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What did you think of the show? Guest: Amanda Redman

The One Show Team | 13:53 UK time, Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Adrian and Christine were joined in the studio by actress Amanda Redman.

Matt Allwright asked what impact an ageing population will have on Britain's roads.

Following the news that if ID cards go ahead they may not feature a flag, Dan Snow explained why the Union Jack has become such a controversial symbol of national identity.

Angellica Bell took us to the Isle of Wight to marvel at the island's very own rocket launch.

And finally we showcased some of your poems about vegetables a.k.a. vegetable verse - read more than 900 poems and add your own.

What did you think of the show? Add your comments here.

Also: In honour of Peter Andre coming on the show we want pics of your abs - be it six packs to beer bellies!


  • 1. At 7:11pm on 05 Aug 2009, daviel84 wrote:

    I agree with having the Union Flag on the ID cards because it's our flag which we tend not to be overly proud of as a rule... However I don't agree with ID cards because, with it being a voluntary scheme, the people we want to carry them - wont! Love the show... Dave, Liveprool xx

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  • 2. At 7:12pm on 05 Aug 2009, Andy wrote:

    Who edits this show?It is nothing but half an hour of government propaganda.

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  • 3. At 7:13pm on 05 Aug 2009, Ella wrote:

    Talk of the Union jack got me thinking..the Irish say they are Irish, the Scots say they are Scots, the Welsh, Welsh. So why are we..the English supposed to say we are British?

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  • 4. At 7:14pm on 05 Aug 2009, mutty7777 wrote:

    First of all your website is ill designed and unbelievably lengthy and complicated. Two If Stirling Moss wishes to come out with me I would be happy to demonstrate what a 71 year old full time podiatrist can and does do.


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  • 5. At 7:15pm on 05 Aug 2009, helen2164 wrote:

    I would just like to point out that the Union Jack is only the Union Jack if it is flown at sea, otherwise it is a Union Flag! :o)

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  • 6. At 7:16pm on 05 Aug 2009, ladyjoblogs wrote:

    Regarding older drivers eyesight, all drivers should have a sight test about every 3 years. a lot of people - especially men - are very conscious about their looks. I know one person who refused to wear glasses, after his wife told him to go for a sight test, and he was prescribed distance glasses. She then would not allow him to drive if he did not wear the glasses because he was driving too close to the car in front. He was only in his fifties at the time.

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  • 7. At 7:16pm on 05 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    'I'm sooo not interested in football!': the lovely Amanda endears herself even more with this remark. Good guest & show ticking along nicely this evening.

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  • 8. At 7:16pm on 05 Aug 2009, Rob P wrote:

    Union Flag? Red Rose? Daffodil? Who cares, we don't want the ID cards anyway so the question is irrelevant! When will the government stop wasting money on crass vanity projects?

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  • 9. At 7:17pm on 05 Aug 2009, widge1968 wrote:

    I respectfully request that the Union flag is never referred to as the Union Jack unless it is on the Jack staff of a ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please get this right.

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  • 10. At 7:17pm on 05 Aug 2009, momonners wrote:


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  • 11. At 7:17pm on 05 Aug 2009, mutty7777 wrote:

    I wholeheartedly agree with ellauk123. We are English!!!!!!!!

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  • 12. At 7:17pm on 05 Aug 2009, niceLadyCath wrote:

    Tell Dan the flag is called the Union Flag and the flag pole is the Union Jack!!! Get it right Dan

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  • 13. At 7:18pm on 05 Aug 2009, germbag wrote:

    I was of the understanding that it was called the union flag rather than the union jack (unless flying on a ship) ...the presenters correctly called it the flag but the people in the trailer, including Dan Snow referred to it as the union jack!!! Appalling!

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  • 14. At 7:18pm on 05 Aug 2009, macman1314 wrote:

    The oldest flag in the WORLD is the Scottish Saltire, it date's from 843AD.

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  • 15. At 7:18pm on 05 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    AAAAAARRRRGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My namein post 7 - sky_viewer - has appeared as 'You' - the same thing was happening to geordieangel2 earlier. What's going on folks??!??!????

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  • 16. At 7:18pm on 05 Aug 2009, Tamar-Tiff wrote:

    Please remember a flag can only be called a 'Jack' if flown at sea!

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  • 17. At 7:18pm on 05 Aug 2009, TwoTees1996 wrote:

    Adrian-what are you thinking? Red Rose is Lancashire, it's WHITE Rose for Yorkshire! No slef respecting Yorkshireman would carry anything with a red rose on it!

    Ted & Teresa

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  • 18. At 7:18pm on 05 Aug 2009, Paul Dicken wrote:

    I hate the idea of the Union Flag on my ID card. I'm Welsh and we have our own flag. We're not interested in having a dragon on the Union Flag - you never see it flying in Wales only Y Ddraig Goch - The Red Dragon flag.

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  • 19. At 7:19pm on 05 Aug 2009, chrism wrote:

    I guess if elderly people want to drive then they should be made to pay higher insurance fees. The young drivers have to pay extortionate insurance sums and the cost of going through a driving test is pretty high too. If there are lots of uncapable elderly drivers then their age group should have to pay more surely. (this may be the case of course I dont have stats!)

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  • 20. At 7:19pm on 05 Aug 2009, remarkablejenny wrote:

    why is it whenever anybody talks about making the roads safer, it's always - get the elderly off the road. in worcester yesterday there were two seperater accidents, one of which involved two cars and another one which involve one car which nearly ended up in the river severn) none of the drivers involved were under 70. why wait until they have so many points before making them do an advance course. why not make it compulsory to resit every 6-10yrs

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  • 21. At 7:19pm on 05 Aug 2009, bluebadgers wrote:

    The Union flag is only known as the Union Jack when it is flown from the jackstaff of a British warship. Dan should know better!

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  • 22. At 7:19pm on 05 Aug 2009, sparkleCallipygian wrote:

    -many people/organizations who should know better do not seem to know that there is a correct way ie not upside down, to display or fly the Union Flag....?

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  • 23. At 7:19pm on 05 Aug 2009, appichappi wrote:

    ellaUK123 re post3:

    And why do people say they're off to Welsh Wales - never Wales? I say the same but no idea why I do it. We don't say we're off to Scotch Scotland, Irish Ireland, Hollish Holland or Eejit Eygpt do we? Although I have been to Froggy France, and until this pork flu goes away I'm avoiding Germy Germans.

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  • 24. At 7:20pm on 05 Aug 2009, dichorionic wrote:

    No, no, NO! Dan Snow should know better than anyone that it is the Union FLAG. The Union Jack is only flown at sea. We should be proud of the Union Flag for its heritage and national identity as the Americans, Russians, South Africans and French all are. What I find offensive is the way some groups amend or abuse the flag for their own purposes with different colours being adopted.

    IF we need ID cards at all do we really need a national emblem be it flag or flower? It's hardly going to be mistaken with a French or German card is it?

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  • 25. At 7:20pm on 05 Aug 2009, djboris123 wrote:

    the flag is called the union flag and the jack is the pole it is attached to !
    over 70 drivers according yto a survey are safer than the 17 - 24 year olds who cause most of the accidents1

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  • 26. At 7:20pm on 05 Aug 2009, cliveantony wrote:

    Dear Adrian and the lovely Christine,
    please, please, please, tell Dan Snow, in fact tell ALL correspondents on the BBC that 6th is pronounced SIX-TH, not SICKTH!! It is doing my head in!
    I thank you from the heart of my bottom.

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  • 27. At 7:20pm on 05 Aug 2009, andy_orodo wrote:

    I would prefer if you would refer to the Union Flag as the name commonly used in former colonial countries.

    The Butcher's Apron

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  • 28. At 7:20pm on 05 Aug 2009, Mark wrote:

    Thinking about the Union jack I may get shouted down for this but I am Welsh and proud of being so; that said I would carry the Union Jack as proudly as I would carry the Welsh Dragon, I would write British when asked my nationality. I live in England and travel to Scotland without a passport.

    Long live the Union Jack just as long live the individual identities. Perhaps we should be proud of being one nationality, British, just as we should be proud of individual identities, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, who generally live in harmony....

