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Support water-skiing Christine! Add your messages here!

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The One Show Team | 17:22 UK time, Monday, 15 February 2010

Update 12 March 2010: Thanks for all your messages of support for Christine. 
Click here for the latest challenge news

Christine Bleakley is pushing herself to the limit for Sport Relief 2010.

She'll be water-skiing across the Channel for the charity!

Christine is training hard to prepare herself, but your support means a lot.

How to donate

Via text you can donate £5 - just text SKI to 70005

Texts cost £5 plus your standard network message charge and the whole £5 goes to Sport Relief.

You must be 16 or over and please ask the bill payer's permission.

For the full terms and conditions of the text donation, please click here.

Or you can donate any amount you wish online at Christine's Sport Relief page (external site).

Also: Watch exclusive videos of interviews and Christine in training.


  • 1. At 5:49pm on 15 Feb 2010, flunklumpard wrote:

    Channel crossing

    Christine, you are quite mad attempting this, but I am quite sure you will give it your all.

    Whatever happens, even if you just get a few miles, I will definitely contribute to your cause, for just trying.

    Good luck, don't let your spirits flag.


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  • 2. At 6:18pm on 15 Feb 2010, cashleypoledancer wrote:

    A big bowl of porridge before you set out and when you feel yourself falling off the skis, make sure you're not laughing - remember you are in the Channel, not your jacuzzi!
    I'll be backing you all the way and am sure you will do yourself proud.

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  • 3. At 7:34pm on 15 Feb 2010, Phil Gilbert wrote:

    Good luck Christine... thats quite a way to go.. at least your not swimming it though ^_^

    Don't worry I'll be watchin with a large bowl of hot soup as ya do it

    and some crusty bread and butter :P

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  • 4. At 7:49pm on 15 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    Christine 'Break a leg'. Oh, sorry that is what you say to theatricals!

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  • 5. At 08:43am on 16 Feb 2010, Phil Gilbert wrote:

    WOW just noticed... a lovely lady doing something amazingling brave for charity... and only 4 COMMENTS !!!!

    common guys she needs support

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  • 6. At 5:35pm on 16 Feb 2010, luminouslady wrote:

    Christine Bleakley Superwoman of the Sea
    Water-skiing across the Channel
    Wishing she could wipe her face with a flannel
    Hanging on for dear life as she scuds across the waves
    Fast becoming everybody's fave
    All this for Sport Relief is beyond belief
    A hot bath awaits to much relief
    giving your absolute best
    and we love you for it!

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  • 7. At 5:42pm on 16 Feb 2010, luminouslady wrote:

    Christine Bleakley Superwoman of the Sea
    Water-skiing across the Channel
    Wishing she could wipe her face with a flannel
    Hanging on for dear life as she scuds across the waves
    Fast becoming everybody's fave
    All for Sport Relief is beyond belief
    A hot shower awaits with much relief
    Giving your absolute best
    And we love for it!

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  • 8. At 6:12pm on 16 Feb 2010, Anthony wrote:

    It shows amazing self belief and courage to even accept the challenge! I'm sure your 'have a go' spirit will inspire others to do their part! I'll be wishing you well all the way!

    Go get 'em Christine!! XXX

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  • 9. At 7:25pm on 16 Feb 2010, lyn may wrote:


    You are a real trooper if not a bit bonkers to do this massive challenge for sport relief. I wish you all the luck in the world. Be safe and have fun. x

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  • 10. At 9:25pm on 16 Feb 2010, aimsco wrote:

    There was a young lady from The One Show
    Who off on her water ski's did go
    She'd often fall in the drink
    but sadly. couldn't stand the stink
    so stood up and off again went
    to earn a mint for her charity event.

    Don't look so nervous about it Christine. Just do your best, no-ones expecting miracles from you.

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  • 11. At 10:27pm on 16 Feb 2010, katie Beaumont wrote:

    Hi Christina I think your challenge to waterski across the channel is incredible and wish you all the luck for a successful completion. I really enjoyed our talk the other day at the club and will definitely contribute to the very worthwhile cause. katie

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  • 12. At 09:10am on 17 Feb 2010, shoegazeglen wrote:

    As a fellow Northern Irish waterskier I can only wish you good luck. I monoski a lot and I wouldn't fancy this! Anything you can do to strengthen your forearms should help.
    I'm sure on the day it'll all be dead on and at least your not trying to ski the Larne to Stranraer route!

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  • 13. At 6:09pm on 17 Feb 2010, GAZ911 wrote:

    Good luck Christine.

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  • 14. At 7:20pm on 17 Feb 2010, Tina wrote:

    Good luck Christine, I have great admiration for you especially as you say you are not a strong swimmer, good on you.

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  • 15. At 8:24pm on 17 Feb 2010, Jonpom wrote:

    I think what you are doing is amazing. I personally would be terrified of even putting on the wet suit.
    A beautiful woman doing a beautiful thing. Well done!

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  • 16. At 9:08pm on 17 Feb 2010, William wrote:

    You are brave. Good Luck.

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  • 17. At 06:12am on 18 Feb 2010, Gareth Burns wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 18. At 7:16pm on 18 Feb 2010, Natalie wrote:

    Christne , You can do it just belive in yourself. weh you try your best you can do anything you want.I will support you all the way. You are the most confident person i have seen.So....


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  • 19. At 7:19pm on 18 Feb 2010, Natalie wrote:

    Christine,If anyone can do it. it will be you. You can do anything if you put your mind to it so please try for evryone. you just need to believe in yourself. everyone else believes in you.

    Good Luck.

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  • 20. At 7:21pm on 18 Feb 2010, Gail wrote:

    Christine - you go girl. You are doing an incredible thing for a great cause I admire you for doing it. Take care on the day. All the best to you. x

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  • 21. At 7:21pm on 18 Feb 2010, Lis wrote:

    Good Luck Christine! I am sure you will shine as you always do :-)

    Lis x

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  • 22. At 7:27pm on 18 Feb 2010, sillynametosignonbbc wrote:

    Good luck Christine, if I happen to be home when you do your water ski I will wave to you as I overlook the Straits of Dover

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  • 23. At 01:23am on 19 Feb 2010, Keith wrote:

    Good Luck with the challenge Christine...you are one hardy lass to give that a go but as you are all too aware you will be helping many less fortunate soles than you and I...I am out of work at the moment so I cannot help you with a donation but I can send you my very best wishes for a safe and sucesfull ski....fair play to you for taking up the cause and all the best twinkle, and god bless,
    Keith O'S Tipperary, Eire xx Slanté

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  • 24. At 09:39am on 19 Feb 2010, jonathan Bradford wrote:

    This is one hell of a challenge ! I water skied raced the channel there and back some 15 years ago, it was blowing a 5/6 so you can imagine the size of the waves .... the winner did it in 1hr 15mins we came in last at 3 hrs BUT what a day , i often tell people it was one of, if not the best day of my life (-: Have a great time and enjoy every moment - you will look back on this day with loads of happy and exciting moments and a huge sense of pride. Good on you - wishing you every success - X Jonathan Bradford

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  • 25. At 09:39am on 19 Feb 2010, Paul Corker wrote:

    You are brave and brilliant for taking on this challenge.
    I don't think there's anyone else in the whole world who would take this on - including Adrian.
    Perhaps you could find some football related challenge for him.

    Keep safe and will love to see you back on the couch after the success - say hello to Calais for me.


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  • 26. At 3:53pm on 19 Feb 2010, claire wrote:

    You will do great, you are a strong women and if anyone can do it, it will be you.... GD luck xxxxx
    claire from scotland....

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  • 27. At 4:08pm on 19 Feb 2010, Kezzaa wrote:

    WOW Christine, your doing such an amazing thing for charity, your so brave and this really shows how caring you are.
    water skiing must be such a scary thing but i believe that what you are doing is such an icredible thing and i hope loads of us will support you and help you to raise the money needed to help the life of others. And maybe by you doing this it will draw in more and more people into helping people who are not as lucky as us.
    Good Luck, we all know you will do such a good job. you are an inspiration to loads of people.

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  • 28. At 4:26pm on 19 Feb 2010, Keith wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 29. At 6:16pm on 19 Feb 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 30. At 7:15pm on 19 Feb 2010, Tony ORourke wrote:

    Christine, after watching tonights show where you ran from the East End gathering to the sofa in those heels... Water Skiing the channel should be a doddle ;)

    But seriously, there isn't enough laughter in the world, but your smile & wicked laugh brighten every evening... & would brighten the darkest of places. So you will be sending more joy to people less fortunate than us by raising money doing this amazing feat.
    Good luck, not that you need it because you WILL do this.
    Tony xx

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  • 31. At 8:16pm on 19 Feb 2010, Gavin wrote:

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  • 32. At 8:26pm on 19 Feb 2010, Gavin wrote:

    Hi Christine.....I wonder if I might suggest that you have too many people around you telling you how hard this will be, your head is telling you the same, got to turn off those negatives, turn on he positives. I believe it to be possible and I wonder if your issue of not seeing the finish line can be turned around. How would this work for you. Close your eyes and create an image of the Calais finish line along that line add into the image all those Uganden kids, got that, now see yourself in that image crossing the line and the kids jump up and down for you . How does that feel, do it again and again. Get to into it and enjoy yourself.

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  • 33. At 09:37am on 20 Feb 2010, Jim Maxwell wrote:

    Christine - you have personally seen some of the poverty and suffering of the people you are doing this for. What you are doing will not be easy, but remember them when you are on the water suffering!

    Good luck


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  • 34. At 09:55am on 20 Feb 2010, Julie wrote:

    Christine, i really feel for you, you are doing a great job i wish you all the luck in the world. On bad days remember why your doing it and smile. Be thinking of you. x

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  • 35. At 2:47pm on 22 Feb 2010, Magssb wrote:

    Christine, I think you are very brave but I really admire what you are doing. It really is worth it, so I know you'll be great because you have such worthwhile insentive. All my family will be thinking of you and wishing you well.
    Good luck

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  • 36. At 7:56pm on 22 Feb 2010, Alex wrote:


    I would like too add my support to your herculeon effort of water skiing across the channel! Good luck and fair weather!

    I enjoy the show btw....you and Adrian are very entertaining....Tell Adrian that I sympathise with him greatly....I'm a Leeds Fan so i kinda understand what he goes through with the Baggies.....Akso I have three sisters and no brothers....so I kinda know what he goes through making the show! And given my inside understanding I think it's a miracle he's as cheerrful as he is!

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  • 37. At 9:47pm on 22 Feb 2010, Thingy1972 wrote:

    Good Luck Christine! - you will do it great!

    I just hope that beardy bloke gives you lots of support and encouragement - even if it is in his usual wonderful style of semi-grumpyness.

    Is this going to be an alternative way for you to visit friends and family back in Ireland?

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  • 38. At 10:01pm on 22 Feb 2010, David wrote:

    Good luck Christine :)

    As well as being for a great cause, it will give you a huge feeling of achievement that will last forever and no-one will be able to take that away from you. The way things are at the moment, you will be quicker on 2 skis crossing the channel than the trains running underneath it! Of course I have donated by text but if you send me a signed pic i'll send another 3! :)

    All the best for the crossing, hoping for calm weather!

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  • 39. At 7:42pm on 23 Feb 2010, flunklumpard wrote:

    As a new blogger I thought I would just add my best wishes.

    Get a good nights sleep - no partying the night before and a flask of Bovril and some whisky for the trip. Hope the weather is kind for you.

    Good luck and a few quid on the way for your efforts.

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  • 40. At 7:49pm on 23 Feb 2010, flunklumpard wrote:


    Unable to type at present and blog 39 & this one typed on my behalf.

    Apologies for misunderstanding - I am not a new blogger and have aleady left good wishes for Christine, although the sentiments of 39 remain.

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  • 41. At 12:23pm on 24 Feb 2010, RICHREDTHRU wrote:

    Well Christine, you are a very brave lady to take on such a challenge and I wish you every success. I am quite sure that you will have all of Britain rooting for you, all the very best, Richard from Bradford.

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  • 42. At 3:19pm on 24 Feb 2010, Erica wrote:

    Are you mad woman?! The Channel, water skiing? Well if you as much as get in the water then you deserve every penny you get and more. I have never sponsored any event like this before, but this is so daft you have persuaded me. Well done you.

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  • 43. At 5:10pm on 24 Feb 2010, Elise wrote:

    Wishing you the very best of luck Christine :) You are doing such a fantastic thing and we are all very proud of you! When times get tough and you feel like giving up, just remember all the hope that you are giving to people both in the UK and abroad- it will be worth it when you see how much money you have raised. You can do it!
    Love and best wishes,
    Lisey xox

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  • 44. At 07:37am on 25 Feb 2010, Zulu24 wrote:

    Go Christine! You're gorgeous! Take care.

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  • 45. At 10:42am on 25 Feb 2010, josephine99 wrote:

    Hi Christine

    I heard Chris Evans talking about your prowess on his breakfast show this morning. Well done to you for taking this challenge on. I'll certainly be adding my sponsorship.

