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What did you think of The One Show? Guest: Delia Smith

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The One Show Team | 13:34 UK time, Thursday, 26 November 2009

Adrian and Christine were joined by culinary queen Delia Smith.

Cumbria has seen the worst of the bad weather this week. Paddy O'Connell investigated what is being done to maintain our flood defences.

Please note: During the film about flooding we mixed up the captions that describe what the experts in the film do. We described Prof Colin Green, a flood expert from Middlesex University as Phil Rothwell from the Environment Agency, and vice versa.

Lucy Siegle offered advice on how to check and challenge your council tax band.

It's Hair Week! Michael Douglas and Dan Snow travelled to the Eden Camp museum in Malton to find out more about the hairstyles of wartime Britain.

And Phil Tufnell looked at the 1980s art of the high street poster store, Athena.

What did you think of The One Show? Let us know below.


  • 1. At 7:13pm on 26 Nov 2009, roddy angus macdonald wrote:

    Why does Britain stop at Carlisle when discussing Flooding ?? when Dumfries & Galloway and Moray/Aberdeenshire also badly affected.. Scottish viewers will be disappointed that they dont count !" after all they are your audience and pay same tv licence fee

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  • 2. At 7:21pm on 26 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:

    "Our History and Heritage" ...well done Delia, it's not often we hear that nowadays.

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  • 3. At 7:21pm on 26 Nov 2009, GAZ911 wrote:

    Nice to see world renown art critic Phil"tuffers"Tufnell back.

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  • 4. At 7:27pm on 26 Nov 2009, Simon wrote:

    I am getting fed up with the BBC banging on about global warming and presenting it as the de facto reason for every bit of inclement weather. Then they implore us to cut our CO2 footprint. I might when Gordon Brown, Al Gore etc stop jetting about and then getting into huge limos at the airport. The BBC spends £10 million per year on flying, sending hordes of people to events that are covered by other networks with just a few staff.

    Today I have read that the global warming scandal of scientists fiddling the figures has spread to New Zealand. Nothing about that on the BBC.

    Give it a rest please, or get people on who represent the opposite point of view at least as often as you have the climate doomsters on. Whatever happened to impartiality?

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  • 5. At 7:27pm on 26 Nov 2009, Kelly D Whittaker wrote:

    Just loves British Christmas Pudding or the lovely fruitcake without icing, smacks lips, yummy

    Ohhh loves to do computer paints! Nothing better than PSP and a great background.

    Great Show tonight guys!

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  • 6. At 7:30pm on 26 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:


    From one Scot to another, please stop showing your insecurities.

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  • 7. At 7:37pm on 26 Nov 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Loveed tonight's piece on airbrushing with 'our art man'. Never actually bought any individual Athena prints but have good examples of airbrushed art contained within excellent voumes of fantasy art bought many years ago... must get 'em out again.

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  • 8. At 7:37pm on 26 Nov 2009, vincent tully wrote:

    Once again according to the BBC
    Kingston Upon Hull was never flooded in 2007 I am still living in a caravan spending third christmas out of my home which iam re- building myself
    Dom should do a story on the insurance company that refuse insurence cover the people of Hull
    Lets hope are bid involvement for the football world cup is covered and supported by BBC
    come on One Show put us on the map we need it badley
    love the show, look forward to the show everyday.
    Delia was spot on she can come and cook for me anytime

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  • 9. At 7:38pm on 26 Nov 2009, Kelly D Whittaker wrote:

    Are you guys keeping up with BBC's History of Scotland with that gorgeous man-fans meself- back to the subject, are ya keeping up with it?

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  • 10. At 7:47pm on 26 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:

    #9 Kelly

    BBC's History of Scotland - not quite as accurate as it should be.

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  • 11. At 7:50pm on 26 Nov 2009, marie brown wrote:

    In the discussions about flooding nobody ever brings up the following....
    A year ago it became law to apply for planning permission to resurface your driveway because people are paving their front gardens for parking so instead of what was once the natural soakaway - the front garden - unpermeable surfaces are causing waterlogging near houses and road drains .No-one seems to be aware of this and no-one
    seems to be checking on this.
    It may be small scale in relation to the current big floods but if the climate is veering to wetter weather eventually it will eventually be a bigger problem.
    That was the whole point of making it law.

