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What did you think of The One Show? Guest: Ray Mears.

The One Show Team | 15:05 UK time, Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Adventurer and Adrian lookalike, Ray Mears joined us on The One Show sofa.

Today's papers made the most of their freedom to name and shame the perpetrators of Baby Peter. We received many comments from you after Anita's film on the subject yesterday. Continue to let us know what you think of this story below.

Anita Rani met Janis Sharp, mother of Gary McKinnon the Asperger's sufferer awaiting extradition to the US for allegedly hacking into the American government's national security computer system.

Germaine Greer explored the relationship between Hollywood and history.

Marty Jopson delved into the world of crazy patents, looking at the 1962 invention the 'birthday cake candle extinguisher'.

Miranda Krestovnikoff took Clare Balding to an elusive location to try to find otters.

What did you think of the show? Add your comment here.


  • 1. At 7:02pm on 11 Aug 2009, Fluffybex wrote:

    Ray mears is great, but can you tell Adrian chils that his flies are ondone!!!!

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  • 2. At 7:05pm on 11 Aug 2009, jacquitmcqueen wrote:

    You beat me too it!

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  • 3. At 7:05pm on 11 Aug 2009, Julianbb wrote:

    I think Adrian needs to do up his flies!!

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  • 4. At 7:05pm on 11 Aug 2009, nickyfoord wrote:

    Has anyone noticed that adrians fly is blatantly open...

    is he hoping ray will tame the beast?

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  • 5. At 7:06pm on 11 Aug 2009, suejones37 wrote:

    Hi, Please can you tell adrian he's flying low without a license. V distracting!

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  • 6. At 7:08pm on 11 Aug 2009, Fluffybex wrote:

    lol.. this is funny, i saw it and i was like OMG is his flies ondone..

    Well at lest they read this straight away cos he is all done up now!! LMAO

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  • 7. At 7:10pm on 11 Aug 2009, shelma wrote:

    Thank goodness, it was all I could think about!

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  • 8. At 7:10pm on 11 Aug 2009, millibud wrote:

    we nearly choked on our tea spotted straight away....made my day. thanks adrian

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  • 9. At 7:10pm on 11 Aug 2009, nickyfoord wrote:

    Yes - rays tamed the beast - a true bush whacker!

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  • 10. At 7:11pm on 11 Aug 2009, michaelgradwell wrote:

    Henry VIII was once young and he was an athlete, so it will come as no surprise that his shape changed with age. It's not fair to say the actor looked nothing like the portrait.

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  • 11. At 7:12pm on 11 Aug 2009, steviegil wrote:

    Go Adrian...hehe. Just wanted to say my opinion on the Baby P case. Why doesn't this great country of ours bring back the death penalty in cases like this? Hang them.

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  • 12. At 7:12pm on 11 Aug 2009, flyingbrick wrote:

    Gary McKinnon should be employed by the UK Government if he's that good! Let's hope justice and common sense prevails and his extradition is halted.

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  • 13. At 7:13pm on 11 Aug 2009, nickyfoord wrote:

    Yes it's true - Henry gained weight later in life due to an injury in his leg causing it to be ulcerated and to stop being a sportsman.

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  • 14. At 7:14pm on 11 Aug 2009, dazzlingcodfather wrote:

    You didn't really tell the ture story of what gary mckinnon did, he caused days of anguish for the US Navy, millions of $$ worth of damage, all whilst they were on high alert - and I think that should have been told, he's not incident, of a harmless prank, what he did he should be punished for.

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  • 15. At 7:16pm on 11 Aug 2009, dobiemad wrote:

    If the US believe that Gary McKinnon has done harm to them then he should be tried in their Country, just because he was hacking from the UK doesn't mean he should face a UK court. Pretty sure that if someone in another country caused (or potentially caused) the UK harm that we'd want our own justice system to deal with them.