    Best of luck

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  • 46. At 12:18pm on 25 Feb 2010, moaksey wrote:


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  • 47. At 4:46pm on 25 Feb 2010, skiben wrote:

    Christine, maximum points for doing this, not only for the charitable part but to raise the profile of waterskiing. Its something that we British excel in and repeatedly win world championships in but is unfortunately not publicised or televised on any scale. Please give it a thumbs up for all disciplines to become Olympic events. We'd win shed loads of medals.
    Anyway, I've seen the footage of you skiing and I thought you may benefit from a couple of tips, or one anyway, which'll stop you falling off or losing the front end of your skis under wake and wave..... It's simply your stance on the skis. You look to be doing what is known as breaking at the hips. Normally utilised as a term for slalom skiing this is simply when your hips fall behing the rest of your body causing (in this case) you to hit waves and take the impact through your hips and lower back. (Does your back get stiff after skiing for extended periods? It will at the end of your crossing. This will help.) Simply stand up straight. As opposed to leaning back (you will a little anyway) you should maintain your own balance. At the moment your compensating for the pull of the boat letting your shoulders go forward and your hips back. This is why you lose your skis under waves.
    Stand up straight and bend you knees over you toes. That way all waves will be absorbed by your knees and not your back. Your knees are your shock absorbers, just like when running and wotnot. Thats all it is. Try it. I'm a waterski federation instructor so trust me, I promise it'll help. if I can be of any other help I'll be so gladly. Good luck. Ben

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  • 48. At 10:13pm on 25 Feb 2010, life-guard wrote:

    Before Christine does this, I recommend she reads "The Inner Game of Tennis" by W. Timothy Gallwey. It's about better, quicker ways to learn sports, and would be of great help to any would-be athlete.
    Also I know there's another book by the author called "The Inner Game of Skiing" which I haven't read, but if it's as good as the Tennis one, I think it's only appropriate she reads it.
    By the way, I'm trained in First Aid, just in case Christine needs the kiss of life...
    Good luck, Christine!

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  • 49. At 09:21am on 26 Feb 2010, Anne wrote:

    Go for it Christine. I have no doubt you can do it, you look scarily fit. I tried water skiing and could generally only get as far as sitting position. Unfortunately every time my dad took a picture I was the white drag at the back of the boat. The one time I got to my feet I was so pleased I lost concentration and fell over!! Will definitely be sending donation.

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  • 50. At 9:33pm on 26 Feb 2010, paul h wrote:

    We had an Inspector on t'railways, whose cure for everything was "get some meat and tatie pie down thee". So wolf some down young Christine, and then go for it.

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  • 51. At 09:19am on 28 Feb 2010, peter g hougton wrote:

    Good luck Christine. When do you do it and when will it be broadcast. I'd also like to see more about it on the One Show, every night.
    Peter of Verwood

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  • 52. At 12:49pm on 28 Feb 2010, Ita Hawkings wrote:

    Just wanted to pass on my best wishes to you Christine. I think you are very brave and deserve a medal. I am sure you will do it because you have such determination. When will you be doing it and will it be televised? I hope so.
    Best wishes. Ita from Wrexham

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  • 53. At 1:35pm on 28 Feb 2010, moaksey wrote:

    i like mike digers look in the the garden shows ive got pictures of woodpeckers jays deer rats i will email you some pictures a great show keep it going mike. moaksey

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  • 54. At 1:36pm on 28 Feb 2010, watchingone wrote:

    Christine - I thought Id already left you a good luck message but apparently not so here goes - we can see how strong youve become from all the training, now its the mental strength you need, just believe in yourself, you can do this. Good luck.

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  • 55. At 1:04pm on 01 Mar 2010, Steve wrote:

    good luck... this is an amazing thing that you are doing and for such a worthy cause.

    We will all be wishing you every success. However i am 100% that you can and will do it...
    Hey if you can survive Come Dancing then you can survive anything.

    You are one in a million


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  • 56. At 7:47pm on 01 Mar 2010, Maxine wrote:

    Hi Christine
    Just watched your training diary on the show, I think you are so brave and gutsy. You show 'em girl and give it some wellie. My best friend Angela has a mantra of 'it's only a problem if you make it' - that wet channel thingy isnt a problem for you because you won't let it get the better of you. All the very very best hon, me and my girls are all routing for you. Lots of love Max, Ellie, and Molly xxx

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  • 57. At 7:47pm on 01 Mar 2010, C Beebie wrote:

    Go- girl -go!
    We think you will go far...
    We will be willing you on...
    Our very best wishes go with you!

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  • 58. At 8:16pm on 01 Mar 2010, Leonard Vincent Lorriman wrote:

    The very best of luck to you Christine.
    I shall what your progress with great excitment.
    From Grandan Len

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  • 59. At 8:44pm on 01 Mar 2010, Roger Taylor wrote:

    It may help you to stay up Christine if you bear in mind that sightings of the Great White shark in the English Channel have doubled in the last twelve months. Something to do with climate change I believe. But, whatever the reason, the knowledge may help you in the long run.

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  • 60. At 8:46pm on 01 Mar 2010, Thingy1972 wrote:

    Good luck to Adrian too...
    in being positive, happy and supportive to Christine
    (we know you can do it Adrian!)

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  • 61. At 9:07pm on 01 Mar 2010, judybeeston wrote:

    What an amazing woman you are Christine - I am absolutely in awe of you. You are using your celebrity status in a way that will really make a difference in the world – what a wonderfully refreshing change that is.

    You are kind, brave and strong – and all in all a pretty special human being.

    I know you have such a big heart and good intentions you WILL achieve this challenge and everyone who is inspired by your actions will be cheering you on all the way.

    Safe journey


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  • 62. At 9:13pm on 01 Mar 2010, Jim Birmingham wrote:

    Christine you are gorgeous and totally mad in equal measure, can't wait to see how you get on with your challenge, I've written you a song which I will send to you.
    Best of luck with it all,


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  • 63. At 10:09pm on 01 Mar 2010, exciseman101 wrote:

    Good luck with the short crossing of the Straits of Dover. If you can get the rest of the team to do a Busby Berkley style crossing of the Channel it would be worth more than a £5.

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  • 64. At 10:37pm on 01 Mar 2010, CliveB wrote:

    Whether you do 1 mile or 22, I reckon you'd be entitled to throw in the towel after 50 dunkings AND be entitled to feel justified in earning the donations.
    You'll earn my donation just for turning up and sniffing the sea air.

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  • 65. At 11:28pm on 01 Mar 2010, jacki wrote:

    Good Luck Christine,
    I understand how nervous you must be feeling right now. I did a sponsored abseil on Sunday off the Water Tower at Tower Park in Poole, it was absolutely terrifying. But felt great once I got to the bottom. I have donated and I'm sure you will raise a lot more than I did. But then I don't have an audience of millions!!!
    Jacki, Weymouth

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  • 66. At 11:32pm on 01 Mar 2010, drew wrote:

    dear christine
    should do well -focus, listen to the experts block out rest
    continue the training but not to the start
    the diet is crucial so plenty of pasta

    bon voyage

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  • 67. At 09:13am on 02 Mar 2010, Peter t wrote:

    Chrissie? You are really putting yourself out there, good on ya girl, but I wonder if you had a small patch of velcro glued to each palm on your mitts would relieve the pressure on your arms. Over that distance your fore arms are going to feel it the most. Would this be against the rules? Remember that nerves drain your strength rapidly so take about 6 Kalms before you leave. Remember the story of the spider, just keep going. Oh and just a thought, I'm looking forward to the world cup. Frank has got respect and common sense. Would he point out to these numpties that personal and business matters should not interfere with the bigger picture. I know JT is struggling and Wayne is hurting but they should be both of them, big enough to see this has become the nations problem and not theirs alone. What do you think? Peter T Burke.

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  • 68. At 09:15am on 02 Mar 2010, Enricow wrote:


    There is no getting away from the fact that this is a difficult challange.However, I have every admiration for the fact that you are taking it head on and rising to the challange. Good luck Christine, I am sure you will give it everything. I'm sure your drive and determination will show other adults and children, what can be achieved by having a goal and giving everything to meet that goal. Good luck. I will be watching your trek with interest. Enricow

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  • 69. At 10:29am on 02 Mar 2010, David Mackenzie wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 70. At 11:04am on 02 Mar 2010, Tim leitch wrote:

    Hi christine after the Skiing event you can look forward to be able to pull up your socks without bending down....have fun and good luck

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  • 71. At 1:20pm on 02 Mar 2010, fragilebook wrote:

    Good luck Christine with your water ski across the Channel!

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  • 72. At 1:48pm on 02 Mar 2010, Barry-Jersey wrote:

    Rather you than me Christine. You're a very brave girl, you can have our donation with pleasure, however far you get across the Channel.
    Perhaps you could get Frank to score more often for England and all his fans could contibute a fixed amount to your cause for each goal.
    Or he could organise a collection among his professional football colleagues to add to your worthy effort. Have a word in his ear, it might do him a favour and get him off the hook a bit!
    Just a thought!

    Baz and Hel -- Jersey

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  • 73. At 3:08pm on 02 Mar 2010, David Alexander wrote:

    I really admire the wonderful cause that you about to embark.
    I would like to thank you by offering you a complimentary treatment.
    To view my web sit simply google `massage with david alexander` and take the wenntworth club link.
    Look forward to helping you !

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  • 74. At 5:01pm on 02 Mar 2010, Lincoln wrote:

    Dear Christine,
    Back in 1991 myself and my Brother Skied across the English Channel to raise some money for MS, which was funded by my family and friends. I skied to France and Julian skied back, we raised around £21000 which paid for a caravan for suffers in the Norwich and Norfolk area to use if they needed a break or a holiday. Any way it took me about 1hr 16 mins to cross and my brother 1hr 9 mins and we did it in a force 4 to 5 wind (15mph - 22mph). Obviously with the sea the weather will dictate to you when best to start your crossing and if you get that perfect day then it is possible to fly across in around 30 minuets, but you will hit the wake from large ships, the waves come in two sets of three, on the bigger ones we jumped of the first, over the second and then wiped out on the third, to the amusement of the boat crew. I am really writing this comment to try and help you. After much debate with my brother, we believe you will do it if the water is flat calm but if not then it’s a totally different situation, but there is a way around this…. We used a different technique to river/lake skiing, which is called Ski Racing; this involves using a much longer rope, a 6ft mono ski and a "Rap" for the handle. This still has a handle to hold at the front with one hand and another two handles to hold behind your back so when you fall you just let your grip go and everything is pulled clear. This will support you back and relieve a lot of pressure from your fore arms and lower back and the longer rope drastically dampens the snatch from the boat and any waves. Its still hard work but we believe this is the correct technique for longer distances skiing on the sea and you can reach speeds of up to 80 mph, which will get the job done in a blast and you will be drinking champagne in large quantities before you know it. Below is a link showing a picture of the system i am suggesting (you can use two skis in stead of one, no problem)and even if you don’t go for this then remember use a longer rope to dampen the snatching effect from the boat and waves. So glad you are doing this as your challenge and you really can do it!!!!

    Very very best wishes on you endeavour,

    Lincoln and Julian Barnwell.


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  • 75. At 7:32pm on 02 Mar 2010, paul wrote:

    Dear Christine
    I now have a spinal cord injury & am in a wheelchair, not from water skiing, however as an able bodied person I did a lot of water skiing. What can I say I know what a hard task you have chosen and would like to give you my complete respect and wish you the best of luck. What a great Gal for giving the time and effort to train for such a momentous task. All my love xx Paul Sen

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  • 76. At 7:32pm on 02 Mar 2010, vicky wrote:

    good luck for next week i'll keep my fingers crossed. Its looks very hard but i think she will be able to do it for a great great cause

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  • 77. At 7:37pm on 02 Mar 2010, lindy martin wrote:

    I am well impressed Christina as I water-skied for years so I am well aware of how your body is feeling now. Can I suggest you use jump ski's as they will help you get through it plus you can get special ski gloves with velcro accross the palm of the hand which takes the pressure off your grip and will stop your hands aching so much. Someone who is training you should know what I am talking about, i have forgotton what they are actually called. Good luck I shall definately sponsor you.

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  • 78. At 7:38pm on 02 Mar 2010, Lynn wrote:

    Christine comes across as a really lovely person and I don't want her to be in danger because of this; it wouldn't add anything to the cause she's doing it for. I think someone should rig up a rigid pair of skis on the back of a boat so that when she's had enough, she can do the rest of the journey in relative safety, or just let her do it in the support boat, with a glass of Champagne, or if it's very cold, some hot chocolate. What do you say, Christine? We will still support you financially but we don't want you to suffer!

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  • 79. At 7:38pm on 02 Mar 2010, sue wrote:

    I really admire your courage, Chiristine. It looks so difficult, but what I want to know is what mascara you use - not a streak in sight!

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  • 80. At 7:45pm on 02 Mar 2010, david9591 wrote:

    Come on Christine you can do this challenge. Remember what Dame Kelly said to you, " It is all in your head." The more you say "I cant" then, I have found, that you wont. Start thinking positively and it will all come together on the day. Good Luck.

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  • 81. At 7:51pm on 02 Mar 2010, abubbler wrote:

    Why ever is Christine wearing what appears to be a Wet Suit of fairly modest thickness for her cross channel attempt. She will chill quickly as body heat is lost by simply moving through the air, and this heat loss will accelerate dramatically when she is wet. The English channel is very cold most of the year but in early March this approach must pose a serious risk of Hyperthermia. She should be wearing a dry suit with Thinsulate undergarment. This would keep her dry and warm, and will conserve energy her body will otherwise expend trying to maintain its core temperature.

    Arthur Streatfield

    Complain about this comment

  • 82. At 8:02pm on 02 Mar 2010, peterm41 wrote:

    Once in a lifetime.... and as everyone else has said - good luck Peter


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  • 83. At 8:09pm on 02 Mar 2010, Ian Jacobs wrote:

    Dear Christine, You've shown such strength and determination taking this challenge. I know you'll enjoy the outward leg so much you'll insist on the return just for fun.. I'm full of admiration . Enjoy..

