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Springwatch Easter egg quiz answers

Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 09:35 UK time, Thursday, 8 April 2010

Did you have a go at our Easter egg quiz? If not try it out before you look at the answers below.

The first person to crack the quiz was Michele, well done! Wasp, Cosper and Blackcap1000 came pretty close too.

So here are the answers...

1. Pathetic Platform: Wood Pigeon
Pathetic Platform © Richard Castell
2. Unusual locations: Robin
Unusual locations © Richard Castell
3. Re-used for several broods: Blackbird
Re-used for several broods © Richard Castell
4. Found lower down: Coal Tit
Found lower down © Peter Castell
5. Easy to watch: Blue Tit
Easy to watch © Richard Castell
6. Loose layering: Starling
Loose layering © Richard Castell
7. Untidy: House Sparrow
Untidy © Richard Castell
8. Cobweb construction: Chaffinch
Cobweb construction © Richard Castell

How did you do? Number 4 caught a few Springwatchers out but there was a clue in the title; Coal tits tend to nest lower down than Blue or Great Tits.

Thanks to Richard and Peter Castell and the BTO for providing these images. If you'd like to join in the Garden Nesting Survey get over to the BTO website.

For more nesting behaviour take a look at some of your photos on the Springwatch Flickr group.


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