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  • 16. At 7:16pm on 11 Aug 2009, johncarabini wrote:

    Why does Anita give out ill informed facts that seem to find an excuse for the demonic behaviour of the Baby Peter killers. I am a survivor of long term abuse as a child and find the idea of becoming a perpetrator abhorrent. Perhaps Anita could provide some statistics for her comment that some abused people become abusers, this might help in alleviating the feelings of social isolation that survivors like me experience. Ill infomed tabloid information!!!!! Shame on you One Show!

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  • 17. At 7:17pm on 11 Aug 2009, michaelgradwell wrote:

    I think we can leave the need for punishment and the possible extent of punishment to the courts. The problem at the moment is should he be extradited. My opinion is that the request to refuse extradition sounds very much like the American courts cannot be trusted.

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  • 18. At 7:17pm on 11 Aug 2009, ingeniousfaz wrote:

    Can you please tell Adrian to check his history. Henry was healthy and quite athletic until a jousting injury. Someone should have actually done their research

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  • 19. At 7:18pm on 11 Aug 2009, nickyfoord wrote:

    For what it's worth regarding Gary McKinnon, the guy did what he did and should account for it.

    Although I admit that America will come down on him very hard - however you pays your money, you take your chances...

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  • 20. At 7:19pm on 11 Aug 2009, ingeniousfaz wrote:

    Prefer Bear Grylls to Ray Mears any day. Ray comes across as quite arrogant

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  • 21. At 7:19pm on 11 Aug 2009, cds wrote:

    1. Henry VIII was an attractive and athletic young man. It was only after a hunting accident and six mothers-in-law that his weight went up!
    2. I don't believe anyone ever died from eating a "blown upon" birthday cake. Get a life, Christine!
    3. To steviegill (#11) If it's wrong for an individual to take a life then it is wrong for the state to take a life.

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  • 22. At 7:19pm on 11 Aug 2009, candleextingushier wrote:

    i think its a dangerous thing to get drawn into the Gark mckinnon anti american bandwagon. the campaign got hijacked by the Daily mail as a stick to beat labour with- although recently they've pulled back as it looks increasingly likely he'll go and we get to hear the embarresing evidence... either way its really a politics story. I estimate that 15 different uK and European judges have looked at the evidence and said he should go... so will a note from his Mum outweigh that?

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  • 23. At 7:20pm on 11 Aug 2009, MrsHat wrote:

    Can I just point out....that the bunny Marty used was actually a Bear Factory bunny and they are stitched up at the back so he didn't need to cut it open.

    A disgruntled Bunny collecter ;-)

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  • 24. At 7:20pm on 11 Aug 2009, yorkiesando wrote:

    Are Adrian and Ray Benny Hill's love children?

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  • 25. At 7:20pm on 11 Aug 2009, elliemaybelle wrote:

    We absolutely love the show, watch it every night and think that Adrian and Christine make the perfect presenters and have a great on screen relationship.
    Could you please tell me where Christine got the dress that she is wearing in tonight's episode (11-08-09) I just have to have one :) Also thank you for telling Adrian to do his flies up lol

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  • 26. At 7:21pm on 11 Aug 2009, jojangles1 wrote:

    Has Dan Snow got a poorly mouth he looked like he was struggling to speak :O) Hope he's ok.

    Jo x

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  • 27. At 7:22pm on 11 Aug 2009, onejanath wrote:

    Nice article on the balloon in a bunny to blow out candles on a birthday cake in an hygienic manner, but who blew up the balloon ?!

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  • 28. At 7:22pm on 11 Aug 2009, Florence wrote:

    Adrian Chiles like Ray Mears?? I think not. Mears is not a narcissistic, attention-seeking, talentless (but lucky) ass. Chiles is.

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  • 29. At 7:23pm on 11 Aug 2009, candleextingushier wrote:

    is it me or is The One show getting obsessed with bugs and insects

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  • 30. At 7:23pm on 11 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    I think I'm with 14 & 15 on this item insofar as the extradition goes & that it needs resolved fully.

    Ray Mears - never watched him ever as it's not my thing (sounds as unappealing as wildlife shows), but I don't think he's an Adrian lookalike by any means.

