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The Vinyl Frontier

Stuart Bailie | 11:23 UK time, Friday, 13 April 2007

Stuart Bailie.jpgI keep promising to whittle down the collection of old-fashioned albums, but it’s too painful to go far. By now, I’ve reconciled myself to not having the same release on CD and vinyl, but come on – idiot.jpg
who’s gonna part with their precious, full-size sleeves of Iggy, Ziggy and Patti? So a degree of duplication is permitted and gatefold albums have a special emotional attraction, even if the contents have not been played in ten years.

As a practicing radio presenter, this process is doubly interesting. Long-lost records can suddenly appear, demanding their appearance on the playlist. So yesterday’s rummage has delivered some lovely tunes from the Bulgarian Voices, The Rockingbirds, Big Joe Turner and the mighty Plush.

It’s also been a good season for new releases, including Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, Kings Of Leon, The Watson Twins and that tasty Joni Mitchell tribute. Consider them all ready for the Friday, 10pm slot on Radio Ulster.

We’ll also have a very special guest in Stella Chiweshe, an icon of Zimbabwean music, the Queen of the mbira. She’s been working and recording here with Gabriel and Wilson from Talking Drum, who’ve taken a detour from Harare to Belfast, and seem to like it here. Which is a great bonus for the show and ultimately, a boon for us all.

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  • At 01:35 PM on 16 Apr 2007,
  • Connor wrote:

I am going in the other direction. On recent trips to London I bought vinyl copies of Blonde on Blonde and In A Silent Way. I asked the guy who runs Haggle Vinyl where I bought the Dylan album why it was just eight quid. He said no one but men in their forties and fifties were interested in vinyl any more and he was struggling to stay in business.
The Miles Davis album was an original and is a thing of beauty...

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  • At 11:04 PM on 16 Apr 2007,
  • Stuart Bailie wrote:

The early CD versions of 'Blonde On Blonde' chopped out the harmonica solo on 'Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands'. Just to make all the tracks fit on one CD. Sacrilege!

Ever notice the terrible, squashed image on the CD cover of 'The Joshua Tree'. Another idiotic move.

I've just bought a vintage version of the 'Woodstock' soundtrack. A triple gatefold production, that folds out to show the view from the stage. Wrap this around your head and you're practically there, maaan.

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  • At 09:23 AM on 17 Apr 2007,
  • connor wrote:

Let us speak not of the crimes committed in cd transfers. Otherwise we would have to think of the introduction being left off Rickie Don't Lose That Number on the Steely Dan box set. Or the tracks left off Joni Mitchell's Shadows and Light..

  • 4.
  • At 12:23 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • DB–BEAT wrote:

Quote Stu "As a practicing radio presenter,"

keep practicing – we beleive that you'll make it one of these days

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