant for central heating,it cost me an extra five hundred pounds making a total of 3,200 poundsfor that we got the old system removed and a complete hwating system installed.It was done in one working day, the workmen were very efficent and polite and kept us informed at every step.when completed the work was inspected three times .1,the warm front were we had to sign a satifaction form before the money could be released.2, an independant inspector. 3,the firms own inspector.
    The contractor was Gavin Ward, Burnley. And I would have no hesitation recomending their quality of workmanship.
    There will always be things that go wrong but at five hundred pounds for a complete heating and hot water system to me is money well spent.

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  • 142. At 8:52pm on 20 Nov 2008, Blessingsaint wrote:

    I will never recommend warm front to any body. I am so pleased that, I was smart enough to asked questions before any work is carried out in my house. From the information given, I discovered that my kitchen should have been out of shape, htat is one or two door from my kitchen unit should have been removed before fitting in my new boiler. I rang the Warm Front to complained about it, but was told that it has nothing to do with them, as I have refused the contrator to carry out the job. I suggested to them that I had received a quote from the British gas, if I can use them, they refused, and said, I can only used their own contractor.

    Although I had my loft installation done, but do not notice any difference, only one man carried out the job, whic I find stranged.

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  • 143. At 8:52pm on 20 Nov 2008, Blessingsaint wrote:

    Heating grants

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  • 144. At 8:55pm on 20 Nov 2008, wondrousRadar wrote:

    I applied for a grant from Warm Front for my 92 year old Mother. She was offered the maximum grant for oil central heating but could never afford the "top up" of over £2,000-00 for the system of 5 radiators and a Boiler. I got a far cheaper quote from a very reputable local heating Co. but as they were not attached to Warm Front there was no point as Mum could not get a grant through them. Disgusting!
    I asked my local Council (Kerrier) for advise and they told me they were having a lot of problems with Warm Front. They told me to contact the Energy Advice Centre and they confirmed they had also received a lot of complaints regarding Warm Front
    I wrote to my local M.P. and in desperation to Gordon Brown asking why Warm Front were so expensive even with a Government grant compared to other installers. Especially as the Government reply confirmed Warm Front get bulk purchase discounts!
    I say the Government funding of 2 BILLION POUNDS is being syphoned off by GREEDY installers. They are robbing the old people and leaving many in the cold as well as robbing the tax payer and nobody seems to do anything about it.
    I have documentation proving all of the above points.
    Dick Turpin had nothing on Warm Front!

    from Wondrous Radar

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  • 145. At 8:55pm on 20 Nov 2008, stansim wrote:

    have had a warm front grant of £2.750.
    we had the loft insulated a new boiler rads all drained and flushed the work was carried out by iguana heating. two months ago, so far we have no complaints my wife is disabled and registerd partially sighted.
    we had to pay towards cost £222.34,
    we are on pension credit both in our eighties and thought this was a fair price for the work that was done but the winter is now with us so we keep our fingers crossed.

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  • 146. At 9:00pm on 20 Nov 2008, staroorwullie wrote:

    I decided to have my heating system updated.
    Thinking I was doing the correct thing I obtained 3 prices from Corgi registered contractors. All of them suggested that we should apply for a grant, they even gave us a form to send in.
    We did this, had an assessor visit and determine what was needed and grant qualifying. He said New boiler, new radiators with thermostatic valves but we could retain the gas fire with the back boiler disconnected as secondary warmth.
    This was followed up by a representative of the installation company (of thier choice), who deducted most of the assessors needs ie rediators , valves and the gas fire would have to be completely removed.
    They then sent a price to do the job.
    The cost was £3500 ie: £800 more to remove a back boiler and install a new combi than the dearest of the independent quotes of £2740 for a full system upgrade.
    I got in touch with Warm Front with my concerns of over-charging and was told to take it or leave it.
    As pensioners we obviously had to go along with it as we could not afford even the cheapest quote from the independents. The service was fair and the system works, but I dread the cold weather as it really struggles to keep the living room warm without secondary heating as support.
    Personnally I think the government is being ripped off through the manipulation of these grants. There seems to be no check up as to who is charging what and how much is being done for it.
    And guess what we 'the tax payers' are footing the bill.

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  • 147. At 9:02pm on 20 Nov 2008, HarleyDee wrote:

    30 May-Boiler condemned by "Warm Front" Heating Engineer. He
    quotes that he can change the boiler for me during July at a cost of £2500 but suggest we go through warm front.

    30May-We applied to Warm Front.

    17 June -Warm Front acknowledgement received.

    23 June-Energy Advice Survey done and boiler replacement recommended. The
    fact that we had no central heating or running hot water was noted due to
    my wife been disabled with Multiple Sclerosis.

    28 July-Help Link (a heating engineering firm) called to make appointment
    to survey for a boiler replacement.

    I rang Warm Front to ask why my original heating engineer was not doing the job as he can get it done within a few weeks. I was told that he was one of their
    accredited boiler replacement engineers but he was only allowed to swap
    pensioner's boilers and not disabled people's boilers.

    30 July-Help Link come and carry out a survey to change the boiler.

    31 July-I informed Warm Front that they had done an oil boiler survey in
    error and it should be a gas boiler. They agree this was their error.

    1 August-Help Link survey for a gas boiler.

    11 August -I rang Warm Front as I had not heard anything and was told that
    they had instructed Fenhams ( another heating engineering firm) to carry
    out a survey. I asked why as Help Link had already done a survey for gas and was told that when they reallocated the job they had no control over who gets allocated. They went on to say that Fenhams had another 2 weeks in which to do a survey. I pointed out this was ludicrous as a survey had already been done by Help Link.

    12 August-After many phone calls I eventually got my job reallocated to
    Help Link. Spoke to Help Link who confirmed they would now submit the

    18 August-I rang Warm Front as no one had got back. I was told that they
    had no survey from Help Link. I rang Help Link and he said that they had
    submitted it on the 12 August and would chase up Warm Front.

    27 August-Help Link rang me to organise a separate survey for the removal
    of the asbestos flue
    4 September-Rung Warm Front who still knew nothing about the boiler having
    to be changed so I again went over the above events with them they said
    they would need to talk again with Help Link.

    4 September Sent email to my MP John Grogan

    16 September Sent another email to my MP John Grogan

    6 October work starts on boiler change after MP and “Older Persons Advocate” have been chasing.

    10 October supposed to have finished but many problems left including a 10" diameter hole in the garage roof where the old boiler flue was and rain was running in and down a wall soaking some 240v power sockets, junction box and electrical cabling. I have chased this up twice with Warm Front and 3 times with Help Link but this was left for about 3 weeks and took another letter to the MP to get sorted.

    I had to pay £1059 towards the work as the total cost from warm front was £3646 !! I have been trying to find out why it costs this much as my original “private” quote for the job was £2500 by one of warm fronts accredited heating engineers and at I was told at the original survey by Eaga that it was a simple boiler change and would be within the £2700 grant. Help Link just keep telling me they do not set the price but would not comment when I asked them what they thought it should cost, they would not support the price I paid though !!!!!

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  • 148. At 9:02pm on 20 Nov 2008, annabreech wrote:

    my partner and i recently applied for a warm front grant,we was accepcted due to my partner being disabled.....paralised.Anyway the grant was for £2,700,we need a new boiler only ours is just about working,there total price came back £3,193..And yes that was just for a boiler no radiators.leaving us to put the rest,which we cannot afford,so it looks like we will be left in the cold..

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  • 149. At 9:03pm on 20 Nov 2008, furiousScotch wrote:

    I recently received from my gas service supplier a letter saying my boiler was over 16 years old and it may be that they could not obtain the spares for it in future.
    This worried me so i tried to Phone Warm Front for help, a telephone answering service told me that thay were so busy they were not answering calls, and I was told to use the e.mail set up.
    This I did and four weeks later still no reply.
    as a result of this I having to sell my house to a builder, so that I may at least be sure to be warm this winter, and rent the house from the builder.
    I am 78 years old , How many older people can go through this
    I have now had a new boiler fitted at a cost of £2.200 and it so far seems to be working well. No thanks to warm front

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  • 150. At 9:05pm on 20 Nov 2008, jtaloha wrote:

    jtaloha I had a new boiler fitted in April 2008 by Warmfront I got the grant for £2700.00 But had to pay a further £1135.10
    I new nothing of costs regarding this work but since then I have found out that the grant amount should have been enogh for the work . 2 men done the job in five hours.
    I have been writing to Warmfront for an investigation of thier pricing but no answers to my letters. on one recent phone call toWarmfront they told me they new nothing about heating and plumbing only the fitters
    priced the works. They were GASCARE of Southhamptoin.Can your DOM Littlewood HELP please ? Many thanks. jtaloha.

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  • 151. At 9:11pm on 20 Nov 2008, ryashe wrote:

    We had our central heating upgraded on 8th Jan 2008 by contractors selected by Warm Front. On top of the grant were charged an extra £637.24 to have a new combi boiler, and one double radiator plus the pipework. In March we had a leak in the loft caused by a faulty fitting on one of the heating pipes. The leak caused damage to our living room ceiling which still remains damaged and stained. We have sent photos of the damage by email in June, and have lots of contact with them before and after that. Each time they promised that some one would come to inspect the damage but no one has called. I am still waiting for a reply to my letter dated 11/11/08 in which I said that I would get the repairs done and send them the bill. I think this job was well overpriced. Dom thanks for your great work. I admire your Bottle. Sincerely Helen Kelly.

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  • 152. At 9:12pm on 20 Nov 2008, terraMikehere wrote:

    Often cynical, I was surprised when we were processed for a grant by a Warm Front Assessor, to discover they do the assessment, the grant application, the surveys, the loft insulation and the heating.

    And it is all owned by the same (parent)company. I smelled a rat. We had the loft insulation done and we are awaiting quotes for the heating work.

    We will not be allowing them to do the heating work until this potentially corrupt scheme is sorted out. Government must sort out this mess so that taxpayers money is not wasted by price fixing, no competion and over-charging.

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  • 153. At 9:15pm on 20 Nov 2008, garyninja wrote:

    Warmfront. Well they sent a firm called global to do cavity wall insulation and loft installation. We had to pay extra for the loft because the bungalow was over the government’s size specification they said. It cost an extra £250. We had the polystyrene balls instead of the wool for the cavity wall which cost more as well. The job was done by a set of clowns. When they fired in the insulation for the cavity wall they forgot to turn on the pva mix which glued them together as they were injected into the wall. We were renovating the house at the time and every time we knocked a hole in for pipes or electrics all the insulation just emptied out. They came back one man and his dog to rectify the situation; he had no tools and asked if I could supply them. In the end he had a drill bit and a hammer. These tools he was going to use to knock out the mortar bungs from the cavity wall entry holes. He then fired up the pump while he knocked out the other holes but forgot the pump was still running and pva was running down the brickwork which is still there after two years. He continued to do the rest of the areas but had to go to the pump in the van because he thought it was running out of glue mix. Instead it was running down the brickwork again and all over the glass of a brand new conservatory, which he then spent the next three hours trying to get the pva mix off that. It was obvious to me that a minimum of two people should have been sent for the job. When he left we were left with a huge mess to try to clean up. I do not think you can inject resin once you have fired all the insulation into the cavity because you will not get a uniform adhesion that is why now every time we take an electrical socket off to continue with the house all the insulation runs out of the cavity, millions of them. All the soffit ventilation slits are full of this stuff. We were dreading the loft people coming but we had committed ourselves. They came I saw and another set of clowns, lagging went down and we mentioned the fact they had to cut round ceramic pots for the down lights and not to cover them with lagging. They were even told how many. They left job done, two days later three transformers and bulbs blew due to being covered with lagging. This firm was called global. Global disaster. We discussed this with their boss who did not really care but wanted more money needless to say he did not get any

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  • 154. At 9:18pm on 20 Nov 2008, BenSki1985 wrote:

    Back in March 2007 my father who is a cancer sufferer and my mother who looks after him full time, applied for a grant after a leaflet was pushed through the door. This was initially to enquire about a repair to our current boiler that was not producing any hot water.

    In May 2007 we received a letter saying we had qualified, a survey was carried out and the repair to the boiler was approved.
    After a second survey it was decided that no repair would be carried out but a new boiler would be fitted, however, another survey was needed to carry out the extra work.
    Mid November 2007 it was arranged that the new boiler would be fitted, the workman turned up ready to install the boiler but found that the second survey hadn't been conducted properly and so a third survey would need to be carried out.

    At this point, despite the fact that from the application date it had been 8 months before any work had been attempted, my parents didn't have many complaints because after initially only wanting a repair to our current boiler, we were receiving a brand new boiler that would be costing us nothing and indeed we were assured that the boiler had been paid for and the cost of work was covered by our grant, noting that workmen turned up with the boiler ready to fit. Now it was just a case of having the final survey conducted, we were told this may take up to a week.

    We couldn't have been more wrong!

    The third survey was conducted in January 2008. Between January 2008 and July 2008 my mother made a number of phone calls to follow up the survey, each time getting the same response, that everything was paid for and the work would be completed when a team became available.

    On the 22 July 2008, my parents received a letter asking us to contribute £506.04. As you can imagine this came as a shock and after another phone call it became clear that no work was to be carried out as we were not willing to pay the extra cost which totalled £3152.20.

    So after almost 2 years we are still without hot water and work will now have to be carried out by ourselves.

    What I would like to know is if the boiler that was to be fitted was already paid for, where did it go and where did the extra cost that we had to contribute come from.
    Would this be to cover the cost of the lost boiler?

    Needless to say I would not recommend. I feel that Warm Front have gone way too far with this one.

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  • 155. At 9:18pm on 20 Nov 2008, logbodger wrote:

    we have been negotiating with Warm Front since may over the extortionate cost of a replacement oil boiler, the estimates we had were way too high, our contribution over and above the Grant ranging from £658 +vat down to the one we finally accepted of £431-69, we had three private sector estimates from firms picked at random from Yellow pages, all came out around £3,000 - the actual cost of LABOUR alone under the grant scheme, this for one days work by two plumbers completed last week.
    We Lobbied everyone we could think of including the BBC and Age Concern as this is Taxpayers money and Government funds going into too few pockets, squeezing the poorest most vulnerable people in society.To add insult to injury we had without any warning £147.56 deducted from our grant for estimates as we were offered three different firms until we found one we could manage to pay. This obviously pushed up our own contribution and surely these Fat Cat firms can afford to estimate free since private ones never charge!
    Trading Standards told us they are not allowed to investigate another Government Department so we are delighted Dom has brought the Discredit Bunch into the limelight!

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  • 156. At 9:20pm on 20 Nov 2008, logbodger wrote:

    Name on above blog - Carole, location Shropshire

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  • 157. At 9:24pm on 20 Nov 2008, mini-mummy wrote:

    We got a grant from warm front for central heating they insisted that they install the combi-boiler in my daughters bedroom which i was really unhappy with but they wouldnt listen to me n put it in there anyway im still not happy it is noisey and wakes my daughter through the night and she is only 3yrs old i rang them and they said because they had already put there it couldnt be moved im still really angry

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  • 158. At 9:24pm on 20 Nov 2008, hyperabbas wrote:

    Before i became disabled i was keen D I YER
    but never touched gas i applied for a Warm Front Grant to have a new boiler installed an engineer came out to inspect i was told i would have to pay £500.on top of the £2700 grant £3200. i wasnt happy so i went online to price up the boiler it was
    £1050 was to be connected to existing pipes no radiators price for materials about £450 on the top side total £1500, so i was charged £1700 for just over a days work the was carried out by a sub contractor for IGUANA i asked for his proffesional opinion on how much he would charge if he did the work himself he said £2000.Disgusted i wrote to Warm front, and IGUANA both replied saying it was sensative information and they do not have disclose it to me ive heard many stories since vulnerable are truly disgused

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  • 159. At 9:25pm on 20 Nov 2008, virtualruth08 wrote:

    i had a warm front grant and was supplied with a new heating system in february 2008 regretably when i complained i didnt keep dates or names of the inspectors that came out to my house. when i had my boiler system fitted i left the work men from darfield to get on with their work in my kitchen and upstairs. I was told i would be fitted basically with the same style boiler as what i had but more newer and up to date. after the work was done i went into look and was not happy there is copper or brass pipe work all showing under the new boiler which is an awful sight behind the pipework where my old timer was there is a hole the size of an electric socket that has many bare wires showing,there was also wires showing upstairs in my airing cupboard where they had taken out my old big water tank when i questioned this they told me that the electrician would be out the next day to sort out the wiring even though i have children they left my house leaving the wires all bare.when the electrician came he done the wires upstairs but im still left even now with the bare wires .when i told him about my dissappontment with the work he said as for the pipework i was lucky most people would of had pipe work going along the top of there kitchen as for the pipe that they just put straight through my worktop he said at least it is tidy that they had actually cut a hole into the work top and not just banged a hole through he also commented that they dont get paid to put pipework into walls. after he left i rang warmfront and explained all of what had happened w3ith darfield. after my phone call weeks later i was visited by 2 inspectors both telling me what they didnt agree with one even took photos of the bare wires i was also told by him that he would definately have them back out to redo the bad work they had already done,the other inspector also said that it was a bit scruffy that the hole at the top was filled with cement instead of plaster if i could i would give you the pictures of the whole mess that i am still living with as i have still not heard anything else from warmfront or darfield since either visits, also the pressure in my water has changed in a result i am left with no shower as the shower pipe popped off the set of taps because of the pressure being so strong yet the water pressure of my taps is weaker but again i was told this is normal i am now overdue with my baby but once it is born i will be wanting to go somewhere to find out what my rights are can you advise me the best place as i think warmfront and darfield have had more than enough time to sort this for me i would seriously recommend more sites that have warmfront complaints

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  • 160. At 9:26pm on 20 Nov 2008, jazzjo wrote:

    I applied for a heating grant under the scheme last year. In due course a surveyor from the installers came to my house. I wanted the boiler to be placed in the kitchen but was told it could not go there as there was no room for the flue on the outside wall (supposedly blocked by external downpipes). I then asked for it to go in an adjoining outbuilding where my existing boiler was. I was given various reasons why it could not go there (even though I already had a boiler in there) and told that the only place it could go in the whole of my house was a small bedroom.

    As my house is on 4 floors (including a cellar and an attic) I had my doubts about this so I contacted a Corgi registered installer who was familiar with my existing heating system and the layout of my house. He assured me that there was no reason why I could not have the boiler placed where I wanted it, in the kitchen.

    He gave me detailed installation information for both the outbuilding and kitchen, and, armed with that, I had another survey done. At one point they agreed the boiler could go in the outhouse, but then came up with another reason that I did not have the knowledge to argue with.

    In the meantime I contacted various internet forums regarding Warm Front and from 20 replies, I received 19 horror stories of bad installation or overcharging by Warm Front installers. One oil-fired heating engineer in Scotland told me that most of his work now consists of putting right installations installed by Warm Front contractors.

    I finally decided to cancel Warm Front and have since paid for my own installation. I now have my choice of boiler, installed in the kitchen, in the place that I wanted it, with the minimum of fuss.

    The only reason I can think why the contractors wanted to install the boiler in an upstairs bedroom was to make the installation more expensive.

    One other thing to mention is that you cannot choose the boiler you want under Warm Front. There is actually a short list of boilers you can choose from but my installer did not give me any choice at all and the boiler he was going to install was one with a reputation for breaking down. Three engineers told me that they would never install that make because of its bad reputation.

    I am pleased to read that not everyone has had a bad experience with Warm Front but I believe that the way it is set up leaves it open to abuse and that there should be an investigation into the running of the scheme and its contractors.

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  • 161. At 9:28pm on 20 Nov 2008, stephenhartnett wrote:

    Hi. I forgot to mention in my first post that no only did we have no water / heating for days but they also disconnected our cooker so we were unable to cook as well.

    When the gas man came to fit our new cooker he was horrified to find a Large lenth of gas pipe missing and asked me who had taken this away!!

    I said it was Eaga / Warmfront, he was unsure if he would be able to refit a new one so the possibility of more Cold / Hungry Days dawned on us all (2 Adults & 2 Kids)

    Luckily he managed to sort it out after some time (all evening) the job should have been straight forward and not taken so long!! He was great as he never charged any extra which was good as I'm only able to work Part Time due to my condition!!

    I thought this scheme was setup to help Disabled people not make things worse for them!!

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  • 162. At 9:30pm on 20 Nov 2008, olivercorke wrote:

    I am writing on behalf of my close friend and neighbour who does not own or use a computer as is the case of so many of our elderly. She is 84 and was elegible for the HOMEFRONT grant and had a new boiler installed 18 months ago. The central heating is great but she has not been able to have a hot bath since - the water at best is tepid. She has called out the engineers but they always pass the problem on and leave. At this age she does not have the energy to chase her complaint and on the occasions that she has tried to phone she is put on hold for as long a 30 mins and then is unable to hold her phone any longer. She wishes she had never utilised her grant and had her efficient boiler removed. If she dies in a cold bath I will hold WARMFRONT responsible. This is the first time I have ever blogged and do so because if feel so strongly about this issue.

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  • 163. At 9:31pm on 20 Nov 2008, Mizzlindalou wrote:

    I applied for a grant and got one for new boiler and valves rads, they quoted me £387. i called them and said that i was quite expensive altho you get a grant for £2700. and he reduced it by £200 in a mater of seconds. they plumber arrived on time and was vey nice and did his job to the best of his ability, but i am not happy with the work i have more pipes on show than speghetti junction, only having 2 previously!!!, when all work was completed it was time for the electrian to come, he was very young and did not really seem to want to be here and do the work, he had to come back the next day and never turned up!!! Some of the work was very shoddy. and i am not entirey satisfied, the asscessor came to inspect the work and was not satsfied, he reported they had to return to make good the wrong work, i have not seen them since , not happy at all!!!!!!!!!!! the heating seems hotter but now got to pay to box iin the

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  • 164. At 9:31pm on 20 Nov 2008, AlisonWoods wrote:

    My mother used a grant from WarmFront to have a hot water and central heating system installed. The overall installation price was fine (within the grant level) however it's been an utter disaster, for ease I'll try and bullet point the problems incurred.
    - the first installer arrived and then disappeared without saying anything and never returning
    - the second installer was a dreadful person, always on the phone and then disappearing to other private jobs leaving the work to his apprentice, he tried to con an additional cash payment for extra pipes that were ordered (and delivered) from his firm but not used and taken to a job he confrimed on his phone, urinated in the front garden etc
    - the job itself has been unsatisfactory and the system has never functioned properly: the timer losses time so daily needs adjustment; at night when it's supposed to be off it mysteriously tries to start up over and over again; when it gets cold and it's supposed to be on it won't try to ignite and if it does try it doesn't seem to be able to kick in properly; often we have to put the drier on in the kitchen to warm the boiler up and then it seems to start; the hot water should be on demand but even that doesn't always work; when the hot water works sometimes by running the hot water we can get the central heating to start (however as the house is on a water meter this is quite and expensive solution for a pensioner)
    - having complained many times and having had many visits to sort the problems she eventually paid a considerable sum to an independant company to review the system and then eventually got agreement for some remedial work, however she was made to pay a top-up fee (travelling time had to be paid for the plumber who came from Kent to carry out work in Essex), then had to wait months for the works to be carried out which ultimately have not solved the problems, it could be argued that as the hot water supply is now intermitent could be described as worseand yet everyone sings the praises of the boiler that has been installed and can't believe the problems she has had with it.
    Mum has now been in contact with the Home Improvement Agency who apparently mediate between WarmFront and grant recipients with problems. How far she will get via this route I don't know, but I do know my mother, and many others like her, need help to resolve their problems with WarmFront
    Alison Woods
    Woodford Green

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  • 165. At 9:32pm on 20 Nov 2008, wilbur57 wrote:

    We had warm front come around and, to install a new boiler we had to pay an extra 680 pounds, S&A heating came to fit it and did a really nice job, they were quick clean and efficient, it was well worth the excess we had to pay, we had to wait a few months for them to do the job but again it was well worth it.

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  • 166. At 9:41pm on 20 Nov 2008, bussiemissie wrote:

    unfortunatley what started out as comments views about a government grant always seem to some people a chance to have a go at people who are less fortunate health wise than themselves.people who are genuinely disabled would only be to happy to swop their ill health for good and be only to happy to go to beggars belief that people who have good health appear to be jealous of those who havent and because they havent get help.

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  • 167. At 9:43pm on 20 Nov 2008, DOUGHGIRL234 wrote:

    I had a heating grant , well i had to pay extra . This made me cross as i'm on benfits so how do they think you can pay more .I had no extras.
    They also did £500 woth of damage to my house while putting in the central heating . It was a real shambles.
    Trying to get the cavity wall and loft insulation date to be done was a rel joke.
    All in all i wish i had never applied . owe and after one month i had no hot water for 3 days
    Regards Louise

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  • 168. At 9:48pm on 20 Nov 2008, shadowside wrote:

    Congratulations on shining a spotlight on the warm front subject. The following quote is taken from the eaga website

    "eaga is the UK market leader in the management of grant-funded programmes aimed at tackling fuel poverty. The company manages all four regions of the Government's flagship Warm Front programme in England for the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES) in Wales for the Welsh Assembly Government and the Warm Homes Scheme in Northern Ireland for the Department of Social Development.

    With over 16 years experience of dealing with the most vulnerable groups in society, eaga is well placed to provide further services to Government and Devolved Administration Government, specifically in the field of providing services to older, socially excluded or vulnerable people."

    In effect it is a government funded monopoly. The good intent of providing funding to improve energy efficiency for vulnerable people has been hijacked for private profit. The whole operation needs a thorough independent review.

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  • 169. At 9:48pm on 20 Nov 2008, MiWort wrote:

    I recently had applied for a grant and the applcation was accepted. The original application was for my CH system to be updated and loft insulation brought up to the current standard.

    Warmfront were recommended to me by Age Concern.

    When the quotation arrived from Warmfront it was £329 more than the max. grant of £2700. The selected contractor was a company located in Newport, South Wales and I live in North Somerset and exluded the loft insulation as the CH work had already breached the grant limit

    The letter from Warmfront did advise me to whom I could apply for finacial help the additional work needed. This included the local authority and Citizens Advice.

    The quotation included a breakdown of of estimated costs for Labour (£2357), Materials (£638). My contribution being the £329 inclusive of VAT.

    I queried the reasons for using a company based so far from my local area, and was told that only approved contractors were used.

    Having spent 30 years of my working life checking quotations for a very wide range of quotations where competative quotes had not been obtained I have a very good idea of work content and its value. I always ask questions about timescale, how many days of disruption etc. Many friends who have had similar work done by local companies including British Gas have discussed costs with me. I must say that most firms quote in a similar price range. In fact British Gas are currently quoting £600 off their normal price and that's simply a boiler change.

    In my case, when I asked how many days would I have isruption I was told that two engineers would arrive first thing on Monday to remove old boiler and install new boiler and make good any brickwork affected. They would also carry out changes to the radiator fittings and pipework. On the Wednesday an engineer would power clean the system and check and replace any parts not working up to the reqired standard after the flush. Finally on the Friday an electrician would complete the electrical work including changing the control units and instruct use the costomer in its fuction. The days (Tuesday and Thursday) allowed for unforseen problems and avoided man hours being wasted.

    At no time were we left without heating or hot water as the old controls still worked.

    Given that the men stated work a 9:00am or earlier and worked through until 4:00pm on the Monday, 9:00am 'til 1:00pm on Wednesday and on Friday pm. They all travelled from Newport. That was a total of about 40 hours including travelling time for all of the employee's working at my home. When transport costs, overheads and the fact that nobody would run a business if it didn't make some profit. After all £75 per hour is quite reasonable its compared to the cost of having double glazing installed.

    Whilst the contractor does not work giving a warrenty, that comes from Warmfront. Two years support for your CH system from British Gas would cost about £250 a year.

    All in all there may be problems in some areas but always challenge if simple comparisons don't stand up.

    MiWort, North Somerset

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  • 170. At 9:53pm on 20 Nov 2008, steve4safety wrote:

    My aunt had some insulation and draughtproofing done by Warm Front and that was all OK. However one of the aims of Warm Front is to make the home healthier, and, on the insulation visit, I showed the installer the air intake vent for the back boiler. He agreed that it was inadequate, saying that it needed to be two bricks in size but was currently only roughly half a brick. As it is a safety issue I was disappointed that he was not able to refer it to the appropriate person in order to get it sorted under the scheme. Nonetheless I rang Warm Front, explained the situation, and they helpfully said that they would send someone. What happened next is that the same gentleman returned unannounced. Apparently he looked at it but my aunt is not a technical person and as I was not there to explain, there is no indication of further action. So I am going to have to get involved again in order to get this rectified for the safety of this vulnerable person. I should have thought that a safety check for anyone enrolling on the scheme would be the thing to do as a matter of course, in my Aunt's case one would have thought that the fitting of a carbon monoxide alarm and the rectification of the vent problem would be the bare minimum. I have now got her a CO alarm myself because I can do that, but I can't install a vent which will satisfy the legal requirement myself. I haven't given up on Warm Front doing the right thing but am just frustrated that safety is not higher up on their priorities, particularly when the ventilation is about to be tested by a spell of cold weather. Hopefully the vent will cost way less than £2,700 but it is frustrating that they made a visit which was wasted, and that the safety issue is still there and causing ongoing concern.

