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Ideas for Springwatch

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Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 16:08 UK time, Thursday, 11 June 2009

Okay, so the 2009 Springwatch season has only just finished but after all the brilliant photos and videos you sent in and your massive response to the messageboards, blogs, and surveys of this year's Springwatch we thought you might like to help us with ideas for next year's Springwatch.

Do you have any specific ideas about who, what or where we should feature? Are there any concepts, themes or debates we should bring up and discuss? If so, please post your comments below.

(Are you on the right blog? If you want to tell us about what you think of this year's Springwatch, please post your comments here. If you have ideas for the Springwatch website, please post them here. If you have thoughts and ideas about Autumnwatch, please post them here.)


  • 1. At 6:17pm on 11 Jun 2009, Salsa wrote:

    For next time:

    Longer Unsprung (half an hour maybe)

    Fewer birds with similar habits - the kestrel, dipper, honey buzzard were all nice changes, but there is a limit to the number of small nesting birds e.g. finches, which you can remember in one go, and still remember the back story to them.

    More mammals/insects/amphibians

    More sciency bits - really liked them

    More on what we can do to help/see wildlife

    But overall, an amazing series - the best yet

    P.S. And keep Chris on for next year :)

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  • 2. At 7:47pm on 11 Jun 2009, izzylou46 wrote:

    Fabulous, this year was the best, but i always feel way too many birds in nests, nature has so much more to offer, what about spring flowers. How about featuring amateur filming more in peoples gardens etc like a video diary.

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  • 3. At 7:48pm on 11 Jun 2009, mandoire wrote:

    Just like to say that as usual the show is great. Not only will my husband and I miss it but our cat Bertha-Kit will too!!! She is an avid watcher every night. Chris is a breath of fresh air and very funny, please stay for the Autumn. Loved the Badgers and the Pole Cats.

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  • 4. At 7:48pm on 11 Jun 2009, Look-to-the-sky wrote:

    Okay, Crows and or possibly Pidgeons.... I know that there are many people who are not overly keen on these birds but maybe if we could see what their "domestic" lives are like it would soften our views of these birds? Or are they horrible parents?

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  • 5. At 7:53pm on 11 Jun 2009, Look-to-the-sky wrote:

    Oh! I forgot to say this in my last comment (sorry) but I'd love to see Chris in the show again next year! I thought he did an absolutely wonderful job - he made everything very interesting and you could understand everything that he talked about because he explained it very well (and his sense of humour is great)!

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  • 6. At 7:54pm on 11 Jun 2009, aaalab wrote:

    Yesterday, Simon was seen with the fantastic Sandwich Terns, I once heard it said, that if you name wildlife after a place in Kent- it immediately becomes extinct in the county!! I can think of the Kentish Plover, Dartford warbler,Sandwich Tern and the butterfly the Camberwell Beauty. I think there is also a moth called the Kentish Glory. Is this true and can you think of any others? Has Kent just had all the bad luck!!

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  • 7. At 7:59pm on 11 Jun 2009, paulbenn99 wrote:

    Could i suggest for the next series that you place an infra-red camera in the kestrel's nest nest box so we can view "our kestrel's manoeuvres in the dark"

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  • 8. At 8:00pm on 11 Jun 2009, morrigana wrote:

    More on butterflies, moths and other insects, the plants they feed on as caterpillars and adults and where and how they over-winter. As well as some practical ideas on how to help them in your own garden.

    Definately a longer "Unsprung", its brilliant, and Martin definitely should get more air-time!! :)

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  • 9. At 8:00pm on 11 Jun 2009, superbunnybuster wrote:

    get well bill, keep up th good work gang top show love it :))

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  • 10. At 8:06pm on 11 Jun 2009, Catspaws97 wrote:

    Hi Guys, Love the show! Can anybody explain why we hardly see Songthrushes anymore?

    Christina , Chester

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  • 11. At 8:09pm on 11 Jun 2009, GrumpyAnthonyS wrote:

    Best thing on TV ends tonight. Less birds and more mammals next time though please.

    Well done.

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  • 12. At 8:15pm on 11 Jun 2009, kerwing wrote:

    how about putting the program on earlier or even a repeat at an earlier time as i know young childrern enjoy your program but 8pm on a school night is a touch late . great program though many thaks

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  • 13. At 8:18pm on 11 Jun 2009, bellringer2 wrote:

    Am I wrong? I have never seen any wildlife program which shows a squirrel in its dray with its young. I even looked on youtube and didn't see anything.

    We regularly see the adult squirrels but we never see them as parents.

    This would be a great subject for Springwatch or some other program.

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  • 14. At 8:20pm on 11 Jun 2009, artnec wrote:

    great show, please don`t go yet, at least stay until the summer.

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  • 15. At 8:21pm on 11 Jun 2009, sprockeybrocky wrote:

    Not fair your swallows are all beaks and feathers and mine have only been eggs for a few days. Fun watching my kittens being dive bombed though by the mum & dad.
    Continue Springwatch in Scotland we can have double the entertainment.
    Great show,The stoats were fantastic!

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  • 16. At 8:37pm on 11 Jun 2009, MartHenley wrote:

    Its important that someone tell Chris Packham that he isnt getting away with dropping Smith Song Title into his commentary, we busted him at Vicar In a Tutu at the beginning of last week and even got Headmasters Ritual, The Queen is Dead, obviously William it was really nothing and a host of others.

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  • 17. At 8:39pm on 11 Jun 2009, tontdoch wrote:

    Chris, I love your t-shirts!

    The JMCC was the best so far!

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  • 18. At 8:42pm on 11 Jun 2009, U14011454 wrote:

    I think that you should have a camera on a squirrel dray (red or grey) also maybe a camera in a field-mouse/shrew/water vole nest. Also try and film some hares and rabbits as they are far more interesting than people think.
    Also i think you should have a competition to see which birds feed the highest number of times in a certain amount of time. I have seen blue tits feed 10 times in 5 minutes.
    I think you should host the show in Warwickshire as there are loads of buzzards and lapwings and it's an awesome piece of countryside.

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  • 19. At 8:44pm on 11 Jun 2009, Bervanjack wrote:

    Great show as always, but here are my suggestions to make a small improvement to a great show:
    1. A weekend omnibus
    2. Springwatch unsprung shown on one of the channels (rather the red button), so it can be taped.
    3. A longer unsprung - half an hour
    4. Stop the annoying 'comedy' voice overs on the documentary films, instead can they be more serious? I find them very embarrassing.
    5. Winterwatch & Summerwatch? They don't have to be live and can be an hour long (like the specials next week) which give a highlight of things to look out for in each season.

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  • 20. At 8:45pm on 11 Jun 2009, funnyFloral wrote:

    This has been the best serious and so sorry its the last show tonight. Please bring back Chris for Autumnwatch as he has been great, so interesting. Also, make Springwatch Unsprung longer as this has been very enjoyable.

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  • 21. At 8:47pm on 11 Jun 2009, naturalsmithies wrote:

    To all the team, Thanks again for a fantastic show. The Honey Buzzard was my favourite. We need to make an appeal to keep Chris, he has made this Spring Watch even better. You all work so good together, you keep us engaged. Need more geek facts from Chris please. Could we please have odd day week watch, don't leave us hangin.

    (Sorry Bill)

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  • 22. At 8:47pm on 11 Jun 2009, lynseythomas wrote:

    I love watching Springwatch every year but this years has been the best. In my opinion Springwatch is the best thing on tv. Also the other morning at 4am I was awakened by my first ever sound of a Cuckoo, I was so pleased I woke my husband up to listen aswell.

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  • 23. At 8:50pm on 11 Jun 2009, grandRuth wrote:

    Can you tell Chris our Mum has noticed he keeps quoting "Smiths Lyrics

    From Ruby and Vincenza

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  • 24. At 8:56pm on 11 Jun 2009, mishelf wrote:

    My family and i are loving the show !!! we are a bit sad that it has to finish.
    We will particularly miss Chris slipping in titles of Smiths songs (ie: bigmouth strikes again, Sheila take a bow, vicar in a tutu etc) Look forward to autumn watch

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  • 25. At 8:59pm on 11 Jun 2009, fjjohno wrote:

    In tonight's programme you mentioned that East Yorkshire is very short of cuckoos. I have not sighted one, but have definitely heard one just down the road from my house. Huttton Cranswick East Yorkshire. Frances Johnson

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  • 26. At 8:59pm on 11 Jun 2009, oddtoe wrote:

    I have always watched this programme and enjoy wildlife. This year I would have preferred to see more of the creatures and factual comment and less 'horse play' by presenters. The photography is wonderful.

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  • 27. At 8:59pm on 11 Jun 2009, paulthecyclist wrote:

    It has been a realy grate series, so much better with Chris. A much better and more interresting series,specaily the badgers!Bloomin brill

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  • 28. At 9:01pm on 11 Jun 2009, Boglost wrote:

    Thanks to ALL the team on Springwatch.

    Springwatch is what makes television so rewarding.

    Keep up the brilliant work.

    Roll on Autumn.

    Give Chris the worst ever joke crown - and tell him to keep it up.

    Best Regards

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  • 29. At 9:04pm on 11 Jun 2009, birdsruleok wrote:


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  • 30. At 9:05pm on 11 Jun 2009, birdsruleok wrote:


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  • 31. At 9:05pm on 11 Jun 2009, grandRuth wrote:

    Can Chris sing a Smiths song on Autumn watch

    Chris has got talent

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  • 32. At 9:07pm on 11 Jun 2009, misty45dawnie wrote:

    Where does Mike get his hair cut?

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  • 33. At 9:07pm on 11 Jun 2009, heatherhardst wrote:

    The last 3 weeks has kept us enthralled, everything else came to a standstill at 8pm. Best ever, well done Chris, Bill was a hard act to follow, but you were fantastic. Please be back in the Autumn!!!!

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  • 34. At 9:08pm on 11 Jun 2009, gillmoe wrote:

    Best Spring watch ever - please keep the current presenters, they were fantastic. Sorry Bill Oddie you can't compete with Chris, he was soooooooooo much better.

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  • 35. At 9:09pm on 11 Jun 2009, rising_moon wrote:

    Missing the programme already, absolutely brilliant, just wish it could run for longer.
    Must say, Chris was a fantastic addition, so hopefully he stays on.
    Roll on September.

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  • 36. At 9:09pm on 11 Jun 2009, fjjohno wrote:

    Listening to the story on unsprung about the 'eagle' attacking motorcyclists, I have to tell you that my father, taking an early morning walk on Bempton cliffs was left terried and tettering on the edge after being dive-bombed by skuas! Violent birds!!!

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  • 37. At 9:12pm on 11 Jun 2009, superbunnybuster wrote:

    keep chris in for the next program :) he's great

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  • 38. At 9:12pm on 11 Jun 2009, heatherhardst wrote:

    Can UnSprung last longer?? The "Uncut" version is great, very relaxed!! Will miss you guys!

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  • 39. At 9:15pm on 11 Jun 2009, Angelaedys wrote:

    Again Springwatch was brilliant! And well done to Kate & Chris for rising above all the media nonsense & keeping your professionalism & humor throughout the series. Looking forward to Autumnwatch & hopefully seeing the whole crew together again!

