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Steve Claridge | 10:43 UK time, Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hello, and welcome to 'Claridge Kicks Off', the video blog where Steve Claridge tackles all the big talking points in the Championship, League One and League Two.

This week, Steve responds to comments from QPR fans on last week's blog about his criticism of Neil Warnock's side and takes a closer look at the way the Championship promotion race is shaping up.

Steve analyses the form of Leeds United and their Scotland forward Robert Snodgrass, and assesses the role that the club's travelling army of fans have played in their successes on the road this season.

And he also reflects on a contender for own goal of the season and looks at the situation of Port Vale boss Jim Gannon, who is not the only new manager struggling at the moment.

You can submit your questions for Steve below, or contact him on Twitter. He will answer them on a future 'Claridge Kicks Off' rather than posting a reply. Next week's blog will focus on events at the top of League One so if you have anything to ask on that, or any other Football League topic, please get in touch.

Non-UK users can see a special international version of Steve's video blog here.

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  • 1. At 11:38am on 16 Feb 2011, EamonHolmes wrote:

    Not got the hint yet then, Steve?

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  • 2. At 11:39am on 16 Feb 2011, diddyt01 wrote:

    Can't view the video

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  • 3. At 11:59am on 16 Feb 2011, edalmond wrote:

    Steve. I agree with what you were saying, alot of the criticsm of you was a tad harsh and perhaps from QPR fans who have not been watching their team alot recently. There is no doubt that their form and potency in front of goal has dropped over the past few weeks, I saw them in a 0-0 versus hull, and whilst they dominated that match they didn't threaten the goal as much as they might of earlier in the season. Fair play to you sticking to your guns, alot of fans out there are very opinionated and so I won't be suprised if you get more replies from them condemning you, but you only have to look at their recent results to see that QPR have become less fluent but good at snatching results.

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  • 4. At 12:03pm on 16 Feb 2011, EamonHolmes wrote:

    Recently edalmond? He's been doing all season!

    How many games has Steve seen where teams turn it on 100% of the time? None.

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  • 5. At 12:03pm on 16 Feb 2011, freespeechoneeach wrote:

    Steve shows his class by responding to all the QPR comments on the last blog. He even says thank-you, despite the horrible flavour of some of them.
    Leeds Norwich will be the game to watch on Saturday- crucial for both teams. Last time they met, Norwich only scraped a draw by impeding the goalie on the line, a trick they've repeated against other teams. I hope the officials are clued- up. Nothing's more annoying than a false result gained by cheating.

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  • 6. At 12:12pm on 16 Feb 2011, frank wrote:

    Yep firepower is poor alright! QPR are only the top scorers in the division apart from Leeds and Watford. We have got the best goal difference by a mile and have lost only 3 games so far this season. Steve has undeniably got a chip on his shoulder when it comes to QPR and his comments are always negative and uncomplimetary. I can only assume that he either got turned down by QPR at some stage (which he clearly isn't used to judgiing by the number of clubs this journeyman played for!!!)or he is not treated as royalty when he dains to visit the West London soccer academy!!!

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  • 7. At 12:17pm on 16 Feb 2011, Rhysj1 - CCFC have beaten SCFC wrote:

    agree with him about leeds fans!
    they have sold out thier 3400 away seats at the Liberty 3weeks in advance!

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  • 8. At 12:31pm on 16 Feb 2011, Essex Canary wrote:

    Leeds v Norwich certainly is game of the week and can't wait to go! Norwich have also struggled for goals recently, but are so good at scoring away - so there will be goals! Not sure about surrounding the goalkeeper, diving 89th minute winner - maybe!

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  • 9. At 12:49pm on 16 Feb 2011, QPAAAAAGH wrote:

    I don't find Mr Claridge's opinions informed or enlightening but I don't know why we are picking on him as that's true of the majority of football reporting in the Media in general. As viewed from the lofy heights of TV and newspaper pundits QPR are not a 'big' club like Leeds, Cardiff, etc so are fair game for some biased criticism. Leeds in particular are always treated with the greatest respect (even when bankrupt and in League 1) because of the sheer size of their potential fan base. If you want objective and non-popularist reporting then you need to look beyond the likes of SC and the red top papers he attempts to emulate.

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  • 10. At 12:52pm on 16 Feb 2011, rchwhd wrote:

    Good point about the Leeds away support Steve. Leeds have sold out every away game allocation so far this season! Irrespective of what position we are in the league we are the "biggest" club in this division!

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  • 11. At 1:03pm on 16 Feb 2011, bakes8 wrote:

    Leeds are a 'massive' club.

    Claridge has a 'massive' chip on his shoulder re. Qpr.

    Abdul Taarabt is a 'massive' talent.

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  • 12. At 1:20pm on 16 Feb 2011, MrT wrote:

    No offence meant, but i much preferred the old text reports that you did - it makes more sense, and in being able to edit it etc you can clarify your points much easier. Apart from anything else you could cut the videos down by several minutes by just cutting out the bits where you forget what to say / where you are!

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  • 13. At 1:20pm on 16 Feb 2011, simsini wrote:

    The game of the week is clearly between the two teams battling for automatic promotion (i.e. Forest vs Cardiff), not two teams battling for the play-off spots!

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  • 14. At 1:27pm on 16 Feb 2011, BigGiantHead wrote:

    Next time why not edit the top to say 'Hey League 1 fans, you're welcome to watch, but there's no mention of your league whatsoever.'?
    Just would've been nice to know. Why not petition the big wigs to get a Championship blog separately? As supposedly the 5th most watched league in Europe they can hardly argue, and League 1 and 2 fans would be happier.

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  • 15. At 1:30pm on 16 Feb 2011, Nick wrote:

    Can't watch the video as I'm at work but judging by the comments on here and by their supporter's comments when we played them recently, it's definitely the QPR fans who have the chip.

    QPR IS a small club. Before this season their average attendance put them in the bottom 5 in the championship. One year as nouveau riche over-performers doesn't make you a "massive" club nor does it entitle you to un-critical media coverage.

    They also do have a problem up front. All their early season goals came from mackie, taarabt and smith. Mackie and Smith are now injured and taarabt is inconsistent, plus their cover, Miller, is being recalled. They really need a new striker

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  • 16. At 1:38pm on 16 Feb 2011, VoiceofJoe wrote:

    Claridge's comments on the Football League show about QPR have always been seemed pretty complimentary to me ! Its obvious that QPR are nailed on for promotion as they easily the most consistent side in the Division. Forest will probably get the second auto, although with Billy 'job done' Davies' track record, anything could happen.
    As a Leeds fan I'm delighted with our progress this season; our away form has been particularly good and this is due in no small measure to our away support (loan players always comment on this) which has appeared to have increased in fervour and intensity the further we've fallen when even getting hold of an away ticket has become increasingly difficult (we sold out every allocation for 3 years in League 1).
    Very much looking forward to the game against Norwich on Saturday - a good club with good support; even our Chairman likes them !

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  • 17. At 1:47pm on 16 Feb 2011, claretbigtom wrote:

    There is at least one club which has prospered since changing managers. Burnley have won as many away games in six weeks under Eddie Howe as they did in a year with Brian Laws managing them, and in the past three games have taken seven points from Norwich (h), Watford (a) and Cardiff (a).

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  • 18. At 2:08pm on 16 Feb 2011, DaiDroop wrote:

    He's the one with the chip on his shoulder as QPR are about the only 2nd tier club never to hire him.

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  • 19. At 2:22pm on 16 Feb 2011, daveb76 wrote:

    "QPR IS a small club. Before this season their average attendance put them in the bottom 5 in the championship. One year as nouveau riche over-performers doesn't make you a "massive" club nor does it entitle you to un-critical media coverage."

    Is anyone really suggesting QPR are a massive club, we've always been a small club and still will be whether we go up this year or not but his critism of our team has been over the top this imo, I think he still talks cobblers in this blog saying we haven't dominated games for 90 minutes, I don't think any team in this division or the one above is capable of dominating for 90 minutes so he is expecting slightly too much from us. It's not just about QPR i have a problem with him though, i find him one of the most ill informed pundits working today and have no idea why he is still employed by the BBC.

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  • 20. At 2:35pm on 16 Feb 2011, itsjustagame wrote:

    The problem with many fans ( not just QPR ) is that anyone who says anything negative about the team they support is public enemy number one. Perhaps SC should simply stop saying what he thinks and say what he knows the fans of QPR would want to hear.
    QPR are top for a reason, not because they play football like Brazil, not because they are the best but because they have more points than anyone else. They have played well, they have played poor and they have played ok...but regardless of how they perform on any given day..they still have more points than anyone else.
    QPR, Forest and Leicester to be promoted....that should stir up a hornets nest.

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  • 21. At 2:46pm on 16 Feb 2011, Santi_Munezs_Left_Foot wrote:

    QPR have a star in Adel Taraabt. Always impressed me at Tottenham for his skill and ambition.

    However Steve, you say QPR are top despite not playing well, which is your own opinion, but aren't Manchester United currently top of the Premier League without hitting 'top gear' as so many pundits say. All you have to say is..'QPR are getting the results and as it is a results business, it doesn't matter about their performances.' Not your own 'Expert' opinion, which is wrong anyway.

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  • 22. At 2:55pm on 16 Feb 2011, Carlth wrote:

    To QPR fans. Could I just point out that any club which hires "Colin" as its manager is automatically excluded from criticising anyone else about anything during his stewardship. Thank you.

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  • 23. At 3:26pm on 16 Feb 2011, monkeyphoenix wrote:


    if you don't like SC's video blog, don't watch it! Simple as that.

    This is the reason why 606 is going - cos it's full of idiots with blinkered visions, can't take any criticism. Just talk to your mates in the pub! Oh no hang on, that's they spend too much time on forums - not enough mates.

    To conclude, get more mates and don't read/listen to stuff you know will annoy you!

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  • 24. At 3:32pm on 16 Feb 2011, The_Red_Chief wrote:

    There should be an un-written rule in football journalism that any club employing Neil Warnock, El-Hadji Diouf or Craig Bellamy can be criticised about anything. Whether it's justified or not.

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  • 25. At 3:44pm on 16 Feb 2011, Carlth wrote:

    ...and Joey Barton.

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  • 26. At 4:03pm on 16 Feb 2011, The_Red_Chief wrote:

    should probably put Kieron Dyer in there too.

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  • 27. At 4:07pm on 16 Feb 2011, hoopsa17 wrote:

    Steve, fair play for coming out and answering back to harsh comments. Mine was one of the politer ones but some of them got a bit silly and personal.

    I do think you've just let yourself down by saying you've watched 6 or 7 games this season. Call me naive but as the Football League expert I thought you'd have seen most of them.

    This is what annoys me about all pundits, you're supposed to be experts, yet you've watched a quarter of the games that most fans have.

    You might know more than fans about football but i can tell you you know a lot less about QPR's season than most fans. What's the point in listening to you?

    You and Dixon slated us after the Watford game on BBC, but that was a shocker. You didn't see the brilliant 15 games before that.

    You can't judge a team's season when you've seen them 6 or 7 times, it's ridiculous.

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  • 28. At 4:20pm on 16 Feb 2011, Lucas Radebe is a legend wrote:

    24. At 3:32pm on 16 Feb 2011, Michael_Vaughan_My_Lord wrote:
    There should be an un-written rule in football journalism that any club employing Neil Warnock, El-Hadji Diouf or Craig Bellamy can be criticised about anything. Whether it's justified or not.


    Comment of the year! Well done sir!