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  • 29. At 7:21pm on 05 Aug 2009, tutonicsword wrote:

    Love the show.

    with reagrd to the article about older drivers - dont statistics show that there are more accidents caused by under 25s?

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  • 30. At 7:22pm on 05 Aug 2009, kikisaunders wrote:

    I see Helen 2164 has beat me to it - it's the Union Flag - the Union Jack is only flown at sea.

    And of course, because you've raised the age old argument over English/British I see someone has already decided to put their tuppence worth moan "I'm English, not British". Well I'm proud to be British - as going back in my family roots there's bits from England and Scotland, what's so wrong with that? There are roots in most of our families which are european going back over the centuries (or isn't that counted - just a part time racist?)

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  • 31. At 7:22pm on 05 Aug 2009, Slytherinshare wrote:

    I think the dropping of the Union Flag is a shame to all who are patriotic, by all means use the national flowers but would that make it similar to the bus concessionary pass?
    I think if the cards were to truely show us where we come from I think we should put on the county symbol, for example Warwickshire has the bear chained to the ragged upright staff, that way we'll learn more of each others local signs.

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  • 32. At 7:22pm on 05 Aug 2009, rednekst wrote:

    The Union Flag is "NOT" a Union Jack, unless it is flown from the'Jackstaff' of a Royal Navy Warship: either at anchor or in harbour. Otherwise it is the Union Flag.

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  • 33. At 7:22pm on 05 Aug 2009, duncan2duncan wrote:

    Just though I would point out that Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom, as far as I am aware. This was ommitted in the discussion about how we all feel about our representation on identity cards.

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  • 34. At 7:22pm on 05 Aug 2009, duncan2duncan wrote:

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  • 35. At 7:22pm on 05 Aug 2009, petelondon99 wrote:

    Why didn't the feature about ageing drivers also ask younger drivers to be assessed rather than showing a one sided view? Mind you, this show is well-known for being one-sided. It's like watching a Conservative Party Political Broadcast. It was great when Val Singleton (earlier in the year)said she didn't like Margaret Thatcher. Adrian and 's jaws dropped and they nearly fell off their seats!

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  • 36. At 7:23pm on 05 Aug 2009, DhoireBhoy wrote:

    You have just said that the St Patricks cross was added to the british flag to show that Ireland is part of the UK, that is completely wrong, The irish flag is the GREEN WHITE & ORANGE TRICOLOUR, maybe the british people may agree with you and your comment about the st patricks cross is irish, get your facts right, IRELAND IS NOT BRITISH, MAYBE NORTHERN IRELAND IS BRITISH, ONLY IN CERTAIN PEOPLES EYES, sure it wouldnt be like the british empire trying to claim what is NOT THERES, typical

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  • 37. At 7:23pm on 05 Aug 2009, jannahred1 wrote:

    Well I am totally anti-Union Jack now, since Wales is not even included, makes you feel Wales is not recognised :(

    With all those royals tromping into the country to be crowned too and the prince of Wales title!

    No I don't want it on my I.D card or any card unless they think of Wales, they don't even have to add the dragon, just a green stripe or two will do!

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  • 38. At 7:23pm on 05 Aug 2009, PaddyGoo wrote:

    The Union Flag? - It's only a selection of colours on a rectangle of cotton, that so called intelligent people can get worked up over it as a matter of importance is plain stupid - the universe is billions of miles across and we worry about a flying a piece of cotton over our microscopic piece of dirt? Flag waving and national pride has caused many a conflict - lets get rid of the flag totally.
    Kind regards,
    Stuart Adamson

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  • 39. At 7:23pm on 05 Aug 2009, andy_orodo wrote:

    It is a symbol of England's conquest of Ireland. It is offensive for St. Patrick's Cross to remain part of the Union Jack. In many parts of the world it is a symbol of oppression and fear.

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  • 40. At 7:23pm on 05 Aug 2009, sylgee wrote:

    Can you tell Dan Snow that the Union Flag is only a jack when it is on a boat or a ship.


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  • 41. At 7:23pm on 05 Aug 2009, peewee wrote:

    Please BBC I think you should know better !
    The Union flag is only called a Union Jack when flying from a Jack mast of a ship.

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  • 42. At 7:23pm on 05 Aug 2009, alan2904 wrote:

    I am in favour of the union flag on my ID card but why did chtistine have to say people in N.Ireland would have a problem I always though it was part of the UK will she explain herself

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  • 43. At 7:24pm on 05 Aug 2009, everson33 wrote:

    I would not carry an ID card unless it had the Welsh flag on it and my nationality as Welsh as these are essential elememts of my ID. The Union Kack would not do as Dan said it has nothing Welsh in it.

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  • 44. At 7:24pm on 05 Aug 2009, superstgeorge wrote:

    After a recent skiing holiday where there were lots of Welsh people, when we sat anywhere near them they would deliberately start speaking in Welsh, when the rugby came on the TV, they would support Italy instead of England etc etc - why would we want to have anything but the St George's Cross on our ID cards if we are English and very proud to be so? Stop being so caring about the other "home" nations, when all they want to do is have their own Parliaments, their own languages etc etc - except of course when they want handouts or help from the English!! They hate the English, will always support any team that's playing against the English - why do we keep on supporting them!

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  • 45. At 7:24pm on 05 Aug 2009, davidal888 wrote:

    In the unfortunate event of the introduction of ID cards, will I be able to choose to have an English rose on mine?

    I'm English but live in Scotland - I would not want a Scottish thistle on mine just because I had to move to Scotland for a job and now reside here.

    This looks like another un-thought-through policy decision that was meant to enhance the appeal of the ID card - but which will anger many people in our mobile society.

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  • 46. At 7:24pm on 05 Aug 2009, Garyrb wrote:

    On the I.D. cards, Christine hit the nail on the head.. Most of us in Northern Ireland wouldn't, like most of the UK, sign up to such a divisive scheme. If it were compulsory, there would need to be Union Flag (It's not a Jack unless at sea..) on it to show that it is for our whole nation.

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  • 47. At 7:24pm on 05 Aug 2009, adifferentbeat wrote:

    Why dont they just do the same as on the driving licence and put the european union stars with either UK or GB inside, surely this would keep things simple.

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  • 48. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, las_laszlo wrote:

    The Union Flag. It was incorrectly called the Union Jack, which it isn't It is the Union Flag. It is only called the Union when it is flown on board ship.

    The flag is made up of the flags of the patron saints of England, Scotland, and Ireland (St. George, St Andrew, & St Patrick). The patron saint if Wales St. David and his flag is not part of the Union Flag and should be ......NOT the welsh dragon flag which is a modern invention. The flag of St. David is a white flag with a blue cross similar to the flag of St.George but blue instead of red. Check it out as that is the fact.


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  • 49. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, proudsoldier wrote:

    i am a serving soldier in the British army, i am proud to carry the union jack on my left shoulder, its the one flag that all British soldiers carry to battle, are proud to serve under, and is the flag draped over the fallen service men no matter if their Scottish English welsh or Northern Irish.

    At the end of the day soldiers, doctors, builders, welders, journalists, were all British just some are Scottish some are English, some welsh some Northern Irish. We all come under the same union jack, its our identity...the same as this card!

    We are a united kingdom, lets show it!

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  • 50. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, malcolmgordon wrote:

    Surely the correct name of our national flag is the Union Flag. It can only be called a Union Jack when it is flown from the jackstaff of a ship.

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  • 51. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, Matthew1992Matthew wrote:

    God Save the Queen

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  • 52. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, SANDYJOCK wrote:

    As with all above please call the Union Flag properly and not the Union Jack. It might be useful passing it on to you news readers who also misname it as the 'Union Jack' The 'Jack' is only flown on 'Jack Staffs' on ships. Thank You

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  • 53. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, PandJStevens wrote:

    The debate about ID card content is irrelevant - I refuse to have one. The govt. cannot be trusted, and as the BBC is so in league with the Labour party, I bet this reply will never be aired.


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  • 54. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, helenholt wrote:

    If the problem with ID cards is that there is disagreement about using the Union Flag, why not use the design created for the new coinage - the heraldry shield - which should please everyone.

    Love the show.

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  • 55. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, superally1962 wrote:

    I am a very proud Scot and a very proud Briton. I love the Union Jack and long may it fly over all of Scotland's major public buildings and stadia. There aren't as many small minded separatists up here as many in England might think. p.s. Good luck with the Ashes.