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  • 40. At 9:16pm on 11 Jun 2009, beautifulangiebabe wrote:

    I enjoyed Springwatch even more than usual thanks to the new presenter along with Kate. Although I am aware Bill Oddie is ill and wish him better health, I have always found he "over-powerend" Kate and has a serious "attitude problem."
    Chris has been so natural and entertaining (as well as being very informative, although he can laugh at himself as a "geek!")
    His relationship with Kate has been much more "equal" and they have both come across as very relaxed in each other's company.
    Watching the programme has been so enjoyable, not only for the subjects covered and beautiful pictures, but for the chemistry between Kate and Chris. Come back next time Chris!

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  • 41. At 9:16pm on 11 Jun 2009, mikey1869 wrote:

    for next time i would say visit scotland witch was never mentioned this year, i missed the red dear rut this year, though if thats autaum watch i do apolagise still enjoyed this years spring watch.
    but have to say too much birds this year it was more like birdwatch than springwatch just to finnish off MORE stoats next time deffinetly the highlight of this years birdwatch oops springwatch

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  • 42. At 9:24pm on 11 Jun 2009, johnsayido4life wrote:

    best thing on tv by far cant wait for autum watch cant you do this for every season

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  • 43. At 9:28pm on 11 Jun 2009, jennieparnell wrote:

    springwatch was brilliant and what a good presenter chris has turned out to be well done to you all. Ive been feeding the birds religously now for a number of years I live in the country surrounded by fields and i have a dreadful rat! problem by the feeders it doesn't matter what i do or where i position the feeders the rats climb the poles,trees and hedges to get the nuts and feed any ideas as i dont want to stop feeding as i get great pleasure from all the differnt seasonal birds that come. help.

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  • 44. At 9:32pm on 11 Jun 2009, sleepingfirefinch wrote:

    Best Springwatch thanks please keep Chris and Kate,so much information a joy to listen to his facts.

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  • 45. At 9:32pm on 11 Jun 2009, kingcwrichards wrote:

    This years springwatch was fantastic and for next years springwatch i think unsprung should last for half an hour and simon could go on a search for the worlds fastest bird in the world the peregrine falcon and also i think chris should be in next years springwatch again and if bill is better he could be in it again aswell.

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  • 46. At 9:35pm on 11 Jun 2009, SUNNYLITTLEBEAR wrote:

    Ireally enjoyed the program this year, mind you I always do. I am always grateful for all your hard work & I hope it pleases you to know how much pleasure it brings to me & hundreds of other people like me.
    Chris & Martin have done a great job, it couldn't have been easy to fit in to such a well run team, you have both done it with style!!
    I have laughed & cried throughout the program & I hope it will all happen again in the autumn.
    I hope Chris & Martin will be back then but I also hope that Bill will be well enought to join you all. with Kate, Simon, Gordon, Martin, Chris & Bill we would not only be able to learn so much more but think how much more laughter there would be, it would be wonderful!!!!
    Thank you again, love for a great summer
    x x

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  • 47. At 9:36pm on 11 Jun 2009, happycazzie wrote:

    Chris has done well but give Simon more air time.

    Look forward to the Autumn watch.

    Well done to all the team.

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  • 48. At 9:37pm on 11 Jun 2009, Antaresia wrote:

    This year was a triumph. It was great to see Chris as a presenter- i grew up watching him on The Really Wild Show and i can't believe the bloke is 48- is he sleeping in Michael Jackson's oxygen tank or something! I like his constant references to Smiths lyrics also- a fantastic band (but ironically far more depressing than Springwatch!).

    Well done Chris i really hope you are back next year- you helped inspire my passion for wildlife when i was just a kid.

    Ok my first suggestion is to stretch the show over a longer period. You could easily start in April and run into June. 3 weeks just is not enough and no season lasts only 3 weeks! Also i am officially starting a campaign for Winterwatch!!

    Anyway ruddy marvellous, loved the new format but also missed Bill- get well soon fella.

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  • 49. At 9:37pm on 11 Jun 2009, GrayTaz wrote:

    Please keep Chris Packham. Kate and Chris are the perfect presenters... Look forward to autumn watch In the future when all's well...

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  • 50. At 9:37pm on 11 Jun 2009, twinscritchy wrote:

    This years Sringwatch was the best ever, thought Chris was very knowledgeable and a breath of fresh air, definitely needs to be back on Autumnwatch, his sense of humour improved the show, clear,concise and very informative, a great addition to the team.
    Thanks to all the team!

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  • 51. At 9:38pm on 11 Jun 2009, cleverweasel wrote:

    the pairing of kate and chris is a winning formula,i have never seen such enthusiasm it really gets you excited ,thank you bbc for a master stroke regards , cleverwasel

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  • 52. At 9:38pm on 11 Jun 2009, chrisfromdorset wrote:

    Please keep Chris on for autumn and for next year!

    We loved the Unsprung show, a bit longer would be good - say 30 minutes?

    Any chance of doing a house martin investigation? - we love watching them building the nests on our house and would love to know what is going on inside the nests - and something more about the social interactions (there are sometimes more than 2 housemartins in the nest before the chicks hatch)

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  • 53. At 9:39pm on 11 Jun 2009, SqeekyJojo wrote:

    Fish - tench herds grazing like buffalo, squadrons of marauding zander, packs of stripy perch in the undergrowth, the lone giant pike - a whole new biome you have barely dipped a toe into, much less a lens. They are an integral part of the food chain - why are they never featured?

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  • 54. At 9:39pm on 11 Jun 2009, wildlife photographer Aaron wrote:

    you can do what ever you want as long as you keep the same team i dont care


    Offical Legends


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  • 55. At 9:42pm on 11 Jun 2009, darlingcheshirebird wrote:

    Welcome Chris, fantastic job
    Best Springwatch ever, what a good atmosphere amongst all the people on the show, so friendly and informative.
    Thank you so much all of you.

    PS. Think we have dunnocks nesting in our hedge, so no more clipping for a while !

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  • 56. At 9:45pm on 11 Jun 2009, Antaresia wrote:

    I am with 'johnsayido4life' why can't this be done for every season of the year. Why not give it a go?

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  • 57. At 9:46pm on 11 Jun 2009, summerleys wrote:

    Absolutely amazingly brilliant. This is the first series that I have been compelled to watch every episode. It's great to see such passion, enthusiasm and knowledge from each presenter and you all appear to be having so much fun.

    Unsprung must be longer please....

    See you in the Autumn.

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  • 58. At 9:47pm on 11 Jun 2009, Johnnytwoshoes wrote:

    Best Springwatch yet. Please don't change the presenters, they all work together in perfect harmony. Keep up the good work.

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  • 59. At 9:48pm on 11 Jun 2009, Copper_Beech wrote:

    Please keep Chris Packham - amazing knowledge and such a gentleman!!!
    BRING BACK BILL!!! Can't we have the three of them on the springwatch sofa???
    More Unsprung!!! Definately. Although I liked the presenters responding to questions I wasn't so keen on the quiz thing...
    THANK YOU all so much. Really :)

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  • 60. At 9:48pm on 11 Jun 2009, akaMagpie wrote:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Chris on the show. Certainly easier on the eye than Bill. Hope Chris and Martin are both back for Auturmwatch.
    PS Do Martin and Kate go to the same hairdresser?!!

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  • 61. At 9:51pm on 11 Jun 2009, Melv-01 wrote:

    I love Springwatch and think it is a fantastic show, however this year wasn't quite the same without Bill Oddie. I really hope he comes back for Autumnwatch and again for Springwatch next year. By all means keep Chris packham on the team, but please bring Bill back!

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  • 62. At 9:52pm on 11 Jun 2009, crychyddycam wrote:

    Great series, by far the best ever. This year, apart from the great items, the atmosphere between the presenters was much warmer. Chris and Kate got on famously. I really hope Bill gets well soon but maybe it's time to give someone else a chance. Chris did a great job and I hope he will become a permanent fixture in the future.

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  • 63. At 9:54pm on 11 Jun 2009, jam2none wrote:

    Fantastic series thank you, please keep the same presenters they were great including Nicki and please can you make unsprung longer next time. Looking forward to the one shots and the autumn watch many thanks.

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  • 64. At 10:00pm on 11 Jun 2009, neoCraig81 wrote:

    Well done SW team!

    Best show ever!

    Well done Chris Packham, you added such detailed knowledge and enhanced the show!

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  • 65. At 10:01pm on 11 Jun 2009, Grandmasoon wrote:

    Wonderful series - can't wait until Autumn. Chris was brilliant together with lovely Kate, they complement each other. It is also funny as well as informative. Love the joviality of it all. Hope Bill gets well soon but I must admit Chris is better. Martin was very good too. It would be great if it went on for longer but I feel the content is just right this time. Perhaps some more of Gordon. Simon is always charismatic and very interesting. Love watching the birds in their nests and can never have enough of it. More on butterflies would be interesting.

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  • 66. At 10:02pm on 11 Jun 2009, judehunt66 wrote:

    This year's Springwatch has been the best so far! I am a huge fan of Bill but Chris has more than filled his shoes! The interaction between him and Kate has been great to watch. The variety of birds this year has been fantastic as has the scenery as usual. Been pretty lucky with the weather too - glorious sunny evenings has made for wonderful watching. I'm sure you will have encouraged many more people to get into wildlife! Thank you!

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  • 67. At 10:02pm on 11 Jun 2009, batty_snail wrote:

    Wonderful show! It's the only thing I have been watching regularly (as a teenager!) but I think it would get younger children interested if it was on during an earlier slot, 7 until 8 maybe. I have younger cousins who would love to watch it but it goes on too late for them.

    Chris is a fabulous addition to the show. The poodles are hilarious!

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  • 68. At 10:07pm on 11 Jun 2009, graniteArmitage wrote:

    The only complaint we have is the programme is over till the Autumn, great team work by all the presenters and all those behind the scenes WELL DONE!!!!
    More should be done in the schools, so that the younger generation grows up with a love and understanding of nature in all its forms, and the preservation of all the wildlife and flora in the towns and countryside. We have tried to do this with our grandchildren, country walks, collecting things for the nature table at school, pressing wild flowers for book marks to give as presents and bird watching.

    Will be crossing of the days on the calender till Autumn watch.

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  • 69. At 10:11pm on 11 Jun 2009, goshawk23 wrote:

    sorry to sound sceptical, cynical even, but whenever in the history of the British Broadcasting Corporation has the Corporation ever listened to us, the viewer?? Never! So, why start now? You will do what you want to do, not want we want you to do. It's known as Democracy, BBC style.

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  • 70. At 10:12pm on 11 Jun 2009, janebaxter wrote:

    I just want to say what a fantastic show!! Chris was brill, and as usual Simon was too. We live in a little place, in the South Wales vallies where we are blessed every day and night with stunning wildlife. We sit in our garden, every evening, in wonder as the bats wizz around uor heads. We had 2 ducklings at our backdoor last year who had separated from their mum. We also had a tiny wren in our bedroom, hedgehogs and field mice in the yard, and the most wonderful heron that graces the stream at the side of the house. FANTASIC!!
    It would be a treat if you could come and film here (wishful thinking on my part).

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  • 71. At 10:15pm on 11 Jun 2009, VirginiaB wrote:

    Loved Springwatch this time. I nearly didn't watch when I found out Bill was giving it a miss. Thank goodness I didn't. Chris is great. Very knowledgable. Loved unsprung but could have done with it being longer (probably being greedy though). Also enjoyed Martin, so obviously loves what he's doing). Please tell me Chris and Martin will be on Autumnwatch!!!!

