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What did you think of The One Show? Guest: David Hasselhoff

The One Show Team | 14:56 UK time, Monday, 28 September 2009

Adrian and Christine were joined in the studio by David Hasselhoff.

In preparation for the Supreme Court opening its doors to cameras, Justin Rowlatt investigated whether trial by television is likely to create a media circus of court proceedings.

Dom Littlewood stepped in to flex his consumer muscles when a One Show viewer struggled to cancel his gym membership.

Miranda Krestovnikoff explored the Isle of Man and came face to face with the Megafauna, better known as the Irish Elk.

And tonight's programme launched 'Building Our House' week on The One Show. Jonathan Foyle investigated the history of the door and brought in a selection of knockers to the studio.

Also: Catch up with Phil and Rav on Strictly Come Dancing

What did you think of the show? Add your comment.


  • 1. At 7:03pm on 28 Sep 2009, mplymouthd wrote:

    Filming in courts could be interesting.

    I still think with the Charity season approaching we should get Christine and Adrian gunged. Anyone want to see that? Like on Noel House Party in a tank?

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  • 2. At 7:06pm on 28 Sep 2009, appichappi wrote:

    Hello!! I see the One show has decided to do the wildlife nature bit early tonight - with a wide mouthed frog.

    Oh! Sorry! Silly me - it's Mrs Blair.

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  • 3. At 7:13pm on 28 Sep 2009, bukko wrote:

    re: Televised court cases.

    I think these are a good idea.
    Viewers can use their interactive buttons to vote on cases, e.g.:

    Press red for "Hang him"
    Press green for "Let him off"


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  • 4. At 7:14pm on 28 Sep 2009, BarrowBob wrote:

    The researcher for the cameras in court story is WRONG and should realise there is civilisation beyond Watford Gap.
    This new court is not 'the highest court in the land'. The Supreme Court has no jurisdiction in Scotland where the High Court of Justiciary prevails in criminal matters. In civil law the highest court in the 'land' for all of the UK is the House of Lords.

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  • 5. At 7:17pm on 28 Sep 2009, Yogafan wrote:

    Adrian looks rather a bit too casual for a Monday evening in his V-neck sweater without a shirt underneath!

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  • 6. At 7:17pm on 28 Sep 2009, lab-rat wrote:

    Can't Adrian be bothered to dress for TV? It's OK though because he's only getting paid with money levied from the public under the threat of fine or imprisonments so no need to worry about what the viewer thinks.

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  • 7. At 7:20pm on 28 Sep 2009, GAZ911 wrote:

    Is christine moonlighting as a Lab assistant?

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  • 8. At 7:23pm on 28 Sep 2009, enviablePaul wrote:

    Great show. Why does Christine dress so impeccably while Adrian looks like he is just going down the pub, no shirt even tonight. come on Adrian I am sure you can do better

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  • 9. At 7:24pm on 28 Sep 2009, cookiecorner wrote:

    I really do think that Adrian needs a fashion stylist. That grey jumper he is wearing does absolutely nothing for him.

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  • 10. At 7:28pm on 28 Sep 2009, Davidroster wrote:

    Advice to Mr Hoff- Don't navigate and use a mobile - you'll probably have an accident

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  • 11. At 7:30pm on 28 Sep 2009, appichappi wrote:

    Gaz911 post 7 I think it's a case of the BBC wardrobe dep't strikes again... (cue Horror Hammer film music)

    Still smarter than scruff Adrian though.

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  • 12. At 7:31pm on 28 Sep 2009, lucibee wrote:

    It's a narrowboat, NOT a barge!

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  • 13. At 7:36pm on 28 Sep 2009, davridge wrote:

    Adrian's dress is an utter disgrace, what is the BBC up to in allowing a presenter on prime time TV to dress in that fashion. It's no wonder standards are slipping when he is presented as i suppose being "trendy".


    Chris Davis

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  • 14. At 7:37pm on 28 Sep 2009, michaelhjohn wrote:

    How in heavens name did Adrian Childs ever get the job of presenting he looks so uncomfortable and un-natural in front of camera and who dressed him tonight he looked like the proverbial bag of potatoes,please please get rid of him

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  • 15. At 7:48pm on 28 Sep 2009, highland fling wrote:

    Christine is always gorgeous lovely clothes !maybe Adrian would suit a nice jacket now and again ?Christine I am sure you could advise him ?loved the Hoff again !