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  • 84. At 8:22pm on 02 Mar 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    If your attempt fails Christine, you could always privately sponsor the young girl you seem to be concerned about. Paying for her education, living expenses and training. You only have to do it for the next, say, 10 years, a small commitment. You could do it quietly and without any need for publicity so no one could possibly think you are doing it for ultruistic reasons.

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  • 85. At 8:40pm on 02 Mar 2010, gar163y wrote:

    We realy admire you for taking this challenge.It is very difficult to make useful suggestions because you may be much further advanced in your training than the videos suggest.
    I would hope that you would by now be up and comfortable on a mono ski. A mono ski would be much easier to control in the waves in the channel and also be much faster.
    One of the earlier comments on the blog was from someone who raced across the channel some years ago. I suggest you seek advice from the water ski racing fraternity much more used to offshore conditions. Race skis or even trainer race skis are longer, wider and heavier than tournament skis, are designed to go in straight lines and they cope much better with waves. Also, adopting a race style harness (wraps) means the pull from the boat is transmitted through the lower back, saving the arms allowing you to ski much further before tiring. Even on a pair this is much more comfortable and really recommended.
    Lastly, your choice of boat is really important. A longer boat with ballast tanks would be able to flatten the waves in front of the skier.
    I would hope that the coaching team would have made all these suggestions already and that your plans are now very advanced. One last thought vaseline between the toes will help stop cramp from the cold! Good Luck we know you can do it!

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  • 86. At 8:53pm on 02 Mar 2010, Dave wrote:

    Christine, I am full of admiration for you for taking on this challenge for Sport Relief. I couldn't help but be moved by you report from Africa. I wish you all success in completing the crossing and I am sure that you will do it. Best wishes and good luck.

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  • 87. At 9:01pm on 02 Mar 2010, Jonpom wrote:

    Christine, you are an inspiration to all of us, in doing something that is so far outside your comfort zone.
    I attach a little poem to appreciate your effort.

    Whenever I weep for a stick–like child
    From Biafra, Yemen or Chad,
    Why do I feel compassion,
    Whilst underneath
    I’m glad
    It isn’t me or mine.
    It’s not my kith and kin.
    It’s not my child, my neighbour.
    And therein lies my sin.

    When charities ask for a little bit more,
    For disasters, famine or flood,
    Why do I give most freely,
    But wonder if
    My blood
    Is chilling in its veins?
    Is ice beneath the skin?
    Where is my fire, my passion?
    And yes, it is a sin.

    And then we have one, like Christine, who can
    Stand up and lead the nation.
    Who makes us all feel humble
    And fill with
    For someone such as she,
    Who takes it on the chin.
    Who can show us what we can do
    To erase away our sin.

    So now when I weep for a stick–like child
    From Biafra, Yemen or Chad,
    I not only feel compassion,
    But realise
    I’m glad.
    I have a new found urge
    To stir my ancient skin.
    To get out there and contribute
    And expurgate my sin.

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  • 88. At 9:04pm on 02 Mar 2010, Irene Long wrote:

    Hi Christine. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck. You are very brave and very determined and I know you will succeed. I would also like to say, that you do Northern Ireland, proud! Not just by undertaking this amazingly difficult challenge, but also with your lovely warm, genuine and friendly personality.

    You go girl!!

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  • 89. At 9:22pm on 02 Mar 2010, pam wrote:

    your doing a fantastic job Christine you can do it you should be proud of yourself

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  • 90. At 9:52pm on 02 Mar 2010, Derek wrote:

    Hi Christine.Watching you build up your Stamina and Strength,I am sure you will Ski your way to a Sucessful Crossing :) Go For it Girl ! We are all behind you with our Donation's .
    Good Luck

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  • 91. At 9:53pm on 02 Mar 2010, zergon wrote:

    I watch Dancing on Ice. Every contestant is shown rehearsing and it always shows something going wrong while philip Schofield, in his soft voice saying will they manage to complete the routine or have a terrible accident. They then come out and do a perfect perfect performance. I have no doubt that despite all your trials and tribulations you will do a perfect run and we will be cheering you all the way - and back ?

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  • 92. At 11:02pm on 02 Mar 2010, erikthered wrote:

    You'll do it Christine! When your from our wee part of the world, your thrane enough to take on anything. Just remember you are riding a tremendous bow-wave of support from friends and well-wishers from around the world. No pressure eh! You'll be ready when the time comes. GOOD LUCK GIRL!!

    Bangor Co. Down

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  • 93. At 11:58pm on 02 Mar 2010, highland fling wrote:

    Wishing you all the very best of luck Christine, for your difficult challenge ahead .We are all cheering you on, and even if you dont make it at least you gave it your best. Lots of support for you from Scottish fans . xxx

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  • 94. At 08:50am on 03 Mar 2010, vicky wrote:

    hi guys good luck for next week will keep my fingers cross for you, all the best

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  • 95. At 08:52am on 03 Mar 2010, ROGER DIGINGS wrote:

    Christine, I think you are very brave to accept this challenge and you have my support. There is no doubt in my mind that you will complete the challenge


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  • 96. At 09:31am on 03 Mar 2010, kenny scobie wrote:

    hey i watch the one show every night and saw your challenge.

    You can do it Christine. I give you my support through and through. Go for it.

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  • 97. At 11:54am on 03 Mar 2010, Lynda - Devon wrote:

    Go Girl ! Be Brave, be positive and give it your Best!
    Think: France here I come !
    Lynda - Devon.

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  • 98. At 12:58pm on 03 Mar 2010, kevin macleod wrote:

    Good luck Christine, just hang on and you will be fine....think warm thoughts!!! All the best Kevin - Thurso

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  • 99. At 3:02pm on 03 Mar 2010, James wrote:

    Hi Christine.

    Just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world with your challenge.
    You can and you will complete it all the way from coast to coast.I know you can do it!

    Positive thought-you have it within you to achieve anything.Don't allow yourself to think negative thoughts and stay focused.I will be supporting you all the way-every inch of water,every choppy wave,every minute of your journey!Just hang on and it will be over before you know it.You will do it!
    Go Christine!!

    James x

    Pleased consider me to have my comment read out on the One Show-Thankyou so much.

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  • 100. At 5:21pm on 03 Mar 2010, Chrissie Chapman wrote:

    Hi! Christine

    Just wanted to send you a massive 'all the best' message, we think you are amazingly brave, if somewhat barmey!! to take on this challenge, and think it's a wonderful cause. We have donated, but wanted to send you our love and wish you warm weather calm seas and loads of people to support you on the way. We will be thinking of you

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  • 101. At 6:58pm on 03 Mar 2010, les lawless wrote:

    hi Christine, you are certainly showing mega courage. Good luck to you.Show the 'doubters' you can do it. GO GIRL!!! xx

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  • 102. At 7:22pm on 03 Mar 2010, amyb wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 103. At 7:26pm on 03 Mar 2010, amyb wrote:

    GO CHRISTINE!!! I know you can do it. I'm so proud of you. You have such a big heart, it will not fail you now, it will carry you all the way. Stay positive, and above all, take good care.

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  • 104. At 7:26pm on 03 Mar 2010, Ian wrote:

    Hi Christine....I watch you and Adrian on the One Show EVERY night and it is a brilliant show.....what you are about to do is VERY brave and I wish you ALL the best in doing it....just remember through the pain how many people are out here supporting you and thinking of you. Best of luck, take care and lots of love..

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  • 105. At 7:36pm on 03 Mar 2010, missmoomin wrote:

    Good Luck Christine! You will be fab. I hope it all goes really well and you have a smooth crossing over the channel.
    I had to donate when I spotted Ramsgate!! It has the bestice cream in the world and is also home to my Grandma! :)
    Best wishes, you're doing this for a really great cause.

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  • 106. At 7:41pm on 03 Mar 2010, Alec wrote:

    We ALL believe in you Christine.
    It chokes me up every time I see your motivational pieces.
    Be strong.

    What about some of that deep heat type cream stuff to keep the arms and thighs feeling a bit warmer? Or a dry-suit instead of a wet-suit? Or at least a thick (10mm) wet-suit?

    You're the BEST!

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  • 107. At 7:50pm on 03 Mar 2010, Raymond john Pym wrote:

    You can do this sweetheart...just KEEP YOUR ARMS STRAIGHT...let the boat do the work....start pulling on the rope and all you will do is go under the rope and land on your pretty little arse. Arms straight and you will go across the channel and up the Seine to Paris.!

    Good Luck
    PS Tell Frank to sign for the Arsenal. x

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  • 108. At 7:58pm on 03 Mar 2010, Hilary Vian wrote:

    Christine you are training really hard. I want to wish you all the best for being so brave to do this and keeping such a happy face on. I know you will do it.

    Hilary x

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  • 109. At 8:11pm on 03 Mar 2010, ian brown wrote:

    Hi Christine. You have my undying admiration for your attempt at this quest. Why do i say this? Well I'm 62 and for over 30 years i have waterskied on the North Sea but in June July August and september. It can be very good but never warm. The sea can be calm but more likely rough and can very very pleasant but normally quite hard work.

    So to ski the channel in March in rough cold water will be a wonderful achievement. My best wishes for the attempt and by the way I envy you the challenge, would love to try even at my age.

    Best wishes Ian

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  • 110. At 8:33pm on 03 Mar 2010, K2 wrote:

    Good luck with your water ski challenge Christine, you are a real inspiration! Lisburn is proud of you!

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  • 111. At 8:37pm on 03 Mar 2010, Denise wrote:


    I have read all your blog comments and would like to add my own advise re your water ski challenge, hoping that it applies to BBC house rules.

    I have water skiied for years and raced at Off Shore Speed Skiing for 4 years too, i agree with the advise you have been given by the fellow water skiier / trainer re long rope, two handled handle and your knees are your best asset doing this challenge.. But not one person has said about GODS HOLY WATER.. this will be your best friend in the cold water and will give you the boost that you will need at low times... heat always help.

    I am sure your trainers have told you about this, yes its not nice.. but the warm feeling will get you the few extra miles needed... I hope this makes sense.. but cant spell it out as my comment may be taken down..which would be a shame as its good helpful advise and every skiier knows it !!!!

    My race days are way behind me, I wish you all the luck in the world and will continue to follow your story as well as donate.

    Final comment is GO GIRL !!!!

    Denise from Bath

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  • 112. At 9:39pm on 03 Mar 2010, Robin wrote:

    Whilst I admire the challenge Christine is undertaking, please please please BBC give us a break from the nightly progress reports and Christine's agonised faces! I find it is seriously turning me off from supporting tis worthy cause!
    Robin, Inverness

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  • 113. At 9:39pm on 03 Mar 2010, YarniYarnold wrote:

    Hi Christine,

    all the best for this exceptional challenge. I admire you for taking on something so phisically demanding and out of the ordinary.

    Good luck, you can do it girl!!!

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  • 114. At 10:27am on 04 Mar 2010, Teri Spears wrote:

    Christine, like everyone else, I think you are quite mad and very brave to attempt this challenge. However, I am not buying the hype which suggests you are not up to the challenge!
    Years ago, when I lived in Cumbria my sister and I would go water-skiing before the lunatics in the funny farm took over and banned skiing in the lakes. Anyway, my husband who could not swim, would sit in the boat and watch until one day said he wanted to try it. We watched in amazement as he ski'd all around the lake at the "first attampt ". Turns out the instructor in the boat recognised him and let it slip that he had been having secret skiing lessons on his day off!
    I think you know where I am going with this one, and that off camera you are brilliant! Plus your biceps look like they belong to "Wonder Woman!
    Good Luck with the challenge! By the way, the longer ski rope idea does work for long distances. I once knew a guy who ski'd around Anglesey and other random parts of land, ( too much time! )and he used a longer rope.

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  • 115. At 2:24pm on 04 Mar 2010, Simon Thompson wrote:

    I have a suggestion - why not add a third ski about 5 ft wide strapped to your back. Then if you do fall over you can at least continue across to France! The very best of luck to you and I hope the weather is kind.

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  • 116. At 4:27pm on 04 Mar 2010, Sue wrote:

    I wish you the very best Christine you are one brave lady I admire you for taking this challenge

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  • 117. At 6:43pm on 04 Mar 2010, Lucy Mulholland wrote:

    Christine this is quite a challenge but your courage, ambition, and bravery will see you through to the end. Our admiration for you is huge for you are such an inspiration to all young people. We will be watching your progress Norman Lucy & clan

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  • 118. At 7:32pm on 04 Mar 2010, leigh flockhart wrote:

    Good luck we waterski around the kent coast so know how big a feat this is but i'm sure you'll make it!

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  • 119. At 7:38pm on 04 Mar 2010, Dennis wrote:

    I admire your strength and commitment to what must be a terrifying challange for you, especially after nearly drowning when you were young. I wish you all the success that you deserve in this challange

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  • 120. At 7:46pm on 04 Mar 2010, Ernie Shepherd wrote:


    As a fellow Irishman (from Wexford) may I and my wife wish you all the very best in your water skiing challenge. We think you are very brave.

    Ernie Shepherd

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  • 121. At 7:54pm on 04 Mar 2010, Heather Mayne wrote:

    Hi Christine, i'm from Newtownards too, but im currently at university in Middlesbrough! I miss home loads so i just wanted to say a huge thank you for filming back home, it was great to see our wee town of Newtownards and Strangford Lough make it on the one show!! Hope all is going well with your training!! Im sure you'll do well on the channel, you've got Northern Ireland strength in you and we are all cheering you on, if you can succeed on Strangford Lough, the channel will be no problem!! All the best!!

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  • 122. At 8:08pm on 04 Mar 2010, david evans wrote:

    Good luck Christine.

    You can do this and judging by your muscles on tonights show you are more than ready physically transfer that to your self belief and you will achieve your goal.

