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Host Host | 11:37 UK time, Monday, 12 March 2007

On this week's Newswatch, the programme which discusses viewers' complaints about BBC TV News, Peter Horrocks, the BBC's head of Television News, defends the coverage of the cash for honours story. There is also a discussion with David Liddiment from the BBC Trust on how the public can have a say on the future of the BBC. You can watch the programme by clicking here.


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  • At 02:51 AM on 13 Mar 2007,
  • David Orr wrote:

Why did the BBC show the Millwall riot in the news item about violence at the Chelsea and Tottenham game?

Millwall had done a lot to rid themselves off football hooligans and are trying to get proper investment in to the club, but too often when there's football violence news item, Millwall get dragged into the item.

Millwall has one off the safest grounds to sit in and is low in the arrests league (and would be even lower if the security at Millwall did not arrest fans for very minor matters).

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