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The attraction

Peter Barron | 11:20 UK time, Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Following my last post one viewer thought it was outrageous that the editor of Newsnight should be taking part in Stars in their Eyes at the Edinburgh TV Festival. Why?

Peter Barron as Elvis Costello
But in the main, thanks for your support and touching concern for my IBS. In the end, the extraordinary skill of the production team meant none of us was actually all that nervous when it came to our moment of glory, live in front of an audience of around a thousand highly discerning TV types.

I did Elvis Costello's Oliver's Army and thought it went pretty well - but the result was never in doubt as Wall to Wall's Alex Graham was a truly awesome Joe Cocker.

Now there's an odd and slightly empty feeling getting up in the morning without having to worry about the key change.


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  • At 12:35 PM on 29 Aug 2006,
  • John wrote:

Look at it this way - no matter how well or poorly it went, it had to be an improvement over Nick Robinson's singing career.

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  • At 04:14 PM on 29 Aug 2006,
  • chris wrote:

Outrageous - well I wasnt exactly being serious but if I were I'd probably sound off about the insidious cult of celebrity, of wannabes being exploited and when people of position and substance get involved they give value to this. Then there was Germain Greer in big brother - stress indeed, on the other hand with her it did make me think about that program and not just switch over.
ps I want to see you do that on Newsnight !

Peter, I think the "outrage" stemmed from the fact that no self-respecting Newsnight viewer would want to have anything to do with "Stars In Their Eyes". As far as I'm concerned, there is something deeply disturbing about any ITV influence with someone who produces a programme for BBC 2. By the way, Elvis Costello is one of my musical heroes. I hope you didn't "karaoke" him. Is there a video of the event on Youtube yet?

Jim (3)
I think that's terrible snobbery. I don't watch a great deal of ITV these days, but Stars in Their Eyes is in my view a classic show and I think it would be deeply disturbing for anyone working in TV not to be influenced by what else is going on elsewhere. As for Elvis, I'm a big fan too, but you'll have to be the judge of whether or not I did him justice when it inevitably appears on YouTube.

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  • At 04:53 PM on 31 Aug 2006,
  • Chris Rogers wrote:

Tut, tut - wrong guitar! It should have been a Jazzmaster. Where do ITV get their researchers from these days?

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