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Who dunnit? Listener discussions to 5 Dec 2010

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 15:53 PM, Thursday, 9 December 2010

Poor Joe sounded even wearier this afternoon - 'tired old fellow? You and me both ...' No comment from Bartelby. Is he going to be around much longer?

Listeners are worried about Joe and Bartleby, out in the cold...

Eddie Grundy's chat with David Archer after the theft at Brookfield saw new threads on the message board bemoaning "Eddie's double standards" and "gross hypocrisy". A few are hoping that it's not Eddie who stole the Christmas trees and some celebrated this modern day Robin Hood. It's polarised opinion on the message board.

Eddie really is a two-faced git, I could hardly believe the way he was commiserating with David and Ruth. Thieving is thieving, Eddie! (StargazerwithOscar)

I see Eddie as a modern Robin Hood, morally superior to those spivs in suits (Matt, Brian, etc). He only steals from the rich and gives to the poor (his family). Long live Eddie!

Join the debate!

Whilst Eddie is the prime suspect, Lizzie, Harry, Bartleby the Pony and (ex Brookfield herdsman) Sam Batton are all in the frame...

My money is on the local farmer David has been talking about for weeks who has been having such bad luck this year. I did wonder why he was being mentioned so often. (Suekebind)

Lizzie nicked the hay for nativity "Well it does belong partly to ME! And it's not like you were using it David... blah..." (@JoelHeason)

The theft has been seen as informative, funny and "no laughing matter" by folk on the message board and Twitter.

Good to see that #TheArchers is as informative to us farmers as when it started 60 years ago :-) (@MichaelLAmbrose)

Some found it funny that "smug" David and Ruth had been burgled...

They always laugh at other people's misfortune. Just returning the favour. (cattyfiddle)

Others were not amused and the worry for farmers was highlighted in many posts on the message board.

Thefts from farms are no joke. And though sometimes David and Ruth annoy me, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Stock have to be fed, and I wouldn't like to see anyone's livestock starve. (JudithL)

The festivities at Deck the Hall put some in a Christmassy mood, although there's quite a bit of sympathy for Freddie and Lily Pargetter.

Didn't anyone else see the little faces of Freddienlily pressed against the garret window as they watched everyone else having fun? (My Mum did not play a Nun in a Mincepie Advert)

After Clarrie Grundy's fall, one poster accused her of being a drama queen. Many took Clarrie's side in response!

Clarrie does about 80% of the work and has two jobs--give her a break (obviously not on the other wrist) It'll be fish fingers for Christmas then.... (madamedecompost)

I'm surprised she didn't put "and who's going to cut Joe's toenails for him?" in the list of chores she won't be fit for. (ChrisGhoti)

Poor Joe Grundy and Bartleby (Joe's pony). Driving round Ambridge in the cold offering rides for TEAS has worried some. Is Joe exploiting old Bartleby? Perhaps he should buy him a warm blanket for Christmas?

Poor Joe sounded even wearier this afternoon - 'tired old fellow? You and me both ...' No comment from Bartelby. Is he going to be around much longer? (Barts tinselfets)

Read the whole thread.

More favourite Archers moments:

Martha Woodford being shocked to the core by the size of Marjorie Antrobus's dog biscuit order. "Oh my word" she wailed as the closing music cascaded down. (Dominic123)

Over the years, I have found if I miss a few months it is easy to pick up the threads again, like catching up with old friends. I have so many memories over the years, but one of my favourites was Jazzer singing, I'd love to hear that again. (Phil)

Add your favourite Archers moment here.

Tayler Cresswell is the host of The Archers message board.


  • Comment number 1.

    Can't you spice the programme up a bit.
    It's got awfully boring - Linda running another Xmas pantomime - same formula as last year and the year before, Pip having a driving lesson - not much to get excited about in between, enough to make you fall asleep!
    With the 60th anniversary coming up can't we have a Coronation Street type trauma - that would jazz things up a bit. How about dealing with a few more some social issues like domestic violence - according to the newspaper tonight there has been a 70% increase - why doesn't Ambridge suffer it's share - how about another affair, that got me listeneing last time - nothing like a bit of heavy breathing to spice up my car journey home from the office when I tend to listen in.
    Well come on lets get a little more risque, otherwise I'm really going to have to start watching Corry instead - have managed to avoid it so far, much to my wife's amusment

  • Comment number 2.

    If the script writers are planning a sensationalist 'Coronation Street'-style disaster (for example, Brookfield burns down, a plane lands on the village as in Lockerbie etc.)to mark the 60th Anniversary of the programme (Ambridge is due to be 'shaken to the core' in a half hour programme on Jan 2nd) then I shall be deeply disappointed. Yes, disasters do happen, but bringing one into Ambridge could easily be cheap and melodramatic. I'd much prefer a dramatic, moving story arising directly from the characters and the plots we've been following for years (like Ed v. Will.)

  • Comment number 3.

    What is going on with Ruairi and his computer generated voice? Is there a shortage of child actors out there?
    It makes me cringe every time he is on.

  • Comment number 4.

    It is precisely because most of the characters of Ambridge are so pleasant and ordinary that keeps me listening to The Archers so PLEASE, PLEASE do not turn it into Eastenders with their vile characters and Coronation Street with their awful story lines. I, like so many other people, have been listening to this "everyday story of countryfolk" for almost sixty years so why try to "jazz it up" as robert coe above would have you do? I am sure the vast majority love The Archers as it is.



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