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What did you think of The One Show? Guest: Emilia Fox

The One Show Team | 10:57 UK time, Thursday, 20 August 2009

Gloria Hunniford and Gethin Jones were joined in the studio by Hollywood actress Emilia Fox.


We featured a special report about the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan - continue the discussion, add your thoughts.


The One Show's Mr Science Marty Jopson nearly went off his rocker keeping cool... with a bellows rocking chair!


Continuing with our series of films about the Sales of Good Act, consumer guru Dom Littlewood hit the streets of the South Coast to share some of our viewers' success stories.


Next month marks 70 years since the start of the Second World War, so John Sergeant looked at the history of a very famous uniform.


And finally, we reunited some lost wartime friends who found each other again through the One Show wartime reunion appeal.


SEE OUR WARTIME REUNIONS PAGE - to find out more about the appeals featured in the show as well as other stories and photos about lost wartime friends.


What did you think of the show? Leave your comments below.


  • 1. At 7:01pm on 20 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Gloria - au contraire - men are, on the whole, much tidier than women.

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  • 2. At 7:07pm on 20 Aug 2009, retiredofrotherham wrote:

    I think that discussing gender tests in relation to the south african athletics person is not in good taste as for some people the decision about their gender is laid down during a pregnancy and then at birth.
    This must be very distressing so to link it to a fun discussion is not really appropriate.

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  • 3. At 7:07pm on 20 Aug 2009, perfectkarenkennedy wrote:

    please please bring back Adrian and Christine, I love Gethin normally but he is so wooden and talks in a monotone voice, Gloria love you are way too old for the one show, you should be retired now and sitting knitting or something!!! Gethin you need some lessons in presenting. God help us we've got John Sargent and Myleene Show Off Klass next week, I think i might switch off until the real presenters return.

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  • 4. At 7:09pm on 20 Aug 2009, Victor01 wrote:

    I think it is hilarious. What kind of test shall we do for people with Down syndrom or other genetic disorder?

    I think these two presenter should be sacked for being so stupid

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  • 5. At 7:10pm on 20 Aug 2009, JackieRbow wrote:

    I am really looking forward to the return of Adrian and Christine. Sadly, neither Gethin nor Gloria are bringing out the best in their guests and the studio part of the show has completely lost its gloss and energy.

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  • 6. At 7:10pm on 20 Aug 2009, lab-rat wrote:

    That Afghan piece was pathetic. I know the BBC has all but given up impartiality but neither was it anywhere near balanced. Is it any wonder that the BBC now has the lowest share of the TV audience in its entire history?

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  • 7. At 7:15pm on 20 Aug 2009, resto9 wrote:

    Couldn't agree more with a couple of other posters. This is absolutely not a funny subject matter - I strongly doubt whether an 18 year old British girl would be treated in the same inconsiderate manner by the presenters, and the BBC should be ashamed. Sad really, because the athletics coverage on the beeb has covered this issue pretty sensitively.

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  • 8. At 7:15pm on 20 Aug 2009, highland fling wrote:

    Will definately be switching off next week when hosted by Mylene Klass!!the woman is everywhere!!thought she was in America presenting as well?does she ever sleep?Gloria is lovely , but we love Christine!

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  • 9. At 7:15pm on 20 Aug 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    when i heard them joking about the south african gold medal winner and the gender row i was less than happy.
    not a subject to joke about.
    people(both men and women) exist that can be confused by the eye and the ear as to which sex they are.
    genetic and medical reasons exist for this and to "joke" about it before any investigation is so unfair to the athlete and to other people with a similar problem.
    as blog 4 states shall we joke about other genetic disorders?
    more of the same from the one show that despite the change of presenters is on autopilot.
    dom on his hobby horse again and again on the south coast.
    gloria,,sit back a little and give geth a chance.

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  • 10. At 7:17pm on 20 Aug 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    highland fling.....for everyone who loves christine 2 exist who dont.
    cant prove it,,,but then you cannot prove we love her.

