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What did you think of the One Show? Guest: Steve Wright

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The One Show Team | 15:07 UK time, Thursday, 4 February 2010

Adrian and Christine were joined by DJ Steve Wright.

Toyota UK are to start repairs on vehicles recalled owing to accelerator pedal concerns. Steve Fowler of What Car magazine told us more.

Toyota helpline - 0800 1388 744
Helpline opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm. Sat: 8am-4pm. Sun: 10am-4pm

Angellica Bell examined the enduring appeal of TV soap operas and asked, 'why are we still hooked after all these years'?

Ex-Eastenders actor, Larry Lamb took us around his old school and met up with a favourite teacher.

Kaye Adams looked at whether the Labour Party has forgotten its working class roots.

And Mike Dilger went in search of the animal with the best eyesight in Britain. Was it the dragonfly, rabbit or the tawny owl?

What did you think of the show? Add your comment.


  • 1. At 6:08pm on 04 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    What is the betting that Kay Adams concludes the Labour has no lost its working class roots?

    Will we be told that the Tories are a party of toffs whereas Labour are for the honest working man?

    I hope that I will be proved wrong.

    I trust the Producer has learned a lesson from the last debacle.

    Why does TOS dabble in politics. The Producer should leave that topic for the grown up programmes and concentrate on dogs wearing funny hats, Ac's beard and Cb's dresses.

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  • 2. At 6:20pm on 04 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    My #1 with typos corrected.

    What is the betting that Kay Adams concludes that Labour has not lost its working class roots?

    Will we be told that the Tories are a party of toffs whereas Labour are for the honest working man?

    I hope that I will be proved wrong.

    I trust the Producer has learned a lesson from the last debacle.

    Why does TOS dabble in politics. The Producer should leave that topic for the grown up programmes and concentrate on dogs wearing funny hats, Ac's beard and Cb's dresses.

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  • 3. At 6:43pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    I am waiting in anticipation to hearing Steve Wright, I hope is is better than his radio program, can he work alone with his side kicks??

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  • 4. At 6:46pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    P.S , can he work alone without his side kicks??

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  • 5. At 7:05pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    We thought Adrian was untidy with the beard, however Steve Wright takes the biscuit, if a so called celeb appears on TV you would think they would make an effort, hair cut, close shave, and find some clothes that fit?
    Oh surprise surprise, was Steve Wright promting an album tonight to make him some more money?
    I expect we will see him on every talk show over the next 2-3 weeks just in case we did not get the message the first time.
    Come on TOS sort out a decent half hour program for this time of the evening, please.

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  • 6. At 7:06pm on 04 Feb 2010, flunklumpard wrote:

    Ah! The champagne socialist interviews another socialist, who just happens to be from one of the richest familes in the land.

    Strange he didn't crop up in her attack on the 'Toffs'last time out.

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  • 7. At 7:06pm on 04 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    Again Champagne Socialist Kaye Adams presents another Political Broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party.

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  • 8. At 7:07pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    I have got a real bee in my bonnet tonight, politics, sick to death of it all, boring.

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  • 9. At 7:09pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    Now I am turning off, Katie Price, give me a break.

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  • 10. At 7:11pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    Try BBC 2 the culture show

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  • 11. At 7:12pm on 04 Feb 2010, cashleypoledancer wrote:

    9 Martin J

    Actually, I thought it was Katie Price presenting tonight. Subtle CB?

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  • 12. At 7:12pm on 04 Feb 2010, trickydick9 wrote:

    Did you learn nothing from the last raft of complaints about your endless biased trumpeting of the Labour Party and all its friends?
    You're at it again.Leave it alone ,I really could not believe how stupid your editors and producers must be.
    Why do you do it?
    are you so tied to the Labour Party?

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  • 13. At 7:14pm on 04 Feb 2010, anerads wrote:

    Was Kay Adams present when she interviewed Tony Benn or was this the BBC distortion of single camera technique and stock material. Tony Benn is no longer a smoker!

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  • 14. At 7:14pm on 04 Feb 2010, Debra wrote:

    Predictably, Kaye Adams doing a party political broadcast on behalf of the labour party. I watch the One Show for a bit of light relief. I DO NOT wish my licence fee being used to fund Labour propaganda, typical BBC!!

