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What did you think of The one Show? Guest: Alan Cumming

The One Show Team | 10:57 UK time, Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Myleene, Alan and JohnMyleene Klass and John Sergeant were joined in the studio by actor and presenter Alan Cumming.

Linda Robson delved into the debate about parents smacking their children. Is it ever right to smack a child? Join the debate

Marty Jopson talked about voice recognition technology.

Anita Rani looked into health claims on food packaging.

Paris... New York... London... Malmesbury. Yes, Malmesbury, the oldest borough in England; a fortified settlement since 2500 BC.  Angellica Bell showed us around.

And finally, it was announced today that our very own Phil Tufnell and Rav Wilding will be taking part in the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. Find out more, and send your messages of support!


What did you think of the show? Leave your comments below.


  • 1. At 6:06pm on 25 Aug 2009, wigglediggle wrote:

    Well tonight myleene can spend all night telling us about shampoo her marks and spencer clothes or anything else she wants to sell or give john five mins to talk. So tonight will it be the posh voice or the false working class voice ???

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  • 2. At 6:32pm on 25 Aug 2009, boony13 wrote:

    I Dare one of you two to say the word banana on tonights show

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  • 3. At 6:53pm on 25 Aug 2009, highland fling wrote:

    Why is Mylene Klass on this show?surely the woman has so many other presenting jobs from here to America there has to be other presenters that could have covered till Christine and Adrian got back ?

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  • 4. At 6:59pm on 25 Aug 2009, boony13 wrote:

    that movie looks good

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  • 5. At 7:04pm on 25 Aug 2009, F1owerpower wrote:

    Gosh! everyone's quick off the mark in here! :-)

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  • 6. At 7:10pm on 25 Aug 2009, Essex35 wrote:

    Before we talk about disciplining children by their own parents...
    why don't the police and social services use their powers to stop the corporal punishment that is given out to children in Mosques in the UK!


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  • 7. At 7:12pm on 25 Aug 2009, boony13 wrote:

    Yoda speaking, this is. Voice recognition I like. Good,i think it is. My grandad said chelmsford but it thought he said harlow. Hmmmmmm.

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  • 8. At 7:14pm on 25 Aug 2009, hippojon wrote:

    This is dreadful. Missed it yesterday. John should just draw his pension and Myleene should look after her baby and forget about broadcasting. Can't be bothered with the One Show until Adrian and Christine get back and no doubt for once Adrian will have a big smile on his face!

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  • 9. At 7:14pm on 25 Aug 2009, Brownlow6 wrote:

    The voice recognition machine might be good at one part of its job, but Todmorden is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, and it isn't in Lancashire; it's in the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

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  • 10. At 7:14pm on 25 Aug 2009, F1owerpower wrote:

    I think Mylene has stopped shouting so much - it needs to be nice and relaxed and not hyper hyper. I realise it must be difficult listening to voices in your ear etc... but stay nice and calm............

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  • 11. At 7:17pm on 25 Aug 2009, missLittleMax wrote:

    Thank goodness we have a respite from Adrian and Christine. The original presenter Myleene is back and how refreshing she is and so much easier on the ears! I can understand what is being said for once and the guests are allowed to speak without being rudely interrupted as is the norm usually. Please keep Myleene she is the original and the best by far, a joy to watch with so much more talent than Christine. I am enjoying the show so far this week like I used to and will probably not watch again once the other one is back nodding her annoying head all the while.

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  • 12. At 7:17pm on 25 Aug 2009, highland fling wrote:

    Lucy would have been a better stand in this week!

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  • 13. At 7:17pm on 25 Aug 2009, Simon Bishop wrote:

    Myleene, have a word with your makeup person , your lippy looks ridiculous.

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  • 14. At 7:18pm on 25 Aug 2009, jameselt wrote:

    Children are people and have human rights. You should not smack people. In Sweden, where I have lived for many years, it is of course a criminal offence to smack children - assault. You shoud not smack your wife, nor your local policemen and in particular not smack defenceless children. I have brought up 3 boys and never ever once smacked them. It is unecessary and a failure as parent to smack your children. The practice should be criminalsed as soon as possible. Followe Sweden's example, as with safety belts, drink driving, etc, even if we are 20 years behind. James, Haxby York

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  • 15. At 7:19pm on 25 Aug 2009, captaingandt wrote:

    Can't bear watching anymore. Myleene doesn't sound in the least interested in anything guests have to say, she is so false and contrived that she makes me cringe. As for John what a subtle break in the debate about smacking..not! Come on BBC there are actually presenters out there that have a personality and are worth watching.

