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Tonight's wrap party

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The Mole | 16:21 UK time, Thursday, 11 June 2009

After the show tonight, the cast and crew will be having a wrap party and dancing til dawn. (Or midnight, depending on how our energy levels are after three weeks of live TV) Of course I would love to invite you all to join us... but I'm not going to. We've only budgeted for about twelve packets of crisps, six dips, and a couple of lager shandies so I'm not sure there'd be enough to go around. Plus, I'm not sure there's room in the pub for all three and a half million of you.

But not to worry. For the last few years, the Messageboard community have got together and held a virtual wrap party. As last year's thread had 274 posts and lasted two whole days, I have selected only the choicest posts:

Marcus Rheade-Edwards: "Who's up for a farewell party for Springwatch? I'll really miss the live shows next week, but am glad there are to be some Springwatch specials to ease us out of the series. Looking forward to them too. Sign here if you're up for the party."

Myrtlebird: "I'll get the wine. Shall we dance to the birdie song?"
Rob: [providing 33 emoticons of pints of beer] "Can we start now?"
Hawthorn: "Can I come in my jammies?"
PIKO4566: "Is it bring-a-bottle? I'll see if I can find a full one."
Bunnyeyes: "Do I need to put my best dress on, or come casual???"
Osprey: "Yaay - let's do the funky chicken!!!"

BonkersBlake, who had earlier revealed herself to be a teetotaler, was still able to express herself in ways that didn't include the art of dance.

BonkersBlake: "My word, what a fantastic last show! I really loved all the memories sequences, especially that very last one with the crew being absolutley bonkers as Simon puts it! Fantastic way to sum up the 3 weeks and my word am I looking forward to the 4 specials!"

But some people were getting a bit maudlin.
Milvus999: "I am such a prize wuss. I confess... ::sniff sniff:::.. i shed a tear or a hundred! I think it was Simon's farewell that did it, especially with the dolphins and knowing what happened in Cornwall after."
Bunnyeyes: "Anyone fancy a slowy ????".
Then, a little later.
Bunnyeyes: "Weeeyyy Heeeeyyy.....Rock on.. Hicc... I am now dancing on table, swinging my top around my head..."

Seizing his virtual chance, Piko chipped back in:
PIKO4566: "Who's for the hot tub?"

Then, a little later, perhaps while sitting virtually alone in his virtual hot tub:
PIKO4566: "Ok who put Spandau Ballet on...come on, own up."
Marcus R-E: "Hay guys and girls, this is the best party ever, [many emoticons of beer and glasses of fizz] who's up for a game of pass the parcel?
PIKO4566: "Me, me......Yes it stopped....what did I get, what did I get.....Oh, a balloon......"
Marcus R-E: "Well PIKO, some people get all the luck. Wondered where that balloon went when I was wrapping the parcels."

Myrtlebird was obviously still going:
Myrtlebird: "I've just fell over my handbag, soon get the idea how to dance round it."

Then, it's the next morning:
Fortrosian: "I thought I was the only one up!!! I'm just going to start a fry up, bacon anyone??"

But some people still hadn't stopped partying.
Misty_B: "Lets CONGA!!!!!! There's another Party A few threads away
We could join on the way!!!!!
Should be on longer
So lets all do the CONga
Tra La La La
Tra La La La"

jay-tee-and-katz: "Still dancing, but I bet I have a terrible hangover tomorrow. In case I'm too sloshed to say it later, I just want to thank everyone for a super four weeks.

And finally:
karenlesley101: I may need help to get back off the floor here!!!! have enjoyed the party though, nothing like a good booze up and knees up to cheer you up! helps to soften the blow of the board closing...sob..sob..gettin all depressed now....let have a singsong to close with... we'll meet again...don't know where, dont know whennnnnnn.......and I don't know anymore words either.....!!!!!

Have a great night everyone!

Yours truly,
The Mole


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