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BBC in the news, Thursday

Host Host | 10:03 UK time, Thursday, 16 November 2006

The Sun: Reports that two MI6 officers "broke cover" yesterday to speak to BBC Radio 1. (link)

The Guardian: "Controversial proposals to put advertising on the BBC's international websites have been approved by the corporation's executive direction group, the most senior level of management before the BBC governors." (link)


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  • At 12:18 PM on 16 Nov 2006,
  • jack maclean wrote:

It is reassuring to know that the UK has an Intelligence service that (unlike some others)will always operate within the confines of the law irrespective of the consequences for the British citizens.

circumstances that MI5 would for po there can be no threat against the population

I enjoyed the way the first paragraph ends "...James Bond doesn't exist." and the third begins "But the pair of real-life Bonds...".

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  • At 05:31 PM on 16 Nov 2006,
  • Pippop wrote:

I didn't believe it anyway, so there.

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  • At 12:46 PM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • Mark wrote:

Jack, message 1; It's nice to know that somewhere chivalry isn't dead. Perhaps that will be Britain's epitaph...if there's anyone left among the ashes to read it. In war there is only one law, the law of the jungle and the side which exploits it best survives. There is a word for the side which imposes additional handicaps on itself arbitrarily restricting its chances to prevail because of some delusional notion of morality and that acting otherwise even during mortal combat would compromise its "humanity", and that word is "SUICIDE."

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  • At 02:34 PM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • Sam wrote:

Actualy Mark i beg to differ. If you look at for instance the USA the main problems it has today are caused by its constant dirty underhand and hypercritical foreign policy.

The concept of 'winning hearts and minds' was a British one going back hundreds of years.

The point is anyone with a big enough military dominance can build an empire, but only those with humility and respect for those it rules can keep one.

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