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"Lilian out!" - Listener discussions from 3-6 May 2011

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 18:20 PM, Wednesday, 11 May 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Massive blow to rural broadband campaign - Lilian loses seat on Ambridge Parish Council #archers (posted on Twitter by @johnpopham)

The Parish Council elections, bad parenting and Spencer Wilkes' prospects are all in the spotlight. And over in Ambridge Extra, "dodgy geezer" Chaz is the main topic of discussion - "how Chris did not fill that jumped-up parasite's face with a well-placed horseshoe I do not know."

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 4-6 May 2011.

The Parish Council elections were followed with interest, particularly on Twitter

Slightly concerned that the election result I'm most interested in right now is the Ambridge Parish Council. #thearchers (@stevenperkins on Twitter)

#Archers #thearchers Lilian out! The Ambridge electorate are much more sophisticated than I imagined. (@PatrickFMay on Twitter)

"Grrr" Kate! Should Phoebe go back to South Africa with her? And what would Roy, Hayley and Lucas have to say?

So enjoyable to be hating Conniving Kate again. Most satisfying. #thearchers (@LeahFHardy on Twitter)

Love how, without thinking about it, Kate described "the boring stuff - sorting out school, Roy and Hayley", etc. I think that's almost worse than if she was deliberately trying to undermine their authority... And to make them seem fussy twonkers who put obstacles in Phoebe's way... but - grrr!! (charmingAnnielynn)

Can I play devil's advocate and say it might do Phoebe the world of good to spend a year in South Africa. She could experience a different style of education and perhaps see Kate in her true colours. (Urban Yokel)

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall in the Madikane household? I'd love to hear Lucas's sisters and cousins and aunts discussing Kate. I wish they'd include THAT in Ambridge Extra. (Just Janie - Fairweather Jogger)

Join the debate on the What an evil bovine!!! message board thread.

Has Will got the message that Nic might not want another baby? And why doesn't Nic want to talk about it? Is she worried about losing her freedom? Most on the message board think it's time for Will and Ed to put their differences behind them for everyone's sake.

Perhaps she fears, as I do, that he only wants another baby to spite Ed and Emma, not because he truly loves Nic and wants a child with her. (SmoctusMole)

Back off Ed. George is Will's son. He has every right to see George at times mutually agreed with Emma. Casa Nueva is his home too. (My Mum played a Nun in a Meatpie Advert)

Please scripties, let's have a good heart to heart between them. Her dodging the issue and him sulking doesn't resolve the issue (GreenBrownBear)

Read more in the threads: Will's a sly one and Back off Ed.

There's been a lot of interest in Pip's new beau, Spencer Wilkes. Are he and Pip being lined up to take the reins from Ruth and David at Brookfield?

Looks like David is eyeing up Pip's new boyfriend's huge tracts of land #thearchers (@cha0tic on Twitter)

Gawdandbennett the girl is eighteen. I hope Spencer is the first (not including the bonkderdom that was Jude and the tedium that was that was Jonathon) of many that get to be shown the milking parlour. (pollyanna)

He sounded just fine to me. What's wrong with living and working on the family farm? It was good to hear Pip being so relaxed with her parents - and vice versa. (Sussex Cornflower Spring is Here At Last)

Add your thoughts on the message board thread: Spencer the perfect SIL?

Roy's extravagant leaving present raised a few eyebrows and many enjoyed his leaving party...

Cheesy speeches, an unfeasibly extravagant leaving gift, some heckling ... and to cap it all the exquisite way Lyndibots said 'envelope' (Dusty Substances)

A home cinema? A home cinema? I got a decanter when I left work! #Thearchers (@psalotti on Twitter)

Add your surprise on the That's more like it thread.

Over on Ambridge Extra, listeners are wondering if moneylender Chaz is "fronting for Chalkman"?! Most are disappointed in Alice (why hasn't she seen through Chaz?) and think that she and Chris are bound to split up, but how will it be explained on The Archers?

yuck, Alice get away from #ChASBO #AmbridgeExtra #TheArchers (@Dukeleto77 on Twitter)

Chas is the most unpleasant villainous character I think I've ever heard on the radio. I'm not sure whether he fancies Alice or just realises she's got a rich dad. (ermintrude)

Alice!! Is she a total and complete prat, a super-PhD grade air-head? And how Chris did not fill that jumped-up parasite's face with a well-placed horseshoe I do not know. (DracsM1)

Have succumbed to #AmbridgeExtra. So far more sex & violence than #thearchers- unsure how I feel about that! (@PixieGlitter on Twitter)

Join the Ambridge Extra discussion on the message board.

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