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  • 29. At 4:23pm on 16 Feb 2011, notdolly wrote:

    Perhaps the reaction to Claridge has been slightly over the top from QPR fans, but he does appear to have an anti-QPR agenda. He was on 5live recently talking about how QPR are top because of the amount of money they have spent. We have rich owners, but the idea that we have spent many millions more than other championship clubs is simply not borne out by the facts. This is just one example of the mis-informed gossip which Claridge repeats and is the cause of frustration to QPR fans. Claridge seems to read headlines and repeat them, rather than do his own research to ascertain the facts. To my mind, he forms a view and then looks for facts (often distorted), to justify that view rather than considering the facts before reaching an opinion.

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  • 30. At 4:37pm on 16 Feb 2011, QPR4Me wrote:

    Claridge - A bitter little man who knows little about the game.

    Those who can, do.

    Those who can't, talk about it!

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  • 31. At 4:38pm on 16 Feb 2011, A Ryan wrote:

    Well done Steve for setting the record straight about QPR. I believe you are right to pick out some of the not so positive aspects of their game as no team is perfect. But they should get a hell of a lot of praise for being where they are right now considering their previous league positions in recent years. They would need some serious strengthening if they do reach the promised land, most notably upfront and in the full back areas.

    It's also nice to see Eddie Howe getting of to a reasonable start at Burnley. That club has a bit if a hangover from Brian Laws horrible appointment (he was sacked from Wednesday for not getting results in the Championship division). I wish him all the best as he did a fantastic job down at Bournemouth with all their restrictions and better players leaving in the transfer windows...a Premiership manager of the future? Who knows.

    Lastly i've never written on this blog before but i have watched many of your videos, and although you get a lot of criticism for creating a video blog, i for one believe it to be a little different, nice change of direction, from the normal written ones, which is surely a good thing to keep interest alive. After all there are plenty of written blogs across the BBC website and elsewhere. Well done Steve, you have your detractors, but personally i look forward to each 10 minute video you do every week...and i'm an Arsenal fan who has a healthy obsession with all things football. Thumbs up!

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  • 32. At 4:39pm on 16 Feb 2011, WallyRanger wrote:

    To be honest, i think on this video, you've definitely got a fair point, all season it's seemed you've had a problem with QPR being top, but your points about us in this video aren't too far from the truth, it's true, since the start of the season, we've found it a bit more difficult to dominate, the reason we're top though is because we've got a quality player in Taarabt and a strong, solid team around him which is consistent, i've been supporting QPR since i was young and had to put up with seeing players like Paul Bruce, Tony Scully, Dominic Foley, Ian Evatt (who'd have thought he'd be consistent in the premiership when watching him for Rangers?), Danny Nardiello, Matt Hill and Marcus Bent over the years, it's great to see us at the top of the league after so long.
    As for some of the other commenters here, get off your high horse! we don't think we're a big club because we're top, i don't even consider Rangers a big club and never have, but that's still no excuse for the bias against our club all of a sudden, whenever sides like Hull, Reading and Wigan got promoted in years past though, i don't recall anyone trying their best to avoid giving any credit to them but all through this season it's all "moneybags" QPR and we're the bad guys who don't deserve promotion unlike poor old "paupers" Cardiff and wonderful Notts Forest, that'll be the same paupers Cardiff that owed clubs loads of money and went out and loaned players like Jason Koumas and Craig Bellamy while still in admin and then tried signing Vaughan from Everton and pay them if they get promoted. Some of the bias this season in Cardiffs favour is in my opinion ridiculous.

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  • 33. At 4:47pm on 16 Feb 2011, Dazzer1977 wrote:

    Dear Steve,
    As a QPR fan I thank you for your well constructed response which lasted 50 seconds at the beginning of the latest edition of ‘Claridge Kicks Off’ (rolling eyes!). I’ll never get that time back in my life so thanks for the waffle. In response to your comments I’d simply like to present you with some facts.
    With reference to your quote 'We don't put teams to bed' - well let me enlighten you Steve - I'll start with our first 8 games of the season in case you missed them:
    Barnsley home 4-0
    Sheffield Utd away 3-0
    Scunthorpe home 2-0
    Derby County away 2-2 (2 goals down with only injury time remaining)
    Middlesbrough home 3-0
    Ipswich Town away 3-0
    Leicester City away 2-0
    Doncaster home 3-0
    That's 22 goals for and 2 against, 7 wins and 1 draw.
    “Those were the first 8 games of the season” I hear you say. We could also add to that the following games:
    Swansea home 4-0
    Cardiff home 2-1 (coming back from 1 goal down I will add)
    Portsmouth home 2-0
    Reading home 3-1
    Reading away 1-0 (having a player sent off on 42mins with the game 0-0)
    Coventry away 2-0
    Coventry home 2-1 (again coming back from 1 goal down)
    That's a further 16 goals for and 3 against, so clearly you’re correct in that we win by the odd goal and rely on only 1 or 2 players.
    Of the 72 football clubs that your employers program targets QPR have won the most football matches this season, have lost the fewest games this season too, they currently have the best goal difference, they also have conceded the fewest goals and they are the club with the most points across all 3 of the Football Leagues. What more do you expect to see from a football side? We average almost 2 points a game, we score just under 2 goals a game and conceding well under a goal a game - those stats don’t lie do they Steve!
    If need be I can go on as I am just warming up…
    - In the Premiership Man Utd have only scored 7 more goals than QPR but also conceded 6 more goals.
    - Arsenal too have only scored 6 more goals than QPR but they too have also conceded 7 more goals.
    - Add to those names Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Man City, QPR have scored more goals and conceded fewer goals than all of those clubs.
    I mean come on Steve; how hard can it be to do a little bit of research? Can’t say I look forward to next weeks addition.
    Kind regards,
    Dazzer1977 - QPR Fan - You know, the team still top of the Championship.

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  • 34. At 5:37pm on 16 Feb 2011, The_Red_Chief wrote:

    @ 33 - You've got way too much time on your hands. Plus I'd question the value in comparing goals scored and conceded between the leagues, Man Utd and Arsenal may have conceded more goals but they're playing against significantly better teams.
    Are you aware that your goal difference is more than 67 better than Stockport? You must be good! I'm just off to the bookies to put £10 on QPR securing a champions league spot next year.

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  • 35. At 5:42pm on 16 Feb 2011, willbrookes wrote:

    You haven't seen any great team performances from QPR?

    What you mean like when the defensive players don't concede goal and the attacking players score them? You mean like, 3 point and a clean sheet kind of team performances? No, none of that from QPR...

    H vs Barnsley FLC W 4-0
    A vs Sheffield Utd FLC W 3-0
    H vs Scunthorpe FLC W 2-0
    H vs Middlesbrough FLC W 3-0
    A vs Ipswich Town FLC W 3-0
    A vs Leicester City FLC W 2-0
    H vs Doncaster FLC W 3-0
    H vs Swansea City FLC W 4-0
    A vs Coventry City FLC W 2-0
    H vs Portsmouth FLC W 2-0

    Just the ten examples there...

    Notably, Newcastle and WBA only won TWO games each with bigger margins than QPR have achieved this year (6-1 and 5-0 respectively) over the whole of last season, yet your original point was to say we have not put teams to bed like they did.

    The facts speak for themselves, I just don't know how you can deny that. Credit where credit is due - thats all, and all Claridge has done is pick at negatives with QPR this year - no team is perfect.

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  • 36. At 5:48pm on 16 Feb 2011, simon21-lufc wrote:

    QPR fans need to learn that just because they are top of the league that doesn't mean they are perfect and can't be criticised. Grow up.

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  • 37. At 6:04pm on 16 Feb 2011, Forest_Fever wrote:

    Why weren't Forest given a mention?! We're clearly the best team in the division, 1-1 at QPR with 10 men, and he completely ignored us?!

    Ah well, MOTD wont ignore us next seasion when we get back to where we belong.

    Also love how he went on about Leeds support, yet failed to tell everyone how Forest also sell out every away match.


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  • 38. At 6:21pm on 16 Feb 2011, Riggadon wrote:

    Did'nt really rate QPR to be honest. We held them with 10 men, did'nt find them to be a big deal at all. I suspect the only ones who think SC's criticism of them is a travesty is them, and thats because they seem to think they are beyond criticism.

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  • 39. At 6:21pm on 16 Feb 2011, hunk4hire wrote:

    QPR are nearly as big as Chelsea. What do you mean "they're not a massive club"? Chelsea are big, aren't they? They pack in nearly 30,000 at Stamford Bridge. That's huge! It's nearly as many as Leeds and Southampton.

    I'd like to see them merge and call themselves "Chelsea Queens".

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  • 40. At 6:31pm on 16 Feb 2011, Hula_Hoops wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 41. At 6:34pm on 16 Feb 2011, Leicestercity89 wrote:

    QPR4Me- Claridge has played in the Premier League since the last time you guys were there.

    It should be 'Those who can, do. Those who could, do punditry.'

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  • 42. At 7:13pm on 16 Feb 2011, NEL-White (MOT) Bring back the Peacock!! Part-time carrier of Grumpy Young Man Syndrome wrote:

    Also love how he went on about Leeds support, yet failed to tell everyone how Forest also sell out every away match.

    Leeds took 6700 to Barnsley, 6200 to Coventry, 5000 to Reading, 4000+ to Burnley and many more.

    Forest took 2176 to Reading for example, while Leicester took just 3,885 to a Derby game at Cov.

    Last season Leeds took over 5000 down to Bristol Rovers for a Tuesday night game and that was in LG1. We’d have took 5000 to Bristol on Saturday if they hadn’t have given us, what was quite frankly a pathetic allocation of around 2000, especially when half the stand they put us in was empty, with the seats covered.

    Give us the allocation and we'll sell it.

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  • 43. At 7:45pm on 16 Feb 2011, rangers10 wrote:

    Steve, I think what you really meant to say is that you can only call it as you see it and that you have nothing against QPR.

    Frankly,I might have believed this the first time you said this, maybe even the second, but in my experience people who choose to deny something at least 5 times in the space of 2 minutes when once will suffice...........normally they are banged to rights.

    In the world of punditry i have never seen anyone look so uncomfortable when spouting forth their usual dirge.
    I would just reiterate everything dazzer1977 and willbrokes say above, all of which underlines the fact that if your ability to 'call it as you see it' results in such further absolute drivel, your eyesight is in serious need of repair. It also seriously calls into question your qualifications as 'The BBC's Football League Expert''re having a larf!!!!!!!!!!

    If rangers have achieved what they have season without any 'team performances', I say may it long continue and it doesnt't say much for other teams in the championship, of which there are several excellent ones.

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  • 44. At 7:59pm on 16 Feb 2011, rangers10 wrote:

    note to riggadon..........fair point mate. Only rangers tend to beat teams when they are reduced to 10 men....ask Reading, who we beat twice this season with 10 men (we did of course lose to norwich though). That's primarily because we don't tend to put 9 men behind the ball. Its called 'going for it' where we come from.........

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  • 45. At 10:07pm on 16 Feb 2011, joeyhasleeds wrote:

    fair play Leeds getting a bit of claridge praise for once.....we still don't like the milwall in you ugh!

    Massive club! - we don't need reminding we're bigger than the league!
    Massive away support! - our visits have bankrolled league one and championship transfers for the past few years!
    Massive players this season! - howson,gradel,snoddy,becchio to name a few!
    Taraabt massive talent someone said before?......wouldn't get in the Leeds team!

    we're super leeds and we're going up!

    bring on Norwich!