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  • 72. At 10:16pm on 11 Jun 2009, greedytakahe wrote:

    Really fantastic series, and as always, it has affirmed the things I value most.

    I'd be really keen to see a development of the gardening theme, especially for children. Some more advice on beneficial insects, bird feeding and wildlife habitats even some DIY - build an overwintering ladybird/lacewing house for Autumnwatch maybe, or would that be too late?

    Also must say, the Welsh filmwork was gorgeous, the Chris / Kate banter was (alarmingly) like me and my husband after a drink and our children loved the motorbike!

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  • 73. At 10:19pm on 11 Jun 2009, cleverwildlifeisgr8 wrote:

    Springwatch has been amazing this year!!! Will miss it loads! Chris has been great! Simon king is the best!!!!! The best programme on t.v by far!!!

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  • 74. At 10:19pm on 11 Jun 2009, 1earedrabbit wrote:

    Fantastic three weeks - but got nothing done at home. Hardley every watch TV, but everything stops for SpringWatch. Loved Bill Oddie, but this years show was just great well done BBC. I will pay my TV licence for another year

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  • 75. At 10:24pm on 11 Jun 2009, mysticned wrote:

    Just to add my voice to those above

    1 Keep Chris
    2 More unsprung and please don't turn it into a spin off show, it's current "we're a bunch of mates enjoying talking about something we love" feeling is very easy to watch
    3 Less birds, or at least less similar birds, lets see some more Mammals and insects.

    Oh and finally more Nicky but that may just be a personal thing

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  • 76. At 10:26pm on 11 Jun 2009, somhairle wrote:

    This season was the best for years. The new team are just excellent and clearly bond well. Stick with them for Autumnwatch. Could we have unsprung on iPlayer? Unless it is and I can't find it??

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  • 77. At 10:29pm on 11 Jun 2009, Norfolkbev wrote:

    Really loved this years springwatch, as usual Simon was wonderful.
    Chris was great I used to love watching him on the really wild show..he certainly knows his stuff.
    Looking forward to Autumnwatch already:)

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  • 78. At 10:32pm on 11 Jun 2009, kelvingreattit wrote:

    Can i say what a great three weeks,Chris and Martin brought the whole show alive a breath of fresh air.How did Kate put up with you both especially the jokes from Chis.
    Keep it up lets see you all on Autumn Watch.

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  • 79. At 10:38pm on 11 Jun 2009, coventrybee1 wrote:

    The best series so far!
    Thought Chris added a bit of humour as well as knowledge, reminding me of my childhood watching the Really Wild Show and Martin is also a great addition.

    Should feature a few less birds and more mammals and some fish, it would be interesting to see their lives in a bit more depth. Think Unsprung is great but should be longer.

    Can't wait for Autumwatch!

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  • 80. At 10:39pm on 11 Jun 2009, Katherine Birkett wrote:

    1 - Martin must remain on screen and Chris needs to be retained as the chief male presenter alongside Kate.

    2 - Lincolnshire has been very poorly represented in Springwatch. A shame given that the Wash has internationally important populations of wading birds and other species, along with three RSPB reserves around its perimeter at Freiston Shore, Frampton Marsh and Snettisham.

    3 - Springwatch Unsprung works excllently, but it is too short and hurried. Half an hour would be perfect.

    3A - Springwatch needs to be shown on ALL FIVE WEEKDAYS.

    4 - Spring/Autumnwatch really ought to give some thought to a dedicated 'Meet the Public' day where members of the public can come and meet ALL the presenters at the programme's base, have their photos taken with them/get their autographs, take part in wildlife activities and have the presenters give talks about their careers and specialisms within that. There could be guided tours behind the scenes, face painting, fieldcraft/ID/photography masterclasses etc... the proceeds of which could go to local wildlife charities. This could take place on one of the weekends of Spring/Autumnwatch's run. It's such a shame that there is no official day when we can come and meet the presenters that work so hard to entertain, motivate, inspire and inform us. Perhaps highlights from this could be broadcast? Why not take Springwatch on tour like Top Gear does, or the Radio 1 Roadshow used to do?

    5 - I would like to see the publication of an updated Spring/Autumnwatch book, that chronicles the 2007, 2008 and 2009 series. The existing one is good, but it's high time for a follow-on with perhaps a book signing tour by the presenters!

    6 - In addition to this, I'd like to see an official Springwatch DVD brought out to chart the story so far, from Springwatch's first series to the series just finished. Half the proceeds could go to wildlife conservation charities.

    7 - Kate, Gordon and Martin should attend the annual Birdwatching fair at Rutland Water to meet their fans! If Simon, Chris and Bill can go every year, why can't Kate, Martin and Gordon?

    8 - Maybe, a fortnight-long 'Watch' programme for each season? Springwatch, Summerwatch, Autumnwatch (preferably during peak migration) and Winterwatch?

    9 - A small series of articles where I work with Kate to address my snake phobia!

    Complain about this comment

  • 81. At 10:44pm on 11 Jun 2009, petallica wrote:

    Love Springwatch, especially Chris and Kate, what a team.
    But, I do have a minor complaint. I was rather disappointed that my report of a cuckoo my husband and I heard at the German Cemetery on Cannock Chase, Staffordshire on 1st June was not recorded on the map. I know it says that some reports are not logged due to incomplete information etc. but I did give full details. I also noticed that someone else reported hearing a bird at Brocton which is close to the same spot (quite possibly the same bird) but still not marked on the map. I would have thought with Staffordshire being rather short on cuckoos this poor lonely bird should be given the status it deserves, namely a mark on the map.
    Actually come to think of it Cannock Chase would be a good place to film, very beautiful and lots of wildlife!

    Complain about this comment

  • 82. At 10:45pm on 11 Jun 2009, Bridgetroberta wrote:

    Lovely show, thoroughly enjoyed them all. Congratulations to Chris for stepping into such well-known boots. But he needs to swot up on the necks of owls. The reason owls can turn their heads so far is not because they have long necks. Giraffes have very long necks, but they can't ! The reason is that giraffes, like us, have only 7 cervical vertebrae. Owls have 14. Therefore they can rotate their heads , where giraffes and we can't. Someone, tell him please!
    Still, a fantastic show, and one I have followed avidly, though normally I do not watch much TV at all. Thanks, everyone.

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  • 83. At 10:49pm on 11 Jun 2009, Rob Ward wrote:

    Reptiles are sadly overlooked. OK we have the odd 5min segment, but they are truly magnificent creatures, which need more limelight to help educate people that they they are not deadly monsters.
    The adder is in decline and I find it hard to believe that Springwatch gave around 80% of it's air time to birds, but only about 0.5% of it's air time to the snake, if that.
    It's not all chicks and fledging, we have the grass snake, adder, smooth snake, slow-worm and lizards, which could be featured.

    If you need a place to film them, I know many where adders, grass snakes and slow-worms can be found on every sunny day.
    Sadly we do not have the smooth snake in Gloucestershire, but that could be a challenge, for the crew and maybe Gordon to find a highly protected smooth snake.


    Rob (Bothrops)

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  • 84. At 10:52pm on 11 Jun 2009, MayaPlass wrote:

    More Sea Please!

    Springwatch really has attracted alot of viewers, attention and has a great following. Perhaps to cater for all tastes - there should be more of an equal measure of terrestrial/marine/aquatic and aerial critters? There definitely has been a leaning towards showing a variety of wildlife in this series...which has been really well received I think...and I have enjoyed.

    More marine life would never go a miss from me! This is going to be such an important era for the marine environment with the Marine Bill and new Marine Conservation Zones in 2009 - 10. Now, more than ever is time to celebrate our seas and I think now you have peoples attention you could even divulge in a friendly un-depressing positive way some really great successful conservation messages - not just the "don't do..." messages.

    Even a slightly more scientific angle without the jargon would be welcomed - in my experience with 1:1 in marine education I'm always suprised at the depth people want to go into of the science. Science should be accessible and you have a great opportunity to make it even more accessible.

    Come back to South Devon and explore more of our amazing coastline! There's so much to sea in the Spring...Summer, Autumn and Winter!...Crab life cycle? egg - larvae - crab - moulting there's a whole series there! Starfish life cycle and jellyfish too - they are awesome! Have you seen the part of the cycle after the planktonic stage - a baby jellyfish breaks off from what looks like an anemone/worm and swim away? Makes a tadpole/frog cycle look positively dull! Barnacle reproduction - that's pretty impressive stuff by anybody's standards! Plankton is pretty gorgeous too!


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  • 85. At 11:03pm on 11 Jun 2009, goldfinch2009 wrote:


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  • 86. At 11:06pm on 11 Jun 2009, mumawin wrote:

    What a delight yet again!!! I allowed my eight year old daughter to stay up late each night to watch every show -why? because she was enthralled beginning to end! Thankyou to the whole team for a fantastic experience of live nature-shouldn't change the format, its a winning one.Chris is a fantastic addition, fun and informative.We await Autumn watch expectantly.

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  • 87. At 11:07pm on 11 Jun 2009, Katherine Birkett wrote:

    I'd like to see an item on the Redwing and the Fieldfare.

    Complain about this comment

  • 88. At 11:12pm on 11 Jun 2009, Goldfinch wrote:

    For springwatch I'd like to see the unsprung show on for longer, at least half an hour as its been fantastic! Also would like the series to last for 4 to 6 weeks rather than just 3 so that we don't get left with a cliffhanger, never knowing what happens to the chicks still in their nests tonight. There is so much out there that it would be relatively easy to fill another 3 weeks of shows as you always seem to struggle to fit everything in already.

    This years series has been fantastic and The whole team should be very proud of such a brilliant show :)

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  • 89. At 11:13pm on 11 Jun 2009, dovewatcher wrote:

    Please keep the live format of the show!!! Regardless of autumn or spring it really adds atmosphere!!!
    It makes everybody feel more connected, adds a degree of intimacy, too, like in the early days of tv. Despite multimedia platforms, i players and all that, live tv still has its flair. I understand that it's more difficult with autumn watch, but perhaps the commentaries and stuff could be done live while features are recorded throughout the day? Always great, though, to see animals in the dark, too.

    Generally, I would like to see a little more about mammals. While I LOVED Springwatch this year with the new, bigger team(it was just so much fun and I learned so much, went out with my camera into the forest afterwards...and look at the birds in our garden with new eyes), I felt it was just a little too much about birds.

    The contributions about ponds, nettles and wasps were very interesting. More about plants and trees?
    More about making a difference in the face of global warming in your own back garden?

    The feature about the two young women on the bird island in North Wales was great, too. Always great to see people who are doing these jobs.

    Generally, I feel whatever speaks to and potentially educates young people(like the connection between the leatherback turtles and the plastic bags) is important. The presenters are cool, lovely and knowledgable. Kids will pick up on their messages.

    Re: Autumnwatch. I think it is safe to say that deer has been covered big time. How about more of seals and sea lions at that time of the year? And Otters?
    The squirrel path last year was much fun and I would like something similar again.

    AND: Please keep Chris Packham on the show! His enthusiasm and knowledge are truly inspiring!!!
    All of the new team get my thumbs up. Would be lovely to see them all back over a cup of mulled wine in the autumn light...Can't wait.