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  • 56. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, Seluron wrote:

    Good as usual.
    However, please let Adrian and Dan know, that the British Flag should not be referred to as the 'Union Jack'. It is the Union Flag.

    It is only called a 'Jack' when it's flown on the Jackstaff' of H.M ships, when aship is either at anchor, moored, or alongside. The moment the ship is under-way the 'Jack' is taken down.

    If flown upside down, as we frequently see at footie matches, that is cinsidered as a distress signal.


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  • 57. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, ferdyb wrote:

    I have just heard Matt say that the old geezzer of 90 has now moved onto an automatic car.

    NO NO NO . Automatics and old people are the most dangerous combination out there - on a daily basis, old people get their pedals mixed up and go on an uncontrolable wild ride, usually of death. They push the accelerator all the way down when they have to make an emergency stop for some reason, having mistaken it for the brake, and then don't have the presence of mind to realise they have done something wrong, and continue until the car hits something and stops, often dead themselves or having killed one or more others. I saw an old woman kill herself in exactly this way, right in front of me. If she had turned right instead of left she would have killed me as well.

    There should be a law banning anybody over 70 ever driving an automatic car.

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  • 58. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, CoopersYorkshire wrote:

    No objection to the Union Jack, St George's Flag of Red Lions but would not want Red Rose (symbol of Lancashire) we're from Yorkshire - English / British.

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  • 59. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, greenergp wrote:

    I think we should definitely have the rose, Saint George wasn’t even English!!

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  • 60. At 7:26pm on 05 Aug 2009, Don-44 wrote:

    I'm from Yorkshire why would I want a red rose on an ID card ,,,,not that I would have one anyway!

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  • 61. At 7:26pm on 05 Aug 2009, marvellouschristine wrote:

    I agree with ID cards but I am from Yorkshire not England and want a WHITE rose not a Lancastrian Red rose on my ID card!!!

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  • 62. At 7:26pm on 05 Aug 2009, melody_1973 wrote:

    I am welsh and i would prefer to have just a welsh flag on id cards to represent us. The rest of britain can have the union jack!!!!

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  • 63. At 7:26pm on 05 Aug 2009, montaguman wrote:

    Your presenter, when talking about the Union Flag issue stated that patriotism is a thing of the past. From where, I wonder, did you glean this fact!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 64. At 7:26pm on 05 Aug 2009, omgwtfbbq22 wrote:

    Government TV strikes again!! We should be fighting ID, not discussing its design, more dumbing down and distraction from the real issues. Make no mistake that government do 'influence' media.. do some research on google/youtube - They lied about 7/11, 9/11, swine flu, etc etc. All the evidence is out there. Question everything people! Dont be spoon fed information.

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  • 65. At 7:26pm on 05 Aug 2009, Fastidious1970 wrote:

    Why was the flag constantly referred to as the Union Jack? It's the Union Flag, it's only a Jack when flown from a ship surely?

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  • 66. At 7:26pm on 05 Aug 2009, andy_orodo wrote:

    For the record Northern Ireland is not part of Britain it is part of the United Kingdom hence the phrase on the passport "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". To claim Ireland is British is offensive. The Union Jack/Flag does this.

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  • 67. At 7:26pm on 05 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    I expected a lot of comments re the union/flag item. I always feel people should chill out a bit. If you're born in Britain you're British; if you're born in a particular country within Britain then you're that as well. Choose to call yourself whatever you prefer.

    Oh dear - Peter Andre is on the show tomorrow... very worthwhile guest.

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  • 68. At 7:27pm on 05 Aug 2009, widgetbananas wrote:

    I am not so keen on the Union flag being used and would prefer something like the rose. However, I would prefer the Union flag rather that the St. Georges flag - unfortunately the st Georges flag does not make me feel more English. For me it is associated more with football hooligans and extreme nationalists than being English. I am proud to be both English and British. Overall though I am on the fence regarding the whole ID card situation and will wait to see how the government mess it up and make it more complicated than is necessary as they did with photo driving licences.

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  • 69. At 7:27pm on 05 Aug 2009, kevtwin wrote:

    im not anti english but, like many Welsh, i am pro welsh...the union flag is just that, a union between Scotland and England, so no offence but we are happy with our own........

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  • 70. At 7:27pm on 05 Aug 2009, mattsand wrote:

    So, the Welsh flag doesn't feature of the Union Jack because the Welsh were conquered by the English. I think you sold that one rather well!

    Well done Adrian!

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  • 71. At 7:27pm on 05 Aug 2009, Lianachan wrote:

    The comments above about the Union Jack being properly called the Union Flag unless flown on a warship are incorrect.

    Anyway - there is no way I would like the butcher's apron on any ID card I was forced to carry. The attrocities carried out in this region by troops under that banner must never be forgotten.

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  • 72. At 7:27pm on 05 Aug 2009, lodj86 wrote:

    I being Scottish and proud of it would not wish to share the same flag as the rest of the UK on my ID card. For the reason why should we be one when we have our own parliment the English separate us anyway especially with not excepting out scottish money so why should we share that part of the flag! Just would rather have the scottish fag than the union. ID cards have no issue with.

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  • 73. At 7:28pm on 05 Aug 2009, 1337_kr3w wrote:

    Why did you disregard the Cornish in your debate about the use of the Union Flag on the proposed ID cards?
    Unlike the Welsh, we have NEVER been conquered by England, and we remain a nation.

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  • 74. At 7:28pm on 05 Aug 2009, prettytyzack wrote:

    Before you insist over 70's have a driving test perhaps you should give the same test to 40 50 and 60 year olds. It would seem across the board you are either a good driver or bad no matter the age!

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  • 75. At 7:29pm on 05 Aug 2009, akakennyboy wrote:

    The world knows us by that flag. Leave it alone. There's nothing broken so nothing to fix.

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  • 76. At 7:29pm on 05 Aug 2009, stupendousrockmonkey wrote:

    Could you inform Dan that our flag is only known as the union jack when it is flown from the jack stay at the rear of a Royal Navy ship, other than that it is known as the union Flag.

    Dru Dennis

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  • 77. At 7:29pm on 05 Aug 2009, DhoireBhoy wrote:

    51. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, Matthew1992Matthew wrote:
    God Save the Queen

    the queen and the royal family are not even english/british, get a grip, look at there heritage, the queen is from german roots, that pince phillip is greek, how silly are the english/british people worshipping them, have the english/british no heritage of there own???

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  • 78. At 7:29pm on 05 Aug 2009, andy_orodo wrote:

    The United Kingdom is an out of date economic union. British is not a national identity, English, Scotish, Welsh and Northern Irish are national identities with unique cultures. The Union Jack/Flag should be replaced by the EU symbol.

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  • 79. At 7:30pm on 05 Aug 2009, i_amMelsgirl wrote:

    I think it is very important to have the flag of your country of origin on your ID card. But have to agree that we ought to be proud of being English/Welsh/Scottish/Irish. I have no problem with ethic backgrounds - think a diverse range is brill, but anyone can be British - LETS BE PROUD FOR A CHANGE!!

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  • 80. At 7:31pm on 05 Aug 2009, dulally2 wrote:

    Why oh why oh why is there so much resistance to ID cards? All European countries have them and it is much easier to travel with them/keep them on you for ID purposes rather than a large passport. I have lived abroad in the past and found an ID card so much more convenient, apart from the fact that this system ensures that you are entitled to be a resident of a country, use a country's health service, etc. And I have never seen a country's flag on one of these cards. Even with the antagonism of the Spanish government towards Gibraltar, neither have their flag on their ID cards!

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  • 81. At 7:32pm on 05 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Re 66: NI is not part of GB, but the adjective 'British' refers to that of the UK; and these islands are the British Isles (including Ireland as a whole). So various names abound... but NI citizens can have British or Irish passports, so call yourself what you feel comfortable with.

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  • 82. At 7:33pm on 05 Aug 2009, macman1314 wrote:

    The United Kingdom no longer exists and remember, the largest stateless nation in Europe is England. Saor Alba!