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  • 15. At 7:15pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    I am back culture show , to heavy for me, was going to try Emmerdale, the wife told me off

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  • 16. At 7:19pm on 04 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    If soaps reflect real life I would have strung myself up years ago.

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  • 17. At 7:19pm on 04 Feb 2010, mike goldsack wrote:

    Unacceptable political bias!!!
    After the previous report a few weeks ago pandering to Labour's claims about the Conservative "playing fields of Eton" TOS promised similar reports on the other political parties.
    Tonights report, sucking up to Labours alleged ability to meet the aspirations of middle England whilst still maintaining it's loyalty to the working class, may as well have been introduced as "a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party".
    Shame on you One Show

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  • 18. At 7:21pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    Q. What would we do with soap operas?
    A. Have a conversation with the family (wife)

    Maybe not such a bad thing ( she's not listening)

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  • 19. At 7:22pm on 04 Feb 2010, ArtySin wrote:

    Laary Lambs tour of Edmonton County was eye opening for me as I was 3yrs below him and when I saw Miss Burbridge I remebered how good looking she was when younger. Corrr she was a cracker. Ask Larry if he remembers the school election we had in '63. There waere all the 3parties but my cousin won it as he got some leaflets printed which just said "Vote for Smith" He won by a landslide for the Smithy party
    Ken Strain in Ascot

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  • 20. At 7:25pm on 04 Feb 2010, sxg123 wrote:

    So far, vintage TOS:

    Perfunctory review of the Toyota recall;
    Another political item which the TOS should not touch with a v long barge pole;
    More unnecessary and unappreciated exposure for Katie Price;
    And "unctuous". Does AC know what it means?

    Can it get better in 2 minutes? Probably not.

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  • 21. At 7:26pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    Why don,t you find the animal with the best hearing, again sorry to mention her again ( The wife)

    The time I have mumbled under my breath and would you belive it she heard and understood every word, amazing!!!
    Bring the cameras down hear (pun)

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  • 22. At 7:27pm on 04 Feb 2010, Maggie Vale wrote:

    I can't believe that I have just seen my old school on TV! I left in 1956 and at that time was Head Librarian (Miss Emery liked me!) We had the same headmaster as Larry Lamb, who took over from a very popular head who committed suicide, and we gave the new man a very hard time. Amazing to see how the school looks now - not very different from all those years ago.
    Maggie Vale in Cornwall

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  • 23. At 7:28pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    Finished , what a shame, I misse dmost of the showing trying to type with spell checks

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  • 24. At 7:28pm on 04 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    Who killed Archie? I couldn't give a 4X

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  • 25. At 7:28pm on 04 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    Well there we have it. Kaye Adams has promoted the Labour Party line. The 'warm' and friendly Gordon Brown and his acolyte, Ed Balls, are instinctively champions of the working class. But it was explained to us that the middle class have nothing to fear from this. For, you see, it is the middle class who are the chief beneficiaries of all those schools and hospitals that labour has built.

    The Producer has cocked a snook at BBC management and has given us another party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party.

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  • 26. At 7:31pm on 04 Feb 2010, ValleysGirl wrote:

    I'm a bit surprised at the report by Kaye Adams. Reported to be about the Labours voters in Middle England, the piece was set in Ebbw Vale, neither middle, nor England. No comment on the fact that the MP is an Independant, as is the AM (Assembly Member), and Labour do not have control of the Council either.
    Not a very well researched nor presented piece of journalism, and one that disappoints.
    Feature what the people of the Valleys want and need, and this might have been a bit more relevant.

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  • 27. At 7:32pm on 04 Feb 2010, Steve_M-H wrote:

    Apart from the free Labour PPB in the middle of the show it was OK. I mean come on guys, didnt you learn anything last time? I mean, come on, Charlie Whelan?? Charlie Whelan?? Couldnt you make it any more obvious ferchristssakes?

    If I wanted my money to fund Labours PPB's, I'd have joined a union. I dont expect my licence fee to fund the re-election of this bunch of liars, theieves and megalomaniacs.