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  • 90. At 11:18pm on 11 Jun 2009, MadStader wrote:

    Congrats everyone for another brilliant series. Lots of great areas and wildlife covered and the chemistry of all concerned (including the newbies) was fantastic.

    This is the sort of tele that the BBC should be making - informative, entertaining, tele that makes you think and that can change your own behaviour for the better.

    Bill was missed but everyone stood in brilliantly and the team should be kept together as they provide a rounded, very informative group that's be hard to find elsewhere. With Bill as well, we're talking the Champions League winning team of wildlife TV.

    Have a great Summer all who were involved and I hope everyone's back for Autumnwatch.

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  • 91. At 11:40pm on 11 Jun 2009, cultureboy wrote:

    My family and I simply ate up every episode - and 'Unsprung' too!

    We need more '...watch' programmes - and longer series. A six or eight-week run for each season at least, or several episodes a week throughout the year. There is so much dross on week-in-week out; let's make the public broadcaster the station for quality and learning.

    Get rid of Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton, the Top Gear morons etc and spend the money on something of value, presented by truly talented broadcasters.

    Keep Chris on, although I'd like to see Bill back when he's better. Simon, Gordon and Martin are all great, too.

    It's pure gold, but, please, more than a measly five weeks a year (incl Autumnwatch).

    And would it be too much to have wildlife webcams on constantly? They have become much-loved companuions throughout the day!


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  • 92. At 11:43pm on 11 Jun 2009, TarquintheImposter wrote:

    Keep Chris! He made the program much sharper, together with the wider presenter team approach.

    Springwatch has ended. God knows I'm miserable now!

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  • 93. At 11:50pm on 11 Jun 2009, midwalesgareth wrote:

    Loved the show this year even more thsn usual. That might be because I live in mid-wales so a little biased! Or it could be Mr Packham!

    Great to see Chris on the TV agsin, used to love him on the Really Wildshow, he's been breath of fresh air (no disrespect to Bill, love Mr Oddie as well).

    The Unsprung bit on the Red button has been fantastic, love the humour from the key talent and also the crew, looks like there is a real team spirit going on. Keep up the good work, really looking forward to Autumnwatch now, hope the team remaims the same.

    Just one question? How do I get a job on the show?

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  • 94. At 00:01am on 12 Jun 2009, sandiesimms wrote:

    Longer unsprung........ Pleeeeeeze.

    Fewer birds next time, not everyone is interested in ornithology.
    More mammals, more science, keep Chris on he's good for the science bits. Us geeks need to stick together.

    How about somewhere in the south for next year, Salisbury plain is full of wildlife.

    Close to home for Simon and Chris.

    Brilliant prog this year.
    The inclusion of Martin and Chris was like a breath of fresh air.

    Get well soon Bill, our thoughts are with you.

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  • 95. At 00:29am on 12 Jun 2009, TheRealDerelict wrote:

    Hmmm... sadly I was unimpressed by the coverage of the fallow rut in last year'a AutumnWatch - it didn't seem to be particularly live and there seemed to be an underlying failure to demonstrate how fallow deer run a different model from red deer and that the individual bucks have their own individual strategies. As with the red stags on Rhum you need a bit of real character development - see http://www.youtube.com/deerisible for this. Calling an animal 'Barry the Buck' diminishes the exercise. You also need to film the rut on rather more varied terrain than an open field in a deer park. Deer move about and the fallow rut has some delightful tricks up its sleeve.

    So can I suggest you give it another go elsewhere?

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  • 96. At 00:32am on 12 Jun 2009, chekotey wrote:

    How can you improve on perfection? This year's Springwatch Has been brilliant.
    The new presenters were perfect. The only thing wrong was it didn't last long enough.

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  • 97. At 01:42am on 12 Jun 2009, big-willy-g wrote:

    Please do not change the format of spring/autumnwatch. It is the whole live nature of them that appeals so much to me and I'm sure many others also. Bringing Chris in was also a very good move and improved the show, for me anyway. Again, please do not change the format of the show. It is extremely good as it is.

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  • 98. At 06:51am on 12 Jun 2009, Regenwurm wrote:

    Please can we see a bit less of Gordon Buchanan and a bit more of what he is filming?

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  • 99. At 07:21am on 12 Jun 2009, Do no like Becks Com wrote:

    May I suggest that by and large the Springwatch/Autumwatch Programmes are well balanced and well presented as LIVE programmes, that is why the public tune in, there is no reason why the BEEB cannot put an addendum programme on after the main event [eg a 30 minute slot] of highlights of other wildlife programmes.

    There are several posts regarding other topics apart from birds ie Spring Flowers why not ask a Wildlife Trust what they would put in a programme??!! :-)

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  • 100. At 07:27am on 12 Jun 2009, greencoolmusicadam wrote:

    I think Chris should defiantly be in future programs, and the Unsprung program should maybe be about 30 minutes instead of 15, beacuse otherwise everything in the Unsprung show gets rushed, and they don't have enough time to read out many questions/comments.

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  • 101. At 07:42am on 12 Jun 2009, akaoldschool wrote:

    Great shows again this spring, looking forward to Autumn watch. I think the format works very well and I agree that unsprung should be longer. Keep up the good work.

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  • 102. At 07:43am on 12 Jun 2009, staffibull wrote:

    great show, as always but.... Really missed Bill, this year! Breathing spaces is an excellent idea, but not enough time on the show, to go into details.
    It was great to have something on tv, that was actually worth watching, & a shame that we will have to wait till Autumnwatch returns.

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  • 103. At 07:49am on 12 Jun 2009, Valia66 wrote:

    Please please please bring Chris Packham back as he was a breath of fresh air, please keep Martin as well.
    Kate, Chris & Martin seemed to gel so well (along with Simon & Gordon, even though they were in different parts of the country), it would be a terrible shame to break that presenting relationship.
    I also really enjoyed Springwatch Unsprung, great idea please keep it for all Springwatch & Autumnwatch programmes.

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  • 104. At 07:51am on 12 Jun 2009, darkdivine wrote:

    longer unsprung,more birds,show all the flegings,keep chis,keep it funny and make it more funny

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  • 105. At 07:51am on 12 Jun 2009, Witch-Queen wrote:

    I have thouroghly enjoyed this years Springwatch and will miss it. I realise that it is a lot of work for the presenters and staff but would have likes the series to be longer.

    Springwatch Unsprung has been the best part of the experience by far, and I agree with other people that it should be a lot longer.

    Perhaps next time, however, you should rename Springwatch Unsprung. I think 'Springwatch Unhinged' would be much more appropriate lol

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  • 106. At 07:54am on 12 Jun 2009, janbeesknees wrote:

    What a breath of fresh air Chris and Martin have been. It has been fun, enthusiastic, stimulating, very informative and great entertainment. You must keep this format and team for future shows it is brilliant. The unsprung is too short could be half an hour.
    More on how to get kids involved, ideas on basic equipment eg binoculars etc. I know it sounds highbrow but kids love to look at birds etc through bins and it brings things to life.
    Info on local natural history groups that kids can get involved in.
    More on nature at home - how and where to look locally.
    Keep up the good work.

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  • 107. At 08:04am on 12 Jun 2009, happyloveaduck wrote:

    I think Springwatch this year has been the best ever and Unsprung has given a new extra dimension to the programme.Chris has added his own style and knowledge to the programme, Kate, Martin and Simon you were brilliant too. I enjoy the nestlings it is what Spring is about

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  • 108. At 08:11am on 12 Jun 2009, Chris Spencer wrote:

    The best Springwatch ever. The wildlife was as good as ever, but the humanlife was a huge improvement. Chris did a great job - I loved his presenting style, wit and knowledge. The relationships between the team seemed more relaxed and they really appeared to enjoy working together. 'Unsprung' was great fun and should be extended. Please keep the same team for future Spring and Autumn Watches.

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  • 109. At 08:39am on 12 Jun 2009, legendblue wrote:

    Perfection. Springwatch once again has proved a big hit in our household with people of all ages.
    The new presenters complemented every one involved perfectly and could not be improved on. Will eagerly await for Autumnwatch, but have you ever thought of doing a Winterwatch? as this program is captivating. Thanks to all concerned.

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  • 110. At 08:59am on 12 Jun 2009, megamatman wrote:

    Don't change Springwatch! Extend it!!

    My ideas:

    1) Springwatch The Incubation:
    Series of weekly programmes a few weeks before the real Springwatch (could be short web based stuff).

    2) Keep Chris Packham!

    3) Love the idea of the three programmes after SW has finished. How about extending the webcams for a few days so we can see all the birds that we've been following fledge.

    4) Extend Unsprung (30 mins?). It's a good forum for answering our questions and it really makes me laugh :) - 15mins seemed rushed.

    5) More web videos - behind the scenes stuff.

    6) Add a book club to the website that can run all year long. Could pick a monthly nature book for us to read and we all review it.

    7) Create a Twitter account! For updates like the stuff next to the webcams.

    8) Create a new programme: Africawatch! To follow all of our migratory birds over in Africa.

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  • 111. At 09:42am on 12 Jun 2009, Humble King Oddie wrote:

    I would just like to thank Chris, Kate, Simon and the entire team for another fantastic year of this brillint series. It is educational, entertaining and at times highly emotional. It lightens up my day when I know I can join you for an hour each day for a few weeks each year- and I appreciate the presenters and the wildlife,missing them in equal measure after you go off air. I really hope that the show goes on for a long time to come, and would love to one day work on a team such as this one. Bill Oddie is sadly missed and I hope that he returns some time in the future to the show, but thats not to say that Chris has not been on top form and you are every bit as brilliant.
    Realistically, I understand that it may be too much to ask for the webcams on BBCi during the day, and far too demanding of the presenters and the budget to do a 'Summerwatch'. Every other year I have had a suggestion or two to make on how the series can improve, but I admit it is harder to do so this year.
    I understand that many irregular viewers who tune in every now and again believe that there is a heavy orientation and focus on birds in the series. I completely understand this as they are truly the representatives for the season and I love this format,but many would like to see more coverage of mammalian species such as squirrels or badgers. One idea of my own that I had concerned the link with the similar show 'Big Cat Live', which since last year has undeniably taken on the format of Springwatch. I am not so sure how it would fit in, but maybe there could be a ten minute segment each episode presented by Simon maybe, following the species that have gone over to Africa each year, I wouldn't expect a live report obviously as the locations are different, but some sort of coverage would be lovely.
    However, the only real request I have for this year is for the entire team to give themselves a pat on the back for a brilliant three week series, and for them to try and repeat this success with Autumnwatch this September and for many years to come. Thank you again.

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  • 112. At 10:17am on 12 Jun 2009, coolqueencartimandua wrote:

    Loved it this year. Seemed far more informative and I personally believe Chris is a real bonus to the team - fun but full of interesting information. However....switching the webcams off so fast seems such a shame. The stories followed all the way through are just abandoned and we may never know the result. In particular the swallows 'to fledge or not to fledge' were a key part of the final programme but the webcams were turned off so fast we couldn't find out what really happened. I understand it may not be possible to leave the cameras on but in the week following springwatch there are already several special programmes. What about adding a programme a couple of weeks after the show/ when the birds have had time to fledge which would round up on all the unfinished stories and go back over highlights. This year key individuals to cover could have been the swallows, kestrels, goshawks and perhaps the goldfinches.

