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What's this? A little quiz? Eye'll have a go...

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Vicki Vicki | 14:48 UK time, Wednesday, 23 September 2009

No, the quiz isn't spot the horrendous pun and judge me for having such a low standard of jokes, but rather: head over to The Cut's Bebo and try and figure out which eye belongs to which main member of cast!

(There you can judge my terrible puns. Seriously, if you think the title of this blog is bad, check out some of the captions I wrote... I have excelled myself)

Click here to be taken straight to the quiz.

Also, because I am nice and stuff, I have added an eye right here on this blog that is not on Bebo. Yes, I guess you could call it an exclusive, if you consider the scraping of a barrel to be the meaning of an exclusive.

This person is NOT one of the main cast, but has made an appearance in the last seven episodes of The Cut.


Who is it??? If you don't guess I'll tell you the answer tomorrow, so make sure you pop back to the sight.

Oops, I mean site.


Vicki x


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