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  • 31. At 7:23pm on 11 Aug 2009, AdrianBuntingJP wrote:

    Re Gary McKinnon,

    Instead of our Home Secretary honouring a one sided extradition Treaty, Gary McKinnon should be given the Queens Award to Industry for exposing poor computer security here and in the US and should be employed by our security people here and by the US authorities to advise and tighten up security.
    Like Ronnie Biggs he made a fool of the esablishment and for that he will pay the price/, Adrian Bunting Retired JP

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  • 32. At 7:23pm on 11 Aug 2009, steviegil wrote:

    It takes a very special person to overcome abuse so congrats John,be proud of yourself. I have a friend who was beaten by his father when younger and he has a little of it in him too. He fights its extremely well but when he does let it out he harms himself,no-one else. There is no excuse for what those peasants did to Baby P,this country needs to deal with cases like this and deal with it now. Either the rope or the chair.

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  • 33. At 7:24pm on 11 Aug 2009, shelma wrote:

    I do think Baby P's kllers got an absurdly short sentance but comparison with Ronnie Biggs' is just daft - his (gang's) crime was not just theft - the engine driver did get severly beaten up.
    And, Christine, are you going to give up air? There are droplets of spit all around you!

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  • 34. At 7:25pm on 11 Aug 2009, TheresaMcDermott wrote:

    How come Christine is paler tonight than last night?

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  • 35. At 7:26pm on 11 Aug 2009, ShortyMcStompy wrote:

    Comparing a painting of the aged Henry the Eighth to a portrayal of him as a young man is ridiculous. When Henry was a young man a contemporary of the time called him the "most handsome prince in Christendom". As has been mentioned by other commenters he was a fit, healthy and desirable young man until a fall whilst hunting caused an injury which never healed and led to his increasingly sedentary lifestyle and weight gain.

    Fancy starting a piece about historical inaccuracy in the media with a historical inaccuracy!!

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  • 36. At 7:26pm on 11 Aug 2009, granzed wrote:

    Re birthday candles - I used to cover the cakes with clingfilm and put the candles on top of this, removing stray spit when clingfilm is removed and everyone can have a blow of the candles.

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  • 37. At 7:27pm on 11 Aug 2009, Icecoolwillie wrote:

    Best light entertainment show on the telly!
    Great to see Adrians' younger brother with him tonight!

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  • 38. At 7:27pm on 11 Aug 2009, nickyfoord wrote:

    and his twin sister claire... or is it adrian in a wig?

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  • 39. At 7:28pm on 11 Aug 2009, briandscott wrote:

    My foster daughter (Regan Hansford) suggests putting cling film over a birthday cake before adding the candles. This way everything is kept clean during the blowing out session. candles & film are then removed all is well.

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  • 40. At 7:28pm on 11 Aug 2009, DawnVic wrote:

    If Baby P had received a fraction of the care, protection and attention that the murderers are getting, Baby Peter would be alive today.

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  • 41. At 7:29pm on 11 Aug 2009, chocolate dog wrote:

    I had a Tarka Dall the other night. It's like a Tikka Dall, just a little 'otter.

    I'll get me coat....

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  • 42. At 7:34pm on 11 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    Hollywood have never valued accuracy in their films, I remember Tony Curtis playing Robbin Hood, ( dis is da land of my Fadah)
    Whats all this about Adrian's fly, I'll have to watch again on BBC I Player, Jadedoldie did you see it?? LOL

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  • 43. At 7:36pm on 11 Aug 2009, electronicatapaw wrote:

    How come Christine is so averse to saliva, I'm sure she has kissed plenty of people ;-)

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  • 44. At 7:40pm on 11 Aug 2009, djwhatsoccurin wrote:

    Missed Adrian's wardrobe malfunction-must check him out on i-player-highlights were Chris's tan being back to a watchable level and Claire's obvious disdain at Adrian's attempts at humour-saliva gate rang true as I recently attended a group interview for a job at a large supermarket-we had to blow up balloons and saliva was flying everywhere-however with 10 people after each job around here you have to go with the flow (so to speak)
    Serious items related to Baby Peter and arch-hacker Mckinnon-both show that UK justice system is a joke-Baby Peters parents will be far better protected than he ever was-Mckinnon did the chat show circuit for years until the gravity of this situation became clear to him-USA will protect its national security and he will be extradited-he has one hope-become a radical cleric, stand on a street corner and shout that you are a good chum of Osama Bin Laden-our government would never let him be extradited then !!