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  • 113. At 10:19am on 12 Jun 2009, invitrospud wrote:

    Well, so much for the cuckoo mapping! I sent in a sighting of a Cuckoo which we saw in a small village called Culkein, Drumbeg in Sutherland - and they didn't bother to use it. The small print said something about dropping individual sightings to maintain mapping quality and yet the nearest sighting was 8 miles away, where they had marked 2 within half a mile of each other! What's all that about? This is a remote area with hardly any sightings and yet I notice they are packed in much more closely in Norfolk - what are their grounds for excluding mine? It was a VERY clear sighting, probably the best I've had of a cuckoo. I won't bother in the future.

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  • 114. At 10:21am on 12 Jun 2009, philosophicallavaman wrote:

    Well, great team effort. Fantastic series and some great suggestions made already along the lines of..

    1 - Chris P is great. Worked so much better with the team than Bill oddie ( who seemed to think the show was about him) kate seemed rejuvinated working alongside Chris so you now have a fabulous team. Simon is so passionate and Martin made me laugh with his slightly sloppy style ( in a good way!) - but keep them together, going forward. If Oddie gets well he should work on his own programs - he seemed to only add tension to the team.

    2 - Would be good to have a 1 hour special, summerwatch and winterwatch - link the seasons together.

    3 - Too many smaller nesting birds
    (finches,wrens,robins,warblers,swallows) the raptors were fabulous - more mammals and marine/river life would be great.

    4 - More advice on volunteering with all of the fabulous organisations out there?

    5 - Basically, I have been amazed how I have been addicted to this series. It has really been fantastic. I would not have watched with Bill Oddie involved as his arrogance spoilt the atmosphere.


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  • 115. At 10:21am on 12 Jun 2009, sounds-and-images wrote:

    I think the current format is great except that the first series, had less banter, and was a more intelligent production. This has now turned into a more childish show with far too much time filling banter and the quality of the production as a whole has slipped.

    We were asked to contribute our photos and that some would make it onto the show, the way this was mentioned, hyped and handled on the show, gave the feeling that many would be shown and this year there was no improvement on this over last year. Very disappointing after so many contributed.

    We need more wildlife and less on the presenters, it has been like this for a couple of years now.....

    I also fully agree with Salsa on all of his/her points.

    A certain something is certainly now missing from the show, and it is getting worse not better.

    I would however like to add that the crew did a fabulous job and the behind the scenes people really should take a bow. Thank you to you all.

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  • 116. At 10:23am on 12 Jun 2009, jocat222 wrote:

    keep springwatch live!

    it was almost perfect this springwatch. i am less keen on more participation from viewers, there was a little too much this time.

    the dynamic between all the presenters is currently brilliant (i would like to hope bill could become another roving presenter?) but the spontonaiety of kate and chris (martin worked well too) was excellent.

    pleease don't mess with it!

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  • 117. At 10:30am on 12 Jun 2009, Duncanfromduncombe wrote:

    Springwatch should be on for 4 weeks - and we should have longer unsprung. It was really good to see sort of behind the scenes. The series always goes too quickly, but that would happen no matter how long it was. One thing is for sure, keep Martin and Chris. They're so funny, the team this year was brilliant. I can't wait to see them again in Autumnwatch

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  • 118. At 10:42am on 12 Jun 2009, NorthCoombe wrote:

    Missing Springwatch already!

    Excellent show and new boy Chris was great.

    Leatherback was amazing but how about more common UK marine species next time too - ones which are easier for most of the public to see.
    We have some great sea anemones - Beadlets rule! - for instance.

    And a big "Thank You" to Simon for championing the good old "sea gull" - herring gull - such a beautiful, intelligent bird and such great parents. They deserve more respect.

    Great show everyone in front and behind the cameras.

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  • 119. At 10:50am on 12 Jun 2009, Hafodfach wrote:

    Best Spring watch EVER - Keep the current presenters,
    they were fantastic. Chris, is excellent, fun and informative!
    Can we please have more .........
    Spring, Summer Autumn, Winter watch..... please !!!

    'Unsprung' was great fun, and should be extended.
    Maybe I would like to see a little more about mammals.
    But well done.

    Thank you

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  • 120. At 10:54am on 12 Jun 2009, microshirleysmith wrote:

    Wonderful,wonderful show. Please can we keep the same team, they are all just perfect.We cannot wait until Autumn,could you tell us a little more about Jays please,our garden is full of beautiful birds, but we know very little about the Jay,who is a regular visitor too. Have you any plans for a 2009 DVD. I am sure it would be a top seller.Congratulations once again to Chris,Kate,Simon,Martin,Gordon and everyone else concerned.Thankyou all.

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  • 121. At 10:56am on 12 Jun 2009, heybridgespur wrote:

    Great show, & Chris, loved the idea of getting in The Smiths song titles into the show.
    For 'Autumn Watch' how about trying to get The falls' song titles into the show!

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  • 122. At 11:04am on 12 Jun 2009, vet_tash wrote:

    1) Springwatch this year has been amazing. PLease keep Chris and Martin both really amazing additions to the show.

    2)Loved having Simon and Gordon in different areas following species that we dont normally see - goshawk, dippers and Gordon on the road showing us the viewers sitings and videos was brilliant.

    3) Perhaps include more mammals like the polecats/stoats/foxes etc. and the sections of sea animals, the seahorse and turtles were really fascinating.

    4)Keep it live but over a longer period of time (8 weeks would be good) - Spring lasts longer than 3 weeks!!

    5) Springwatch, Summerwatch, Autumnwatch, Winterwatch.... :)

    6) SPringwatch Unsprung is great but needs to be longer to give more time to question the presenters on all types of nature. It is very entertaining.

    7) Please do a DVD of all the series.

    8) Any chance of meeting the presenters??! Perhaps do a Springwatch on the road for a week where all the fans can meet and chat to the presenters about the previous series.

    9) Keep Chris's poodles they are hilarious!

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  • 123. At 11:07am on 12 Jun 2009, charltongirl40 wrote:

    At last someone championing the Herring Gull. Well done Simon!! When I was young - many years ago - I used to visit Devon for my holidays and a friend of my parents would take us 3 kids out mackerel fishing. He had "adopted" a Herring Gull. He rescued it as a young bird when it was found with fishing line wrapped round it's legs. It used to fly along side or perch on the boat waiting for any surplus fish. We knew it was the same gull each year as he/she had scars on it's legs from the line. I was always amazed that this bird chose to spend it's time with human company, but would also live happily with it's own kind. I know - stomach ruling head!!!

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  • 124. At 11:11am on 12 Jun 2009, steve-smith wrote:

    I just want to say that this has been the best Springwatch so far. Chris Packham was fantastic, and he worked so well with Kate. Please don't drop him from the series. Unsprung has been a joy; myself and my partner (both ancient 40+'s) have been in cahoots of laughter, as well as learning so much. But what a shame it's so SHORT! I felt that every evening became a rush, with so much more to talk about. So, three suggestions:
    1) Extend Unsprung by maybe just 5 minutes (30mins would be too long)
    2) Send the brilliant Simon King to either THE ISLE OF MAN (fantastic wildlife; a place so few people visit), or to cover the UK properly NORTHERN IRELAND.
    3) Maybe alternate Bill & Chris between the Spring & Autumn Watches??

    Thank you so much for some fantastic, fascinating television.

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  • 125. At 11:14am on 12 Jun 2009, Babylong wrote:

    Have loved this seasons spring watch, really resparked my passion for wildlife that in this busy life gets brushed aside. Thought Chris and Kate had a fantastic professional rapport that really worked. Really liked Bill yet think Chris just edges it!! The whole team made it fun and they clearly have the knowledge and passion to inspire the nation in all things wildlife!!! Thank you, Well done guys and gals.

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  • 126. At 11:21am on 12 Jun 2009, wanderingcuckoos wrote:

    Excellent viewing team I don't think that i've missed a springwatch show in 2009.Loved everything thats been on offer which brings me to my next question.Well,well frankly Mr Packham all those Smiths puns to delight us whatever next!!Have you got a book running as to how many songtitles or lyrics you can squeeze in during springwatch airtime or are you an ageing diehard 'Smithy' reminiscing ???Whatever it is your doing a grand job lad.One word of advice though Chris try not to phlagarize or take on loan too much otherwise you'll Morrisey & Marr knocking on your thatched cottage door looking for royalties.Who knows Mozzer may even take a shine to those wonderful poodles of yours as a down payment.
    Once again a massive thankyou to all the Springwatch team - can't pinpoint any one favourite topic it's all been fantastic.
    Chris you are a starin the ascendancy mate & a knowlegable one at that.Hope to see you back in the Autumn sitting alongside Kate & the crew.
    Unruly boys Chris,unruly boys - ha,ha

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  • 127. At 11:25am on 12 Jun 2009, Maladjusted79 wrote:

    just keep chris and the same team that's it this year was so good well done.cheers

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  • 128. At 11:28am on 12 Jun 2009, jackath wrote:

    Congratulations to everyone at Springwatch it has been a great three weeks.
    The presenters have been fantastic and the information given inspirational, we are even looking at wasps in a new light.
    We realise it takes a lot of effort to bring us these great pictures and once again congratulations to all.

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  • 129. At 11:33am on 12 Jun 2009, greedytakahe wrote:

    Have already posted comments last night. However it seems some viewers are looking to the Springwatch crew for validation of their views or justification of the current balance of content. Any opportunity for a summary of the comments to be publicly answered would be welcomed by all.

    I think it would be impossible to please everyone, as we are all approaching the show with different background knowledge and local environments. Although I believe the balance is just about right, others disagree, so could their views (well the reasonable ones, at least) be addressed?

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  • 130. At 12:05pm on 12 Jun 2009, joninliverton wrote:

    Excellent series this year and Chris is a breath of fresh air - no disrespect to Bill of course. I disagree with some posters request for less birds and mammals and more flowers. You can get close to flowers but you cannot get close to birds and other wild animals and this is what the team do best. For next year I would go along with the suggestion of Crows and Pigeons but also Magpies and a real challenge of finding and getting a camera into a long tailed tits nest.

    Complain about this comment

  • 131. At 12:11pm on 12 Jun 2009, imeldanash wrote:

    Well, after four years of my husband drooling over Kate Humble, I now have a wonderful opportunity to drool myself! Don't let Chris go whatever happens! Joking apart, he is the perfect choice - whoever sorts out your casting needs a medal and a large bonus. He has brought humour, expertise, a new edge (and some other unmentionable talents) to the show. I also agree with an earlier comment about extending Unsprung - we love it!

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  • 132. At 12:18pm on 12 Jun 2009, wonderfulgardenmad wrote:

    Springwatch 09 has been the best. A shaky start perhaps, however, as each day passed each presenter became more comfortable. I feel this springwatch has been more informative and entertaining with the banter passing between all presenters, my view is that they all had an equal footing this time. Well done springwatch. For next time may I request a feature on bats, they intrigue me no end watching them in my garden. Lastly springwatch unsprung is great thats when I feel everyone relaxes and enjoys.
    Congrats Kate, Chris, Simon, Martin and last but not least Duncan.