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  • 16. At 7:21pm on 25 Aug 2009, F1owerpower wrote:

    misslittlemax - yes Myleene does speak clearly but she doesn't need to shout, she has a mike!

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  • 17. At 7:23pm on 25 Aug 2009, jstephenson3 wrote:

    It is clear to me that none of the speakers on the show tonight have 3 small boys under 6 with both parents working full time, without the luxary of a nanny or hire help!
    Thank goodness for John Sargeant trying desperately to bring into reality the desperately left winged view on disciplining your children using a 'smack' to the bottom/hand.
    Heaven knows nobody wants anymore Baby P's, but please can we have a reality check for REAL caring parents

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  • 18. At 7:27pm on 25 Aug 2009, mjpjmp wrote:

    Typical BBC left wing propaganda about smacking. It was not a balanced argument at all. Mylene couldn't wait to jump in with her criticism of smacking children. I love my children, they love me and we have a very close relationship; yet there are times when I smack them. I too was smacked as a child and I am now a law abiding citizen with good self-discipline and a great relationship with my parents. It was a positive way of reinforcing certain lessons and ensuring that I respected authority. Sadly, this is often lacking in our declining country today. The liberals are destroying us.

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  • 19. At 7:30pm on 25 Aug 2009, wolfmandantona wrote:

    Am normally a fan of Jon Seargant, but his comments to Alan Cummin about his Scottish accent were embarrassing. Would he comment comically on a brummies indian accent? No. So why are Scottish accents fair game. Grow up, and listen in future please.

    there, thats made me feel better...

    P.s. And i am ebarrassed being Scottish with regards to their decision in releasing the (so called) Lockerbie bomber. But Im not a politician and dont want to get involved

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  • 20. At 7:30pm on 25 Aug 2009, meggy146 wrote:

    Yet another female presenter that feels as though she has to SHOUT all the time to make impact. Can't wait for Christine and Adrian to get back. They complement each other perfectly.

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  • 21. At 7:31pm on 25 Aug 2009, mjpjmp wrote:

    Well said jstephenson3 - real caring parents sometimes smack and that's because they really care abut the child's long term welfare and development.

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  • 22. At 7:32pm on 25 Aug 2009, Shimily wrote:

    I have had to create a blog membership just so I could say Get Mylene off TV, she is so unprofessional. She reads the autpcue without registering what she is reading. She sounds so false and is obsessed with her fake smile. She drives me mad!!!!!

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  • 23. At 7:35pm on 25 Aug 2009, DevonianCat wrote:

    Its lovely having John Sargeant and Myleene Klass. Despite previous rude remarks,I for one think they make a great team. Both John and Myleene are kind, natural and down to earth people. What you see is what you get.

    As for Phil and the gourgeous Doc - what can I say? Again, both are men I would certainly have home for a cup of tea.

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  • 24. At 7:36pm on 25 Aug 2009, highland fling wrote:

    Vowed I would not watch this week due to Mylene Klass but had to peek!!it was worse than I thought!! will tune in next week !

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  • 25. At 7:38pm on 25 Aug 2009, GAZ911 wrote:

    mmmmmmmmmm....When are Chistine and Adrian back again?

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  • 26. At 7:39pm on 25 Aug 2009, wolfmandantona wrote:

    I agree with the comments about sometimes smacking...but these liberals must realise the diff from a smack and abuse. I was smacked too as a child, but it hasnt left me with pyscho problems and bed wetting. Sometimes a little smack is required to make a quick point..ie, if a child sticks its fingers in a socket, you just knock their hand a bit and say no. They tend not to do it again. The liberals would say it was the childs human right to try and electrocute itself and be left alone. I know which mantra I would choose...

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  • 27. At 7:40pm on 25 Aug 2009, highland fling wrote:

    Sorry kind, natural and down to earth? highly ambitious ,overexposed and overrated in my view!

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  • 28. At 7:41pm on 25 Aug 2009, mobacon wrote:

    I am disappointed that you presented such a one-sided debate. Parents must be allowed to smack children as a last resort means of discipline. I'm very glad that my parents were free to do this without the interference of the state and it did not turn me into a violent person. All the arguments against smacking are theoretical rather than practical.

    M. Bacon


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  • 29. At 7:46pm on 25 Aug 2009, joolsview wrote:

    I watch the show every night and love Christine and Adrian. Myleene is also really good as a presenter but I have to say that John Sergeant is rather embarrassing to watch as both tonight and last night he rudely cut short guests when they were actually speaking! He really is not suitable as an interviewer and has no clue about timing or what to ask/how to respond - what an embarrassment!