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  • 45. At 7:40pm on 11 Aug 2009, adrianchristine1 wrote:

    Re Baby P and Gary - it is easy to jump on bandwagon.

    Re Aspergera, it is part of a continuum. There are many people within society holding down very responsible positions who have Aspergers and are aware enough of what is or is not acceptable. There are many children and young people with Aspergers who have this basic awareness. At the far end of the spectrum, there are those who are very definitely in the own world. From the interviews I have heard, Gary sounds as if he is more in the former than latter group but don't know his individual case so we can't comment. However, it would be concerning if people forget the range/spectrum involved.

    Re Baby P, horrendous. However, this is both the responsibility of the individuals who carried out these acts and the wider group of people who had contact over the years and did not respond. The wider group is all of us who had contact, not just the professionals. It is also all of us who are allowing a society to develop where we don't think that what goes on around us has anything to do with us, where we support aggression and don't actively promote kindness in our neighbourhoods. To try and prevent future Baby P's it is not just professionals doing something different it is all of us doing something different. I am not saying that the individuals are not responsible, I am saying that we create the society in which horrendous things take place. I am sure we would all like us all to live in a more caring community, so if we all reach out more we can help future aggression to be reduced.

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  • 46. At 7:43pm on 11 Aug 2009, JanieHairOil wrote:

    Great Show but please tell Miranda that we do not use kilometres in this country - we use MILES !!!!!!!!

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  • 47. At 7:45pm on 11 Aug 2009, michaelgradwell wrote:

    Hollywood history can be quite amusing. Tony Curtis was in the film The Vikings. It was not filmed in the North East but in Brittany in a 13th century castle called Fort La latte. Only a few hundred years after the Vikings.

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  • 48. At 7:49pm on 11 Aug 2009, Howard Jones wrote:

    Ray mears is such an interesting person he was not interviewed to his full potential it must have been nearly 15 minutes into the programme before he was interviewed at any length.Lets have more time dedicated to the guests rather on trivia.

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  • 49. At 7:49pm on 11 Aug 2009, thehilligan wrote:

    re: hollywood and history.
    Henry eighth was renowned for being sporty and a groovy dancer...the portrait you used,which i think is a holbein shows henry after the ravages of age,disease and a poor diet.
    As for face painting...people have been doing this since time immemorial...the picts,who inhabited scotland were,of course,'the painted people'.the scots were an irish tribe.
    Amadeus was based on the stage play by peter schaeffer..the andrew davis of the stage.
    And jus to show its not cos im a biased wolves fan, in the late sixties i watched wolves n albion matches on alternate weeks. Chippy clarke or waggy..i'd ve played em both..
    Adrian for next red nose day how about u and frank wear a wolves scarf for a week n i'll wear an albion one?
    Good luck for the season,
    The hilligan

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  • 50. At 7:55pm on 11 Aug 2009, minibenjiman wrote:

    Christine! You looked soooooooo fine tonight!!! Asoluately gorgeous xoxo

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  • 51. At 8:10pm on 11 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    I'm not a Christine fan, but tonight the girl looked really attractive, credit where it's due. Rather spoilt by her picky attitude to candle-blowing. Does she not realise she walks around in a permanent miasma of other people's body fluid,expelled either by coughing, sneezing or sadly just breathing! Don't be a party pooper Christine, there are enough people trying to take the fun out of life as it is.

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  • 52. At 8:16pm on 11 Aug 2009, alexdobbin wrote:

    I look forward to this show every night but this was the worst yet, the best thing about it was the length of Christine's skirt.

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  • 53. At 8:19pm on 11 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    geordieangel2 I have been truly blessed, I missed it! However I didn't miss the comment from Chiles that suggest historical accuracy doesn't really matter!
    Post 46 JanieHairOil, well said, I get tired of pointing this out, we have lost our gallons, and pounds and ounces, not long before the mile goes the same way I fear.

