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Steve Claridge | 20:38 UK time, Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hello, and welcome to 'Claridge Kicks Off' , the Football League video blog where Steve Claridge tackles all the big talking points in the Championship, League One and League Two.

After another frantic week of hiring and firing managers, Steve reflects on Ipswich's decision to replace Roy Keane with Paul Jewell, discusses the improvement made by Walsall and Barnet under caretaker bosses and gives his view on whether Eddie Howe should leave Bournemouth.

He also blasts Premier League managers for failing to take FA Cup seriously enough after some impressive results for Football League sides in the FA Cup third round last weekend and previews Saturday's big Championship clash between Norwich and Cardiff.

You can submit your questions for Steve below, or contact him on Twitter. He will answer them on a future 'Claridge Kicks Off' rather than posting a reply.

Non-UK users can see a special international version of Steve's video blog here.

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  • 1. At 10:23pm on 11 Jan 2011, Quietus wrote:

    Hi Steve.
    Do you find yourself pulling your reins in while directing criticism at players you've played with or managers who you've played under ?

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  • 2. At 10:33pm on 11 Jan 2011, Jack wrote:

    Steve do you think gregg abbott will get sacked at carlisle united also how do you fancy there chances this season

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  • 3. At 10:45pm on 11 Jan 2011, Jack wrote:

    Steve is the bbc keeping the football league show forever just i think the bbc has good covreage of the football league i just wish you had fa cup as well

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  • 4. At 10:55pm on 11 Jan 2011, Whats up Doc wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 5. At 10:57pm on 11 Jan 2011, Ryan-R-An-Addick wrote:

    Steve, you say you didn't understand why Parkinson was sacked. However, anytime you mentioned watching Charlton on the football league you criticised the performance and said we were not good enough to be promoted.

    Add the fact we had only won one game in our last eight (Against non-league opposition) and surely you can understand why he was sacked?

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  • 6. At 11:15pm on 11 Jan 2011, Jack wrote:

    Steve do you think any more managers will get sacked?

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  • 7. At 00:05am on 12 Jan 2011, Feel MaDullTie wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 8. At 08:07am on 12 Jan 2011, steve wrote:

    Steve, what a waste

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  • 9. At 11:51am on 12 Jan 2011, Imp_88 wrote:

    Steve you look like Freddy Krueger.

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  • 10. At 1:02pm on 12 Jan 2011, Strawberry Avenger wrote:

    Steve, when will you be providing us with good punditry?

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  • 11. At 1:40pm on 12 Jan 2011, The_Bounder wrote:

    Claridge, you bore me

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  • 12. At 2:54pm on 12 Jan 2011, Mr Chelsea wrote:

    Lol. Poor Claridge. He gets two decent comments about his blog and 10 personal abusive comments

    Haha. You do wind me up with your views sometimes on 5 Live. You and Mark Bright.

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  • 13. At 4:32pm on 12 Jan 2011, luke1978 wrote:

    As Mr Chelsea points out, Poor Claridge gets two decent comments and ten personal attacks about his blog.(why does have avideo blog anyway? cant he write?) His confidence as a pundit must be at an all time low?

    The Match of the day sofa must seem a million miles away at the moment.

    Personally i like the geeza, but wouldnt let him do punditry on my dog chasing its tail.

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  • 14. At 5:33pm on 12 Jan 2011, NcFc_GoLdY wrote:

    Claridge "Lambert nearly went to Burnley"... NO HE DIDN'T! LAMBERT SAID HE NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION OF GOING!

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  • 15. At 6:03pm on 12 Jan 2011, ightenclaret wrote:

    NcFc_GoLdY - you are not in possession of all the facts. Unfortunately as fans we are the last to know about what was going on behind the scenes, but I can say that it will surprise you. I would be worried with PL at the helm and Burnley will be glad that he didn't end up at the club. If you research the details of the Colchester debacle you will see how ruthless and ambitious he is....his loyalty is to himself only - don't have any illusions that he has a soft spot for No-wich

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  • 16. At 6:21pm on 12 Jan 2011, garythenotrashcougar wrote:

    Steve Claridge is a poor pundit, badly researched and awful in front of camera.

    He started to get all excited about Derby earlier in the season when they threatened to show a semblance of good form, focusing in on them for about 3 weeks in a row and drooling over Kris Commons, saying how well they were playing and how Nigel Clough was allegedly beginning to 'sow the seeds of recovery'. This has just made him look stupid, now that they have plummeted down the table and gone out of the FA Cup to Crawley. Similar over-focused coverage of Coventry, Forest and Leeds has yielded similar embarrassing results. He does this instead of highlighting the form of Swansea, Millwall, Watford and Norwich, the division's true success stories.