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  • 171. At 9:56pm on 20 Nov 2008, MrsWolves wrote:

    I have used ths scheme in the past, waited nearly years to have two gas heaters fitted, loft insulated and draft proofing. Applied again this year. Work was agreed and completed within1 month. Due to previous work which was carried out my contribution was £1400, which was cheaper than local quotes. Work was carried out by Iguana, Excellent service, good clean work manship over 2 days to fit a brand new system x 5 rads. Unfortunatly had a leak in the bathroom, PROBLEM..they told me they do not coverpipe work, had to pay a plumber to put right a fault which was caused due to the change in water preasuer. Excusses like this certainly let the company down!!!!

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  • 172. At 10:00pm on 20 Nov 2008, FrozenOut wrote:

    A word of warning. Many recipients of benefits live in rented property. Although the Warm Front web-page and leaflets all say the grants are available to private tenants this is not true of repairs to or replacement of the heating system. I applied and found that under the Landlord and Tenant Act the landlord is always responsible for these costs and cannot alter this arrangement by the tenancy agreement. I was 'eligible' for a grant but did not 'qualify for one'!

    Catch 22.
    I asked about the £300 grant for people who did get the £2700 but could not have one because I was eligible for the £2700 one!

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  • 173. At 10:00pm on 20 Nov 2008, teddielock wrote:

    Dom you've opened up a can of worms: Government grants, monopolies, insurance claims and the scam that is home improvement grants. Text me if you want help with one!

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  • 174. At 10:03pm on 20 Nov 2008, jovialwahlilly wrote:

    My daugther and grandchildren are among those listed above. They have no heating. We are not finacially able to help them but were encouraged when the warmfront people said there was help for them, living in a very old cold house with no boiler and a very poor form of secondary heating. This is at base a very good scheme how can it be allowed to be meligned in this manner.
    Where is the ministry to sort it out.
    These are people who need help for basic
    heat and water. Who is stnding up to say they will get it put right?

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  • 175. At 10:05pm on 20 Nov 2008, MrsWolves wrote:

    Me Again... Forgot to say the surveyor quoted a Baxi Boiler, the fitter installed a basic brand, telling me he only fits that particular make. Considering they had nearly £1.5000 off me surley I should have had the boiler fitted as per the quote. I realised the difference when it was hung on the wall..To late!

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  • 176. At 10:08pm on 20 Nov 2008, gerand17 wrote:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I applied for a warm front grant and had a assesor come and visit my house on behalf of my wife, who is disabled...we were granted a grant to cover installing of a central gas boiler and five radiators, loft installation and the lagging of the front door.!!! The radiators where to go in the rooms that the disabled person used the most...they wanted to charge me a £125 for an extra radiator that conected back to back with one in the bathroom...!!!
    How do you explain that...!!!
    I told me to take a hike...and they came back and told me that they would connect me to then gas central heating, as described in the warm front agreement.
    I have, on the behave of my wife, an angreement with warm front, to supply gas to reduce our dependencey on natural gas and oil ...!!
    What I would like from Warm Front
    is a break down of all expenses to me at 17 Wray Crescent, Ulnes Walton, Leyland, PR26 8NH
    They put their foot through my ceiliing, never said a word and left me to discover it after they had left..!! The workmen used expletives in installing the pipe work, and when my wie complained, nothing happened
    Then they told me that I had exceeded my grant and that I would need to pay an extra £167 pounds to accomodate the lagginof my front door...!!!
    I think that this Warm Front is nothing but a scam by people to make use of and milk the Governmment of as much money as possible...Where is the money to insulate my loft anf secure the draft excluding on my front door....!!!!

    Aswer me if you dare...!!!

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  • 177. At 10:14pm on 20 Nov 2008, in-flanders-fields wrote:

    No doubt the government will give the usual mutterings that they will look into it. In the meantime people who are least able to afford heating are suffering.

    The whole thing is a sham.

    The prompt solution for essential and adequate heating and hot water is for people to be given the choice on which qualified installer to use their 'grant' with.

    Thanks to The One Show for bringing this to the forefront. Please don't let this drop!

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  • 178. At 10:21pm on 20 Nov 2008, attywood wrote:

    My sister applied for a grant from warm front and for a replacement boiler put in the same place as the old one plus 6 radiator thermostats and a power flush the total cost would be 3215:59. the grant would be 2700:00 and she was asked to pay 576.99.
    To have the work done by a local contractor would have cost less than the grant Someone somewhere is making a vast amount of money from people who can least afford it.
    Needless to say my sister could not afford to have the work done.

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  • 179. At 10:27pm on 20 Nov 2008, geminipaddywack wrote:

    Hi Dom
    we qualified for a Warmfront grant. they sent a surveyor from warmfront who said we needed a boiler and six radiators.
    and if we wanted the work to go ahead, they needed another £850.26 making the total cost £3,459.81. we asked why they needed so much they said we had no gas supply (which we have) After a few telephone calls they believed us. then we got a new bill which said that they wanted £198.52. We paid this £198.52 with our winter fuel money last year 2007. In Feburary 2008 we had a telephone call from another surveyer saying that he needed to inspect the work needed. he came then said that they would not put radiators in. They even charged for a gas heating survey and light bulbs that were sent to us free from Scottish Power. We finally told them to sent our £198.52 back. We found a local firm who put in a boiler and six radiators, they took out an old solid fuel boiler they put in a new gas fire (bought the gas fire before)into the fireplace for the price £2,700 We paid for this work by using our Barclaycard and we are still paying for it

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  • 180. At 10:28pm on 20 Nov 2008, NEWRUSTYNAIL wrote:


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  • 181. At 10:31pm on 20 Nov 2008, NEWRUSTYNAIL wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 182. At 10:43pm on 20 Nov 2008, dougtucker wrote:

    E-on replaced my 25 year old CF boiler with a condensing one, which I requested to be put in a different locations. Two fitters took two days with an additional half day by an electrician. They did an excellent job and treated the house, and me, with great respect. E-on had an 'offer' at the time and the cost was only £1450. Being over 60 I received the Warm Front £300 allowance taking the cost to £1150. An absolute bargain. From initial contact to the job completion I have nothing but praise for all their staff

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  • 183. At 10:51pm on 20 Nov 2008, geminipaddywack wrote:

    Hi Dom
    we qualified for a Warmfront grant. they sent a surveyor from warmfront who said we needed a boiler and six radiators.
    and if we wanted the work to go ahead, they needed another £850.26 making the total cost £3,459.81. we asked why they needed so much they said we had no gas supply (which we have) After a few telephone calls they believed us. then we got a new bill which said that they wanted £198.52. We paid this £198.52 with our winter fuel money last year 2007. In Feburary 2008 we had a telephone call from another surveyer saying that he needed to inspect the work needed. he came then said that they would not put radiators in. They even charged for a gas heating survey and light bulbs that were sent to us free from Scottish Power. We finally told them to send our £198.52 back. We found a local firm who put in a boiler and six radiators, they took out an old solid fuel boiler they put in a new gas fire (bought the gas fire before)into the fireplace for the price £2,700 We paid for this work by using our Barclaycard and we are still paying for it we are old age pensioners looking after our grandson who is Autistic. It is hard enough trying to cope without people trying to rob us Really angry at them. So pleased you brought this subject up.

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  • 184. At 11:02pm on 20 Nov 2008, sweetdean06 wrote:

    Recently a friend of mine applied for a grant with Warmfront. He is on many benefits, disabled and relies on medication. Due to living in private accommodation, he was informed that he could only get loft insulation, cavity wall door and window seals. No help with a boiler or radiators was available. It appears there in order to help, but appears a con to those already in need. The government should understand that as local councils are not building new homes, people have no option but to go private. Landlord only have a legal obligation to supply basic heating, warmfront appear to think that full systems are for those that can afford it and those earning thus living a Normal life. The option of this grant should be for all tenants or home owners on low incomes etc and you should be able to use who you want providing they are legal and registerd.

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  • 185. At 11:05pm on 20 Nov 2008, supacyclingplumber wrote:

    My mother had her boiler replaced under the Warm Front scheme and for a job that should have cost no more than £1600 she was asked to contribute additional cash to the grant.

    The work that should have taken a day to complete in fact took nearly four days, the promised wireless thermostat was never installed and the water treatment of the heating system was not carried out either.

    We know the work should have taken only a day, because my mother was married to a plumber for fifty years and probably knew more than the people installing the boiler.

    Who the hell checks this work to make sure that we are getting value for money.

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  • 186. At 11:16pm on 20 Nov 2008, candcats wrote:

    We had a representative from Warm Front come to assess our home for energy-efficiency improvements and were told that we needed heating repair and compact fluorescent light bulbs (despite most of our light bulbs had been changed to the energy efficient type).
    There followed an installation survey by a heating company, on behalf of EAGA Partnership, based in High Wycombe, although we live in Maidenhead. A quotation for upgrading our central heating system duly arrived broken down as follows:
    Contractors quotation to complete work £2409.72
    Cost of materials £835.53
    Other work £8.09
    this meant that we would have to pay £619.21.

    Despite several phone calls to Warm Front and the heating company, no one could supply me with details of the boiler and other materials, how/where it was to be installed, although Warm Front did say it would only take 1 day, probably 2 men. It was also unclear that if the position of the flue had to be relocated whether the old hole would be bricked up!

    The "other work" was for the cost of the light bulbs. Why should I have to pay for these when gas and electricity companies are supplying them for free?!

    We were not given a choice of installers nor a choice of boiler, and after the installation survey we had no idea of what was being installed or where. As the quote came from Warm Front from information given to them by the supplier, I find that their mark-up is unreasonable. I also think that having to pay £619.21 to the installer BEFORE work commenced as unacceptable.

    The installer appeared to be responsilbe for maintaining several Housing Associations (along the A40 towards London) gas installations.

    A charity worker rang Warm Front on my behalf and was told that one can use anyone who is registered with the Warm Front scheme to carry out the work. If they have sent you a list of people then you can choose whoever you want to do the work. If, on the other hand, you only got the name of the company in High Wycombe you can apparently suggest to any firm/company you would like to work with to register themselves with the scheme.

    We did not have the work done as it too much hassle for us to cope with (my husband is disabled as the stess was making him ill).

    Carol, Maidenhead

    p.s. are there any kitchen designers/installers who will include the installation of a new boiler (i.e. have Corgi registered engineers)?

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  • 187. At 11:53pm on 20 Nov 2008, AlBeare wrote:

    dear dom
    i'm a single parent with two children i`ve been looking after for 10 years. i contacted Warmfront 5 years ago when the scheme first started, as i was on income support and needed help to warm the house. they arrived and fitted draught excluders and stated they could do nothing else. i have only one gas fire in the house. living in Cornwall winters aren`t as harsh as other parts of the country. i have always been environmentally friendly wherever possible in what i do and believe in re-cycling as much as possible. as i haven`t got a boiler, i asked them (Eager) if it would be possible to re-line the flue of the open fireplace in my property as it would be less expensive than fitting a full gas central heating system, more eco-friendly and would enable me to burn wood - a sustainable fuel! this would cost £1500 or fitting of a steel liner costing around £200 in order that i could fit a wood-burning stove. i was told that they would only fit gas central heating systems. why does the government seem only to back schemes of this type, rather than using sustainable energy heating systems? i am still on income support and still trying to find the money to re-line the chimney in a way i would prefer, without having to cut necessary expenses and go hungry in order to keep my family warm and fed.

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  • 188. At 11:55pm on 20 Nov 2008, biojackie555 wrote:

    We had them round as gas board said we needed a new boiler, they said we would have to pay £2000+ to have the work done. We informed them that we couldn't afford that. They did do the loft insulation but have laid it across the joists so we can't use the loft.
    We are still using the boiler but have a repair contract that keeps it going for the time being.

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  • 189. At 11:58pm on 20 Nov 2008, Tricia-Ann wrote:

    I was offered a Grant of £2.700 from Warm Front for a boiler replacement. The work was carried out by a company called "Iguana". I was asked for £300 because this was the excess needed. after the work was finished I complained I didnt like the pipe work that was on the outside of the wall leading to the outside drain, to be honest I could have done better myself, I'm 66 years of age. when Warm front came to inspect the work I showed them the bad workmanship attatched to my back wall, I was told he would go back and complain, I have heard nothing, the pipework is an eye sore and I wished I had not agreed to have it done.

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  • 190. At 00:14am on 21 Nov 2008, johnk310 wrote:

    RE WarmFront

    My solid fuel Boiler failed last April, so I contacted Warm Front , every thing went according to there plan of work, until the heating engineer came to do a technical inspection and to quote for the new boiler . He arrived when he said he would, his first question was did we have any form of gas bottled or mains. I said no not in this part of the Village “sorry we cannot help you then “and departed a total time of about 3 minutes.

    Well I was concerned at the waste of money two men two visits to my house a simple question on the web site on what type of fuel we use would have saved both time and money. I decided to write to my MP Mr David Taylor, also to Mr Phill Woolas at DEFRA the Minister responsible then for Warm Front to point this out.

    Mr Taylor replied, to me with the reply from DEFRA Warm Front are allowed to replace or repair Solid fuel boilers , also Gas, Oil, boilers also Electric storage heaters. This is important as many rural areas and mining villages do not have gas supplies. I was advised to ask for a new technical inspection.

    I did this and after a month was told they had not even thought yet when they were going to ask a heating engineer to call to do the survey. So I wrote once again but also included the Prime Minister in my round of letters.

    I got a letter from 10 Downing Street a month later, with nothing more than statistics and political rhetoric. I immediately replied to this as it was of no help what so ever, I am still waiting for a reply.

    From discussions I have had with Warm From, and their subcontractors, they seam proud of the delays and length of time it takes for action to be completed, so far estimates given suggest that it could be next summer before any action to fit a boiler will be taken. That is a total of 18 months to do the job.

    For all his posturing and comments in the resent By Election it is good to know that the Prime Minister is no different from the rest of us. He may be able to get heads of state through out the world to agree and to work out the financial crisis but to get a Plummer to call he is an impotent as the rest of us.

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  • 191. At 00:23am on 21 Nov 2008, GrunpyOldGeezer wrote:

    Through Disability and Mobility we were advised to apply for the "Warm Front" grant to improve the heating in our home. This we did, and were informed that as our house didn't have gas we would get the maximum allowable grant of £4000 for oil central heating. This would involve them fitting tank, boiler, 5 radiators and all relevant piping. This was all well and good until we were told that to have it installed it would cost us personally a further £3084 on top of the grant. As a curtessy Warm Front sent us 6 low energy light bulbs and deducted the cost from the grant, they turned out to eventually cost £302. After researching the costings myself I was able to purchase the whole system with a further 5 radiators, for a little over £2100, and could have a fully fitted system of my design for just under £4000. Someone somewhere is "ripping" off both the government and the relevant claimants for millions of pounds every year. Maybe a better way this Grant scheme would work more efficiently would be to allow the "claimant" to find a qualified company to do the work and HM Goverment pay them instead of lining the "FatCats" pockets all the time.

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  • 192. At 00:42am on 21 Nov 2008, hoteltrucker wrote:

    We had a new boiler fitted last year by Warm Front. I had to top up the grant by £800, making a total of £3,500, just for a new boiler!
    I looked into the whole business set-up and discovered that Warm Front only use one contactor, Eaga, who use only one company to do the work, Iguana.
    Talk about corperate nepotism!
    I had a number of issues after the installation, only one of which was properly resolved.
    I cannot say I would recommend them, but then a new boiler for £800 nett is not a bad deal.
    I do think they are ripping off the government though.
    Feel free to use this in your programme if you wish.

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  • 193. At 01:44am on 21 Nov 2008, RF213Geoff wrote:

    Location: Rochdale Lancs,

    Hi Dom and team,
    I have had a running battle with Warm Front since June this year. Since qualifying for the grant in June I have had 4 quotes for the same job from 4 different contractors - all of which were over the £2700 grant ( I have the paperwork if you'd like me to attach it to an email), they were:
    Direct Line heating of Stockport - £858.96 over.

    Amara of Bolton wanted £1102.21 over.

    Gavin Ward of Burnley..................£699.98 over.

    and the latest one which I am waiting for the written quote from Iguana, which IS wholly owned by Eaga and shares offices in the same building in Newcastle is £400+ over the grant.

    I wrote to DEFRA to complain and they sent my complaint directly to Eaga who then assigned a manager to 'help' me.

    In the meantime my next door neighbour who had an almost identical layout to mine, applied for and got the grant which was with NO surcharge and installed by IGUANA and is now up and running for the last 6 weeks.

    Amara did subsequently phone back and offered to apply for a local authority grant to cover the difference - on my behalf but I refused, so they then dropped the excess down to £200, which I also refused!

    Warm Front meanwhile has been in touch with Rochdale council to get a top-up grant (loan) so that they can instruct Iguana to do the work.

    The guy from the council is due later today to 'means test' me and see if there is anything else that they can stripe me up for.
    I don't particularly like Rochdale councils officials as they seem to be very 'Common Purpose' orientated so it should be an interesting 2 minutes.

    During my conversations with various Warm Front staff I have been told that their contractors submit a list of materials and a labour quote for each job and Eaga draws up the bill to a pre-defined formula and if their IS an excess the client must pay this to the contractor directly before any work can begin.

    All in all it's a scam and stinks of Common Purpose involvement, if you don't know what I mean by that, do a Google on Brian Gerrish and ALL will be revealed!!!!

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  • 194. At 01:55am on 21 Nov 2008, eilans wrote:

    we recieved forms from electric company re warm front scheme and an application form,we completed this and warm front sent a surveyor,he was an eldrerly rude gentleman who gave us no chance to question anything.he said we could have cavity wall insulation and more loft insulation,as our loft was fully boarded over we had to remove boards,my husband at 83years old struggled to do this.we also had to remove things stored in loft we were told to do this straight away as the work would be done within 10 days,in fact it waS OVER A MONTH being just a small 2 bed house we had a terrible time with things blocking floors and cupboards.when contractor finally came we were told that it was not nessacary to have taken up baords as insulation could be laid over them,because of my husbands serios health problems these boards have never been put back.we were then offered new heating as our storage heaters were over 20 years old,when eventually these were assessed a young man called and suggested gas central heating as gas had recently been laid in village.warm front phoned and said we could not have this as we had had a new boiler installed on the scheme already,we did not have a boiler to be replaced so some company had claimed for work not done and not signed for by us.eventually company came to install new storage heaters these were smaller than the old ones and we were left with large holes in walls from previos fixings plus dirty marks fron where old heaters had been,and the marks could not be removed.the heater s themselves spark and make weird noises somthing that we had never experienced with the old ones and so checked on dimplex web site to discover that the model installed was in fact my husband has very serios heart and lung problems and is diabetic and i myself have had a malignant tumur removed and still being closely watched as this cancer is clased as very serious we now have to suffer the worst coldness in the house than we have ever had we are struggling to redecorate after the mess our walls have been left in and our heating bills have almost doubled not taking into account the rises in general for electricity last bill for winter past was £495.not bad after having efficient enery appliances fitted and not heating hot water tank as we have cold water fillwasher and electric shower therfore just boil water to wash up dishes. we certainly have not been helped by warm front.
    evan lincolnshire

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  • 195. At 02:26am on 21 Nov 2008, fastMinijohn wrote:

    I have qualified for both the installation of both LOFT INSTALATION and for a new BOILER over the years.

    When the LOFT INSTALLATION was carried it, it was done efficiently and with little delay and the improvements I noticed was incredible.

    The new boiler was installed over a period of 2 days, the plumber installed the boiler and left the heating system in a state that was usable until the electrian could finish the installation the following day.

    Unfortunately we did suffer a leak during the night and found the kitchen ceiling on the floor in the morning.

    I had problems getting the WARM FRONT installers to come and survey the damage, which in the end they did and they agreed to make good the damage.

    At the time we were in the process of having the kitchen decorated, so after agreement with the WARM FRONT installers my builder made good the damage and I paid him for the work and gave a copy of the reciept to WARM FRONT. As yet WARM FRONT have not payed me the £540 that they owe me!!!

    Shame really as all the workers I have contact with have be polite and efficient when dealing with me!!

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  • 196. At 03:33am on 21 Nov 2008, letdowncoldfront wrote:

    dear dom

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  • 197. At 03:35am on 21 Nov 2008, letdowncoldfront wrote:

    dear dom.

    pest one shoe ever

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  • 198. At 03:37am on 21 Nov 2008, letdowncoldfront wrote:

    dear dom
    having problems with this site

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  • 199. At 06:07am on 21 Nov 2008, wildBoatwright wrote:

    Early 2007 my mother in law a widow aged 70 was successful in obtaining a grant for a replacement boiler and radiators with Warm Front - the work was contracted to Cosy Top and she rues the day it was ever installed. 18 months later and serious of shoddy workmanship, damage to the floor and coving - faulty boiler being installed, unsightly pipework across the kitchen, radiators installed where not required and a catalogue of excuses the re-inspection has still not taken place. An example of the quality of workmanship: Burst pipe under the floorboard causing damage to carpets ( also discovered the workmans lunch debris under the floorboards) when we had to lift floorboards to stop the leak. A boiler which wouldnt fill up with water but was left on and until we turned everything off left her in dangerous position of her property let alone herself being blown up she was left without hot water and left in a dangerous position (gone through two boilers within 7 days) she had a fear of putting it on in case it would explode. Unsightly and erratic pipework installed across the walls of the kitchen and across a window - customer service non existence, just lies and false promises. How can a Government contract work out to cowboys, why arent the contractors managed - how can Warm Front keep sending us questionnaires asking for our comments and taking no action on the comments. The contractors have given us enough excuses of the personal lives of their workforce and the problems of their vans having to be off the road due to the installation of satellite navigation when a pensioner is living in fear that her boiler and heating is not compliant - where are the inspectors. Even their own workforce were demotivated and demoralised about their own tradesmen constantly telling us oh you wont see him again he was a cowboy!

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  • 200. At 06:10am on 21 Nov 2008, shadowside wrote:

    Have just googled iguana.

    .........It is owned by Eaga

    The whole thing stinks

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  • 201. At 06:56am on 21 Nov 2008, shadowside wrote:

    Good business practice would say you have to separate the management of the warm front contract from the provision of installation services.

    Eaga would then be in a position to
    competitively bid the work

    As it is set up now both tax payer and vulnerable people are potentially exposed to uncompetitive pricing.

    Have the audit commission ever investigated?

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  • 202. At 08:09am on 21 Nov 2008, 1964cinders wrote:

    On the advice of a friend in a similar position as myself ie single parent working full time and getting tax credits with a child under 16, i applied for a warm front grant as my boiler was over 18 years old. The assessor came out from the installation company fairly quickly and decided to replace the peculiar tank and boiler system I had with a new combi boiler. He did mention that I might need new thermostatically controlled showers fitted and I was concerned that althought the grant would benefit me with a new boiler, I would struggle to afford new showers to go with it and my sons and I couldn't be without them either. So before I agreed to having the work done, I called the company and was told not to worry, the showers I had would be fine.
    The workmen form the East Coast Gas company that did the work were more than pleasant and very considerate to my home. The first problem came however when they decided to drain my old tank and the hose was left draining onto my front lawn. Within days, a patch of around a square metre was dead and really unsightly. A month later and it looks dreadful.
    After exactly one week the new boiler broke down and although a fitter came out at 8pm, he declared that it was a manufacturing fault and that as it was under warranty he wouldn't be able to do anything. After several calls and another visit and being without ANY hot water or heating for 5 days the problem was sorted.
    I forgot to mention too that we now have the most dreadful banging whenever any tap is turned on...the worst of all is when the waching machine is filling...every fitter and inspector agrees it is about the worst they have heard.
    Anyway..back to the boiler. A few days after the fault with the "sparky bit" was sorted, the new thermostat stopped working. Again, the company were able to get that sorted within a few days and now we have heating and hot water...hurray!
    However, the showers are really uneconomical now...we have to run them for 2and a half minutes before the water reaches a steady temperature and obviously, the temperature fluctuates if any other water in the house is used. Thats at least 7 and a half minutes of metered water a day wasted.
    The lawn is still a real eyesore and the banging pipes are obviously not going to change.
    The warm front inspector called and said that because the company changed my system, the added pressure in the pipes has caused these problems and the company really should put them right as well as sorting the lawn out.
    The East Coast Gas inspector called and said the shower problem wasn't their responsibility and as the banging was in existing pipework neither was that. (we never had noisy pipes before though)
    BUT as a goodwill gesture, he would send someone out to re-seed the lawn and lift some floorboards in the old airing cupboard to see if they can tie down or muffle the offending pipework.

    So at the moment I am waiting for them to call again.

    Can I add that I have not had to pay anything ...but I wasn't advised of the cost either. The workmen from East Coast Gas were always a pleasure to have in the house and always seemed very knowledgable. I am really grateful to the scheme BUT the extra problems the whole thing has caused will leave me out of pocket with the cost of a plumber to sort out the showers. Also my employer has had to allow me time to keep coming home for the amount of workmen and inspector calls I have had.

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  • 203. At 08:13am on 21 Nov 2008, blonde65 wrote:

    I am disabled and was delighted that I qualified for this grant as our boiler was about to pack up and we could not afford a replacement. The surveyor that visited gave a quote of nearly £1000.00 over the grant which we felt was very excessive but paid as it was cheaper than getting a private contractor. Turns out we have been outrageously overcharged and have already had £500.00 returned to us by the contactor. The inspector visited us and was not impressed as things that did not need doing were included. I also think there needs to be more transparency with the prices, I have asked repeatedly what exactly I am being charged for and I am not "allowed" to know what my thousand pounds was for! It worked out at nearly three thousand pounds for less than two days labour although they say its not worked out per hour(well how is it worked out then)The people I spoke to at the contactors office told me barefaced lies although the guys who carried out the work were lovely. They could not believe how much the excess was for just a boiler and said there was nothing that should make the cost that high. I am making a formal complaint and taking the matter to my MP. Disgraceful!

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  • 204. At 08:28am on 21 Nov 2008, quayman12 wrote:

    April 2008, my experience is the same as 'Damejuggles' comments posted at No.2 on the 20th. Is British Gas also ripping off the elderly under the guise off Government funding?

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  • 205. At 08:33am on 21 Nov 2008, Hoddo503 wrote:

    I Qualified for the £2700 grant and was contacted on warmfront's behalf by a company from stoke on trent. First let me tell you the man was obnoxious at best.

    I have an open vented system in my home but because of limited attic space wanted to change to a combination system, I went on to explain that because of the header tanks it was preventing me from having the loft space lagged properly.

    The man said they have to fit like for like so on my home he would fit a new open vented boiler a new pump a new 2 flow valve and this would take up nearly all the £2700.

    I signed but later cancled by contacting warmfront, I asked for another heating engineer to be sent out to me am still waiting for one to be allocated.

    Yesterday 21/11/08 a man came out from a company on warmfronts behalf to look at lagging my loft he said untill the tanks in the loft was moved he would be unable to help me.

    On the same day a lady came to see me from Nothern Gas Heating. let me first say she was very polite and proffesional she looked around i explained about warmfront and her reply was well she wasn't supprised she has heard many a tale about them.
    I asked her to give me a quote for a combination system explaining why i needed that . Her quote is £2470 for that she explained they would install a new combination boiler a digstat in the hall new thermostatic radiator valves (something that the guy from stoke told me warmfront don't fit because the don't save money)
    she told me that corgi insist they fit them

    I have contacted Mark Todds office with this information and am awaiting his reply.

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  • 206. At 08:41am on 21 Nov 2008, arianwenn wrote:

    Because of a divorce settlement, I had to move to a house where the central heating was well and truly dead. I contacted Warm Front before we moved and the surveyor arrived on the day we moved in.

    Within 5 weeks of moving in I had a new central heating boiler, I also had two new radiators fitted and a defunct gas fire removed. In addition I had cavity wall insulation put in.

    I hope bad publicity doesnt mean the end of this scheme because as a disabled person its been a life saver for me.

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  • 207. At 08:42am on 21 Nov 2008, NEWRUSTYNAIL wrote:


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  • 208. At 08:53am on 21 Nov 2008, Hoddo503 wrote:

    Dom if you want to contact me for more info i have alot more info for you to check out this situation needs more attention as people are still being ripped off....... its more important than who wins come dancing xfactor and will help more people .

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  • 209. At 08:55am on 21 Nov 2008, kaydurham wrote:

    I am a working single parent of 2 children and in march 2004 i was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning from my old heating system, i applied for the warm front grant and the whole heating system of a back boiler andf fire was fitted by contractors sent out by warm sure. the whole thing has never worked correcly since installation and within a year i had to have a corgi inspector out to check the work done, he found several faults, one being that the air vent was undersized, this was appalling seeing as i had already suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning.
    the system continued to breakdown and i have lost count of the numerous times engineers have been out to try and rectify the problems.
    at one point i had neither heating or hot water for over 7 months because they could not fix the problem.
    i had contacted trading standards to help me resolve my issues with warm sure, and they worked with me for about a year and a half however warm sure will now not correspond with them or me.
    my problems have been going on for over 4 and a half years now and im still having issues, the fire does not work and had to be condemned by a british gas engineer and the boiler continuously breaks down, the fact that warm front wont answer to me or trading standards leaves me with only 2 options.
    i have wrote a letter of complaint through my mp to the parliamentary ombudsman at the house of commons and if this does not work then i will have to consider taking the matter to court, which would probably cost more than me replacing the system myself.
    warm sure should not be allowed to get away with treating its grant recipients like this i have had non stop problems with them for nearly 5 years now and its disgracefull.

