Rory Cellan-Jones

(Very) Amateur Video

  • Rory Cellan-Jones
  • 13 Jan 08, 14:25 GMT

We're thinking of doing a bit of home-made video on this blog - and this is my first try. It's a look behind the scenes at the BBC operation at CES in Las Vegas last week, all shot on a mobile phone and edited using a free package on my laptop.

And I think the wobbly vision and dodgy sound edits provide incontrovertible evidence that a professional shoot/edit (like Steve Adrain, seen in the video) is still indispensable.

But it gives a bit of a flavour of what it's like to cover the world's biggest consumer electronics trade show.

Let me know what you think.


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  • At 04:02 PM on 13 Jan 2008,
  • Chris wrote:

It's amazing that a phone can capture that decent a video image. Phones used to offer muddy still shots at best. Huh. It would be interesting to compare this what what will be available in four years from a phone. Live HD video to your personal blog? We shall see.

For some of us geeks, it's interesting to watch new facilities being trialed, regardless of the dubious quality.
The wobbles and shakes don't detract too much from the subject especially where the material demands (nearly) *instant* broadcast.
Take a look at Qik and Flixwagon (about to open up from alpha testing).

I suspect mobile video streaming will revolutionise user-generated content and in particular news gathering.

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  • At 07:24 PM on 13 Jan 2008,
  • tlatta wrote:

I thought it was quite good. I like that the BBC are doing more coverage of technology events like CES.

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  • At 09:17 PM on 13 Jan 2008,
  • Daniel O'Connor wrote:

I think this is a brilliant idea. It makes your blog more interactive, informal and above all... entertaining! Also, it's great to see so much coverage of the CES. Keep up the good work.

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  • At 11:27 AM on 14 Jan 2008,
  • Angela Gilroy wrote:

Wobbliness is a vital part of cutting-edge communications, isn't it? Otherwise people might think a technology show has unexciting moments.

Did anyone from Intel remove your wonderfully cheeky OLPC placement?

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  • At 04:10 PM on 14 Jan 2008,
  • djc wrote:

For some reason the most fun report I've seen from CES - informal, gentle and tells me all I need to know: it's big, got lots of new stuff which provides answers to questions we've never asked, and most importantly - there's still the chance at CES to take the proverbial out of the Big Boys! Hurrah.

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  • At 04:26 PM on 14 Jan 2008,
  • Tobias wrote:

I feel seasick!

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