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How to say: Halkidiki

Host Host | 12:30 UK time, Tuesday, 22 August 2006

A daily guide to words and names in the news from Lena Olausson of the BBC Pronunciation Unit.

"Today's name is the Halkidiki peninsula in northern Greece, where forest fires forced tourists to spend last night on the beach. The pronunciation is hal-kee-dhi-KEE (-dh as in "this")."
(Click for a guide to our phonetic pronunciations (PDF).)


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  • At 05:37 PM on 22 Aug 2006,
  • D. Fear wrote:

Now I know that most English speakers will have trouble with a [x] in word-initial position (that is the ch in Loch Ness that we're talking about) - but the peninsula referred to in the North of Greece is pronounced not hal-, but chal-chi-dhi-ki (ch = the ch in loch, dh = th in the, this, that).
Come on English speakers, a little more effort and you'll stop sounding so foreign. ;)

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  • At 09:44 AM on 23 Aug 2006,
  • Tony Nickson wrote:

To the BBC Pronunciation Unit
Plaese tell all your newsreaders and presenters (esp Breakfast) that apartheid is pronounced apart-hate
This is my upteenth time of commenting on this. Thank you !!

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  • At 10:30 AM on 23 Aug 2006,
  • Lisav wrote:

I've just got some very strange looks from the office colleagues as I tried to say that - it isn't easy.

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