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  • 83. At 7:33pm on 05 Aug 2009, andy_orodo wrote:

    akakennyboy, the world know's you by your flag..this is a reason to do away with it. You do not have a good reputation throughout the world. Name me one country who would like to see Britain do well in a sporting occasion?

    If a hotel was raided by radical islamists, you can bet I would be released well earlier with an Irish passport than you would with a British. Why?

    The symbol of your empire is not a popular one! It is seen as colonialist!

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  • 84. At 7:33pm on 05 Aug 2009, henberwyn wrote:

    Mark Allwright is all wrong to invite elderly folk to have their driving tested and then get a laugh at the expense of the oldest. The accident statistics tell their own story except that if an elderly person is involved in an accident it's immediately assumed that it's his/her fault. Unfortunately no one commented that 'New Tricks' is brilliant because the three oldies, played by excellent actors, are still with it. The show is deteriorating I'm sorry to say. Adrian's uninformed comments and Christine's raucous laugh suggest that not even the presenters believe in it any more. It needs older, wiser presenters.

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  • 85. At 7:34pm on 05 Aug 2009, emser123 wrote:

    firstly i would like to say i have been a fan of the show for quite some time.i am a viewer in the republic of Ireland...tonight as i was watching the show i was intrigued when you began to explain how the union jack was created.I knew that it was somehow a mix between the Scottish and english flags,then to my shock and horror i could not believe what your presenter said next..."when Ireland was united with England"...i don't know where you got this information from,Ireland was never united with England.England invaded Ireland and we were forced into a union.I was completely insulted,offended and horrified by this statement.I am not some sort of crazed republican,and have no problem with England,having relations there and having visited many times,but i do think you should be more sensitive about something like this.Please address this matter carefully and properly.
    Thank you

    Complain about this comment

  • 86. At 7:34pm on 05 Aug 2009, lodj86 wrote:

    Eu flag no way we are independant and the way it should remain! I would happily fly St Andrews flags for anything any day!!!

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  • 87. At 7:35pm on 05 Aug 2009, andy_orodo wrote:

    Ireland was named part of the British Isles by the British Empire. the people of Ireland were not consulted because you could bet that they would not want to be associated with the British Empire!

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  • 88. At 7:35pm on 05 Aug 2009, HP65Brian wrote:

    Re older drivers. It is unfair to take a very old driver (90+) and suggest that "over 70s" are unsafe. Reactions are slower but experience and anticipation are much much greater. I am 77, drive over 20,000 miles per year, have driven both left and right hand drive cars in both left and right hand driving countries i.e. all four possibilities. I had an accident in 1963. I do drive as briskly as the law allows. Here (France) I must take a medical if I tow a trailer over 500 kgs. My next test is scheduled for September.
    It is absolutely indefensibly wrong to lump everyone together and those who do so are prejudiced and stupid. I am sorry to see the "One Show" going down this path

    Complain about this comment

  • 89. At 7:36pm on 05 Aug 2009, Josie_bean wrote:

    I am Scottish and identify strongly with the Saltire but not the Union Flag as it is fairly irrelevant to me - north of the border it is still, unfortunately, associated with a misperceived dominance of the English over Scotland, which I personally don't buy into - what irks me more is it association with the British 'Empire' - which has shameful implications for us in all 4 countries. I also associate it with religious divide not only in Northern Ireland but here in Scotland and its connection to a particular football team. I think it is all a little sad as I do beleive it is incredibly iconic but it may be time for us all to move on with a new symbol of unity.

    And by the way - the word Scotch is what Americans call Whisky - the equivalent to 'Welsh Wales' would be either 'Scottish Scotland' or 'Scots Scotland' - though all three are stupid.

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  • 90. At 7:36pm on 05 Aug 2009, superally1962 wrote:

    At 7:29pm on 05 Aug 2009, DhoireBhoy wrote:
    51. At 7:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, Matthew1992Matthew wrote:
    God Save the Queen

    the queen and the royal family are not even english/british, get a grip, look at there heritage, the queen is from german roots, that pince phillip is greek, how silly are the english/british people worshipping them, have the english/british no heritage of there own???

    spoken like the obvious republican you clearly are. wonder why you were watching the one show at all instead of watching your beloved Sellick FC on BBC2. surely your southern irish ancient ancestry would make you more interested in a faux irish football club playing in europe than a debate amongst British people about our flag

    Complain about this comment

  • 91. At 7:36pm on 05 Aug 2009, doctorbobat28 wrote:

    Driving test at 70,would'nt it be better,cheaper,and more to the point to have medical exam to prove fitness to drive.Remember,in very rural areas such as mine,it would'nt be possible to live here without car.
    Flag,would possibly approve Union Jack if it actually did show all parts of the ' Union ', however still object on the grounds that no-one has any faith in any government ability to protect information.
    Love the show,love Christine,but who is this West Brom, Adrian ?

    Complain about this comment

  • 92. At 7:36pm on 05 Aug 2009, mattsand wrote:

    I would be in favour of every driver retaking their driving test at regular intervals; say every ten years! It might just improve driving standards all round.

    Complain about this comment

  • 93. At 7:36pm on 05 Aug 2009, superpepperman wrote:

    great script i am sure, great actress Amanda, but surely the success of New Tricks is in no small way due to the other three all time great actors ? not enough said about Dennis James and Alun.

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  • 94. At 7:37pm on 05 Aug 2009, GAZ911 wrote:

    What the Union Flag represents is in the eye of the beholder.

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  • 95. At 7:37pm on 05 Aug 2009, newhellybelly wrote:

    with regards the item about Britain's aging drivers, i feel it is unfair to discriminate against older drivers. A car is often the only means of getting about for some older people. My parents, for example, live in a village, where thanks to recent cuts in public spending, buses and other methods of public transport are either non-existent or very few and far between and taxis are unaffordable. How would they get about without their car? I don't see why it can't be made compulsary for all drivers to take a basic test say every five years regardless of their age.

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  • 96. At 7:37pm on 05 Aug 2009, Alan-Fresco wrote:

    Amanda Redman. Possibly the sexiest woman of all time

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  • 97. At 7:38pm on 05 Aug 2009, Mrs-Taff wrote:

    On the subject of the Union Jack I am very annoyed that Wales is still not recognised in its own right. The Lions rugby can manage it with the flag of 4 on the jersey so why can no one find a suitable alternative for the flag that is acceptable and agreeable to all the nations.
    The next one to look at is the anthem as for some reason geography in England isn’t a strong subject as they think that the National Anthem is English; if you’re not sure just listen to any sports event that England take part in.

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  • 98. At 7:39pm on 05 Aug 2009, andy_orodo wrote:

    i wouldn't get bogged down with the religious divide in Northern Ireland. This has been portrayed as a religious war fought between people of conflicting religious beliefs. They could all be converted to Islam tomorrow and there would still be a divide.

    It Irish v British.

    People who talk of the religious divide only have opinions of Northern Ireland formed by watching English TV shows

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  • 99. At 7:39pm on 05 Aug 2009, taylormoran wrote:

    Great to see Amanda on the programme. Lovely woman, great actress and, thanks to her admission that she isn't interested in football, has risen further in my estimation.

    As for the Union Flag, what are the Welsh moaning about? The red dragon of wales is right in the centre of the Union Flag. It just isn't visible against the red background of the Cross of St. George.

    Dave, Exeter

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  • 100. At 7:41pm on 05 Aug 2009, andy_orodo wrote:

    Saying what the Union Jack represents what's in the eye of the beholder is ridiculous. Could you say that about a swatzika or KKK? It's not what's in the eye of the beholder.

    It's offensive

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  • 101. At 7:41pm on 05 Aug 2009, Phantomdoll wrote:

    I don't want an ID card anyway - I have in my purse so many cards of identity, from debit and credit cards and driving licence, to half a dozen stores "points" cards (i.e. Nectar, Boots etc) - but if we were forced to have them, then I would prefer the Union Flag to a flower. The red rose as a symbol has been hi-jacked by the Labour Party and I think it is very naughty of them to suggest that all English citizens would be happy to promote them!

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  • 102. At 7:42pm on 05 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Re 36: the tricolour wasn't introduced until way after the Act of Union, and the St Patrick part used in the Union flag is used as a flag of arms north & south of the border.

