Darren Waters

Top five E3 2008 moments

  • Darren Waters
  • 17 Jul 08, 17:25 GMT

E3 always provides its fair share of magic and stand-out moments - and it's not always just the games themselves.

So here are mine from 2008 that will remain with me for some time:

Todd Howard's moment of horror

It's one of the most public ways for technology to go wrong. Standing in front of the world's gaming press to demo Fallout 3, and just as you begin to play up pops "Please reconnect your controller."

As Todd Howard later told me: "I thought I was going to die on stage." Luckily for him, it was a momentary glitch and the game was soon up and running.

Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson loving Wii Music a little too much

We asked games journalist Ellie Gibson to give her selection of the best of E3. And she picked out Wii Music from Nintendo. And as you can see in the video, she really digged those drums.

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Cliffy B playing You're in the movies

In a lighter moment, it was nice to see Epic developer Cliffy B, master of the chainsaw, messing about and playing the Xbox title You're In The Movies. Even Cliffy B likes some downtime from all that gore.

Seeing Phil Harrison at the Xbox event

The former PlayStation executive is one of gaming's most towering icons, in part because he is so tall. Now at Atari, he was among the crowd at the Xbox press conference and looking very relaxed with his new role. He even apologised to me for not contacting me as I'd asked him to on this blog after his surprise exit from Sony.

Duffy being asked about digital distribution plans for Lips

All companies use celebrity endorsements for their products. But it's asking a bit much of your hired talent when you expect them to answer marketing and strategy questions.

Poor Duffy was left on the spot when the developer of Xbox's shameless Singstar-clone Lips rushed off stage following a demo and a European journalist asked her about what kind of downloadable tracks the game would offer.


  • Comment number 1.

    Thank you Darren, it's been really nice following your posts from E3. By the way, I do not have access to the BBC channel where I live, is it somehow possible to have access to all the videos you made during E3 apart from the one on the technology page please?

  • Comment number 2.

    Good E3 coverage from the BBC this year, probably the best the BBC has done.

    Only one question: considering it's the Electronic *Entertainment* Expo, why has all the coverage been hidden away in Technology?

    I mean, I can understand that you might put the stuff about the new WiiMote addon being in technology, but surely all the individual games and even the state of the industry as a whole is a matter for Entertainment?

    Given how- as BBC News has frequently mentioned- games have expanded out to people that aren't- ugh- "geeks", isn't it about time the coverage went the same way?

  • Comment number 3.

    @ALL There's a special section.
    It's been a bit tucked away, we need to rethink how we link from the main Tech section to special sections a bit more clearly.

  • Comment number 4.

    ...that's still very much "technology", though, yes?

    However, the fact that it's got its own page is good nonetheless.

  • Comment number 5.

    Thank you Darren.


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