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  • 54. At 8:34pm on 11 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    Baby Peter's Mother is to have a make over to change her identity, which means in time she could move in next door to any one of us, I find that worrying, would you want her to baby sit for you?? I may be moderated for this, but I hope she and her horrible boyfriend get a good kicking whilst in prison, and get just a little taste of what little baby Peter had to endure, after what they did they don't deserve any human rights. I feel so strong about this, it makes my blood boil.

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  • 55. At 8:37pm on 11 Aug 2009, thehilligan wrote:

    hi how about a mention for dave lapworth who passed away recently.his funeral was yesterday and was attended by representatives from wolves fc.dave was my brother in law john's dad.he worked for many years for the wolves..training the third and other teams..he worked with steve daley and many others..dave also spotted and brought several star players to wolves in the sixties and seventies, including frank munro,a wolves legend who played for scotland.dave also played for england..not sure at what level.. My sister ange will know.
    The family name comes from lapworth in warks
    The hilligan.

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  • 56. At 8:42pm on 11 Aug 2009, happyjolucky wrote:

    Had to let Christine know thay when i was a little girl my mum had a 'thing' about kids blowing out candles on a birthday cake (for the same 'spit' reason). So when it was mine or my brother's birthday, we didn't get to blow out candles on the cake, she covered either a sponge or a potato with foil, stuck the candles in it, and that's what we all got to blow/spit at. Very hygienic, but a bit embarrassing when you're 7!
    I have inherited/been conditioned with the same concerns, and now i intend to do the same with my kids!

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  • 57. At 8:44pm on 11 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post 54, I should hope you would not be moderated for saying exactly what many of us think. How can you give rights to a sub-human species such as these three? I also disagree that they should be put on a special wing while in prison, I would love them to feel just one tenth of the fear that little mite experienced.Let the public have them This is the sort of case that makes me think long and hard about capital punishment, a sure way of stopping re-offending.

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  • 58. At 8:53pm on 11 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    post 57, I don't really have a temper, just when it comes to kids and animals. I'm off to look at the I player now, to see what every one is on about. (Adrians flies)

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  • 59. At 8:55pm on 11 Aug 2009, happyjolucky wrote:

    It is true that SOME people who people who have been abused become abusers, it is a sad fact. The comment made did not suggest that anyone who has been abused will inevitably become an abuser.
    We all learn behaviours, and the first people we learn from are our parent and close family/friends. Inevitably we replicate SOME of this behaviour. Thankfully we also learn what NOT to do as well as what TO do. I understand johncarabini (no. 16) being utterly offended, but the only way to stop abuse is to break the cycle. By the sounds of it he has done this.

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  • 60. At 8:57pm on 11 Aug 2009, SimonTi wrote:

    Knife sticking out of the bunnys head - maybe not the best idea ?

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  • 61. At 9:05pm on 11 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    geordieangel2, you are ruining our reputations as sweet little old ladies,lol.

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  • 62. At 9:30pm on 11 Aug 2009, heathbrooks wrote:

    I also noticed that Christine was toned down tonight but she is still such a strange colour, so artificial for a girl from Northern Ireland. Come on Christine you used to look so natural.

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  • 63. At 9:44pm on 11 Aug 2009, honeybeesally wrote:

    Re birthday cakes and blowing candles out - I always wrapped a potato in foil and stuck candles in that, so that no undesirable spitting landed on the cake!

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  • 64. At 10:09pm on 11 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    I watched the One Show on the portable in the kitchen, I didn't see anything untoward on the subject of Adrian's flies, but then, the portable does make everything appear small!!
    Still can't access the I player.

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  • 65. At 10:24pm on 11 Aug 2009, doctorAlbion wrote:

    With reference to last nights show, how does one become eligable for a lottery money for an ethnic minority grant to visit the British countryside?

    If I become as tanned as Christine in the next few days will that qualify me?

    I'm in Leicester on Thursday so can purchase the preferred ethnic clothing if that would help.