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  • 103. At 7:43pm on 05 Aug 2009, Phantomdoll wrote:

    Oh, and another thing - Dr Sarah was drooling over some dishes made from certain vegetables which looked absolutely scrummy. Have you any recipe leaflets, please?

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  • 104. At 7:44pm on 05 Aug 2009, proudsoldier wrote:

    andy_orodo. The only reason the Irish passport holder would be released is because of the IRA this is not a slur against the Irish as i have many Irish friends it is a fact that one terrorist organization is sympathetic towards an other and a person with an Irish passport might be a supporter of that organization

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  • 105. At 7:46pm on 05 Aug 2009, GAZ911 wrote:

    Re 100 the Union Jack Represents different things to different people.You find it offensive as is your right but others do not as is there right.

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  • 106. At 7:48pm on 05 Aug 2009, bobegypt wrote:

    I am glad others have pointed out the Union 'Jack' problem. As Dan pointed out because Wales is not a "Kingdom" it does not get included on the Union Flag.... neither does it appear on the Royal Coat of Arms either (which were shown on the ID card mock up)and for the same reason.

    The rules of heraldry are complex, but perhaps it is time to consider putting this right, at least for the Royal Arms... look at the arms and it is divided into four, and the Arms of England, the three lions, appear in TWO of the Quarters (with Ireland and Scotland in the other two). There is, therefore, space for Wales to be included somehow, perhaps the red Welsh dragon in some form, so that the arms truly represent the four nations today... Principality or kingdoms/rules of Heraldry and historical precedence not withstanding.

    perhaps the One Show could investigate this possibility further?????

    Bob, Knutsford.

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  • 107. At 7:48pm on 05 Aug 2009, magickaren66 wrote:

    I agree with 101. Trust the Labour Party to want sneak their symbol into everyones' pocket! St George's flag please. Also how about an English Parliament or Assembly too as Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have their own already.

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  • 108. At 7:50pm on 05 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Re 85: saying that one was united with the other - I wouldn't take offence at this because it is just a statement of the fact that it was the Act of Union, therefore they were 'united' by definition. I know that to call the countries united in the usual sense would be unaacceptable - to say the least - by many, given the obvious turbulent history of Britain & Ireland.

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  • 109. At 7:52pm on 05 Aug 2009, shanga01 wrote:

    Your correspondants are technically correct about the union flag traditionally only being the union flag when flown on a ship. However Dan Snow was correct to say it is KNOWN AS the Union Jack and by use perhaps that original difference has and should fade from omportance.

    More importantly Justin Rowland mentioned that if at any age you are aware of unfitness to drive even if its not permenant you must inform the DVLA he forgot to mention that it is a criminal offence not to do so. You could also invalidate your insurance if you do not notify the insurance company.

    I am 47 and had to surrender my driving licence justover 4 years ago when my eyesight fell below the DVLA standard. I accept that this is a necessary measure for road safety and think Stirling Moss spoke a lot of sense. Indeed there are many over 70's perfectly safe on our roads but lets stop those who are not safe. On safety grounds you could make a good case for retesting everyone every 5 or so years.

    I have sympathy with older people fearing the loss of their licence as I felt the same when I realised I would have to surrender mine. However the loss of mobility was not the extensive disaster I imagined. Friends and family have been kind giving me lifts and I found as I qualified for a free bus pass (on disabilitygrounds) I saved a huge fortune, which I suspect exceeds the money I spend on taxis. It has also had some positive aspects, meeting people on the bus or at bus stops, small kindnesses when peole realised I couldnt see the bus number very well and the sheer adventure when I ended up on a wrong bus (more than once) going round parts of Teesside Id nevr seen before even when I drove. It is a door closing but it can also be an opportunity.

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  • 110. At 7:53pm on 05 Aug 2009, neonFastbike wrote:

    The Union Jack is only called so when it's on the Helm of a ship - Thanks to Queen Victoria and her fleets. Otherwise it is simply called the Union Flag. Thanks.

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  • 111. At 7:58pm on 05 Aug 2009, Brownlow6 wrote:

    Most of us have a passport, which has our information on it. So, do we need an identity card, as well?

    Incidentally, you mentioned James VI of Scotland, on the show. As he became James I of Great Britain and Ireland, Elizabeth should be Elizabeth I of the UK and her son should become Charles I, not III.

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  • 112. At 8:02pm on 05 Aug 2009, compo wrote:

    Well having watched the show this evening I would like to say that I am all for ID cards. I carried one for 25years in the Royal Air Force and also a second ID card at the same time which was a RAF Police warrant card. I had no problem with either. I am English and British being a resident of these Great British Isles and proud. The ones that are against it are the ones in this country that have something to hide. I would like the Union Flag on it not the Red Rose because I come from Lancashire and when this government hijacked our county emblem it became political.
    As for drivers over 70 most of the comments must be from under 45’s just remember you will be old one day.

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  • 113. At 8:04pm on 05 Aug 2009, Iamukmav wrote:

    STOP WITH THIS DISCUSSION ABOUT WHAT SYMBOL SHOULD BE PLACED ON AN ID CARD. To even discuss this means you the BBC have tacitly or perhaps actively accepted the fact that we will have ID cardS WE DO NOT WANT, NEED DESIRE REQUIRE WISH FOR OR HOPE FOR ID cards they are not needed they are simply another way for this CORRUPT administration started under Tony "Teflon" Bliar and continued under teh unelected Gordon "I can't do maths" Broon, to control us because tyhey are too small minded to accept that education and an effective imigration policy not laws criminalising the innocent and hampering us all are how to get a well behaved population. We as a nation opted out of the EU drive to do away with the need to use passportts to cross borders if that is the case we can control who enters or indeed leaves teh country, well we can if we have an effective administration and border gaurds with the authority and resources to do their job, that being the case we do not need natioonal ID cards, foreigners in the country could be required to carry their passports otherwise there is enough ID in my wallet to prove who I am, besides which does this idiot administration think that crminals who wish to avoid detection will not simply forge ID cards to suit their purpose?

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  • 114. At 8:06pm on 05 Aug 2009, textnician wrote:

    Externally, the Union Flag is the symbol of the UK. Internally, it is becoming progressively less meaningful, because of lack of unity. We see Wales and Scotland increasingly wanting to do their own thing. Northern Ireland sort of wants to but only within the comfort blanket of UK (delicately leaving aside the question of that proportion who want nothing at all to do with us!)
    There are Welsh and NI assemblies and a Scottish Parliament. England is governed by the overall British Parliament headed by someone elected in a country other than England (at least one of whom signed the Scottish Claim of Right). At certain sports events, Scotland & Wales fans hear their own anthems played; England's fans hear the UK anthem. There are Scottish and Welsh LibDem, Labour and Tory parties, plus a UK one. And so on.

    Quite frankly I am sick of the increasing disunity of the kingdom and I want England to be governed by people elected in England. If the fringe nations demonstrate a bit more togetherness, then I'd happily revert to Britishness. Actually, there's another point: terminology, because "British" doesn't encompass Northern Ireland. It is entirely fortuitous that a wider definition of "UK----ish" would amply describe the current and developing situation!

    I agree that Wales should somehow get represented on the Union Flag, irrespective of historical pedantry in this matter. A neat solution would be for Scotland to toddle off and do its own thing, whereupon the Cross of St Dewi would provide a neat & attractive border to the St George's Cross, with its black background supplanting the present blue of the Saltire.

    Oh, and another thing: ditch St George in favour of a homegrown St Edmund. What might the latter's flag look like, I wonder?

    In short [too late!!!] any flag can only be a unifying symbol if there is an underlying unity for it to symbolise.

    Sorry but there ain't, any more.

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  • 115. At 8:08pm on 05 Aug 2009, aquaticexplorer wrote:

    I think the Union flag should be updated to include the Red Dragon of Wales!
    The current flag is dominated by the cross of Saint George. England is no longer the domineering country of the UK and so all countries that form the UK should have equal representation on an updated British flag.

    This should also apply to the Royal Coat of Arms!