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  • 210. At 08:55am on 21 Nov 2008, nicewoodie wrote:

    I have already been awarded a Warm Front grant because I have a son whho is disabled and I am in receipt of a Council Tax rebate. HOWEVER Warm Front are not prepared to give me any money towards the cost of replacing my elderley Central Heating boiler because the boiler is WORKING - albeit only 65% efficiently (I have had it checked by British Gas). Warm Front tell me that I can only get the grant if the boiler breaks down and then there could be up to SIX WEEKS waiting for a replacement. I offered to go to a registered CORGI installer for a quote have the work done and then send the bill to Warm Front (thus possibly saving them money) but the wioukdnt "play ball" I have fiound the staff at Warm Front very unhelpful. I think that the whole system of Warm Front Grants and the way in which they are administered should be revised forthwith.

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  • 211. At 08:59am on 21 Nov 2008, NorwichWoody wrote:

    I was granted the full £2700 and had loft insulation and cavity wall done about April 2008.
    My boiler failed and I applied for a replacement under the grant scheme. A surveyor came round and submitted his report from which I was allowed a new boiler to be fitted by Iguana and this was done around May time. Prior to the fitting I had to pay an excess of £853. Knowing that boilers can be purchased for less that this I asked for a breakdown of the costs. Warm front advised me that they were not allowed to to this but set out what work was involved. I paid the £853 and the work was done. An Inspector from Warm Front came round and checked the work and found it to be satisfactory but I showed him a form which someone had put a signature on purporting to be me to say that the system had been flushed and askd if this could be verified. he told me thatas it was a small bore system flushing would not have been carried out and he would investigate the matter. I heard nothing else nor did I receive the promised visit from an Iguana Inspector.
    Subsequently the boiler developed a problem in that the central heating would not come on. I called Warm Front and an engineer came out and said that there was a leak in the hot water system and that as the boiler thought hot water was required it was switching to that constantly. He told me that the leak appeared to be under the kitchen floor and that they did not cover that and to call a local plumber. I later received a phone call and a letter from Warm Sure telling me that if I removed flooring in the kitchen and exposed the pipes they would repair the leak. As it is a laminated floor on top of chipboard on top of existing tiles and concrete this would have been a major task and vastly expensive. I did call my local plumber who traced the piping from the boiler which it turned out went through the loft space and down behind cupboards in the kitchen prior to going under the floor to the sink. He was therefore able to cut the pipe at both ends and re-pipe the supply through my garage and behind the cupboards with little or no damage.
    I have subsequently written to Warm Front and sent them the plumbers bill for £210 and the flushing form purportedly signed by me. I have had a call from a Complaints Manager and am awaiting results and hopefully some compensation.
    My plumber did also tell me that the boiler fitted , an Ideal, were far more prone to breakdowns than the ones he fits ie Worcester.
    My own view is that these companies are ripping the Government off and also the clients such as myself who are supposed to be helped by the scheme.

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  • 212. At 09:06am on 21 Nov 2008, Ros wrote:

    My boiler was installed in 2007 the company who installed it KNEW the law was changing and that a month later self condensing boilers had to be fitted as standard by law. The boiler they installed was NOT self condensing. After installation I found I had to turn on the taps in the house to use the shower.
    A year later I had to get an engineer in as I was having contant problems, banging pipes, the boiler was going through 1000 litres of oil a month, so I couldnt use it. I was informed it was an ILLEGAL instalation. When i complained I was told "not our problem". I have had 2 years of hell and still cannot get the boiler fixed. CAB wrote to them. All I get is bounced between warm front and the installers, both say its the other I need to talk to. When the engineers who fitted it came to inspect even they admitte dthere were faults and would fix it but they never did.I just wish someone would help me get this sorted and make these people fix this boiler.

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  • 213. At 09:07am on 21 Nov 2008, kaydurham wrote:

    dom you can contact me if you want more onfo, this is only the tip of the iceberg
    kay durham

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  • 214. At 09:09am on 21 Nov 2008, aeromansoor wrote:

    Hi saw your programme, my father got a grant from warm front for 2700 and we asked to have our boiler replaced (nothing more). The boiler location was also moved from upstairs to down. And they have quoted over 3200 for this piece of work asking my father to pay over 500, from his pocket.

    I have paid them, and they are due to install next week or so but 3200 for boiler replacement (and the new boiler is smaller then what we wanted to begin with) is not something that I wanted.

    The installation company is (removing the name but if I need to be contacted I can easily give thier names)



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  • 215. At 09:15am on 21 Nov 2008, compasswest wrote:

    We got cavity wall insulation and loft insulation topped up to recommended depth in the early days of Warm Front. When the grant increased, we were contacted by Warm Front again, and the next survey coincided with our CH boiler beginning to cause problems. The boiler was replaced along with a new thermostat system, the boiler even being relocated upstairs at our request to the space vacated by the old hot water tank. For all the above, our total contribution was less then £600. at each stage the work was thoroughly inspected, the boiler team even being brought back for what appeared to us a trivial re-location of a pipe. We feel we have done very well out of Warm Front. My only niggle is that during the thorough survey and consultation, explanation of items to be fitted and time scale, not once was it mentioned that we may have to contribute financially. As we were familiar with the scheme we were expecting to have to pay something, but I can imagine it might come as a shock to others who might not be expecting a bill. In retrospect, I feel that this area was deliberately avoided by those we dealt with. Overall, we are delighted with the work we have had done, and the cost, but perhaps Warm Front should be a little more Up Front about customers' contributions.

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  • 216. At 09:16am on 21 Nov 2008, frostyarchie wrote:

    I was most annoyed when I saw doms interview last night on the show. They said that plumbers should charge between £150 - 300 per day - for our average 9 hour working day that's only £16.66 per hour!!! a CORGI engineer payment rate set out by SNIPEF plumbers federation state £14.13 per hour plus an addition 7.5% pension benefit and holiday pay.

    How can anyone run a business these days with increasing insurance, rates and payroll only charging £16.66!!

    It's programmes like this that make the public think that all companies are out to rip them off which is simply not the case!!

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  • 217. At 09:24am on 21 Nov 2008, acmail wrote:

    We received a Warmfront grant for a new boiler. We previously had a private company estimate the cost to be around 1500 GBP.

    The company Warmfront sent quoted 3000 GBP

    When we complained, Warmfront sent another company to quote. Their quote came in at 3300 GBP and they would not put the boiler where we wanted it.

    When we told Warmfront that we would prefer the first company to do the work, they told us that every time someone comes out to provide a quote we get charged 68 GBP out of the grant.

    The Warmfront grant is being used as a scam to provide a lower cost to the consumer, but inflated prices by the supplier, all funded by the taxpayer.

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  • 218. At 09:48am on 21 Nov 2008, Stephen wrote:

    WarmFront does NOT apply to housing-association properties & excludes critical modernisation [e.g., secondary-glazing, storage-heaters, emersion-heater] NOT met by said housing-association.

    Adapted-apartment [disabled-shower] requires at least its market-value spending to bring up to a Scandinavian standard; huge electricity-bills, cold & draughty.

    NOT helped by E-on refusing to address power-surges burning-out laptop[s], fridge-freezer... smoke everywhere & replacing compromised meters.

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  • 219. At 09:52am on 21 Nov 2008, starDorreen wrote:

    There seem to be a few misguided folk who have the idea set in their minds that anyone claiming a benefit is a scrounger. what about someone who has worked for 40 plus years and contributed to the system in taxes and National Insurance and then gets an incurable illness. After getting through ones savings in just surviving and for the first time ever asks for some assistance with a boiler only to ripped off and have their home wrecked by an incompetent contractor of Warmfront. I would gladly swap with anyone fit enough to be able to work Would these bigots like my life? I think not, so don't tar everyone with same brush as you do not know what you are saying.
    R.B. Norfolk

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  • 220. At 09:58am on 21 Nov 2008, essential22 wrote:

    I had a Warm Front assessor visit my home, who agreed I was entitled to the grant available, also if I kept within the requirements of boiler and no more than five radiators there woud not be any addittional payment required by myself. When the paper work arrived I was suprised to see there was an extra £1251.30 to pay. The assessor explained the works would take one day as there would be 2-3 plumbers on site, the contractors charge for the works is quoted as £2361.03. when I contacted the company who were contracted to carry out the work, I was told that was the figure as laid down in there pricing schedule.
    The installation company is in Liverpool and I live in Norhumberland.
    There are companies in my area who quote for the same works, under the goverment figure by several hundred pounds.
    It appears as if the 'approved' companies are really 'milking' the system as they have no local competition.
    Surely it is in everyones interest to have local companies carry out the work, who I know have just as much if not more interest in competeing the works to the required standard as they have to continue trading in the same area.

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  • 221. At 10:03am on 21 Nov 2008, Regis3 wrote:

    My 91 year old mother applied for a Warm Front Grant and a surveyor came and gave her a quote for about £3,300 which was more than the highest quote from our local area. The quote stated that the boiler would be installed in a different place (due to regulations) than the the original now defunct one. I complained to Defra on 26th August that this would mean she would have two boilers in her kitchen and any competent boiler contractor would include the removal of the old one in their quote. I heard nothing back from Defra until a week ago and this was only to say they were sorry they had not replied before. So much for the regulatory authority.
    My mother has now had to find a contractor and pay to them remove the old boiler and make good. At 91 years old this is too much of a strain and worry for her and something she says she would never go through again.

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  • 222. At 10:05am on 21 Nov 2008, wire-puller wrote:

    I just applied for a £300 Warmfront grant and duly received the voucher. The covering letter listed six 'local' registered contractors, but none was actually local; the closest was about 40 miles away and the furthest about 300 miles away! Anyway, I had already asked four local contractors for quotes and chosen one of them. All that is now required is that my chosen contractor register with Warmfront. Unfortunately, your programme mis-represented the true situation - your contributors indicated that a contractor had to be chosen from a given list - NOT TRUE, YOU CHOOSE WHOEVER YOU WANT. However, now that your programme has effectively 'rubbished' the Warmfront scheme and their listed contractors, my local (first rate) contractor is now reluctant to register as he wouldn't want to be 'tarred with the same brush' (ref overcharging). Please get your facts straight before going public as it seems I may have lost my £300 grant thanks to your half-baked report.

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  • 223. At 10:05am on 21 Nov 2008, stitchersusie wrote:

    I applied for a grant in March and a survey was completed. My entitlement was confirmed but because our heating system is not 'standard' I was told I may need to top-up, which I agreed to.
    However, I heard nothing so I contacted Eaga and another survey was undertaken in June. I have heard nothing since despite letters and phone calls. Seems like it is not just the contractors who have a problem!!!

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  • 224. At 10:07am on 21 Nov 2008, msvictormel wrote:

    I applied for a heating grant to insulate the loft using the recognised government website for this purpose. We are both OSP's and have my mother in law living with us who is 89 years old. The survey was done on 8th September by Warm=Space Insulation Ltd., Swindon. I have since contacted them by phone and e-mail and was asked if we were on benefits. I replied "yes" and was told that if we paid to have the work done it could be completed in no time at all but as we were on benefits there was no money allocated so the work would not be done. This makes a complete farce of the government scheme which is supposed to help vulnerable people.To the contrary, if you can afford for the work to be done, they will do it, no problem. In my opinion, just another "spin" by this government to woo the voters!

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  • 225. At 10:07am on 21 Nov 2008, nannylynsheffield wrote:

    When we contacted Warm Front initially we waited the advised three weeks but didn't receive any information. On chasing them I found out that our file had been marked 'does no qualify' in error. Once this initial blip had been dealt with our boiler installation was dealt with very quickly. We were not charged a penny over the grant and the installers, Better Plumbing from Lincolnshire, were polite, helpful, efficient and turned up on time. The heating system is working well an I couldn't ask for a better service.

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  • 226. At 10:08am on 21 Nov 2008, bravejudith60 wrote:

    Warm Front were appointed to fit a new central heating system into the home of my father, aged 93, & it took 4 months to actually get the newly fitted system working!! This was only achieved by phoning every day & writing to Dad's M.P., local newspaper, social services, EAGA.

    MANY, MANY appointments were made to get engineers to the premises to look at the problem &, usually , they did not materialise. Of course, this meant that someone in the family had had a wasted journey or day off work to be in attendance as Dad couldn't deal with it himself; remember he's 93.

    There have been 3 new pumps fitted to the boiler now & we are keeping our fingers crossed that the current one will work over winter.

    Overall impression of the Warm Front service offered in Dad's case is TOTALLY BAD.

    PROMISES, PROMISES, PROMISES but no action unless you are prepared to make it a crusade to get a working system.

    I truly believe it is a scandal & that taxpayers money is being mis-spent by the agencies concerned.

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  • 227. At 10:14am on 21 Nov 2008, samolian wrote:

    Had a new boiler and hot water tank this time last year. Had to contribute £480 to the warmfront grant!!!! Plumber they sent told me he earns £900 a day doing work for Warmfront. A good earner he told me. Did get my own quotes beforehand. None over £2K so Warmfront contractor definitely profiteering, but knowing it is still cheaper for client to use them in the long run. Have been told some companies doing work are linked to the organisation running the scheme. If true how can consumer trust charges are competitive? Had teething problems with work done, but contractor did return to sort so can't complain about service.

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  • 228. At 10:15am on 21 Nov 2008, nannylynsheffield wrote:

    Re 222 from wire-puller - you are both correct. If you only go for the generally available £300.00 voucher you may choose your installer, however, if you are on some benefits you may qualify for up to circa £2,700.00 but must use the nominated supplier.

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  • 229. At 10:26am on 21 Nov 2008, smilingSUPERPETAL wrote:


    About 10 years ago when I was on income support I applied for a grant for a new boiler. I don't remember paying a large amount towards it but I do remember the problems with the contractor. As you say I had no say in the firm used. They came to install the boiler which included a timer as well. They tried to make me pay cash for the timer which luckily I produced the paperwork to say this was included and once I said I would call someone to check they installed but I felt they really pressured me to pay the cash and felt very vulnerable. When the work was completed the radiators wouldn't work independently from the boiler which seemed a waste of energy as to get the water hot for a bath you would have all the radiators on full even in the summer. They said if I wanted that rectifying I would have to pay about £200, I hadn't the money so obviously didn't have it done. They also said that I should be grateful to get the work for free.The independent inspector came and I mentioned my concerns but he never came back to me.
    A year later I paid to have British Gas to service the boiler and they said the problem was because they had installed the timer wrong and was a very simple job which they rectified at no extra cost!!

    On the whole in principle it is a good scheme but I think the independent contractors are just of the opinion to make as much out of it as possible, but at the end of the day it is taxpayers money they are using!

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  • 230. At 10:30am on 21 Nov 2008, sioncai wrote:

    In Wales the Warmfront scheme is known as HEES. ( Home Energy Efficiency Scheme ) I work as a Housing Inspector in a Local Authority, I know of a couple who, after qualifying for a grant have been charged an excess cost of nearly £ 1000 to have heating installed. This appears to be happening time and time again. I believe the process of obtaining competitive quotes is flawed. Contractors charge what they want and eaga are not monitoring it properly. The cost of the work is over inflated and tax payers are paying these costs, more worrying is the charge to the household when prices exceed the maximum grant. The elderly and vulnerable are being exploited.

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  • 231. At 10:39am on 21 Nov 2008, pippylion wrote:

    We had a Warmfront boiler installed last year and it is excellent no problems at all.

    Now we are trying to get our elderly father one he is 91 years old with a heart problem and on benefits and his boiler is 30 years old. He will be having the same boiler and the work involved is no more than ours. His quote was for £4573.04. We queried it with Warmfront and £3174.90 was for labour!. Warmfront told my husband it was high because apparently labour had gone up by 72%. When my husband questioned the installers they said rubbish it had gone up by 6.4%. The high price was down to Warmfront not them, as they just tick boxes on the form when they survey and Warmfront do the final equation. Warmfront said they had standardised labour throughout the country but it would apppear not so reading all the comments.

    Who do you believe? Whatever, the work involved is far less than ours and for the same boiler and we only paid £200 over the £2700 grant.

    This really does need to be sorted as the vulnerable are not able to get what the scheme is designed to do. Who is making money out of it? The Government is being ripped off at the tax payers expense.

    Very disgruntled on behalf of father.

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  • 232. At 10:40am on 21 Nov 2008, chip_m_dale wrote:

    Two years ago l had a grant for a new boiler to which l had to pay £36 towards the £2,700 grant. Since the installation of the boiler l've had engineers out 17 times not including the times they never showed up for a on going problem due to pipes not being altered to cater for the boiler. l always had to make phone calls for appointments as they never phone you back and when you do get through to arrange a day they either don't turn up or they come on the wrong day because there seems to be a BIG MAJOR PROBLEM OF LACK OF COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE OFFICE AND ENGINEERS. l do not recomend this company for the goverment grant its more trouble than its worth, even today i am waiting for them to contact me to rearrange a time as yet again through lack of COMMUNICATION they got the day wrong.

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  • 233. At 10:56am on 21 Nov 2008, annmarinah wrote:

    Re Wam Front. In October 2005 I received a visit from a plumbing company. My property is dated approximately 1690/1700 and the boiler is situated within my walk-in loft. On arrival they inspected the boiler which by then was not working and they originally informed me they would repair it but then realised it was too old to obtain spare parts. They then moved out of my earshot and then informed me that they could not replace the boiler in the same position as it was illegal to have a boiler in the loft. I queried this by telling them that friends of mine had just had their boiler moved into their loft but they still insisted it was illegal. They then went downstairs and inspected my kitchen. Because of the age of the property and the fact that I have 6 doors leading out of it I had to have a bespoke kitchen installed originally but they informed me the only place to put the boiler was in the position where I have a cupboard from floor to ceiling and it would be my responsibility to have it removed and re-installed. It then appeared that the vent for the boiler would be in exactly the same place as previously but would entail knocking the place about to get the boiler into position. I was not happy with this. I think they thought that as I was an OAP they could pull the wool over my eyes. After they left I phoned my local Council and they informed me there was no such legislation. I then contacted Warm Front and complained and told them I did not want them to do the work. They put me in touch with another firm who promptly changed the boiler and did an excelolent job.

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  • 234. At 11:00am on 21 Nov 2008, starscubadiver wrote:

    I had a full central heating system fitted in january 2008,but the trouble i had before it was fitted was discusting the company was DYSON and they had quoted me £3,300 for the system,I had phoned some local plumbers to see if this was equal to what they would charge and it was £1,000 more than what they would charge so i got in touch with the minister who dealt with this at Westminister and when i told him the amount of money they where charging me and all he said was that the are the best and competitive prices that they had been quoted and that was all he would say on the matter. as i,am disabled i told them that the price was far to much and that i could not afford the excess money so we got intouch with the Citizens Advice and they said that i was not alone in this with Warm Front,and the amount of money we where being charged.but as far as we are concerned and what i would like to say is not printable because the workmanship when they come to do the job was far from qualified and trades man like i would go as far to say Loral & Hardy would have been better to do the work we have had to have them back to lag the pipes as when i asked them why they did not do it at first they said that because they where in the house under the floor they did not need doing and they have been back to repair a gas leak so i would say.*******/ ***** ?.

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  • 235. At 11:02am on 21 Nov 2008, ChillyFront wrote:

    Once again announcement says "a household with people over 60 yrs of age in it can get a grant".....wrong! You still have to be on some sort of phoney benefit, or wonder of wonders, the tax credit. Nothing against those in dire straits per se but my income, I worked all my life, takes me above benefits aid because of a warrant officer 5th class pension (i.e. Cpl). I still have to pay a mortgage, council tax, water rates etc. but am still on less than a third of the average wage for the country, and where they get that 37K figure from I don't know. I did my loft at my own expense and it works, but I now need to get the cavity wall insulation. The warm air inside against the cold air on the bricks outside is causing black spot where the air isn't circulating properly. I have just had to shell a few hundred out to get my boiler repaired so am stuck for a while. I will get there in the end but please stop making half announcements, "anyone over 60......etc." without giving fuller details. It gets peoples' hopes up and then they get disappointed. "Claim it, it's yours!" Rubbish.

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  • 236. At 11:04am on 21 Nov 2008, barbaradowns wrote:

    We had three quotes from the gas installers sent by warmfront ranging from £600 to £900 over the £2700 grant. When complaining to warmfront they said that we would have to get a loan to pay this excess. How can you afford to get a loan when you are on benefits?
    We had a private quote which came to less than the grant but of course could not use this contractor.

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  • 237. At 11:06am on 21 Nov 2008, jillysharp wrote:

    We had a warm front grant for a new boiler approx. 18 months ago, initially we were told that we needed to top up the grant by about £250. However after an 'administrative delay', this was cancelled.
    I DO believe that the appointed firms charge as much as they think they can get away with, but again there is a two year guarantee and two years servicing included!
    Our installation was cleanly and efficently carried out and we are very happy (fingers crossed!!!).
    Jill Sharp, Chesterfield

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  • 238. At 11:07am on 21 Nov 2008, ALISONR2 wrote:

    I had a new boiler installed under the Warm Front Grant scheme about 18 months ago I did not have to have to pay any money towards it and the installers who fitted it were excellent. I am pleased to say that I have had had no problems with it since and my house is alot warmer.

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  • 239. At 11:07am on 21 Nov 2008, 13maggie67 wrote:

    Hi Dominic
    We applied for a warm front grant in 2007 to have cavity wall insulation. When the man came to check, he advised us to have a new boiler as well as our 25 year old one was unreliable. When the engineer came he recommended a combi boiler and 3 new radiators, there was nothing wrong with the old ones, just not up to date models. We had all this done plus another radiator which was slightly faulty and cavity wall insulation without having to pay a penny ourselves. We also had 3 visits afterwards as the boiler was firing up too often. Eventually they found a very slight leak on our dishwasher but despite it being our fault, we were never charged for the visits. The company was Iguana and we are over the moon with the service. I would recommend the warm front grant to anyone
    Mrs Jean Roberts Wigan

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  • 240. At 11:12am on 21 Nov 2008, barry wrote:

    My working daughter qualified for the grant but when surveyed she was told that she would have to pay an extra a £1000 on top of the full grant for a new boiler only and would have to wait 3 months from Nov 08.
    She has now got a new boiler and ancillary equipment for £1200.00 all in. Warmfront is a rip off in this area (IOW)

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  • 241. At 11:23am on 21 Nov 2008, ironjohnlees wrote:

    In early 2006, I applied on my elderly father's behalf, for the installation of a gas boiler to replace the solid fuel boiler which powered his central heating and for one extra radiator. The job they wanted to do was very basic and he was asked for approx. £1300 top up!
    1) I complained to Sylvia Heal mp/deputy leader of the house (my mp) who bridled a bit and said it was her pet project and she was sure everything was ok. But, that she would get it checked by one of her minions. I duly got a whitewash letter.
    2) I contacted the contractor who sort of tacitly agreed that it was expensive. But, that he "had" to use the rates set by Warmfront. He did later offer a much better job for a couple of hundred pounds more, (which was never done because of the death of my father a little while later).
    3) I contacted Warmfront, up to a manager level and he offered the advice that local councils have emergency funds which could be applied for in these cases.
    4) I managed to find through various calls, the grants department for my council and was told that grants were for really desperate members of the communitee and that the demand on this fund by people trying to find the extra cash to pay for the Wamfront installation, was causing them serious problems!
    I arranged to see a manager from this department and was told that the Warmfront situation was becoming a real problem, soaking up a considerable amount of funds and that a meeting was imminent to try to see how to sort it out. I gave her my file of names and actions, to present at the meeting and she promised to report back to me, which unfortunately, she never did.
    Just previous to this meeting, my father had died and in the following weeks/months with all that is involved in winding up his affairs, I did, to my shame, just let it go.

    So, basically, not only is the taxpayer being fleeced,so is the customer AND the council funds being used for reasons other than there intent!
    Don't let this story go, there's a much bigger thing going on than is seen on the surface.

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  • 242. At 11:32am on 21 Nov 2008, roeyev wrote:

    Warm Front said we had qualified for a £4000 heating and insulation grant. £1011.40 went on loft insulation leaving £2988.60 to go towards a new oil-fired boiler.
    After a visit from Heating Renewables (plumbers working for Warm Front), we were asked to pay a contribution of £2276.02* - that meant that labour and mats for our new boiler would total £5255.621
    We then asked 3 reputable plumbing contractors to quote labour and mats for a new boiler. 2 quotes including VAT were: £ 2109 and £2685 (we would not have needed to pay any contribution). The third quote was for £3360: it came with a 3 year guarantee, supplied a new lagged copper cylinder, converted to a Y Plan system, supplied a new immersion heater and a large number of other things including a power flush - even with this more expensive quote we should only be paying a contribution of £372 and NOT £2267*. A whopping £1895 less than we had been asked to contribute1
    We complained to Warm Front and Heating Renewables who arranged another visit,
    We showed the Heating Renewables rep. the other 3 estimates and told him his quote was not warranted. He replied:'If these plumbers had our contract they would bump their prices up, same as ours.' Rather worrying!
    Within a week of his visit a further estimate from Warm Front arrived with a new, lower estimate of our contribute - £1572.83. This was £739.19 less than their first estimate but still totalled £1153.83 more than the highest estimate from the plumbers we had asked to quote

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  • 243. At 11:44am on 21 Nov 2008, poshGEOKAT wrote:


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  • 244. At 11:51am on 21 Nov 2008, PRINCEDAVLYN wrote:

    I had a visit from warm front and was told that as I have a living allowance benifit I qualifyed for a grant.
    Following a visit from a surveyor I then received a quote from warm front£4209.16 for a boiler change. I would have to pay £234.06.
    Materials cost £1574
    Contractors quote £2626
    It seems that the cost was worked out to be the whole allowance plus a bit.
    I paid the £234 and the boiler was changed in June.
    After many contacts with the instalation company I still have a proplem where the control system is not correct and the hot water tank overrides the thermostat and boils?
    very dangerous.
    a very expensive job for 3 days work.

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  • 245. At 12:04pm on 21 Nov 2008, RF213Geoff wrote:

    [Personal details removed by Moderator]Hi Dom and team

    Further to my comments in item 193 I have just received the latest quote for my installation from Warm Front/Iguana and I'm sure you'll agree it makes very interesting reading:

    All prices include VAT:

    Installer payment £2147.53. which covers the following labours:-

    Boiler Replacement Gas Installation (Condensing Combi) Labour.

    Boiler Replacement Gas Lockshields Labour.

    Boiler Replacement Gas Replacement Radiator Labour.

    Boiler Replacement Gas Powerflush Labour.

    Boiler Replacement Gas Bond Bath or Basin Labour.

    Boiler Replacement Gas Equipotential Bond 3 Services Labour.

    Boiler Replacement Gas 1s hour assessment.

    Boiler Replacement Gas variation labour.

    Materials £856.02 which covers the following parts:

    Duo-Tec HE Combi Boiler NG Excluding Flue.


    Conc flue internal fixing kit.

    Filling loop.

    Fl Protector.

    Elite 600mm x 27 SEC 900mm Panel Radiator.

    Elite 700mm x 33 SEC K2 100mm Panel Radiator.

    Horizontal Flue.

    2 x 15mm lock shield valves.

    Siphon kit.

    2 x thermostatic radiator valves.

    F3 cleaner.

    Programmable room stat.

    Previous measures £121.86.

    The above work exceeds the grant maximum of £2700 by £485.11.


    That should give you something to get your teeth into Dom.
    BTW I did contact Watchdog twice about this but they don't seem interested so good luck to the One Show and Christine's elegant dancing.

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  • 246. At 12:05pm on 21 Nov 2008, HelenaCovell wrote:

    We had a new boiler under the Warmfront Scheme in April this year and we've been trying to get the system working since then. It has been a real struggle for us this year as my husband had a serious stroke three years ago and has a tracheostomy and a feeding tube. He receives the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance. We now know that the Warm Front nominated installers didn't connect the electrics to the condensate pump and this eventually caused water to flood from the pump as it had no way of being pumped up the pipe and into the loft and outside. We complained to WarmFront on several occasions and waited about 8 weeks for someone to come out to look - the engineer still didn't get it working. Eventually we went back to our usual heating engineers who have connected the electrics and also have insulated the condensate pipe in the loft as this was freezing up and preventing the whole system working. We were without heating and hot water during the last very cold spell. We have now negated our Warm Front guarantee by calling in another heating firm, but feel that this is the only way we can get something done. We agree with Dom's findings about the lack of competition and high pricing. Other firms aren't charging as much for the work in this area, and we had to pay an extra 250 pounds on top of the grant. We feel that because there is a grant of 2700, this has become the minimum price rather than the maximun among heating firms operating under the scheme. We've also been told that under the new regs the Warm Front installer should have fitted thermostatic radiator valves, but this wasn't done. Our usual heating firm have also said that the job is 'slap-dash' and they wouldn't have installed a new boiler in this way. We obtained no response when we complained several times by e-mail and are now at a loss as to whom we should address our complaints (apart from out MP). Even the heating engineers who work for Warm Front say it's a complete racket and ask when is the Government going to do something about the waste of public money that has occurred ? We also think that there may also be evidence of monopolistic practices in this market as both the Iguana Group and Ideal are part of EAGA which administers the scheme.