    Best of luck Darling we are all behind you xxxxxxxxx

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  • 123. At 8:24pm on 04 Mar 2010, agnews ballyclare wrote:



    [Personal details removed by Moderator]

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  • 124. At 8:31pm on 04 Mar 2010, Tom Hammond wrote:

    Good Luck Christine

    I think its really great that people try to make money for Sports Releif & I will be donating you for your Water skiing :-)

    I will put £100 instead txting for £5 IF you wear a bikini when you am water skiing!!!!!! If you say you am water skiing with a bikini on & you will get the most money for Sport Releif lol

    Tom Hammond

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  • 125. At 9:16pm on 04 Mar 2010, Eddie wrote:

    I think what you are doing is fantastc and all in aid of those poor unfortunate people struggling in poverty around the world. It makes me quite emotional to think of you putting so much effort in and I am sure with the determination you have you will raise a huge amount of money. Well done Christine for even attempting this challenge - we are all behind you.
    Be strong and keep smiling your lovely smile :)
    Eddie x

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  • 126. At 10:37pm on 04 Mar 2010, devon_gill wrote:

    Hi Christine!

    I watched your training session on yesterday's show and thought how brave you are to attempt this. I'm sure everyone is behind you and we'll all be thinking of you on the day and wishing you well.

    I've donated £10 to Sport relief and hope that you get a fantastic amount of money and that the channel warms up a bit before you go!

    best of luck! xxxx

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  • 127. At 07:14am on 05 Mar 2010, Una Willie and Little Lucy wrote:

    Go Christine. We are all shouting for you. You can make it but even if you don't at least you gave it your best shot. We have sent you £25. Keep up the training. You will look back after it is over and wonder what all the fuss was about. Good luck.

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  • 128. At 10:57am on 05 Mar 2010, Iain Speedie wrote:

    Hi Christine, I have just offered your team one of our waterproof communication helmets designed to help water-ski coaching. More importantly, on your Channel crossing you could hear a friendly voice of support from the tow boat with text and twitter messages being read to you while you are skiing. It should certainly help with the boredom and concentration and battle with your mind. Good luck.

    [Personal details removed by Moderator]
    [Personal details removed by Moderator]

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  • 129. At 11:05am on 05 Mar 2010, moaksey wrote:

    christine fix the front of the skies 1 foot apart ski line this will stop skies coming apart. you look like getting a lot better go for it moaksey

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  • 130. At 2:44pm on 05 Mar 2010, David Craig wrote:

    Message of Support from all at Lough Aghery Water Ski Club Annahilt Co Down NI, We will send you £100 for Children in Need.
    Come and Ski with us any time. We are hosting the Irish National Championships here in July. Will you be ready to compete?

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  • 131. At 6:20pm on 05 Mar 2010, digitalcareful wrote:


    You are brave, but nuts! The challenge will equal David Walliams with his swim across (in the summer - note!!). I hope you will succeed and look forward to seeing the program about the crossing.

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  • 132. At 6:38pm on 05 Mar 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    #130 DC.

    I think she is doing this for Sports Relief! But I am sure Children in Need will be happy to receive it on their behalf.

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  • 133. At 7:18pm on 05 Mar 2010, Camilla wrote:

    Poor Christine what a courageous lady you are - I really take my hat off to you and of course I will contribute to the cause, who couldn´t after watching what you´re going through? Congratulations however far you get.

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  • 134. At 7:21pm on 05 Mar 2010, Anthony wrote:

    Christine, you should use a drysuit for your challenge, like we use for kitesurfing. You will be nice and warm.

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  • 135. At 7:30pm on 05 Mar 2010, Scranner wrote:

    Hi Christine
    You've got real guts doing this, I hope you do well. Not wanting to be negative or anything but I thought that if I donated an extra £20 for every time you fell in it might help you feel better about it if (when?!) it happens. perhaps you should suggest it to the viewers (and perhaps to aspirant grumpy old man, Adrian C too!)?
    Best wishes.
    Adrian O, Sheffield

    PS Great to see Nationwide back on the telly! (Ask Adrian about Frank Bough et al...)

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  • 136. At 7:31pm on 05 Mar 2010, Julie Slegg wrote:

    Just watched tonights training in the force 6 from Ramsgate. Made me feel ill remembering a very rough trip back from Boulogne to Ramsgate (with my husband at the helm and my children in the cabin)in our own 37ft motor boat. That was a force 5 and was incredibly scary, thought we were all going to die out there.
    I dont know how you did it out there! Wishing you much luck on the day - please make sure it is dead calm and sunny! We all really admire your courage and stamina and will be donating online.

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  • 137. At 7:31pm on 05 Mar 2010, Kay Sarah wrote:

    Hi Christine
    We applaud your bravery and spirit but watch every week and cringe at the method of water skiing you are using. My husband has water ski raced for many years and watching you with 2 skis (we use just one) and two handles (again we use a 'wrapped' handle where you hold only one comforatable resting just in front of you) is agony.

    Google 'water ski racing' don't worry about the high speeds we reach but check the method. The wrapped handles will allow you to take up the slack in the line to avoid the falls you are suffering and a heavier boat will give you a better wake. There are so many ways to improve what you are doing. Our races last an hour and take place on all types of water and we have been all over the world doing this.

    It is all in the technique - strength is secondary.

    We wish you all the best - sorry to seem critical but there is an easier way to achieve what you are bravely setting out to do.


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  • 138. At 7:38pm on 05 Mar 2010, Ian wrote:

    Well done for getting this far and best wishes for the crossing. Hope you raise a fortune and return triumphant, but if not don't worry. Just come back safely.

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  • 139. At 7:49pm on 05 Mar 2010, Alan wrote:

    Hi Christine,

    Just to say good luck with the cross Channel ski, I hope you get a nice calm day with some sunshine.
    I know how hard you need to train as I completed the journey from Folkestone to Boulogne in 1990 with a friend from the Fire Service for charity.
    It took us 40 mins to cross but this was due to the fact that we mono skied using race ski's and wrap round harness. I would really advise you to try and do the same as you will cope with the swell much easier. It also allows you to travel at greater speed if you want.
    I would recommend speaking to the people at Varne boat club in New Romney, they were very helpful on our crossing with their expertise.
    All the best its a great job you're doing for the charity.......and remember its only pain and its only temporary.



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  • 140. At 8:00pm on 05 Mar 2010, MerlinHC wrote:

    Why don't you go half way, then swap places with your sister?

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  • 141. At 8:07pm on 05 Mar 2010, Karen Vickers wrote:

    Dear Christine,
    You are an inspiration.
    Watch the one show every night,love the articles, and well, your smile just lights up the screen.
    Lots of luck to you, we know you can do it.
    Karen & hubby Phil

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  • 142. At 8:30pm on 05 Mar 2010, Danedweller wrote:


    Better still, go half way then let fat boy Adrian do the other half.

    Then again, looking at him struggling to jog the other night, maybe not. He looked so out of condition. Better to talk about sport than to take part, hey Adrian.

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  • 143. At 8:45pm on 05 Mar 2010, Jools wrote:

    Just want to wish you all the very best gawjuss - you're terrific. Frank is a lucky, lucky fella xx.

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  • 144. At 10:11pm on 05 Mar 2010, Norma Great Barr wrote:

    Hello Christine, Im just writing to say how proud I am of you.
    I cry every night I watch you on the One Show. You are so intent on
    doing your waterski channel crossing. Bless you and I have text you
    £20 Good Luck Girl take good care out there hope the sun shines for
    you Lots of love Norma xxxxxx

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  • 145. At 11:40am on 06 Mar 2010, callyfragilistic wrote:

    Bon chance Christine! You can do it. Think of Hajjara and all the others you and the rest in your wake will help.

    Vive Sport Relief! Vive Christine! Vive l'Entente cordial! Vive le Champagne et vive le croissant! Well done Adrian, bringing up the rear a bit there but vital in the best supporting role.

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  • 146. At 12:26pm on 06 Mar 2010, shannon wrote:

    Good luck Christine from all the GAWA (green and white army) Northern Ireland supporters. Its going to be difficult, but nothing in life worthwhile is ever easy.

    Your an Ulster girl and we are all very proud of what you have achieved, you make us very proud.

    If you need cheering up when your on your skis, just remember the night ourweecountry beat England 1-0 it always works for me lol.

    Shann in Newtownards.

    PS. 2 tickets for you and Frank(or anyone) for any N.I game you choose when the Euros qualifying start in September.

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  • 147. At 6:45pm on 06 Mar 2010, Fancyman73 wrote:

    Hi Christine

    Good Luck

    I want you to know that youve inspired me to put my name forward at work to work in one of sports relifs call centres in Nottingham taking donations over the phone.


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  • 148. At 7:22pm on 06 Mar 2010, caberg wrote:

    As a viewer from Switzerland,must say Christine i admire you very much for what you are doing.I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you get back safe and sound. Carole from Vignogn in Switzerland

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  • 149. At 8:35pm on 06 Mar 2010, elaine368 wrote:

    I live in Ramsgate and can see the sea from the house; nothing would entice me to even dip a toe in it at this time of year, let alone go on (or in) it. I am full of admiration.
    You can do this Christine. Whenever you feel like giving up just think of your trip to Uganda and what a difference you can make. Just remember that, no matter how bad it gets, it will all stop when you get to Calais and you will have achieved something amazing.

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  • 150. At 8:54pm on 06 Mar 2010, Jan wrote:

    Hi Christine....All my family wish you well, You can do it!
    Good luck. Love from Jan Gary and all the family.

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  • 151. At 11:33pm on 06 Mar 2010, gardening angel wrote:

    Christine, we have total admiration for you. We are all supporting you and thinking of you. Just remember, to do what you need to do, its a lot about mind over matter. This is all because of Hajjara and what you want to do for her and people like her. Just keep thinking what she has had to endure, and you will complete your challenge. There is so much love and support for you, it should carry you across the channel!! We will be with you in spirit all the way!!
    Carol and Rich

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  • 152. At 11:34pm on 06 Mar 2010, arry23 wrote:

    Hi Christine

    Good luck for your challenge. Try not to think how cold it'll be, just think of all the money you're raising, and how good that nice warm drink'll be when you finish!

    All the best, I'm sure you'll do really well!

    John Harris

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  • 153. At 11:56am on 07 Mar 2010, Denise wrote:

    You don't do things by halves Christine! I take my hat off to you, you are a real inspiration.

    Enjoy your trip to France - is there any 'apres' with water ski-ing?! Think I'll stick to the train when I go.

    Best of luck, can't wait to watch and cheer you on.

    Go girl : Dx

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  • 154. At 12:02pm on 07 Mar 2010, Ben Round wrote:

    Good luck with the water-skiing flower! Boxing day 1966 found me in the River Tees looking for a body. The water was cold, then but if I can do that; you can do this.

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  • 155. At 12:20pm on 07 Mar 2010, Ange wrote:

    Good Luck Christine

    Any idea when ths is extactly taking place as i live in Dover and me and my friends want to come and show our support and perv at Adrian!!! xx

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  • 156. At 1:08pm on 07 Mar 2010, Jacinabox wrote:

    Christine, all the best with your challenge. I really hope that you succeed and raise lots of money for those in need. Thought you might like something to give you a lift after your training, so here's something for you to think about. I'm afraid I don't know the source of this little gem but, it did explain something to me that you might be interested in

    You're in a shoe shop, second in the queue for the till. (i.e. the attacker) Behind the shop assistant (i.e. the opposing goalkeeper) on the till is a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes which you have just seen and HAVE to have.

    The female shopper in front of you (i.e. the last opposing defender) has seen them also and is eyeing them with desire.

    Dilemma: Neither of you has your purse. (i.e. the ball)

    It would be totally rude to push in front of the first woman if you had no money to pay for the shoes.

    The shop assistant remains at the till waiting.

    Your friend is trying on another pair of shoes at the back of the shop and sees your dilemma. She prepares to throw her purse to you. (i.e. pass the ball to you)

    If she does so, you can catch the purse, (ball) then walk round the other shopper and buy the shoes. At a pinch she could throw the purse (ball) ahead of the other shopper and, *whilst it is in flight* you could nip around the other shopper, catch the purse (ball) and buy the shoes.

    However until the purse had *actually been thrown* you are not allowed to move in front of the other shopper - that would be rude! (otherwise you would be 'Offside')...

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  • 157. At 3:14pm on 07 Mar 2010, Jane Razavet wrote:

    Good luck Christine. You are doing brilliantly with all the training. I know you will succeed! Jane

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  • 158. At 6:33pm on 07 Mar 2010, Mia and Karen wrote:

    Dear Christine,

    We hope you have a good time skiing across the English Channel.You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We love you Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No.1 girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Mia and Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • 159. At 8:34pm on 07 Mar 2010, bruttus wrote:

    Good luck with your challenge!
    You brighten up every night,for me, with your smiley face. So I hope that you end up with an even bigger smile and achieve all your wishes, XXX

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  • 160. At 08:45am on 08 Mar 2010, Fiona wrote:

    Good for you Christine! Here are a couple of tips - I have successfully taught many friends to waterski - KEEP YOUR ARMS STRAIGHT, KNEES BENT and you should be fine - when it's rough - imagine sitting on the loo........so backside sticking out, knees bent and arms forward and straight, this will help you get through a rough patch! We'll be rooting for you!

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  • 161. At 10:27am on 08 Mar 2010, Sally in Castle Donington wrote:

    Do your best, we're all proud for you - especially considering what the "elements" can do to a girl's hair, nails & skin. Stay strong lovely lady.

