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Dunlop: The Green Flash

Stuart Bailie | 17:50 UK time, Sunday, 22 April 2012

He's already been to Cougar Town and to One Tree Hill, but there's another exciting destination for Gareth Dunlop and his music. The Belfast boy will also soundtrack the final episode of the House TV drama. Not a slight achievement then, although the song in question, 'Trick Of The Moonlight' will surely be a match for the occasion.

Gareth Dunlop

Certainly, a full house at the Black Box will agree. They are also bought into the swelling potential of his songs - accessorized with a brass section tonight and the A Team of local session players. Constant plays of his music and sessions on daytime radio has attracted a younger, more expressive crowd. Gareth looks slightly bemused at the kerfuffle out there. Still, he brings fresh energy to the likes of old fave 'Firefly' and the revving dynamic of 'Fool's Desire'.
Like Foy Vance and Ken Haddock before him, his voice is imbued with gospel, blues and soul. It's a trail that leads back to the Celtic originator, Van Morrison and what the critic Greil Marcus calls the yarrrragh in his voice. Gareth Dunlop wears that tradition well, his songs have an emotional purchase and a rising authority. The producers of House have lucked out.


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