    Yours sincerely,
    Former indigenous Britain thoroughly ashamed of my own culture wanting to become ethnic minority as soon as possible.

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  • 66. At 10:41pm on 11 Aug 2009, michaelgradwell wrote:

    No justice system is perfect, even the British justice system is not perfect. Read Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird about the problems with vigilantes. One thing is for sure, that vigilante groups are not the best way forward. I don't want comments moderated even thought they condone unlawful activity, but I would like people to think what they are saying. Do you really want prisoners to beat up prisoners? Who will be in charge of this? In recent posts there have been suggestions that the system is not perfect and unelected individuals or groups should take the law into their own hands. Please think about what you are writing, even though you have the right to write.

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  • 67. At 11:09pm on 11 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Re 56: yes, I think I agree with this. Any comments (not just tonight's posts) concerning taking the law into one's own hands are always quite disturbing, and not because I feel sympathy for perpetrators of heinous crimes which are often beyond belief (such as the one under discussion), but because it has certainly the potential to be a recipe for didaster as far as society is concerned, and as you point out in post 56.

    As you say, how would it work? How would it be 'policed' or governed? With a grading system depending on the level of the crime? It's tough - cases like this always provoke souls-searching questions as well as well-justified concerns, worries & even great fear (see start of post 54); and many ask themselves if they are happy to leave these cases in the hands of the law, however imperfect it may be.

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  • 68. At 11:10pm on 11 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:


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  • 69. At 11:44pm on 11 Aug 2009, greenpurpleorchid wrote:

    I, too, feel very strongly about the idea that the tax payer should pay for the 'Baby Peter' murderers to have new identities and protection when they leave prison. This will not change those that can inflict such cruel, savage aggression on both an elderly relative and a small child; even if they are made to follow some sort of rehabilitation course whilst in prison. (Who would want to test it to see if it worked?)
    The bringing back of capital punishment in such cases would remove any possibility of them inflicting the same in the future and save the tax payer a great deal of money.
    This is another case of the wrong doer's human rights being put before the human rights of the good and decent people of this land.

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  • 70. At 08:54am on 12 Aug 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    Those who commit horrendous crimes against the weak and the vulnerable, are no longer part of the human race. and therefore have no human rights, do you really want these people living next door to you, incognito, perhaps offering to baby sit while you pop to the shops, I don't want vigilantes either, but I don't want them to harm another child, so! where is the answer??

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  • 71. At 09:18am on 12 Aug 2009, robertbridget wrote:

    The New Labour government is out of its depth.
    We all know our justice system has become the laughing stock of the rest of the world.
    The so called human rights of the criminals is supported by the government using the tax payers money and the victims are ignored.

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  • 72. At 09:30am on 12 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post 66, the justice system in this country lets us all down badly and consistently. Perhaps you are not aware of the horrendous number of re-offenders, mainly concerning violent crimes, who are released, many of them early, to re-offend. As they do not learn from rehabilitation, possibly the stick rather than the carrot is the answer. Who is to wield the stick? I don't much care as long as lessons are learnt! The point has been reached where people are looking towards punishment rather than rehabilitation.

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  • 73. At 12:03pm on 12 Aug 2009, appichappi wrote:

    This business about Adrian having his fly undone - surely not a coincidence on a night when the guest is Ray Mears? I reckon Adrian had an idea to give Ray something extra to comment on by attempting to unleash some wildlife from his trousers. I agree with you Post 29: - Monday it was moths - Tuesday it's flies, Wednesday... Hardeeps back?... The bees knees!!

    Post31 AdrianBuntingJP: What an excellent post, 100% agree.

    You can do what you like - including what was done to Baby P - but God help you if you make a fool of the establishment.
    Re baby P: They insist on giving ridiculous sentences out to people who've committed horendous crimes - then too often, the system releases them after only half of that time has been served - whether they've learnt anything / changed or not. Either give a sensible sentence in the first place, or think of the same number then double it. Let's face it, those issuing sentences, what guidance there is to follow - seem to ignore it, that, or they think of a number out the top of their head and use that for sentencing.