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  • 11. At 7:20pm on 20 Aug 2009, lpilova wrote:

    The Queen Emilia? why not do something useful

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  • 12. At 7:20pm on 20 Aug 2009, sambb11 wrote:

    I think the jokes made in relation to the gender issue of the South African athelete are in terrible taste. It must be an awful thing to have your gender discussed in such a derogatory way in the worlds media especially being only an eighteen year old girl!

    Im suprised at the insensitivity that has been shown here!

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  • 13. At 7:23pm on 20 Aug 2009, Marjdibley wrote:

    I am so disappointed in the programme with the current presenters. I really enjoy it with Adrian and Christine; they have spontaneity and humour and excellent timing. I am not sure how Gethin and Gloria qualified as replacements.

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  • 14. At 7:27pm on 20 Aug 2009, John Henderson wrote:

    I wonder who Gethin Jones thinks Queen Elizabeth II is. As far as I'm aware she may be QEII of England, but she is the first Queen Elizabeth of the UK. I know that English people think that the UK and England are the same, but I would have hoped for better from a Welshman

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  • 15. At 7:29pm on 20 Aug 2009, wordyfan wrote:

    I like the show and think Dom's tips are great, but I wish someone wold tell him that's there's no H in "consumer". He always pronounces it as conshumer! It drives me mad. Wordyfan.

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  • 16. At 7:31pm on 20 Aug 2009, F1owerpower wrote:

    Nope, I'm afraid she's still interrupting Gethin and not letting him finish his sentences.! He Starts something off and in she jumps with a comment before he's finished!

    Gethin did manage to say a bit more than usual though but can't she see what she's doing, it looks very bad mannered. As though she just has to say what she's thinking when she thinks it!

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  • 17. At 7:31pm on 20 Aug 2009, deanwis wrote:

    Shocking, I could not believe that the show started with such a poor taste remark. Whatever any of us think it is wrong to make a figure of fun out of an athlete who is going through such a terrible issue in the eyes of the world. To put this issue into the domiain the way that they did was thoughless and I think Ms H should have a look in the mirror, what a poor effort.

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  • 18. At 7:33pm on 20 Aug 2009, F1owerpower wrote:

    ps. i have to agree with the comments regarding the approach to the athlete who has to have a gender check. This must be a very difficult time for her and a little sensitivity would have gone a long way.

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  • 19. At 7:33pm on 20 Aug 2009, Devils-chocolat-wish wrote:

    Adrian and Christine Adrian and Christine Adrian and Christine WE WANT YOU BACK THESE TO FOOLS ARE RUINING THE SHOW PLEASE COME BACK.

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  • 20. At 7:34pm on 20 Aug 2009, greySueAnna wrote:

    I think the gender test joke was disgusting. Caster Semenya is just 18 years old and must be absolutely devastated. I cannot believe that the BBC let this cruel, cheap joke be broadcast. I will not be watching The One Show again. This was a step too far in my opinion.

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  • 21. At 7:41pm on 20 Aug 2009, greyoneshowviewer wrote:

    Please can someone tell Gloria that she is not the only presenter on the show and that speaking over someone else whilst they are talking is incredibly rude. Bring back adrian and christine

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  • 22. At 7:42pm on 20 Aug 2009, colourfulpumpkinella wrote:

    I thought today's episode was mean spirited and made a mockery out of the sensitive issue. I work with children who don't have predefined genders and it's so confusing and comments like these don't wipe out ignorance at all.

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  • 23. At 7:45pm on 20 Aug 2009, 2ndBryanne wrote:

    I am disgusted with the comments and remarks made in relation to Caster Semenya. Is it funny? I don't think so. These remarks were totally out of order, and I wonder they were allowed to be broadcast. It is on a par with the comments made by Ross and Brand. The smirk on Gethin (whatever his surname is) face was totally unacceptable. Unfortunately Gloria (what ever her surname is) went along with it. Very bad taste They should be sacked!!!

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  • 24. At 7:58pm on 20 Aug 2009, F1owerpower wrote:

    it wasn't Gethin's decision to do it, they have to follow a script but its a pity nobody stopped it getting that far - it might have been an amusing script based on another event but not this one.

