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Host Host | 11:18 UK time, Tuesday, 27 June 2006

A round-up of what's being said about the BBC in other blogs. Today, the launch of this site.

CBS Public Eye: "It appears BBC News is hopping on the transparency bandwagon." (link)

BuzzMachine: "The BBC's new editors' blog is another move toward transparency by another big news organization and I’m glad to see it." (link)

jamesAntenne: "We’ll have to see what sort of comments make it on to the blog." (link)

Quite Random: "Comments on The Editors are peppered with spelling mistakes... everywhere you look, glaringly poor English." (link)

The Gorse Fox: "I wonder if the blog will include dilemmas and issues regarding truth and bias." (link)

I'm Simon Dickson: "There’s a risk of the editors blog becoming a bit too Points Of View, but another positive step." (link)


Well thanks for the link, and best of luck with the Blog. Gorse Fox looks forward to some lively debate.

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  • At 04:08 PM on 28 Jun 2006,
  • Philip wrote:

I can only echo QuiteRandom's point about the poor quality of grammar on the whole BBC News Website. What, if anything, are the Editors doing to try and improve it ? Do they actually care ?

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  • At 04:52 PM on 28 Jun 2006,
  • Roy Lent wrote:

I sent a comment to this "blog". It didn't show up among the letters received. There was no insults, indecent language, etc. I can only assume that it didn't fit the editor's preconceived notions of what was expected. A person or company that puts up a blog exposes themselves to comment, positive or negative. If they cherry pick among the incoming comments to fit a previously decided template, they don't really have a blog any longer. In this case what we have is the BBC's Letters to the Editor Column.

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  • At 05:43 PM on 28 Jun 2006,
  • Piąta Władza wrote:

You can read about the BBC blogs in Polish - on a blog called "Piata Wladza" ("The Fifth Power") :)
Good luck!
Piąta Władza

Hi Roy,

Your comment was published, and can be seen here.

We do have some server problems at the minute which are delaying the arrival of comments, so sorry about that.

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  • At 10:37 AM on 29 Jun 2006,
  • Tom wrote:

Philip: the website is not perfect, but I think it might be more desirable for the Editors to try to improve its grammar.

Nice site! I've enjoyed visiting it. Thanks for ur work.

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