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  • 247. At 12:14pm on 21 Nov 2008, uncle-sceptic wrote:

    we were quoted 2857.00 for a new boiler, 1 new radiator and removal of the old boiler. I expected quote to be around 1500.00, and was very suprised that the quote was 2857.00, but as it was only going to cost us 157.00, after the grant. We agreed to continue, after confirming what work was being undertaken. When the sub contractors completed the installstion, the old boiler was left in place, no new rad fitted. It would seem the sub contractor promised us the earth to get the job but failed to honour their promises (made twice). when I complained to warmfront, they went through the motions, but said they could not help. My complaint is not so much aimed at warmfront but at the sub contractor they used. My advice would be get every thing in writing IF YOU CAN before commiting

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  • 248. At 12:27pm on 21 Nov 2008, erith1956 wrote:

    Hi there,
    We have had experience of WARMFRONT,
    My mother’s heating boiler failed, and we were advised to contact them, which we did.
    A representative came to assess what we needed.

    He advised no loft or wall insulation as it was already done.

    He said she qualified for the grant of 2700 GBP, but, said she needed thermostatic valves on 3 radiators plus the boiler.

    Total cost approximately 4000 !

    He went away then a fortnight later an engineer phoned to make an appointment to confirm the requirements.

    But unfortunately she had a previous appointment for the time he wanted to come.

    He then said he would have to make another arrangement,

    We are still waiting !

    Luckily we got a local plumber to replace the boiler, which is ALL we wanted at a FRACTION OF THE COST !

    This was in SEPTEMBER.

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  • 249. At 12:35pm on 21 Nov 2008, bill1941 wrote:

    I applied for a warm front grant and was excepted, told to wait six months then telephone them. This I did and after a few questions I was told that because I have my back boiler serviced yearly I did'nt qualify.I am in reciept of full disability allowance. tried again six months ago on line heard nothing.

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  • 250. At 12:36pm on 21 Nov 2008, silverpennyworth wrote:

    I was told about the Warm Front Grant last year by Basildon Council and applied for it. My experience was very good. I applied for the grant and one of their reps came to visit me and assess my needs and was really helpful and nice. He recommended new boiler, loft insulation and wall insulation. I had a new boiler installed and this has been fine. This was later inspected by somebody from the Warm Front team and consequently there were a couple of minor issues such as the wiring being tidied up and a soak away put into the garden. This was done. The only downside was that the radiators were flushed and as a result three developed holes so I had to pay around £420 for a plumber to come and replace them. My loft was also insulated and there was some discussion as to whether my walls were suitable for insulation or not so in the end they were left. I did not have to contribute any money to this. I found I had to chase some of the companies about the loft and walls but I cannot fault the Warm Front team. I could ring them anytime I had a problem and they did their best to sort it out. Finally, I have two free services on the boiler.

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  • 251. At 12:40pm on 21 Nov 2008, akd_essex wrote:

    My father had a new boiler and cavity wall insulation installed by Castle Point Insulation of Witham, Essex.

    The work was carried out within 6 weeks of warm front being contacted.

    The work was done quickly, professionally and to a high standard, with very little mess and distruption.

    All charges fell within the grant limits and no other charges were raised.

    I would, and have recommended that the Warm Front scheme is taken up by any elligible person.

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  • 252. At 12:42pm on 21 Nov 2008, gusnmo wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 253. At 12:45pm on 21 Nov 2008, Vendome1 wrote:

    Yes, I do recommend the Warm Front scheme, as there's £2.7k available, but one has to be positive in dealing with their agents, know what you want and where you want to stop!
    The survey was straightforward and we were assured that the current heating system could be extended to include 2 extra radiators.
    First plumber arrived (I'm not sure of the company) to assess the job and reported that as we didn't want a new boiler/ new system they couldn't do any of the work; they stated that they couldn't guarantee the whole system if they were merely adding two radiators to it; seems fair!
    When Warm Front called back to confirm that we didn't want anything done I pointed out that the Co weren't prepared to do it! They sent another company around (Iguana), who were prepared to add 2 radiators and even re-plumb a radiator on the old gravity system to make it work better!
    After the initial survey I anticipated that the next plumber to arrive would do the job! They cancelled at short notice on 2 occasions, due to plumbers not being able to finish current jobs in time, but did call me to let me know. I then stated that they had better turn up on time for the next visit. They did, and 2 radiators were installed; no problems.
    They had to return to modify the gravity fed radiator. First plumber to arrive simply surveyed this new job and advised his boss of what (exactly - pipe diameters and lengths) was required. When the appointment was made to do the job, this plumber had left the company (as had the original plumber), and a new plumber would need to carry out the work after yet another survey!
    I advised Iguana that I had made a note of the survey requirement, as advised by the previous plumber, but they could only confirm that they didn't! They had not recorded the original information.
    I was not prepared to have another survey, followed by another visit. It was going on for too long. I pulled the plug on them.
    They have called again to say that they need to check the system electrically and a man was in the area 'tomorrow'. I advised them that as the installation had not involved anything electrical it was unnecessary for the visit, which was not booked. The man turned up all the same, but was not allowed entry.
    At all times I ensured that the cost of any work being carried out was less than the £2,700 limit.
    Apart from heating system improvements we have also had cavity wall insulation and extra loft insulation.
    I might add that apart from the Iguana plumbers, who were pleasant, individuals from the other two companies were less than forthcoming when asked about what they were doing!

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  • 254. At 12:51pm on 21 Nov 2008, oldandonest wrote:

    Iguana Services,(a sister company of Eaga partnership--how cosy!!),installed a new gas boiler,cylinder,and controls,on 29th August.I still have no heating,and they have ignored all my requests to complete the work.Their total quotation(including the Grant),was substantially larger than British Gas,and almost double that of two local Corgi Installers.I am now advised by 'Which' Legal Service,that they are in Breach of Contract,and I will have the work completed by a local engineer.I consider this appalling set up,a blatant abuse of public money,and the end user,and will be writing to the programme,with full information.My MP is also 'on the case'.These people are,in my opinion,a disgrace to the industry.

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  • 255. At 12:53pm on 21 Nov 2008, DrBunfuz wrote:

    I agree with comment #31 and I further believe EAGA is claiming back their money under false pretences.

    A survey from a Warm Front assessor confirmed that I was indeed eligible for a full grant to replace the boiler despite the fact that my flat was rented from a private landlord. After signing for the work to be done, I was told that an engineer would call in a few days time to start the works. However, a few days later I received a letter from EAGA stating that as I did not own the boiler, works would not commence. Why was that stipulation missing from any literature I received from them and why when I checked that very fact with the assessor was I told that the ownership of the boiler did not affect the eligibility of the grant? The answer to both questions is I believe that EAGA could then claim money from the Government for the grant their assessor requested my signature for despite no works every being carried out.

    I wonder how many people reached the advanced stage through the Warm Front’s claim procedure as I did only to be turned down after their signature had been given... perhaps that’s why the writer of comment #31 was told to give the grants to people who didn’t even qualify!

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  • 256. At 1:00pm on 21 Nov 2008, bionicupsydaisy wrote:

    Having agreed to have new boiler installed by local plumber, he pointed out that I could be entitled to a payment towrds it from Warm Front. I phoned them, very helpful, asked if I had a preferred plumber or if I wished them to recommend one. They checked that my plumber was on their register and as he was, I could go ahead.
    The cheque arrived within a week and I was able to give it to plumber in part payment.
    100% satisfied with the way my application was handled.

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  • 257. At 1:03pm on 21 Nov 2008, itsacon wrote:

    My parents have been without heating and hot water now for 4 months. My father is 85 years old and suffers from the cold. I contact Warmfront on their behalf approx 3 months ago since then we have done everything asked by them and they appointed a company to install a new boiler and room thermostat. However, they stated that an extra £400 was required above the grant and work would not start until this had been received. My parents sent this off immediatley and were promised that work would commence 21 to 28 days after the money had been received. they have given a receipt to show that the money was received on 3rd November but they forgot to inform the installer. On contacting the installer they blamed Warmfront having made several phone calls on my fathers behalf stating that it was urgent he is still waiting for them to contact him with a date that the installation will take place.

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  • 258. At 1:05pm on 21 Nov 2008, Jordybenj wrote:

    I have had a new boiler fitted by IGUANA working for the above and am more than pleased with their work.However, the assessors who came to loo k at my old boiler said three days work were needed and that my gas pipes were lead,also that I would have to pay up front for the excess charge.This I did. The Iguana workmen were very pleasant and listened to me ,agreeing that the pipes were not lead and that the work would only take one day.They were correct and due to their professionalism I received a cheque the next day from Warm from for the excess payment made.Iguana cannot be faulted.

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  • 259. At 1:12pm on 21 Nov 2008, jacobkennedy wrote:

    my mother in law received a grant from warmfront and also had to pay £917 towards this for her back boiler to be re-located into another room. Why is it that her sister also received the grant and got full central heating and a new boiler and had to pay nothing towards this.

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  • 260. At 1:16pm on 21 Nov 2008, Eskimo_girl wrote:

    I would like to warn people to think twice about taking out a contract with WARMSURE (another Eaga company).

    In January 2004 my parents had a boiler installed under the Coldbusters grant scheme.
    The boiler is the same one as in One Show clip – Ideal ICOS HE18.

    In September last year the boiler showed an LF fault. Mum called an independent plumber who serviced it and tried a few things – 3 or 4 visits in all. Problem still persisted. Parents struggled on by just having boiler on for 2 hour bursts and resetting when necessary. During summer when only hot water required no problem.

    This autumn problem manifests itself again more regularly. So Mum decided to call Ideal engineers. They said she would have to purchase a contract – this was for the initial fix and cover for rest of the year at a cost of £299. She took this option.
    Policy is administered by Homeserve.

    Warmsure engineer came out and replaced a part. Problem still persisted. 2nd Warmsure engineer came out and replaced another part (I think). Problem still persisted. 3rd Warmsure engineer came out and said he thought it was a problem with condense line and someone would come to make alteration.

    Week went by and not heard from them. Mum phoned and they said work required was not covered by contract and she would need someone else to do it and they were sending a letter. Another week went by no letter – made another call and same story from them. This week (3.5 weeks after their last visit) I call them again to query why work is not covered - they just state because it is outside of boiler, an installation fault and the contract was for instant cover. No documentation was left at any visit regarding work carried out. I have looked at policy and can’t find anywhere where it states boiler only.

    Called Coldbusters who said they no longer use the contractor who originally installed.

    I feel that

    a) probably an inferior boiler installed ( seems others have problems with this model) and hot water never as hot as old boiler.

    b) possible condense line installed incorrectly – won’t know until altered but don’t know what spec would meet Warmsure requirements.

    c) Warmsure mis-sold policy if there was a chance fault was outside of boiler

    d) Bad customer service from Warmsure admin – no documentation, no follow up letter.

    e) Warmsure engineer verbally told us that someone would visit to alter line so they should honour that promise.

    f) contract badly worded as I can’t find anywhere where it says ‘boiler only’

    Please One Show do not let this drop as it does seem a monopoly on installation costs and now they are also getting work with the service contracts for problematic Ideal boilers.

    Maybe Dom could question Eaga. Paul Varley, Eaga Divisional Managing Director, regarding Warmsure and if his statement "We don't always get it right, but where we don't get it right we put it right” applies to Warmsure.

    To person in video clip – I’d like to hear about your problems with this boiler.

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  • 261. At 1:17pm on 21 Nov 2008, in-flanders-fields wrote:

    Im my 1st post, I didn't name the company (who I was told would be the only one who would be allowed to do the work), but I will now. The company is Iguana and is based in the same building as Eaga and possibly owned by them?

    Thanks to RF213Geoff for the informative eye-opener! Some of us have wondered for years why things are so very wrong.

    Wire-puller at 222
    I cannot believe your selfish attitude! Look at the posts around yours, with relatives of people in their 80's and 90's trying to get them the help they qualify for and for this to be done with with their welfare in mind. The stress that this scheme has caused to an untold number of people is absolutely disgraceful.
    If you read other posts you will see that other possible contractors have to register to do the grant work for £300 or under. They also state they for each job, they have to pay a £50`fee. Is this to discourage them from applying? Some of us (and quite a lot from reading these messages) have been given no choice whatsoever about who can install necessary heating and hot water and have had to take what is on offer (third rate work included) at a premium or do without.
    Council houses have to be at a certain standard by law. Private houses rented through councils to assylum seekers have to be at a certain standard by law.
    Why, is it that someone who is in the private rented sector or who owns their own home be treated so badly because they are either elderly or on such a low income that they qualify for help?

    I only hope that now this has been exposed, that The One Show will keep asking until they get answers. Please do not use the vulnerable as a publicity stunt, but do your utmost to help people get their basic rights and needs.

    Thank you

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  • 262. At 1:17pm on 21 Nov 2008, lankovits wrote:

    We paid £800 above the Grant for a new boiler and emersion heater. The system was installed in July. The following day the hot water tank flooded the bedroom, leaking water through the ceiling downstairs. Again we were without hot water. We still await a conclusion to address the damage! In September the heating failed - an engineer quickly arrived; nevertheless, the downstairs radiators remain less efficient than upstairs and we still await someone who will address this. Despite telephoning and writing it seems too many companies are involved and we are being passed around the circuit. Four months later we remain dissatisfied.


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  • 263. At 1:22pm on 21 Nov 2008, BaronJohn wrote:

    Dear Dom, like your bit on the WarmFront. I had them round a couple of years ago.They did the loft and draft proofed the doors ect.
    I got a letter from this year offering new boilers ect but then they turned round and said that I no longer qualify yet you said on the program the over 60's should qualify,perhaps I got that wrong.

    I used to get the DLA and incapacity benefit.I now only get the incapacity (im in dispute with the DWP but that's another matter) and im over 60yrs old. I was told I now didn't comply for the boiler replacement.
    I have at least two radiators leaking plus the pump and the boiler is past its best and costs a fortune to run.

    However In talking to a friend who is a plumber he says that Warmfront fit the cheapest boilers on the market and are for ever breaking down.
    He is called out more and more by members of the public that have had these people round.

    He says to get one of the latest condensing boilers you have to pay just over a £1,000.00 and then you really start to save on gas!!! I have a friend who had one fitted in his Motorcycle shop last winter and he has saved a fortune on gas.

    So far this winter I have has my heating off till the first of November and my hot water has been of all summer except for a bath once a week.
    keep up the good work Dom.
    Baron John

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  • 264. At 1:23pm on 21 Nov 2008, eddiecarr wrote:

    I own a heating company in Lancashire and receive phone calls daily by home owners to give them a Quote for a new central heating system.
    Sometimes the home owner as me about the Warm Front Grant; I inform them that £300.00 can be reclaimed but with a deduction of £50.00 which Warm Front deduct for THERE admin fee!!.
    The client can otain a complete grant from Warm Front but why whould i tell the home owner this because they will send their own contractors to carry out these works and i am then left with no job!
    I have tried to ask Warm Front if i can be a registered installer for them but they said they have their 'own contractors'!!!!
    Where are the 'equal oppotunities' here!!
    Local companies should do local work for whom the home owner will know.
    There should be a distribution of the money from the government to local contractors and not just through 'in house' contractors!

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  • 265. At 1:35pm on 21 Nov 2008, happysheffieldone wrote:

    just would like you to know what a mess warm front made to my nans heating.she is 91 years old they replaced the heating in september 07 .this is a list of things of the damage and faults.
    1.damage to the stairs wall were they drilled through the bedroom wall in the wrong place.
    2.damage to the fire place when they took the old boiler/fire out
    3.drilled through a water pipe in bedroom .they fixed that .around xmas 07 it started leaking and it caused water damage in the living room we are still waiting on them to sort this out
    4.the pipe work up stairs is still loose.
    heating brokedown on saturday night 15th november .phone them first thing sunday no one could come to repair it until monday the 18thnovember it then broke down again on the 19th november .we had to wait until 20th toget it fix.this is very wrong to treat old people how would they feel if it was there nan.watchdog need to look into this.would not trust warm front with a box of matches.

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  • 266. At 2:03pm on 21 Nov 2008, svseraphina wrote:

    You asked last night for people having problems with Warmfront. Ours is different from the case last night as Warmfront has refused my mother in law any help with her central heating .

    She is 79 years old, lives on her own and is suffering from Alzheimers, a heart condition and diabetes.. This week we had a distressing telephone call from her because she was cold and confused. We had to tell her to go into the room with the only radiator still working and we called a friend to make sure she was OK. My wife and I live in S London, 250 miles away from my mother in law who lives in Wallasey

    Warmfront was contacted early April this year and they sent someone to assess the problems. They said new radiators and a boiler were required but work would not start for 6 month s. The person scanned her tenancy agreement into her laptop and said a technician would contact us. After 6 months they denied knowledge of us contacting them and said we would have to start all over again. After another few weeks they said she was not entitled to help because she had not got a court order to say that she was responsible for the upkeep of the property although they confirmed that apart from that she qualified.. My wife then said that if it was needed she would obtain one but they said they would not accept this as “she was only doing this to get the money”. We rang a solicitor who said he could not understand why they should need a court order anyway.

    My mother in law was Matron of childrens homes in Wallasey and Kent and then went on to look after her cousin who was severely disabled in the Second World War. With her own health problems she could no longer look after her cousin who is now in full time care. She lives in her cousin’s flat and pays all the maintenance. She is adamant that she does not want to go into a care home and still enjoys a good quality of life with professional and domestic help that she receives..

    She is a very vunerable person with no proper heating coming up to Winter. I ask who is more worthy of help from this organisation?

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  • 267. At 2:09pm on 21 Nov 2008, jjchiken wrote:

    i had the same experience as the couple featured on your show. I was quoted £4000 for a combi boiler and three paires of radiator valves . local company could do it for £2700 our grant allowance. We to can not afford the extra £1300.

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  • 268. At 2:15pm on 21 Nov 2008, alainpaver wrote:

    Both myself and my father-in-law applied for grants to have a boiler installed on my quote I had to add a further £200 making my bill £3200 but he was asked for an additional £3000 making his bill £6000+ we are both pensioners and he cannot afford the extra. My pa-in-law lives 6 miles away in Berkshire. His surveyer came from wiltshire mine from Oxfordshire. Where is the sense in that?
    Some chaps turned up from Kent (I live in Hampshire) and hoped to do the job in one day but drew breath through their teeth saying no way. Eventually a chap came from Hertfordshire and took four days to do it.
    Its insanity when they can charge what they like

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  • 269. At 2:19pm on 21 Nov 2008, cleverg0fdu wrote:

    Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be given a Warm Front Grant of £2700 to install gas fired central heating. I had to top this up with a contribution of £250 but I also had to include another £180 because I required a sixth radiator which wasn't covered by the grant. In due course three plumbers arrived, having driven down to Dartford from Yorkshire and proceeded to carry out the work.
    They were very efficient and completed the work within one working day and arranged for an electrician to call on the following day to complete the installation. The job was completed to my satisfaction and when a representative of Warm Front called several days later to check that the work had been done to their standards he commented on how nice a job they had made of it, even to covering over surface pipes with plastic trunking which is not normally included in the grant.
    I am very satisfied with the service I received from Warm Front and their installers and would recommend them to anyone.

    Raymond Barker. Dartford.

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  • 270. At 2:23pm on 21 Nov 2008, willharv75 wrote:

    my back boiler was condemned in may this year and warmfront came out and arranged for a combi boiler to be fitted in September.

    Warm front have been really good with me, and i cannot fault them, without the aid of the grant i would be struggling to scrape the money together to provide heat
    and hot water for my son and i.

    The company that was allocated to fit the new boiler was a local company and although i have had to call them back out a few times, they have always remained polite and courteous. with the exception of one colleague who voiced his opinion about people who qualified for the grant. it certainly was a very derogatory comment to which i will not repeat until my letter of complaint to his superiors has been addressed.

    apart from that, i am very appreciative of the grant and i can only speak highly of the service from warm front.

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  • 271. At 2:38pm on 21 Nov 2008, bymark wrote:

    i have just hada ne combi boiler installed by the warm front grant, they allocated the job
    to heating company called*****, the cost was £2419.13 my contribution was £611, they workd for 16hours his equated to £161 per hour, and the job was not done to my satisfaction, what a con.

    D P

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  • 272. At 2:43pm on 21 Nov 2008, johnlove41 wrote:

    01255 552341 41 Goodlake close
    CO12 4UG

    With REF To warm front

    I consider that we were badly advised by the warm front engineer. Who gave us only two options for the location of our boiler. Which we reluctantly agreed to have in the kitchen as we didn't want it in the bedroom. We have since found out that other people in the street have theirs in the loft or airing cupboard. As you know this money has to be paid upfront. We paid £1,679 on top of the £2,700 grant. So for over £4100 we got a boiler, one radiator and one hot water tank. We thought the whole idea of this was to save us money and energy. We thought they would have sorted out the other radiators in the house out of which one is still not working. We realized we had been over charged when a neighbour had theirs done on the same day as us by warm front. They had a complete new system of seven radiators, stats, and a boiler in the airing cupboard for just £300 more. We feel we have been robbed.

    Yours faithfully
    J Love

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  • 273. At 2:48pm on 21 Nov 2008, doctorBryanj wrote:

    My Mother in Law was told that she qualified for the grant but after months of waiting she was told that she must pay £3000 up front to a firm in another county before anything could proceed !!
    We had the work done by a local firm of electricians and she paid for it from her savings,it has left her short of cash and she thinks the warmfront grant is a scam as do the rest of the family !

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  • 274. At 3:01pm on 21 Nov 2008, clevermimikins wrote:

    we took advantage of the warm front grant and had 3 economy 7 heaters put in. We did not have to pay anything extra and infact still have credit in our account should we need anything else. we also had insulation and received free economy light bulbs. There was no problems with the work, so I would recommend anyone who can qualify to apply.

    D C Clacton on Sea

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  • 275. At 3:03pm on 21 Nov 2008, misssandra100 wrote:

    two years ago me and my family used warm frount .we couldnt beleive our luck because are boiler had just broken down. they came out to us and told us we could have a combi boiler guess what we never got a combi boiler but couldnt complain because we were getting a boiler. they never changed any radiators for us and told us if we wanted one fitting in our livingroom we would have to pay extra for it not having the money we declined. when we put the heating on we found leaks from our radiators in the hall, frount room and kitchen .we couldnt just have the hot water on like they said besause it wouldnt work, we had to have the heating and hot water together. when our one year service came we told them about our problems and they said they would fix them and guess what they were not after 2 years of having the boiler it has broke down completly. we knew that warm frount wouldnt come out to fix it because you are only entitled to the grant once so we called someone else in to have a look but they had never seen the type of boiler warm frount has used so we are still without any heating. warm frount also told us we had the grant for loft insulaion and wall cavity, we got the loft insulated but they told us we couldnt have the wall cavity done because we were an end house i have seen end houses have theres done so why couldnt we.

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  • 276. At 3:12pm on 21 Nov 2008, boilernoise wrote:

    I have recentley had a new boiler fitted through Warm Front. The government grant was for £2700.00 to fit the boiler. The company fitting the boiler wanted another £578.00 and this was for just the boiler and fitting, no radiators or piping. Since the boiler was fitted we have had trouble with it being noisey as it was fitted to paramount boards instead of being fitted to studding. The boiler has been removed twice and has now been covered up by a cheap cupboard and lined with polystyrene to try to deaden the noise. I thought polystyrene flamable?????. If the boiler had been fitted a studded frame in the first place we would not have had the problems we have had. But no one would listen.
    Mt brother had his boiler done for the same price but it included radiators and piping.
    how can that br right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 277. At 3:27pm on 21 Nov 2008, excellentcassie1 wrote:

    ii am very disabled i suffer heart problems and rt arthritus ,having had heating grant two years now they said they would fit thermostats to my radiators plus fit boiler which is ideal icos it broke down for the first 4 months in the finish i had to get the gas board to fix it allso they never fitted thermoststs as they said that offer had ended so i dont have them to this day ,that was homeserve that fitted the boiler the grant was £2.800 also they said they flushed the system but never did they also set fire to my hall carpet as they broke rad tap off but my carpet was never replaced i would not recomend these to anyone and i think it a total rip off .your excellent cassie1

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  • 278. At 3:34pm on 21 Nov 2008, archblondie wrote:


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  • 279. At 3:40pm on 21 Nov 2008, digitaltrainman wrote:

    I have a 3 bed detached bungalow built in 1984. I had it fully insulated in the summer, both walls and roof. 2 weeks ago I had a new boiler, pump, zone valves, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves fitted to all 8 radiators plus 2 years free service and maintenance. It did not cost me any thing. Warm Front were very good, all the installers were first class in all respects. I have kept detailed records on computer of both consumption and cost of Gas and Electricity since 2004. It will be interesting to see the difference these changes make. In our local paper there are regular adverts from 2 companies for full C/H with 7 radiators and H/W for less than 2K. 10 out off 10 to Warm Front.

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  • 280. At 3:45pm on 21 Nov 2008, magsclar wrote:

    As my previous boiler was unreliable, I was delighted to find I qualified for a new boiler under the Warmfront scheme in 2005/6. Unfortunately, one year and two days later 2 days after the guarantee expired, so did the boiler! I had the circuit board replaced by British Gas at a cost of £156 and joined their Home Care scheme, which was fortunate, as a year later the next circuit board gave up the ghost ! Several other problems followed - no hot water available unless the radiators were on too, for example. A couple of months ago, the heat exchange (main part of the boiler) failed, and was replaced by British Gas. I was told this would have cost over £400 if I had not been in their scheme, and that basically the boiler installed under the scheme - a Ravenheat - was useless, and was used by the Warmfront scheme because it was the cheapest. I was fortunate that I had joined a maintenance scheme, but even so, have still had to pay out £156 plus a small call-out charge of £50 each time for British Gas. The manufacturer must be laughing - they are receiving government money for a useless product, whilst the customer and taxpayer are losing out. Presumably British Gas and other energy companies are also losing out by having to carry out costly repairs under maintenance agreements. These grants are meant to help those on low incomes, but it could possibly be the most expensive move you could make.

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  • 281. At 3:56pm on 21 Nov 2008, buckinghampatrick wrote:

    Don's comments on Thursday's programme were rightfully circumspect for a BBC programme. As he stated it's a closed shop operation, not open in any way to competitive quotations from local heating engineering companies. However, in my experience, I believe it to be either significantly inefficient at best, or a complete scam at worst.
    I have now applied twice, two year's apart, for the Warm Front Grant requesting separate suppliers on each occasion and have found it to be immensely over-priced by a factor of between 50% and 80%. After complaining about the most excessive cost, I received the offer of two separate reductions, which only served to confirm my doubts about the integrity of the original quotation.
    I have recently discussed this matter with my local M.P. and, like the M.P. on the One Show programme, he confirms that he has received many other complaints about the way the Warm Front Grant is being operated by EAGA.
    This massive waste of our tax payers money, under the heading of a Government Grant, on this un-competitive closed shop arrangement needs independant investigation at a very high level, particularly when the Government is supposed to be doing everything in its power to encourage us all to reduce our heating usage and subsequent damage to the environment.
    I would particularly like to know which governmental department is responsible for conducting the current and/or previous audits and where can we see its detailed resulting analysis.
    Finally, as a matter of further concern, I subsequently discovered that my 'free' extra loft insulation and exterior door draft proof strips had in fact cost £800, thereby reducing the balance of funds remaining available for my planned boiler replacement to just £1900.
    All my correspondence and calculations on this matter are available for further evaluation, if required.
    Regards, Buckingham@Barford.

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  • 282. At 4:01pm on 21 Nov 2008, geminipaddywack wrote:

    Hi Dom

    further to my comments on 179. I made numerous phone calls to warmfront, DEFRA, we even tried talking to our MP BUT IT ALL FELL ON DEAF EARS. It is a scam from start to finish. It is a scam making the big cats bigger and the poor people who need the help are getting worse off. THE INSTALLERS AND EVERYONE THAT IS TRYING TO GET RICH QUICK, OUT OF THE SCHEME SHOULD BE SORTED OUT FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING. PLEASE DOM GET SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. YOU CAN USE MY COMMENTS IF YOU WANT TO.