    Cant you guys just keep out of politics and stick to cats in shopping bags and rude vegetables instead?

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  • 28. At 7:33pm on 04 Feb 2010, Kath wrote:

    I know the BBC are left wing but The One Show especially with Adrian Chiles is becoming more and more to the left. He is the most politically correct, boring presenter I have ever seen on TV. But he is obviously flavour of the month with the BBC (as is Davina McCall, Myleene Class, Amanda Holden, Christine Bleakley, Dom Littlewood, Carol, the weather forecaster, Jo Brand, Coleen Nolan etc, etc, etc.
    Yet someone like Carol Thatcher who makes one silly mistake is sidelined. (Nothing to do with who her mother is it, by any chance).
    She had more charisma and wit than any of the other lot on there now.
    I now no longer watch this show or the BBC news because you are not impartial and shame on the BBC

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  • 29. At 7:33pm on 04 Feb 2010, MartinJ wrote:

    Who is on tommorrow? I can't wait.


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  • 30. At 7:49pm on 04 Feb 2010, anerads wrote:

    Adrian Chiles is one of the best presenters on TV. Carole Thatcher was not and should not have had a slot. The public like Christine and Adrian though thankfully they and the show are not designed to appeal to the Daily Mail audience.

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  • 31. At 7:51pm on 04 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    #29 MartinJ

    It sure aint @€£$@#% Ronnie Corbett.

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  • 32. At 7:51pm on 04 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    #28 Kath,

    You nailed it.

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  • 33. At 7:53pm on 04 Feb 2010, flunklumpard wrote:

    30 anerads

    What a stuipid statement..."The One Show is not designed to appeal to a Daily Mail audience". Now that is unctious dross.

    Perhaps you could arrogantly advise me as to whom the One Show was designed to appeal to.

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  • 34. At 7:53pm on 04 Feb 2010, sxg123 wrote:


    Amerads - are you really Adrian Chiles or Christine Bleakley?

    Certainly you're in a minority of one in this blog.

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  • 35. At 7:57pm on 04 Feb 2010, David wrote:

    A bit late for me to join in the comments but I too am getting increasingly irritated by the One Show's Labour Party Political Broadcast.
    My licence fee going towards supporting the crowd that has reduced the economy, the education system and the country's armed forces to ruin? If I wanted to support the Labour Party, I would do so and I do NOT wish to have the Blair Broadcasting Corporation do it for me!

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  • 36. At 8:00pm on 04 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    re 30: anerads:

    What in heavens name has the Daily Mail got to do with it.

    I know that some people do not like the Daily mail for the reason that it has too many long words and not enough pictures.

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  • 37. At 8:02pm on 04 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    #25 JH.

    Following the debacle of David Cameron and the Tory Posh Toffs item, the BBC did state they would address the balance in future programs.

    So here we have what amounts to BBC balance, Labour's working class roots. Balance has been addressed - Posh Toffs and Socialist Toffs.

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  • 38. At 8:06pm on 04 Feb 2010, JustBlogging wrote:

    Re 30

    What category do the 'Daily Mail audience' come under?

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  • 39. At 8:11pm on 04 Feb 2010, ballsup wrote:

    I except that in the BBC you all have to get your jobs via the Guardian. But please this show used to be a little light fun/entertainment at the end of a long day .It is clearly turning into a tax payers funded LABOUR PARTY PB. Just remember your charter.I already have good laugh at BBC news then have to watch SKY NEWS to get the balanced truth. So please don't make me stop watching Christine and get a proper producer who understands the meaning of light entertainment.

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  • 40. At 8:17pm on 04 Feb 2010, Kath wrote:

    30 Anerads

    So what do you read, The Guardian?

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  • 41. At 8:17pm on 04 Feb 2010, Anthony wrote:

    Well I have to say I have loved every episode of the One Show! Especially once Christine appeared! The Owl today was very good too!