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  • 116. At 8:10pm on 05 Aug 2009, lionBULLMASTIFF wrote:


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  • 117. At 8:12pm on 05 Aug 2009, lionSEAGULL wrote:

    I am appalled and very offended at this programme's attempts to stir up a national campaign against older people who drive cars, or any vehicle for that matter.
    I have always trusted the BBC to remain neutral and non discriminatory, but the ageist content of this feature sickened me.
    Despite admitting to no known evidence to support the idea that older people are more likely to cause traffic accidents than anyone else, you went ahead with this cheap article, presumably unaware that you were perpetuating a negative stereotype. You should apolagise at once, on air. I shall tune in tomorrow, hoping for a more intelligent content.

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  • 118. At 8:21pm on 05 Aug 2009, grandgrumpydon wrote:

    Those of us born and bred in Gods'own county couldn't possibly accept the red rose of Lancaster as a symbol of England.Great show though !

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  • 119. At 8:22pm on 05 Aug 2009, bonniedundee2 wrote:

    The item on older drivers. I was really so disappointed to see 'Gerry' being 'victimised' on national television. The confidence of older people can so easily be undermined and it may have made good tv, though that is questionable, but Gerry still has to deal with the impact of this item within his family, friendship group and neighbourhood. The final insult was to give details about the type of car he will be driving and the area in which he lives. It was totally out of place, especially since viewers now know what he looks like. I am nowhere near his age nor the age likely to come under scrutiny but I strongly feel that driving capability is not age related. There are many younger people whose eyesight is not adequate and whose reaction times would be suspect. Perhaps the way forward would be to have assessments at regular intervals or even change the format of the driving test so that it does not hinge on one test situation. We might then get a better calibre of driver from the outset. The French and New Zealand models for learner drivers seems good. Finally the presenter should remember that we all become older and we should therefore treat others as we would like them to treat to us!!!!

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  • 120. At 8:23pm on 05 Aug 2009, deborahmoon wrote:

    A final appeal to the Great KINGFRUGAL to return to the blog. Don't be shy and don't be put off by any self-appointed censors or kill-joys out to spoil your fun. Who knows what your motivation is? What's important is that you have had something to share and contribute and you are missed. Come back soon. Don't make it a permanent departure...

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  • 121. At 8:29pm on 05 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    Its not YOU, its ME, geordieangel2, we don't want to take away the little bit of independence a car gives the elderly, but what about the safety of pedestrians, I don't drive, but I do know that at the age of 70yrs my reflexes are not as sharp as they used to be, I believe a test should be a must.
    P.S. I notice this blog was closed this morning for maintenance, and now my user name has changed to YOU ????????

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  • 122. At 8:37pm on 05 Aug 2009, RogerLeeds wrote:

    Why would good Yorkshire folk even consider using the embelem of those good folk from the otherside of the pennines who have had allowed the to be red rose hijacked by some political party. The English rose is a tudor rose which is both red and white.It has got to be the Union flag,St Georges flag, the Saltire or the Welsh dragon.

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  • 123. At 8:50pm on 05 Aug 2009, lechidge wrote:

    there are courses and assessment schemes available for both mature and young drivers which in Dorset are currently free, being supported by the highways agency among the many. If you would like some reassurance ask your county road safety department if something similar is available in your area.

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  • 124. At 8:52pm on 05 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:



    Re 114: 1st para - there was a referendum on the way forward for NI in Ireland N & S. As pointed out above, 'British' pertains to the UK, though some may well not like it, but that's officially what it means.

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  • 125. At 8:53pm on 05 Aug 2009, lechidge wrote:

    why don't the Government just use the existing driving licence as an id card? It has your photo, name and address, date of birth and is fitted with a biometric chip (which is not active) in the back. Why pay again for what is already issued to over 39million citizens.

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  • 126. At 8:57pm on 05 Aug 2009, geordieangel3 wrote:

    I would not object to I.D. cards, I've nothing to hide, and we all carried them during the war, it was no problem.

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  • 127. At 8:59pm on 05 Aug 2009, jabbajockey wrote:

    Why is the BBC--promoting goverment propaganda AGAIN for? This subject is dead and buried anyway--IS'NT IT? Or is the one show being used as revivalist culvert? The only appropiate symbol for plastic evil like that should be a HAMMER & SICKLE !

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  • 128. At 9:01pm on 05 Aug 2009, geordieangel3 wrote:

    P.S. wish the production team would fix this blog, I'm tired of being YOU, no offence intended, (geordieangel2 )

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  • 129. At 9:06pm on 05 Aug 2009, lechidge wrote:

    Gerry is not alone in reaching the age when driving safely becomes an issue. I regularly have to talk to older drivers in this situation and their age does vary considerably. It's not only age but also dementia, eyesight and movement issues that need to be faced and sometimes by adaptions, medication or even surgery they can be improved or eleviated altogether. I do think that a compulsory eyesight test should be taken at 70 when the three year renewal system kicks in, and could easily be adopted by DVLA, similar to that used in the USA.

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  • 130. At 9:11pm on 05 Aug 2009, Brownlow6 wrote:

    It's only your computer that receives the name 'You'. You're still Geordieangel3, to everyone else.

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  • 131. At 9:25pm on 05 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Just logged on, missed the programme, seems the show was as usual un-informed and filled with thoughtless sweeping generalities!
    geordieangel2, just read your post from yesterday, thank you for kindly thinking of me, a slight technical hitch with this old body kept me quiet for a few days, lol.

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  • 132. At 9:27pm on 05 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    post 131 I KNOW who I am the rest of the bloggers might know me as jadedoldie!

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  • 133. At 9:39pm on 05 Aug 2009, Brownlow6 wrote:



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  • 134. At 9:40pm on 05 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post 133 are you trying to make a point?

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  • 135. At 9:41pm on 05 Aug 2009, chrisheat1 wrote:

    A somewhat devisive subject - "how id cards should look"!
    ID cards were unpopular due to official abuses both during and after the 2nd World War.
    They still are.
    We do NOT want them, having some intelligence and zero trust of governments.
    So my answer is "they shouldn't be seen. Period".

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  • 136. At 9:43pm on 05 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Bravo chrisheat1

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  • 137. At 9:43pm on 05 Aug 2009, Brownlow6 wrote:

    Yes. People are complaining that they are seeing the name 'you', insead of their own blog name. I was pointimg out that everybody sees that on their own message.

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  • 138. At 9:46pm on 05 Aug 2009, Clem Aitis wrote:

    I am sick to death of older people being targeted in the media as the cause of all the worlds ills.
    First we all live too long so the pensionable age will have too go up.
    Now we cause all the accidents because we aint fit to drive a car.
    Well how many drivers over 70 do you see using a mobile phone or blatently flouting the speed limit.
    I aint 70 yet but if they want to introduce a retest fine! Bring it on,and if I couldnt pass it first time I would gladly hand over my keys.

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  • 139. At 9:47pm on 05 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post 137 Not previously, so therefore the complaints!

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  • 140. At 9:47pm on 05 Aug 2009, scuzzy983 wrote:

    Union Flag or Union Jack?


    (I've always wondered why Wales isn't featured on the Union Flag / Jack (whichever you prefer) and now, thanks to Dan Snow, I know. Cheers Dan).

    On another note:

    Looking forward to Peter Andre on the show tomorrow - I've never actually heard him speak, so it'll be interesting to hear what he sounds like. (I'm assuming he CAN speak). Just wondering, is Katie Price (a.k.a. Jordan) going to appear on The One Show sometime soon to balance things out? We shall have to wait and see...

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  • 141. At 9:50pm on 05 Aug 2009, star-key wrote:

    In the piece regarding older drivers, I was surprised that nobody commented on the old guy who has now purchased an automatic car. This is definitely not a good idea as it is a well known fact that its too late in life to make the transition from manual to auto.

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  • 142. At 9:58pm on 05 Aug 2009, Brownlow6 wrote:

    Re: 139. Sorry, I'm new to this.
    When I saw that my input was being attributed to 'you', I guessed why.
    It may not be usual, but it's the reason that it's happening here.

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  • 143. At 10:12pm on 05 Aug 2009, kennethowen7 wrote:

    Adrian Chiles was very fair, right and balanced in expressing his sympathy that Wales as a Nation is not on the Union Jack which is an amalgam of the Cross of St. George, St.Patrick and St. Andrew. There is nothing to represent Wales despite the fact that we are supposedly an "United Kingdom". What about the flag of St. David.? Our own Welsh Passorts and I D cards, if or when they come, if the status quo remains, should bear the Welsh Flag for Welsh people as we, seemingly are treated separately/different. Otherwise, quite clearly, there is a need for the "Establishment" to correct matters. We accept that we are all British, but after all, Britain consists of three Nations, England, Scotland and Wales and the annexed Northern Ireland.