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  • 12. At 7:54pm on 26 Nov 2009, Kelly D Whittaker wrote:

    Dunno why the Broadcasting Networks are frightened to use actual facts. I get really work up over the Slavery issue cause I do have scottish ancestry that was SOLD into slavery. The article I wrote has been used by Canadian, American and NZ newspapers yet will not get acknowledged here. Wonder why that is?

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  • 13. At 8:05pm on 26 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:

    #12 Kelly

    It has been brought up here and a recent TV programme covered the subject. The numbers were relatively small. Time has passed in that it is now just a historical fact that did little to alter the course of Scots history.

    The highlanders were slaughtered in the clearances, but it is done and gone, lets all move in peace and attack the Welsh.

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  • 14. At 8:11pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    astroplums. i am from wales !!!!!!!!
    yes,,,you might be right.

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  • 15. At 8:12pm on 26 Nov 2009, Janette Wales wrote:

    Adrian's take of Delia was insulting....don't know of anyone else, but you could actually see the anger and hurt in her eyes!

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  • 16. At 8:13pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    blog 1,,,it is an englandshire show....the bit on valuations only involved england.

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  • 17. At 8:14pm on 26 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:

    #14 HKA

    First thing that came to mind!

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  • 18. At 8:15pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    Simon_987...didnt hear them bang on about it,,,adrian simply asked delia if she thought it had something to do with it.
    i really do not know one way or the other but the trouble is we won't be around in a hundred years to see who is right.

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  • 19. At 8:16pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    astroplums .you rascal !!!!

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  • 20. At 8:18pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    Janette Wales..didnt like adrians opening comment about the CBE and not being made a dame,,,thought it was a typical stupid comment from him.
    what sort of reply did he expect to such a stupid question?

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  • 21. At 8:19pm on 26 Nov 2009, Kelly D Whittaker wrote:

    But why the Welsh? They are terrific singers!

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  • 22. At 8:20pm on 26 Nov 2009, damndog wrote:

    HKA, actually the piece on valuations did mention Scotland and Wales - Lucy pointed out the fact that in Scotland tax-bands are still based on the 1991 figure whilst in Wales there was a revaluation in 2005. She also mentioned (although giving no detail) that the system is different in N.I.

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  • 23. At 8:20pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    21,,,oh i wouldnt say that,,i am though

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  • 24. At 8:22pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    chocolatedog .the story was an englandshire story,,they mentioned wales and scotland to say it didnt apply to them...wow ,,what involvement that was.

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  • 25. At 8:25pm on 26 Nov 2009, wigglediggle2 wrote:

    mmmm global warming main cause the sun lol

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  • 26. At 8:26pm on 26 Nov 2009, wigglediggle2 wrote:

    I think global warming has been a con from the start as its just a way to raise money for tax if its so important how come eco stuff is so expensive.

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  • 27. At 8:28pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    wigglediggle2..... i have the same opinion on recycling,,,,the make us split it all,,put it in different bins then the council chuck it in a big hole...all together.
    then the council fine us for putting a can in the wrong bin.

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  • 28. At 8:32pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    chocolatdog...yes the bit on wales/scotland/northern ireland was basically to say this does not apply to you...just watched it again,,,took about 20 seconds for her to explain "not you guv".
    it was a topic about england,,,no problem with that but lets not pretand it was of interest to us all....

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  • 29. At 8:33pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    pretend...thats better..my keyboard when i press e does an a sometimes...believe me,please.

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  • 30. At 8:40pm on 26 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:


    It will always concentrate on England because that is where most of the population live.

    How much on N.I.? Ver little indeed. Just recently there have been worrying things going on over there and given that certainly comes under current affairs the One Show doesn't mention it. In fact they seem unwillingly to tackle anything that might be politically challenging. Surprising, given that Christine studied politics & history. Still, her dresses or tops are more important. That reminds me, where can I buy that dress, she looked lovely.

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  • 31. At 8:40pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    Kelly D Whittaker.re the scottish slavery.
    i think the reason it never gets discussed is because it is 2009 and nobody(in truth) is interested.
    no use pretending but very few people are genuinely interested in anything other than the recent past.
    they even renamed the history channel on the sky network and changed the type of show due to lack of interest.