    Sally in Castle Donington xxx

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  • 162. At 1:10pm on 08 Mar 2010, Pat wrote:

    Good luck Christine. The hubby and I have been watching your progress and in our eyes you have already succeeded. Well done and you can do it!!! Also getting a kick seeing your arm mucsles developing. Go girl!!!

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  • 163. At 7:03pm on 08 Mar 2010, Conrad Thompson wrote:

    Christine good luck on your channel quest as i live in Dover what time are you looking at starting of so that we can come down to cheer you of and will you be going from inside the harbour or from shakespeare beach. As a Chelsea supporter as well Frank must be giving you good fitness advice as he has a very good workout rate as well.

    All the best.


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  • 164. At 7:10pm on 08 Mar 2010, Conrad Thompson wrote:

    Hi Christine its Conrad again there is one way you can get through the pain and cold barrier, just recall Adrian running with you the other day when he had to stop and nearly died with pain, then think he would never be able to do what you are going to do xx

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  • 165. At 7:27pm on 08 Mar 2010, julia lewis wrote:

    we think you are amazing and shouldn't listen to all the negative comments
    we will be watching and supporting you
    darren,julia & dan

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  • 166. At 7:30pm on 08 Mar 2010, Heather Paterson wrote:

    Go prove them wrong girl... we are all behind you


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  • 167. At 7:34pm on 08 Mar 2010, Angela Wells wrote:

    Hi Lovely lady, what a star you are,you have more balls than most men I know. You will do it.!!!!

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  • 168. At 7:34pm on 08 Mar 2010, Alex wrote:

    Will be thinking about you.

    You're a guddun!

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  • 169. At 7:35pm on 08 Mar 2010, Malcolm KNIGHT wrote:

    Christine ~
    NEVER doubt yourself! If you want to do it you WILL do it.
    I hold the record for rowing the Channel (6 man crew 2hrs 22mins) and the length of the Thames single handed non-stop (165miles in 43hours).
    Think positive, picture yourself relaxed, cruising along, only think about the next 10 minutes NOT the whole thing.
    You'll complete this challenge and go on to do a whole lot more...WELL DONE!

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  • 170. At 7:36pm on 08 Mar 2010, Steve Fleming wrote:

    Christine. You are going to be fine. Positive Mental Attitude is whats needed and you will attract the positive vibes. Remember...

    You Can If You Think You Can!

    If you think you are beaten, you are,
    If you think you dare not, you don't.
    If you like to win, but you think you can't,
    It is almost certain you won't.

    If you think you'll lose, you're lost,
    For out in the world we find,
    Success begins with a fellow's will.
    It's all in the state of mind.

    If you think you are outclassed, you are,
    You've got to think high to rise,
    You've got to be sure of yourself before
    You can ever win a prize.

    Life's battles don't always go
    To the stronger or faster man.
    But soon or late the man who wins,
    Is the man who thinks he can.

    ~ C. W. Longenecker ~

    We are all thinking of you....Steve

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  • 171. At 7:37pm on 08 Mar 2010, jill wrote:

    You can do it Christine. People will respond to your spirit. Jill

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  • 172. At 7:38pm on 08 Mar 2010, john wrote:

    I wish you the very best. You are a brave lady and I intend to donate equally to your charity and the RNLI. Just think of the second donation as a payment for an insurance premium!!

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  • 173. At 7:39pm on 08 Mar 2010, Andy of Leicester wrote:

    I will give Christine £50 if she comletes the crossing (which she will) and £49.50 if she fails (which she wont!)

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  • 174. At 7:41pm on 08 Mar 2010, Hellie wrote:

    Christie, my husband & I wish you the best of luck, just remember why & for who you are doing this challenge for, it is a HUGE challenge and a big ask to complete so do not dispire just do your very best . . . there is a reason this has not been done before, it's not going to be easy. Just do your best, that's all anyone or yourself can ask.

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  • 175. At 7:42pm on 08 Mar 2010, Heather Eeles wrote:

    Christine, you are amazing and an inspiration. I have made a donation and in my mind you have already earned every penny. Very best of luck.

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  • 176. At 7:48pm on 08 Mar 2010, dave w wrote:

    Hi Christine,

    Can't you convince someone to lend you one of those heated ski suits or perhaps have a custom heated wetsuit made. You could probably run a webcam and some flashing LEDs with it too.
    Oh I've heard that sharks are attracted by urine, so make sure you go before you go...
    best of luck

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  • 177. At 7:51pm on 08 Mar 2010, JordandKyle wrote:

    Good Luck Christine we know you can do it.

    Don't fall in too many times its cold!!!!


    Jordan and Kyle Dick xoxo

    P.S Tell Auntie Nicola we said hello

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  • 178. At 8:34pm on 08 Mar 2010, Peter wrote:

    You're a lovely, gorgeous lady, Christine; always so full of laughter. I can see you're full of determination for this challenge, so go for it and lets pray that the Almighty smiles on you and helps out with the weather and 'sea' conditions.

    Love Pete x

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  • 179. At 8:39pm on 08 Mar 2010, john and julie wrote:

    We live near Ardres, south of Calais - crossed the Channel hundreds of times....but never like that!
    Was going to invite you to our favourite restaurant when you get here...but...looks like you already went there with David! (I agree with Adrian by the way...) so I'll have to take you somewhere else. BE CAREFUL......we watch you two guys every night!
    Why do you have to do this in March? I was down by Calais beach this lunchtime - it's freezing!
    Looking forward to seeing you safe and sound over here soon - and back on the telly right after.
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

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  • 180. At 8:55pm on 08 Mar 2010, Doug wrote:

    Hi Christine
    Firstly I wish you all the very best for your up and coming trip to France, at this time your a probally begining to doubt yourself so dont! you CAN do it
    I have recently spent some time in the water, my story is simple
    On 26/10/09 approx 1730 a fire broke out on board ship,within minutes the whole ship being steel was red hot and I made the decision that we should both abandon ship, we entered the water with only a grab bag (it was too dangerous to attempt to gain access to the life jackets or life raft) being just a small rucksack
    It then became apparent that my crew member a former Merchant Navy seaman had only been trained in the standard 100yd swim so giving him the grab bag and with a team effort we started our journey to Zante approx 6-8 miles, the weather changed for the worst to around a force 6
    We saw all of the Rescue services, the helicopters beam of light passed us several times within 50 mts but alas we were just outside the beam
    The Coast guard cutter passed within 100mts but were unable to hear us
    So with bloody minded bull headed determination we continued our swim,
    Then at last a fishing boat the Petros Maria came within 20 mts and our ordeal was over, it was now approx 0300 27/10/09
    My crew member spent 2 days in Hospital with minor burns to hand and elbow(from the handrail), I was released as I explained I was OK and thankfully made them concentrate on my crew (and the nurses looked really scary)
    The rest is now all history and as I said when we were landed on Zante 'Poseidon didn't want us' so he threw us back
    So my gift for you is bloody minded bull headed determination and my very best wishes

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  • 181. At 9:08pm on 08 Mar 2010, GRAHAM FUSSEY wrote:


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  • 182. At 9:18pm on 08 Mar 2010, Jim Garrard wrote:

    We love the One Show & watch it most nights, we think you are extremely brave (or mad) but with your determination we know you will reach the shores of Calais safely.
    We will be cheering you on all the way.
    Good luck
    Val & Jim (Ipswich)

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  • 183. At 9:18pm on 08 Mar 2010, Jenbob wrote:

    Hi Christine
    I know it will be VERY hard - just believe you can do it and you will! I watch and enjoy you and Adrian every night..and I think you are very brave and amazing.. and I AM CERTAIN YOU WILL DO IT BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN THE CAUSE!
    I wish you good weather and calm waters!!
    Take care and be safe on the water.
    The Midlands is very proud of you..Go Girl!!!!!!

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  • 184. At 9:20pm on 08 Mar 2010, fionamck97 wrote:

    Hi Christine!

    All the very very best of "Norn Irn" luck for Wednesday. What you are doing is really amazing. I know you can do it, so I'll look forward to congratulating you in person on that Saturday morning flight home sometime soon.

    Take care, keep warm and get safely to Calais!

    Fiona x

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  • 185. At 9:32pm on 08 Mar 2010, GePe wrote:

    Christine - just wanted to wish you well for your channel challenge - you have worked and trained so hard and I know that you will do it - so go girl make us all proud ;)

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  • 186. At 10:00pm on 08 Mar 2010, Lynn wrote:

    Good luck Christine.I hope all goes well and that you complete the challenge.Keep the faith and believe that you can do it.We are all behind you.

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  • 187. At 10:48pm on 08 Mar 2010, Dave Delderfield wrote:

    Dear Christine, This is me adding my two penny'th to all the other people who are rooting for you during your 'jolly' across the Channel. We know you can do it, other wise we would not have put our money where our mouths are and made a donation towards your sponsoship. The only tip I can suggest it to break up the journey into small segments [just like talking to Adrian]. Keep it short and simple and you will get there in style!! Best of Luck YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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  • 188. At 09:21am on 09 Mar 2010, Hampshire11 wrote:

    Good luck Christine on your epic challenge. After watching all your courageous hard work, you deserve to complete the course. We derive much pleasure from watching you and Adrian each night. Take great care on this adventure.

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  • 189. At 09:56am on 09 Mar 2010, Nettie wrote:

    Christine, I think you are the most amazing person to undertake this challenge. I live approx 10 miles from Dover and would dearly love to
    come and support you on the day, can you let me know the exact date and time you will be setting off and I'll do my best to be there.
    I wish you all the luck in the world,
    With love,
    Nettie xx

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  • 190. At 1:20pm on 09 Mar 2010, Jane Daulman wrote:

    What you are doing has got to be the most loony challenge I have ever heard of. You are a gorgous young woman and you will be taking with you, on your skis, the thoughts and good wishes of women everywhere who admire what you are doing. You can do this.
    I read in the papers today that students seeing the letter A before an exam can help them to pass, by giving them a subconscious boost. In which case: A A A A A A A A A A A!!!!!
    You've got my dosh and my respect. Just think of the faces of those young Africans as you're skiing; that'll keep you upright.
    Go girl.
    Jane xxx

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  • 191. At 1:22pm on 09 Mar 2010, Christine wrote:

    From one Christine to another, I wish you the very best of luck for your waterski challenge, to benefit Sport Relief 2010. I think you are absolutely marvellous to even consider such an undertaking and I am full of admiration for you.
    Lots of love and take care of yourself
    Christine F xx
    PS Have donated by text, of course.

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  • 192. At 1:45pm on 09 Mar 2010, ajlclash wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 193. At 1:49pm on 09 Mar 2010, gadgetgal wrote:


    You are an inspiration to us all. I'm confident you will be successful in your attempt to waterski across the channel. But if you don't complete it, it doesn't matter. You're having a go anyway which is more than most people would do and you deserve every penny you raise for charity.

    Just think of David Ginola on the other side and that should help you reach your goal!

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  • 194. At 1:51pm on 09 Mar 2010, ajlclash wrote:

    It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

    This is an extract from a Roosevelt speech. Nelson Mandela gave this to Francois Pienar before they won RWC in 1995. Please read this and know that just by trying you really are a success, regardless of the outcome of the challenge. All we can ever do it try our best and you have already shown you have. My very best wishes for the day. Andrew xxx

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  • 195. At 3:06pm on 09 Mar 2010, christopher ryan wrote:

    Hi christine,very good luck on a magnificent challenge.I'm writing to you from Dover i'm an ex lifeboatman and fisherman and i might be able to give you a couple of tips to help you,first i have heard you are leaving at 0645 on thursday morning,the only problem with this is high tide is 0706, so with the wind in n/east to east which is forcast this will chop the sea up,if you waited for maybe 2 to 3 hours after high tide the sea would be a lot calmer,as wind and tide would be together, and it would be better as you go.and as its a very small tide i think you would have a better chance of making it.plus with the water so cold hopefully you will not spend so much time coming off your ski's,because if its choppy you are going to spend a lot of time in the water.and you could get hyperthermic very quickly.i'm sorry to bring all these things up, but i think you would definately have a better chance of success.we wish you all the best,and even if you don't get over to the other side, you will deserve ever penny you collect and more.
    Chris Ryan

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  • 196. At 3:08pm on 09 Mar 2010, sheevaun wrote:

    You are either mad or incredibly brave and I rather think its the latter. May it be sunny and calm for you. All the luck of the Irish go with you Christine

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  • 197. At 3:48pm on 09 Mar 2010, Bell17l wrote:

    Good luck Christine,
    Get the ski boat to stay in the wake of the xchannel ferry, it will calm the water and keep you safe from all the containers.

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  • 198. At 4:10pm on 09 Mar 2010, chris and avril wrote:

    Good luck Christine we know you will give it your best shot. We watch the one show most nights and enjoy it and the banter between you and Adrian. Great to see a fellow Northern Irelander doing so well and being in the news for all the right reasons. We grew up in Bangor but have now retired to live the dream in Southern Spain. Hope all goes well on Wednesday. Chris & Avril

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  • 199. At 5:49pm on 09 Mar 2010, Holly and Meg wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 200. At 6:51pm on 09 Mar 2010, Danedweller wrote:

    Would it be inconceivable to think that CB might have a professional skier as a body double?

    We see her take off, distant shots skiing beautifully, shot goes to her landing safely!

    Zoom in - full make up, waterproof of course and not a hair out of place. Kaching £££££

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  • 201. At 7:23pm on 09 Mar 2010, nutter wrote:

    Hi Christine, wish I could be there with you, would love to do this challenge, not well enough but have followed your every day, it has been wonderful watching you face up to you ghosts and laying them aside, well done, keep smiling, hoping David is going to be at the other end to welcome you in, wishing you all the very best, will be rooting for you, and as a Christian will be praying in earnest for you. Take Care and go for it. Vivien (from Brampton) PS hope you have got an equally challenging challenge for 'lazy bones' Adrian

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  • 202. At 7:40pm on 09 Mar 2010, John Douglas wrote:

    Dear Beauty,(the lump sitting next to you being the Beast!)
    We wish you the very best of luck for your mammoth task; relax; the team around you will be in support - have faith in both you and them - just keep imagining all the good you'll have done by the time you're done!!