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  • 25. At 8:05pm on 20 Aug 2009, Boutrille wrote:

    Watching the One Show this evening I was extremely distressed at the triviality of veiwers comments and the smugness on the faces of the presenters to the remarks made in relation to the gender of Caster Semenya. She is only 18 years old. Gloria you of all people I would have expected to be sympathic, considering the agonising you and your family went through before the death of your dearly loved daughter Caron ( yes I read the book). Christine and Adrien are bad enough, with are we,arent we having an affair or is it all a good hoot to be home and family wreckers!!!!!Wont be watching the hour long show if this is the level the BBC has sunk to.Being an R.G.N. NO NO NO!

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  • 26. At 8:05pm on 20 Aug 2009, colourfulJimBob123 wrote:

    I was disgusted at the BBC One Show's article on an ingenious design of a rocking chair that blows air in the seated person’s face.

    Admittedly the entire invention is somewhat eccentric, but the presenter needn’t make a mockery of a work that shows clear genius thinking.

    Not only did the presenter make a complete mockery of the inventor, he disregarded the inventor's plans that make the cooling chair a viable invention.

    If the presenter had followed the genius inventor's design correctly, the cooling chair would have been fantastically effective.

    I'm disgusted that the presenter didn't show even the slightest understanding of the most basic level of physics. The bellows the presenter used were way too small, and placed where no leverage would be possible. The inventor's diagram clearly shows that the pivot point of the bellow is at the very back of rocking chair - giving maximum leverage for minimal effort. Not only this, but the inventor clearly calculated the volume of air to displace necessary to make the cooling chair effective.

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  • 27. At 8:08pm on 20 Aug 2009, 2rea22 wrote:

    I've never used a blog before but feel that I must express my disappointment in the one show for their poor taste in joking about the South African runner's gender. The way this matter has been dealt with at the world championship has shown a total lack of respect for the runner concerned. I'm saddened that the one show has jumped on the bandwaggon for a cheap thrill. I expected better.

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  • 28. At 8:10pm on 20 Aug 2009, 2ndBryanne wrote:

    I wrote comment 23 and didn't include my name.
    I am surprised they thought this issue should ever be discussed on a family programme at 7.00pm, and treated with such disrespect. It is a very serious problem. Who was responsible for including this item?

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  • 29. At 8:11pm on 20 Aug 2009, WILLGARE wrote:

    I watched in mounting disbelief while the subject of the Caster Semenya issue was made fun of.
    The editorial team of this programme should be disciplined for this appalling lack of taste and judgement. I have never commented on a programme before but felt I had to register my complete disgust at the way in which this young person's gender became a matter for jocularity.
    Next stop for me is ofcom - http://www.ofcom.org.uk/complain/progs/ please register a complaint

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  • 30. At 8:16pm on 20 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    The enquiry into any ones gender should be a personal and private matter, it should not be an excuse for smutty jokes, this enquiry could, and should have been kept private.
    sky-viewer post 1, I agree! but they are usually gay.

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  • 31. At 8:21pm on 20 Aug 2009, 2ndBryanne wrote:

    I totally agree with Boutrille and her comments about Gloria.
    It really is unbelievable.

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  • 32. At 8:21pm on 20 Aug 2009, jenset wrote:

    I am glad that there has been such condemnation of the treatment of the issue over the South African athlete. It was tasteless and tacky and not what we come to expect from The One Show. I assume the presenters have some input into the content of the programme and I cannot believe Christine and Adrian would have allowed this.

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  • 33. At 8:37pm on 20 Aug 2009, 2ndBryanne wrote:

    I would like to make a official complaint, as suggested by Willgare, but unfortunately, when I access the webside, it is too complicated for me. I suspect that is true of a many of the viewers who wish to complain.

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  • 34. At 8:38pm on 20 Aug 2009, Gill wrote:

    I doubt the presenters would have input about the content.

    Gloria is still interrupting Gethin - shut up woman!

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  • 35. At 8:42pm on 20 Aug 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    a lot of us out in blog world who are not happy with the regular presenters often think adrian and christine are "mostly responsible" when something in bad taste or badly wrong is said.
    this shows it does indeed go far deeper and that it is due to the direction this show is pushed by a sub standard backroom team.
    london based uni grads who all have london/south east/southern friends and family that have a very narrow base to work from.
    ie if in doubt do a london topic,or send the wildlife team to the south coast.
    but this lack of direction also shows itself in the bad taste topics such as this evening-the stupid jokes on gender.
    someones head should roll.
    bring in a new backroom team with more regional diversity and take the show around the regions.
    it is going downhill fast.

