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What did you think of The One Show? Guest: Jerry Springer

The One Show Team | 16:42 UK time, Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Jerry Springer joined Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley on the sofa.

Anita Rani reported on the military veterans facing up to life after Iraq.

In the first of this weeks' Curious Complaints films, Dr Sarah Jarvis met a female One Show viewer with excess facial hair.

Ellie Harrison travelled to Scotland to tell us about Bamse, the St Bernard dog who became a World War II hero.

And Adrian Chiles asked palaeontologist Jørn Hurum about 'Ida', the beautifully preserved 47-million-year-old primate fossil!

What did you think of tonight's One Show? Add your comment.


  • 1. At 7:17pm on 26 May 2009, littleJangof wrote:

    Missed opportunity with section on Armed Forces aftermath of active service...could have plugged the Charity Help for Heroes..raising funds to help these brave men and women!

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  • 2. At 7:22pm on 26 May 2009, adrianchristine1 wrote:

    I have no sympathy with the troops - they knew what they were entering into and have chosen to enter into illegal wars, resulting in the deaths and injuries of the Iraqui and Afghanistani peoples. If you choose the forces, you choose the risk of death, injury and emotional disorders and must live with the consequences of your choices.

    However, the issues the troops are experiencing are the issues people have to live with everyday of their lives and these people did not choose their 'lot'. I speak of those who live with psychological and physical difficulties/disorders. These people often can't express their situation either because our society does not accept these difficulties but wants to hide them.

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  • 3. At 7:24pm on 26 May 2009, messymummsy wrote:

    Help for Heroes should have been mentioned and Combat Stress charity.Reports always talk about the effects on the soldiers etc but what about the effect on their families especially the wives and children.Military life for a family is hard too. Civvy street is no better for them either.
    Messy Mum

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  • 4. At 7:24pm on 26 May 2009, Lopek wrote:

    Fantastic to see Ellie Harrison back on the show. Hope there are lots of reports to come from that year away!

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  • 5. At 7:25pm on 26 May 2009, GordonHarvey wrote:

    I just caught the end of the article with the girl with facial hair.

    I'm a bloke with facial hair, and I'd quite like to get rid of it permanently.

    Does anyone know what it would cost?

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  • 6. At 7:27pm on 26 May 2009, rognjac wrote:

    How could Jerry Springer have been born in an air raid shelter at East Finchley Station. That particular station is "open" - Hampstead Station is the first station on the Northern Line to be under ground.

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  • 7. At 7:27pm on 26 May 2009, 5herpa wrote:

    Regarding the plight of the returning servicemen I think it is perverse that while our service men & women are fighting without vital or inadequate equipment, some of our our so called public servants (MPs)are misappropriating public funds for their own greed. I think all MPs found bending the rules for financial gain should appologise to our armed forces personnaly.

    Stephen Hillary

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  • 8. At 7:28pm on 26 May 2009, amberlouise5 wrote:

    Yeah we're happy to have Ellie back too!!!

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  • 9. At 7:31pm on 26 May 2009, remarkablecurlysue wrote:

    I was moved by the lady on The One Show today with facial hair growth. I too have suffered for years.. I tried to get help from the NHS, but they only help people with hormone related problems. The majority of us cannot afford private laser hair removal & are too ashamed of our problem, hence we do not come forward like the brave lady today. PLEASE can The One Show highlight this very upsetting problem and ask people to send in their letters/blogs so that you can plead with the NHS on our behalf! We need your help!

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  • 10. At 7:36pm on 26 May 2009, messymummsy wrote:

    people like adianchristine1 make me sick If it wasn't for our brave men and women fighting for our country we would be living with tyranny.We should be grateful for them laying their life on the line for their country and people like you. They don't always agree why they are there but they are proffessional enough to do the job that is asked of them.

    As for civilians with psychological difficulties/disorders have several very good charities supporting them aswell as the NHS.Any form of mental health is difficult and should be treated equally whatever the circumstances.

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  • 11. At 7:40pm on 26 May 2009, GAZ911 wrote:

    I was moved to tears Tonight,I would just like to say thank you for that wonderful peace where you showed us how to take a photo of a dog in a hat.I was truely moved.

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  • 12. At 7:40pm on 26 May 2009, scuzzy983 wrote:

    What's going on?! Ellie Harrison (who used to do the wildlife reporting) disappeared one week, with no mention of where she had gone, and comes back doing what is usually Dan Snow's job of reporting history. Meanwhile, Adrian Chiles suddenly decides to start doing reports!
    Now that Ellie's back, are Mike Dilger and Miranda Krestovnikoff leaving? Where has Justin Rowlatt gone? Has Dan Snow left the show? So many questions, so few answers! Oh well... Great show as always, just a little confused, that's all.