    John & Vera Douglas

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  • 203. At 7:52pm on 09 Mar 2010, Cheryl wrote:

    Just to wish you good luck. My father crossed the channel on a mono ski on his 50th birthday from Dover to Calais in one hour and five minutes. He is now 88 and remembers it well.

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  • 204. At 8:15pm on 09 Mar 2010, Miss Yvette M Boddy wrote:

    Good luck Christine on your water ski. I was so jealous yesterday when you showed on the One Show last night,where you had been to France and met the one and only David Ginola. What a gentleman!

    All the best.

    Martin Boddy (dad)

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  • 205. At 8:28pm on 09 Mar 2010, Aries wrote:

    you're as mad as a bag of bunnies, but we love you for it. Just give it your best and get Adrian to have the Whisky waiting when you reach France.
    Good Luck.
    Stephen & Joanne

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  • 206. At 8:51pm on 09 Mar 2010, DON wrote:

    Hi Christine,I have been in the England ultra distance walking team, walking 133 miles in 28 hours in France and 115 miles in 24 hours, a lot of pain and distress, bloody feet,takes a long time to get over it,i have also won a lot of bike races,and the one thing, it's not how fit you are , it's how hard you are in your head,how much you want to do it,you can always push your self a lot more then your brain says you can, don't TAKE NOTICE of your your brain, over ride it,once you are over the finsh line, others will look after you, good luck kid, DON COX

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  • 207. At 9:11pm on 09 Mar 2010, Sarah wrote:

    Good luck Christine. I think you are so brave and am really impressed with your determination. From experience mental strength is so important and can really help you get through anything, so stay tough and ride those waves!!! It looks like such a tough challenge and you're incredible for sticking with it. Hope the sun shines for you.

    Sarah, Lydbrook

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  • 208. At 9:46pm on 09 Mar 2010, Ed Hughes wrote:


    Been there - done that. I have skied across the Channel from Varne to Boulogne - about 38 miles rather than the shorter Dover-Calais route. And as someone else said, the Varne club would have been good trainers, but we are where we are. Skiing 22 miles is normally no big deal - we do more than that most weekends in the summer, I call it ski-cruising. Harder in the winter, mind you. The way you have been trained (according to the video) hasn't made life easy. I'll explain why (as others here have done in part) and more importantly, tell you how to overcome the problems you have been saddled with.

    A lake is a different world to the sea, and sea skiing is normally done on a single racing ski, not on a pair. A racing ski is a big long thing, that rides waves rather better than a pair, and allows greater speeds. And twin handles with which you can "wrap-in" are a much better idea than a single handle. However it is too late to change either skis or handles, different ones take some getting used to. But don't despair, I have seen a crossing done "hands-front".

    As others have said, the weather really is a key factor, but no one has explained why. Other key factors are the driver/observer, and the boat.

    The wind affects the waves. Going into the wind and waves is much, much harder than going across (ideal) or downwind. Actually, the size of the waves is not an issue particularly, I have happily skied in waves large enough to lose sight of the boat, with the line just appearing through the water. In fact big waves are easier to deal with than a short chop - so don't get worried if the sea looks big!

    Ideally the boat would have been a deep vee configuration - Ring or Phantom are best - neither of the boats shown in the video are particularly suitable. However - we are where we are, and with the wrong kit and wrong method (as others have said wrapping in with twin handles is the method of choice) you can still succeed, but the following points are crucial.

    It has been commented elsewhere that your stance as shown is poor - experience after the filming will almost certainly have improved it. Keeping a straight back, rather than a "toilet position" will make things much easier, as will straightening your legs out a bit when you can. You really would benefit from a slightly longer line, though on a pair you cannot use a full length race-line - it will snatch in the water at low speeds. "Normal" lines from a store are usually 75 feet - we race with nearer 150 - sometimes more. On a pair, about 90 feet would be about right. The benefit of a longer line is that it gives you more width between the sides of the wake, giving more room to steer round the worst of the waves. But 75 is possible, if that is all you have, at the slowish speeds used for a pair. Faster speeds make the wake narrower. You will find that there is what we call an "uphill" and "downhill" side of the wake. The "downhill" side is the down-wind side, which is markedly easier to ski on than the up-wind side, and skiing half way between the first wake and the centre line is the smoothest.

    If the line starts to go slack as the boat (and you) hop about on waves, try as best you can not to bend your arms more than a little to take the jerk - instead, steer-off as the line dips to take up the slack - but without going outside the wake if you can help it. If you do go outside the wake, it is best to be aggressive getting back in at a sharpish angle - a gentle approach though ostensibly more attractive tends to wash the skis off your feet. Correct speed is also crucial on a pair in the rough - fast enough not to sink in, but not too fast which will make riding the waves harder - especially going into them. 18-22 mph is probably a good start point - and YOU decide the speed, agree with your observer how you are going to "wave-up" or "wave down" speed. As little as 100 revs of additional/less engine speed can make all the difference. And that is all your driver should change the speed at any one signal.

    Also, and this really is crucial, if you are struggling to make your heading if that is into the waves, it can be better to zig-zag a bit - agree with your observer to have a pointing system so you can indicate just how much "into wave" you can cope with. Long "Zigs" and Zags" are better than short ones - less turning.

    If you fall off in waves, it is CRUCIAL that your boats-crew pull you out of the water DOWN WAVE if it is choppy, or ACROSS WAVE if there is a big swell. Doesn't matter if this is away from your destination - you can turn round once you are up. Coming up into waves on a pair is for the experts only....

    You are clearly young, fit and determined, and on a flat day a crossing should have been a doddle. With the technique you are shown using, and the kit you have been supplied with, a bigger challenge awaits than needed to be the case - a bit like doing David Walliams doing his recent bicycle trip on grannies cycle - but it is still entirely possible. And still possible in adverse weather conditions, just a bit more demanding. If you fall, try not to stay too long in the water. A rest may seem appealing, but the cold at this time of year can soon sap your strength. A windproof top might help a bit - there are ones designed for the purpose with seals at neck and wrists - though with a helmet you may need to cut off the neck seal if it is strangling you. If you do this, cut off the waist seal as well, as you otherwise risk hauling round a few gallons of unwanted sea-water! A top does make a difference to the wind-chill factor when up and running. I would not recommend a dry-suit (as suggested elsewhere, if you have trained with a wetsuit. And they can be dangerous with water-skiing, if not carefully emptied of air. People have ended up floating upside down after a fall - not recommended! And ones with ankle seals, rather than fitted feet are harder to find than the usual type with fitted boots - which wouldn't do at all because of the need to be able to get into and out of the skis easily. Stick with what you know!

    Something that might work out is to tuck in behind a ferry, or another big boat heading your way. A big boat doesn't half flatten the water, and even on a pair you should be able to run at a speed to keep up. About 300 yards behind a forty-footer would be ideal. With a ferry, you need a bit further - 400-500 yards or more, through your driver MUST enter the bigger boat's wake at a gentle angle, or it will all end in tears.... I used to chase ferries off Weymouth for fun - it was even better when we had a Navy, and destroyer speed trails were being held - 30+ knots behind a destroyer, and surfing up and down its wake is a huge buzz - but not for you as yet!

    Another odd thought, you can ease your arm muscles a bit on a pair/single handle by alternating both hands-over, to one over one under. Grip is a key issue when it is cold, and gloves are necessary - and as someone else said, grippy gloves help - hopefully you lake-based trainers have thought that one through - they help with lake-based slalom skiing too when it is cold.

    Whichever way, no one should under-estimate the achievment of a crossing on a pair with arms-front. It can be done, but success for someone so new to the sport will be a testament to determination and overcoming the odds some bad planning has put your way. I, the crew of my boat "The Final Fling", along with many in the Exe Powerboat and Ski Club will be cheering you on!

    Ed. Hughes.

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  • 209. At 1:08pm on 10 Mar 2010, Tups wrote:

    Christine, even if you don't manage the actual crossing - and don't be afraid to accept it, should that happen - you will not have failed. Your endeavours so far deserve all the praise and contributions possible. I'm a sailor and cross the channel without getting wet. That's challenge enough for me! You are amazing!

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  • 210. At 7:12pm on 10 Mar 2010, cameron wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 211. At 7:17pm on 10 Mar 2010, roger phipps wrote:

    Christine,good luck and best wishes, hope its not too difficult for you,will be thinking of you as will loads of other people, we are rooting for you,go girl .....

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  • 212. At 7:33pm on 10 Mar 2010, wend aimee stevie wrote:

    christine - all the very best to you - we are watching you each evening with great admiration from our home near grand brassac france. we know that you will do your absolute best and will be cheering you from the couch. stevie says please dont fall and aimee says go girl. and i just say you're fantastic.

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  • 213. At 7:47pm on 10 Mar 2010, Clive Amos wrote:


    You are much braver than me.

    Hope the weather holds for Friday.

    Good luck!

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  • 214. At 10:51pm on 10 Mar 2010, rob savill wrote:

    Hi Christine, hope all goes well, it will if you are positive!
    Any chance of following you on the support boat, Id be willing to donate a good sum if you can fix it?
    Just believe in yourself & you will make it, what ever day you finally get to go? I just hope its sooner rather than later, for your sake.
    Go for it Christine xx

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  • 215. At 12:00pm on 11 Mar 2010, becky wrote:

    Hey Christine i think ur really brave 4 doing this & i hope all goes well.if u think positively it will be ok!i wish u the very BEST OF LUCK CHRISTINE,u've been training really hard 4 this,hope the weather holds out 4 u 2 do this challenge.Anyway GOOD LUCK CHRISTINE lots of love becky,coventry xxxx

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  • 216. At 1:30pm on 11 Mar 2010, lindahf1 wrote:

    good luck christine i am sure you will do your best and can't wait for you to succeed, enjoy yourself when it is all over no matter what happens. Hope the weather turns out fab for you.

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  • 217. At 3:09pm on 11 Mar 2010, Clare wrote:

    All the best Christine; what a huge challenge you have chosen but I know you will do it! Hold on tight and don't let go.

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  • 218. At 3:41pm on 11 Mar 2010, scdfan wrote:

    What a gutsy lady you are. I'm positive you will be a success in this endevour. Three cheers for Christine hip hip hooray...

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  • 219. At 6:33pm on 11 Mar 2010, Kathy of East Grinstead wrote:

    Good luck we are all thinking of you and Texting reguraly!
    On that subject:
    I have just received my mobile bill which invludes my donation to Christine/Sports Relief, and see that they have charged me £4.26 plus VAT to make up the £5. I have spoken to O2 who have explained that this is just the way it is set out for the purpose of my invoice, and that the full £5 will be received by Sports Relief, but it would be reassuring to know that this is correct, and I am wondering whether it is worth mentioning it on your show, or the web-site.

    And Christine, I think you are absolutely amazing. I once did a short course on windsurfing and had to give up half way through the second day because I was absolutely exhausted, cold from falling in so much, and shaking, (and I cried!!). Well done and Good Luck.


    Kathy (Sutton)
    East Grinstead, W Sussex

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  • 220. At 7:03pm on 11 Mar 2010, Jette Goldie wrote:

    Best of luck, Christine - hope the weather holds out for you - and hope you can hold on to that rope for 90 minutes.

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  • 221. At 7:10pm on 11 Mar 2010, tints1 wrote:

    You're a beautiful woman Christine. I want to tell you not to do it, but we have to all put ourselves on the line for the right thing. Good luck, get on the water (not IN it) and I hope to see your beautiful self on TV soon.

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  • 222. At 7:18pm on 11 Mar 2010, jane wrote:

    hi christine , hope youve got your self a pair of goggles for tommorow motocross goggles are the best they dont mist up this is on good advise from my son lee holland who is 10 and does waterski racing

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  • 223. At 7:22pm on 11 Mar 2010, asgeir wrote:

    christine is a legend i love the show and adrian aswell i just hope she pulls this off she is irish after all nothing to much trouble good luck christine you can do this all the best..... regards icelandic fisherman

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  • 224. At 7:25pm on 11 Mar 2010, msmaryphillips wrote:

    Christine - I'm not surprised that you are scared ... I don't know anyone else who would be brave enough to attempt what you are doing. However, you know WHY you are doing it. You have already met some of the children who will benefit from what you are doing, so think of them on the way.
    God bless and protect you tomorrow. xxx

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  • 225. At 7:28pm on 11 Mar 2010, Chris wrote:

    Good luck Christine - may the channel be like a millpond.

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  • 226. At 7:30pm on 11 Mar 2010, Michael King wrote:

    Good luck Christine, you're very brave and we know you can do it. Go girl !!!! Michael and Michelle King from Sheffield.

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  • 227. At 7:31pm on 11 Mar 2010, Peter Reynolds wrote:

    I have followed you from the very beginning and am a huge admirer and fan. What you are doing now is bold, courageous and selfless. Well done. I will be thinking of you.

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  • 228. At 7:33pm on 11 Mar 2010, Linda Barber wrote:

    Christine, good luck for tomorrow! This is one massive challenge you have taken on, you must be extremely brave and very mad but everyone is behind you. Hoping the weather is kind to you, take care and give it your all...you can do this. Lots of love Linda xx

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  • 229. At 7:35pm on 11 Mar 2010, Jamie wrote:


    You're the only person that's managed to get me to do anything with "Sport" in the title - even if it was only to donate!!