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  • 144. At 10:47pm on 05 Aug 2009, geordieangel3 wrote:

    sky-viewer and brownlo6, I think I got it at last, we all see the word YOU, but every one else sees our user name, Its a pity I re registered from geordieangel2, to geordieangel3, what a mess, the blog was closed this morning for what was called maintenance, if they made changes they should have informed us, (geordieangwl2)

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  • 145. At 10:50pm on 05 Aug 2009, geordieangel3 wrote:

    jadedoldie nice to have you back, hope your feeling better,

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  • 146. At 11:42pm on 05 Aug 2009, puredan wrote:

    Got a question for Lucy Siegle from 5th Aug show ..... she said that drinking 3 glasses of Orange Juice only counted for 1 of your 5-a-day. I thought each 150ml glass was 1 portion. It makes no sense ... eat an apple and drink a glass of apple juice .. ugh! just 1 portion too ?

    I think the nutri-guys want us to have a "mix" so they want to say "5-different colours-a day" to get the variety of nutrients but don't turn off the vit C foodies .... this antioxidant is seriously good for you and any excess just comes out in the p**. It's safe to have 1000mg of C a day, which is 3 litres of pure ornage juice!!

    Come on Lucy ... get us all into more antioxidants and encourage not turn off the vitamin c tap.

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  • 147. At 11:57pm on 05 Aug 2009, djwhatsoccurin wrote:

    What a mean spirited item about elderly drivers, inferring that many of them should not be on the road-can we therefore assume that tomorrow there will be an item on uninsured drivers,who have no intention of getting insurance because the fines ,if caught are cheaper than the insurance cover. What about the youngsters driving round in stolen cars, who will serve their ban as part of any custodial sentence,or people from abroad who have either no licence or a dubious one from an overseas country. In many areas public transport is non-existant so taking away an elderly persons licence would essentially confine them to their home. I have been driving for years but still cannot park my car between two vehicles yet I am safe and would wish to keep my licence as long as possible

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  • 148. At 00:34am on 06 Aug 2009, jeremyjwhiting wrote:

    About why there isn't a red dragon on the Union flag. The flag of Wales, a red dragon on a white and green flag, only became official in 1959. Before then Wales didn't have a flag. The Union flag was changed to its current form after Ireland joined the Union in 1801, when the cross of St. Patrick was added to the crosses of St. George (England) and St. Andrew (Scotland). However this was done to symbolise that Ireland had joined the Union, for the cross of St. Patrick wasn't the flag of Ireland, which back then didn't have a flag. Of Ireland, only Northern Ireland remains in the Union after the Irish Free State broke away in 1921.

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  • 149. At 00:37am on 06 Aug 2009, jeremyjwhiting wrote:

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  • 150. At 02:50am on 06 Aug 2009, freddienorf wrote:

    I was interested to see the amount comments refering to the wrong use of "Union Jack" so I thought that I would point out another mistake during the show. I know this trivial but I feel I must mention it as no-one else has, so my appologies and here goes:

    In the "Top 10 Veg" I would like to point out that tomatoes are NOT "veg", they are fruit and I'm sure red peppers are also classed as fruit and not "veg".

    Anyway thank you for listening/reading, I just felt I needed to point this out.

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  • 151. At 04:10am on 06 Aug 2009, fantasticChrisW wrote:

    Thought the show was very good except the "abortion" by Dan Snow, every flag that was shown during the piece was a "UNION FLAG" there wasn't a "UNION JACK" shown. The "UNION FLAG" only becomes a "UNION JACK" when it is flown on the Jack Staff of a Navy vessel, on a short flag pole usually at the stern. It gets my goat that people call our flag incorrectly. He also called it "The Britain Flag", once more wrong, there is no such flag, it is the flag of the United Kingdom.
    Also while I'm on my rant, did you realize that ENGLAND is the only country in the United Kingdom that does NOT have it's own goverment.
    Yeh Parliament at Westminster governs the Whole of the United Kingdom,
    although Wales has it's own Assembly, Scotland has it's own Parliament
    and Northen Ireland has an Assembly, they all have part of their respective countries governed by Westminster in respect of National Security, Armed Forces etc. How about Home Rule for England! By the wayI'm 68 years old and English, even though I have to be British, a citizen of a non-existent Country, until we become part of a United States of Europe ( hopefully not in my lifetime ).

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  • 152. At 07:02am on 06 Aug 2009, wonderchrisheat wrote:

    Given that there is hardly likely to be an efficient public transport system anytime soon, banning loads of older drivers (ourselves soon enough) will be a virtual cull. The "union flag" is irrelevent, being the symbol of tyrannical empire. Given the cost (profit margins) of id-card production and ownership/upkeep why not just barcode people as future criminals? No nationalism here kids! :)

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  • 153. At 08:31am on 06 Aug 2009, textnician wrote:

    #124 sky viewer

    Mmm, yes , seems you're right re "British" My feeling must be a legacy from nastier days, when even the NI loyalist side referred to 'the British' as something separate from themselves.

    In educating myself as a result of your comment, I got onto the website of The British-Irish Council. The British side consists of representatives of the devolved administrations, the Channel Islands and the UK Government. Spot the glaring omission!

    In its annual report the BBC refers to Nations and Regions. There are BBC Wales, BBC Scotland and BBC Northern Ireland, each targeting the perceived needs of its audience sector. You've guessed: England is not a Nation in the BBC's eyes!

    On a more positive note, I'm normally oblivious to such mundane things as fashion. However, I have to say that Christine Bleakley is consistently well-dressed in a way that is reminiscent of the cleancut freshness of the Sixties whils being very up-to-date.

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  • 154. At 09:38am on 06 Aug 2009, geordieangel3 wrote:

    post 150, I've been curious for years as to weather a tomato is a fruit or a veg, so thanks for that, great mixed up with cheese on your toastie.

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  • 155. At 12:34pm on 06 Aug 2009, TDAINTON wrote:

    Trish sits down among 154 posts, most of which seemed a tad peeved off at the Union Flag being named wrong, and thinks to herself the next time Gordon Brown needs to distract the UK away from the mess he has made of the country* he simply needs to refer to the 'Union Jack' in a speech. The whole of the nation and media will focus on that and nothing else.

    On another note.... I've always loved the way Amanda wears short sleeved tops on any occassion she can which shows off her burns scar. The lady's got great guts as well as class to do that and I admire her for not hiding the scars away given the way media is on imperfections in women and men.

    * The views of the author and not the Beeb I should add.

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  • 156. At 12:49pm on 06 Aug 2009, valiantbloodhound wrote:

    Regards the driving of 70year olds I am one of these and I get p####d of by people who have access to the media keep coming on and having ago at the older driver. I know we have a democracy that advocates free speech but I wish it were given to people who knew what they were talking about.The statistics prove that the older driver is not resposible for the majority of the accidents on our roads,it is more likely to be those who havn;t a moment to live such as those who make comment on your show.If anyone needs to take a driving test I would suggest a look at the 4/4 drivers would be appropriate. Most of them could not reverse through a gap at 10miles per hour with only 9 inches clearance which I had to do when I was a driver in the army and could still today,and as for parking most of them have not a clue, go to any supermarket and see for yourself.As a final I do enjoy your I thnk Christine is a lovely girl and your not so bad Adrian.John Taylor

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  • 157. At 12:49pm on 06 Aug 2009, spikeydoodledandy wrote:

    If we are going to have the ID cards then I think we should have the union Jack on them. It is the recognised symbol of a great britain, all the isles included. Wherever we may be from, it is likely that some of our ancestry comes from another region completely. Nothing is ever black and white. I am classed as English. My great grandparents were Irish. If we need other symbols to signify the other isles represented then maybe we could also include A Rose, a Daffodil, A thistle and A Shamrock.

