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BBC in the news, Friday

Host Host | 09:48 UK time, Friday, 3 November 2006

Daily Mail: Richard Littlejohn on news coverage of the Stern Report: "The BBC is only too willing to give free rein to the wildest fantasies of the eco-nutters, especially if it can pin the blame on George W. Bush and the evil multee-nash-nuls." (link)

The Sun: "Telly anorak Keith Hamer yesterday unveiled his amazing collection of BBC test cards." (link)


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  • At 11:51 AM on 03 Nov 2006,
  • Graham wrote:

The only thing that the BBC should be ashamed of is that it once provided Littlejohn with a job.

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  • At 01:12 AM on 04 Nov 2006,
  • Bernard wrote:

Littlejohn also said:

"You can also be assured that it won't be governments who save the environment. Would you put the future of the Earth in the hands of imbeciles...
...In the end, the solution will lie, as always, with the hated multeenashnuls."

And he is correct. All the government will do is take more money away from us. The more emissions your car gives out, the more road tax you will pay, is one example.

This money will not be used for environment issues, nor will it go to the NHS or anything worthy. It will be used to take a bit more of our freedom away, maybe more camera's.

Anyway take your tv off standby, that'll save us all :-)


A good [politician] is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.
Newsweek, 9-12-55, H.L. Mencken

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  • At 11:58 AM on 04 Nov 2006,
  • anon wrote:

The only thing that the BBC should be proud of is that it once provided Littlejohn with a job.

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  • At 08:49 PM on 06 Nov 2006,
  • Graham wrote:

Tee hee. Seems that if the BBC are upsetting everyone, it's a fair chance that they're pretty impartial.

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