    An example of what goes on (no names etc for obvious reasons): While working in a prison I got talking to an inmate in due to reaching 12points on his driving licence. He's a respectable. pleasant, decent family man who was trying to keep his graphic design business running while doing 8 months - so his staff didn't lose their jobs for no fault of their own. His was not a isolated case - far from it. He told me when at court waiting for the case before his to be heard, he asked his solicitor how things were going in the court. The reply - not good - the magistrate, who'd got out of bed the wrong side that day, had just passed sentence - 6 mths custodial - to a pensioner, there for shoplifting - 1st time she'd ever commited a crime in her life!... Last night I watched on TV a Police car chase where a v fast car stolen from a showroom needed Police helicopter to keep up with the driver / stinger / several pursuit veh's, ie - apart from the sheer quantity or Police resource req'd, was only pure luck somebody innocent wasn't killed - running red lights etc - 4 months custody, ban for 12 months... What to say...?

    Moving on... post 23 MrsHat: Never mind that - look where he was shoving his hand! It's a long time since my eyes watered that much. Also, I'm suprised at the One Show for a blatant disregard of Health & Safety!! I'm not worried about spitting all over a cake ( you can always use your elbow to wipe that off ) does the One show realise we're not all 7 year olds? Some on here pose a major fire risk once a year! I'm surprised the Fire Service didn't step in to have a word!

    My suggestion: Stick all your candles into the cake (but for God's sake / your neighbours, don't light them) hire the largest TV screen you can afford and place it just behind your cake, then play a video/dvd of 'The Towering Inferno'.

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  • 74. At 12:42pm on 12 Aug 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    To all those worried about a little spittle on a cake, I hope that you either never eat out, or never find out what goes on in catering establishments,lol.
    Post 73 appichappi, I enjoyed and agreed with your entertaining post.

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  • 75. At 1:43pm on 12 Aug 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Re above further posts - yes, it's obvious that sentencing/the system etc can be appalling; if there were an adequate judicial system in the first place, people wouldn't think of taking the law into their own hands as a better option, and they wouldn't have the fears (such as those set out regarding the release of the perpetrators).

    But re 73: Biggs made a fool out of the establishment and was never brought to book.

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  • 76. At 1:54pm on 12 Aug 2009, appichappi wrote:

    jadedoldie: Ta!

    chocolate dog - regarding post 41 - That is appalling!! You otter be ashamed of yourself!

    I know, I know - I'm going...

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  • 77. At 4:41pm on 12 Aug 2009, BOWERSFIVE wrote:

    Following your advice regarding moths eating clothes- could your experts please advise on the best way to stop spiders eating our clothes!!!! they are a real menace and leave holes in t-shirt type material- especially our brand new expensive tops!!!!!

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  • 78. At 5:15pm on 13 Aug 2009, dadidwoods wrote:

    Christene please please can you tell me if you like to wear Stockings or Hold Ups when you present the One Show You,as you have a great pair of legs.
    Look forward to your reply

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  • 79. At 8:50pm on 19 Aug 2009, Hannah-Mary wrote:

    How is it that no one else has mentioned the pointless and ridiculous last few minutes of the show?
    I adore Ray Mears so, you must excuse me for being so...ranty.
    Those people, who got to meet him.
    Firstly. A true Ray Mears fan, doesn't get lost on a track.
    Secondly. Allowing them on the show because they used common sense to get themselves out of a situation they shouldn't have been in in the first place.
    Thirdly. Giving him a Bear Grylls book?
    I am so sick of people mentioning him in the same breath
    and if I'm sick of it
    I'm sure Ray is.
    If they were true fans of Ray Mears, deserved of meeting him like that, then they would have understood that giving him a 'gift' like that, Could have not just annoyed, but offended him.

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  • 80. At 9:45pm on 19 Aug 2009, Rayislame wrote:

    Well the above person is completely wrong.

    Everybody knows ray mears sucks donkey d*ck.

    Bear Grylls is a real man none of that mincer stuff like that pansy ray.

    To be honest he probably copied Bear Grylls to start with.

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