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  • 36. At 9:07pm on 20 Aug 2009, Kevcho wrote:

    I watched the programme tonight, happy that the dire duo of Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley were on holiday. But I was shocked early in the programme by Gloria Hunniford and Gethin Jones raising and then trivialising the tests which Caster Semenya has to undergo. There are individuals who grow up with genuine sexual ambiguity, physical, psychological and both. Dealing with that must require tremendous courage, the more so for someone in the public eye who is foced to do so when their sexual identity is openly challenged. It is difficult to imagine the humiliation. To use this as an occasion to encourage and then broadcast sniggering jokes about sexual stereotypes is unintelligent, insensitive, insulting and in the worst possible taste. I was particularly shocked at Gloria Hunniford for encouraging this: I should have expected much better of her.

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  • 37. At 9:18pm on 20 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Re 30: first point - I wasn't following the athletics & this was news to me on tonight's show. I agree that the issue should have been dealt with privately. On further reading I see there have been a number of cases going back as far as the 30s where a man has successfully competed as a female athlete only to be gaught out later. I also read a comment by a medical person who says that there is no way the athlete mentioned tonight in the show could possibly be a woman. We shall see.

    Also re 30: second point - have never seen a gay person's house so all my evidence comes from others. And myself... and I am certainly not gay!

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  • 38. At 9:32pm on 20 Aug 2009, Jayare30 wrote:

    Absolutely disgusted with the comments made by Gethin jones and Gloria Hunniford about Caster Semenya. They have both added to the unhappy situation that this young person is facing, and the way they laughed and smirked is not acceptable to this One Show viewer. Personally, I don't think it is a subject to be discussed on this type of show, and like many other "bloggers" I feel very dissapointed with Gloria Hunnifords attitude, she has been a broadcaster long enough to know better!!!!

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  • 39. At 10:14pm on 20 Aug 2009, WILLGARE wrote:

    Apologies all I made a mistake putting the link to Ofcom above. If you want to make an official complaint after this appalling programme please use the 'official' BBC complaints pages at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/
    I know its a pain but I really do think somebody should be held to account for this programme

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  • 40. At 10:15pm on 20 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    post 37, I was kidding, but seriously I do know 2 young men, relatives of mine, who just happen to be gay, and their homes are spotless, and also they are a good laugh.

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  • 41. At 10:53pm on 20 Aug 2009, TDAINTON wrote:

    I'd previously posted on the Joss Ackland thread I thought Gloria was insensitive the way she handled that one.

    It's clear Gloria feels she is the matriarch of the programme (certainly makes Gethen feel like a naughty little schoolboy that's for sure On that basis she really should know better than engage in an insensitive issue like the gender test. I'm sure had she said it's not on the broadcasters would have changed the piece for a better one.

    As for two people againgst Chris for every one for her.... I'm in the 'FOR' group if anyone wants to start taking votes.


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  • 42. At 10:55pm on 20 Aug 2009, beesarr wrote:

    I think comments regarding the sex of an athlete were unnecessary and uncalled for, everyone agrees the manner in which the sports authority broke it was out of order and I was surprised Gloria started with it.

    Not up to One Show standards!

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  • 43. At 10:57pm on 20 Aug 2009, El Presidente of Lunatic Republic wrote:

    I wish to complain about the tasteless item on Caster Semenya. Sack the editor/researcher responsible immediately. Absolutely appalling.

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  • 44. At 11:11pm on 20 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    On the topic of firms who wont replace faulty goods, I shop with a firm who does, I can return items within 2 wks if I don't like them, and if they develop a fault within a year, I get a replacement, why can all firms do not do the same, they would get much more custom. I can't reveal the name as it would be advertising. (after all this is the BBC)

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  • 45. At 11:44pm on 20 Aug 2009, digiBibble wrote:

    I thought the opening comments about the young South African athlete were crass and totally inappropriate.