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  • 133. At 12:34pm on 12 Jun 2009, wonderfulgardenmad wrote:

    Sorry, GORDON

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  • 134. At 12:39pm on 12 Jun 2009, dagdadia wrote:

    What a great Springwatch.Chris was great seemed to freshen things up,all of the presenters played a huge roll in creating a memorable programme.I was chuffed at the piece on Swifts as i was harping on about not seeing them on Springwatch,an amazing bird.Loved the unsprung pieces as well,i will be getting a swift box to help these special birds,best wishes to all, Dave

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  • 135. At 12:41pm on 12 Jun 2009, Davina wrote:

    This series has been fantastic - compulsive viewing. Congratulations to everyone involved, but particularly to Chris who has been like a breath of fresh air. The whole show has a different dynamic and has been re-energised.
    More please of Unsprung and also a feature on HEDGEHOGS. I would also like to see more discussion - (if necessary presenting both sides of the argument) - of controversial issues, eg badger culling, fox hunting, shooting and moorland management, use of pesticides, controlling cats, etc. There has been a lot of discussion on the Messageboard about some of these things, but they generally aren't mentioned by the presenters in any detail.
    However, I don't want it to seem as if I'm complaining. The last 3 weeks have gone by so quickly and have been so enjoyable. Please don't change the format and try to 'improve' things. You don't need to. And although I wish Bill all the best, I very much hope to see Chris as a permanent and central member of the team.

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  • 136. At 12:43pm on 12 Jun 2009, zazazum wrote:

    What an absolutely brilliant series loved all the new presenters especilly Chris, really going to miss it each evening the content was great plenty of everything I am now looking forward to Autumn watch. What a brilliant team cameras, researchers, writers and caterers alike a big Thank you. Linda Atkinson Oxton Wirral.

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  • 137. At 12:51pm on 12 Jun 2009, missCherly wrote:

    Great Springwatch. New line-up tremendous. Please eliminate all the juvenile stuff - voice-over in documentaries, juvenile bantering and stupid jokes among presenters, plus Chris's tee-shirts. They are over the top, ego-driven and a complete distraction. Seems like this show was directed to appeal to a younger audience and I bet that's not the profile of the average Springwatch viewer.

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  • 138. At 12:53pm on 12 Jun 2009, Spikeylesley wrote:

    NO! NO! NO! As if I'm not depressed enough this morning now that SpringWatch is over, I find out that you are thinking of altering AutumnWatch so it may not be as I am looking forward to it being.

    I am on my knees begging with you (and getting very funny looks from my work colleagues who think I have finally lost it) not to mess with the live format of the programme. It is simply the best programme on the telly.

    What you are thinking of doing sounds great and interesting but surely there's a way of doing both? Could we have the 3 weeks of 4 live programmes Mon to Thurs and an 8 week series of pre recorded programmes on a Friday night?

    So for 3 weeks it would be live Mon to Thurs and a prerecorded programme on the Friday night followed by however many other pre recorded programmes on the remaining Friday nights.


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  • 139. At 12:54pm on 12 Jun 2009, carlahall wrote:

    First, I loved Chris, really good job and funny as well. The rest of the team, as last year.. great. This is my second year watching the show. Im Argentinean and around there is no show like this.

    I enjoy so much and I learned so much with you, I love birds and Im going to miss Springwatch next monday!!!.

    Lots of love, Carla

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  • 140. At 12:57pm on 12 Jun 2009, shurford wrote:

    Love Springwatch my family and I learn loads from it each year. Especially this year and that was thanks to Chris! Please keep Chris from now on for Springwatch and Autumnwatch. Keep up the good work

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  • 141. At 12:58pm on 12 Jun 2009, nutty_blonde wrote:

    Fantastic series, well done guys. Chris has been fantastic, brilliantly well informed, funny (in a kinda 'dad joke' way) and warm. Please can we keep him?

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  • 142. At 12:59pm on 12 Jun 2009, lollyBel1 wrote:

    This year has been the best Springwatch ever. Thank goodness for Chris Packham. What a wonderful presenter, articulate and knowledgable with a great sense of humour. No longer do we have the ramblings of Bill Oddie who constantly talked over poor Kate and butted in at every opportunity. Keep Chris for Gods sake !!

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  • 143. At 1:01pm on 12 Jun 2009, berrymac wrote:

    I absolutely loved the show as usual and with the added bonus this time of Chris (well done Chris) you really did have to fill some BIG shoes.
    The chemistry between Kate/Chris/Martin was a delight to watch, working off each other (brilliant!)
    Can't wait for Autumn watch and hope the three of you are back and must'nt forget Simon who does such a great and imformative job.

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  • 144. At 1:08pm on 12 Jun 2009, heyhomaggie wrote:

    Spring Watch was wonderful - thank you to everyone involved. I live in one of the remotest and most unspoilt parts of Britain and see plenty of fledglings in my garden but being able to see their "nest" life on the TV is a joy and a real education. Thank you gain..

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  • 145. At 1:08pm on 12 Jun 2009, happy_swede wrote:

    Hello everyone - we would Just like to say that Springwatch 2009 was BY FAR the best in the series. Thank you all and well done.

    The change of presenters was a tremendous move (Chris and Mark) - well integrated, knowledgeable, inspiring and worked as a real team - well done to you all! We really enjoyed the inclusion particularly of Chris and really hope he remains as the other half to Kate as they are a great pair working alongside Simon who we also admire. We have had such fun and really felt part of a club - particularly the unsprung section - and have learnt a vast amount whilst being entertained. Looking forward to Autumnwatch, hopefully with an unchanged team and thanks again.

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  • 146. At 1:26pm on 12 Jun 2009, tinyyorkie wrote:

    I agree with some previous comments,too much childish banter & not enough wildlife.Dropping song titles in for people to notice(weren't they distracted from the actual programme by trying to notice them all?)seems very junenile.Simon King looked embarrassed at times.Could we have more from him please not just the occasional 5mins.
    Also too many of the same sort of birds as in previous years.
    Could the programme include trees etc and how they are coping with more pollution.Please try and keep Bill Oddie(best wishes for him and hope he can get back to what he loves doing soon).I know some people might not be keen but he has a lifetimes knowledge that he willingly passes on to us.Surely thats what counts.

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  • 147. At 1:28pm on 12 Jun 2009, losinginterestfast wrote:

    Firstly; I came here keen and enthusiastic to comment on a fantastic series. After what seems like a lifetime trying to get a name accepted to allow me to join I'm losing the will to live! I will now probably forget the stupid name I've had to have, and not come back :(

    Anyway, a great series. The presenters are superb, and the new guys, especially Chris, are brilliant. I was going to stop watching after the last series because I'm afraid I really can't take any more of Bill Oddy, but, sad for him but great for me, he isn't presenting now and I really do hope you keep the present line up for the future.

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  • 148. At 1:41pm on 12 Jun 2009, jolliemum wrote:

    New team is fantastic. Please keep chris for next year - Bill's OK but I have to admit I lost interest last year and found him a little irritating but Chris brings it alive - he's like Kates naughty brother!

    Can we have more on bugs and pond life and not so many sad dramas with footage of animals being predated ... we know it happens but don't necessarily want to see it in colour!


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  • 149. At 1:47pm on 12 Jun 2009, georgelilyboo wrote:

    Springwatch has always been a favourite of mine,but this series was by far the best. Mainly due to addition of Chris. All presenters are fantastic.Loved watching stoats and pole cats but nothing can surpass the birds.Wonderful!

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  • 150. At 1:57pm on 12 Jun 2009, awatcherfan wrote:

    For the last 3weeks i have really enjoyed watching springwatch 09 it took me a while to get used to seeing chris instead of bill but i thought he did a brilliant job lots of banter between him & kate hope he says for autumnwatch as well as bill oddie

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  • 151. At 2:20pm on 12 Jun 2009, jen3704 wrote:

    I honestly don't think you could do much to improve an already perfect show! I only have a couple of suggestions.

    Longer Unsprung, maybe half an hour? Unsprung is such a good laugh and so relaxed, I love to watch these!

    You have to keep Chris!!!! I absolutely loved watching him and he is such an interesting guy, and so funny! I feel that Chris and Kate have such a great partnership, which is rare to find. It's not the same with Bill, who I also love, but please make sure Chris does all future shows!!

    Oh and could you please put on your website the last shows Unsprung?(thursday) I missed it and I am really gutted!

    Thank You

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  • 152. At 2:22pm on 12 Jun 2009, armygermany wrote:

    We thought Springwatch was fantastic! Chris is great and we thought unsprung was very funny! The only thing we would like to change is could it be on earlier? We live in Germany with the British Forces and already an hour ahead so a start time of 9pm is late for children. Also we can not watch the webcams, which is a shame as we would have loved to have followed some of the birds at our British Primary School.

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  • 153. At 2:43pm on 12 Jun 2009, Chyebren wrote:

    Springwatch this year was disappointing as it became more flashy with less substance. All the time spent saying "gorgeous" could have been far better spent actually watching the animals, birds, amphibians and insects. Or you could consider examining native plants if you really need a way to fill all your viewing time.
    Your viewers are not idiots, I was looking for information and education, not all this frothy "entertainment".

    And why on earth do you go on enthusing about badgers? They seem to have been top of your excitement-list for years. Anyone can see badgers if they switch off their TVs and go for a few night-walks.

    What a shame that you ignore rabbits. Every time they were mentioned this year, it was as a good source of foods for other animals. Why don't you do an extended feature of life in the warren instead of the sett next year?

    Best bit for me this year? The nursing rabbit doe and kits, sent in by a viewer. Hurrah for viewers!

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  • 154. At 2:47pm on 12 Jun 2009, Burmese2 wrote:

    I have throughly enjoyed Springwatch 2009, the best yet.
    Springwatch Unsprung was fabulous. All the presenters and the team did an excellent job. The new format of the show was brilliant with the new presenters Chris and Martin too.

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  • 155. At 2:47pm on 12 Jun 2009, wisedoor wrote:

    I love the Spring/Autumn watch series, and this spring's was really fabulous. Yes, Bill Oddie is a national treasure, but he was quite rude to Kate and in last year's series he rather got on my nerves.

    The digital follow-up programmes were very entertaining and I too think they should have been longer.
    Please keep up the good work. It is this sort of programme that makes the BBC worthwhile.

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  • 156. At 3:16pm on 12 Jun 2009, pgjpupton wrote:

    Hugely enjoyable, Chris Packham added something and seemed to fit in well. I have had enough of Badgers, please give them a rest. I would like something about the redkites, as one tried to land on my car on the M4; what is the point of reintroducing them if you have to feed them for ever. The ethics of reintroducing species- bustards, beavers, wild boar- would be a good subject for the autumn, maybe Chris p could get his teeth into it. Kate H and Simon King are wonderful, there is a sense of a team and I would not like the balance to be disturbed too much- maybe feature some young naturalists, the half hearted bit you did was not very satisfying this year.

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  • 157. At 3:49pm on 12 Jun 2009, drivingDAISYBELL wrote:

    Hi, thanks for another great series.

    Would it please be possible, in future to give approximate sizes of the creatures/nests/eggs etc. featured when they fisrt appear on the programme relating to things we all know, ie the nest is about the size of a tennis ball/3 eggs would fit into a dessert spoon etc. I think this would add even more interest to the progamme for those of us who cannot get out to see the "real" thing.

    Thanks again - keep up the good work.