    I always prefer it when Leroy Rosenior fills in, at least he gives the impression of having gone to games recently and chosen to go and watch teams 'outside the box'. He knows his stuff. This is what the BBC is, or should, be about - a PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTER, not chasing viewing figures by showing the same big clubs EVERY week.

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  • 17. At 6:29pm on 12 Jan 2011, addickted2charlton wrote:

    Steve I agree that sackin Parky was a disgrace. We ad gawn 11 games withahrt losin, then lost two to Walsall and Swindon n was in 5th. Surely it would've been better to back Parky with the players e's already identfied like Eccleston in the transfer market than bring sumeone else in who less face it aint goin to do any better than Parky with the players we've got. This board was duped by boo boys n wot they did wasn't based on any rational wotsoever.

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  • 18. At 6:38pm on 12 Jan 2011, Lewis Standing wrote:

    Important game against liverpool four days later? no?

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  • 19. At 7:14pm on 12 Jan 2011, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man wrote:

    ightenclaret: I will take this up on behalf of Goldy...

    Obviously we are not in possession of all the facts, and Lambert's sluggish response was a major concern and no doubt something was going on behind the scenes that we don't know about...

    However, I am a million miles from worried about having Lambert in charge, in fact I'm thrilled he is still here, even though his loyalty is questionable. And for you to say that Burnley are glad he didn't join is ridiculous, as Lambert is probably the best young manager in the country for what he has done here.

    We are not deluding ourselves about Lambert's loyalty (or lack of it) and we are aware that he has no ties to the club- it is just a job for him, and a stepping stone. As soon as a bigger club comes in for him, he will be off, but as of yet that hasn't happened, and we're delighted to keep him in the meantime.

    I'd rather have him here than someone with genuine love for the club who is completely awful at management, like our last manager.

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  • 20. At 9:57pm on 12 Jan 2011, Churchie wrote:

    Steve, why was RhinoW's message deleted? I thought he had a valid point.

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  • 21. At 00:35am on 13 Jan 2011, greg_cafc wrote:


    You say that Keane's dismissal was expected because when he took over they were near the top of the Championship and now they are near the bottom after 18 months;

    Parkinson took over Charlton when they were out of the relegation zone in the Championship two years ago, then got them relegated, then failed to get them promoted, and now they are 5th and dropping fast. Yet you say HIS firing is unfair.


    How can Keane's firing be expected and Parkinson's be unfair?

    At least be consistent in your criticism.

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  • 22. At 00:46am on 13 Jan 2011, Feel MaDullTie wrote:

    BBC, please can you listen to the people who pay your wages? We don't want to listen to Garth Crooks and Steve Claridge. Whilst you can't please all of the people all of the time at least TRY to please them some of the time.

    Liam Rosenior is a far better pundit as is Mark Bright. They may not have played for 95% of the clubs in England unlike Claridge but at least they seem knowledgable.

    As for Crooks, what did he do in his career? Won the FA Cup twice...nearly 30 years ago. Get someone in who played the game more recently. Robbie Savage is amusing but wait till he's finished playing.

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  • 23. At 07:16am on 13 Jan 2011, Ole ole ole WEMBLEY WEMBLEY - MayhillBoiJACK wrote:

    Same as every week, please put it in writing, not all of us can watch these video blogs... Not in work, anyway...

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  • 24. At 11:30am on 13 Jan 2011, the-bowlers-holding wrote:

    @22 - couldn't agree more!

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  • 25. At 1:45pm on 13 Jan 2011, The_Bounder wrote:

    What's wrong with personal comments? He's getting paid for boring me to tears.

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  • 26. At 1:58pm on 13 Jan 2011, Sir Ad E Noid wrote:


    Given your own abject failings as a Manager, what do you think qualifies you to make comments on the performance of others?

    In addition, the last thing us Bournemouth fans want is to hear you pronouncing about the future of Eddie Howe!

    BBC, give Leroy Rosenior the permanent position of pundit on the FL show and let SC head to Talksport where he'd be better suited. Thanks.

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  • 27. At 2:27pm on 13 Jan 2011, Storm of Swords wrote:

    Sorry but whoever suggested Mark Bright as a good pundit/commentator is off his nut. He is by far the WORST that the BBC employ. Way too over the top and exaggerated with his commentary and can't pronounce names properly. A few weeks ago on MOTD2 Colin Murray had to lambast him for saying Peter OdemWHINGEY. The guy is a complete tool as is Garth Crooks hence why I watch Sky Sports News for my Saturday and mid week updates.