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  • 46. At 10:32pm on 16 Feb 2011, QPR4Me wrote:

    Leicestercity89 (Comment 41)

    Don't split hairs. Claridge is everyone's archetypal "journeyman", he has done naff all in real terams as a player.

    As a manager, look at his record, Weymouth FC????

    The man is a bitter joke, who is now trying to make a name for himself by slagging off those who are doing it, unlike his pontificating self!!

    OK, He played for LCFC, Big Deal!!! He is still a nobody!

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  • 47. At 11:15pm on 16 Feb 2011, andyqprfrith wrote:

    After the blinding start to the season we were all waiting for the collapse, but it has not happened. A couple of dodgy perfomances and draws here there but we are still there.
    And what makes it better is that we have had a few years of heartache and crisis after crisis but it feels good, now that we have a solvent club with backers who appear to be in for the long ride.
    And for the fans who have been through the highs and the lows we are just greatful that we are top of the league... yes we are top of the league. Happy Days

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  • 48. At 11:15pm on 16 Feb 2011, Courage wrote:

    @ 46. QPR4Me

    He's still done one thousand times more in football than you have.


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  • 49. At 11:23pm on 16 Feb 2011, Feel MaDullTie wrote:

    @48...but not more than me. I enjoyed a far better career than Mr Claridge did, until injury took it's toll and I had to retire.

    Mr Claridge brings NOTHING to the table. OK he played for 271 clubs in his career, but it seems as though he picked up very little in that time.

    Do you pick a team name out of a bag then through a dart at some random quotes and link the two together?

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  • 50. At 11:27pm on 16 Feb 2011, Stuart wrote:

    Have agress that Steve shows a lot of class by responding to the QPR fan comments on the last blog.

    I am a QPR fan so fair doos

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  • 51. At 11:29pm on 16 Feb 2011, rrrrrs wrote:

    Noy convinced but your anti QPR back tracking, you looked like a man who's had his knuckles wrapped!! As for you apparently have watched alot of QPR this season and haven't seen a good team performance??? Get yourself down to specsavers mate and do usall a favour.
    PS. were over half the way through the season now, maybe its time to pronounce ADEL TAARABT'S name properly!!! Can't read or lazy joutnalism??

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  • 52. At 11:58pm on 16 Feb 2011, SP Richards wrote:

    The standard of football pundits and broadcasters is really going down hill. The coverage of the World Cup last year showcased a who's who of who the hell is he and a host of cluless hasbeens and amateurs. Steve Claridge is definitely one of the latter, an amateur. The BBC in particular, totally devalues the football league by having it's Premier League coverage fronted by the likes of Gary Lineker; Alan Hansen and Alan Shearer, all proven masters of the domestic game and then offering up amateur footballers like Claridge and Leroy Rosenior, alonsgide people with no experience of the game whatsoever like Manish Bhasin. They might as well present TFS live from a random pub and get the locals to discuss the weak links in the defence of Aldershot Town or how Leyton Orient have the best defence in England as long as its on a Thursday in November between 8pm and 8.15. I watch MOTD and experts share their valued opnions. I watch TFS and I feel let down. Still, at least we don't have Adrian Chiles anymore. Merry February everyone.

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  • 53. At 00:27am on 17 Feb 2011, Loyal_Lion1 wrote:

    Some people on here... Pedantic isn't the word...Some must go over the blog time and time again and look to pounce on Steve's every single word like a lion bating for a baby buffalo. I for one have enjoyed every 1 of Steve's blogs and always look out for his opinion and knowledge on the game..Not because I am a Millwall fan but because the bloke know's what he is talking thing for certain that i think shines through in his blogs is that he would love a return to management and if the footballing people actually looked at his CV they would see he has never failed, in face he has done a very good job everywhere he has been apart from his unfair dismissal at Millwall which he cant be judged on. Good luck Steve and i'll tune in next week.

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  • 54. At 00:54am on 17 Feb 2011, Feel MaDullTie wrote:

    Sorry, but Rosenior is a decent pundit. Also Bhasin, Chiles, Rosenthal, Keys (oops!) are brought in as they have broadcasting experience and help the pundits.

    We'd put #52 on, but as the Football League Show is on just before midnight I fear the viewers would be so bored they'd fall asleep before Big Ben chimed.

    How about bringing in Gazza and Adebayor as no-one could understand them at past World Cups so noone could complain or disagree with their views

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  • 55. At 01:19am on 17 Feb 2011, Swanmaster wrote:

    With all due respect, who cares what Mr Claridge thinks? QPR do their talking on the pitch, and I'd say that sounds like 5 points clear at the top of the table this very fine West London evening. Oh, what was that we were hearing from the puffed-up Forest fans? The best team in the division? Hmmm, yet somehow you just lost at Scunthorpe, their first home win since August.

    We've always felt a media bias against us at Rangers, whether that's paranoia or justified, I don't know, or rightly care. As long as we keep doing what we're doing, who cares what any of the pundits think? If (and when) we get promoted, I'm sure the end of season compilation will make us look as classy and exuberant as we really are. What a pleasure it's been to watch us this season. Thank you Colin. You Rs!

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  • 56. At 01:21am on 17 Feb 2011, FromTheStreetsOfShepherdsBush wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 57. At 01:39am on 17 Feb 2011, Avonns wrote:

    hey, Chiles is legendary, I will never, ever, ever forget some of the MOTD ending comedy clips he used to play, the ones this season are awful in comparison.

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  • 58. At 01:44am on 17 Feb 2011, Avonns wrote:

    people are always critical, but it's the most offensive ones that probably have no guts to do the job themselves. They good at verbal abuse though. These blogs only reflect the authors opinion, it doesn't affect the scorelines do they?

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  • 59. At 01:49am on 17 Feb 2011, melbourne_ranger wrote:

    come on claridge. wake up to the reality. qpr are top of league and on their way to the premier league.

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  • 60. At 02:02am on 17 Feb 2011, Swanmaster wrote:

    Is my comment still awaiting moderation because I used the word Sc**thorpe?
    Poor old Scunny, yet, good old Scunny! Well done you super-Irons, taking those pompous Forest fans down a peg or two. :)

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  • 61. At 02:03am on 17 Feb 2011, Swanmaster wrote:

    Still awaiting moderation, we could be here all night. Maybe I should call them Scinthorpe, would that work?

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  • 62. At 07:23am on 17 Feb 2011, SuperDan_Super_Leeds wrote:

    @33 - I have to say, that was a well argued point. As a Leeds fan, I don't like any team that's within 5 points of us, just because I know the traditional, "were almost there so lets give points away" mentality of Leeds United teams in the past, i.e Last Season. However, I think great credit is due to QPR. At the beginning of the season, I did the league predictor for the whole season (A boring day at work), and I had QPR down for relegation. I think the point someone made about the credability of comparing what the PL teams have scored vs. QPRs record was a bit of a strange one.. it's just as hard for QPR to score against someone like Forest, as it is for Man U to score against Chelsea..

    @44 - You failed to mention tme amazing following that we also took to the Emirates... and might I add, we drowned out the Arsenal support at times.


    @45 - Massive club! - we don't need reminding we're bigger than the league!
    Massive away support! - our visits have bankrolled league one and championship transfers for the past few years!
    Massive players this season! - **howson**,gradel,snoddy,becchio to name a few!
    Taraabt massive talent someone said before?......wouldn't get in the Leeds team! (Very true)

    Good Man, like it!

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  • 63. At 07:43am on 17 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    I find it amusing when people say things like 'I saw QPR at Hull and they didn't impress me' or 'We held QPR with 10 men and they didn't threaten'; or 'Leeds are a big club and QPR aren't'. All these comments miss the point!

    Look at the league table. Whether QPR don't score against 10 men in one home game, whether they cannot break down a Hull team who played the whole game with 11 players in their own penalty area (I was there as well) or whether because they are not a one team city like Leeds who are therefore bound to have a huge fan base, (many living off memories of the early 70s when they nearly won quite a few trophies, in amongst all the allegations of bribes that is); the fact remains promotion is earned or missed over a season and not one game.

    If you are a QPR fan, then you will be really happy, it does not matter what the critics say, their views no matter how distorted do not change the table. If you are a Championship team fan, but the team is not QPR then currently you are second best.

    The table does not lie and that is it in a nutshell!

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  • 64. At 08:20am on 17 Feb 2011, DPS78 wrote:

    Steve Claridges anti QPR sentiments seem to be rife throughout BBC sport.

    After watching Mondays late kick off where Mark Chapman , Mark Bright and Nicky Forster all called QPR a 1 man team it is obvious that they are all anti QPR for some reason, I guess Warnock as this didn't seem to be the case previously.

    Well ill informed BBC pundits you can all stew in the fact your darlings Cardiff and Forest blew their chance to close the gap this week becasue they are every inch the second and third best teams in the division. As for leeds you'll be lucky to finish in the top 10.

    We are QPR , We are Top of the League and we are going up champions

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  • 65. At 09:33am on 17 Feb 2011, xwarex SCFC wrote:

    I think the point steve is making about QPR is that it's not necessarily the result that he's critising but the way they go about it. How comfortable do they look when playing? do they always look like they are in control? do they always look like they're going to win every game and surely the answer is no. Yes they are top of the league and yes they probably will get promoted but they are not that much better than anyone else and promotion is still far from certainty. This is DEFINITELY a fact though:-

    QPR = Whiniest fans in the football league

    and i'm sure many would agree.

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  • 66. At 09:53am on 17 Feb 2011, RobinhoQPR wrote:

    Have to say I was one of the people criticising Steve last week and you have to respect him for tackling the problem head on.

    Obviously everyone is entitled to have an opinion regardless of whether people like it or not.

    Now Steve has raised his points and explained them rather than just saying we are not a good team then I think that's fine. I've been envious of the teams promoted in other years when we've been average and I'm sure that it is now just our turn for people to want to be where we are in the table.

    I think the rest of the QPR fans need to lighten up a bit and accept that just because we are top doesn't mean everyone has to love us. It's a game of opinions and it would be boring if we all had the same ones!

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  • 67. At 09:58am on 17 Feb 2011, Flakes in Bangkok wrote:

    Hi Steve

    My brother, who used to play for Sutton in the Conference and is now a Chelsea season ticket holder went to watch Brighton v Hartlepool last week. I asked him what he thought of it and the fact that Gus Poyet has got us playing proper football. His response was:

    "Not only proper football but in a very grown up way. The shape of the team is how the top Premier League teams set up."

    What is your opinion on this?

    Ian Cornwell Brighton fan living in Bangkok

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  • 68. At 10:01am on 17 Feb 2011, KOP_needs_to_STANDUP wrote:

    'Forest took 2176 to Reading for example, while Leicester took just 3,885 to a Derby game at Cov.

    Are you implying that Forest away support has been better than ours this season. If you look at the figures we are actually 2nd to Leeds, not you or Derby.

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  • 69. At 10:03am on 17 Feb 2011, GhostOfNinian wrote:

    Regarding your point: "...that'll be the same paupers Cardiff that owed clubs loads of money and went out and loaned players like Jason Koumas and Craig Bellamy while still in admin..."

    I wish to clarify that Cardiff never found themselves in "admin" - unlike some clubs, we avoided any such predicament by settling outstanding monies with HMRC, whilst Langston's attempts to follow the legal shortcut route of a summary judgement without trial, was seen by the Judge for the cheap stunt it was.

    Thanks for taking the time to research the subject prior to making your libellous point above. I hope this helps you in future to comment more accurately or better still, not to comment at all on things of which you know little or nothing about!