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  • 158. At 3:52pm on 12 Jun 2009, TennisTrevor wrote:

    1. Keep 'Unsprung' and as others have said, make it longer. It was a wonderful, unexpected surprise and it is fun to watch everyone so calm and the camermen just not caring. The information that they talk about is entertaining yet shocking. It's great but they always seem a tad rushed.
    2. If it is possible, Keep both Chris and Bill. I prefer them both but Chris could be the main presenter and Bill a corresponder in another part of the country who could also do all the Mini-epics.
    3. Pensthorpe is famous for its great cranes and i know they are in a secret conservation area but could there be live webcams on a cranes nest? That would be interesting and a first for Television.
    4. I enjoy springwatch because it's quite local (in Norfolk) but it seems some parts of the UK are left out so they could do things in Kent, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Somerset and maybe even Suffolk.
    5. Martin does documents on Wildlife in Holidays but could he do documents about wildlife and sports together for example nests in stadiums, wildlife on golf courses and how to make a tennis court more wildlife friendly with still the purpose of tennis.

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  • 159. At 3:57pm on 12 Jun 2009, ScaryAdamLeech wrote:

    For a few years now I've thought that the Springwatch format should change. This year was an improvement with new/extra presenters but some things are getting a bit repetitive.

    The Good
    I loved Springwatch 2009. Liked the new presenters. Getting the viewers involved via Martin is great. Loved Chris. Very geecky and scientific. I saw a show he did a few months back and thought and hoped that he would be on Springwatch. This was before I found out about Bill. Could Bill do a spot like Gordon and Simon? But no silly voices.

    This year, we didn't get too many of those silly films with silly voices with silly stories.

    Unsprung was brilliant. Simply because 1) it was new 2) everyone was relaxed 3) the viewers where involved 4) you saw behind the scenes moments 5) it was fun and funny.
    I think some of the Unsprung elements should be fed in to the main program. eg the relaxed presenters and more staff involved.

    The Bad
    The "did they...or didn't they..." moments are getting tedious. In fact this was one of Chris's "breadth of fresh air" moments because he sometimes (maybe not intentionally) let the cat out of the bag.

    Kate. I know she is the main presenter, lining up the questions for the 2 experts but would it work if she was allowed to be an expert. is an expert as well? She came into her own with the snake in Unsprung.

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  • 160. At 4:31pm on 12 Jun 2009, Rozalinda wrote:

    I'd like more next time about the animals on the ground - especially hares and snakes. It was lovely to see all the birds but there didn't seem nearly so much about ground animals. Admittedly we only started watching very late in the series and maybe we missed all that.

    I'd also be interested in seeing a Springwatch set on the Somerset Levels which is a fascinating area (or have you featured it in the past?) that people who don't live in the West Country may just dismiss as "passing through by motorway on the way to Cornwall" (!!) and also more along seashores - we saw plenty about birds but more please about other creatures and plants on seashores?

    I remember David Bellamy's delight in wandering about in stagnant pools etc and raising handfuls of muck which we learned contained fascinating stuff we'd never thought of before - some more of that would be interesting.

    As for an unusual animal to hunt for next year, how about the strange sightings of "large cats" or whatever in the West Country (or anywhere). Are there really such cats that have got loose from captivity and bred, or is it all fairy stories to excite visitors to an area?

    An idea that may not suit Springwatch as it could be called Winterwatch but perhaps the Beeb would consider a historical feature seeing new lambs are called Spring lambs ......

    I remember vividly as a child the dramas every year after Christmas when shepherds were out in the snow on Exmoor in terrible conditions as lambs were born. This annual drama was such a news feature and I as a London child who didn't get to see sheep let alone wild moorland very often was always fascinated as well as horrified at the idea of these little creatures being born in such harsh conditions - how did they survive, what was it like to be born into a snowfield, what was it like for the shepherds doing this job in a harsh winter? We never seem to hear anything about this about this nowadays, perhaps because of warmer winters, it's as though it never snows on Exmoor or all the sheep are rounded up for the winter and have their babes in warm sheds?

    But what's it like for a shepherd in areas of Britain if the shepherds still have to go out in terrible snowstorms or other dreadful conditions to find the lambs and ensure they are safe? As a skier, I know much more about snow now, and that animals are in the Alps rounded up for the winter, but why wasn't that done on Exmoor if the winters were so harsh?

    Historical programmes like this would really appeal to me and I've wondered winter after winter about this!

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  • 161. At 4:37pm on 12 Jun 2009, Rozalinda wrote:

    Unsprung. I think this is a great idea. But for those of us who have to record Springwatch and view it later, is it possible in the footnote for BBC2 programme to add after the red button reminder the digi channel being used - is it 301 or which?

    It's so easy to forget those additional red button channels when setting recordings.

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  • 162. At 4:40pm on 12 Jun 2009, rosefieldgirls wrote:

    Guys, what a brilliant series. I love Bill, but I'm afraid Chris was fantastic (I love the nerdy stuff, keep it up!!).

    Kate and Simon were as wonderful as ever.

    The new team are super.

    Well done. Have a good break and I'm really looking forward to Autumnwatch - more so that normal...

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  • 163. At 4:55pm on 12 Jun 2009, varengeville wrote:

    Congratulations to Kate, Simon, Chris and everyone in the team: it was a brilliant series. Can we keep Chris please - I agree with the rosefieldgirls.

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  • 164. At 4:57pm on 12 Jun 2009, Auntie Prue wrote:

    I think you got it right this year. In our house, we appreciated a more scientific approach - and a shepherding us away from too much sentiment, without losing the wonderment at the natural world.

    We liked the two new chaps - and the happy, and occasionally silly, atmosphere amongst the whole team.

    Perhaps some follow up, via BTO data, of previous Springwatch stars, eg the two little oystercatcher chicks from 2008.

    I think you got the balance right -between raptors, mini beasts etc. Perhaps more on the plant world - which is crucial to the food chain.

    Well done.

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  • 165. At 5:20pm on 12 Jun 2009, bluesleepyteddy wrote:

    Great series this year. Really loved Martin.
    Springwatch unsprung was just genius. Would love for it to have been just a little longer though.
    Next year I'd like to see collared doves & wood pigeons nests, as I get these birds a lot in my garden but have never seen any young.
    Looking forward to Autumnwatch.

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  • 166. At 5:41pm on 12 Jun 2009, ianw2524 wrote:

    Brilliant series as ever and I was hooked with all the storylines that developed. Can we have a 5 week series next year please, this would allow us to see even more of the birds fledge.
    Masterstroke signing up Chris Packham he works so well with Kate and you have to keep him on the show. He is so knowledgeable about almost everything an brings a warmth and humour to the show. Loved his T shirts too, where did he get the space hopper design I would love one.
    Looking forward to the specials next week and can't wait til Autumn Watch. Just make sure Chris co hosts.

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  • 167. At 5:48pm on 12 Jun 2009, Janesasylum47 wrote:

    Brilliant series this year. I have watched it every year since it began but this year was definatly the best. You have to keep Chris Packham on as co-host, he was fantastic. He fitted right in straight away with the rest of the team, and his knowledge on all types of animals is remarkable. I learnt so much about the animals springwatched focused on this year. Would love to see you make it longer, and Autumnwatch too of course. Also i think as someone else suggested that a longer 'unsprung' would be great.
    Many congrats on this years show - Keep up the good work Chris!

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  • 168. At 5:58pm on 12 Jun 2009, newsallycam wrote:

    Springwatch this year has been just excellent, it is such a breath of fresh air. Kate, Chris, Simon and Martin have made a wonderful team; they are completely at peace with themselves and not out to steal the limelight from the natural world on which they report. I hope you will all be in the Autumn Watch programme. The BBC Bristol unit excels itself and we are so lucky to have such high quality programming.

    My suggestions for next year: I live near a large heath and often see baby adders at this time of year. Although I am a bit scared of them, I also find them fascinating and know very little about them and how they live! Perhaps you could persuade some of your cameramen to steal themselves. I enjoyed the piece on the stoats and perhaps it would be interesting to follow a family next time. Also more on owls perhaps?

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  • 169. At 5:59pm on 12 Jun 2009, caldrich48 wrote:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the series.Have been watching Chris since the Really Wild Show! He is just so knowledgeable and funny! A really good team.

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  • 170. At 6:02pm on 12 Jun 2009, HMS-Frontier22 wrote:

    I would just like to say that Springwatch didn't have enough live content this year and that's what Spingwatch has always been about; the fact you can watch the birds live from your living room. Lets not forget allot of people don't have computers such as the elderly and thus can not watch the web cams.

    Also all the surveys are on-line based as well, when if a phone number (or even postal address) were provided more people could precipitate.

    I would suggest having an hour long Springwatch spacial on Fridays with more pre-recorded in depth films and putting more live things on the rest of the days such as a bird feeder cam and maybe a none bird nest cam say rabbits burrows(but please don't to less bird nest cameras)

    And no offence to Chris but we miss Bill Oddie

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  • 171. At 6:13pm on 12 Jun 2009, khaines1962 wrote:

    I have thought that a Springwatch, Autumnwatch from somewhere like Highcliffe Castle, near Christchurch Dorset. It is surrounded by various nature reserves and wildlife areas, and it is a stunning part of the country. Chris Packham lives not far away so I'm sure he's familiar with the area!

    Trying to remember if when Autumnwatch was broadcast from Brownsea Island if any footage was shown from around Christchurch/Hengistbury Head/Highcliffe.

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  • 172. At 6:18pm on 12 Jun 2009, carolynalexander wrote:

    On the loss of hirondelles and also cuckoos here in Cambridgeshire, I wondered if it was caused by blanket insecticide spraying. I discussed this with a local, now retired, farmer who informed me that cereal crops have only been sprayed with insecticide for the last FIVE OR SIX YEARS , prior to that we had plenty of insects, plenty of insect eating birds and regular cuckoos. Now insects are a rarity, its 5 years since swallows and martins stopped nesting under my roof, and we haven't had a cuckoo for 3 years. There are PLENTY of bird boxes and nesting sites, but no insects to feed on. carolynalexander

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  • 173. At 6:20pm on 12 Jun 2009, Tonto505 wrote:

    Really , really liked the team for this season's Springwatch ... hope to see Chris again for Autumnwatch I prefer him to Bill [ sorry but I do ] .
    The stoats were brilliant and I hope they'll be more mammals in next year's programme ..... I wish we'd seen more of the badgers this time though .

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  • 174. At 6:28pm on 12 Jun 2009, sudokofan wrote:

    Really enjoyed this years Spring Watch, best ever. I think Chris is a great asset to the show (Bill was missed, but I think Chris has fitted in very well, I like his humour!) Martin was also very good and a good sport because the others took the mickey sometimes. Perhaps Kate and Martin could open a hair dressing salon, maybe calling it 'Poodle Cuts'! It was nice to see Simon, Kate and Gordon again and I hope all five will be together again in Autumn Watch. Could you stretch it to four weeks and have unsprung on for a little longer please.

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  • 175. At 6:32pm on 12 Jun 2009, mayeleven wrote:

    I don't think there can be too many birds in nests. I could stare at a mother bird sitting on her nest, just in wonder at how lovely she is, because there is no chance to saviour such a sight anywhere else.

    A BRILLIANT series - thank you everyone.