    Ohhh and as for daily mail readers; that's OK... but can you imagine if the One Show was aimed at Guardian readers! There would be no fancy dresses and as for the Tollycopter, forget it and use a tricycle instead! Haha

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  • 42. At 8:18pm on 04 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    #39 ballsup

    I think the BBC ripped up the charter when they received £141 million from the European Union. Of course the funding never got in the way of them being impartial on matters relating to the EU!

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  • 43. At 8:21pm on 04 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    re #12: trickydick9:

    You ask why do they do it?

    I suggest they do it for the following reasons:

    1. They support the Labour party and expect to be rewarded for this; and

    2. they are allowed to get away with it.

    The answer is to formally complain as many did the last time.

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  • 44. At 8:22pm on 04 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    #40 Kath

    Probably the Beano

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  • 45. At 8:23pm on 04 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    Re #40: Kath,

    Nah, I expect not. Not the Grauniad, more likely to be the Mirror, innit.

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  • 46. At 8:36pm on 04 Feb 2010, flunklumpard wrote:

    Kay Adams should zip it and just sit in silence with a red flag on her silly head. What a wretchedly biased woman.

    The One Show has succeeded in getting some of the best wildlife contributors, but has also succeeded in acquiring the services of some of the most biased, useless lummocks on the planet.

    Come on TOS, lets have some new faces providing some balance.

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  • 47. At 9:03pm on 04 Feb 2010, JustBlogging wrote:

    Re 44

    The Dandy surely?

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  • 48. At 9:11pm on 04 Feb 2010, jadedoldie wrote:

    Once again TOS spit in the eye of the viewer and the BBC management, using the obnoxious Kaye Adams to do so. Have they no responsibility to the licence payer, and are they to be allowed to get away with this AGAIN! Furthermore how can AC not know the meaning of the word unctuous, smarmy, smug, ingratiating and false earnestness, I rest my case!

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  • 49. At 9:24pm on 04 Feb 2010, jadedoldie wrote:

    Has anyone contacted the BBC Complaints department, or have TOS succeeded in grinding everyone down? Danedweller, re your #24, who the h**l is Archie, lol.

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  • 50. At 9:29pm on 04 Feb 2010, JustBlogging wrote:

    Re 49

    Jaded, I had The One Show on silent (much better that way) and saw the actor Larry Lamb who played Archie Mitchell on EastEnders. Apparently he was killed in the series. Yes, more mundane drivel to titillate your palate!

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  • 51. At 9:33pm on 04 Feb 2010, jadedoldie wrote:

    JustBlogging, thanks for that, do you sometimes wish you hadn't asked, lol.

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  • 52. At 9:34pm on 04 Feb 2010, JustBlogging wrote:

    Re 51

    Well, I didn't want your question to go unanswered and I'm sure you are REALLY pleased, now that you know!!!!!

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  • 53. At 9:41pm on 04 Feb 2010, jadedoldie wrote:

    Just reaching for the brandy JustBlogging, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH, thats better!

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  • 54. At 10:09pm on 04 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    I bet Kaye Adams is really enjoying all this. At last she can feel useful to her masters, the Labour party. In every other respect she is less than mediocre as a journalist. Loose Women noticeably improved with her departure.

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  • 55. At 10:39pm on 04 Feb 2010, Anthony wrote:

    How can you call The One Show "TOS"... I think it's fantastic! Haha

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  • 56. At 10:40pm on 04 Feb 2010, Anthony wrote:

    Ohh yes, does anyone actually know what the famous person tomorrow is famous for... I've never heard of him!

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  • 57. At 00:15am on 05 Feb 2010, QPR4Me wrote:

    Absolutely pathetic. We were promised a balanced approach to politics, especially after the raft of complaints regarding Kay Adams' bias when reporting on the Conservitives. Tonight, we got nothing but "Brown-nosing" of the worst pro-Labour, sycophantic type from this awful woman.

    BBC, please get your house in order, you are not worthy of your charter!!

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  • 58. At 08:05am on 05 Feb 2010, Phil wrote:

    I was interested to hear Steve Fowler say that you should not turn the ignition off if you find the accelerator on your car stuck, yet on our local radio station radio Leeds Nigel Humphrys from the Association of British Drivers suggested you put the car in neutral if you can and turn the engine off.