    It's rather poetic to accuse a pundit of inaccuracy of opinion, whilst yourself being guilty of a blatant inaccuracy of fact!

    Enjoy the rest of your season...

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  • 70. At 10:16am on 17 Feb 2011, KOP_needs_to_STANDUP wrote:

    Typical, i post in response to the Forest fan thinking their clubs away attendances are better than Leicester when he is factually wrong, the Beeb remove it.

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  • 71. At 10:39am on 17 Feb 2011, Mez wrote:

    I'm not a fan of QPR and will be hoping us Hammers are around next season (in the premiership) to send them back down! So coming from a neutral point I have to say, apologies Steve but you do come along the lines that although accepting all these facts about QPR's records, stats & player skill, you are still trying to portray them as a side in trouble which I can only think is maybe an attempt to get a nervy feeling in their minds going into the last half of the season. Players play off confidence & momentum and also players do keep an eye on what is being said about them so for that reason if I was a QPR fan i would be upset with you too.

    On the flip side, QPR Fans should accept criticism because Steve Claridge has a right to his opinion which is that your not flying on all cylinders. Man Utd are top of the league and yet everyone was noting how they were struggling through matches so don't think that your the only team to ever be criticised..

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  • 72. At 11:48am on 17 Feb 2011, Grinners67 wrote:

    Mez - not entirely neutral at the start there but thanks for trying. NO QPR fan, me included,is suggesting we are world class. We have a cramped out of date stadium, small crowds, poor half time food, a pitch that floods every few years, no trophies in the cabinet and 65 managers in one season. We haven't spent millions like Chelsea but we have stopped selling. Players we have brought in havent worked out in some cases and we do have a sometimes genius playing for us called Adel Tantrum and sometimes he is a disgrace and other times he is amazing. But here's the point.....We are top of this league and we deserve to be there because we have more points than bigger clubs like Leeds and Forest who have won trophies. They should perhaps be more gracious given where they sit. But Claridge has seen 6 or 7 games and he's an expert.
    His spluttering opening to his blog demonstrates just how far off he is. Are you only entitled to go up if you play like Arsenal every week? Its the championship not La Liga and its tight and sometimes ugly. But our gaffer seems to have got the belief in the team and we have benefited from other teams slipping up. Long way to go and anything can happen yet.
    Noone is asking for Claridge to climb up QPR's bottom, just to be a little more balanced in his opinions.

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  • 73. At 11:57am on 17 Feb 2011, Leicestercity89 wrote:

    "OK, He played for LCFC, Big Deal!!! He is still a nobody!"

    Played for us? In consecutive seasons he scored last minute winners in a play-off final and a cup final- journeyman or not, the guy's achieved a lot and is a club legend.

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  • 74. At 12:24pm on 17 Feb 2011, ARMYAIRCORP wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 75. At 1:23pm on 17 Feb 2011, bakes8 wrote:

    Objective critisism is one thing. Continually belittling the top side in the division all season long is going too far.

    Calling Adel Taarabt 'Abdul' Taarabt was the straw that broke the camels back im afraid.

    I hope we never see Claridge on TV again. Leroy Rosenior is king!!

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  • 76. At 1:33pm on 17 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Response to Mez number 72:

    I recall West Ham sent QPR down in 1996, Mez. The day QPR were mathematically relegated they beat West Ham 3-0. I also recall seeing QPR demolish West Ham 4-1 at Upton Park. Yes I hope West Ham stay up as well!

    QPR were relegated in 1996 because they sold 20 odd goal a season striker Les Ferdinand and Chairman Richard Thompson failed provide the funds to replace him. None of the £6m plus was spent on players and the same applies to the £2.5m received for Darren Peacock.

    With the current owners wealth, QPR are no longer a selling club and if those owners take things seriously when QPR are promoted in May, then they are the only club who can compete financially with Manchester City's benefactors. Both club owners are reported to be worth around the £20 billion mark. Chelsea's Abramovich sadly only has about £8 billion (how does he manage?).

    QPR have built a squad over the past 12 months to win promotion to the Premier League. Once that has been done, they have the financial backing to build a squad to not just stay up but to challenge for top honours.

    Only the owners know their intentions, but I suspect QPR's success this season is just the tip of what is to come!

    The guy above who sarcastically said he was off the the bookies to put £10 on QPR to qualify for the Champions League next season, might be a year or two early, but maybe a lot of us will be off to the bookies in a year or two to make the same bet.

    I also agree with the above comments about Cardiff City made by wallyranger. The old loan rules where clubs had to pay a realsitic part of the wage made sense. The new rules are crazy, which have allowed Cardiff City to face a winding up order in the High Court at the same time as they're taking on a Premier League player on loan, who they cannot afford and so contribute very little to his wages. That is unfair to other Championship teams who do pay their way and it needs to be looked at by the Football League.

    For that reason and that reason alone, if a Welsh club is to be promoted to the English Premier League, I hope it's Swansea.

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  • 77. At 1:34pm on 17 Feb 2011, Dunc wrote:

    #55 - best post so far. Who cares what the pundits or other fans say? We're top of the league and have been for nigh on the whole season, 5 points clear is good enough, but after 31 games clearly shows it's not just luck.

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  • 78. At 2:25pm on 17 Feb 2011, Mighty_Ravendark wrote:

    #20 "QPR are top for a reason, not because they play football like Brazil, not because they are the best but because they have more points than anyone else."

    Surely that last bit should say "...and they are the best because they have more points than anyone else"

    #57 "hey, Chiles is legendary, I will never, ever, ever forget some of the MOTD ending comedy clips he used to play, the ones this season are awful in comparison."

    Agree. Is there another page where we can complain about an equally terrible presenter/pundit Colin Murray?

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  • 79. At 2:33pm on 17 Feb 2011, Neill Hurley wrote:

    I'm not a QPR fan, but I do recall SC critising their defence after a surprise defeat at home to Watford - which I think was the first time that they had conceded more than once in a game this season at that point. QPR haven't exactly been shipping in goals since either. So I'm not surprised that their fans have been on here being less than complimentary.

    And Steve - I think you will find that the sign of a good team is when they are still achieving results while not performing at their peak level. I doubt you have much personal experience of that though

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  • 80. At 3:48pm on 17 Feb 2011, LTrent wrote:

    I think QPR are a small (ish) club and with good reason (look at teh competition they face in their surrounding area). What impresses me about QPR though, is that they do seem to have a loyal fanbase over the years and their attendances (from memory) usually seem to be around about the same regardless of success.

    Also, I attended the Hull City v QPR game and for some QPR fans (who claim to have attended) to claim that they 'dominated the game' and Hull City had all eleven men camped in their own penalty box is way wide of the mark. Such claims just suggest they didn`t attend or they have such bias views that every opinion they have must be treat as bias and therefore unreliable.

    My take on the game was that it was fairly even, QPR shaded first half and Hull City shaded the second (and probably could have sneaked it with Fryatt's chance at the end).

    Check out the match stats (from a QPR site), does it really seem like Hull City had all eleven men in their own penalty box for the entire game?

    Hull City 0 - 0 QPR

    Game Statistics

    9 Goal Attempts 6
    4 On Target 1
    9 Corners 4
    8 Fouls 10
    1 Yellow Cards 0
    0 Red Cards 0

    Possesion: 51 % 49

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  • 81. At 3:54pm on 17 Feb 2011, Courage wrote:

    @ 49. RhinoW

    LOL, you are obsessed. Okay, so which is it: Are you a famous ex-professional player or are you a hard working self-made business man who works 12 hrs a day? Because it seems you can't make your mind up.

    It sounds to me like you need a REAL job because all you do is wait up all week for the time when Claridge posts an article. Is this what you live for?

    No one is making you read it, by the way. Go back to "work." LOL, yeah right. Desk job.

    I'm off to the beach now RhinoW, have fun in all that gloom you throw on yourself.

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  • 82. At 4:00pm on 17 Feb 2011, Courage wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 83. At 4:24pm on 17 Feb 2011, moohen wrote:

    Qpr fans?!?!? I don't believe it, never thought I'd ever hear from any of you, thought you were an endangered species until two years ago ;)

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  • 84. At 4:37pm on 17 Feb 2011, Courage wrote:

    BTW, Steve Claridge: 88 appearances Birmingham City, 63 appearances Leicester City, 114 appearances Portsmouth, 91 appearances Milwall..

    None of you have more playing experience than that. And that's only half his career.

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  • 85. At 4:48pm on 17 Feb 2011, TheLoneRanger69 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 86. At 4:57pm on 17 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    To Courage Leeds and LTrent

    I have no intention of going into details, but I attend games on behalf of professional football clubs to analyse tactics and produce reports. I am also a professional scout and have played the game at a pretty good level.

    Never assume or you make an ass out of u and me. Try to remember that.

    On sites like this none of us has any idea who we are communicating with or what expertise and experience they might possess!

    Stats do not often tell the whole story. In the Hull game, which I attended as a guest of Hull City's sponsors Pearson admitted Hull City's plan was to stop QPR playing and Neil Warnock said afterward 'Hull parked the bus in front of their goal'. That was exactly the game I witnessed and whereas I agree with both manager's it is your perogative to see the game differently.

    Again, I refer you to the league table. Moan all you like but although Ken Bates is doing a superb job at Leeds, neither Leeds or Hull City will finish above QPR this season, or for many seasons to come.

    LTrent - you are correct to say QPR have a loyal fan base and yes, good seasons, bad or average Rangers fans are always there for the right reasons. No hangers on at QPR like at many other clubs, where in a bad year gates are down and in the good times thousands come out of the woodwork. Rangers are not like that, never have been and never will be.

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  • 87. At 6:48pm on 17 Feb 2011, LTrent wrote:

    To Anthony

    “Stats do not often tell the whole story”

    Naturally, however, they do give a good indication of how the game went and those stats (namely higher goal attempts and possession) strongly suggest that Hull City did not, as Warnock put it, ‘park the bus’.

    I`m not doubting your credentials for one minute (sounds like a brilliant job you`ve got) but I wouldn`t ever use a Warnock quote to back up what you are saying. Warnock also said something along the lines of ‘the crowd at The Circle turned on AT because he was the best player they'd seen up there for years’. Yes, of course, better than Rooney, Gerrard, Fabregas et al. from the past two years.

    “neither Leeds or Hull City will finish above QPR this season,”


    Based on the season so far, QPR deserve to be where they are in the league. We played Leeds three days after QPR and I think the consensus was that QPR were clearly a better side.

    QPR, Forest and I`d now say Leicester are the teams who’ll probably go up.

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  • 88. At 7:09pm on 17 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Response to LTrent

    Thank you, a very fair overall observation and as fans of the game and the clubs we support we can agree to differ on how we saw the game at the KC.

    Neil Warnock is a man however, I must defend. His credentials stand up to anyones at Championship level. He is outspoken, but a regular on TV and radio because the fans love to listen to what he has to say. That is not to say that all fans agree with his opinions, but he is one of the great characters of football!

    You were right to say Fryatt could have won the game for Hull City at the end of the QPR match. Indeed, had he remained composed he would have scored.

    0-0 at the end of the day was not a disaster for either team and Pearson having picked up the pieces is doing a fine job at Hull City, whilst Neil Warnock is a breath of fresh air at QPR following so many changes of manager since the terrific Ian Holloway was in control.

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  • 89. At 9:00pm on 17 Feb 2011, LTrent wrote:

    Warnock’s credentials are as good as any outside the top flight. It was his words that I was dismissive of.