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  • 32. At 8:42pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    astroplums. i agree,,,when you live in england,have a team in england and your biggest audience is english what do you expect.
    doesnt make it right though

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  • 33. At 8:43pm on 26 Nov 2009, damndog wrote:

    HKA, perhaps you should have spelt it as 'pratend'. Definition: trying not to convey your opinion that your co-presenter is a prat. As in: 'Adrian made a daft comment about the CBE to Delia, but Christine pratended not to notice.'

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  • 34. At 8:46pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    chocolatedog,,,,,,you invite a guest on then with your first question you ask her if she should be a dame not a CBE...?

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  • 35. At 8:47pm on 26 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:

    #33 Chocdog.

    Do I gather that your not so keen on old Adrian?

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  • 36. At 8:50pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    i think he is just dismissive of what other peope have achieved in life.

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  • 37. At 8:57pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    re 23,,,only kidding.

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  • 38. At 9:00pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    time for gavin and stacey !!!!!!!

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  • 39. At 9:01pm on 26 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:


    I'm going to stick up for poor old Adrian.

    I do think that his dry humour is sometimes misunderstood and frankly when CB first teamed up with him , the contrasts in personality worked very well. I did love her laughter and his dryness, but now I find her trying too hard to be friendly with him on screen. The playful slaps are not so convincing.

    It's interesting that on BBC Breakfast the hosts seem to change , every couple of years or so and I don't think they are on five days at a time. Maybe the One Show could give us a change of faces once a week.

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  • 40. At 9:31pm on 26 Nov 2009, Nick wrote:

    I am finding it more and more irritating to see the 'climate change' agenda being slipped more and more into the segments as though its certified as 100% genuine and proved beyong any question of doubt?
    Has the producers being given instructions to make guests comment in this matter more and more in the run up to the 'Copenhagen Treaty 2009'?
    I like to keep an open mind on this debate, but the show definately is very one sided... especially with so many scientists now changing their mind on the matter as the evidence on CO2 causing global warming now very questionable as the latest research shows,(CO2 has risen but temperature has stabilised and fallen over the past 10 years) especially as goverment funded research facilities like the one at East Anglia university may have doctored/manipulated data to promote their case..!!
    I find that to be shocking and all those involved should lose their qualifications for bringing their profession into disripute.

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  • 41. At 9:34pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    astroplums ...i said to the wife today it would be a good idea to have a pool of presenters and rotate them so they do not get complacent and too cosy.
    i do not particularly dislike adrian but i do think he likes to be the centre of attention and puts others down....

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  • 42. At 9:36pm on 26 Nov 2009, watchingone wrote:

    no 8 Vincent - sorry to hear youre still in a caravan mate, but I can assure you they did mention Hull in the round up of cities which had been affected by flooding. Check it out on Iplayer.

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  • 43. At 9:37pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    i have noticed a change in the body language between the two of them.............oooohhhh

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  • 44. At 9:38pm on 26 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:


    Fair enough, if that's how you see it, but I don't read him as putting people down. Maybe its just my sense of humour seeing different things.

    My keyboard, like yours, is now going on the blink. Really annoying when you get a head of steam up, only to have to go back over the bloody typos.

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  • 45. At 9:39pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    watchingone...no that was kingston upon thames,,,,only kidding,think you are right.

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  • 46. At 9:41pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    astroplums..sure my keyboard is in the control of poltergeists

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  • 47. At 9:44pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    astroplums ..you may be right on adrian,,who knows eh?

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  • 48. At 9:49pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    melanie............glad you pick the guests with a primary function to entertain,,,it has been wonderful the last couple of days,,,"sir dull" and "mrs cookbook"...
    only seems like months since michael mcintyre was last on,,,,has he got a new DVD OUT?

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  • 49. At 9:50pm on 26 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:


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  • 50. At 09:42am on 27 Nov 2009, Rinty wrote:

    +re #39: astroplums,

    Your final paragraph; yes, please, can we have that change, please, please.

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  • 51. At 11:11am on 27 Nov 2009, highland fling wrote:

    To Johnholyer . Astroplum and all who cant wait for a change in presenters , you will be glad to read Adrian is moving to a later show and One Show to be presented by Chris Evans !along with Christine !