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  • 283. At 4:07pm on 21 Nov 2008, Londonwellywonder wrote:

    We had warm front install boiler ,insulation ,cavity wall etc. around 5 years ago we also have all our gas and electric supplied by them, we were more than happy with our boiler ect. we recieved excellent service and first class workmanship, we have no complaints and we pay a standing charge all year round for energy, and can use as and when we need it brilliant service thanks we are both over 70, Mr.&Mrs Wells

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  • 284. At 4:34pm on 21 Nov 2008, aledsmith wrote:

    We had a very positive experience with warm front . From the first visit from a representative of eaga to having our old back boiler and tanks in the loft removed ,the loft insulation updated ,and then having a condensing boiler fitted was 6 months ,we were always kept informed and the work when it was completed was first class, the workmen were polite and tidy and we have had no problems .This was in 2005 and our annual gas bills have been much smaller we are both in our 70's so we appreciate the financial help.
    Mr.&Mrs. Smith

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  • 285. At 4:36pm on 21 Nov 2008, mcox371 wrote:

    Im a carer for a disabled lady who had a warm front grant. It has been distreesing to see the amount of problems she has had with it and the effect that has had on her health and well being. These problems include leaking radiators, boiler breakdowns,a thermastat and timer that quite frankly have a mind of their own. Not enough water in the system. I could go on and on. Trying to get in touch with warm front is a nightmare and when you do finally get through they arn't exactly helpfull. The last breakdown it took them 5 days before they could send out an engineer. Leaving a disabled lady cold and distressed.

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  • 286. At 4:36pm on 21 Nov 2008, mightythunderhorse wrote:

    we have just had our heating done with a warm front grant as the old boiler we had was very old and the pipe were banging. we was told the grant value was £2700. we had to make a contribution of £252, all we got was a new boiler and a few pipes so they could relocate the boiler, we have had them back 3 times because the thermostat was faulty and the pipes are still banging but loader than before. we was told that we was not allowed any new radiators or valves. we still have to have them back because of the banging in the pipes that we had before that we can only assume is caused because they are old radiators. so far nobody has been able to cure the problem.

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  • 287. At 5:08pm on 21 Nov 2008, happypicklesmum wrote:

    Being registered disabled, I qualified for the £2700 grant. It took over 6 months to get the work started and I was asked for a contribution of £1,114. I rang to query this as I knew it to be excessive for a new boiler then suddenly the excess was waived and I had a letter saying that West London councils would be picking up the bill.
    I also queried the fact that the contractor had the same address as EAGA and said that I was suspicious that tax payers' money (and I am a tax payer myself) was being abused. The guy I spoke to said not to worry about it because the government had allocated sufficient funds in order to "improve the environment". So I again queried the amount of the quote and suggested again that tax payers' money was being abused on a company which was clearly related to EAGA and the guy on the phone said that some of the money was coming from the energy companies. Either way, the tax payer is footing the bill for outrageously priced work!
    As for the work itself, I'm still waiting since April for Iguana to put things right. I was left to clear up the mess, two carpets were stained with leaking water and one ceiling needs repairing after water came through. Carpets which were lifted haven't been tacked back down. The plumber eventually came back a couple of weeks ago to replace a dented radiator and to fill in the large hole he made in the kitchen wall.
    Subsequently I've been told that, notwithstanding this grant, I've qualified for another one from another initiative called Warm Zone to insulate my loft.

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  • 288. At 5:33pm on 21 Nov 2008, lizbam48 wrote:

    My elderly parent had a Wram Front Grant in 2005 to insulate their home.
    The contrators who carried out the cavaty wall insullation work did not seal the drill holes properly and in time, damp got behind the render and caused it to bubble and crack, their house looked terrible and was now damp.
    My parents complained to Warm Front, then Eaga, but both refused to repaitr the damage.
    Sadly my Dad died soon after this in 2006 and my mum and I carried on the complaint but gave up earlier this year. My mum aged now 82 paid nearly £1000 to put the outside wall right.

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  • 289. At 5:39pm on 21 Nov 2008, Aucott wrote:

    In October 2005 a Warmfront adviser recommended I had gas central heating as my electric warm air heater, which only heated downstairs, had broken down. In October 2006 a gas warm air heater was fitted. I waited a year with no heating only to have this inefficient system installed which only heats the downstairs. In February 2006 I paid £162,08 towards the costs and I feel let down by the system as I am still not warm. Fortunately I had underfloor heating fitted in the bathroom four years ago. I have now contacted a plumber and am waiting for an estimate for a combi boiler and radiators. I find it disgusting that this awful system was fitted - what a waste of money.

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  • 290. At 5:59pm on 21 Nov 2008, warmfrontripoff wrote:

    I have a poorly disabed child and my heating and hot water broke down in Sept. A colleaue at work advised me to contact Warmfront as I am single and look after her independantly. Warmfront sent an assessor three weeks later who stated that all that needed replacing was the combi boiler as it was not worth repairing.
    I have then waited FOUR weeks due to a COMPUTER SYSTEM HITCH to be advised that the cost of replacing the boiler (Boiler only) would be £3100 and I have to pay £1100 excess. I have obtained two quotes and the cost of the boiler is £800. This means they are charging £2200 for ONE day labour swapping a boiler over. This is open extortion on the vulneable and gross misuse of public money.The Goverment should take immediate action and swap providers. I am now paying privately £1000 to have the work done. How can they justify the price difference of £2100? This is public money and something needs to be done urgently.

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  • 291. At 6:13pm on 21 Nov 2008, amazinggobsmacked wrote:

    had a new viallant condensing combi fitted in august under warm front scheme although i only had to pay top up of £48 on top of £2700 grant,i still think this was a lot of money just to replace a boiler in the same position as the old one,the cost of parts came to £950 so the rest was labour charges,they should have removed my old water tanks in the loft but said they could not get them out,my son got them out no problem,but they did not seem to have a problem removing the copper hot water cylinder?.they went away and left us with no cold water feed to bathroom tap and had to come back to sort it.we also had water coming in through the roof because they made a mess of fitting the flue pipe through it,when guy came out to fix this he found they had stuffed paper towel in roof and cemented over it,the guy made a note of this on his report,and i told the guy who did final inspection about it,but he did not seem to bothered,also they where very poor at cleaning up after instalation,but thankfully boiler is working fine

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  • 292. At 6:27pm on 21 Nov 2008, firrips wrote:

    We had a new gas CH boiler fitted in June this year and then discovered that we may have been entitled to a grant, as I am disabled suffering with Mesothelioma.

    The Warm Front Representative called and said that we were not entitled to a grant as we had already paid for the new boiler, however he carried out a check to se if the grant could be used towards the cost of Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation.

    He discovered that the property had already got Cavity Wall Insultaion but that the loft insulation was insufficient and arranged for a company to be contacted.

    Within a few weeks, they came and installed the loft insulation material and did a good job at no expense to me.

    A few weks later they followed up with a call saying that they were licenced to assist with obtaining the correct benefits and they discovered that we were entitled to two benefits, which nobody had told us about.

    Thank you Warm Front.

    David Phillips, Brampton Cambridgeshire
    01480 432871

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  • 293. At 7:02pm on 21 Nov 2008, romeazaria wrote:

    My dad and mum (>70) needed a boiler repair. They applied to warmfront for assistance as recommended. The paperwork received is legally open to interpretation and complicated. It then transpired as a result of a warmfront visit that the boiler in total needed replacement which would mean all pipework to the 7 radiators in their bungalow. Getting a second opinion Dad was able to get his boiler fixed privately, which cost several hundred pounds as opposed to the several thousand warm front wanted!!! But of course he got no financial help ie the grant!
    He wrote to complain and to speak via phone to warm front a process ongoing month after month and costing phone calls and letter costs.
    He is a retired engineer and has expert understanding of heating systems..I believe his treatment has been appalling but he is equally concerned for those who do not have the knowledge or legal know how to sort these people. The Govnmt need to investigate this process. Our elderly people are being ripped off..a national disgrace.

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  • 294. At 7:15pm on 21 Nov 2008, spectacularbreeze wrote:

    hi everyone,

    we were awarded a heating grant this year and had the warm front people install a new boiler and new radiator. £2,700 was the amount given by the government and we were asked to contribute a further £700 which we had to pay before they would proceed further. we were very happy with the work carried out and at the time were somewhat perplexed as to why we had to pay so much. after watching the programme last evening we felt so sad for the couple who just could not afford to have their central heating updated. £1,000 was asked of them. we found it a real struggle to find our money, hence this letter. perhaps your programme will help to 'sus' out if companies are ripping off either the govermnent or us public.
    we love your programme and are avid watchers. regards, anna.

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  • 295. At 7:44pm on 21 Nov 2008, ClaireC74 wrote:

    I am 34 and Disabled, i found that I qualified so I applied for a Warmfront grant via the website, after hearing nothing for months i applied again, and after hearing nothing again, i complained. I finally got an assessor appointment and I was told I got the full grant, and should expect a fitter to contact me within 2-6 weeks. I heard nothing and so i complained again to warmfront, and got the usual "your email has been forwarded to our customer complaints... etc" a few weeks later I finally had an assessor come, and recommended a new boiler. The first quote I got from their approved fitters was over £3,200 for just a boiler!! I rejected and complained yet again, and i got another quote which still meant that i had to pay out just under £300 onto of the £2,700 grant. I was desperate by this point so i paid it. The company, A W Fairhurst messed me around from day one, between us, me and my partner took 2 days off work waiting for them to turn up, when they did the fitter spent the majority of his time in his van, the job of replacing the boiler took just a few hours, but we were left without the boiler working as the electrician didnt turn up and we spent 2 days without heat or hot water. another day off work for that. We were charged for a Powerflush and it wasnt done, the fitter told us it didnt need it but he put some cleaning fluid in anyway - we thought he was doing us a favour, in fact, he put the chemical in because a powerflush is insisted in new installs, and they test the water for the chemical - so we paid out out our own money for a powerflush the company didnt do. We wrote to complain and asked warmfront for our money back and they have refused. I cannot understand why we cant be refunded for a job that hasnt been done, now the boiler is making loud banging and clunking noises, and yet another day off work on monday for A W Fairhurst to come out and fix it. they say they are going to now do the powerflush as well. What annoys me more than anything is my next door neighbour also got the grant, she lives in an IDENTICAL house, with an IDENTICAL heating system, and whereas a replacement standard boiler and flue upgrade cost me £3,000, my next door neighbour has got a new combi boiler, flue, loft insulation and it has come in at less than the £2,700 grant so she paid nothing!! On top of this they are also claiming that I signed documents that I was happy with the work that I didnt! I have my signature in the booklet i keep and that was all.

    Dealing with warmfront has been absolute hell. I would never recommend them to anyone. They are rude, they dont investigate your complaints and vulnerable people are being ripped off!!

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  • 296. At 7:53pm on 21 Nov 2008, garygm wrote:

    I am a heating engineer and are registered with warmfront to accept the £300 vouchers for pensioners. This scheme would seem excellent as anyone over 60 can apply for the voucher. Unfortunately i get charged £50 for every voucher i process and this cost has to be covered so the customer unknowingly pays £50 extra before the the £300 is knocked off!

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  • 297. At 8:00pm on 21 Nov 2008, baptistejohn wrote:

    I had a boiler fitted also was checked a week after radiators flushed all with very little mess except for a few finger marks around the loft hatch all well done.

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  • 298. At 8:01pm on 21 Nov 2008, ClaireC74 wrote:

    Just to add... I am reading lots of comments of people complaining that "we" shouldnt get grants etc, we're scroungers, on benefits, get a job and all that - I just want to inform you that I work FULL TIME during the day and I study FULL TIME at college in the evenings (which i pay full fee's for btw) I am out working from 8am and i dont get home till 9:30pm some evenings. I get no benefits at all apart from DLA as i am just over the threshold - so think before you tar everyone with the same brush!

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  • 299. At 8:26pm on 21 Nov 2008, JoycieP wrote:

    We had a Warm front grant in March 2006 for the full amount £2,700. We had 5 radiators a combi boiler and our roof insulated. We were not asked for any extra payment and the service we have received has been excellent with no problems with the system at all. The only extra money we have paid is breakdown and service insurance which we would have had anyway no matter who had installed our heating. I'm not sure why so many people in our area, Stoke-on-Trent, have had problems and that our MP Rob Flello has so many complaints. I think maybe it may be because we had it done so long ago when it was a fairly new scheme

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  • 300. At 8:36pm on 21 Nov 2008, virtualJanette wrote:

    I have recently had dealings with Warm front and have found that they were far more expensive than a local company.

    To remove the back boiler and replace with a new boiler (a Worcester Bosch) I was quoted £2556.80 from my local reputable heating and plumbing engineering company. This included labour, VAT and a 7 year warranty.

    Warm Front charged a total of £3205.68 to instal an Ideal ISAR boiler - a boiler which is an inferior model to the Bosch boiler the local company was going to instal. The total cost of £3205.68 did include labour and VAT, however, the warranty is only for 2 years. I had to pay £565.88 towards the cost of this work.

    The work has now been completed by Warm Front, however, as a result of the work they have done I have been left with further plumbing bills of approximately £200.00. The thermostat installed by Warm Front was inadequate and the radiators were scalding hot to touch. Warm Front did come to check the work carried out and stated that the thermostat did not require any further adjustment. To avoid scalding myself or any visitors I arranged for an independant plumber to come out he has put thermostats on the individual radiators.

    The Warm Front engineers turned off the stop tap in the kitchen and were then unable to turn this back on again. It was left like this and yet again I had to employ an independant plumber to resolve the situation.

    To sum up Warm Front have charged £648.88 over and above what a local company would have charged, they provided an inferior model of boiler and gave poor service which has resulted in me paying approximately £700.00.

    Following your show I now realise that I am not the only person who has been overcharged.

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  • 301. At 8:47pm on 21 Nov 2008, stephenhartnett wrote:

    Hi. I also forgot to mention in my last post that when they put the flue in the roof they left large gaps all round letting in birds and all kinds of weather.

    I have contacted Eaga on a number of times in the past but have heard nothing in response to this it looks like we will be having snowmen in the loft as well as birds.

    So much for "Warmfront" as holes in the roof won't be keeping us very warm over the winter!! I suppose the birds will be warm though but I don't know about the snowmen!!

    I also need to mention the pipes everywhere looks very good when you walk into the house!! Don't know how we will get on when we go to sell the house how do we explain these!!

    Eaga did say they would come back and box them off but like the hole in the roof we have seen nothing which doesn't supprise me!! It would have been a different "Story had we owed them Money"they would soon be around for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 302. At 9:36pm on 21 Nov 2008, DeterminedFiona wrote:

    Warm Front........ My boiler was condemned in August 2008 and it took me till the 24th October to get things sorted as Warm front lost my paperwork. I had an inspector visit and tell me they would install a combi boiler for me in my kitchen but I needed to remove some kitchen cupboards. This was ok as the kitchen was due for replacement anyway. When i got my letter from Warmfront stating i needed to pay the excess before they proceeded I was 'gob smacked' to say the least the total cost for installing a new boiler and radiator valves was £3200 with the Materials costing £895 of that total so £2300 on Labour , they did said it would take 3 days to complete. I rang Warm front and asked them to break down the costs for me as I couldnt see why it was so dear, apparently they charge for the inspector to come and look at the boiler to see what is wrong with it. This I already told them that BG had condemned it, I had been charged (well money taken off my grant) for the FREE light bulbs not so free after all!! Eventually they told me to ring the installation company, which I did. They weren't able to justify these amounts they just said they were standard fees set by the government. I asked if I could get a second quote as I felt these cost were unbelievable, they said if i did i would have to go to the bottom of the list and possibly wait another 12-16 weeks for the work to be done. I couldnt afford the excess they were expecting and our local council didnt provide the Warm Front top up grant so I phoned the installation company and asked for their help. The Lady there was Fantastic couldnt do enough for me and got my excess reduce by 50%. I then waited for the workmen to arrive to install my boiler, having taken out part of my kitchen so they could access the floorboards. They soon set to work and before you know it I had a boiler. It took two men 6 hours to fit the boiler and they returned the following day to check everything was working and spent about 1 hour. The electrican came and spent just less than 1 hour installing the thermostat and that was that. So for 8 hours work it cost me £2300. They took every scrap of copper they could, (apparently I was told they give it to a charity) didnt re attach my airing cupboard door, left a hole leading outside in the airing cupboard open , and when I replaced my kitchen I found that they had disconnected my Gas pipe for my cooker!! I phoned up Warm Front and complained, they said to contact the Installers which I did. I ask them which Charity they were associated with, she didnt know what I was talking about and she said quote' you should be grateful you are getting it on a government grant!' and put the phone down on me!
    So all in all im left with no gas pipes for my cooker, a hole leading outside in my airing cupboard, the airing cupboard door not re attached, a boiler with pipes that are uncovered, and a filter on the boiler that sticks out 7 inches in line with my worktops!


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  • 303. At 10:08pm on 21 Nov 2008, lesmalc wrote:

    I used Warm front 1 year ago and had to add £1200 to it. The workmen had to come back 3 times due to shoddy workmanship.
    I could have had it done privately for half the price

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  • 304. At 10:09pm on 21 Nov 2008, cornishgold wrote:

    In june of this year my parents had gas central heating installed under the warm front scheme. It consisted of a combi boiler and five radiators. the grant did not cover the cost and they had to pay a further £1280.00 I think that this was a lot to ask pensioners who have a limited income to pay and also the person who intalled it said he subcontracted to Iguana and the first day he did not turn up at all and didn't tell us, the second day he came at 10.00am and he left at three, the third day (friday)he left at four still no boiler connected so they had no hot water all weekend. subsequently he had to finish on the fourth day so stayed until 9.00pm until the job was completed. this is not at all satisfactory for a couple in their late seventies.

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  • 305. At 10:12pm on 21 Nov 2008, anjalif wrote:

    I am a 71 year-old disabled woman and as a Motability customer I was delighted to be informed by Motability that I was entitled to a Govt.-funded Warm Front grant upto £2700 as part of their energy-saving initiative. We took up the offer and Warm Front used part of the grant to carry out wall and loft insulation and draught-proofing. We were anxious to replace our inefficient second-hand boiler which we had had for over 25 years resulting in astronomically high energy bills. (British Gas, who serviced the boiler kept informing us that parts would be difficult to obtain.) The Warm Front representative informed us that the boiler would have to break down first before they got involved. After which, it would take up to 6 weeks for an engineer to come out and up to 6 months to replace it.
    Being disabled, I am virtually housebound. Our fear was having no heating and hot water over winter if our boiler broke down suddenly. Which made a nonsense of the Warm Front’s programme of installation.
    We had no option but to have our boiler replaced privately This was completed within 4 days and we are delighted with the result especially since this has resulted in a dramatic reduction in our energy bill.
    On contacting Warm Front to request the remainder of the grant to pay something towards the new boiler, I was informed that they were unable to cover any work carried out privately. This seems grossly unfair. My husband and I had been forced to take this step as we had no other alternative. We are now merely asking for no more than the Government has already made provision for. Invoices and receipts for the new boiler are available and we would invite an inspection by a government representative to confirm the installation.

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  • 306. At 10:56pm on 21 Nov 2008, HilaryRuth wrote:

    In May 2007 I applied for a Warm front grant.
    I was awarded the full amount and in June of 2007 Eaga came and spent 4 days installing a new boiler for me. It was monitered at every stage of fitting . In the first couple of weeks there was a minor fault. The company came back quickly and fixed it and have since serviced it and will give me another service next year.
    My elderly mother also applied later in the year. She also qualified for the grant.
    Her boiler was fitted within a few weeks also. Prior to hers being fitted, in the 17 years of living in her flat, she had had two boilers, neither of which had ever been very efficient. Warm front sorted out her problems and we have both been very satisfied.

    H R Aitchison

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  • 307. At 00:01am on 22 Nov 2008, homefixer wrote:

    My daughter is a single mother of one small child and works part time. She moved into a rented house in March 2006 which had on peak electric heating only. She applied for a Warm Front grant at the beginning of March 2006. An assessor visited the property early in April and aproval was given for the installation of gas central heating. As the work had not started by August she contacted the Warm Front Team only to be told that a date had not yet been set for the installation. By the end of October, when it was getting very cold there was still no sign action by Warm Front so the landlord installed electric storage heaters in the house at his expense.

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  • 308. At 08:11am on 22 Nov 2008, twinnies2 wrote:

    My wife and I are retired and have had our heating upgraded with a new boiler and radiators. There was a £500 excess to pay, but our council paid this for us with a grant. We are really happy with our heating, and can't see what all the fuss is about.

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  • 309. At 08:15am on 22 Nov 2008, passedcaring wrote:

    [Personal details removed by Moderator]Extent of water damage invades lounge and kitchen areas.
    Wall s stained with tide marks. Repainted regularly …
    Unable to keep fitted carpet or lino as carpet and tiles continually soaked from leakages or when tank is emptied for repair work.
    Source of stress!!
    Gross amount of unsightly pipe work.
    Loud filling and functioning of boiler sounds.
    Loud ticking of timer clock.
    Heating only functions on top heat.
    Regularly having to take time of work to be present for engineers.
    Father flustered..
    Water dripping from loop filler has previously, continuously, caused water damage.
    Friday 7th Sept., engineer thought he had drained tank before commencing repair hadn’t! scalded self and a hot bucket full once more descended to soak carpet and surrounding area!!
    7 years misery
    Dear Andrew, I will attempt to replicate original letter sent on December 31st 2001, regarding the mismanagement of the installation of central heating at my father’s home. I am very frustrated and anxious as you could tell by my voice because my father’s home is not fit to invite visitors into as we have been in a state of upheaval since permission was granted to us to have the heating installed over two years ago. I took out a loan to have some decorating work done which has been undone by the installers and caused a great deal of anxiety. My father is in now in the early stage of dementia, although he is only 76 he keeps telling me he can’t wait to meet his maker!
    Which you can imagine I find very worrying as I was trying to make his home more comfortable and keep down costs we have ended upside down with greater heating bills.
    To the Customer Service Manager,
    Eighteen months ago I was pleased to receive information in the post on ‘How about letting us make your home warmer?’
    How can I make my home warmer without extra expense?
    You will qualify for a grant for up to £2000 if you or your partner are over 60 years of age and receive * Council Tax Benefit’
    Great, I thought after taking a loan out to pay for vital house repairs on my father’s property, what an opportunity to keep my dad warm through the winter months and reduce expensive heating bills.
    9/9/2000-A nice man called and surveyed the property giving us advice on how to use energy more efficiently
    and suggested Dad would be eligible for central heating under the Home Energy Efficient Scheme.
    (At last, I thought something is going right for Dad. So we sat and waited).
    A few weeks later I contacted them again as no-one had been in touch.
    25/10/2000- They came , familiarised himself with the situation, measured all around again and told Dad that the scheme had met with such enthusiasm that they were overwhelmed with requests so installation was taking longer than was previously expected. O.K. we thought, and waited for another four months.
    At February half term 2001 after enquiring, I was informed that someone else was dealing with Dad’s case and that they would make further contact. This they did, and assured us that the job would soon be going ahead, but said the scheme was having difficulty keeping up with the demand and a surveyor would be out to measure everything again and advise on installation of equipment.
    1/6/0200I- spoke to them, who said something would be done by October.
    15/8/2001-They called and wrote down where the boiler and the radiators would be installed and said to notify him if this was not to our liking.
    I discussed this with Dad and we decided we did not want the boiler in the bedroom (as was suggested) as this was the only storage area in the house and it would be too noisy. I tried to telephone several times but could not make contact.
    24/10/2001- I telephoned them and spoke to someone who gave me the number of another service who had been now assigned to install the central heating. They told me they would have to send out another surveyor but no-one came. After many conversations to various members of staff ( Yes , I was now getting very frustrated!), I spoke to someone who said I shouldn’t worry too much as the installers were very understanding and competent and would weigh up the situation and put the boiler and radiators in the best place according to customers wishes.
    Many telephone calls later, after being told –‘we have had the equipment in stock for ages, but we couldn’t get in touch with your Dad’
    ( in fact Dad had been sitting in next to the phone waiting for a response),we were informed that they had the wrong boiler and not enough of the correct radiators…etc.,
    However they would start on 11th November.
    19/11/2001-No sign
    26/11/2001-No sign
    3/12/2001-No sign
    10/12/2001-Two gentlemen came at 11:30 and started work. They put the boiler in the dining room, as I did not want it in the bedroom (could not have gone in the hall, bathroom or kitchen where the previous water heater was situated?!)
    I live 40 minutes away from my Dad and drove over the following day to find the most hideous sight. Yes, I was expecting a great change to an old house that was built before the age of central heating, but instead of a neat looking boiler placed discreetly, there in the corner was a combi boiler plus many horrendous brass pipes.
    The room now resembles a public convenience-no attempt has been made to be discreet.
    I could not get over the fact that no attempt was made to move furniture, carpets etc., and large storage tool boxes were left in each room with a trail of brick rubble and dust.
    I am not naïve to the fact that when walls are drilled there will be dust and debris, but it took me three hours to tidy up so that the concrete wouldn’t be trodden into the carpets and to place wrenches etc., to a central place rather than inappropriate places like the settee where accidents could arise. My Dad is seventy-five (unfortunately not an active seventy five) and his reaction was they seemed to know what they were doing so did not want to interfere. I then had to return home tired, weary and frustrated, to a restless night before another hectic day in the classroom.
    I left a note asking why they had been insensitive about the layout of the house and ruined an otherwise comfortable dining room>I left messages on various answer services demonstrating my distaste at results and got various responses. The next morning someone, courteously responded, but could not offer any support or advice other than ‘well at least your father will be warm’. A supercilious young man was singularly unhelpful. The lads who were installing the system agreed it was an eyesore and that they would not have a job like that in their own home, but their brief was to complete it as quickly as possible with the minimum of materials. Their Boss said to finish the job and see if it works and they would ask for the money to move it afterwards.
    All this repartee had to be conducted on a mobile telephone whilst trying to teach a class of nine year olds!!!
    Not only has it altered the homeliness of our home with radiators being placed in a variety of styles and places not originally suggested, but also the space in all rooms has been compacted by the fact that the furniture now has to be eight inches from the walls on interior walls that were not freezing cold anyway. In addition we have the previously mentioned eyesore in the dining room.
    I have rung trading standards department whose advice is to get an independent CORGI specialist to review the property and fittings, which of course will mean incurring additional costs-not convenient at Christmas? New year when everyone seems to be on holiday.
    Then, to add insult to injury, just when the heating and warm water supply is most necessary the equipment failed to work and my father was left without any hot water but with a conveniently placed water heater in the kitchen now not attached to anything.

    I assumed that the grants were meant to increase well being of less fortunate people by making their homes more comfortable and save money on energy bills through improvements that are ‘best for your property and what you are most comfortable with’. I can assure you this has not been the case, and a lot of heart ache has been experienced along with fraught nerves and a degeneration of personal relationships. Will you please therefore, do something to remedy the situation by arranging for:
    *Re- location of the boiler to a more appropriate place (e.g. hall-stairs or kitchen)
    *Re-location of the radiators to a more appropriate place (i.e. under the windows where they would take up less space and combat the cold air from the outside walls)
    *Completing the appearance of the job by concealing pipe work properly

    I look forward to your response.

    Since I have been in touch with your company several times, we should expect the service of any instituition to be completed satisfactorily.
    The service said as a result of visit from Gas inspector on the 15.4.02 they were prepared to do cosmetic surgery but haven’t!

    I am exhausted now as I am not a secretary! Or plumber! But a tired out old teacher!
    Please let me know if anything will be done. I’ve attached the e.mail I sent last week.
    Liz Molloy
    Eventually someone came back and re-sited boiler to back wall and contorted the pipe work to the new position. YUK! Ghastly

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  • 310. At 09:12am on 22 Nov 2008, in-flanders-fields wrote:

    twinnies2 @308

    "I can't see what all the fuss is about"

    What a flippant, throw-away remark!
    The kind of remark made by another 'I'm alright Jack' or the kind of remark made by a lot of the installers involved in this shambles of a 'governement scheme'!

    The fuss is about the abysmal way in which a few hundred people have already written about on here.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg as many of the elderly have no access to the internet, so would not be able to make their views known on here. A lot of those doing so are relatives who have gone through the utter frustration of trying to communicate with people who just don't care.

    I accept that some people have had relatively no, or few complaints, but for what could be a large percentage of others, is this disgraceful, shambolic treatment, never mind the dubious costs, acceptable?

    That is what all the fuss is about.

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  • 311. At 10:16am on 22 Nov 2008, akaCurlytop wrote:

    I had a new boiler fitted in April at a cost of £4,300 through the Warmfront scheme.

    I have had to call the repairers and fitters out every 3 weeks with continuous problems and no-one wants to take responsiblity for the problems.

    I have been left without hot water and heating on several occasions.

    I too found it dear just to have a boiler fitted.

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  • 312. At 10:26am on 22 Nov 2008, katiefay1 wrote:

    I am disabled & moved to Wales just over a year ago. I received a grant (higher in Wales), got loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, new boiler, 1 new radiator & new controls on the others. I just had to chip in 250.
    I was very happy with the whole process, installers were fantastic & told me they were very happy to be helping people like me! Their company checked 3 times to make sure everything was ok; & I've also recieved a satisfaction survey - I am very grateful for their help, & I've expressed that to them. I think it's fantastic, & am spreading the word in my neighbourhood; as they will also check anyone's existing system to see if it's safe & effective (my old one was below 60% efficiency).

