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What are they putting in the cakes at the WI? Listener discussions to 22 Dec 2010

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 14:09 PM, Friday, 24 December 2010

@GalaxyRider On reflection, are you more excited about this Archers episode, or Christmas. Be honest.

Yoghurt-gate, glee at the thought of a noisy baby for Helen Archer, speculation about Nic Hanson's future role in Ambridge (will she be the new Clarrie?) and Ambridge in Mumsnet... Here's the latest from The Archers' listeners around the web...

Helen Archer's shopping trips for baby paraphernalia have left many on The Archers' message board wondering if she has room for all that equipment in such a small flat. And does Helen really doesn't know what she's letting herself in for...?

Helen won't need a monitor, at least not during shop hours. Susan will be banging on the ceiling with her broomstick the minute it makes any noise. (StargazerwithOscar)

I don't think it's about Helen being over protective, more about her need to be completely, totally and utterly in control. She's in for a nasty shock when baby arrives with a personality of his/her own. (Ashleywicket)

Share your sympathy for Helen on the "Babies are noisy!" thread

Reaction to the mix up at the Bridge Farm dairy had some message board posters donning their heath-and-safety hats, giving details of the possible repercussions in store - could it bring the dairy to its knees? Most thought Pat over-reacted to Vicky Tucker's mistake - Pat's anger was seen as "spookily like Helen".

I just find it rather telling that Pat takes it out on Vicky because she doesn't dare to say anything to upset her daughter who is being so vile to her father. All that egg-shell walking takes its toll. (JustJanie - Jogging through the Snow)

That tone of voice, the martyrish way, the 'why me?' The acorn hasn't fallen far from the tree. (soobeeheremitbaubles)

Read more on the "Pat sarcastic at Vicky" thread

Nic Hanson's good deeds at Keeper's Cottage and her attempts to heal the rift between Ed and Will Grundy have been appreciated by many on the message board. Clarrie Grundy's giggles with Nic's kids, Jake and Mia, on Wednesday raised a few smiles.

They're obviously putting something in those cakes down at the Women's Institute... (PaulHammond26)

I hope she's not being groomed to take over as Earth Mother of This Village if there should be an unexpected vacancy - perish the thought.. Note to SWs [scriptwriters]: Clarrielove has got a good thirty something years in her yet. Touch a hair of her head at your peril. (Vicky Sparklybits)

It was just lovely, listening while I wrapped pressies.... Nic is lovely, I was quite choked up with Clarrie, although she is, of course, sadly deluded as Christmas day with both Will and Ed together will surely be hell on earth. (sadhappyarchersfan)

Read more on the "Wonder Woman Nic" thread

Speculation about the big SATTC (Shaking Ambridge To The Core) event is heating up on Twitter.

RT @cha0tic Hmm just a thought. When does Chalky get out of gaol? < Never mind Chalky - when does Cloive Horobin get out? #SATTC #TheArchers (@meerkatmartin)

I am expecting Helen to give birth at 2am Christmas morning at Grange Farm (delivered by Tony of course). #thearchers (@GrandadChrisP)

Add your prediction on Twitter using #thearchers hashtag.

Archers' characters have been spotted on Mumsnet and Twitter - they're all the creations of The Archers' listeners.

Lizzie Pargetter and Helen Archer popped up on Mumsnet asking for advice on schooling (posted by "LoathesomeLizzieP") and help with an unsupportive father (posted by "cheesemaker")... leaving a few on the Mumsnet board a tad bemused!

Archers' fans have also appeared on Twitter in the guise of many Ambridge residents, from Eddie Grundy and Bartleby the Pony to Harry Mason and his @welovethebull campaign and Sabrina Thwaite. See the full list of fan characters on Twitter here. (Let us know @BBCTheArchers if we've missed any.)

Tayler Cresswell is the host of The Archers message board.


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