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Tears And Technicolor

Stuart Bailie | 09:00 UK time, Thursday, 8 January 2009

A very big thank you to belfastsanta, the blogger who identified the mystery film of my youth. As I explained on this posting, there was an amazing old movie about an orphan family from the wilds of America who had to give themselves away to the neighbours on Christmas day. It was called All Mine To Give and the DVD was ordered and duly watched on New Year's Eve.

allmine.jpgThe first surprise was that the film was in vivid Technicolor. I had watched it on a rickety black and white set, 40 years ago. Secondly, the Scottish accents of the emigrant parents were truly shocking. Dick Van Dyke was an elocution genius by comparison. Still, the last ten minutes have retained their melodrama. My missus was looking sad but the kids were distracted by the toys and the gizmos around the lounge. I think I was disappointed that they didn't cry.



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