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  • 46. At 07:41am on 21 Aug 2009, Judeblog wrote:

    I was shocked and angry at the way the very sensitive issue of the South African athlete's gender was ridiculed on this show.
    Isn't this the show that threw Carol Thatcher off for making racist comments, are all the decision makers on holiday, if so perhaps the show should have been cancelled for the holiday period.

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  • 47. At 08:53am on 21 Aug 2009, parrotpinkparrot wrote:

    Thank goodness they are near the end of their stint!
    Gethin is like a tailors dummy, with as much charisma, Gloria tries too hard and still falls flat. There is no rapport between them.
    Lets hope next week is better and hope the stand ins remember the 'real' hosts names.

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  • 48. At 09:12am on 21 Aug 2009, AverageJoan wrote:

    Many of the responses about last nights show about gender testing have started to restore my faith in others - thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns. I too was appauled to see this being treated so insensitively on a family show, especially one that seems to stake its reputation on fairness and equality, and called the BBC to register a formal complaint.

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  • 49. At 09:55am on 21 Aug 2009, serjanus wrote:

    Typical BBC, Discuss Afganistan and wheel out the ghastly lefty old dragon Yasmin Alibhai - Brown! Ugh!

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  • 50. At 11:19am on 21 Aug 2009, Gill wrote:

    I feel that sitting on a sofa with someone who constantly talks over you would make anyone appear like a tailor's dummy. Give Gethin something more practical and exciting to do and he really comes into his own.

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  • 51. At 11:53am on 21 Aug 2009, auntmazzatron wrote:

    How fantastic to see Gloria Hunniford on the One Show. Gloria is a wonderful presenter and interviewer. Her breadth of experience makes her, in my opinion, one of the top female presenters on TV. I LOVE the fact that Gloria is a mature lady doing a challenging job with great style and professionalism. All the younger ladies (and the men for that matter) should tune in anytime Gloria is on TV for a masterclass in the art of presenting and interviewing.
    Three cheers for Gloria Hunniford.

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  • 52. At 12:20pm on 21 Aug 2009, jpaula wrote:

    I was appalled at the way the piece on the SA athlete was presented. She may differ from the gender norm and so what?!

    When you present articles on disabled people there is no smirking or laughter so why pick on gender? Cheap laughs I suspect. Why not have the courage to do something on gender variance that is positive. You people do so much harm as you do influence public opinion so use your position responsibly. Shame on you!

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  • 53. At 12:21pm on 21 Aug 2009, Anotherfinemess wrote:

    Goodness me.....I read the comments before I saw the actual show (recorded) I thought I was going to see a show filled with stuff about this gender test thing......but it wasnt......it was a very very small part of an otherwise great show (content wise) apart from Gloria (interrupting EVERYONE again) I really wanted to hear more of what Emilia Fox was saying about her project in Afghanistan but no Gloria had to interrupt to say what SHE thought about things. As for the gender test thing I think people are being a bit po faced. There was nothing said against the actual athlete apart from showing a picture and it WAS said that it was a shame that we are so obsessed with how people look.

    Anyway any fault was not by Gethin and Gloria who are given a script and the emails to read out so it was from the production team, but a bit of a storm in a teacup I feel.

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  • 54. At 12:38pm on 21 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Re 53: anotherfinemess (like the username; anything that makes me think of the great duo is good) - enjoyed your post & your reasoned comments about the gender issue & Gloria's interruptions. Welcome to the One Show blog... where even the slightest remark can cause an uproarious night's blogging - that's what makes it so entertaining!

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  • 55. At 12:56pm on 21 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    I would liked to have heard more from Emilia Fox, she comes across as intelligent, and well informed, She'd make a good presenter, if she wasn't so busy with her acting career

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  • 56. At 2:00pm on 21 Aug 2009, lindav1 wrote:

    The comments made about the South African athlete were in very bad taste and insensitive. I have never used this site before but felt that I had to make my feelings known along with the many others.

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  • 57. At 2:30pm on 21 Aug 2009, oneshowidiocy wrote:

    Although still disappointed and offended by the feature last night, I am heartened to see the number of commenters on here and the 'gender tests' thread calling out the unnacceptable treatment of the issue last night. I do hope these commenters will go to the BBC complaints form here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/process/television?id=M166D0U1RR3ICVPN4KJ7FRMEH2 and submit their thoughts so the programme makers can see how wrong they got this one and issue an apology.