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  • 313. At 12:34pm on 22 Nov 2008, tricia1953 wrote:


    Just a comment on the Warm Front scheme, we had oil central heating put into our small two bedroom cottage last year and we had to top up the grant by over £1,200 which we thought excessive and had to borrow the money to make up the difference allowed by the scheme. We were also quoted a massive £285 for an extra small radiator which we wanted in the shower room but had to decline.

    The whole thing from start to finish was shoddy and the company not at all helpful.

    Regards Mr and Mrs O'Brien

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  • 314. At 1:10pm on 22 Nov 2008, ronpol wrote:

    I am 83 years old and was given a £300 grant for a new boiler, incidentally the plumber only gets £250, Warm Front keep £50. so naturally a£50 is built into the price to start with.
    They gave me 6 installers to choose from, non local to service the Liverpool area
    1 from Bristol
    1 from Walsall
    1 from Middlesex
    1 from Southport, which I used
    1 from Burscough
    1 from Prescot
    No I would not recommend the scheme my installation was a disaster and out of control.
    I could have got a much better deal without warm front


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  • 315. At 2:10pm on 22 Nov 2008, cazmos wrote:

    We had a new boiler installed via WarmFront about a month ago and still have problems with it.
    We had to pay an extra £717.32 to the £2700. We had no choice as to who fiitted it and the plumbers travelled 70 miles and the electrian was from Portsmouth-at least 80 miles away.
    It took 3 days to install the new boiler, we had no extra radiators fited.
    The day after they left we had to phone the plumbing company as the radiators were not getting warm. A plumber was not sent out until 5 days later so we were left with limited heating.
    An inspection was made by warmFront within these 5 days. They always come out to inspect work after completion, it was not linked to the complaint i'd made about the cool radiators. He said the plumbers had to come back as it hadn't been completed fully to his satisfaction. I thought this would solve the problem.
    we had to wait a week for the plumber to arrive(not the original plumber who fitted the boiler) who on inspection said the piping had been fitted incorrectly and it had to ripped out completely and replaced.
    The following day the plumber returned to say it would be done the next week.
    We heard nothing for the next week so i phoned WarmFront to try to speed it up. The next day the plumber phoned and has booked us in for the 1st Dec.
    This is a long wait, as the boiler was fitted on the 6th Oct so we'll of been waiting about 8 weeks to get it sorted!!!
    Terrible service and far too long to wait, especially now weather has turned alot colder and we are pensioners and i am disabled...disgraceful!!
    Do not recommend this service to anyone.
    My son has since got a new boiler fited in his house from a private plumber and it only cost £1500 all in, how did mine cost £3500!!??
    And we had no choice in what boiler we had installed either.
    WarmFront staff have been very helpful but overall i feel cost is a rip off.

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  • 316. At 2:44pm on 22 Nov 2008, spelmaj wrote:

    Glad i am not the only one who thinks the warm front prices are extortionate! In April my bolier finally gave out and i was advised to contact warm front. I was told I was eligible for the whole £2700, which, incidently I was extremely grateful for. After inspections I received a letter in July stating that i would have to pay over £1400 more than the grant. I did think i may have to pay a bit extra, they replaced my boiler and tank. I was stuck, i had no heating, two children and the cold weather was approaching. I felt I had no choice even though this was more than i had in savings. The installers were there for one day, and an electrician came the next day for a couple of hours. what rubbed salt into the wound was the fact that my mum had almost the same job done at the same time through an independent engineer and got change from £2000. I also now have no shower as they said they couldn't fit it on the new system ( they can, i later found out) and cant afford to have it refitted at the moment. By the way, not all people who are eligible for warm front help are not working,i work hard 5 days a week but pay is poor and i am on my own now, i have very little left after bills to save for events such as this AND i pay taxes etc like everyone else who is working(turneytowers comments 20.11).

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  • 317. At 5:25pm on 22 Nov 2008, endoscrote wrote:

    We had over the course of 3 or 4 years cavity wall insulation and 16 months ago we applied for a new boiler.
    Luckily we applied in the summer so the wait was not a problem
    We had contact with Iguana heating they came out gave us a quote
    I got a council grant for the rest to pay for it
    It was done efficiently and the service has been great here in Berkshire
    I would always recommend it

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  • 318. At 5:45pm on 22 Nov 2008, fancyblogger2 wrote:

    I was accepted for a grant and a surveyor came out and said that the boiler had to be put down stairs, I live in a bungalow and my origional is in the loft.

    I was sent the quotation of, £3,500. some £800.00 pounds over the grant.
    I called another company who did a like for like change over for,£995.00.

    I did complain to warm front and told them that this was a scam and the contarctor was milking the system, they did not want to know!!

    I hace since found out that the last contractor had sold out to the present one, and holds a very senior position on who to award the contrats to within warm front.

    This I can not prove as it was told to me by another agency who has dealings with these people.

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  • 319. At 5:46pm on 22 Nov 2008, doctorcoldfront wrote:

    I was advised by Age Concern that I could apply for a Warmfront Grant and filled in the necessary form and posted it. We are not in receipt of pension credits, but were told that we were entitled to a grant of £300.
    We had our boiler serviced and advised that it was burning carbon monoxide and would have to be replaced together with radiators. We had a Corgi registered plumber to undertake this work. I 'phoned Warmfront explained the position and was told it was okay to go ahead and that I would receive cheque for £300 in a month's time. I gave my plumber all the literature and she deducted £300 from the bill that was last December and the cheque is still awaited.
    I have spoken to Age Concern, they tried to contact Warmfront, but were told all their computers were down. Age Concern said they had received numerous complaints about Warmfront and Age Concern England were taking this up.

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  • 320. At 5:50pm on 22 Nov 2008, CharlotteMendip wrote:

    Hi The One Show/Dom,
    I am writing this as my story as well as leaving it on the blog because I think Dom will be really interested in it as well as us hoping he will help us. Our story concerns the Warm Front Grant. We qualified for the grant as I was pregnant and we didn't have central heating in our cottage. The process took a year from application to a full heating system being installed at the end of September 2008. In the last three weeks we have been left with no heating three times. Two of these times over the weekend. We rang our breakdown service which has been paid for within the allocated grant. They say repairs for the first year have to be carried out by the installer. All well and good when you can contact them out of hours, ie. evening and weekends. We cannot. The heating has stopped working again this afternoon. There are sub zero temperatures predicted tonight with possible snow (we are high up). All we have for heating is a multifuel burner in the living room. We have an 8 month old baby and a 34 month old. Desperate to get through to somebody today I called the Warmsure service helpline which we are allowed to use a year after the heating being installed, pleading for some help as we could not get through to our installers. They would not and told us to ring Warmfront. I have done this and been told all they can do is email our installers so they pick this up on Monday morning. I am disgusted that the Warmfront Grant has paid for 2 years of service and breakdown cover which we don't have until the first year of installation has passed. What happens if the heating breaks down again during the weekend a 4th, 5th or 6th time - which to be honest is highly likely given the record to date. Please help us, this is an unacceptable situation to be left in. I also find it disgraceful that our taxpayers money is paying for something that is not provided, please help us Dom, we are blinking cold?!!

    Charlotte, Somerset

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  • 321. At 5:59pm on 22 Nov 2008, gentlemanJohnson wrote:

    Hi the One Show

    In response to your item on Friday nights show

    Warm Front advertise a £ 300 grant for the over 60’s towards replacing an old central heating boiler. However, a £ 50 deduction is made for administration fees.

    Does this amount seem reasonable ???????????

    Mr R Johnson (64)
    Conned again
    3, Runnymede
    Great Lumley
    Co. Durham
    DH3 4LN

    22nd November 2008

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  • 322. At 6:16pm on 22 Nov 2008, GerryJM wrote:

    We received a quote through Warmfront for a replacement boiler. The total was £4521.13, which after deduction of the grant would have left us to pay £2037.93.
    I decided to get 2 quotes for the same work from local Corgi registered plumbers:
    £2331.84 inc vat
    £1700.00 + vat
    I wrote to complain toWarmfront, copy to MP and others. Warmfront has now sent another surveyor round, who said the previous quote was far too high. The work also been allocated to another plumbing group and we are currently waiting for a new quote.

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  • 323. At 8:12pm on 22 Nov 2008, modave4 wrote:

    my wife qualified for a warmfront grant of £2700, but after an inspection by the installer we were told we would have to top up the grant for the work to be completed. We thought that this would only be approx £200 but were shocked to told that the excess amount was nearly £900, we then got a couple of independent quotes ranging from £1500-£3000. We went ahead with grant funded work as it saved us money, but i still think that the overall pricing of the work undertaken was excessive. What i forgot to say was that we had our backboiler replaced with an all singing+dancing modern condensing boiler and a new hot water tank and 3-way valve, the job took approx 4 days to complete as opposed to 2 days quoted by both the other firms, so that is where the extra money goes as they probably priced it on day work not on job and finish ,however 13 months later everything is still working corectly so money well spent if a bit steep (hopefully).

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  • 324. At 10:59pm on 22 Nov 2008, Ericblogger wrote:

    On March 08 the warm front team intalled a replacement warm air heating unit. after seeing what work had been done, i thought it had been over priced at £4123. Through a relation in the business i had the materials invoice priced it came to £1,758.00 which means i was charged £2374.73 for labour. The installation was completed in one day by two men. I consider this to be an expenssive amount I have to pay.

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  • 325. At 08:08am on 23 Nov 2008, starDorreen wrote:

    We only wish someone would come to our home and see how our bathroom was wrecked in March when this Warmfront boiler was installed by East Coast Gas. The aftermath of this installation has cost us thousands. We thought this scheme was to help the needy and not to line the pockets of the greedy.
    Roy B

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  • 326. At 08:10am on 23 Nov 2008, shadowside wrote:

    Hi Dom,

    Fascinated to hear what you are going to do about this. Could you post a response.

    My conclusions.

    Clearly warmfront have some satisfied customers. But then who wouldn't be satisfied
    if they have paid nothing for a new boiler...or less than the cost of getting the old one repaired.....The fact that the cost is twice what it should be is not a factor.

    But the system is riddled with problems.

    It is in everyone's interest for boilers to be replaced rather than repaired. Who is monitoring whether this is a correct decision?

    Vulnerable people need reliable equipment. The system incentivises Eaga to install the cheapest possible equipiment. Spending a few hundred quid more on a boiler with high reliability would be a better solution.

    If Eaga are allowed to contract the work to themselves they are both poacher and gamekeeper. This NEVER works.

    How on earth have Eaga been given the contract for all four regions in England.Common sense dictates that you use four different contractors and compare performance.Could you use freedom of information to get details of the bidding process??

    I looked at the independent report . (google DEFRA warmfront). It appears to be a whitewash. A desk exercise comparing a theoretical warmfront installation with a theoretical independent one.The cost numbers bear no resemblance to those quoted by your viewers.The labour cost quoted is £23/hour!!!!!

    Attaboy Dom.

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  • 327. At 10:03am on 23 Nov 2008, fedupindorset wrote:

    applied for grant April 2008 for replacement boiler.
    surveyor confirmed site suitable and said would "include nice new cylinder" even though OK and not required.
    Later told new cylinder is a condition of 2-year service contract.
    Asked to pay contribution £987 but told local
    council usually pay excess (they dont in this area)
    installation October 2008 by Wessex Heating using plumbing sub-contractor but boiler would not turn off (either at boiler or programmer controls). One radiator always cold or lukewarm. Told cycinder did notneed replacement and difficult o remove. sent refund for cylinder
    I then had severe flooding from main stopcock which Wessex say is co incidence and not connected installaton. I must now vacate my home while driedout.
    After 5 weeks and endlessvisits, am told system will now work correctly. We shall see
    Very stressful time and regret application for grant but no financial alternative.

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  • 328. At 10:59am on 23 Nov 2008, fourfamilyman wrote:

    Hi Dom

    Well, you have certainly openend pandoras box here.

    A better system would surely be that those individuals how require the grant are allowed to choose who ever they wish to intall the heating system.

    With one provision that the final work is commisioned by a corgi qualified indvidual.

    The corgi person can be selected from an approved list within the area of the person receiving the grant, and his fee would paid from the grant.

    Therefore the individual with the grant can choose the plumber of his or her choice. not all plumbers choose to opt for corgi registration.
    By the same token registration does not make you a good plumber, but it does make you accountable for the safety of the system.

    leaking systems will not kill anyone but as we are well aware co2 will.

    As with all work those who give good service in any one area will receive most recommendations.

    Keeping the installer separate from the commisioning agent is no bad idea, just keep them local and not accountable to any QUANGO

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  • 329. At 11:18am on 23 Nov 2008, burdontash wrote:

    I worked for a business that was in competition with Eaga. When this DEFRA Warm Front contract was retested in c 2004 with specified statements in the tender documentation that no one organisation could win the whole UK thus guaranteeing competition and compliance with monopolies commission, low and behold Eaga got sole possession of the UK markets!
    Protests from the Utility Cos that bid including Powergen .. now Eon were firmly rebutted by DEFRA and the Government.

    Some one should look into this including the links between the then Energy Minister Lord Whitty and their links to John Clough and Eaga.

    Also Eaga now owns a number of their key suppliers that should have been independant suppliers in the supply chain following a secondary tendering process....

    I understand that Warm Front will be market tested either in 2009 or 2010 and that auditors have rasied concerns over performance and value for money since day 1.
    some one could ask the auditors, White Young Green for their comments?

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  • 330. At 11:35am on 23 Nov 2008, philarm wrote:

    My mum had her central heating system updated through Warmfront. She had previously had draft excluders fitted to all of her windows and doors, which cost £165.20 out of the grant. When she requested help to get her boiler and heating system updated she was given a quotation to carry out the work of £2309.28 and a quote for matarials of £995.42. As the maximum grant was £2700 and she had already had the draft excluders fitted, she was asked to pay £861.56. It took two heating engineers 1 day to carry out the work with a sparky then spending about 3 hours to connect the electrics and do the earth bonding etc. After they left we found that the old water tanks are still in the loft (although they have been drained) and one of the engineers must have missed the joists when walking in the loft as some of the plaster has now fallen off the ceiling where they were working.
    The boiler they installed is an Ideal isar condensing combi and works really well, apart from it taking quite a time for the hot water to feed through to the taps.
    We did have to call the engineers back because the 'electrolytic scale inhibitor' sprang a slight leak. The engineer called at the agreed time and replaced it with no fuss.
    We would recommend the scheme, although the £2309.28 to complete the work (labour) seems very excessive, although it did include a new wireless hall thermostat and the system being 'power flushed' (which British Gas quoted me £750 to do). The way we look at it is that for £861.56, mum has got a brand new boiler and heating system. All we need now is for the fuel prices to come down so that she can afford to have it on!

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  • 331. At 12:02pm on 23 Nov 2008, shadowside wrote:

    Have just typed EAGA and Lord Whitty into Google.

    Conflict of interest does not do it justice.

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  • 332. At 12:23pm on 23 Nov 2008, RonMole wrote:

    These grant offers are often a con. I am trying to install an Air Heat Pump and have been given a list of approved installers. A sizeable grant is quoted. Surprise, surprise, when contacting the local installer he said "Forget the Grant". I asked why and he said that he was not approved by the grant system and wa no going to pay £3,000 for the privilege.

    Upon checking the lengthy list of approved installers I find that only three have paid up and not one is local to the west midlands.

    Draw your own onclusions.

    Ron Mole

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  • 333. At 12:33pm on 23 Nov 2008, mindyfudge wrote:

    no wonder the goverment are always saying
    there is loads of unused money for people to get grants for heating etc
    the answer to this is the companies the government are saying you must use, are charging 3 times more than your local installer. another cotridiction on behalf of the government ,what happened about the comment on supporting small businesses

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  • 334. At 12:50pm on 23 Nov 2008, stocktaker1 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 335. At 4:08pm on 23 Nov 2008, championthecause wrote:

    On the 15th October we received confirmation that we qualify for a £300 Warm Front Rebate off the cost of replacing a central heating boiler. We live in North Warwickshire, near Tamworth and eaga supplied a list of six registered installers 'in our area'.
    Geographically they are as follows:- Wilmslow in Cheshire, Barnet in Hertfordshire, Worksop in Nottinghamshire, Southport on Merseyside, Corringham in Essex and finally the only local one at Bedworth in Warwickshire.
    The letter from eaga says 'please note that although some of these addresses may appear not to be in your area, these are installers head office addresses. All installers listed have agreed to work in your postcode area'.
    We telephoned each installer and it was only the local one who would consider it worthwhile. Each and every other installer said that their business was small and that we were way too far from their geographical area of operation. The one who agreed to being considered has offered to send us a quote based on the verbal details we have supplied over the telephone. We still await this quote.
    In the meantime we have had three local installers who are not registered on the scheme pay us a visit and quote for the replacement of our boiler. It will be interesting to compare their quotes with the one we are awaiting from eaga's installer in Bedworth, if and when it arrives.
    I now have my suspicions about the warm front scheme operated through eaga.

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  • 336. At 5:01pm on 23 Nov 2008, secondianhandley wrote:

    Dear Don Littlewood

    We found your broadcast on Thursday 20th November interesting in view of our experience with Warm Front. We have been wanting to complain but did not know where to write. Your appeal for e-mails seemed a good opportunity.

    Our back boiler ceased to produce hot water in Spring 2008. (We have a Baxi gas fired centralheating system). As our systerm is 14 years old we contacted Warm Front. On the initial visit the representative said that we qualified for a grant of £2,700 and that the next person to call would advise as to whether replacement or renewal would be appropiate. He also said that as we aready had radiators etc this money would probably be enough. When the heating engineer called he was not interested in repairs, his opinion being, without examining the installation: - It's to old to repair, it canot be repaired as we cannot garentee work for two years on equipment of this age. His written quote to repace the boiler and pipe work as neccesary came to £3,541.02 which included £2728.09 for labour, for work which we were told would take only one and a half days. Our contribution of £941.14 would have to be paid in full prior to commencement of any work. This is what we have always been told never to do. Has we were not happy with this we asked a local plumber for a quote. On his arrival he asked what was wrong. Free of charge he suggested that we had a dry system due to a sticking ball float valve. I later went into our loft and adjusted the ball float valve and the system is now working.

    Needless to say we will be employing this local plumber in future.

    Mr. & Mrs. Ian G. Handley.

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  • 337. At 6:03pm on 23 Nov 2008, melldroo wrote:

    I was given a quote of about £600 by a local plumber to improve my system - new TRVs and a power flush. I'd had a letter from WarmFront saying that as a recipient of DLA, I was entitled to a grant so I applied. An estimator came out, looked at my modern condensing boiler and said "They were never very well regarded", and I subsequently received a quote to replace it which would involve me paying £1300 on top of the grant. I complained in a series of letters and emails, replies to which always took several weeks. I was told I should go to my local council for the extra. I asked for a new quote excluding the replacement and three months after this started I was told that this would require a new application and going to the back of the queue. I used the local plumber and complained to my MP. Peter Lilley, about EAGA ripping off the taxpayer but he was not really interested.

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  • 338. At 7:28pm on 23 Nov 2008, fearlessGeoffDavies wrote:

    My Mum applied for a Warm Front Grant in May of this year. The contract was passed to a company called Iguana. It took 5 months for Iguana to come out and do an assessment. This only happened after numerous calls from myself and intervention from her MP. During some of this time she was without heating and hot water. My mum is 75 and lives on her own.

    My mum only needed a replacement boiler as she already had the radiators. Iguana have asked her to make a contribution of £1460.00 on top of the grant of £2,700. While waiting for Iguana, my mum received a quote of £1500.00 to replace the boiler from a local contractor.

    Iguana seems to be abusing its monopoly position by asking for an unrealistic price for the work.

    Geoff Davies

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  • 339. At 7:49pm on 23 Nov 2008, katbent wrote:

    I have recently become disabled and I have a 2 year old son. We had an old fire and back boiler which gobbled gas and was therefore very expensive to run.

    Someone suggested that we go a quote from Warm Front as we fit all their criteria, because they sounded so good on the phone I passed their details onto my grandparents and an aunt.

    We had them around and we had to pay £852 up front if we wanted the work doing. This is a lot of money when you consider there is already £2600 going in from the Government. My grandma had and aunt both had to pay over £700 to get any work done too.

    Now we all live within ½ a mile of each other in the same village just outside of Durham City, their gas fitters came from the Lake District and my fitter came from Newcastle. Because of Warm Front's own rules you can't go and get any better quotes, only one quote per customer from their chosen company.

    I decided to leave it because it was a lot of money, then a few months later I got a letter out of the blue offering us the same work but with £300 knocked off!!! We accepted, as by this time our boiler had died and we had no heating or hot water.

    Our new boiler is great but it saddens me to think that companies like this are praying on disabled, elderly and at risk people and make a packet of profit for not very much work. We were fortunate we had savings we could dip into but others don't have that option and in the financial climate we are in at the moment it would be nice to see a little more help out there for those who need it most.

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  • 340. At 9:14pm on 23 Nov 2008, LesBarclay wrote:

    I have already posted comments, but as a Oil Heating installer I have read all other postings with interest.

    There is a definate pattern.

    No choice of installer
    Installer not local
    Excessive over pricing
    Shoddy workmanship
    Mis-selling of systems
    Breaches of building regulations
    Excessive time from application to installation
    Poor customer back up.

    It is time the goverment looked into the rip off monolpoly that a few 'approved Installers' and EAGA have.

    Why is it that when an insurance company has work carried out it is normally the lowest of 2 or 3 quotes from local tradesmen that gets the work.

    This ensures value for money, and normally good customer service, as a local tradesmen needs a good reputation to survive.

    If it is acceptable to Insurance companies, who, as we know are very careful with their money, it should be acceptable to the Goverment, or, are there to many snouts in the trough to change?

    It is time that this flawed scheme was stopped, and direct grants made. This will give better transparancy, better value for money, quicker installation and better customer service.

    The one requirement that must be put in place is that the installers must be members of a suitable competent persons scheme, such as CORGI for gas boilers and OFTEC for Oil boilers.

    Les Barclay
    LBP Solutions Ltd

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  • 341. At 9:23pm on 23 Nov 2008, prettyBews wrote:

    I have MS, that is why we had the grant. We had oil central heating which leaked and caused a lot of damage. We decided to have gas installed via the Warm Front grant.

    The house was surveyed, and we were told that the gas could be installed and the old boiler removed.

    We paid an extra 1250 pounds for this. I said at the time that our pipework was microbore but this was deemed "not a problem".

    After the boiler was installed, we could not get sufficent heat from the boiler and was told there was too much pressure and the boiler could not get the heat away due to the small pipework. The engineer filed a report which we were told we could have a copy.

    After 3 weeks of phonecalls, we were finally told to apply in writing for the report and only got a letter from customer services, which was not the report and telling us to re-pipe the house at our own cost. This means were have paid 4000 (including the grant) for a boiler and gas fitted which we know to be only 660 pounds.

    We have been told we could have had a complete new system for that.

    Please use if required

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  • 342. At 9:55pm on 23 Nov 2008, conkedout wrote:

    We are pensioners and have been warned by our gas homecare that the parts for our gas central heating back boiler will soon be obsolete, so we were keen to find out about HEES Wales. When I phoned, the young lady told me that unless the boiler had broken down COMPLETELY, no one would even come out and look at it.(they would just turn round and leave she said.) She brushed me off completely ! Then I discovered their website and decided to fill the application form in anyway. A few days later a young man arrived at our home without an appointment and did a vague survey. He seemed keen to push LOFT INSULATION( I did not want the upheaval as my loft is full) CAVITY WALL INS.(I was not impressed at a previous house when they left ugly marks on the outside wall) and FIRE ALARMS, which a man arrived and fitted even after I had cancelled the appt. We qualify for £3,600 and wanted to put it ALL TOWARDS CENTRAL HEATING. It seems that it could break down in the middle of winter and we have to be DESPERATE before we are considered. I have got a drawer full of free energy saving light bulbs and plugs, the government want to give us all sorts of things we dont want, but not what we need !

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  • 343. At 10:03pm on 23 Nov 2008, advancedsystem wrote:

    My husband is disabled and was on crutches when approached by a Warmfront representative at a 'Homes' show in Birmingham. He took our details and we were visited by a gentleman who arranged for us to have cavity wall insulation. We were only really interested in having thermostats fitted on the radiators, but this never happened. Soon after the installation, we noticed patches of mould growing around the house which were not there before. We were told that we were at fault for producing too much condensation, but as I said, we did not have this problem before we had the cavity wall insulation. This problem still exists.

    We decided to give it another try, so at a later date we applied for and were granted a new boiler. We did not have any choice of installers. The contractors they sent had to travel for two and a half hours before they reached us, rushed the job and left promptly at 4.30pm. In the meantime, they cut through a water pipe under the bedroom floorboards and we had water dripping through three ceilings. To mop up the water, they took towels and a towelling robe from my airing cupboard. These were ruined as they were stained and full of splinters. They blow-torched and burned our airing cupboard door and burnt the underside of our landing carpet. They refused to cover up their unsightly pipework and we had to pay separately to have slabs lifted and relaid in order to put down new pipework.

    Our old boiler had been in our small kitchen and we had the new one relocated to the garage - (our idea) - but no one warned us that it would have a thermostat which would trigger the boiler to start if the temperature fell as low as 3 degrees. This means that we are now woken up regularly throughout the night during cold weather. Had this been explained, we would not have had the new boiler put in the garage.

    I contacted Warmfront about the shoddy workmanship and was told that I would have to deal with the contractors myself. After numerous letters and telephone calls, the contractors sent us a cheque for £500, which nowhere near compensated us for the damage and distress caused.

    The Warmfront representative had informed us that the boiler would be looked after by Warmfront for the first two years. We enquired about a service and was told by the contractors that this was not included. We mentioned that some of the radiators were not functioning properly - these had not been installed by Warmfront's contractors - and were accused of 'trying to pull a fast one' - a comment which we still fail to understand - taking into account all the damage which had been caused!

    Our house has been ruined and we wish that we had never heard of Warmfront!

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  • 344. At 10:25pm on 23 Nov 2008, singingsmocker wrote:

    Dear On Show
    I am e.mailing you this nformation regarding Warm Front.
    We had a boiler fitted in 2006 through a Warm Front grant.From the beginning we had a problem with both the fitting the contractors and subsequent working of the system which made the boiler bang and then one or two radiators would go cold.
    Rung frequently to conrtactors who would not come back out and told us to keep bleeding the radiators.
    This went on until November 2007 when we finally managed after many threats to get someone to come out and check the system and was told that we had a system failure but took many letters and Trading Standards to get someone out to deal with the problem.
    Automatic air valve fitted in August2008 but still getting some bangs and clicks and occasional radiator going cold.
    Feel we have been let down by the Warm Front system as both my wife and i are disabled and unable to work to replace the system.

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  • 345. At 10:39pm on 23 Nov 2008, princechillywilly wrote:

    Hi Dom

    My 88yr old dad had full oil central heating installed in March/April. He has had a long, long list of problems. The last one, a leaking oil pump, has existed since installation and was corrected last month. The house has been stinking of oil for the last 6 months.
    The most serious of the problems were 2 oil leaks, a condensate pipe discharging in the kitchen, and a flue not housed into the boiler.
    What concerns me:
    No faults were identified by four Warmfront inspections by qualified technicians. Only my persistent complaint that my dad should not be living in an oil smog eventually provoked a reaction. This is after a quality control inspections by installing plumber, Warmfront, main contractors, and local council building control.

    Installing plumbers should be OFTEC registered. I checked mine and none were registered.
    Plumbers self assess: They pass their own work as of suitable quality.
    Installing plumbers should complete OFTEC forms CD10 and CD11.
    My installation was appalling and no forms were completed or sent to OFTEC.
    Incidentally, our plumber kindly tried to charge my partially sighted 88 yr old dad £150 extra for a header tank which had been included in the grant!

    It is a poorly run scheme with no regulation, appalling quality control and no consequences for under performing cowboy plumbers

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  • 346. At 10:47pm on 23 Nov 2008, conkedout wrote:

    I think 'turneytowers' is missing the point. Most people are prepared to ''contribute a FAIR AMOUNT towards their boilers'' (if they are able) but not to be mistreated and ripped off by the people who are supposed to be helping them.
    Many people genuinely have worked and can't work anymore for various reasons.
    People on low incomes need help as well,
    it's not a competition !

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  • 347. At 07:27am on 24 Nov 2008, dottymona wrote:

    My elderly neighbours applied for a warm front grant they were asked for an additional £1500 towards the new boiler and 7 radiators. They couldn't afford this but the local council and the british legion gave them some money towards it leaving them to pay the rest of there savings. After fitting the boiler kept coming on at very odd times the aftersales people were less than helpful saying they must have messed with the control unit after the fitters left which they hadn't. Eventually they received a new timer switch and the engineer fitting it said it was a common problem with that particular timer. Some of these firms are causing stress to vulnerable people.

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  • 348. At 10:50am on 24 Nov 2008, oneshowfanxtwo wrote:

    My parents had a Warm Front Grant and installation was carried in Nov 07. No options were given about boiler position or surface mounted pipes. The boiler was positioned in such a way that my elderly parents could not access it easily. The unit leaked continually for 3 weeks after installation, trading standards, local MP took up the case but nothing transpired. Eventually they paid £1200.00 to reposition the boiler in a suitable place for easy & safe access.