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  • 158. At 1:08pm on 06 Aug 2009, HarryPartridge wrote:

    It was disappointing to hear Adrian Chiles, of all people, say he'd rather be seen to British than English! What are you so ashamed of, Adrian? I'm proud to be both - but always say I am English first - just as the Scottish, Irish and Welsh do! You'll be saying you'd rather be seen as European than British next!

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  • 159. At 2:36pm on 06 Aug 2009, timelord-scientist wrote:

    on the bit the doc had about veg she included tomatoes a cooks veg but a scientitists fruit and a great storm of controvesy as to weather it is heathier cooked /uncooked.

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  • 160. At 2:45pm on 06 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Re 153: textnician - BBC report - haven't read it, but it's funny: looking at the BBC geographical areas, I would consider England as a nation of regions, purely because of its size, and I would think of the other 3 countries as 'regional' with repect to the TV, as in regional news. Just semantics really.

    Re 155: 1st para: haha! Yes, I predicted an avalanche of comments as soon as that item started on the show.

    2nd para: interesting - I didn't know about the scars on the lovely Amanda - never noticed them at all.

    Now, can Peter Andre say something to rilw the viewers into a mad blogging spree later? Perhaps not, but we live in hope. :-)

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  • 161. At 2:46pm on 06 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    above - I mean 'rile'!

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  • 162. At 3:20pm on 06 Aug 2009, TDAINTON wrote:

    Post 160

    I'm thinking if Mr Andre says all British women are mouthy vile beatches based on his brief relationship with one I suspect there could be one or two posts. ;-)

    Did anyone catch his new record on the lottery last night btw?

    Good record and the lyrics and sentiment seemed to say 'up yours Jordan'.

    He's quite (delete that word) very sexy (says a woman nearing 50 who don't get out much) but I reckon Adrian will still be on flirt watch tonight.

    Maybe the request for men's six packs is a cunning diversion by Adrian to show Christine that Peter isn't the only adonis on the planet. My poor hubs resembles adenoids more than adonis I'm afraid or I would send in a pic.

    Talking of six packs.... Trish opens another can of Fosters.

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  • 163. At 3:28pm on 06 Aug 2009, stupendousbuilderjon wrote:

    Ref post #158: Well spotted! Its these brief asides which indicates the disposition of some BBC presenters, who are bland, colourless, and afraid of giving offence. Except of course to the English who DO have pride in their country and a sense of patriotism.

    It is depressing that some people feel little or no allegiance to their country, unlike the Scots/Welsh/Irish who presumably feel a strong sense of patriotism. The cross of St George is the English national flag, and should be flown at all reasonable opportunities in England, in conjunction with the Union flag, if appropriate. He probably feels allegiance to West Bromwich Albion is enough, and anything much beyond that is of little consequence.

    Ah well..live & let live, I suppose. It just makes you think that if Mr Chiles ran a pub in Wooton Bassett, he is the sort who would refuse drinks to mourners in uniform.

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  • 164. At 3:49pm on 06 Aug 2009, WestLondonAnn wrote:

    I am in the process of putting a small flagpole on my house wall @ front of house. Is it true that the Union flag can only be flown on Gov. buildings or on 'special days for the public' I also have the English (St.George flag) which surely I will be allowed to fly within the law! Advice welcomed. Thank-you.

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  • 165. At 4:23pm on 06 Aug 2009, TDAINTON wrote:

    Hi WLANN

    This is extracted from a site I found. The site is mainly guidance for Govt Buildings but it does mention the public:

    Q. When can I fly the Union flag?
    UK Government departments have the freedom to fly the Union Flag on their buildings when they choose. This decision was made, following the publication of the White Paper, The Governance of Britain: Constitutional Renewal (CM 7342-1), and the Consultation Analysis Document (CM 7342-3) on 25 March 2008, guidance.

    As a minimum, there are designated fixed days each year on which the Union Flag should be flown on UK Government buildings possessing a flag pole.

    Individuals, local authorities and other organisations may fly the Union Flag whenever they wish, subject to compliance with any local planning requirements.

    Q. Do I need planning permission?
    Under Schedule 1 Class H of the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007, national flags, the flags of the Commonwealth, European Union, the United Nations, English counties and certain saints can be flown without the express consent of local authorities as long as they satisfy the standard conditions for the display of advertisements generally and the conditions and limitations set out within Class H itself.

    For saints' flags, the conditions are that they can only be flown in the county with which the saint is associated. This means that the St Piran's flag may be flown freely in Cornwall, but express consent would be required for it to be flown elsewhere in England.

    If any of these flags are to be flown no further planning permission is needed for the flag pole, however it may be required if other flags are to be flown.

    Site details here: http://www.culture.gov.uk/flagflying/protocol.html

    Hope this helps


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  • 166. At 5:15pm on 06 Aug 2009, Bert Arter wrote:

    While the discussion about age of drivers was interesting I fail to see why it was suggested that over 65`s should take a driving test. If one studies the stastics I belive that, in relation to percentage of drivers who cause accidents, the over 65`s are less likely to be the cause than any other age group. Most accidents are caused by speeding, reckless driving or alcohol or drugs and on all of these the over 65`s are less likely than any other age group to CAUSE accidents.

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  • 167. At 7:37pm on 06 Aug 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    get the unsafe old duffers off the road.....whenever i am held up in traffic,stuck behind a car at a roundabout that wont pull out when it is clear and have a car driving along the white lane between lanes on a dual cabbageway its some old wrinkly with a cloth cap or white hair.
    make them take a test at 70.
    my ex friends dad had had strokes,one eye and drove like miss daisy and he kept on motoring,,,he couldnt understand why people kept peeping horns at him as he pottered in the middle lane of the motorway at 55.

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  • 168. At 5:30pm on 07 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post167, Please God or anyone else out there, deliver me hokeycokeyalex on the road in front of me,lol. He would not complain about old wrinklies again!

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  • 169. At 7:01pm on 07 Aug 2009, SalazarSlytherin wrote:

    Firstly, I totally disagree with the whole I.D cards thing.
    It's a waste of money, and just another way for the government to lose data on people.
    Secondly, being welsh, if there HAS to be I.D cards, then they should find something, which represents ALL nations.
    I find it unfair that Wales isn't represented on the "Union" flag. It really annoys me when people ask you where your from, you say "Wales" and their reply is: "Wales? Thats in England"
    Wales is a country :)

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  • 170. At 9:41pm on 07 Aug 2009, Martin wrote:

    Older drivers!
    I've had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement and new knees
    I’ve fought prostate cancer and diabetes
    I'm half blind
    I can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine
    I take 40 different medications that make me dizzy, winded, and I’m subject to blackouts
    I have bouts with dementia
    I have poor blood circulation
    I can hardly feel my hands and feet anymore
    I can't remember if I'm 89 or 98 or was it 86
    I have lost all my friends
    But, thank God, I still have my driver's license

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  • 171. At 9:49pm on 07 Aug 2009, warbstowcross wrote:

    NEW TRICKS 6th August....How many people spotted the embedded joke 36mins into the show? When the team were reviewing the old black and white film there was a clapper board with "new tricks" on it. Adrian informed us that West Brom features in the show. What other hidden jokes has the writer embedded?

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  • 172. At 09:48am on 10 Aug 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    jadedoldie.....i hope you were joking,opinions aside I WOULD NEVER WISH ANYONE ANY HARM.....JUST THOSE GREY HAIRED OLD GITS IN SLOW CARS.
    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah humbug

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  • 173. At 09:50am on 10 Aug 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    warbstowcross,,,new tricks,and hidden meanings.
    spotted one about being easier to go down than to get up anymore.

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  • 174. At 09:52am on 10 Aug 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    mkwbiker..........jadedoldie read blog170,,,,people like that exist and drive on our roads,oh and on our pavements.

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  • 175. At 3:13pm on 10 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    hokeycokeyalex, I live in an area which is blighted for several months of the year by cyclists on holiday. These road rats are unbelievable, they ride on the pavements, they ride around the carparks, they drag thier children behind them in trailers and they are an absolute nightmare, and you complain about older drivers!I am an old lady, I do get annoyed when you younger folks resent us using a system we initially paid to set up. Perhaps it may one day dawn on you that we are not too slow, but you are too d**n fast and thoughtless.

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  • 176. At 3:14pm on 10 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post175 *their*, rage made me careless!

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