    I would imagine Steve Fowler has driven cars, but steering locks generally dont come on if the key is still in the lock. Oddly enough my car doesnt have a key, but the steering lock doesnt come on until 30 seconds after the wheels have stopped turning..

    Its nice to have consistancy.

    Perhaps you could clarify this on the show... Instead of people appearing as 'experts' on your programe giving conflicting information.

    It is important and I guess quite a few of us would wonder in those few seconds of panic what to do.

    Great show as usual appart from the above.

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  • 59. At 09:41am on 05 Feb 2010, maggiemay04 wrote:

    Steve Wright is best suited to Radio! I do Love his shows and always listen and am a fan.

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  • 60. At 09:51am on 05 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    I have lodged a complaint with the BBC over the Kaye Adam's piece. Has anyone else done so?

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  • 61. At 10:11am on 05 Feb 2010, David Gough wrote:

    No. 28 Kath.

    You have got it spot on at one time the BBC was totally impartial but not any more and The One Show is typical of this attitude, I think probably more so than any other programme.

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  • 62. At 10:16am on 05 Feb 2010, watchingone wrote:

    I thought the point of Kaye Adams' piece was to show how far "New Labour" has had to move from the traditional roots of "old Labour" -(hence the report's location in Ebbw Vale with its links to Nye Bevan)- in order to get into and stay in power, and to take opinions about whether this is a good thing or not. In these pieces they will usually take opinions from well known people with extreme opposing views on the subject, hence you have Charlie Whelan and Tony Benn interviewed. Rather than having a kneejerk reaction to "bias", perhaps we should consider what the report was actually saying. The main political parties these days say pretty much the same things. In my view this is why people are apathethic and disillusioned about politics and it is how the extremist parties vote increases, because people see them as a genuine alternative.

    54 "Loose Women noticeably improved with her departure" - :) best line of the night.

    16 - Danedweller - agreed!

    Finally, thought the show was good fun tonight and Adrian Chiles dep-ping on Sunday love songs could be a work of comedy genius, it must happen!

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  • 63. At 10:18am on 05 Feb 2010, David Gough wrote:

    No. 60 John Holyer

    I think you are right good luck with your complaint.

    I tried over the Carol Thatcher business and got bogged down in politically correct mumbo jumbo from the BBC. But best of luck I hope you get a good response.

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  • 64. At 10:29am on 05 Feb 2010, JustBlogging wrote:

    Re 54

    Surely JH the remark 'Loose Women noticeably improved with her departure' was meant to be tongue in cheek.

    Aren't the words 'Loose Women' and 'improved' a contradiction? I'm guessing you were joking.

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  • 65. At 10:35am on 05 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    re#62: Watchingone;

    You mount a spirited defence of the Kaye Adams piece to the extent that you have endeavoured to explain what Kaye Adams was saying, or maybe what you believe she wanted to say, or maybe what you wanted her to say. Your translation of her piece is, in my opinion, inaccurate.

    I object to your accusation of a "knee jerk" reaction if you are hurling it at me. It is a vacuous epithet that I could as easily throw at you.

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  • 66. At 10:56am on 05 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    Re #64: JustBlogging,

    Well yes, you are correct in that I was playing with the words.
    But having said that I believe that by replacing her on 'Loose Women' ITV has improved the show. She is not particularly good at being entertaining and therefore is not suited as a loose woman. Therefore, the Loose Women must have deteriorated by her departure and because of this Loose Women got better.... yes, I think I must go and have a lay down - perchance to dream of Loose women

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  • 67. At 11:03am on 05 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    Re my #66: On the other hand, Kaye Adams was so bad that she was making the Loose Women even looser, and that when she left/was fired the Loose Women became less loose but that would make the show less funny and that would not be a good thing so maybe they should bring her back to loosen the women..... oh, I do not have a clue what I meant or what I am saying. ... back to the dreaming then.

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  • 68. At 11:23am on 05 Feb 2010, mike goldsack wrote:

    Re 58
    Phil, the difference between putting the car into nuetral and switching off the ignition is that, without the engine running, your power steering and power assisted braking (which most modern cars rely on) will not work. The vehicle will be very difficult to control without these.