    However, I realise Warnock doesn`t just say these things without purpose. He’s experienced in dealing with the media and he knows how to boost his player/team in anyway he can. It’s hard to knock him for that. I just disagree with him quite often.

    Having said that, I`d much rather hear him than many other managers/pundits etc. At least he creates a few waves.

    Nigel Pearson is doing a great job at Hull City but very quietly. He’s building a young team (from something like twenty players leaving since the summer) that look like have a great chance of getting us of this league. This season, next season….

    Be interesting to see what type of investment in the squad your board will make next season assuming you do go up.

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  • 90. At 06:59am on 18 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Response to LTrent

    You said: 'Warnock also said something along the lines of ‘the crowd at The Circle turned on AT because he was the best player they'd seen up there for years.........’.

    I did not read that quote but did hear Neil Warnock say 'Taraabt was the technically most gifted player on the pitch that day'; which in my opinion is probably true. Managers and players are often misquoted in the press and their comments can be also be taken out of context.

    However, whatever Warnock said to Taraabt at half time, it worked because his foolish behaviour of the first half was not repeated in the second; he just got on with the job. If I'd been manager, at half time I would have pointed out to the player that he should only worry if the fans are not singing about him; maybe that is exactly what Warnock did. Opposition fans always sing about the players they fear and Rangers fans will recall many opposition fans trying to goad Marsh and Bowles in years gone by. Taraabt is in good company!

    Currently the main Premier League players taunted by opposition fans are John Terry, Rooney and Torres. If Taraabt can aspire to the standards of those players in the coming years (and he has some work to do yet), he will have done well.

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  • 91. At 07:52am on 18 Feb 2011, benji wrote:

    QPR - Top by 5 points, massive goal difference and lots of goals

    Recent difficult run of games with major injuries and have won 3 and drawn 4. if it was old Liverpool or top 3 it would be grinding out good results

    So Mr Claridge if we have such a vast goal difference superiority then you really had better lay into all the other teams about their negativity or maybe with the BBC cuts they haven't printed this season's table and you are looking at last season's table

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  • 92. At 09:04am on 18 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Response to Ghostof Ninian (69 above)

    As you pointed out, Cardiff City did not go into administration. Do you really think however, it is because the club wished to honour their debts or because if entering administration the points deducted would end any hope Cardiff have of automatic promotion? And even maybe effect their chances of holding onto Bellamy, Chopra and Bothroyd?

    Please accept this is not a dig at you or Cardiff City. But you are clearly a genuine enthustiastic fan of your club, and I am interested to know, having given it some thought what you really think?

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  • 93. At 09:54am on 18 Feb 2011, Rangerrob wrote:

    Dear Mr Warnock (and the rest of the team),
    Please use Mr C's words as motivation to play brilliantly against Preston or Ipswich to make him eat his words. (I suppose if QPR do that then next week he'll say 'ah, but that was only against Preston/Ipswich and they're lower than QPR or on a bad run or due for a poor result after a good run etc).
    Facts speak for themselves - top by 5 points, best goal difference, one of the top scorers, the player with the most assists, the player with most shots (both on and off target), the most clean sheets etc. Not sure what else the R's need to do (apart from asking Mr C out of retirement!)?

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  • 94. At 10:47am on 18 Feb 2011, GhostOfNinian wrote:

    #92 - Anthony
    I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but I'm also sure that having given it some thought, you will find that your 'having given it some thought' comment is...well...a touch on the patronising side.

    To imagine that during the whole time we were under a transfer embargo, which lasted about 2 seasons, I didn't find time to 'give it some thought', is a bit rich...

    I gave it a lot of thought and the fact that by the time the embargo was lifted our financial status had become altogether more positive thanks to a raft of investment, means that the idea that administration was avoided as it would pose a risk to the Bellamy deal proves that you too have no idea what you're talking about, as administration was no longer being muted by any party by that stage!

    Prior to the stability that investment brought, I'm sure that no options were considered fully off the table, however there was always the fact that in the background there were secured and unsecured investors alike, who would stand to lose a whole heap of millions and the general consensus was, that if admin was minutes away, a chequebook would have emerged from somewhere to pay-off just enough to avoid collapse...luckily it never came to that, but as close as it may have been, I'm sick of the story now and would-be hacks peddling garbage they know nothing about gets a tad tiresome...having given it some thought...

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  • 95. At 11:21am on 18 Feb 2011, mlolam wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 96. At 11:30am on 18 Feb 2011, Rudders wrote:

    Of Rangers next 8 games Leicester who are 7th is the best placed team that we have to face. We are still top and still the best team in the league so to criticise us is pointless.

    Claridge's criticism of Rangers have been incoherent and without foundation. Last weeks criticism of us just havig that extra bit of quality in even games then going on to praise Forest "how many times have we seen FOrest beat sides 1-0" sums up his inocompetence as a puindit.

    Expect us to pick up a large chunk of the necessary points pretty quickly and you can all go back to comparing crowd sizes to make yourselves feel better.

    Comparing crowd sizes may boost the dented ego's of the former big club fans and the 1 team town's but all that matters is how your teams are doing in the pitch. I could careless about our average gate. I'm much more concerned with our League position not our average attendance position.

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  • 97. At 11:46am on 18 Feb 2011, mlolam wrote:

    To: Bakes8 Taarabt is ADEL but you're right he is a massive talent as is Faurlin by the way (both bargain buys).
    At QPR we're used to criticism especially at hard times but we never let it get us down. Who cares what others say. Liverpool can spend millions and draw 0-0 with mediocre teams but Kenny is still "king" and the club "massive", we can't draw a couple of hard matches away without being criticised. Didn't Forest lose to someone slightly weaker than them the other day? (is it better to get 1 point or none) But they're still worthy of the Premier league because they are also massive (ish)!
    So Mr Claridge thanks for your constructive criticism but I think it's better if Warnock and Co. are left to decide how the team should play and who should play

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  • 98. At 11:48am on 18 Feb 2011, xwarex SCFC wrote:

    Ghost of ninian, the fact is that Cardiff signed Bellamy along with a whole host of high earners when still owing not just your many creditors but shamefully other football clubs as well. This was before your financial backers came and bailed you out of Risdale's hole that he put you in. It's a disgusting way to run a football club.

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  • 99. At 11:49am on 18 Feb 2011, xwarex SCFC wrote:

    any thoughts on that one.....

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  • 100. At 12:07pm on 18 Feb 2011, GhostOfNinian wrote:

    xwarex SCFC
    Just to clarify:
    August 2009 - Dato Tan Tien Ghee first got involved
    May 2010 - Ridsdale left the club and the Malaysian consortium took over full control
    6th Aug 2010 - Embargo lifted having settled outstanding HMRC and football debts (under league rules the embargo would not be lifted if football debts were still outstanding)
    17th August 2010 - Bellamy joined on a season-long loan


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  • 101. At 12:12pm on 18 Feb 2011, GhostOfNinian wrote:

    BTW xwarex SCFC
    Assuming SCFC is Swansea and not Stoke or someone else, have you managed to pay off any of the creditors from either of your recent trips into administration yet? Only I was wondering if you could give me back the money I threw into a bucket being rattled outside Ninian Park when we at Cardiff decided to put our hands in our pockets to help you avoid going out of business...

    Any thoughts on that?

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  • 102. At 12:22pm on 18 Feb 2011, henry lockhead wrote:

    No matter what u say about QPR or whoever goes top of the league FAIR PLAY 2 them,all depends whos there come end of season.One thing is for sure as we saw Scunthrope do is many points will be lost & won by the so called top half.WHO has the bottle,nerve & squad for the run in? I do think QPR will be there along with Leeds United with the 4 P/O places,Cardiff,Forest,Norwich & between Swansea/Hull..

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  • 103. At 12:26pm on 18 Feb 2011, LTrent wrote:

    Unless you are privvy to details of Cardiff’s fiscal affairs it’s difficult to give fair comment.

    It appears to me that they’ve somehow managed to negotiate some amazing deals in terms of loans, so fairplay to them.

    As far as I know, they’ve done it all within the rules.

    If anyone is unhappy with that, then pressure the system to change.

    Be interested to how Cardiff fans rate Olifinjana and if they envisage them signing him and Hull City signing Gerrard?

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  • 104. At 12:31pm on 18 Feb 2011, LTrent wrote:

    To Anthony

    To be completely fair, I read that quote on some online rag or other, so it could easily have been a misquote. It did read very Warnock though.

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  • 105. At 12:33pm on 18 Feb 2011, xwarex SCFC wrote:

    Your malasian fella did not get involved in August, thats rubbish and you know it. thats when the talks and what not started it was far from certain that he would back Cardiff at that point. I believe it was end of may beginning of june that that happened and you signed bellamy august still owing motherwell (i think it was) nearly £200k. As i say disgusting, signing players with outstanding debt. tut tut

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  • 106. At 12:34pm on 18 Feb 2011, GhostOfNinian wrote:

    My point exactly regarding the comments of those with no insight on the financial affairs, etc...
    Don't blame those that use the system either, as you say blame the system and stop being jealous that your club didn't manage to do the same!

    As for Olofinjana, he started really well and controlled the middle of the park sometimes, but lost a lot of that after a while and now seems to be getting back to some sort of form and playing a bigger part again. As for any offer for him permanently, I think that'd depend very much on which division we're in next year and how he fairs for the rest of the season...
    How's Gerrard doing for you guys?

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  • 107. At 12:48pm on 18 Feb 2011, LTrent wrote:

    Olofinjana is inconsistent and didn`t play as much as he should have for us. As a player, I`d have him back - though his wages are allegedly something absurd like 24k p/w. As we’re building a young squad (on more sensible wages) there’s no real place for Oli or say Bullard as they aren`t in mode with the new ethos.

    Gerrard has been fantastic, which unfortunately, I`m sure Dave Jones knows only too well. Talk over here is that it’ll be sorted out at the end of the season. However, word is that if Cardiff go up, we probably wouldn`t sign him as Gerrard’s contract would become way more expensive as he became a Premier League player. It’s all speculation though.

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  • 108. At 1:02pm on 18 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    To GhostofNinian

    I am not at all anti Cardiff City. I am a devout lifetime QPR fan, but can tell you I spent many Saturdays at Ninian Park watching Toshack, Brian Clarke, Carver and Don Murray in the late 60s and early 70s.

    I asked the question, because (I have given it some thought) and I recall QPR went into admistration some years back and then signed Shittu and Doodoo (I might have spelt the latter players name wrong) because, although QPR could not afford it a wonderful QPR fan who has now sadly died paid for the players transfers and wages from his own pocket. If memory serves me correctly, Brentford FC complained to the Football League and a transfer embargo was put on QPR including loanees, so it is a fact that Cardiff City may well have lost Bellamy if they had gone into administration. The other point is if Cardiff had been docked the points Bellamy may have lost the desire to play for them.

    I don't know Bellamy and have no idea what he would have decided, but just put the idea forward as a possibility.

    I am a great admirer of Dave Jones and you are right to say he has used the system to Cardiff's best possible advantage - and fair play to him for that. But it is also right that maybe some football clubs might raise the issue in order to prevent other clubs taking similar advantage in similar circumstances in the future. It is certainly within the rules, we know that, but morally?

    This Saturday will be mighty interesting and is another great opportunity for QPR to increase their impressive lead over clubs just below them. With 6 of the top clubs playing each other and QPR at Preston, as a Rangers fan you hope we take advantage of that. Phil Brown however, is a decent manager and as his teams performance at Watford last weekend showed he is making progress, so I don't believe Preston will be a push over. Who'd have thought Scunthorpe would have beaten an in form Nottingham Forest this week?