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  • 349. At 11:01am on 24 Nov 2008, jackiegibbons wrote:

    i had a 4 thousand pound grant from warm front they recommended a oil boiler cause i havnt got gas mains to my property so i said ok i was told thaty there would be a small amount to pay which turned out to be 2188 pounds (small) af ter paying all that the first boiler was faulty so they put another one in i have had nothing but problems with this boiler. myself and my daughter are both disabled and we are living in misery because the boiler keeps breaking down and we have no hot water or heating in the last 6 weeks it has broken down 6 times now im getting really angry that this boiler has cost me a fortune and is not efficient. warmfront provided the boiler and installers so they should follow up and make sure customers are happy with the service provided cause i am not happy at all. they also told me the boiler would save me money in actual fact the boiler is very expensive for somebody who is disabled and on benefits it is not cost effective and i have had enough now and will be seeking professional advice I AM A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER

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  • 350. At 11:36am on 24 Nov 2008, Frany0904 wrote:

    Dear Dom. Saw the 'Warmfront' piece last week. My mother had a nightmare with them in 2006 for a new boiler installation and my main comment is re the cost of installing this and the quote given by contractor used. She was £246 over the £2,700 allowance but was told by Warmfront basically 'no money, no boiler'. This money had to be paid before work would start (it had already been delayed months). It was alot of money to her. Warmfront said she could try and claim this money from her local authority, which we did try and do, but it was the end of their financial year and they were over budget so no help given. I paid the money for her in the end. The installation was fraught throughout and the company who carried out the installation made it hard as well (trying to get through to them, no-one returned calls etc etc). So experience of Warmfront - not good!!! Would not recommend it, hope they get better!

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  • 351. At 1:25pm on 24 Nov 2008, 23Cally wrote:

    I received a grant from Warm Front for £2,700 for a new boiler and a radiator in the kitchen but I had to put an extra £300.00 towards this. The engineers from an installation company came and installed the new boiler but insisted that they could not put in a radiator in the kitchen because they had to completely take up all my bedroom floor, don't know why because they only had to take a pipe from the radiator in the lounge just the other side of the door into the kitchen. They completely refused to do it and said it could not be done, they just could not be bothered. They then said that I had to take out insurance on the boiler with this particular company and stood over me whilst I signed up. I later find out from Warm Front that the boiler is covered any way and I am to ring them if there is anything wrong with the boiler. Warm Front and the Government are being totally ripped off by the installation companies they are using, I also have lost my £300.00 for the radiator that I paid for. It is a very good scheme but Warm Front are being very hood winked.

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  • 352. At 2:43pm on 24 Nov 2008, Pat-Rog wrote:

    The work carried out by Warm front in May 2007 was generally of a good standard and all within the £2700.00 Grant Limit although the final inspection process was very poor (there was none) the work included:
    1. Heating - They replaced the 26 year old boiler with a standard condensing (not Combination) boiler, the circulating pump and programable room thermostat -
    2. Increased Roof insulation.
    The work was carried out quickly and there has been only one problem with the condensate waste leaking which was attended to quickly.
    My father also had a system installed under the Warm Front grant 6 month earlier and this cost him an extra £15 for The Boiler, pump, Hot water cylinder, programmer 3 way valve and roomstat plus, roof insulation.
    I Believe These were both dealt with by the Newcastle office of EAGA and installation by Iguana.
    EAGA must monitor the excessive quotes and plumbers daywork/hourly rates reported, they hold the " Taxpayers Purse" and are responsible for the contractors they are using particularly where applicants have no choice and also EAGA have resonsibility for the final inspection of work before they pay the contractor.
    I noted that some others have also had problem with being initially turned down by ill advised EAGA staff quoting that the boiler must not be working at all to qualify for the grant, which is a practical nonsence unless they are able to complete the surveys and installation within a few days, as a tip if a boiler is not a condensing boiler usually over 10 years old and you qualify for the grant apply in the summer months its far more likely for the boilers to break down completely when they are used most in the winter months. "Be prepared"

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  • 353. At 3:10pm on 24 Nov 2008, wearingthin wrote:

    We had cavity wall insulation and loft insulation fitted under the warm front grant, the whole process was very good and the recommended firm were excellent, they were called Dyson. We then had the grant for our mother in law who had a new boiler fitted, which involved moving it into the garage and all the radiators were checked and cleaned out. We were concerned of course because she is elderly but the Dyson workmen were great and very clean and tidy in there work. She had to put some money towards the work because she had previously had cavity wall insulation and loft insulation work done. We have been very pleased with all the work carried out and with the involment of EAGA has been very efficient too. Whilst some people have had problems please let people know that some people have also had good service.

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  • 354. At 4:38pm on 24 Nov 2008, jollysargent wrote:

    My friend is disabled and in his eighties. He had a visit from Warm Front in 2005 and was advised that his back-boiler was old and inefficient and that they could replace it with a more efficient boiler and within the grant allowed. My friend agreed to have the work done and the company removed the old boiler and disconnected the existing gas fire.
    The system worked for 6 months. Calls were made to the company and engineers called and on two of their visits they flushed the system and, on request, reconnected the gas fire which was often the only source of heat. Several more calls were made and each time the system worked for a little longer up to the time that it was no longer under the company’s warranty.
    Calls were made to Warm Front with very little success and because my friend was without hot water or heating, he contacted British Gas. He took out a service agreement with British Gas (this cost him £144) and there were several attempts made to get the system working. Eventually it was thought that the pipe-work to the radiators might need upgrading and this was carried out at a cost of £320.
    The system continued to work intermittently until a visit from a Northumbrian Water engineer in 2008 changed the position of pipe-work on the boiler which has resulted in no further problems this year.
    My friend suffered a great deal of stress throughout this time and wishes he had never had the visit from Warm Front and had never had his original working boiler removed.
    An independent survey with a recommendation of what would properly suit an individuals’ home and circumstances might have brought up the fact that this disabled pensioner was unable to weigh the pros and cons of a new system within a Victorian terraced home with no double glazing to very large sash windows, no cavity walls to fill and because of Attic rooms, no loft insulation. The result is extremely high energy bills and a home that is very difficult to heat no matter what heating is in place.

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  • 355. At 6:11pm on 24 Nov 2008, Frankstarvin wrote:

    We applied for, and were given a Warmfront grant 3 years ago,for the full amount, £2,700 in the hope of renewing our ancient gas boiler, but we were told that it had to be condemned before a new one could be installed. As it was still working that was that. However we could have our back door draught proofed as it wasn't double glazed. The company employed to do this charged £300 !
    Recently the boiler was condemned by British Gas, so now we can have it renewed, but according to the Surveyor from the firm that will do the job, it will cost about £400 more than the £2,300 remaining on the grant. If I was allowed to employ my own contractor it would cost much less.
    Although this is a good idea in principle, it seems open to abuse, and needs a lot more supervision by the government body EAGA who run it.
    Herne Bay

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  • 356. At 7:38pm on 24 Nov 2008, sterob wrote:

    I have been authorised for a Warm Front grant but it has gone down hill since then.
    The surveyor came out for a gas heating system and said it could not be done as I was on the seventh floor and it was a safety problem fitting a flue to an outside wall.
    The electricity surveyor came and said it was straightforward and I would hear from them with an installation date.
    After a month I contacted them and they inform me that they are waiting on the final agreement from Warm Front. Warm Front confirm it is in the pile waiting for authorisation, this normally takes a month but could be longer as their system had been down!
    At this rate the winter will be over before I get any heating installed - great system!!

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  • 357. At 8:15pm on 24 Nov 2008, angtre wrote:

    I am single self employed mum and When i bought my house it had an old oil system which was not working properly and costing a fortune to run! One consolation was that it also had a SOLAR panal for hot water which being south facing was great! FREE HOT WATER!!!
    In JUNE 2007 after the inspection i was awarded a full WARMFRONT GRANT!
    It would seem WARMFRONT are unable to connect to a solar panel ? and in order to have my new energy saving heating system i have to not have my solar panel!!!????
    The company that service my solar panel are goverment approved but not to work with warmfront! Thay have said its simple and cant see what WARMFRONTS PROBLEM IS!
    Two simple plumbing connections seem to have thrown the whole warmfront system into melt down!!
    So i have to leave my solar panel on my roof UNCONNECTED to my water tank in order to get a money saving heating system.
    The money it will cost to heat the water (insted of it being free from the sun) will make the system use more electric/oil and be less ECO and save nothing!!!
    Where is the sence in all that?
    My calls are ignored, im passed from one department to another and getting nowhere nearly 2 years after the whole prosses started!!!


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  • 358. At 8:25pm on 24 Nov 2008, poshlouiseedward wrote:

    We also paid £4K for a gas boiler to be fitter by British Gas. We asked for a combi boiler but was told our water pressure was not good enough. Our next door neighbours have just had one fitted for a lot less. Have we been taken for a ride too??

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  • 359. At 8:28pm on 24 Nov 2008, gelandenwagen wrote:

    Well done Dom.

    Didn't see the show but as I am a surveyor for Iguana I've heard about it over the past week.

    I called today to a client in Luton, a lady of 94, on her own with an approximately thirty year old boiler and a hot water cylinder in less than pristine condition. She called in a neighbour to the survey for advice and who had seen your show.

    After a heated exchange with him I suggested it best I leave.

    He is under the impression Warmfront is a scam, it's contractors all cowboys who overcharge but had no idea of what the scheme is for, what it covers and how it works but the client trusts him.

    I am so annoyed at the show I can't bring myself to watch it but I hope you were able to provide within the piece a comparison for the public on how many installations are satisfactory against how many are unsatisfactory and what regions of the country they are in.

    With the scheme installing sometimes a thousand jobs a week through a variety of contractors employing flesh and blood human beings there will be failures.

    Well, surprise, surprise! Bet it's no more than if the clients had gone to a private contractor and paid out of their own pockets.

    As a result of your article there is now a 94 year old lady living on her own with a 30 year old boiler labelled by the gas board as placing her 'at risk' but working. (A gas board service engineer on Friday 21st November was apparently kind enough to ring Warmfront on her behalf to inform them of the situation and I attended today, 24th, as she was a priority client).

    She has a boiler connected to a heating system that may or may not take the pressure of the combination boiler her (non- heating engineer) neighbour believes she requires.

    She has an asbestos flue which the private installation company I assume he intends to recommend to her will possibly dump somewhere after breaking it up in her kitchen (oh yes, I hope you mentioned that one of the reasons some Warmfront prices are high is that we have to get specialists in to dispose of products containing asbestos correctly (there are many common boilers that contain asbestos; we have a list and use it) and BTW we are also able recycle 80% plus of the rubbish we take from a house, not just landfill it).

    The neighbour was convinced he could get the job done for the client cheaper than the grant by a private contractor but I don't recall hearing him say he'd pay the money for her or that the local authority, Luton Borough Council, would have paid the excess over the £2700 grant for her either. (I can't praise Luton Council's policy of helping it's residents high enough).

    I'll keep an eye on the local paper and see if her name crops up. Be sure I'll let you know.

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  • 360. At 9:12pm on 24 Nov 2008, keefycat wrote:

    we were awarded a warm front grant and had to pay an extra £300. we had a new boiler and hot water tank fitted. we didn't think this to be too unreasonable until the invoice arrived and the parts were valued at £800 leaving £2200 for labourers consisting of 2 gas fitters and an electrician who were here for a max of 10 hours ( over 2 days) not a bad days earnings.

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  • 361. At 9:33pm on 24 Nov 2008, tian99lab wrote:

    We applied and were given a grant of £2700 to fit new gas boiler and hot water cylinder and were told we would receive an estimate for the work and if required would have to pay any extra above the grant. We were also told we would receive 4 FREE low energy light bulbs. When the estimate came it was set out as follow :-
    Light Bulbs £8.09 Contractors quotation to complete work £2338.15. cost of materials £805.60. Total cost of work £3151.84. our contribution £505.63. We thought this was outragous but paid this on our credit card as we needed the boiler and as OAP's it would be the only way we would ever afford it . The boiler was fittted in 1 day by 1 man and the electrics were completed in 2. 1/2 hours by 2 men in all the workforce were here for 9.1/2 hours. We feel that someone somewhere is making a lot of money from the goverment and people like us. As for the light bulbs we didnt need them anyway as we have already fitted them all over the house. We thought that the grant of £2700 would be more than enough to cover everything.

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  • 362. At 01:56am on 25 Nov 2008, Moonwired wrote:

    I am disabled and am a single parent of small twins.i had a Warmfront grant to fit a boiler and some radiators just over two years ago.The work was undertaken by a team from Iguana who I have subsequently been told were "let go" due to high nombers of complaints.They wrecked furniture and furnishings and ran roughshod over my house for a week.They were rude and intimidating and left the job details dangerously unfinished.
    They also misfitted the flue and an inspector later had to arrange for it to be re-done.things like unplugging a full chest freezer and not telling me,so we lost all its contents,leaving large screws sticking through walls and smashing various possesions.The complaint procedure was then purposely obfuscated so I never got the promised recompense.
    However,not two months after the measley 2year guarantee ran out,the boiler gaev out and we have been without heating for 7 weeks now.It took officials at Eaga 5 weeks to get an engineer in and he basically said that 2 years was an acceptable life expectancy for this boiler.
    I can't afford to have it fixed so what do we do for heat this winter?Eaga won't accept that there must be a manufacturing defect with this boiler and I am in the process of trying to put through a further complaint.I wonder how far that will go before they scupper all my attempts.
    I have,however,logged my situation with DEFRA which is the Gov't office responsible for this shambles of a "service" to the low income bracket and they have let me know that it is logged alonside 14,000 other complainants and that they suspect the actual number of problems to be much higher because the majority of work carried out under the scheme has been in the homes of the aged and under resourced who are unaware or unable to log a complaint.
    This should be investigated further.

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  • 363. At 11:05am on 25 Nov 2008, holbeachhappyface wrote:

    We received a warm front grant in about February this year for a new central heating boiler.
    The initial survey was done, a site inspection was carried out by a member of the installation company and we were advised the new boiler would be installed within 6 weeks.
    The installation took place in May and we were very pleased with the quality of workmanship. Because of the nature of the installation it took two days but they made sure we had hot water and heating over night.
    The boiler has been working very efficiently and we would be happy to recommend the service.

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  • 364. At 1:22pm on 25 Nov 2008, sharonwoods wrote:

    My parents recieved a warm front home grant and had an inspection to consider the best energy avings for them. They were recommended a new boiler which they agreed to. After a short wait they recieved a letter stating they would need to pay an extra £2,500-00 on top of the full grant for the works. Our local plumber has said that he would supply and fit a new boiler for about £1000-00 in total. Not surprisingly they do not have a new boiler and continue to have either hot water or heating.

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  • 365. At 1:32pm on 25 Nov 2008, IanRaine wrote:

    Ian Raine

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  • 366. At 1:40pm on 25 Nov 2008, IanRaine wrote:

    Ian Raine


    Re your request for information on new heating installed by sub-contractors for Warm Front - govt backed grant.

    I was told that I could have a new boiler & tank etc for £4100 of which £2700 would be paid for by Warm Front. I was also told that the work would take 3 to 4 days.

    An appointment was made and the contractor turned up but did not agre with what I had been told about where the boiler would be sited.

    The next appointment was made and the contractor said it would take 1 day to complete!

    On the third appointment they started work. They arrived at 10 am and left at 8 pm. They have put the boiler in the front bedroom which we did not want them to do and they have put the water tanks in a bedroom upstairs and have not boxed them in which they said they would. On the second day they arrivved at 10 am and left at 10 pm - we felt that we had been imprisoned in our own home for two days as they left that night!

    The electronic control for the boiler was put in our airing cupboard but it is too dark to see it as there is no light in there. We had asked for this to be placed in the kitchen but they did not carry out our request.

    I have found that we are using a lot more water than before the installation as the water takes a long time to heat up from when you turn the tap on. We are also using a lot more gas than for the same period last year - as i have checked our records.

    It has not been a pleasant experience at all and we are still waiting for Warm Front to answer our complaint.... It has also priobably altered the value of our property!!!

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  • 367. At 2:35pm on 25 Nov 2008, pamamas wrote:

    My wife and I are both in our 70's and on pension credit. Last year our boiler broke down and we applied to Warm front for a replacement under the warm front scheme.
    They came out and gave us a quote of £3700 of which £2700 was covered under the grant.
    We got 3 independent quotes from other Corgi approved contractors ranging from £2000 to £2700.
    We were informed that we could not use these as they were contractors in the scheme. We could only use their contractors.

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  • 368. At 8:18pm on 25 Nov 2008, ladymadmax wrote:

    My grant just covered the cost of replacing my old boiler that had packed up. We had a very very long wait and at least a few months without heating. I ended up having to buy a couple of electric heaters. When it was finally installed by the plumbers who seemed fine i was told i needed more time of for the electrician. This was to be done 2 weeks later however i could use the boiler. Took more time of only to be let down at least twice by the electician who seemed not to want to do the job! The installation company eventually told me he'd left the company and they sent someone else. He worked really hard was at my house 8 hours so as to finish the job but he gave me the impression that the emplyees were not happy with thier bosses and how they ran things. I was also given the impression that alot of the money for the grants doesn't end up with the plumbers and electricians. On the whole it was the only way i could fund my new boiler but feel the grants are being abused, the job could have been done alot cheeper. The grant should be made more open to compertion i could have had other work done for that money.

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  • 369. At 8:49pm on 25 Nov 2008, leahcim836 wrote:

    I'm 70. I enquired about getting a grant for loft insulation material. Our loft is cluttered with stuff and it will be impossible to clear it which is the condition which a contractor requires to do the insulation. We have none in some places and 3" over most of the loft but also have a little 6" material so that disqualifies us from a full grant and we would have to pay at least £140.
    All I wanted was a few rolls of material but the scheme is inflexible and will not allow me to do it myself.

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  • 370. At 10:05pm on 25 Nov 2008, adrianthrift wrote:

    My Mother who is 88 would have qualified for this assistance. However, when her existing boiler broke down there was no chance of any help from Warm front as the timescales they were talking about were many weeks for an inspection. We had no choice but get a new boiler and pay or have her live in a house over the winter with no heating. This has not been thought through.

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  • 371. At 12:51pm on 26 Nov 2008, DieselDD wrote:

    We had warmfront fit a new boiler and update our system to a fully pumped pressurised system, meaning new pipework to a new cylinder in the airing cupboard. The surveyor costed the job (we had to pay £700 extra) - I have no problem with that, and said the job would take two days.

    The team of three came in - couple of weeks before Christmas 2000, I had already taken up the necessary floor boards as some are screwed and I didn't want them just ripping them up, they finished the job in one day but left all the boards up that I had taken up for them.

    When I attempted to replace the boards the new pipes were proud therefore not allowing the boards to be refitting. Because of Christmas and New Year no one could come back until after then and we were stuck without a bedroom. Due to my wife's disability this was not an option so I re-notched the joists myself, lowered the pipes and re-instated everything next day.

    The boiler was supposed to be fitted on the wall so as to allow the wall cupboard to enclose it. The pipes work was so messy that the cupboard could not be refitted. I cut it down from 1000mm to 500mm and fitted the modified unit beside the boiler.

    Loads of work for me - luckily I have the skills but am only just capable myself. What if this had been another household and they had been left in this mess?

    I think the agency is being conned as I am sure the installers charged for two days work but did one very rushed and unsatisfactory day. I complained but heard nothing.

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  • 372. At 5:02pm on 26 Nov 2008, steelyweely wrote:

    a friend of mine applied in april 2006 for the grant,it took four months and that was without boiler working, the cost was estimated£3592.66 the company requested £998.92 to be paid before work could start,I thought this was excessive so contacted warm front (eaga) they said they could do nothing about the price,as they did not set the prices ,you will have to contact the contractor who is doing the work and they said that they dont set the price ,warm front do. I said that warm front told me different so they said ok then we will knock £100 pounds off the amount,any way the work was carried out,all working but the electrical work was diabolical,they threaded cables through the garage all on the wrong side of the existing plumbing knocked holes through into the kitchen.( and never bricked up the hole )to run a new earth cable to the water (rising main)stop tap, new regulations but clipped the cable to the surface of plastered archway what a mess .it took one man two full days to re-route this earth cable. the brick work from where the old boiler was sighted looks a mess.when the boiler was installed the plumber said that they had priced an extra £200 for a stainless flue to go through the roof, which was not used ,they fitted a balanced flue instead . sothe plumber said to ring the contracter as you will get the£200 reimbursed I rang them, they said youve already had your discount,seems this company has sold out to another owner since all the complaints in the local press. not to be recommended.

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  • 373. At 5:33pm on 26 Nov 2008, laughingdaisycow wrote:

    We were told by British Gas when they did our annual service that our boiler had come to the end of the road and needed replacing. They made an appointment for their engineer to call to give a quote. In the meantime we got quotes from 2 local builders for the work needed. Both were around £2,000 for the complete replacement of boiler and new rad valves etc. When Gas engineer called, he told us about Warm Front as I am disabled. They came to see me and confirmed that we qualified for the £2,700. The engineer called to survey the job. It was just a one for one boiler exchange - no rad valves etc. We got a letter from Warm Front asking us to pay over £600 to get job done. The labour cost was £2502 plus parts etc. The engineer from Iguana called to do job. The day after the electrician came to wire it up. Altogether they worked a total of 12 and a half hours between them - not a bad rate of pay. Work was done. A lot of mess made and didn't work at first. New valve to pump fitted. Still a fault on system as water doesn't always heat up. Awaiting electrician to come back. Insspector came from warm front and failed the installation for a number of reasons. System not flushed out, new rad valave not fitted, leak on outside pipe, damage to property and total lack of respect for property. Still waiting for re inspection, though only leak has been done. It's heartbraking to have to find all this money when grant should have covered it. Both our quotes were for much more work and were for only £2000 with a guarantee that no mess would be made. Who gets the profit from warmfront if government pay the full amount to them. Please help Dom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 374. At 9:09pm on 26 Nov 2008, goodianmichael wrote:

    i was originally told i could have a grant in early 2005 but after loads of apologies and excuses warm front finally sent a surveyor round in september this year. although we had radiators already fitted in every room from our previous system we were told they could not be used. The surveyor said we would have to have gas connected to our house and we woukd have a new boiler and 5 radiators fitted. In october we got a letter stating we would get the grant but we had to make a contribution of £2089.86 as the total cost would be £4567. obviously we cantafford this so it was all a bit of a waste of time!+

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  • 375. At 00:39am on 27 Nov 2008, Moonwired wrote:

    I left a comment earlier but would like to know;
    Is this subject is going to be followed up on a One Show programme in the future?

    It would seem there are a great many issues and everyone's story is different but the main two points are;

    a) The warmfront scheme has caused a lot of misery and Eaga isn't sorting it out

    b) The details of which companies and government departments are hand in glove over this scheme and its profits are potentially scandalous.

    This warrants a full and thorough investigation and as people are suffering daily now that it is Winter,the sooner the better.
    Does someone have to die of hypothrmia before things are put right?


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  • 376. At 8:43pm on 27 Nov 2008, masteve wrote:

    I contacted warm font for my Mother, the outcome was she would have to pay £1700 towards the cost plus £400 for two extra radiators, that means she would still have fewer radiators than she has now.
    I had my system changed last year, new boiler and seven radiators for the cost of £1200.
    My system has one draw back, the new combi boiler not has good as the old one that was a fireback boiler like my Mother's is now. So warm fron won't be doing the work keeping the old boiler. wish I could go back to the old boiler, bills are no cheaper but it would be warmer.

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  • 377. At 10:08am on 28 Nov 2008, marineGazzaman wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 378. At 12:26pm on 28 Nov 2008, susieq43 wrote:

    You asked for input on firms operating this scheme.

    We had a totally positive experience. My husband is 87 years old and so was entitled to benefit under the scheme. A representative of the company (Mr. Virgilijus Avizinis) contracted to do the work explained it all to us and went through the customer agreement with us. The company, Dawsetway Ltd of Woolwich Tel. 020 8312 7700, did the work within the grant allowance, efficiently, and subsequently followed up re service.

    Clearly we did not get the dishonest cowboys who have been brought to your attention. Maybe some of the people who can't afford the cowboys could use the firm that we had.

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  • 379. At 6:21pm on 28 Nov 2008, mightysarahm wrote:

    my father had warmfront install a new boiler and 3 new radiators last year. he had to pay £150 on top of the grant which was for £2400. He spoke to my cousin who is a plumber and was told that they could of installed all of this for the fraction of the price as they used his old radiators downstairs. He had problems with the pipes in the hallway and had to fight to get them to come and sort it out which eventually they did. Although he seems to have got off lightly compared to some, it was still an upheavel and took alot of time and effort on his part for them to sort these problems out. The goverment should moniter the companies who do the work and make sure the money is being spent wisely, not by cowboys who only do half a job.

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  • 380. At 10:59am on 29 Nov 2008, geminipaddywack wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 381. At 1:40pm on 29 Nov 2008, roymizen wrote:

    It has been slow in getting to beibg informed that I can have work done, but I am expected to pay £400. But now I hesitate? a. Are the company ripping the Gov i.e, me a tax payer off. b. all of the cmplaints that I have heard about on the Fab One Show.

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  • 382. At 7:20pm on 29 Nov 2008, tapfret wrote:

    we applied for loft insulation and a new water-tank jacket. the contractor turned up and,was polite and seemed quite effiscient. In all,they spent about thirty minutes in our loft. The next day,we were having loft boards laid in order to give us easy access to the loft space. When the builder entered the loft, he called me up to see what a mess the insulation contractor had made of the task. It looked as if they had stood at the hatchway,closed their eyes and thrown the insulation material onto the loft floor. In order to lay the loft boards, the builder had to lift all the insulation material and redo the entire job. Of course,the builder charged by the hour and therefore,the job was more costly. Never again. The tax payer is being ripped off.

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  • 383. At 2:56pm on 30 Nov 2008, greenpetesblog wrote:

    We made enquiries with Warm Front. Our boiler was 32 years old and due to 4 year old son's poor health, we needed to ensure we had no problems with an out of date boiler. I am not on a good income and my wife has had to give up work to care for son. Warm front said that they were unable to help until the boiler broke down and was irrepairable. So I couldnt take the risk of having no heating during winter with a sick child. Also they would not let us use a Corgi plumber (that has been a friend for 20 years) who is considerably cheaper. It seems like just a governement publicity stunt to me. The amount of conditions they place upon getting a grant was unbelievable

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  • 384. At 4:47pm on 01 Dec 2008, susielusie wrote:

    My neighbour in North Devon had a Warm Front central heating system installed 6 years ago, without problems. However, it has broken down twice, the second time in October 2008. It was a nightmare trying to get it mended. It took 25 days before the hot water and heating were functioning again. Contacting WarmFront was useless, the engineers coming from Bristol, or Taunton or Torquay had no idea why they were visiting, and did not know that other engineers were also visiting. Parts were ordered and were not brought to do the repair, or the wrong parts arrived, or some of the right parts. There were a total of 8 engineer visits before the boiler was mended. This was a repair completed at considerable cost and with great inefficiency. There was no action until the beginning of week 4 when her daughter became very assertive and aggressive with the contracted company and Warm Front.

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  • 385. At 8:42pm on 01 Dec 2008, catnich wrote:

    I applied for a Warmfront grant several years ago for a combi-boiler and radiators. I live in a 2 bedroomed flat-rooved, flat with my son. I am a single parent, I work but don't earn very much. The accessor was sent about a year later. He told me that many flats were too small for a grant but being an older flat, mine was bigger and qualified. i had to wait a few more months for a job contractor to survey the flat. He told me that the work would cost less than the grant, but he also told me that I would have to personally organise and pay for scaffolding to reach the window to fit the flu and a diamond floor cutter because my floor is concrete. This he thought would cost £1500 that I did not have, he suggeted that he recommened storeage heaters and asked me to sign to accept his recommendation. I never heard from them again. I have not had any heating for 4 years except a couple of oil filled radiators. We are cold.

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  • 386. At 3:21pm on 02 Dec 2008, poetjogger wrote:

    My eighty-year-old aunt applied for a grant to insulate her home. I arranged for the company to call after 10 a.m. as she takes a time to get dressed and downstairs each morning - they turned up at 8 a.m., much to her chagrin. There was no-one qualified to deal with insulating her sash cord windows in her Edwardian terraced house, there was no-one qualified to make the loft access big enough to take up the rolls of loft insulation. She ended up with foam around her doors (she couldn't shut them after the work had been done). She was very upset by their early arrival; she did not want to have them disturb her like that again. Thus, she refused to let them re-arrange for a 'qualified' sash-cord window insulation installer and 'qualified' carpenter to complete the jobs they should have completed in the first place, afterall they had called on a previous occasion to survey the property.

    I did complete a questionnaire which the workers left and duly sent it off. Neither I not my aunt have ever received an acknowledgement of the feedback let alone an apology for upsetting my aunt by their early call and lack of foresight.

