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The Ever-Pulsating Brian

Stuart Bailie | 23:32 UK time, Wednesday, 20 January 2010

You need a bit of Brian Eno in your head occasionally. He used to irritate me. I reckoned he was a blethering dilettante, which of course was a bad thing. Now I think a dilettante in the right place can be rather useful. Eno has of course interfered with the music of Bowie, Roxy, U2, James and even Coldplay. As Bono famously recounts: U2 didn't go to art school, they went to Brian.

You should read his book, 'A Year With Swollen Appendices' for some of the method and some very funny asides. Meantime, there was a fascinating exchange between himself and Paul Morley in the Observer at the weekend. The producer was riffing beautifully about the "feedback loop" of pop consumerism, the mythical possibility of East African free jazz and the idea of drawing your targets after the arrows have hit the wall. Best of all though was his pronouncement on the music industry and the seemingly timeless pursuit of selling records for large profits.

"Recorded music equals whale blubber. Eventually, something else will replace it."

I'm not sure I completely agree, but Brian's got me thinking. Anyone know the chords to 'Moby Dick'?


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