    Football is a funny game, and one of its greatest assets is the ability to shock!

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  • 109. At 1:15pm on 18 Feb 2011, bakes8 wrote:

    To: Bakes8 Taarabt is ADEL but you're right he is a massive talent as is Faurlin by the way (both bargain buys).


    Heehee! I love it when people correct me on that one!

    I know AT's name, im a ST in N Block. Abdul is what Mr Claridge called him on the Football League show earlier on in the season. Know nothing nobody that he is.

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  • 110. At 1:26pm on 18 Feb 2011, GhostOfNinian wrote:

    Anthony, mate, read my post #100 above - which states that 3 months before Bellamy joined the Malaysian group had taken full control and thus any thoughts of administration were consigned to the past, the all to recent past admittedly, but the group had been investing millions over the previous 9 months already, so no real chance of it for quite some time!

    Anyhow, enough of this, just to say that QPR are having an amazing season no matter what anyone says - be they on the BBC payroll or simply sat behind their keyboard! Keep waiting for them to go through a blip that'll actually see them drop away a bit, but it just hasn't happened..................yet...!;-)

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  • 111. At 3:29pm on 18 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    To Ghostof Ninian

    Thanks for the observations. QPR have had a blip actually, although the past 6 games see them back on track. Only Nottingham Forest have gained more points than QPR in the last six game, 13 as opposed to our 12. Cardiff by the way have also gained 12 points whilst the remaining teams in the top six have achieved less.

    I did worry in January when Jamie Mackie and Patrick Agyemang incurred long term injuries and when Kyle Walker was recalled by Spurs; but Neil Warnocks replacements of Wayne Routledge, Ishmael Miller, Danny Shittu and Pascal Chimbonda is inspirational. With Akos Buzsaky now getting close to regaining his fitness, I believe we are yet to see the best of QPR this season.

    Yes things are certainly looking good if you support QPR and the future looks very bright indeed!

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  • 112. At 5:21pm on 18 Feb 2011, Valiant62 wrote:

    Gannon had a win against Rotherham the other week, so he isn't winless at Vale.

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  • 113. At 6:26pm on 18 Feb 2011, mlolam wrote:

    To Bakes8: Sorry I didn't catch your irony - I've been out of the country too long! I'm an ex-ST in Ellerslie Road JJ (20 odd years beween the 70's and 90's) now living outside UK.
    R's fans are some of the most loyal, I can remember many freezing Saturday afternoons spent following the R's at places like Rotherham, Cambridge, Notts County, Blackpool (years ago) and yes even Cardiff, where the travelling r's fans outnumbered the local supporters so come on you r's

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  • 114. At 6:53pm on 18 Feb 2011, NEL-White (MOT) Bring back the Peacock!! Part-time carrier of Grumpy Young Man Syndrome wrote:

    “Forest took 2176 to Reading for example, while Leicester took just 3,885 to a Derby game at Cov”.

    Are you implying that Forest away support has been better than ours this season. If you look at the figures we are actually 2nd to Leeds, not you or Derby.

    @ 68 – Leicester are back…

    What are you on about? I’m a Leeds fan. My post (#42) which you took the quote from indicates this quite clearly. I was saying nobody can match the Leeds away support.

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  • 115. At 7:09pm on 18 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    It doesn't matter how many fans a team has, how new the stadium is or how many fans go to away games. What counts in the Championship is the number of points a team accumalates over 46 games!

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  • 116. At 11:14pm on 18 Feb 2011, Rangers1882 wrote:

    This has been an interesting read....

    QPR have never had a good relationship with the media, especially the BBC. Maybe they are trying so hard to be unbiased due to our location they have actually gone to far the other way. Such is life!!

    I've worked in the BBC centre on a number of occasions due to my job and there are alot of QPR supporters also working there which is not really surprising being in Shepherds Bush so I like to think Mr Claridge comes under a bit of stick in the restaurants and that may explain his anti QPR opinions. He's more than entitled to his view and he's view holds absolutely no interest to me whatsoever.

    We are more than likely going to get promoted this season and as champions no less which means there is no better club in this league than us this year. Doesn't matter if you're bigger, won more cups in years gone by, bigger home or away crowd, Better facilities or better at getting away with constant cheating the rules and bleating to your own FA when the big bad FA dare to punish a player.

    You're not better than QPR this season,

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  • 117. At 09:46am on 19 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Response to Rangers1882

    I agree with your comments about 'bleating to their own FA...'

    The number of times the English FA and Football League has allowed the Welsh FA to deal with a matters of discipline whenever Cardiff City is in breach of English FA rules is a disgrace. There is no better example than at an FA Cup tie played in Cardiff a few years ago when Cardiff City fans constantly threw coins at Leeds United players as they took corners and throwins etc. If any English teams fans had been responsible for behaving in that manner, sanctions would have been very harsh indeed. However, the English FA ducked the issue and asked the Welsh FA to deal with the problem; and of course Cardiff City were virtually let off scot free.

    The Welsh teams want it both ways. To have all the benefits and kudos of playing in the English League, but not to abide by the English rules whenever it suits them; coupled with the added protection of the Welsh FA.

    Before the 2003 Play Off Final in Cardiff between Cardiff City and QPR the fire alarms were set off in QPR players hotel during the early hours of the morning on the day of the match in order to disturb the QPR players sleep. The club owners body guard was caught on cctv and later convicted in the courts for a criminal offence. The Football League took no action at all against Cardiff City. And then owing to objections from Cardiff City the English National Anthem was not sung at any of the English Play Off Finals that year, but before the QPR game the Cardiff fans sang Men of Harlech, which was played over the Milleniums loud speakers. Before anyone responds with claims of libel, these are recorded facts that are a matter of public record!

    It is about time the English FA and the Football League took control of the situation and made certain the Welsh clubs abide by the English rules; that is if the Welsh clubs wish to continue to play in the English League and cup competitions.

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  • 118. At 3:01pm on 19 Feb 2011, will wrote:

    'Super Stevie Claridge' is what I used to sing as a kid when I watched you play at Filbert Street for Leicester. We worshipped you as a god and after your goal in the play off final you became a legend in our eyes. However, since you've become a football pundit I have always watched you through fond memories, I realise you have said in an interview in the summer that you had a marvellous time at us but then you have also said things such as this season we would be lucky to get mid table? The majority of the time you even manage to avoid even bringing us up in discussion about the top teams in the season. In the most recent 'Claridge kicks off' you seemed to mention every club in the top half apart from us. Do you just forget we're in this league and have not won Seven and drawn One in our last eight games or do you still just think despite us winning, playing some of the best football in the league that at this moment Swansea, Cardiff and Leeds are still better contenders than us to get promoted?

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  • 119. At 4:27pm on 19 Feb 2011, Rangers1882 wrote:

    Dont forget that they also had a Welsh 'semi' celebrity doing their bit on the pitch before the game, had the so called home end and lucky changing rooms (the fact they won maybe it was the lucky changing rooms)

    More to the point how any one could see that playing the game in Cardiff was a neutral ground is beyond me. Cant really blame Cardiff for that I suppose.

    My personnal view is that we shouldn't have Welsh teams in our league, as much as I wouldn't expect the Welsh to except an English team in there league (is there any?) and if there was or is I doubt they would allow the English FA to dish out any punishment. We are just not allowed to be English anymore...very sad

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  • 120. At 6:00pm on 19 Feb 2011, SuperSean2003 wrote:

    I've always thought he was one of the common-sense pundits, and at least he dignifies the QPR fans with a response.

    Personally, I think the fans of QPR need to pull themselves together a touch.

    A little bit of criticism, due to their form dropping off, and the toys go flying.

    QPR are a decent side and maybe Claridge's comments wrongly singled out a club who aren't necessarily playing badly, but really, who cares.

    He's not made any kind of personal attack, like some of you have in return. Get a grip.

    Keep it up Steve!

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  • 121. At 6:43pm on 19 Feb 2011, ValiantRosie2807 wrote:

    1. Q.P.R. fans: stop complaining!! It's his opinion, so just leave him to it. Don't like it, then why bother listening to it?
    2. I would like to point out that Q.P.R. weren't unbeaten at the start of the season: I seem to remember a lowly league 2 club called Port Vale winning 3-1 there on Tuesday 10th August :)
    3. I have nothing against Q.P.R., I'm just pointing out the above fact as a proud Port Vale supporter :)
    4. Nice that league 2 clubs are actually being mentioned, rather than the usual situation when it seems as though the BBC feel that the Championship is the only important league and that league 1 and league don't seem to matter as much.
    5. I do however disagree that Vale are "failing to keep pace with the leaders". If Mr Claridge will notice the table, Shrewsbury and Chesterfield are miles clear of EVERYONE in the remaining positions and we are only 1 or 2 points of 3rd place.
    6.No idea about Justin Richards, although when Akpo Sodje played for us, his hair was dyed like that... :S

    **7. Mr Claridge, you may also wish to double check your stats... you may find that in fact Port Vale beat Rotherham 1-0 on the 1st of Feb, i.e. BEFORE we drew with Northampton... How you can do your and not thoroughly check your facts first is beyond me.. so in fact, we are now 4 games unbeaten under Jim Gannon after beating Bradford last night...**

    I know it may seem like I'm being a bit of a hypocrite with telling QPR fans not to watch Claridge if he annoys them, but rest assured, I won't watch it again either, I only watched it this time to see what he had to say about Vale, which actually turned out to be factually incorrect....


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  • 122. At 9:16pm on 19 Feb 2011, MK Swans wrote:

    steve claridge is a clueless muppet

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  • 123. At 10:34pm on 19 Feb 2011, London-Jack - The Republic of Swansea wrote:

    Boro played their part in our win?

    If it was qpr playing boro and they came back to win 4-3 from being 3-1 down it would probably well deserved
    Claridge just admit it you don't have they time of day for Swansea

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  • 124. At 00:19am on 20 Feb 2011, Bedford R wrote:

    He says that he says he how he sees it. He then says that he has seen QPR play 6-7 times. O.K. That is his limited opinion from a limited pundit. Fast becoming irrelevant...

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  • 125. At 00:27am on 20 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    To ValiantRosie2807

    As I recall it Neil Warnock, in August 2010 put out a reserve side against Port Vale in the League Cup as he did not want the League Cup to feature in QPR's season.

    Those with football history knowledge will know that QPR, are of course the team that made the League Cup into a major tournament. Look up that history - 4th March 1967. I was there, my ticket in the front row, on ther half way line cost £12/06. My provider was Ron Phillips, the then long serving QPR Club Secretary.

    Re Port Vale: I was also stupid enough to leave the game at Port Vale a few years back with a few minutes to go when QPR were 4-1 down, look that up as well. Newcastle's come back v Arsenal is nothing compared to the masters of the comeback, who are QPR. Apart from Port Vale, I quote v Newcastle: 4-0 up against QPR at half time in 1984 and and West Bromwich Albion in 1967, with just 20 minutes to go in a cup final and two Divisions seperating the sides.

    Look up the final scores yourselves if you don't have the knowledge!

    As to Rangers1882, spot on: Cardiff and Swansea should join the Welsh League so two more English teams can join the English League that they should be entitled to join. I have read the Football League rules in relation to Cardiff and Swansea, and whereas it says English team have to qualify for League membership it adds Cardiff and Swansea are members by invitation only - to the Football League I say revoke that invitation for the sake of the English teams that miss out. The English League is certainly not enhanced by the participation of the Welsh teams. The standard of the Welsh League would also be improved if Swansea and Cardiff City joined it; so all round, as two footballing nations we should agree, 'Cardiff & Swansea resign from the English League and play where you belong. 'If not for your clubs then for the sake of your own country's football future. 'I ask 'when did you last qualify for the World Cup Finals?'. (if in doubt - 1958).