    Go for it you are an inspiration!!!


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  • 230. At 7:36pm on 11 Mar 2010, Wolfpeltz wrote:

    Christine you are wrong in your head, but we love you for your effort. Good luck tomorrow. I hope we can see you off on the breakfast show.
    Derek & Val xx

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  • 231. At 7:45pm on 11 Mar 2010, FreddieFans wrote:

    Christine, Gill, Tristan and Freddie the dog wish you lots of luck on your challenge. You have our admiration for even being prepared to try to ski the channel. We will have our fingers and paws crossed. Be safe and dont worry if you have to stop, we are all proud of you.

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  • 232. At 7:46pm on 11 Mar 2010, Chris wrote:

    Hi Christine
    As avid watches of the One Show we are so pleased to support you in your stupid but very very brave attempt to cross the channel on waterskis. If you reach Calais phone us and we will drive from Zurich where we live to Calais and buy you dinner.
    We wish you the very best of luck
    Chris & Silvia

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  • 233. At 7:46pm on 11 Mar 2010, Conrad Thompson wrote:

    Christine you will have a good crowd down there to see you of in the morning we will see you down there bright and early.You can do it.

    Conrad xxx

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  • 234. At 7:51pm on 11 Mar 2010, Richard Neal wrote:

    Good luck Christine!! You looked so nervous on the telly tonight, bless you. But we know you can do it! Go girl!!

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  • 235. At 7:52pm on 11 Mar 2010, joey wrote:

    Hi Christine just wanted to wish u all the best with ur challenge.I luv watchin the show, iv been keepin an eye on ur trainin you,ve been doin brilliantly.As a wee Northern Ireland lass i just wanted to let u know were all behind on this lovely wee island.Iv txted any numbers of times to sponser you,you should be so proud of the money you,ve raised....well done huni and all the best.xx

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  • 236. At 7:54pm on 11 Mar 2010, Roger Weston wrote:


    Best of luck with your challenge, you have my full support.

    Unfortunately, in all consciousness I cannot donate money to Charity Projects the charity running sports relief.

    I am a trustee of a 3 volunteer run charities, and I cannot reconcile the amount they spend on salaries and administration. Don't get me wrong I accept they do a massive amount of positive work but according to reports on the charity commission website of the £250,000 you have raised, only £100K will go to the causes you and I and many of your viewers care so passionately about. I will of course donate money to a charity with similar objective in your name but where I know my money will go further.

    I mean no disrespect for this and believe you are performing the challenge for the best if reasons and wish you luck and thank you for helping raising awareness to some of the problems that face this world.

    Incidentally ‘Children in Need’ the other BBC supported project although high is much better.


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  • 237. At 7:59pm on 11 Mar 2010, Dr Willie McCarney wrote:

    Christine, you are a star. We are all so proud of you already. Go for it. We will all be willing you on and know you can do it. Remember, you are already a success whether you complete the crossing or not. You have done so much to raise money for those in need that you are an inspiration to us all.
    As you leave Dover tomorrow close your eyes and say "Yes I can".
    God speed and God bless.

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  • 238. At 8:22pm on 11 Mar 2010, wacky60 wrote:

    The girl last year that had such a profound efeect on you-picture her face just before you set off-everyone is behind you, as you are one gutsy lady.go for it girl

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  • 239. At 8:28pm on 11 Mar 2010, Greg Fletcher wrote:

    Hi Chrisitne

    I am an avid fan of yours - you have a great personality and lovely smile. You are totally mad to do this skiing challenge but at the same time very brave. I know you will do it, especially as you have a great team to support you. Just think, you will have that French footbller to greet you at Calais! All the best! Greg

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  • 240. At 8:28pm on 11 Mar 2010, MercedesDelaVega wrote:

    Go Christine!!!

    Look I know this sounds daft, but a couple of years ago I abseiled off a 100 ft office block for charity and I was petrified. But I remembered to enjoy the experience because it was over really quickly! So make the most of it - you'll be amazing and it will be fun! Visualise The Channel as a big warm bath! Go for it. You know you can do it! Believe it or not the worst is already over.

    Warmest regards
    Wendy Dashwood-Quick

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  • 241. At 8:28pm on 11 Mar 2010, Hughie wrote:

    Dear Christine,

    There's a saying that goes "If you say you can't, then you probably can't", so just simply believe that you can!

    Please feel free to contact me for a complementary stretching session upon your return.

    All the very best of luck to you!



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  • 242. At 8:29pm on 11 Mar 2010, watchingone wrote:

    Just seen your scared expression on tonights show, oh dear! take care of yourself and just believe! Go girl!

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  • 243. At 8:39pm on 11 Mar 2010, Laura wrote:

    Courageous Christine...you CAN do this, Many many are with you :)
    If I had a boat I'd ride alongside you shouting "Yo Christine! Go! "
    A worthy enterprise carried out by a fabulous spirit...
    All The Best Gal!

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  • 244. At 8:47pm on 11 Mar 2010, Peter wrote:

    Good Luck for Tomorrow
    I was disappointed to see that the programme has, even at this late stage, failed to promote donating online in addition to the text method.
    The best Adrian could manage on tonight's programme was encouraging viewers to email.
    Your challenge is worth at least double the support it has already received financially.
    You can also "Donate Online" - Go to --- are the key words.
    A mention on the programme tomorrow will be better later than never.
    My £30 is already with you.
    Peter Stockdale

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  • 245. At 8:52pm on 11 Mar 2010, Sam - Norma Rodgers wrote:

    Well Christine not long now!! We wish you the best of Newtownards luck with this brave challenge. Nice to see Nicola with you tonight. You can do it keep smiling. Sam & Norma Newtownards xx

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  • 246. At 8:53pm on 11 Mar 2010, Danedweller wrote:


    Thank you for bringing this information to our attention. It has made me seriously consider whether Sports Relief is a charity I want to support.

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  • 247. At 9:01pm on 11 Mar 2010, The_One_Fan wrote:

    Christine I will forever live in awe of your achievement when you step onto french soil tomorrow.
    I am sure that the beneficiaries of all your efforts will be eternally grateful.
    May I wish you the very best of luck for tomorrow

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  • 248. At 9:06pm on 11 Mar 2010, david lewis wrote:

    Christine I so hope you do this. You are a star for even attempting it. The human spirit is special and you exemplify this! Will be rooting for you tomorrow.

    By the way we love the Obe Show. My wife and I tune in every day. You and Adrian are just so good together.

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  • 249. At 9:15pm on 11 Mar 2010, Andrew wrote:

    Good luck christine from the crew in Derry City

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  • 250. At 9:15pm on 11 Mar 2010, jilly willy enniskillen wrote:


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  • 251. At 9:15pm on 11 Mar 2010, vickymplayer wrote:

    Go Girl!! Obviously a huge challenge in itself and you are clearly finding it a challenge. You are an inspiration to us all. I know your Irish spirit will see you across the channel!! Grit those teeth and good luck. xx

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  • 252. At 9:22pm on 11 Mar 2010, Hilary wrote:

    Christine, sweetheart. You are a national treasure. Wishing you a safe crossing and all the very best for your waterski-ing challenge. I'll be thinking of you. Promise to donate when I know you're safely across. Love, Hilary

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  • 253. At 9:30pm on 11 Mar 2010, Graeme wrote:

    You look terrified Christine but you know we are all behind you - pushing as hard as we can!

    Good luck and safe passage


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  • 254. At 9:53pm on 11 Mar 2010, Duggers wrote:

    Christine, You are without a doubt one of the gutsiest ladies I have come across. Good luck and Gods speed for tomorrow.

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  • 255. At 10:06pm on 11 Mar 2010, Robert from Sheppey wrote:

    Go for it Christine !

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  • 256. At 10:10pm on 11 Mar 2010, Robert from Sheppey wrote:

    Go for it Christine. I am sure you will give it your best shot !
    On the programme tonight, your wildlife expert showed some of the things you might experience while crossing the Channel, one if which was a fish. It certainly was a flatfish but it was NOT a Dover Sole, as he stated.
    Anyway good luck tomorrow.

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  • 257. At 10:14pm on 11 Mar 2010, lizab wrote:

    You are so brave Christine, we wish you a safe journey. Do not worry if you dont make it to Calais, I will still donate even if you ski 2 metres you are a star.

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  • 258. At 10:43pm on 11 Mar 2010, No bonus Banker wrote:

    Christine, you are beautiful, intelligent, extremely fit (even more now). Why take on the challenge.

    Not the water skiing, a footballer.
    Only kidding, good luck and try not to swallow too much water if you fall in. You never know Adrian might just smile, watch out for him rushing to kiss you.

    You deserve a medal, brave lady.

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  • 259. At 10:43pm on 11 Mar 2010, Scanna wrote:

    As regular Belgian viewers of the show, we have been watching your training with interest. You are a very brave person, Christine, to be doing this, and we wish you the very best of luck in your quest. We sincerely hope all goes well and you have a safe crossing!

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  • 260. At 11:13pm on 11 Mar 2010, annesaran wrote:

    Dear Christine, I can't sleep worrying about how apprehensive you must be feeling. I wish you lots of luck. Just think, this time tomorrow, it'll all be over!!!! I admire you for all the training you've done. Can't believe how bad the weather conditions are for you. Wouldn't it be better to do this in July rather that March?!! GOOD LUCK. Best wishes from Anne x

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  • 261. At 00:09am on 12 Mar 2010, ganjan wrote:

    Good luck Christine, my legs & arms are shaking for you. ganjan
    Janice Preston

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  • 262. At 01:29am on 12 Mar 2010, Gordy wrote:

    Christine, it's a brave challenge you're doing, good luck tomorrow and take care.

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  • 263. At 06:33am on 12 Mar 2010, Eileen Frost wrote:

    Hi Christine, thinking of you this morning and wishing you all the best for your mammoth task. If you only stay up on your skis for five minutes you will be a heroine in our eyes. God Bless, Eileen & Maurice x

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  • 264. At 06:39am on 12 Mar 2010, Adrienne wrote:

    Go Go Christine, have been following your progress from Holland and I know you can do it. All the best on your challenge from Geertruidenberg. I am rooting for you!

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  • 265. At 06:49am on 12 Mar 2010, belinda kennett wrote:

    good luck we all no you can do it.

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  • 266. At 06:51am on 12 Mar 2010, Kezzaa wrote:

    WAHEYY, TODAYS THE DAY CHRISTINE, woke up early so i could get on her to leave you a message in time.

    GOOD LUCK we all know you can do it, your going to be amaaaaaazing. and make sure you enjoy it, sounds easier than done but once you get out there your going to be incredible. your probably sitting there shaking with fear right now but dont be, your a legend :) been following your progress from the start. saw you live from dover on the one show last night, you looked terrified but we believe you can do it and what you are doing is soo brave and is really going to help other people. even if you dont managage to stay on your skis for longer than 5 minutes we are all still SOOO proud of you. you have come so far since the beginning.

    I'll be thinking of you :)


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  • 267. At 07:37am on 12 Mar 2010, Mandy Janes wrote:

    Water skiing over the sea
    I must say rather you than me
    There's easier ways to get to Calais
    On a boat buy a ticket or stowaway
    Your training has been very tough
    I hope the sea is not too rough
    I hope you make it across to France
    And raise a real lot of finance
    Just do your best that's all you can do
    And know the whole country is right behind you.

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  • 268. At 08:18am on 12 Mar 2010, Elijay wrote:

    What a woman, you are so very brave Christine. I am rooting for you.

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  • 269. At 08:43am on 12 Mar 2010, Ryan - One Show team wrote:

    Live updates on Christine's progress here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theoneshow/2010/03/latest-updates-christine-bleak.shtml

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  • 270. At 08:54am on 12 Mar 2010, Jan lj wrote:

    Go, Girl, Go !!
    This has to be one of the hardest challenges undertaken, along with Eddie's - I admire your courage, determination and personal commitment
    You are truely an inspiraton !!
    Good Luck !!
    Jan lloyd-jones

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  • 271. At 09:10am on 12 Mar 2010, Pat Kelly wrote:

    What perfect weather.
    Flat sea and a gentle following breeze.

    This morning I was jogging along the Dover prom from 6.00 amidst an increasing throng of camera men wanting "that" photo to aid their pension planning!

    Couldn't believe the "bouncer" on the door of the new sailing centre, from which you set off, clearly employed to keep you in! nor the two bits of string on the beech to prevent you from running away!

    Sad that I didn't run into you.
    I wanted to remind you:
    "To keep your hand in the hand of the One who stills the water".

    Care for you dearly & trust you will always treasure this experience on the Dover Straits.


    Bro Pat xx

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  • 272. At 09:25am on 12 Mar 2010, Roger wrote:

    We love your show and really admire what your doing espesially in light of the training you've had My wife and i live in Folkestone and would have loved to come and seen you off We would like to know what Adrian' going to be doing, perhaps a bungee jump

    Roger Folkestone XX

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  • 273. At 09:26am on 12 Mar 2010, Gina wrote:

    Christine you are one tough cookie, wishing you all the luck in the world! you can do it!