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  • 30. At 7:48pm on 25 Aug 2009, KayJayEss wrote:

    The trouble is John is unable to get a word in. I wish someone would cut Myleene short. She needs to calm down and stop shouting

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  • 31. At 7:53pm on 25 Aug 2009, the_cleaner wrote:

    Here is an interesting report on smacking from New Zealand.


    Not sure Myleene and John were a good choice for this week, they just don't have a clue what they are doing.

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  • 32. At 7:57pm on 25 Aug 2009, avatar69 wrote:

    I was appalled tongiht by your TV doctor saying that food is food and medicine is medicine (not a direct quote, but the message seemed clear). It suggests that we should all abandon any attempt at a 'healthy diet' and rely on 'medicine' to cure us.

    I would like to refer her to around 4000 years of chinese traditional medicine which makes no such distinction, and continues to be a valuable approach to being healthy, and occasionally is accomodated by western health professionals when their approach fails..

    I am a doctor who works with children and strongly believe that their behaviour and development are influenced by their diet, a preoccupation increasingly recognised by the food industry which continues to make misleading claims about the processed foods which they wish to sell us.

    We continue to live in climate by which profit is paramount, and the health or ill health of our society is left to a parody of a socialist agenda.

    Less chips. More love.

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  • 33. At 8:14pm on 25 Aug 2009, caroline brooks wrote:

    The choice of punishment for a child depends on the child. Someone I knew had 3 lively boys - one was smacked, one was sent to his room and the other one had to sit on the bottom stair with his hands on his head. They all turned out to be great lads!

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  • 34. At 8:14pm on 25 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post 17 & 18, How sensible your posts are, I have never had children, having realised I was not good parenting material, but have learned from exposure to my god-children how beneficial a tap to the bottom can be,lol. I learned this from watching the animals on my farm. Cow nips calf, mare kicks [gently] her foal, the cats beat up on their kittens etc etc. Unbelievably none of the young animals have developed homicidal tendencies, but have learned the social graces needed within their species. I rest my case.

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  • 35. At 8:19pm on 25 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    omg - the comments on John & Myleene are proving even more hilarious than the usual ones about Adrian & Christine! Keep it up (i.e. both bloggers & presenters)!

    Re smacking - my own opinion & experiences from childhood - see post 28: ditto.

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  • 36. At 8:29pm on 25 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    There is a world of difference between a tap on the bottom, and child abuse, thats whats wrong today no discipline, children need to know how far they can go, otherwise they just keep pushing, I see them on street corners with cans of lager, jeering at passers by, I wouldn't be a teacher for all the tea in China, I'd be to scared of the older children.

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  • 37. At 8:31pm on 25 Aug 2009, wigglediggle wrote:

    Well I turned over to avoid myleene sorry forgot shes every were that woman would sell her soul and whats with the dam shouting I had to turn her off how about a new campaign get rid of myleene klass can the one show run the campaign

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  • 38. At 8:48pm on 25 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post 36, geordieangel2, we are so lucky here as village communities do not permit the young to gain control. I was shocked beyond belief to visit my god-daughter who lives in Leith, and watched in horror as gangs of feral children roamed the streets terrifying the population, both young and old. That's where compassion, "respect" for human rights, and the liberal bleeding hearts have taken us.

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  • 39. At 8:53pm on 25 Aug 2009, Realaleisbest wrote:

    I really enjoyed the feature about Malmesbury and the connection with King Athelstan although it's a pity that the opening sentences talked about how it might have been the first capital of 'Britain' - except that Britain did not exist until 1707 when the Act of Union was passed. Fortunately, the local people were clearly well aware of the significance of the battle of Brunanburh after which England became the first and oldest nation state in Europe. It was particularly encouraging to see the work of Mark Taylor as there are so few images of this period of history - could you tell me if he has any other work on display or possibly to buy?

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  • 40. At 9:16pm on 25 Aug 2009, bellowsmain wrote:

    You did ask.
    After watching this evenings programme I remembered why I have missed it for months.
    It is at best bias,trite and shallow. If the presenters and indeed the guests leaned any more to the left they would fall off the sofas.
    The habit of frustrating the watcher with an introduction to a subject, dust it and leave it is infuriating.Myleene and John are so damned insincere, at least.
    It is a dull and pointless show and will therefor be popular just as Big Brother or East far fetched Enders.
    Says a lot about the depth of thought of the viewing public or is it the only soporific rubbish the BBC are capable of now? No! COAST is good. Oh, and Mock the Week but that is a bit tame now. Sorry.

