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BBC in the news, Wednesday

Host Host | 10:48 UK time, Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Times: Reports that the kidnappers of BBC correspondent Alan Johnston have reiterated their threat to kill him if their demands for prisoners to be released are not met. (link)

The Guardian: “As the BBC World Service puts the finishing touches to its plans for a Farsi satellite TV channel, it has emerged that Iran's state broadcaster will start an English news service next week.” (link)


Re: "BBC web downloads set to launch"

Will it be "dumbly restricted" as any current BBC online video is?

Or will there be the option to inform the player that, despite being outside the UK, I *AM* entitled to view the video?

I work Monday-Friday in Frankfurt, but home is in the UK. I pay my licence fee and feel that I should be allowed to view BBC programming while away.

Your current system of checking is simply wrong. Just "being in the UK" is not a valid check of whether someone should be allowed to watch a video. That implies that anyone that doesn't pay their TV licence can continue to get away with it as long as they watch online.

Physical location (or more accurately, IP address) is not the way to verify the right to watch.

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