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  • 387. At 5:57pm on 02 Dec 2008, roccokirk wrote:

    my mother had a warmfront grant and payed almost half towards that only to still be left with a complete wreck of a house, bad shodyworkmanship that was done in april and still not bin rectified after we have complained and been inspected,

    she is 72 and recently widdowed and now has holes everywere, odd radiators,scorched woodwork,hanging plaster and a coal fire with a back boiler that they have not bin to disconnect,the list goes on and no one will do anything about this leaving my mother a distress woman.

    having rang warmfront and the contracters we get passed off to other receptionists who have been extremely rude to a lady of 72.
    we are unsre of what action we should take next.

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  • 388. At 7:16pm on 02 Dec 2008, warriorAlfiebass wrote:

    Mrs. J. Buckingham - Haddenham, Aylesbury

    My husband (87years old) and I (68 years old) applied for a Warm Front grant last year.We were informed (after an assesor had inspected our bungalow) that we would have to pay upfront £700 in addition to the grant of £2,700. to supply and fit five radiators and a new boiler.They cut off three working radiators and removed one more.

    On August 29th this year a pipe burst in our loft (this was due to a coroded joint that should have been checked by the installation engineer but was not) This sent scalding water puoring down through the ceilings and down walls in our toilet, bathroom and hallway. It also came through the ceiling in the lounge that we had recently had decorated.

    Insurance assesors arranged to have fans and humidifyers delivered (in all a total of 6 fans and 2 humidifyers) 2 fans in the bathroom, 2 in the loft and 2 in the lounge.

    I had a hip replacement operation on 2nd September and after 6 days in hospital had to endure two weeks of endless disruption and constant noise. It was practically impossible to sleep as the fans were working 24/7. All this because a simple check was NOT made.

    Furthermore, when the workmen left having completed the installation, we ourselves had to clear up the mess and rubbish that they left. A sure sign of poor workmanship!!

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  • 389. At 5:25pm on 03 Dec 2008, boogeybird wrote:

    Jan 05 I had a boiler installed by the warm front people. Nobody came to service it until this year. The man who came could not service it as it had been installed to close to the wall and could not get the front off.
    When i spoke to warm front they said it had been serviced twice and now it was not covered by them. I asked if they could get it moved away from the wall and was told there was no funding to do this. As of today it has still not been moved and still not been serviced.

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  • 390. At 2:10pm on 04 Dec 2008, mickgriff wrote:

    I have recieved a phone message today (4/12/08) from warm front saying I did not now have to pay any extra money towards my grant of £2700, As they have had the cost covered by additional funding for my area,
    my first blog number 121

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  • 391. At 4:22pm on 04 Dec 2008, wildannoyed wrote:

    Iguana were contracted to replace our CH boiler, work scheduled for two days but extending over four months, rectifying and reworking poor installation not carried out to survey specification.

    The “Iguana partnership” incorporating Eaga and Warmfront all cosily ensconced in the same building, could do with some basic skills training:

    Time keeping, return customer phone calls, use their mobile phones to keep customers informed as well as colleagues, understand the meaning of customer care…………..

    With four months history to substantiate the above failings – plus days without heating and a plumbing leak causing serious damage and inconvenience, following the boiler replacement.

    We now finally have our home restored to order, following major repair works because of the pipe work leak, and a functioning hot water/CH system, but at what cost. The whole episode has been disruptive, exhausting, upsetting, worrying and depressing. We do not need this in retirement and ill health.

    An appointment was scheduled last Friday morning for the boiler electrics to be checked, but no one turned up – nothing has changed!

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  • 392. At 09:54am on 06 Dec 2008, CoolGrahamH1 wrote:

    Hi dom & The One Show

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  • 393. At 11:36am on 06 Dec 2008, CoolGrahamH1 wrote:

    Hi Dom & The One Show Team

    Can I First say a huge thankyou for getting involved in the Warmfront situation. I am not surprised to learn of others having the same problems as i am having. A totally bad experience - never again!!

    It all began back in 2006 when I applied for a warmfront grant , I applied for this as I was claiming DLA as I have been diagnosed with dystonia, a neurological condition.

    When Warmfront wrote back telling me that they wanted a further £1363.00 on top of the grant(£2700) I was shockedand couldnt afford this as it was getting close to xmas, so I left it for a while. After xmas I started to write letters to certain charities for help and eventually I raised the money to go ahead.

    The Installers came in April 2007 and had a look around for 10 minutes with his trainee and said this job is no problem but would be back tomorrow which sent alarm bells ringing straight away as they were allocated 2 days for this job. I knew this couldn't be squeezed into one day as I not only having the old system removed but the boiler replaced, 5 rads replaced with 2 extra being fitted.

    When they returned they got straight in with the instillation and as time lapsed I knew they wouldnt be finished and by 7pm they said they would have to come back to finish it off. I wasn't happy about this as we would be left with no heating and having a little one and my wife pregnant with our second child I was absolutely appawled.

    To cut a long story short the installers made a right mess just leaving it for the inspector to pick up the pieces. The main concern was the flue was situated up throught the roof positioned wrong, to the front of the property instead of the back. It was also not sealed and the roof had broken tiles. They came back time after time so I started to dig around a little more involving Trading standards and as it happens they were in breach of the supply of goods and services act 1982. The installers had a right bad attitude and as time went on in the end I asked them to leave to never to return. I have had to pick up the pieces and put things right out of my own pocket.

    It also astounds me to the fact of having to pay a contribution of £1363.00 and on further investigation it turns out they added the parts in twice which is why the price is so high in the first place. They listed the installers costs of 2655.44 and parts £1254.81 but on the parts and labour sheet they sent through it clearly shows that they added parts twice. All the work should of been carried out at the installers cost of £2655.81 and on the first inspection he agreed that i shouldnd of paid any contribution.

    I have alot more information and photo's and would ask if you can help as this situation is still ongoing and is getting quite costly involving solicitors.
    There were a few people with a few good pointers like writing to MP so thanks to them. That will be my next protocal.

    Cheers Dom and hope to speak to you soon.

    Graham Huntley

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  • 394. At 4:23pm on 06 Dec 2008, blackanth wrote:

    I obtained a warm front grant. The person from warmfront who visited me was very pleasant, no complaints regarding warmfront staff. But the contractor nominated to install my central heating was a contractor from hell. First I was told that before the grant could be given I had to pay the contractor an extra 850 pound. The two so call central heating installers caused so much damage I had to refused to let them back into my house to complete inferior work. They strip all my airing cupboard slatted shelves and bearers. I was told that I had to stand the cost of requiring a joiner to construct new shelving. They wrongly drilled holes into the external airing cupboard walls and filled them up with putty. I had to have the holes plastered up. They drilled through the wooden floors for for copperwork access, All the drillings of wood shavens were left hidden under my carpets (fire hazard). They damaged carpets, and did not fit the carpets back. They dinted my fridge freezer which the contracter did a bodge up job. I took up a loose floor board after they had left and found a hand towel of mine that they had used to wipe their hands stuffed with other items such as empty cartons off cuts extra under the floorboards(again a fire hazard). They damaged a dining room set chair, there was a jagged chip of wood on the surface, probably hit with a radiator whilst in transit. They cut through a power extension lead I had for supply to electrical goods, took the plugged off it to test the boiler. They smashed the precast concrete weather drip to the external wall of my house for their plastic pipework, they could have done this neat with a electrical tool. They drilled abortive holes in finish floor surfaces and left them. All pipework was left showing, they told me that I would have to employ a joiner at my cost to fix wooden pipe boards. Holes were left in various locations that needed plastering. A supply box that gave power to my old boiler was left connected live. I ask a so called electrician who connect the boiller to dis-connect the supply and take the box off. His reply was that he was not qualified to turn the mains off to enable the did-connection. Because the system did not require existing tanks into the attic that fed the old boiler. They left the tanks in the loft with other pipework. They were removed at a later date after I had complained by another workperson. They dirted existing carpets with their footwear to the extent that the supervisor got a carpet cleaner in. To conclude there were that many problems with this company, too many to list. Yes they were a contractor from hell. I have never experienced anything like it. If they were not nominated I could have employed a reputable company. My view why this happened was that there was not any supervision whatsoever (breach of Health & Safety), and pure greed for the end product being Lump Sum Money on completeion for the two installers. I have no confidence in the system, so I have spent a yearly fee of 150 pound in case something drastic go's wrong. Futhermore, when the inspector from warmfront came to test the system. He found they had not put inhibitors into the system, although they had signed a document with the date when it was supposedly done, and stuck it on the boiler. In my opnion the system is not functioning correctly and warmfront should - free of charge check the system out.

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  • 395. At 3:39pm on 07 Dec 2008, CoolGrahamH1 wrote:

    Graham - Northumberland
    Previous blog 393

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  • 396. At 10:19am on 08 Dec 2008, amerco wrote:

    as disabled pensioners we applied for a Warmfront grant as our boiler was needing replacing. as we had already had a grant for topping up the loft insulation and cavety wall insulation they said we had to pay a top up ciost of £2259.86, which included VAT of course. the materials cost £973 and the contractors quotation to complete the work was £2518. I was told the work would take 3 days! a lot of money for three days work, however we borrowed from our sons and paid on 27th October. Now 8th December the work was supposed to have been started today but they have delayed that. Apart from the fact that 3 days work could cost more than £2500 We felt that having paid so long ago and the work not having been done yet, with the reduction in VAT surely we would be entitled to something back for the 2.5% VAT reduction which came into being on 1st December. But No. I just wish I had gone into this more at the time but being told it is a Government scheme you imagine you are getting the best deal and people you can rely not to fleece you - not so!

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  • 397. At 5:18pm on 08 Dec 2008, frustratedretired wrote:

    Warmfront grant of full amount £2700 given 18th sept.Total cost of work £3462.69 leaving balance of £853.48 the contract letter stating installation within 28 days of receiveng payment.This was sent 29th Oct and confirmed by them 31st oct.Phoned 24/11 said payment received 31/10 and were proceeding.Phoned again 2/12,told ordering mistake,will be called by 5/12 to arrange installation.NO CALL by 3.30 so phoned them,THEY asked if gas installed yet.Answer no.I was then asked to contact Wales & West Utilities tyo see if gas being installed.This I did and they confirmed Warmfront had ordered and paid for installation on 2nd Dec.Installation would be within 20 days(working) of acceptance by warmfront.Phoned warmfront 8/12 who confirmed all now processed so should have early gas supply,when this is confirmed to them they will arrange CH installation.Will this be 2008,9 or 10?Apart from this they have been sitting on money drawn from saving since 29th october.Interest rates are abysmal but every little helps and I fail to see why I should be the loser.I would also add that from Ist Dec vat dropped by 2.5 % and as I have been charged at the FULL RATE on the £853.48(incl) I should be allowed a rebate on the reduction.I will let you know when installation of gas,and then heating,is completed.Should I ask warmfront for a contribution to my lost interest as well?What a hope.Totally fed up,Michael Andrews

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  • 398. At 5:30pm on 08 Dec 2008, frustratedretired wrote:

    Following my letter of a few minutes ago I forgot to add that the actual cost of the gas supply alone was £568.05 leaving a balance of £285.43 for the acual heating system of 5 radiators.The Gas supply fro the pie in the road outside my gate is exactly 11 metres.When offering these grants the Government do not point out that it does not cover the cost of the supply.

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  • 399. At 8:37pm on 10 Dec 2008, cheesecakey2008 wrote:

    my elderly mother had warmfront replace her boiler and central heating in september. originally at a quote of £300 over the grant for an extra radiator but was eventually charged extra £1194.
    british gas has since said that it does not comply with current standards as a pressure relief pipe is not run to the outside.
    a radiator has been fitted so that it obstructs the complete run of her stairlift.
    if there was an electric cut she would be left with no heat as the gas fire was disconnected.
    all the existing radiator pipes were left protuding above floor level which my husband has since made safe. apparently it is no longer legal to fit a radiator under a window(but they did that quite happily in the other 2 bedrooms and living room) which then left her with redecorating costs where the previous radiator was.
    on top of that other shoddy workmanship includes holes left in the ceiling where the pipes were brought down from upstairs.

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  • 400. At 06:23am on 14 Dec 2008, GerryJM wrote:

    In November I wrote that we had been asked to pay £2000+ over and above grant. When we questioned this, a new surveyor was sent, and we were told our contractor had been changed to Iguana. We now have a new quote, asking for a contribution of £131.00.

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  • 401. At 3:24pm on 07 Jan 2009, keithredmond wrote:

    I completely agree The Warm Front Scheme is a National Scandal.
    All independant installers can do the work cheaper.
    I am an independant installer. I supply and fit high quality reliable boilers with a manufacturers 5 year guarantee for a lower cost than Warm Front is charging the tax payer.
    I can not compete with a firm who is installing boilers free paid for out of my taxes. This has decimated my business.
    The Office of Fair Trading agrees that it is unfair competition as only large firms can tender to do the work, which has been traditionally done by independant installers. The Office of Fair Trading say they can do nothing as although unfair it is government policy.
    In my opinion Warm Front are a state assisted restricted practice cartel. They supply a restricted range of boilers and have shares in a boiler manufacturers service devision. Eaga have gone from nothing to the 2nd largest heating installer with prifits of over 86 million pounds. All at the tax payers expense.
    Independent installers could do this work better and at less cost to the tax payer. Also the grants are not all means tested so hard up tax payers are funding free boilers for wealthy people.
    Keith Redmond.

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  • 402. At 10:54pm on 23 Jan 2009, drikky wrote:

    I have totally lost faith in the Warm Front Grant Scheme, early last year my household was awarded the full grant but was then informed that we could not use it has the current outdated hopelessly inefficient boiler was still working and that we would have to wait for it to stop working completely before we could have a Warm Front boiler fitted!

    In the meantime it is costing a fortune to run and I also have to have it maintained at further cost, we also have to have a carbon monoxide reader in the room as the current boiler is a back boiler so not only do we have an obsolete boiler but we also have to live with a draughty vent in the wall as well which is part of the current regulations regarding back boilers. We may as well just sit with the windows open all day as it is so draughty.

    I realise that other applicants could be in greater need than I and did not expect a new boiler overnight and was quite prepared to take my place in the queue for a new boiler but the red tape is unbelievable and a complete farce.

    I am now in a no go situation where the current boiler is too expensive to run but I cannot use the grant. During the recent extreme cold weather we have had to turn the boiler off at times during the day as the running costs are astronomical.

    I contacted Warm Front and asked if I could have the lower grant of £300 which is advertised instead of the full grant as the house was cold and we could not carry on as is and decided that rather than freeze we would have to get in a private installer to change the boiler and that the £300 grant towards replacing the boiler would be better than nothing as it was a struggle to raise the money.

    I was told that NO I could not have the lower grant of £300 as we had already been granted the full grant, i.e. the one we cannot use!.

    I feel like I have been banging my head on the wall as they will not cancel the full grant and let us have the lower grant of £300 consequently we are now left in a position where we have to find the money to pay for a new boiler.

    Why give the grant in the first place if one cannot use it?

    Obviously my face does not fit as far as this scheme is concerned as we have certainly been left out in the cold.

    Just for the record different local gas fitters so far have come up with quotes of around £1500 for the job of installing a new boiler which makes me more convinced than ever that the Warm Front is a total and utter joke when one reads what some grant applicants have had to pay towards the fitting of a new Warm Front boiler.

    There must be others in the same boat as I.

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  • 403. At 11:03pm on 23 Jan 2009, drikky wrote:

    Forgot to mention in my last message that I have now arranged for a local installer to carry out the work.

    We are both pensioners aged 69 and 71, enough said!

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  • 404. At 7:15pm on 29 Jan 2009, quickwaggy1 wrote:

    I am a manager of private sector housing at Slough Borough Council. We had so many complaints about warmfront that I emailed every local authority in the country. I was bombarded with complaints which I forwarded to the government who refused to acknowledge there was a problem. Trading Standards in Newcastle told me they have weekly meetings with Warmfront to discuss the complaints. They are arrogant and refused to disclose breakdown of prices as they said it was against the Data Protection Act. We have to demonstrate 'Best Value' to the government auditors - why don't they?

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  • 405. At 7:38pm on 29 Jan 2009, moneyintegrity wrote:

    I would like to know how much government money is taken up in running Warm Front as a percentage of money given out. I seem to remember that something like 60% of funds went to Warm Front and 40% to those in need which would leave me thinking it would be more efficient to give a cheque to cover home energy improvements to all householders below a specific income level and scrap the organisation.

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  • 406. At 7:41pm on 29 Jan 2009, warm-a-joke wrote:

    I work as a self employed heating engineer, repairing heating equipment in private homes. I have come into conflict with warmfront on several occasions when the equipment they have installed and supposedly serviced has broken down leaving vulnerable people facing large bills or having to go without heating and hot water for long periods of time.
    More recently, i was given to understand that Warmfront, Eaga, Warmsure(their service company) and Ideal boilers ltd along with some others seem to be the main companies responsible for handing out the grants and a large section of the boilers supplied seem to be made by Ideal Boilers, although others are available if you request and are prepared to pay extra. I would welcome information that could confirm or refute this.
    some of the customers i have met who are waiting to have their problems dealt with by warmfront and warmsure have met with great difficulty and in some cases downright rudeness when trying to get throuh the menu and call systems for both of these companies and have eventually given up and taken other routes including borrowing money from family to get their boiler fixed.

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  • 407. At 7:49pm on 29 Jan 2009, chattyjojo wrote:

    I had a new boiler fitted via a warmfront grant 2 months ago and have had problems from day one.The system is very noisy and fires up every 10-15 mins and is clearly audible in every room.I have a neurological illness and the noise the boiler makes has made me much more ill and also very depressed , I have been living in my back bedroom since it was installed as the pc fan and tv mask the noise.All other rooms are impossible to be in so a lot of the time I have no heat.

    Engineers have been out and admitted the system is very noisy but noone will admit this officially so I have complained to Warmfront who have done nothing and my complaint is now with DEFRA.

    The installers advised the manufacturers that the pump was noisy and this was swapped on day three but made no differnce , despite this I'm still being told that there isn't a problem.The installers didn't flush the system and I've been advised that this could be causing the boiler noise , creaking pipes and noisy radiators.

    The gas consumption has increased despite hardly ever being on and recently having the loft insulated.The water is sometimes hot and othetimes just warm and the tap needs to be run for ages to get hot water again increasing costs as I am on a water meter.

    I really wish I'd never heard of Warmfront , I had a working boiler that was none intrusive and hot water before they decided to bring in a boiler that sounds more suited to a runway.The old boiler made a small amout of noise on firing up but this was occasional so with hindsight a new boiler wasn't necessary but warmfront's philosophy is not to repair boilers over 12 years old.The government is paying warmfront to improve people's lives but they've ruined mine.I fear i will lose my house over this as I cannot live with a boiler that makes my health so poor.The whole thing has been a total disaster.

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  • 408. At 8:37pm on 29 Jan 2009, Katiec481 wrote:

    The question is, should we recommend people apply for a grant. The answer is YES. WarmFront would only replace half my radiators (and wouldn't put thermostat controls on the existing ones) , the system is therefore not as efficient as it could have been. There were also teething problems with leaks etc., I could not afford to pay to have the additional radiators replaced and Warm Front would not explain the breakdown of costs to me either (though the girl admitted there was around £700 left over). But at the time I felt I had been helped.... it is such a pity I was not able to have the extra money spent on the radiators. I apparently qualified for cavity wall insulation, but found that this could not be applied to my property, this again, is possibly erroneous. I was also told I should have draught excluders fitted - so they took wooden weather boards off the doors and replaced them with plastic paper strips. It is now colder than it was before. I was told I qualified for loft insultation. As a disabled person, I paid for people to empty my loft ready to take the insulation, only to be told they could not fit it because the loft was part boarded. I asked if they could just lay the wadding over the top because since emptying the loft of old furnishings, bags of clothes etc, (which had acted as a form of insulation) on their instistence, it was now freezing and my bedroom ceiling was growing mildew. They said they cannot help me. That was two years ago and I am still waiting for someone to suggest where I can go for help with this. There is no reason why the government should pay for anything really, but if help is supposed to be available, then why should some people have a better job done than others? This assistance is either there or not. But do not be put off claiming - it is there to help those who qualify, just make sure they tell you exactly what they are quoting for. It's a good job someone is monitoring companies who get a bit power crazy, and aren't as helpful as they should be. KC

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  • 409. At 8:38pm on 29 Jan 2009, dlabbis wrote:

    The thing with this country is that people want things done yesterday. The application specifies the timescales set BY THE GOVENMENT yet people expect the warmfront people to act as an emergency service when they are far from it. If they want things done ASAP then they should pay for it with a separate breakdown cover.

    might add the warmfront grant is an etitlement your getting most of the work done for nothing yet its explained it may go into excess at the point of application so why complain when it does when you were made aware of it.

    Give them a break theyre only human and the team on the phones at the warmfront grant are only trying help theres only so much they can do GIVE THEM A CHANCE AND REMEMBER THEY'RE ONLY HUMAN

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  • 410. At 10:50pm on 29 Jan 2009, basic_facts wrote:

    Re: Turneytower's recent comment.

    Oh dear. It appears you haven't spoken to many people who are in receipt of benefits.

    Many people who are on benefits find themselves in this position due to redundancy or ill-health. I have a chronic back condition, and work part time because I am not physically able to work full time. My montly wage is taken into consideration when my housing and council tax benefit is calculated. I do not receive the full amount, and have to top the rest up from my low income.

    After paying for food and utility bills (for which I do not receive any free payments) I do not have any extra money per week to pay the goverment towards a home front grant. Therefore your suggestion that this should be brought into operation is totally absurd. Sorry.

    For your information, those who don't work, and who live in privately rented accommodation, often do not receive full housing/council tax benefits. This is because in most areas, the weekly rent is above the amount the Council's rent officers considers to be a fair rent. (And if one disputes the rent with a private landlord, then he/she can always find a tenant who IS prepared to pay the amount of rent set). So, unless someone on Jobseeker's Allowance is fortunate to be offered a council or housing association property (the waiting list in my area is approx 3 years), the top up in rent and council tax has to come out of their Jobseeker's Allowance, which is currently in the sum of £60.50 per week. I wonder how many people reading this would be able to live on that amount, taking into consideration food and bills, plus topping up their rent/council tax.

    So, referring again to your suggestion that a weekly payment out of people's benefits should be paid back to the government towards a home front grant is completely financially impractical.

    Please visit your local jobcentre and have a look around next time you're passing. You will be surprised at the professional set-up and jobsearch facilities available. All claimants have to actively seek work and attend interviews offered, otherwise Jobseeker's Allowance will be suspended, and in some cases, even stopped altogether.

    And, many people out of a job DO know what it is like for those of you who are working - having been there themselves until unforeseen circumstances changed their situation.

    I hope you will not lose your job or your home - but if you do, I think you'll find yourself eating a large slice of humble pie.

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  • 411. At 00:17am on 30 Jan 2009, glorify wrote:

    I am a pensioner who applied for the warmfront grant. I was told because my nephew lives with me, they just guessed what his income should be and said I was not enttled to a grant. Is this right?
    I also applied to have my loft insulated. half the loft is boarded They offered to insulate only the half that was not boarded for the same going price. They would not give me the money to find somebody who will insulate the whole loft is that also fair?

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  • 412. At 07:37am on 30 Jan 2009, CMatthews wrote:

    Another point.
    Legislation requires that any new gas boiler must be a condensing boiler. The condensation produced has to be expelled ideally into an internal drain. However where this is not possible due to the situation of the boiler the waste is expelled externally.
    In the recent cold spell this outlet has frozen leaving the central heating useless.
    From conversation with the visiting British Gas engineer this was not an uncommon occurence he having dealt with at least 6 cases in that week.
    No solution was offered and I am at present in correspondence with British Gas pointing out that central heating that does not work in cold weather is a nonsense.

    Cyril Matthews, Timsbury

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  • 413. At 09:00am on 30 Jan 2009, cliffover65 wrote:

    The One show is a great show and regularly watched ,ref the warm front by Dom Littlewood ,Somewhere on the show it should be mentioned that NOT JUST ANYBODY can get a grant for their heating problems ,Last year I had to have a boiler replaced and also a new internal storage tank , but the Major question from Warmfront was " ARE YOU ON ANY BENIFITS" sadly my answer was "no" i am managing to struggle through supporting myself"
    So i had to draw out all my savings to pay the three thousand pound myself.
    OH Well ,what can you do but just get on with life, being an honest british citizen.

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  • 414. At 8:55pm on 30 Jan 2009, plumber_bob wrote:

    do private installers give you two years full system after care { i.e new roomstat intalled if yours breaks or new rad valves ect . i dont think so . also 2 free services ''''''''this is included within the 2700

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  • 415. At 9:17pm on 30 Jan 2009, plumber_bob wrote:

    also all warmfront customers are told before the installation about the pipework being surface mounted and its on the leaflets given out . As a engineer if we had to trace out all the walls for the pipes it would take a week to install and then that would be our fault as well . And before i forget . The claims we would recieve for wall paper and plastering . new carpets ect would be through the roof .
    don't say you would not claim because you would........

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  • 416. At 11:02pm on 30 Jan 2009, frogmelladb wrote:

    My mum and dad qualify for a warmfront grant as my dad is both disabled and in receipt of Pension Credit. Because their part of a small village in Cornwall does not have a gas supply, in order to update their solid fuel central heating they need oil-fired central heating which attracts a warmfront grant of £4000.

    When the survey was done they were informed that as well as an oil tank they would need a new boiler and six radiators. They said they could not use the radiators and pipework already installed as they could not give a warranty for the work. The cost for all this work, even with a reduction if my parents took out the existing radiators and solid fuel backboiler themselves was just under £7000.

    Added to this, they could not put the boiler inside the kitchen because, they said, it would be too close to the kitchen window?! Therfore, they could not install the system until my parents built a weatherproof boiler "shelter" in the back yard, at their own expense.

    They have no savings and a fixed income so they will have to continue to carry heavy loads of coal into the house despite the fact that my father has a seriously back injury and my mother suffers from arthritis.

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  • 417. At 1:45pm on 02 Feb 2009, tinkercat1 wrote:

    I have received a warm front grant but have to pay £332 excess. The quote is excessive for the work involved. I have had friends in the business give me informal quotes of far less.

    If the excess was genuine I would have no problem with it, but it is the fact that the contractors are ripping the government and us off that I strongly object to. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.

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  • 418. At 8:10pm on 03 Feb 2009, margaretfiona wrote:

    My mother is 71 crippled with osteoperosis and active arthritis. she tried to get help from warm front 24 months ago after my father died the previous year they were less than helpful after waiting 12 months for them to return her contact with them

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  • 419. At 10:57am on 17 Feb 2009, cheesecakey2008 wrote:

    Re item 399 - this is the lady who was featured in the recent update by Dom on the One Show - Warm Front did admit it was bodged and have put the work right(the day after filming) but this was only after we wrote to my mums MP in desperation - ie its a govt grant and he is our govt representative. so if you're still having problems with EAGA i thoroughly recommend getting your MP involved, eaga were on the phone to get it sorted within 24 hours of my letter arriving on the mp's desk

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  • 420. At 11:53am on 21 Aug 2009, HarryChattaway wrote:

    I think people would be best off spending those grants on underfloor heating- if you check that site out it tells you how it can cut heating costs by 20%, money well spent I say...

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  • 421. At 8:29pm on 07 Nov 2009, Julia Cherrett wrote:

    I also saw the expose by Dom Littlewood of the Warm Front Scheme showing shoddy workmanship and huge amounts having to be paid as "top ups".
    I then recently attended a seminar organised by EAGA which showed how wonderful Warm Front is and included a BBC film clip of Dominic Littlewood praising the Warm Front Scheme as all that is good and wonderful.
    I contacted Dom's agent to ask about his change of heart. I do think that Dom is such an influential character that people will believe what he says so to go from absolutely slating the scheme to praising it to the heavens less than 12 months later is a major shift in thinking.
    The reply I got back from his agent was that "he is the mouthpiece, not the author".
    I translate this to mean that he will say whatever pays the most!

    Very disappointed!!!!

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  • 422. At 06:19am on 13 Nov 2009, charitynjw wrote:

    Hi all,

    I ran a heating company for 10 years, so I think I am reasonably experienced to offer some objective observations.

    Firstly, like in every walk of life, you get 'good' & 'bad'; in this case good/bad plumbers & good/maybe not so good boilers.

    But with a Warmfront grant, you do have time to make enquiries.
    At present, you have 2 pre-installation visits, the first is to decide eligiblity (plus an initial appraisal of the proposed installation).
    The second visit is a more detailed technical analysis of the job requirements.

    Why not do some personal research? (ie ask around re the reputation of the installer, same re the boiler, & try 'googling'. You will soon find out if there is a potential problem).

    You will always hear of horror stories (esp, in the 'plumbing' world!); we are usually very quick to complain, but when a job is done correctly, it is not universally broadcast - it is not rivetting tv (sorry, Dom, but keep up the good work!). So get to know your rights, complaints procedures, etc. Both Warmfront & Eega (who administer the Warmfront scheme) have excellent websites.

    And good luck with your claim.

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  • 423. At 06:28am on 13 Nov 2009, charitynjw wrote:

    And no, I do not work for Warmfront or Eega.
    But I have personally installed hundreds of gas heating systems & therefore know the plumbing game - good & bad!

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