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  • 41. At 9:24pm on 25 Aug 2009, djwhatsoccurin wrote:

    Oh dearie me-I just cannot take to the show without A and C-Why have Myleene and John as presenters-were Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood busy?I think with John it is stress related-he spent all his journalistic career looking for the "big scoop" but Mrs Thatcher had to interrupt him so he could broadcast it-never mind-well done Lucy, you are improving by the day and deserve another "go " at presenting soon

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  • 42. At 9:41pm on 25 Aug 2009, 6charactersormore wrote:

    Mylene Klass is still shouting and so I'm not watching anymore. Can someone also please tell her that it is the One Show and not the Mylene Klass show, what she thinks about smacking is not wildly important - why bother having a member of the public on the item if two "celebs" in the studio are going to rubbish her views without the ability for her to reply - is that fair?

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  • 43. At 10:01pm on 25 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    Post 38, jadedoldie, I would love to live in a small village, with old fashioned values, as long as have my wide screen tv, and Eastenders. LOL

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  • 44. At 10:25pm on 25 Aug 2009, itsbeenalongweek wrote:

    Highland Fling - I thought I was the only one that has reached saturation point with Myleen Klaas. Come on BBC, give someone else a chance! She is among a handful of 'flavour of the month' presenters who seem to be everywhere. There must be hundreds of other presenters who could do with the work.

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  • 45. At 00:29am on 26 Aug 2009, oamills wrote:

    I have very strong opinions on this smacking matter, which basically is I am disgusted and horrified by anyone that lays a finger on a child. There should be no reason what so ever to hit anyone in general. I am involved in a youth movement so I deal with hundreds of children and we are trained to deal with all sortrs of behaviour with children and never have me or any of my colleagues ever thought about hitting any of the children we have had.

    As for the woman who was interviewed saying she smacks them for good and bad reasons is a load of rubbish. The reason she gave can be solved in a non-violent way, infact, everything can be solved without violence.

    I believe at the end of the day any parent that hits their children should have no right to be a parent or be treated fairly!!!

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  • 46. At 07:47am on 26 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    post 45, then why are to days children in need of people like you, in my day all we had was the scouts guides, and brownies, we weren't hanging around corner ends, moaning about having nothing to do, we were too busy having fun, and I mean fun that doesn't bother any one else, I know older people tend to paint a Rosie picture of their youth, but its true.

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  • 47. At 08:33am on 26 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post 45 oamills, of course you are entitled to your opinions,but the idea that you have NEVER wanted to slap an insolent, arrogant youth ranks to me alongside the statement "We have been married 40 years and have never had a cross word" Oh yeah! I reiterate my opinion that the lack of discipline is the reason for the behavior of our young.

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  • 48. At 11:57am on 26 Aug 2009, Naejbear wrote:

    john sargeant is an excellent substite for Adrian Childs during his holiday, but sadly Myleene and her false smiles/frowns obviously when cued leave me cold and squirming; she seems to be unaware of the news items about which she is talking, showing very little if any sensitivity; come back Christine, with your Northern Irish wit and charm!

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  • 49. At 11:58am on 26 Aug 2009, mariasylvia wrote:

    I thought tonights show was great, especially for the peice Linda Robson did on smacking. It's about time popular tv shows gave air time to this issue and it's great to see The One Show take it on. Very brave of Linda, and i totally agreed with everything she said, smacking is always wrong. All the people who are getting angry and saying "I have every right to smack my child" - are obviously damaged from being smacked themselves as kids, and to admit to themselves that smacking is wrong means facing up to the fact that their own parents, (no matter how much they loved their children), were doing wrong. Admitting to yourself that your parents did wrong is very painful and many people would prefer not to face that and carry on avoiding the issue, and hence carry on inflicting the same harm on their own children.
    John Sargeant and Mylene Klass were ok, but definately lack the spark and chemistry that Adrian and Christine have, looking forward to their return!

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  • 50. At 12:04pm on 26 Aug 2009, mariasylvia wrote:

    .....and also Alan Cummings was lovely - and such a shame he was so abruptly interupted by John at the start of his anecdote about intervening in a smacking situation that sounded like it was going to be very interesting - i would love to know what he was going to say!!!

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  • 51. At 12:30pm on 26 Aug 2009, errols1 wrote:

    Well well well,
    Myleene Klass seems to get that plastic false smile everywhere, Just like Alesha Dixon
    Myleene is an awful presenter. find someone more suitable to do the job and not a has been singer that shows she is reading everything see says on screen.
    John Sargent - Well - Old as he may be, still gives a professional feel to the audience
    BBC do what your good at MAKE THE CHANGES before sh ruins the show

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  • 52. At 2:16pm on 26 Aug 2009, throxenby wrote:

    How hypocritical and contradictory The One Show is. On the one hand, focusing on the negatives of smacking but quite happy to show at the very beginning of the programme, a violent and scary film extract that young children watching found terrifying.

