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John O' Donovan | 10:00 UK time, Friday, 30 July 2010

CPSThe Content Production System (CPS) manages content production for BBC News, BBC Sport and over 100 other websites across the BBC. It also produces the content for multi-platform journalism, such as the BBC mobile services and interactive TV/red button services; even content for the mighty old-skool Ceefax is born in the CPS.

If the BBC website is one of the largest and oldest on the internet, then the CPS has been around nearly as long. As a rule of thumb, if you remember Bagpuss, you are older than the CPS. If you grew up watching Teletubbies, you probably are not.

There have been a number of requests from people asking to see more of the CPS but as there is a lot of detail to go into, I'll just focus on a few headline points for now. We will be doing a more in-depth post on it soon.

Read in full and comment at the BBC Internet Blog.

John O'Donovan is Chief Technical Architect, Journalism and Knowledge, BBC Future Media & Technology.


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