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  • 13. At 7:41pm on 26 May 2009, anlew wrote:

    Dogs with hats:


    Able Seaman 'Just Nuisance' was a Great Dane that joined the Royal Navy in Simons Town, South Africa. On Friday, 25th August 1939, Just Nuisance was enlisted into the Royal Navy. He was given the Christian name of "Just", the Trade of "Bone Crusher" and his Religious Denomination as given as "Scrounger" (this was later upgraded to Canine Divinity League [Anti-Vivisection]). Like all new sailors, he underwent a medical examination which he duly passed and was declared fit for active duty. The proper enlistment forms were filled in and he signed them with a paw mark. Just Nuisance was now a bona-fide member of the Navy and, as such, he expected all the benefits that that brought - he started sleeping on sailors' beds - his long frame fully stretched out with his head comfortably placed on the pillow. One of the seaman was allocated to ensure that Just Nuisance was regularly washed and he often appeared at parades wearing his seaman's hat. Sailors being sailors there was the odd fight. Just Nuisance did not like his sailor friends to fight each other. If he came across a fight he would quickly put a stop to it by standing up on his hind legs and pushing his huge paws against their chests. After a short while he was promoted from Ordinary Seaman to Able Seaman, which entitled him to naval rations?! Just Nuisance was equally at home on any ship that called in at the port, and was loved by everybody who met him though his main interest was only with other ranks.Just Nuisance was discharged from the Royal Navy at HMS Afrikander where he had been "stationed" since 1940, on Monday, 1st January 1944. Great Danes never live to a great age and a motor accident had left him suffering with thrombosis which was slowly paralysing him. On the recommendation of a veterinary surgeon, the Royal Navy decided to put him to sleep. So, on 1st April 1944, the day of his 7th birthday, Just Nuisance was taken by lorry for his last ride to the Simon's Town Naval Hospital, seemingly knowing what awaited him, where the Naval Surgeon then put him to sleep. On Saturday, 2nd April 1944 at 11:30am, his body was wrapped in a canvas bag, covered with a white Royal Naval Ensign and he was finally laid to rest with full military honours at Klaver Camp on top of Red Hill (the current site of the South African Navy Signal School) - a solemn ceremony that included a firing party of Royal Marines and a lone Bugler. A simple granite gravestone marked his grave.

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  • 14. At 7:53pm on 26 May 2009, bo-henry wrote:

    moving story 2nd WW re dog from Norway was trivialised by "give me dog with hat" pictures, Absolutley appalling.

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  • 15. At 7:58pm on 26 May 2009, Rinty wrote:

    re 2: adrianchristine1,

    You gratuitous slur against HM Forces is bravely spoken from the safety and comfort of your armchair. No doubt you praise yourself for being a person that takes decisions. No doubt you believe that you do a worthwhile and useful job. Fine, but how often do you stake your life on your decisions? So you have no respect for HM Forces, clearly you have an axe to grind.... ah! why go on. messymummsy at #10 puts it better you make me sick too.

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  • 16. At 8:14pm on 26 May 2009, chocolate dog wrote:

    Thank you redwaatlemoen, I'd heard of the legendary Bamse before, but the story of Just Nuisance is new to me.

    Oh and it's great to have the lovely Ellie back, although I was confused like Scuzzy as to why Adrian was doing a report.

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  • 17. At 8:15pm on 26 May 2009, adrianchristine1 wrote:

    Re 10 and 15

    It is important that all viewpoints can be aired without one side being judged as having an axe to grind whereas the other side isn't seen as having a different axe to grind.

    Have I placed my life on the line? Yes.

    I believe if you choose certain options you choose the consequences as well of those choices. The brave ones in this case are the ones who did not fight illegal wars. They are the heroes.

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  • 18. At 8:29pm on 26 May 2009, Bobby_S wrote:

    Wow the missing link has been found, how amazing!! Oh hang on lets look at what the scientists have to say.


    So it's not as ironclad as suggested...the only hint of this not being definate confirmed fact was a throuw away comment at the end of the interview.

    Why must real science be sacrificed for the sake of media hype. I do hope that the documentary tonight will be more fact filled and less wishful thinking but somehow from the way things are being advertised I am doubtful leaving your everyday punter with a tabloid view of science rather than an accurate one.