    It is surely time Welsh football, for you to stand on your own two feet. Scottish Football is proud and bold enough to do it with pride. Why don't the Welsh do the same?

    Finally re the QPR comments: if you are struggling in the League or even mid table and your club receives stick, fair enough. QPR are however, top of the Championship, and on merit have been for most of the season. All the stick including Mr Claridges comments about QPR is amateurish, ill informed and absolutely stupid. As loyal football fans we should expect better from a so called BBC football expert!

    I invite the BBC to give me a job. You have my email address so just get in touch!

    We are now on the run in to the end of the season. QPR are 5 points clear and have a goal difference that gives them (in practice) an extra point.

    No need for opinions about fans, players, grounds or history; QPR, have earned the right to top the league. And I have no doubt whatsoever will top the league in May.

    Just accept it.

    The rest of you fight for second place and the Play Offs!

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  • 126. At 6:22pm on 20 Feb 2011, peter seidler wrote:

    how much longer will it take for FA to deal with milwall FC the measures taken in the past have not worked .Would suggest relegation at the end of the season, then maybe the idiots will be identified.

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  • 127. At 02:39am on 21 Feb 2011, Extra-Time Dean wrote:

    Ignore some of these comments Steve. Some of them really havent't got any common sense.

    They have the luxury of mainly focusing on their own team, they probably couldn't tell you anything else about the rest of the teams in the league, and they also have the cheek to pick up on certain comments you make and then complain how you can make certain comments when not watching all their games throughout the season.

    What they fail to realise is for them to watch every league game for their club takes at most 3 hours a week, a total of 69 hours a season. Where as for you to be able to comment on games in the football league would mean you having to sit through up to around 108 hours of football in a week to have a true reflection of every team, of every game they play. Please forgive them for their incompetence to even figure something like that out.

    Expectations of football fans will never change, a minority are inconsiderate people, wearing rose tinted specs and expect you to know the ins and outs of every game they play so you can make the perfect comment of their teams without upsetting their ego's.

    I for one don't always agree with your comments, but I also wouldn't know where to begin when it comes down to commenting on other teams. I don't have a clue on how Bournemouth or Hereford got on this weekend, and I would guess 99% of the idiots complaining in the replies above don't have a clue either.

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  • 128. At 10:32am on 21 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Football Statistics from Dean (message 127)

    I love stats, don't you?

    So Dean says 99% of people writing on the blog don't have a clue (he calls us idiots). With just over 100 messages here that means in Dean's view one of us writing on the blog is sensible (it appears he thinks that's him) and the rest of us, well....

    A big statement and brave to Dean. But before jumpung to conclusions, maybe Dean is right. To find out which side of the fence Dean truly lies on (an idiot or the one true genius), lets analyse what he says:

    'Steve Claridge sits through 108 hours of football a week':

    Well Dean, theres 168 hours in a week so that leaves Steve Claridge with just 60 hours a week for other things. 8.5 hrs a day, 7 days a week to sleep, travel, shower, check into hotels, eat, dress, go shopping, spend time with his family, socialise, spend time with friends, watch TV etc. That stat broken down, according to Dean, means Steve watches football just under 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Compare a Premier League managers typical week: Maybe 4 hours a day, 5 days a week on the training field (20 hrs); watching his own team, two games a week (3 hrs); watching other live games, be generous and say 3 games a week (4.5 hrs); watching videos (6 hrs): Total hrs a week watching football: 33.5 - round it up to a full time job and call it 40hrs.

    According to Dean, Steve Claridge watches almost 3 times as much football as a Premier League manager!

    Dean appears to suggest us 99% idiots should be writing about Bournemouth or Hereford and says if you only support one team you don't know about anyone else. If you support a Championship team and watch all their games don't you watch 26 teams live (25 at least twice) plus any friendlies, cup matches and TV games from other competitions and countries!

    Whoops, looks like Dean's slipped up again!

    What about Dean Criticising us for wishing to talk about our own team and pointing out their attributes (even if we are all a bit biased from time to time), surely that is exactly what this site is about. We also have the odd moan about our favourite team as well, and why not? If we all spoke about Hereford and Bournemouth everyone, including even the Hereford and Bournemouth fans would be bored. Especially as their particular fans appear absent from this blog anyway.

    Where did Dean get those two team choices from, at least choose something interesting like Barcelona or the English national team.

    Before anyone laughs at Dean's statements, there is however, just one point that makes me feel Dean might be right.

    If Steve Claridge does work 108 hour weeks for the BBC watching football then when on screen you'd think he'd be slumped in his seat, with his head bowed just looking down at the desk mumbling absolute rubbish; the poor man would be absolutely shattered and at breaking point.

    Dean mate, thinking about it, maybe you have got a point!!!!!

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  • 129. At 5:14pm on 21 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Response to peter seidler (message 126)

    It is right you have raised the issue as no doubt whatever differences we as fans have about the clubs we support, we all agree that this behaviour is a disgrace.

    What happened at Millwall is very sad. For many years now everyone has worked really hard to move forward from the behaviour of the 70s and 80s and once again a few criminals (if I call them what I really think this message will be removed) have tarnished our game nationally and internationally.

    I appreciate the reasons for your call for relegation, but I think as much as is possible football matches should be won or lost on the field of play as should relegation or promotion. And when the big axe of the League has fallen on clubs such as Swindon who were relegated from the top tier without even kicking a ball for financial irregularities, it is so unfair on the REAL GENUINE fans, who spend thousands of pounds (many can ill afford) turning up to support their clubs week in and week out.

    I believe the police, stewards and cctv should be used to single out the culprits and they should be absolutely hammered by the courts and given lifetime bans from all football grounds. Currently football ground bans are difficult to enforce but once football stadia has a system like the Disney parks where you enter by finger print, there will be no way for these people to get back into the grounds that they are banned from and we'll all benefit; as will the game we love.

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  • 130. At 09:02am on 22 Feb 2011, UNBWM wrote:

    Firstly I am a Nottingham Forest supporter. I have great respect for QPR and what they have done this season but with all things that go up as quickly as they have they must come down like that famous club that bottled their chance in the Premier League...Derby County!

    Secondly I don't know why with 14 games left in the season QPR fans are coming on here stating what they did at the beginning of the season. It's a known fact that QPR have been getting quite good results this season but it's also a known fact that they are ,for use of a better word, deflating. With two quality attacking players injured and one not getting everything by himself they are definitely slowly decreasing in form!

    And finally, QPR fans it doesn't matter what SC did in his career as a player or a manager the criticism coming from him is fair and true if you don't like it then don't watch the video!

    Thanks for the video blog SC looking forward to the next one!

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  • 131. At 09:06am on 22 Feb 2011, UNBWM wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 132. At 10:17am on 22 Feb 2011, bakes8 wrote:


    Deflating? Weird comment, we're unbeaten in 8 games mate. How did Forest get on at mighty Scunny?

    Qpr for the title. Claridge for his P45.

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  • 133. At 11:01am on 22 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Response to UNBWM

    Firstly I'll say no one can take away from Steve Claridge his considerable Football League experience. And of course, agree or disagree, his opinions are worth listening to, which is why we are all enjoying writing comments in response. In all seriousness, we all enjoy a joke at Steve's expense as we do at the expense of most footballers who don't represent our team, but Steve is big enough and experienced enough to take it and look after himself. He doesn't need you or anyone else to defend him, he's pretty much seen it all!

    Re your comments overall - like Dean before you your facts are a little wayward. QPR have been trying to get back into the Premier League for 15 years so thats hardly 'going up quickly'. And the 'quite good results' you quote has taken QPR to the top of the Championship 5 points clear, with the best defence and one of the best attacks. The stats speak for themselves, and QPR have led the way all season. Forest have done okay of late and have joined the pack behind QPR, but don't look over your shoulder because Leicester are coming. The reason QPR are top is the teams behind them keep stuttering. When QPR drop points, so do the rest. One week Cardiff are second, then Swansea, then Forest whose next? But QPR simply remain top!

    It is true it was a blow to QPR to have two quality strikers injured in January, that would have an adverse affect on any team. But Warnock has replaced them and of course one replacement (Miller) has only just regained match fitness. So it is far to early for anyone to comment as you have done. Also look out for the return of Buzasky, he is virtually there and will certainly stregnthen the QPR challenge.

    In addition QPR have owners who if they choose, can invest in the playing squad similar amounts of money to Manchester City. You are naive to think will drop straight back down because if promoted QPR won't stregnthen. They will stregnthen and very considerably. The owners of QPR are not amateurs but have vast experience of success in sport. I am certain they intend to suceed with QPR otherwise they would not have invested the time and money they have already. These people have put a smile back on the fans faces, a smile missing since before the mid 90s, so well done to them!

    As for your advice that any fans who disagree with any of Claridges comments should not watch the videos or comment, if your advice was followed Steve Claridge would soon be out of a job. Football is a game that belongs to us all and we are all entitled to voice our opinions as long as we do it with common sense and courtesy; otherwise our comments are removed by the BBC for being in bad taste - as one of your comments was!

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  • 134. At 11:45am on 22 Feb 2011, UNBWM wrote:


    yh we lost to scunthorpe but how did you get on with Preston and don't forget Forest have a game in hand against QPR and when we win that we will be 2 points behind them! Then all it takes is one slip up and we're in first don't forget how many points are left in the season and Forest always finish the season on a high note we'll see you in the Premier League after you become runners up in the league!

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  • 135. At 12:31pm on 22 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    response to UNBWM

    To answer your question QPR drew at Preston and Forest lost at Scunthorpe. A reason why QPR have accumalated 5 more points than Forest and not 4, don't you think!

    If you require any further information about football related matters I'll be happy to help you out. Always happy to oblige!

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  • 136. At 1:39pm on 22 Feb 2011, bakes8 wrote:

    Love your optimism unbwm, but what guarentee's you 3 points in your game in hand? I remember Forest fans giving it the biggie pre-Scunny and how did that work out for you?

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  • 137. At 2:28pm on 22 Feb 2011, jbclaret05 Together lets save Burnley 606 wrote:

    Come on Claridge its about time Burnley deserve some praise we are the form team and NO mension come on Claridge give us some deserved credit!

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  • 138. At 2:48pm on 22 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    UNBWM says he's a Forest fan and QPR had better look out because Forest ALWAYS finish strongly:

    last season - 2009/10 Forest won 3 of their last 10 games
    season before - 2008/09 Forest won 3 of their last 10 games

    whoops, maybe he's a Notts County fan trying to wind us all up, because he obviously knows nothing about Forest!

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  • 139. At 11:13pm on 22 Feb 2011, I can think for myself wrote:

    To the character who wants Cardiff and Swansea to play in the Welsh League. That would still leave Wrexham playing in English football. Why shouldn't they play in the Welsh League as well ? Berwick Rangers play in the Scottish League . Maybe they should play in England ?

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  • 140. At 11:34pm on 22 Feb 2011, zetfovleh wrote:

    We are top by five points. Based on 33 games, yes 33, we are the best and most consistent team in the division this year. Any one below us (no matter how big they think they are or what division you think your massive club should be playing in) are not as good as us.

    People who judge us on one performance should should watch us more before they make judgements. I have seen plenty of dire teams playing us this season but I wouldn't have the stupidity to critique them after 90 minutes. Watch us every week or if you want a quick reference, look at the league table.