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  • 274. At 09:32am on 12 Mar 2010, HaggisMac wrote:

    Well Done Christine!!!
    We knew you could do it - ' have been following your progress all the way to work in the car and willing you on!
    Congratulations on your achievement.
    Love and best wishes. Helen and Andy McAslan - Norfolk

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  • 275. At 09:35am on 12 Mar 2010, HaggisMac wrote:

    Well Done Christine!!!
    We knew you could do it - ' have been following your progress all the way to work in the car and willing you on!
    Congratulations on your achievement.
    Love and best wishes. Helen and Andy McAslan - Norfolk

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  • 276. At 09:38am on 12 Mar 2010, HaggisMac wrote:

    Well Done Christine!!!
    We knew you could do it - ' have been following your progress all the way to work in the car and willing you on!
    Congratulations on your achievement.
    Love and best wishes. Helen and Andy - Norfolk

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  • 277. At 10:01am on 12 Mar 2010, deborah hickey wrote:

    What an amazing acheivement Christine.I've been willing you across that Channel all morning!
    You should be very proud of yourself, and I hope you've raised an absolute fortune!
    You deserve a little lie down now!
    Deborah, Merseyside.

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  • 278. At 10:02am on 12 Mar 2010, Jennifer Trollope wrote:

    Well done Christine and a special yahboo to all those who said you wouldn't do it!! Brilliant effort - congratulations! Love and best wishes David & Jennifer - Swansea

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  • 279. At 10:03am on 12 Mar 2010, Gail wrote:

    Well done Christine I hope you are very very very proud of yourself for such a fantastic challenge completed. Get yourself warmed up now and it will be great to see you on the show tonight.

    Gail in Frome, Somerset x

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  • 280. At 10:03am on 12 Mar 2010, tps5247 wrote:

    well done christine we have been watching you train from the start well done again all the best terri xxx spain

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  • 281. At 10:04am on 12 Mar 2010, candygirl1uk wrote:

    Well Done Christine! You should be so proud of yourself, massive achievement, really really BRILLIANT!
    Emily :)

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  • 282. At 10:06am on 12 Mar 2010, SuziR wrote:

    Well done Christine-you are an inspiration!Although the weather here is perfect- I'm sure it wasnt in the channel!Was with you all the way on Chris Evans Show-you deserve a good holiday now!!!
    Proud of you
    Suzi x

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  • 283. At 10:07am on 12 Mar 2010, rbscan wrote:

    Congratulations Christine fantastic achievement for the charity and yourself

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  • 284. At 10:12am on 12 Mar 2010, Mick wrote:

    Inspirational - barking mad but inspirational - Well done

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  • 285. At 10:13am on 12 Mar 2010, Glenys wrote:

    You may not be the best waterskier, but you are top of the list in my respect and admiration for your bravery, and all your effort. For this alone you get my donation. Well done for raising lots of money for charity. All the very best on the day.You are a star.

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  • 286. At 10:15am on 12 Mar 2010, Glenys wrote:

    You may not be the best waterskier, but you are top of the list in my respect and admiration for your bravery and efforts. You get my donation for this just alone. Well done for raising lots of money for the charity. You are a star.
    Best of luck on the day.

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  • 287. At 10:18am on 12 Mar 2010, DEB WILKS wrote:

    You did it girl, AWESOME!!!!

    This country needs more role models like you Christine, who push through their fear, and fight for a cause for the vulnerable!

    You have shown perseverence;determination,and that life is about keeping on getting back up and keeping going despite the odds being stacked against them, and the challenges being huge!

    God bless you, you are an inspiration:)!!


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  • 288. At 10:18am on 12 Mar 2010, Paul wrote:

    Well Done!
    I was following it on the Blog here in Paris. I will be watching the One Show tonight

    Paul (in Paris)

    ps If you can get to the Champs Elysees by 12.30 I'll buy you a Cognac!!

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  • 289. At 10:21am on 12 Mar 2010, lyn may wrote:

    Just heard on radio 2 that you had completed your challenge Christine. I never doubted for one second that you would do it. I am so delighted for you, you must be feeling very proud of yourself and rightly so. Well done lass! You are an inspiration. Thanks for putting in all the hard work to help the children. You little star! x

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  • 290. At 10:22am on 12 Mar 2010, Graham wrote:

    Christine, You are the one, a brillant effort, never doubted your commitment. Look forward to your next adventure

    Graham and Anne x

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  • 291. At 10:35am on 12 Mar 2010, Laura wrote:

    Well done Christine! Everyone in Newtownards is so proud of you, what an amazing achievement for a wonderful cause! Have a well deserved rest, love Laura, Astrid and Bob xoxoxo

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  • 292. At 10:39am on 12 Mar 2010, Derek wrote:

    Christine you are amazing for doing this challenge. You must get Adrian to promise on tonights show that he will also do the challenge.

    Dangerous Derek

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  • 293. At 10:40am on 12 Mar 2010, Jill Wood wrote:

    Well done Christine! I knew you could do it. I really admire you doing that for Sports Relief. How about getting Adrian to do something next year?

    Jill from Leamington

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  • 294. At 10:40am on 12 Mar 2010, V123 wrote:

    Amazing - well done Christine - you and Helen (from Blue Peter) are truly inspitational women!

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  • 295. At 10:51am on 12 Mar 2010, Jane wrote:

    Just heard on the radio that you did it, WELL DONE!!!! you are an inspiration. After I did the balf half on sunday I felt such relief at not lettimg my sponsors and family down, I'm sure you feel the same so go now and sleep.. PAIN IS TEMPORARY, PRIDE IS FOREVER! pain is worst on the second day after but gone by the 4th ;)
    Again WELL DONE!!!

    Jane HepburnXXX

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  • 296. At 10:52am on 12 Mar 2010, iN mY hUMBLE oPINION wrote:

    WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!!

    you admit you dont like water, you admit your not a good swimmer, so what do you do? go bouncing across the channel on a couple of planks dragged behind a boat!!!!!

    You deserve a medal as big as a bin lid for not only completing the task in not exactly the best of conditions, but for facing down and overcoming your fears and apprehension as well.

    damned well done, and I really hope that you get the standing ovation that you so rightly deserve. will be watching tonight for that and the medal!

    ps you do look good in that wetsuit!! :-)


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  • 297. At 11:03am on 12 Mar 2010, JOHN WALKER wrote:

    Christine, What a fantastic girl you are. You have endured much but raised a huge sum for Sport Relief. Your courage in the face of daunting odds was superb and you achieved your aims.....WELL DONE.

    I am humbled by your huge effort in an environment which few would have undertaken. You have proved that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Every success for the future and keep showing us your lovely smile.

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  • 298. At 11:16am on 12 Mar 2010, Lez Paylor wrote:

    Well done Christine, I knew you could do it, your a real up lifting insparation for our challenge, namely The Poo Canoe Channel Challenge happening this year, please see,

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  • 299. At 11:17am on 12 Mar 2010, Ryan - One Show team wrote:

    Click here for the full report on Christine's challenge. Add your messages, too. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theoneshow/2010/03/latest-updates-christine-bleak.shtml

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  • 300. At 11:17am on 12 Mar 2010, Jennie wrote:

    Christine you are fantastic, YOU DID IT, you are a perfect role model pls. keep up your great work! we all love you!

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  • 301. At 11:17am on 12 Mar 2010, SuziR wrote:

    Well done Christine
    What a gutsy lady-knew you would do it!Followed your progress with Chris Evans & cheered madly when you did it!
    You are a credit
    Have a well deserved rest now
    Suzi x

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  • 302. At 11:33am on 12 Mar 2010, tricia michelle wrote:

    I have just read that christine has completed her challenge, that is fantastic, well done talk about brave, congratulations.

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  • 303. At 11:35am on 12 Mar 2010, Alan wrote:

    Christine Abosulutely brilliant that you have succesfully completed this challenge - your an inspiration to us all- well done!!!

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  • 304. At 11:46am on 12 Mar 2010, morbach wrote:

    Hi Christine, just picked up on teletext that you have done it !!!!!!

    WELL DONE CHRISSIE. My wife was up at 4am this morning worrying about you !!!!!

    What an achievement. Hope you are well girl, look after yourself now.

    many best wishes

    Mac and Chris McCreery

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  • 305. At 12:22pm on 12 Mar 2010, Marie wrote:

    Well done Christine! You are an inspiration.

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  • 306. At 12:24pm on 12 Mar 2010, msmaryphillips wrote:

    Well done Christine!!!

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  • 307. At 12:32pm on 12 Mar 2010, TeddyVee wrote:

    Well done Christine. It was easy to see that you were very nervous about this challenge. That makes it all the more BRILLIANT !

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  • 308. At 12:47pm on 12 Mar 2010, sue hatch wrote:

    Well done Christine!! I felt for you over the last week watching the training on the show. Safe home, Sue. Cavan

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  • 309. At 12:52pm on 12 Mar 2010, Cheryl Harris wrote:

    Well done Christine - what a fantastic achievement for such a good cause - now, have the weekend off xxx

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  • 310. At 12:57pm on 12 Mar 2010, flashhobbit wrote:

    Wow,wow, wow...despite the bringer of good cheer (Mr Chiles) attempts to deter you or cheer you (not sure which)...you are the most amazing and inspirational Woman...I was moved like you on your report that inspired you..I to cried at the happiness you shared with the girl from South Africa, I was crying, clapping and leaping around as you completed the challenge..well done seems somewhat inadequate for such a huge endeavour...The nearest I would get to a crazy idea like this is in the privacy of my bathroom! I wish I could afford to donate more, you can hold your head high...so, so proud of you..love and peace

    Simon in the Costa Worthing

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  • 311. At 1:13pm on 12 Mar 2010, Christine Lees wrote:

    Christine, have felt your nerves with you over the past few weeks! Your achievement is fantastic, really inspirational, a very worthwhile job very well done. Huge respect to you and make sure you skip the gym tomorrow!

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  • 312. At 1:24pm on 12 Mar 2010, Gill wrote:

    Well done Christine, you have done well and raised so much money, thank you.

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  • 313. At 1:31pm on 12 Mar 2010, Mrs M Elizabeth Fletcher wrote:

    This is from Elizabeth. Well done and congratulation. I am so pleased that you made it. I do hope that you have warmed up. The journey home will be better.

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  • 314. At 1:37pm on 12 Mar 2010, misstified wrote:

    FANTASTIC Christine. A triumph over your fears, what an inspiation. Congratulations :)

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  • 315. At 1:41pm on 12 Mar 2010, Tommy boy wrote:

    Whats all the fuss about? Miss Bleakley crosses over to France to visit the house of Chanel?
    All I can say is exceptionally well done, you are wonderful and smell nice too x

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  • 316. At 1:43pm on 12 Mar 2010, ANDY wrote:


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  • 317. At 1:44pm on 12 Mar 2010, Caireen wrote:


    I have never contacted a show about anything before, but you have really moved me to send huge congratulations.
    You are incredible, brave and inspirational. What you have done should be used to motivate all of us to see that anything is possible if you are determined enough.

    P.S. You get my vote for sports personality of the year!

    Caireen, Gloucester

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  • 318. At 2:00pm on 12 Mar 2010, Tony Randall wrote:

    Well done that girl. We have been watching your training from our home in France with facination. You are mad but so brave.
    Tony and Carolyn

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  • 319. At 2:22pm on 12 Mar 2010, Colin Evans wrote:

    Christine well done your a woman I admire you are truly amazing and an inspiration to us all congratulations. What you doing next Dancing on Ice would be a breeze now.

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  • 320. At 2:37pm on 12 Mar 2010, Lynne Webster-Jaggard wrote:

    My message is a bit late to give you support as youve already done the challenge. But this is to say WELL DONE !!! youre a brave girl.

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  • 321. At 3:03pm on 12 Mar 2010, Susan Field wrote:

    What a girl! 'Felicitations' from this side of the Channel. Have been following your progress and all the ups and downs of the past 3 months...truly inspiring and you should be very proud, Christine. Look forward to seeing the show tonight...you deserve not only the personal satisfaction and all the accolades which will follow, but the cause's profile has been raised enormously by the coverage. Have a lovely weekend!! Sue & Alan Field, CARLY, N France...by the way, the French people with you and David Ginola ALL thought you were insane...they haven't got your bottle!

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  • 322. At 4:42pm on 12 Mar 2010, Sandra Cresswell wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 323. At 4:44pm on 12 Mar 2010, Sandra Cresswell wrote:

    From Sandra in Lee on Solent
    Well done Christine! We've been thinking of you - you have loads of
    courage. Hope you have warmed up again!

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  • 324. At 6:41pm on 12 Mar 2010, Raymond john Pym wrote:

    Gutsy, beautiful intelligent babe.... I sent my undying admiration and congratulations earlier so I will come straight to the point...how many expletives did you utter on the way over...whatever the number it would never have matched mine. Well done.

    PS Can I have ther phone number of your sister?

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  • 325. At 7:15pm on 12 Mar 2010, Kellymarie wrote:

    Well Done, Christine! All you'll want to do is have a lovely hot chocolate now! LOL

    Will the woman David Ginola spoke to have to run down the Champs Elysees naked because she doubted Christine's chances?

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  • 326. At 7:17pm on 12 Mar 2010, Peter wrote:

    Why cannot there be a mention live on air that donations are also welcomed ONLINE ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Peter Stockdale
    Church Minshull

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  • 327. At 9:16pm on 12 Mar 2010, anne-corr wrote:

    Well done Christine! You are my new hero. What an achievement - go girl!!!

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  • 328. At 11:05pm on 12 Mar 2010, JOAN wrote:

    You deserve a medal. Fantastico I was so pleased you made it.
    Glad to see Adrian cheering you on.

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  • 329. At 7:00pm on 16 Mar 2010, fredbenny wrote:

    Very well done Christine! This was a truly magnificent achievement. What a really courageous thing to do. The odds were stacked against you but you perservered. You are a superb example of what is right in Northern Ireland and of young women today. Beautiful, intelligent and brave; what a combination! Your family must be so proud of you and with so much justification.
    I am 70, retired and married but this does not blind me to your beauty, charm, enjoyment of life and intelligence!

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