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  • 53. At 2:18pm on 26 Aug 2009, greatal29 wrote:

    as lovley as myleen class is...her and john do not go together as presenters, i think they are really bad, asking questions, then speaking over the answers, i watched on monday but found it so Uncomfortable i couldnt bear to watch last night...get them off!

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  • 54. At 3:37pm on 26 Aug 2009, wigglediggle wrote:

    Do you think we could all email the bbc to get rid of myleene klass or start a campaign on the one show to get rid her and her false smile. I hope you have read this blog and founded out how much people hate you.

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  • 55. At 3:38pm on 26 Aug 2009, wigglediggle wrote:

    I meant found out lol typo before u all tell me lol

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  • 56. At 5:26pm on 26 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    post 49, What a load of rubbish, are you a psychiatrist?

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  • 57. At 6:45pm on 26 Aug 2009, tiata1 wrote:

    Why in heavens name is Myleene Class co-presenting the show - all she does is shout, shout, shout. She does not have a calm, relaxed demeaner and really grates on you - am not enjoying the shows this week. John by the way is great, lovely man. Gloria and Gethen were also great last week. Bye Myleen, time to go.

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  • 58. At 7:29pm on 26 Aug 2009, suhu09 wrote:

    John Sergeant is rubbish and Myleene OK - definately the wrong pairing.

    Bring back Gethin and poss suggestion of Fern Britton

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  • 59. At 7:32pm on 26 Aug 2009, suhu09 wrote:

    Should have said (wrote no. 58). Reason for being against John is he interupts poss because running out of time - but it could be handled much better. Not bothering to watch show now until presenters change.

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  • 60. At 7:40pm on 26 Aug 2009, youngstmatthews wrote:

    Myleene and John: It is very nice to have Myleene back again. Together with John it makes a refeshing change from that guffawing, fawning over guests’ woman who does not like the name her father gave her at birth! She is BLEEKLY, not what she clearly dislikes – we have an MP who does not call himself BLEEKEley! Why does not she change her name by deed poll?
    However, John is much better than 'little lugs fat boy'
    What a Joke!

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  • 61. At 7:47pm on 26 Aug 2009, pinkie_79 wrote:

    Can't stand to watch anymore of the shows this week. Making me so uncomfortable and embarassed for the guests. Fern would have been lovely and at least maybe helped out poor John. With both Mylene and him together, they flounder helplessly and don't bounce off each other with the ease in which presenters should. (also helps if they try to at least look interested in the items they are presenting)! Can't wait for AC and CB to come back....

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  • 62. At 01:43am on 27 Aug 2009, KashaFaith wrote:

    I'll admit I'm really not a fan of The One Show, it makes me cringe at the best of times, but Klass and Sargeant just make it so much more painful to watch. The only reason I watched it - Alan Cumming. I'm so disappointed that I missed this first time round as I am a HUGE fan of Alan Cumming - thank god for iPlayer, but I'd have enjoyed being able to relax and watch this on TV rather than my laptop.

    On smacking kids - I was smacked as a child and my thoughts have always been 'It didn't do me any harm', that is until I reached the age of 23 and had to move back in with my mother, she nearly killed me, my friends stepped in and made me then think back to my childhood to realise it was abuse I had faced not discipline. As a child I didn't realise it was abuse and as I grew older the thought never dawned on me as I had assumed it was normal, I have no doubt that during my childhood my mother didn't think of what she was doing as abuse - so how many other parents don't realise they are not smacking but abusing? When a child is acting up what parent could keep their cool every time? In theory I support parents right to be able to discipline their children in any way they see fit, but in reality we must remember not all parents stay clam, and in cases where the hitting goes too far children don't always know it's abuse to be able to seek help.

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  • 63. At 8:03pm on 27 Aug 2009, bellowsmain wrote:

    Oh I missed this one Post 45. oamills,
    You are possibly responsible on your own for the demise of society. I hope you and your lentil murderer kin are proud of your achievements.
    Billions wasted on benefits, children with more rights than adults and a broken country that as you find food and heat in the winter harder to come by, you will feel proud of. Yep. You have done a great job with your liberal and soft attitude.
    Well done and enjoy the fruits as people go hungry get killed and freeze to death. When will you people realise your dream is unsustainable and literally costs the earth. Attitude,application and education are everything. Add effort and we may come out of this leftist demise. It does not work.
    High five for commitment though.

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