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  • 16. At 8:02pm on 28 Sep 2009, DeniseElliott wrote:

    I watched the piece about geese migrating with great interst. We live near Daventry in Northamptonshire and have watched a huge amount of geese flying over every night for the last two weeks, however, one evening they are all flying one way and the next evening they are flying in the opposite direction. It looks like they're all going back the way they came! Can you tell me why this is please? Or are they all lost?

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  • 17. At 8:08pm on 28 Sep 2009, harchawill wrote:

    Christine looked lovely tonight as always but what the hell was Adrian dressed like. A job. He is so uncomfortable in front of a camera and are his eye's bad? as he glares at the autocue waiting to say his bit. Come on BBC what are you thinking about letting him on air looking like that - he's a disgrace.

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  • 18. At 8:12pm on 28 Sep 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    I never notice what the presenters are wearing until the comments start - particularly many of them tonight. Good to see the viewers are concerned about such serious issues!

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  • 19. At 8:16pm on 28 Sep 2009, wigglediggle wrote:

    see we had mrs blair on tonight labour conference and shes on the one show coincidence or not mmmm intresting and are the one show recycling guests

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  • 20. At 8:18pm on 28 Sep 2009, appichappi wrote:

    Looks like I'm not on my own here re Adrian being a right scruff.

    Has anybody else noticed when they're out and about - shopping / pub / whatever, that when you see a couple, invariably it's the woman who makes an effort, hardly ever the man.

    Maybe this could be an idea for an item sometime?

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  • 21. At 9:15pm on 28 Sep 2009, scuzzy983 wrote:

    Post #3, magnamus: love the idea of interactive court trials. Maybe when Strictly's over they could put that on instead? Prime time Saturday night viewing. (Wonder how many people would watch)???

    Christine, although she always brightens up my evenings (not that they're dull, you understand, but she does), looked the best she's looked in quite a while tonight, in my opinion. I've always thought she'd look good in a jacket... Top marks and a gold star for Christine.

    Changing the subject completely, I enjoyed the item on doors and doorknockers - glad Jonathan Foyle's back. I really liked the last set of reports he did on different architecture around the country and am looking forward to the rest of the One Show week.

    Oh, and post #1, mplymouthd: I am right behind your campaign to get Adrian and Christine gunged (provided it's for charity, of course).

    Keep up the good work One Show guys and girls!

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  • 22. At 9:28pm on 28 Sep 2009, patheticpeople wrote:

    This programme beggars belief in that it is rubbish yet commands viewers simply because of its time slot.Very fortunate. The two presenters are dreadful yet appear so full of their own importance.Whilst not personally a fan of DH nevertheless I felt sorry for him tonight in that AC virtually dismissed him, looked like a spoiled brat and joined by a partner equally dismissive.
    I could go on and on over the terrible twos shortcomings but come on BBC close the programme. Lets move on.....End of the road.

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  • 23. At 9:35pm on 28 Sep 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post 2 appichappi, well spotted!

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  • 24. At 9:46pm on 28 Sep 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    why was post 22 subjected to the moderators?

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  • 25. At 10:12pm on 28 Sep 2009, astroplums wrote:

    I can't believe the pettiness of some of the bloggers tonight, when they can only bitch about the male presenters garb. It's not Question Time and a collar and tie would hardly change the dynamics of the programme...it's supposed to be an easy flowing programme and anyway it's the female who is the clothes horse. Adrian was fine and the two of them are an ideal match for the telly.

    My only concern for the future of the programme is the possible return of the ego-maniacal faux jummy. If that happens and Carol doesn't, then I shall stop watching.

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  • 26. At 11:58pm on 28 Sep 2009, djwhatsoccurin wrote:

    I try not to be too cynical about the show, but if you take out Fri which is quite lively, and enjoyable I get the impression that Adrian would rather be somewhere else-he has a very dry sense of humour anyway but since his hols he gives the impression he would rather be watching old tapes of West Brom succeses (a short tape) rather than being on prime time TV.

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  • 27. At 00:17am on 29 Sep 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Post 25 Ist para: hear hear!

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  • 28. At 07:16am on 30 Sep 2009, IdoSEO wrote:

    I am so mad that I missed it from the previews it looked alright.

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