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  • 52. At 11:38am on 27 Nov 2009, Rinty wrote:

    re #51: highlandfling,

    Thank you. I had not heard about the move. You have put a spring in my step this morning.

    But please reassure me that this 'later' show is not 'Newsnight'.

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  • 53. At 11:52am on 27 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:

    Adrian is doing another programme with a similar title cohosting with Frank Skinner. It is a once a week show, so I imagine that Chris whatever his name is, oh Evans, will just be covering for that day. Can't imagine him doing 5 days a week on radio and 5 on telly.

    At least it breaks the monotomy.

    Actually, I think it's called the 10 show...probably footie based blokes stuffm for those of limited intelligence. Maybe Christine's new bank might put in a guest appearance. Have seen a few photos of her in the rags of late...is her mobile welded to her hand? Never empty handed.

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  • 54. At 11:54am on 27 Nov 2009, rodmatic wrote:

    The met man said during the last 40 years it had got about 50% wetter in the winter and about 50% dryer in the summer? Seems to be a very dubious claim and certainly not true of the last few years in the UK.

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  • 55. At 12:18pm on 27 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:

    Wasn't the met man a female? Carol will be pleased

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  • 56. At 1:20pm on 27 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    re: met man or woman,,,we hear what we want to hear and it seems we see what we want to see.
    myself today i am sticking to the knickers and bovver boot look.

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  • 57. At 1:22pm on 27 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    highlandfling,,,hello my friend.
    i have warmed a little to adrian and christine,do not mind them really and i do agree they must be popular or people would be turning away from the show.
    i just think it would be good to have a pool of presenters and to rotate them,,,i think adrian is almost bigger than the show.

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  • 58. At 2:45pm on 27 Nov 2009, highland fling wrote:

    Hokey I agree, Adrian is probably bigger than the show, and feel he is biding time to move on ?As for Christine, have a feeling she might move to other things, so will be interesting to watch what happens .just back this week Hokey from London !if I was younger think I could have got to like it !mind you stayed in a nice part !and weather better .look forward to this evening again and blogs , which seems to always be more interesting than the show at times!Glad I helped Johnholyer feel better lol .

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  • 59. At 2:46pm on 27 Nov 2009, highland fling wrote:

    sorry better LOL !!

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  • 60. At 2:48pm on 27 Nov 2009, rodmatic wrote:

    Hello Astroplums,

    Not unless Paul Davies, Chief Forecaster has had a sex change :-)

    However there was a bit more confusion in the piece by Paddy o'Connell when he interviewed Phil Rothwell just before Paul - as he referred to him as Colin - and then later in the piece he interviewed Reg Holdsworth who was pretending to be Flood Strategist Prof Colin Green

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  • 61. At 3:05pm on 27 Nov 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Very late post but was unable to log in at all last night after about 19.40.

    Re 15 etc: Was I watching a different programme? Don't understand the comments. Adrian was (more than) complimentary to Delia when he said that (1) she should have been made a dame and (2) the CBE was richly deserved. Am I missing something? And the strange look on her face was before he said anything and wen she was preparing to speak for the first time; she was fine with his remarks.

    Re 54-56: it WAS a bloke who made the comment re the winter & summer rainfall during the last 40 years... not Carol!!

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  • 62. At 3:08pm on 27 Nov 2009, sky_viewer wrote:

    Sorry - I see post 60 answered the met query while I was typing 61.

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  • 63. At 3:33pm on 27 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    i am never one to have a closed mind.
    watched it again and i must say i have changed my first opinion,,,it wasnt as i saw it first time.
    he was polite and was only saying it should have beeen "dame".
    point taken

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  • 64. At 3:34pm on 27 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    re:man or woman....think i had my wifes glasses on.....

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  • 65. At 3:37pm on 27 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    switched of a bit at the flood topic when we went to the thames barrier

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  • 66. At 3:41pm on 27 Nov 2009, hokeykokeyalex wrote:

    off not of

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  • 67. At 4:25pm on 27 Nov 2009, astroplums wrote:

    #60 rodmatic

    Sorry! Thought you were referring to Carol Kirkwood , the meteorologist, who was on the show.

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