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BBC in the news, Wednesday

Host Host | 09:18 UK time, Wednesday, 25 October 2006

The Sun: "The Queen has allowed a BBC film crew an 'unprecedented insight' into the Royal Household." (link)

The Guardian: "The BBC is fighting the Bulgarian media regulator in court for the right to broadcast in the country after threats to revoke its licence last week." (link)


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  • At 06:29 PM on 26 Oct 2006,
  • Ian Richardson wrote:

On a personal level I would wish Mr Hammond all the best in his recovery. As far as being headline news is concerned, it am b******d if I can understand why the story deserves top story status on Monday and agin on Thursday he gets a mention in the 6 O clock news because he has been told to rest! This is not news. This is, at best, lifestyle/entertainment and does not deserve to be on the main news headlines. this was a stunt that went badly wrong, but a stunt non-the-less. Please....can we have some common sense in this and lets put News on the News programs and leave the gossip to the tabloids?

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