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The wrong Guy III

Simon Waldman | 16:30 UK time, Tuesday, 16 May 2006

After all the fuss - and media attention, Guy Goma could have been forgiven for not wanting to set foot anywhere near TV Centre again. But he made the brave, if maybe rash, decision to re-appear on BBC News 24 - where we put him in touch with the original intended guest Guy Kewney (see my earlier posting, here)

news24_140x100.jpgThey were charm personified to one another - and Guy Goma showed himself to be a real star: innocently overwhelmed by the whole ratpack experience, but very much Up For It. The question everyone wanted to know: did he get that job as a Data Systems Cleanser?

Unfortunately the answer is "no" - a fact that ITN felt able to inform him of, live on air. The guy (Goma, that is) deserves a medal for his patience and good humour in dealing with quite so many appalling hacks - us included.

Someone else who deserves a medal is the business presenter who originally interviewed him, Karen Bowerman. She's been through the mill almost as much as Guy. And her crime: to warn me moments before going on air that her interviewee might not be of the usual high quality and then to keep the poor man talking, by asking very gentle questions, while we scrambled to get the next guest lined up.

To answer some of the comments made to my first post (it IS very interactive, isn't it!):

Jeremy says he's waiting for an apology from News 24 - Simon McCoy and Carrie Gracie apologised to both Guys and to the audience. Twice.

Neil suggests we should get Guy Goma back to guest edit - an attractive idea, but possibly tad controversial for my slot on News 24 just at the moment.

And a question for YOU: this blog is - currently - an internal BBC thing. So how come chunks of the original entry ended up in this morning's papers? Huh?


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