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Tim Weber | 11:25 UK time, Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Screengrab of BBC Market Data page


There is hardly a piece of news that is more perishable than data from financial markets, and market data are an essential element for understanding today's business and economics news.

The BBC has met this information need for decades: first on Ceefax and since the late 1990s online and on digital text.

But when you are on the move, using our market data service has been awkward at best. The website was simply not built to work well on the small screens of mobile devices.

I'm very pleased to say that we have now launched our market data pages optimised for mobile phones. Whether you look at them on a small phone or the big screen of a modern smartphone, the pages will change to suit your device.

Bookmark this link on your mobile.

There you will find the top market indexes, the winners and losers, and all other share prices from London, Frankfurt, Paris and Wall Street. We also have the prices of key commodities like oil, gold and silver, and exchange rates for pound sterling, euro and US dollar against more than 20 currencies.

You do not have to register on the site and the service is free, although - depending on your mobile phone contract - you may have to pay call or internet connection charges.

Tim Weber is business and technlogy editor of the BBC News website


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