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  • 58. At 2:32pm on 21 Aug 2009, secondjanems wrote:

    The start of the show relating to the 18 year old South African athlete was utterly tasteless and treated as if it were a huge joke to be sniggered at.(including the camera crew it would appear).Gloria Hunniford and Gethin Jones should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • 59. At 2:40pm on 21 Aug 2009, Smileysands wrote:

    Please can you ask Gloria to stop interrupting Gethin, its very rude. She is acting as if its 'her' show. Bring back Adrian and Christine please. We miss them!

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  • 60. At 5:27pm on 21 Aug 2009, steelhuwmac wrote:

    I am also quite disgusted at the treament of the subject of the south african girl runner. This is a young girl from a small community who through no fault of her own has been thrust into the spotlight. This should have been kept quiet until the tests have been completed, I little compassion should have been shown instead of the levity it was treated on your show. Also please tell Gloria she is not the only one on the show, she should listen to her guests and let Gethin ask something without her constant interruptions.

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  • 61. At 5:36pm on 21 Aug 2009, geminiSoulsby wrote:

    I feel the request for viewers' ideas for "gender identification questions" was in very poor taste.

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  • 62. At 6:32pm on 21 Aug 2009, F1owerpower wrote:

    For the lady who said it's great to see Gloria and the fact that she's a mature presenter. Her age isn't the problem, as someone has already mentioned, she doesn't just interrupt Gethin, she interrupts the guests too and they don't get a chance to finish what they were going to say (not to mention Gethin of course)!

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  • 63. At 6:34pm on 21 Aug 2009, F1owerpower wrote:

    Gethin!! if you read these, next time she interrupts you and doesn't let you finish - tell her nicely that you'd like to finish your sentence :-)

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  • 64. At 8:20pm on 21 Aug 2009, Gill wrote:

    I don't believe it - she actually apologised to Gethin for talking over him. She must have been told about it. Too late now, Glo!

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  • 65. At 9:54pm on 21 Aug 2009, lynnejennifer21 wrote:

    I was appalled last evening to hear you ask for ideas to ascertain the gender of this unfortunate athlete.To attempt to make fun of this young girls problem is unforgiveable.She is 18 years old, and through no fault of her own is being publicly humiliated. Any investigation into her gender should have been conducted privately and for the one show to join in the "fun" amounts to nothing more than bullying. Shame on you.

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  • 66. At 10:12pm on 21 Aug 2009, janneece wrote:

    i am happy to see that so many before me have already complained about yesterday's crass and insensitive feature on Caster Semenya. The One Show presenters and producers should learn fromthe presenter on this morning's Breakfast, who remarked with real feeling that Semenya's treatment by the IAF has been "disgusting." For the One Show then to go on and encourage viewers to send in tired old gender stereotypes about "men do x" and "women do y" and treat the whole sad affair as one big laugh, was unworthy of the standards viewers should be able to expect.

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  • 67. At 08:23am on 22 Aug 2009, stearman65 wrote:

    Doms item about getting money back was greatly exagerated. In reallity it is much harder. I have a case running at present with an Internet etailer where I spent almost £2000, when the order arrived, there were various items missing & damaged, not UK compliant. I contacted the etailer who suggested I send the supposed faulty item back (a camera lens). After reading his conditions of sale, which I believe to be contrary to the sale of goods act, (£50 fee if he thought the item wasn't faulty) I decided to go the Mastercard/ Trading Standards route. Mastercard have insisted on a report on the lens from a Canon agent, Trading standards have been written to and telephoned but seem to be inactive. It is now almost a month since the sale, the etailer still has my money & I have the faulty lens, a non CE approved charger and have had to buy a manual in order to use the camera. The independent company has confirmed the lens is faulty.

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  • 68. At 7:25pm on 23 Aug 2009, katherine51 wrote:

    I was disappointed that Emilia Fox was not asked about featuring in the new campaign for Ovarian Cancer Action - obviously not called the invisible cancer for nothing.

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