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BBC in the news, Thursday

Host Host | 09:24 UK time, Thursday, 28 September 2006

Press Gazette: "Journalists at BBC News could go on strike within seven days if the corporation goes ahead with threatened compulsory redundancies, according to the NUJ." (link)

The Telegraph: "The head of one of Britain's biggest media agencies has blamed regulator Ofcom for allowing the BBC to behave like a 'spoilt child'." (link)


I personally enjoy the work that BBC journalists employ, and hope that the BBC finds further ways to expand its important coverage.

Furthermore, as leadership moves towards more aggressive stances even as efforts surge forward in favor of humanitarian efforts, I believe journalists have much to offer.

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  • At 03:02 PM on 28 Sep 2006,
  • J Westerman wrote:

Mr Marshall does not appear to have grasped the point that listeners/viewers do not always want the market test to apply. They want market forces to promote efficiency in operation: creativity to receive priority in programmes.

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