    Lets get the facts please.

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  • 19. At 8:41pm on 26 May 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Adrianchristine, I'm not all that sure, but it sounds to me you would advocate mutiny in the forces if they did not agree with certain decisions. Surely you cannot have meant that!

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  • 20. At 8:56pm on 26 May 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    redwaatmoem re: 13, thanks for that interesting story.

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  • 21. At 8:57pm on 26 May 2009, BashfulPaperclip wrote:

    Seemed a strange thing for Adrian Chiles to say to that purveyor of tv trash and exploiter of the poor and uneducated Jerry Springer that being an American he should know better than most about how people fighting are affected by conflict, being as the USA has been constantly at war since 1945. Perhaps Adrian should read a little history, from what I know the British have been constantly at war with someone or the other for the past 500 years and since 1945 she has not known one year of peace, in fact the British have a proud history of military violence unequalled by any other race but as alarming as some people might find that, the fact is the longest period of peace the world has ever known was when the British had an Empire. Ooo you can't say that, Ooo I can I ain't quite been brainwashed by the BBC yet.

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  • 22. At 9:09pm on 26 May 2009, jadedoldie wrote:

    Post 13 redwaatmoem, please tell me Just Nuisance also got his rum ration, that would be the icing on the cake on this wonderful story.

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  • 23. At 9:36pm on 26 May 2009, Rinty wrote:

    re 17: You appear to be espousing the cause of the conscientious objector. It does not take courage to be a conscientious objector. There is little danger of being maimed or killed in that cause.

    It may be possible to respect the beliefs of a conscientious objector. It is true that objectors have served bravely in battle as medics. But you are saying that no one should serve in an 'illegal' war. That is not a courageous act. That person is certainly not a hero as you claim.

    Are you saying that each and every soldier should reach his own independent decision on whether or not a war is legal? Can you please explain how that would work? Have you thought it through?

    You refer to 'illegal wars'. Can you please clarify. Which are these wars and why in you opinion they are illegal? No doubt you can cite chapter and verse of the relevant UN Resolutions.

    You say that you have placed your life on the line. But that was not my question. I asked if you had ever staked you life, and that of others, on your decisions? That takes courage. Any fool can take a risk.

    You say that it is important for all viewpoints to be aired. I was not seeking to deny you that licence. I was simply registering my disgust at your expressed sentiments.

    You say that you have no sympathy for any of our soldiers that die in an 'illegal war'. Clearly, neither do you have any regard for the family that he leaves behind. In these circumstances you can probably appreciate why it is not important for your viewpoint to be aired.

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  • 24. At 9:43pm on 26 May 2009, anlew wrote:

    'Just Nuisance' is the only dog to ever hold rank in the Royal Navy. Go to the website to see quite a few pictures of him. He is also remembered through a wonderful statue that has been erected in his honour on the square in Simons Town. Maybe 'The One Show' should give him some credit too?? After all he was a ROYAL NAVY dog not a Norway navy dog !! :-)
    You also find him on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_Nuisance

    Re 22: I'm sure he got his fair amount of rations!

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  • 25. At 9:48pm on 26 May 2009, dadooron wrote:

    While the piece about Bamse the Norwegian dog was well done, the follow up from Adrian & Co was pretty dreadful.

    The trivialisation of a lovely story about the devotion of an animal to its master and his colleagues negated the impact and value of the story. What on earth was the point of sending out a crew and reporter to do a short film on a interesting and heart-warming tale only for its impact to be wrecked by a childish, "Let's-See-Your-Snaps-Of-A-Dog-In- -A-Hat" stunt?


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  • 26. At 9:50pm on 26 May 2009, calymene wrote:

    Hi All,

    You have commented on the 'missing link' program tonight. Please read Your Inner Fish,by Neil Shubin. Basically the fossil record for land vertebrates will always be sketchy, as fossils survive best in a water ecology, but at some point in the geological past we evolved from the water. Neil's book compares the bone structure of current fish/reptiles to man with striking similarity. DNA is not just human it has evolved through millions of years and all species have variants of the same. Regards, Danny

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  • 27. At 9:58pm on 26 May 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    adrianchristine, re: 17, unusual nickname, were you thinking of our hosts, you are correct, this blog is for everyone's views, and we don't always agree with one another, in my opinion our troops do their best in difficult dangerous circumstances, not all of them are escaping the dole queue, many wish to serve their country, and learn a trade at the same time, when my cousin left the air force he was a qualified electrician, and now has his own business, no aprentiships in civvie street these days. You may think its brave making the decision to stay home on moral grounds, so much conflict, its hard to say who's right or who's wrong, but one thing I do know, it takes guts to face machine guns and bombs.