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  • 69. At 11:28am on 05 Feb 2010, JustBlogging wrote:

    Re 66 & 67

    JH I am laughing now at your tongue-tied state of mind!

    I understand what you mean but, having read your blogs, and by reading them can see you have a good command of the English language plus knowledge of current affairs et al, Loose Women is the last thing I would have thought you would even know about!

    I like all your comments on the 'other site' as well by the way. Light-hearted intelligent banter between fellow bloggers, especially you and jadedoldie!

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  • 70. At 12:24pm on 05 Feb 2010, Phil wrote:

    Thanks Mike, Re 58

    Which would be why I wouldnt put it in neutral either. I'd simply turn the ignition off. The momentum of the car will keep the pumps goings and the brakes working until your stop.

    If pulled out of gear what will happen is the engine will free rev possibly to rev limit or worse case over rev and disintigrate and frighten the life out of the driver whos already had a panic as it is.

    If someone in an automatic puts it in park by accident, easily done in panic, bits of gearbox will probably drop on the carriageway.

    I guess bottom line is, Mr Whatcar gave a far too simplistic answer in the short time he was allocated.

    If the 911 call thats been made available is listen to, I cant imagine what that driver was thinking about as he unfortunately obviously hadnt a clue what to do.

    Lets hope One Show read these posts and will make a proper topic of it.

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  • 71. At 12:37pm on 05 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    #49 Jadedoldie.

    Larry Lamb was on the show last night, they got to talk about his murder on Eastenders. I think the character he played was Archie. I don't watch the soap garbage, (the BBC are very proud of it) that is why I couldn't give a XXXX

    Did you think I had lost the plot as usual LOL

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  • 72. At 12:49pm on 05 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    #49 Jadedoldie.

    Sorry, just noticed that others have kindly answered you question. Must pay more attention!

    Have just watched Matthew Wright on the Wright Stuff this morning, he is bright, cheerful and very articulate just what we are looking for in a TV presenter. Maybe if they can't get Alexander Meerkat to replace AC, they could get Matthew Wright. SIMPLES

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  • 73. At 12:52pm on 05 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    Re #66: JustBlogging,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I do watch 'Loose Women' from time to time. It is an entertaining show that never fails to make me laugh. The show works hard and deserved its recent award.

    On a technical point: the women sometimes chatter and laugh excitedly - well what woman doesn't - but they never drown each other out. You can always hear what each and everyone is saying. And what they say is invariably interesting. This is no easy feat bearing in mind that it is a live show. It is achieved because the women are professionals who know how to make the show appeal to their audience. TOS could learn much from 'Loose Women'

    I am attracted to the women because they are lusty. At the same time they are independent and know how to look after themselves. But they also know how to, and importantly when, to flutter the eye lashes.

    It is good to know that you visit us on the other site. Next time you do please say hello.

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  • 74. At 12:57pm on 05 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    Re #72: Danedweller,

    I have often thought that Mathew Wright would be perfect for TOS. He has the talent to carry the show, and to rescue it when it gets into trouble during transmission, as it frequently does.

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  • 75. At 2:12pm on 05 Feb 2010, Phil wrote:

    How to stop your car with a stuck accellerator. Well done BBC, and thanks for the duff info WhatCar. I thought you were wrong.


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  • 76. At 2:36pm on 05 Feb 2010, jadedoldie wrote:

    #72 Danedweller, oh, please, please could we settle for Alexander Meerkat? The whole family seems to be endowed with perseverance. Only look at the vicissitudes of life they have overcome, the grub famine, shipwrecked in Siberia, and still Alexander has progressed to what is obviously a comfortable postition in life!!! I have just read this comment back, I have, I believe, truly lost it, but it is any more insane to believe in Alexander Meerkat's existence than it is to believe in TOS's lack of bias, or AC's talent?

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  • 77. At 3:05pm on 05 Feb 2010, watchingone wrote:

    65 - JohnHolyer, you are entitled to your opinion, but with respect, when someone posts a view which contradicts yours, you can resort to name calling. There were a couple of posts, one criticising the use of Charlie Whelan, one from someone in Ebbw Vale, and I gave my own opinion on why both were used in the report. I was trying to make a point about the thoughts which the report provoked in me, about the state of politics today.