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  • 28. At 2:40pm on 13 Jan 2011, luke1978 wrote:

    This has to be the only blog where the comments are far more interesting than the content of the blog itself.
    Claridge is a highly educated, well read, and well traveled individual, but unfortunately this is not enough to make you an 'A' lister pundit. Several posts have indicated that Liam Rosenior should replace Claridge, this is a good call, also i find Matt Holland i decent pundit. But i hope people refrain from making personnal attacks on Steve, he is a good man.

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  • 29. At 10:59pm on 13 Jan 2011, Tractor Tim wrote:

    Get Alan Brasil on the box. Great value.

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  • 30. At 11:40pm on 13 Jan 2011, Feel MaDullTie wrote:

    @27. Tell me a commentator who DOESN'T pronounce names incorrectly. Everton's centre back is pronounced Phil Ya-jeel-ka yet everyone says it as Jag-i-el-ka. I'm sure we pronounce most Russian, Croatian and Turkish names wrong anyway (amongst others).

    You watch Sky for your updates? I believe Paul Merson is a pundit on there and he struggles with pronouncing Alan Smith.

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  • 31. At 9:09pm on 14 Jan 2011, micky3rugs wrote:

    Steve, I'm sure you're a nice guy and all that but can you PLEASE stop staring at the desk when you're talking!!! It drives me mad and it seems I'm not alone.

    Agree with comments about Garth Crooks as well - what a pompous self important fool.

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  • 32. At 9:29pm on 14 Jan 2011, Canariez wrote:

    Steve I listen to you alot on 5live and I rate yours and Savages punditry the most. Top views and see's the game how proper football fans see it.

    Only thing that bothers me is that Leeds get more of a look in than Norwich, yet we beat them to the post last season and are on fire this season, and have been very consistant without any real blips which you indicated. I don't believe we are a 1 man team (Holt) which alot of people say, not when thiers class like Hoolahan and defenders like russell getting forward. Your right though Steve we don't have the best players but we play as a team and our spirit and winning mentality is seeing us through.

    My question was if we knew either of these 3 teams were going up who would you choose at this stage? Swansea, Norwich or Leeds?

    And will QPR stay top til the end of the season? (I believe not) especially with 1 win in 7 away games.

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  • 33. At 5:32pm on 17 Jan 2011, leeds60 wrote:

    will Simon Grayson get Leeds to the promised land this season by the way having watched Leeds for 60 years its my believe that SG is second only to Don Revie as the outstanding manager of leeds only time will tell!

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  • 34. At 09:10am on 18 Jan 2011, LordSirSteveTreacle wrote:

    Yo Steve, you giggling old, widdow-peaked, buffoon!

    You are in my top 20,000 ever football pundits and my top 500,000 GFC players. Also, why is Garth Crook, so boring?

    Keep up the giggling and drivel you spout - it's entertaining (well more entertaining than Garth anyway).

    Thanks babe

    Steve (not Claridge!)

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  • 35. At 12:27pm on 18 Jan 2011, Matt wrote:

    Give the poor bloke a break this isn't a page to leave a torrent of abuse to try and get at him, would love to see any of you say these things to his face.

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  • 36. At 12:27pm on 18 Jan 2011, Sasuke_nffc wrote:

    Hey Steve,

    Ignore the people taking the Mickey. It doesn't matter. Most of us don't listen at all and have just drawn our own conclusions by watching the matches.

    Any chance you could get your editor to cut the part where Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes reads out inane and pointless emails so we can get a bit extra action? We get some decent football played in the Football League and it would be good to see that instead of Lizzie saying 'Dave from Scunthorpe says "The Iron were fantastic/awful!" (delete as appropriate in relation to that day's result)'

    Keep it up Claridge, you're better than Garth Crooks and Robbie Savage.

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  • 37. At 12:32pm on 18 Jan 2011, sjc1501 wrote:

    Hi Steve,

    I am a qualified referee (Level 7) and I concentrate on refereeing youth football. What are your thoughts on the spotlight placed on supposed referee errors by the pundits, and the lack of that same spotlight on player errors in the same games.
    In my humble opinion players make far more result impacting errors than referees.



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  • 38. At 01:53am on 19 Jan 2011, SaintJack wrote:

    CLARIDGE!!!! LEGEND end off. All forums should be closed and comments turned off...and we can just go what the man says. He should be taught in schools and TV at least for 2 hours every evening

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