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  • 28. At 11:07pm on 26 May 2009, courteouslittleone wrote:

    I watched the show(as I always do)and saw the photographs of the injured soldiers and I think that the photographer should be commissioned to make a calender with his photographs but including the guys and girls that suffer facial disfigurement aswell as amputies. The profits of which should go to the help the heros charity.

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  • 29. At 09:36am on 27 May 2009, robertbridget wrote:

    17 adrianchristine1
    You seem to be confusing the armed forces with the government and your argument is with the government.
    The armed forces are there to defend us when our lives and our families lives are threatened and unfortunately they have been in great demand over recent years.

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  • 30. At 09:47am on 27 May 2009, yellena wrote:

    can i just say that the feature on excess female facial hair was so so welcome, i cannot tell you. it is such a humiliating and embarrassing condition- i cannot even bear to tell the doctor and one which i live with every single day.i recognised and empathised with everything that the lady said, you must structure your day morning and evening to hide it, not easy when you are like me, 26 girl with a busy job and trying to have somewhat normal social life. i cannot tell you how incredibly brave she must have been to go on your show and do it. it is so distressing both physically and pyschologically, massive effect on your confidence and ability to partake in normal stuff- going weekend camping/ swimming even the dentist is very traumatic and to be honest like the woman said you sadly begin to live with fact you might never be able to have a relationship because of it- as i feel.

    please pass this onto the lady featured (apologies i now forget her name) and thank you for showing this.

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  • 31. At 10:39am on 27 May 2009, Rinty wrote:

    re 21: bashfulpaperclip,

    Well said. Here, here.

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  • 32. At 10:41am on 27 May 2009, Rinty wrote:

    re 25: daderoon,

    Here, here!

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  • 33. At 10:56am on 27 May 2009, Rinty wrote:

    re 27 & 29 geordieangel2 & robertbridget,

    Thank you. Both of you have put it better than me. Maybe you have helped adrianchristine1 to understand. I tend to get angry when faced by such crass and callous remarks. Like those from adrianchristine1.

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  • 34. At 11:49am on 27 May 2009, shiveringFarmer wrote:

    My daughter has just returned from a 6 month tour of duty in Afghanistan where she nursed both soldiers and civilians. She has come back a completely different person. She saw and had to deal with many awful things. She cannot sleep and has become obsessive about things that never used to bother her, cleaning her teeth, getting tanned etc. All she seems to want to do is get drunk. She also seems v.worried about asking for help which she now recognises she needs. I do not know where to go for help as she seems so scared people will find out she's not well. I wish last nights show had pointed out places to gp for help.

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  • 35. At 11:54am on 27 May 2009, Rinty wrote:

    re#2 & 34


    How would you reply to shiveringfarmer and his daughter?

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  • 36. At 1:49pm on 27 May 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    johnholyer, re: 35, I also would like to know?

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  • 37. At 4:21pm on 27 May 2009, generalwarrior wrote:

    With regards to the excellent piece by Anita Rani on servicemen returning from Iraq, a new charity has just been set up specifically to help with post traumatic stress and other mental health problems. It's called The Warrior Programme and, amongst other things, uses cognitive therapy and meditation to get people back on track and into work. People do seem to be more aware of the need to support our armed forces - the amazing response that Help for Heroes has already gernerated is proof of this.

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  • 38. At 4:55pm on 27 May 2009, geordieangel2 wrote:

    generalwarrier, re:37, so glad to hear of an organisation to help our soldiers when they get home, we need more of the same.

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  • 39. At 7:19pm on 27 May 2009, Thebipolarbear wrote:

    I am very interested in taking this female facial hair further, My poor cousin suffers so badly from it since she was in her teens and I would love to be able to help her and get her pointed in the right direction for affordable help.

    Can anyone suggest something? My cousin would be mortified if she knew I had spoken to anyone about this.

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  • 40. At 3:10pm on 29 May 2009, messymummsy wrote:

    RE:Shivering Farmer

    Combat Stress is another charity that helps with our servicemen and women or even your local SSAFA rep can help too.Good Luck!

    My husband suffers from PTSD after leaving 24 years of service Thank you to all those that support our Armed Forces Charities.

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