    According to my dictionary, kneejerk means responding automatically. Your post no1 - originally posted 50 minutes before the programme even started - suggests that you had already concluded what the report was going to be about and were ready with your complaint form. If thats not a kneejerk reaction please tell me what is?

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  • 78. At 3:33pm on 05 Feb 2010, Rinty wrote:

    Re #77: Watchingone

    I did not resort to calling you names. That you thought I did is a kneejerk reaction on your part.

    I complained AFTER I had seen Kaye Adams report. That you assumed otherwise makes me wonder upon whose standards you are judging me, your own, maybe?

    Whatever you may construe otherwise, my posts are always the result of careful synthesis on my part.

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  • 79. At 3:39pm on 05 Feb 2010, jadedoldie wrote:

    #77, in defence of JohnHolyer,[he doesn't need it but here goes], his early post was not kneejerk reaction, as the item had not yet aired that was impossible! It was, however, a comment made with the benefit of earlier experience. The chance of Kaye Adams finding fault with the Labour Party was infinitismal, as you must agree.

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  • 80. At 4:44pm on 05 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    #76 Jadedoldie.

    We are in agreement, let it be Alexander Meerkat. He has impecable style, the smoking jacket looks fab, and although he comes from distant shores he has a good command of the English language. He has even invented a new world for the Oxford English Dictionary, unlike some presenters who appear to have difficulty with their own mother tongue.

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  • 81. At 4:59pm on 05 Feb 2010, JustBlogging wrote:

    Re 73

    I will 'call in' and say hello one day at the 'other place'. Thank you for the invitation!

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  • 82. At 5:04pm on 05 Feb 2010, Johnny wrote:

    I'm glad Im not the only one to comment on the beard. If he's trying to be 'cool' he has failed. He needs more than a few days growth to help his image, which is dull and boring. Please BBC put him back on sports ptogrammes - at least he knows what he's talking about. That Snow lad would be a good replacement !

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  • 83. At 5:17pm on 05 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:


    Should read word for the Oxford English Dictionary.

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  • 84. At 6:52pm on 05 Feb 2010, sky_viewer wrote:

    Have recently caught up with last night's show and read the blog; the comments are hardly surprising.

    watchingone: excellent posts. The 1st para - 1st & last lines - of post 62 make for a concise & accurate summation regarding the piece in question.

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  • 85. At 10:40am on 06 Feb 2010, watchingone wrote:

    79 - jaded - exactly the point Im trying to make, in Blog no 1 he was assuming what the report was going to be like before he'd seen it - I dont have any problem with him complaining once he's seen it, if he feels the need.

    78 - read my second paragraph again. I didnt say you had complained before you'd seen it, just that you were ready to.

    84 - I fear Im wasting my time as I suggested you were too, a few blogs ago, Sky Viewer, but sometimes, when youve got to blog, youve got to blog! But thanks for actually reading what I wrote.

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  • 86. At 8:56pm on 06 Feb 2010, jadedoldie wrote:

    #79 watchingone, did you not understand that my post was a comment on your statement "kneejerk" and the fact that you were wrong to use that phrase?

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  • 87. At 3:01pm on 07 Feb 2010, watchingone wrote:

    86 jaded - no I understood what you were getting at, but as I said, my dictionary gives the definition of kneejerk as an "automatic response". In my view, an automatic response was made by John Holyer to the fact that there was going to be a piece by Kaye Adams - some assumptions were laid out in blog post 1 about what the piece would say and it was assumed it would be pro-Labour. To post all that before the piece was even screened seems in itself, very biased, and must have been based on the bloggers personal view which has been publicised here, about Kaye Adams' merits or otherwise as a journalist. That was why I described it as a kneejerk reaction, a term I stand by. I have no problem with anyone complaining about bias, after they have seen the piece, even though I disagree and my opinion of the piece was posted in 62. Anyway, enough arguing about semantics for now, I hope you have had a pleasant weekend.

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