    The size of our crowds or the source of our alleged wealth is immaterial. You wont find wealthy clubs languishing at the foot of any league, why should the championship be any different. Teams have been buying the PL, La liga, Serie A for 15 years now. Big crowds are no guarantee of Premiership football, look at Leeds and Forest, and our crowds when we were in the Premier League are comparable to crowds this season.

    I think SC is generally fair to QPR. We not pretty to watch of late, but were doing enough to hold off the tide of mediocrity below us.

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  • 141. At 00:00am on 23 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Response to I can think for myself (139)

    You're quite right about Wrexham and then it goes on Newport County etc. I only mentioned the higher placed Welsh teams to make the point.

    Geographically only, Berwick is an interesting one - but they are not good enough for the Football League. Even if they managed to creep in they would not enhance the English League; and there are streets in Berwick where residents get free prescriptions because they are deemed to live in Scotland whilst residents at the other end of the street pay for their prescriptions because they live in England.

    Not quite as clear cut as the Severn and the Wye boarders that dictate Cardiff, Swansea (and Newport if you like) as being in Wales, and taking advantage of English League status!

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  • 142. At 00:10am on 23 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    To zetfovleh

    You make a good point about clubs buying success for many years, but in actual fact it has always gone on. If I remember my football history correctly, in the 1890s Sunderland were the most succesful football club for a number of years and were anounced as 'Champions of the World'; and because of their wealth they were nicknamed 'The Bank of England Club'.

    To unbwm (134 above), you were saying.......

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  • 143. At 03:58am on 23 Feb 2011, Slimboyslim wrote:

    Steve, QPR fan in peace! You shouldn't have to apologise for your opinion as long as it's backed up and coherent. I agree with most of what you say; we were nowhere near being a promotion candidate before Warnock and Adel, and the lead we have built feels very fragile still. Wins fill me with more relief than anything else at the moment. I think we really were blowing teams away for the first couple of months though, and we've weathered a long storm of injuries and ugly, tight games since then - if we'd only had Mackie and Buzsaky fit all season there wouldn't be any goalscoring concerns...

    But I do feel Kenny and our defence have been outstanding and the discipline of Derry, plus Faurlin's passing and workrate have enabled Taarabt to thrive. But if we win this league we will owe it to a lot of draws where others have lost games. Of course a win is worth 3 times a draw, but that draw is worth infinte times more than any number of losses.

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  • 144. At 11:12am on 23 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    To Slimboyslim

    Very fair points. The thing about draws over losses is not just the points but confidence levels.

    Take QPR: unbeaten in 9; beaten only three times in the season; beaten only once at home. The confidence must be high when players go out onto the pitch every week believing they will not lose!

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  • 145. At 1:21pm on 23 Feb 2011, Anthony wrote:

    For the record, Recent Form in the Championship as at 23 Feb 2010:

    QPR unbeaten in 9
    Hull City unbeaten in 9
    Leicester City lost just 1 in 9
    Leeds United unbeaten in 7
    Swansea, Cardiff, Forest, Norwich and Burnley all lost just 1 in 6.

    All the top teams are in good form, no matter what Steve or anyone else says. The stats speak for themselves.

    A great response to the Championship comments of Steve Claridge on this particular video - well done all. Great passion, which just shows how important the Championship is to us all. Also a pat on the back to the BBC and Steve Claridge for 'lighting that fire'!

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  • 146. At 6:47pm on 23 Feb 2011, kevingallensmagic wrote:

    To be fair, we not really a big club in the championship, but everyone treats us like we are, so.......

    Anyway, Steve always complains about us and Neil Warnock and to be honest, we ignore most of it, but no one can deny when they've seen QPR as their next game,(This Season) they immediately worry.

    Taarabt may be inconsistent, but he has got us where we are now, and gets treated like a hero. On his day he can change a match.

    P.S. Yep, we need a striker.

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  • 147. At 11:07pm on 23 Feb 2011, BigGiantHead wrote:

    Also if you expected Championship and got nothing, I apologise for ranting last week that there was no League 1 in it at all. I suppose at least they listen to something around here.

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  • 148. At 11:35am on 24 Feb 2011, scarboroughtiger wrote:

    qpr are the best team in the championship right now and have been all season....the league table proves that....i have only seen them play once and that was against my team Hull City when we drew with them 0-0.

    only a clown would deny that qpr are the top team , if you doubt it look at the league table.

    supporters of ALL teams in the championship would swap places with qpr given the choice.

    Expect Hull City to sneak into the play offs before the season ends.

    well done qpr and good luck for the rest of the season..

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  • 149. At 11:55am on 24 Feb 2011, scarboroughtiger wrote:

    Hull City

    One defeat in our last 18 league games and a run of 9 games unbeaten.

    We have not lost away since september.

    The future is Black and Amber..

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  • 150. At 11:19pm on 24 Feb 2011, Feel MaDullTie wrote:


    Enjoy making sandcastles...mind the nasty cold sea doesn't freeze your tootsies. Watch out for crabs and jellyfish and sharks. Filey can be dangerous at this time of the year.

    Hope you manage to post next week without having your comment removed......why not make it a hattrick?

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  • 151. At 07:32am on 25 Feb 2011, DuncanAC wrote:

    Don't you QPR fans have anything better to do with your time?

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  • 152. At 12:54pm on 25 Feb 2011, spireite wrote:


    can you remember at the start of the season you had chesterfield for contenders to be relegated ......
    well look what season had ground and promotion looks likely ...

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  • 153. At 7:41pm on 25 Feb 2011, Courage wrote:

    @Magnus Pike

    Obviously you don't know much about geography because the sea is not cold here, and it's still summer.

    BTW, how is your fake business coming along after your fake playing career?

    Dough nut.

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  • 154. At 8:25pm on 25 Feb 2011, zetfovleh wrote:

    @151 Duncan, you have an empty life. At 7.30 in the morning you were leaving a pointless comment on a forum pointing out that anyone on here has nothing better to do with their time. Confused? I am.

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  • 155. At 10:08am on 26 Feb 2011, ValiantRosie2807 wrote:

    I don't understand why you are quoting all these scores at me?? I do know, or 'have the knowledge' as you put it, being a lifelong Vale supporter.
    I was just pointing out, as a proud Vale fan, that we beat QPR 3-1 earlier this season. Doesn't matter if it was a reserve team- still a good win at your club wasn't it? Well, it felt like that to every single Vale fan whether they webt to the game or not!! I don't care whether QPR 'brought the league cup to life', that wasn't my point. Anyway, I think you maybe spend a bit too much time on here, replying to every comment about QPR, as you seem to feel the need to defend them from every comment anyone makes. And yes, I know about 4-1 to 4-4, we still talk about that down the Vale. What's your point? I didn't even mention it before, did I? So I don't care how many comebacks QPR have had or whatever, my main point wasn't even about QPR, who I really couldn't care less about if I'm honest, but to say that Claridge was wrong about the Vale anyway, saying we were winless when we weren't... ok? Thanks, bye...

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  • 156. At 9:29pm on 26 Feb 2011, Tranmerefantillidie wrote:

    Hi Steve,

    Tranmere Rovers fan here

    I've just got back from watch Yeovil town win at Prenton Park. There where 8,000+ fans watching the game today a special offer of £5 for all fans 4,000+ more then most home games. Unfortunately Tranmere didn't turn up the football was woeful, Steve Tranmere find themselves in a more familiar position. Les Parry has had more then a year in the job now, not much as changed there's talk amung the Rovers fans that he's going to be given a 2 year contract what do make of the situation? is it time for Tranmere to take a new direction in terms of manager?

    I think we have good players at this level we just need a manager with experience. Would some one like Garry Johnson be a good call i always liked the way his Bristol City side played.

    Kind regards,


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  • 157. At 10:17pm on 01 Mar 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Response to Valiantrosie2807

    Sorry, is there any point at all to what you have said at 155. The record says Port Vale won at QPR in the League Cup during August. You made that claim earlier. What you did not say however, is beforehand Neil Warnock informed all supporters that if they wished to attend, they would not see a full stregnth QPR team as the game was not a priority. Warnock then fielded a weakened team against Port Vale in front of QPR's smallest crowd of the season and Port Vale won the game. Simple as!

    Why get upset just because someone points out the full facts?

    All I have done is to make it clear that although Port Vale won at Loftus Road, it has to be put into context. It was against a weakened team, Warnock made it clear QPR had little interest in the tie and the fans listened to what he said and stayed away. Your apparant suggestion that it was a terrific achievemnet is not quite how it was and I simply pointed that out!

    As for me defending QPR, well with respect look at the Championship league table - they don't need defending do they? Similarly if anyone suggested Manchester United didn't deserve to be top of the Premier League or Brighton didn't deserve to be top of League 1, I would argue against that as well, but again their own results prove the point. It is a very old saying but 'The league table does not lie; and whereas it is always the best team that wins the league, it is often not the best team that wins the cup (or a cup match) - live with it!'

    Finally, yes I do write a lot about football. I am a professional scout and I write reports on teams and individual players; that is my job and I get paid to do it. I don't get paid to write on this web site but do enjoy reading some excellent views written by the majority of fans who do not get the hump if a relevant point is made about something they have said. I enjoy responding and most contributors take the responses in good spirit making excellent points in return.

    Football is a game of opinions and not everyone will share yours (or indeed mine)!

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  • 158. At 10:25pm on 01 Mar 2011, Anthony wrote:

    Response to UNBWM (134 above)

    Never count chickens.....

    As things stand tonight (1.3.11) Forest have completed their matches in hand and have played 34, the same as Cardiff, Swansea and QPR. All three of the aformentioned clubs are still above Forest and Forest are now 8 points adrift.

    Points in the bag are always worth more than games in hand!

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  • 159. At 1:39pm on 04 Mar 2011, PleaseNotAnthonyAgain wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 160. At 07:17am on 08 Mar 2011, Anthony wrote:

    The last time I visited Port Vale was about eight years ago. I had watched a player three times previous and this was the final occasion before discussing the players availabity for transfer. The Port Vale manager was Brian Horton and after the game as I waited for Brian in the Directors Lounge Mrs Horton (Brian's wife) was the perfect host as she served me with two large and excellent glasses of Faustino I Gran Reserva Rioja Vintage 1994; (1994 was an outstanding year for Rioja).

    Port Vale is a lovely club to visit, whether as a professional or as a supporter. You are always certain of a warm welcome, passionate football and excellent hospitality. In general the fans are knowledgeable and passionate about the game, I have found those supporting teams in the lower leagues usually are. However, there is always the odd one who is a hanger on. Someone with little knowledge of the game who is always found out whenever engaged in a 'football conversation'. Over the years you learn to ignore the idiots who latch onto the game for their own selfish reasons and just enjoy the tremendous experience of being involved. The majority of fans are immensley knowledgeable and a real pleasure to talk to. There is nothing I enjoy more than exchanging views with supporters of the football clubs I visit. Tonight at am at Leicester City and they entertain Norwich.

    I have been involved in professional football since 1976 and enjoy the game now more than ever. Players are fitter, faster, technically superior and the quality of football played at club level in this country is quite exceptional.

    Port Vale and clubs with similar warmth and professionalism are vital to the overall success of this great game but I do wish we could stamp out some of the ill informed idiots who hang on to a football club like limpets without any desire to contribute to this great game of ours.

    Those who use football as an excuse to insult and abuse others are not wanted and would do us all a favour including fine clubs like Port Vale if they just stayed away!

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