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  • 176. At 6:32pm on 12 Jun 2009, bubblyblond wrote:

    Thanks to EVERYONE concerned with putting Springwatch together ( loved Unsprung but too short!). I admit,I was reluctant to watch without Bill, but Chris, you did great (loved 'The Smiths' references and you even made Geeks sexy!!).Gordon,Simon and Kate were, as usual, superb but I have to say ( as I'm sure hundreds of women have already mentioned) Martin was adorable. Martin if you read this just want to say if your partner won't go on rambles with you I will!!
    Please bring Bill back BUT please also keep Chris and Kate. I think all three of them at base would be brilliant and really bounce off each other well. Week nights won't be the same. Role on Autumnwatch!

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  • 177. At 6:34pm on 12 Jun 2009, SwallowLady wrote:

    The Springwatch 2009 series was absolutely wonderful!! Enjoyed every minute and learned a LOT! I laughed a great deal too! LOVED the new presenters, :-) and I hope very very much Chris and Martin will be back in the Autumn - and indeed stay for good! (I liked Bill very much too I must say). The atmosphere was very relaxed and full of fun. Thank you all! Superb camera work as usual.
    I would also like to see more mammals in the show......we have had quite a lot about badgers and deer (in the autumn) so how about some other new species, and hedgehogs?! But all in all, just fabulous and an especially great mix this time.

    Am really going to miss the shows - and Chris! ;-) Happy there are more Specials still to come. Well done BBC.

    Finally - PLEASE PLEASE consider a BEST OF again in 2009!!!!!!!! That was wonderful the year before last, highlights and amusing bits etc. Maybe even a BBC DVD!! Now that would be a great idea.

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  • 178. At 6:57pm on 12 Jun 2009, Peter_Paul_and_Mary wrote:

    We enjoyed the show and the animals were fantastic, as always. Living on the continent we can't understand, why we (Germans) don't have a show like that. We loved Chris, he did an excellent job. Unfortunately he didn't finish the German joke (a pity). But thanks to Kate for the Belgian joke (we are living in Belgium at the moment).

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  • 179. At 7:09pm on 12 Jun 2009, Flisserty wrote:

    So refreshing to watch something that focuses on British wildlife and encourages interest in & understanding of the natural environment & human impact on it.

    Topic ideas for future - brown hares (cos i think they're fab)/ ravens / worms / fish & pond life / slugs & snails / things folk can do to maximise wildlife locally / relationships between plants and animals and people etc.

    Could the programme visit other parts of England/Britain e.g. Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cornwall etc?

    Very much appreciated the slot on terrapins in local ponds - would be good to see more about the impact of human choices and/or thoughtlessness on native species (whether with positive or negative outcomes).
    What about a summer and winter watch?

    Liked Chris's emphasis away from 'cute and fluffy' to the sometimes harsh reality of the natural world.
    Loved watching the programme & will miss it, although my allotment will benefit!

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  • 180. At 7:27pm on 12 Jun 2009, masang wrote:

    Yesterday evening 11/06/09 my son who has been observing wild life for most of his 34 years watched a Red Admiral and a Painted Lady coupling.
    We thought you might be interested in this
    Location near Aberaeron in West Wales. SA46 0JX

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  • 181. At 7:31pm on 12 Jun 2009, TennisTrevor wrote:

    I have been thinking about this for a while and here is my chance to air it. CBBC for children seems to have a lack of emphasis to springwatch as i have seen my son watching but could there be a way of explaining the natural events on springwatch so a child understands? My idea is having a cartoon (for example like wallace and grommit or creature comforts) on CBBC after the series has actually finished illustating the lives of the animals. For example young obese Kestrels who are spoilt, fugitive polecats who are extremely furtive and rock star Greenfinches. But the best bit being that the animals watch the presenters and they have their version of Springwatch. I think that would be educational and entertaining for kids who want more springwatch.

    Complain about this comment

  • 182. At 8:07pm on 12 Jun 2009, monwetass wrote:

    How about getting the nest camera's out really early (this content will have to be pre-recorded as Springwatch goes on air live quite late in the breeding season) and set them up as soon as possible at a nest so we can have views of them being built? That reedwarbler's nest looked really intricately built around those reed stems, I couldn't build a nest with two hands and all my fingers, let alone do it with my mouth! goldfinches nests etc all look amazing and it would be a real treat to see them go together. How about that for a challenge you nest finders and camera guys? - Also please keep the web cams going, I wanted to see the rees warblers fledge, and the cuckoo! Otter bridge was very calming and peacful just before bedtime!
    Cheers, Ken.

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  • 183. At 8:12pm on 12 Jun 2009, whitecoatedman wrote:

    Appreciate that you guys have a busy day, but agree with a previous comment, Unsprung could be a bit longer. Otherwise a great program mix with serious and informative items mixed with a deal of humour.

    Complain about this comment

  • 184. At 8:17pm on 12 Jun 2009, treehugger wrote:

    Please please please put springwatch unsprung from 10/6 and 11/6. we are all desparate to catch up on them

    Complain about this comment

  • 185. At 8:20pm on 12 Jun 2009, Obejasuis wrote:

    After suffering the withdrawals of no more springwatch and having to wait until the autunmwatch series. I thought of a challenge for the team. What are the chances of filming the activities of the grey squirrel in its drey and how it looks after its young.

    It would be good to hear your ideas.



    Complain about this comment

  • 186. At 8:31pm on 12 Jun 2009, diapensia wrote:

    I think that SW is getting a bit repetitive. OK so birds and what they are doing is informative and interesting. Likewise with badgers,but there could be a wider range of nat.hist. reported. I have been pushing for plants to be shown,without success. Simon could show plants in the areas he visits or ask a local botanist to join him. In Autumn there will be fungi,mosses and lichens to look at.If guest presenters who are knowledgeable in these fields could be invited to join the show the variety would keep the public informed of ALL the wildlife that shares our island. The format could be presented like a walk in the country,which was the title of a series which was on the bbc many years ago.Obviously,to make good tv it would have to be pre-planned and not rely on hoping something interesting to the viewer will turn up.Hope this gives you some ideas!

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  • 187. At 8:36pm on 12 Jun 2009, shortstorywriter wrote:

    I am always hugely disappointed when Springwatch comes to an end. It's always an excellent series, but this year did seem even better. The team were fantastic, loved the new additions Chris and Martin .. and Unsprung could (and should) be longer. My husband thinks that the present Springwatch formula is pretty much perfect .. but I would like to see more on Mammals please - but that's only a tiny critisism of an otherwise brilliant series.
    Keep up the good work Guys (and Girls!!) .. your knowledge and your enthusiasm is second to none. Can't wait til next time!!

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  • 188. At 8:44pm on 12 Jun 2009, jeanherbert wrote:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this year's Springwatch. What a superb team, Kate Humble, Chris Packham and Simon King. I do hope that Chris Packham will do Autumn Watch. I am sorry to say that Bill Oddie treats Kate Humble like a second class citizen and interrupts her all the time. I much preferred Chris Packham. I hope this comment reaches those who make the decisions but I doubt it will.

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  • 189. At 9:29pm on 12 Jun 2009, Lillybee wrote:

    Very sad that Springwatch is finished.I demand that springwatch should be on for three weeks instead of just two.What boring programs are on that we can learn nothing from.I want to see more of Chris Packham.He was funny,good looking and intelligent.Has anyone got his phone number.... ha ha jokes.
    Seriously loved this years SPRINGWATCH the best.

    Can i have a job!!!!!

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  • 190. At 9:47pm on 12 Jun 2009, rockchickatheart wrote:

    The best series todate. A winning format,
    LOVED Chris, matched up so well with Kate, a winning combination.
    Pleae keep him in for the next series, so much better with him.
    Thanks to all the other presenters and back room staff.

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  • 191. At 9:53pm on 12 Jun 2009, JacarandaPod wrote:

    I see the media are having a pop at Simon for 'feeding' the Herring Gulls. Good on him I say for championing this now much maligned bird. I live by the coast and I love them. Whilst people around me put up netting on their roof to discourage them, I am more than happy to have them on my roof. After all, we have taken over their natural nesting places by building houses so am delighted that this year I have a nesting pair on my roof!! They are more than happy to forage in my compost bin for food - great recycling!

    As always, great programmes this year, can't wait for Autumnwatch.

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  • 192. At 9:53pm on 12 Jun 2009, debsdoll wrote:

    Loved Springwatch being a urban girl it is a real treat, those turtles, amazing!! And I really enjoyed the wasps, we had a nest in our loft I had know idea how it was made, facinating! Meanwhile hubby enoyed the more obscue Smiths song title which crept in while Chris was explaining what they were up to, Oscilate Wildly (please exscuse spelling), he laughed out loud, not a sound often heard in our house. Looking forward to the specials next week. As for Chris, what have you got in store for us in the Autumn, hehehe!!

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  • 193. At 9:55pm on 12 Jun 2009, debsdoll wrote:

    Lol, just read my comment, ok the spelling is bad but I have had two glasses of the ol' Vino Tinto!!

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  • 194. At 10:45pm on 12 Jun 2009, prettypinkpeony wrote:

    I loved this year's Springwatch. Chris Packham was a fantastic addition to the team. His knowledge is amazing and he imparted serious scientific facts in an interesting, engaging way. He interacted really well with Kate too. I really hope to see him back on Autumnwatch later in the year. Martin, Simon and Gordon are also excellent presenters. I would say though that perhaps there is a little too much reptition, going back to Simon and him repeating I'm here in such and such and we have live cameras trained on blah blah which he already told us 15 minutes ago. Would love to see some more on insects and also flowers and plants. Otherwise the series was fab and I think three weeks is a great idea. Thank you also to the unsung heroes of Springwatch, all the team behind the scenes did an amazing job, the show was put together brilliantly and seamlessly.

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  • 195. At 10:55pm on 12 Jun 2009, maggiebeesnbirds wrote:

    Chris Packham was brilliant. He's interesting and knowledgable without shouting. I'd just like to suggest that when the presenters are talking we see more of the wildlife and less of the presenters. We can listen to the presenters without the need to look at them so much, can't we?

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  • 196. At 10:56pm on 12 Jun 2009, GreenmanofNotts wrote:

    I just want to say that this was the best Springwatch ever. I visited Pensthorpe last year and saw the locations and it was great to see them again.
    I would like to see more on invertebrates and also some wildflower ID.

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  • 197. At 11:56pm on 12 Jun 2009, chivepiff wrote:

    Without question the best Springwatch ever! It has really renewed my enthusiasm for wildlife and for that I congratulate the presenters. As always Kate and Simon were first rate, but the addition of the 'newcomers' was a masterstroke! Chris Packham was superb, both knowledgable and amusing, and Martin Hughes-Games was also excellent. The presenting partnership of Chris and Kate would take some beating! Well done the BBC!!
    I also really enjoyed the 'Unsprung' 15 mins, but it was too short a time! Could we please have 30 mins?

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  • 198. At 08:57am on 13 Jun 2009, froniga wrote:

    This was the best Springwatch ever - just not sure I can wait for Autumn for the next one! The format this time was genius and the presenters are all fab - love the dynamic between Chris, Kate, Martin, Simon and Gordon. Would like lots more science bits from Chris - knowing what the unique characteristics are of a particular bird, insect etc this is the information that stays with me and increases my appreciation of our wildlife.
    Also, love the messageboard - when I see a weasel do a backflip at least I can share it with thousands of others.
    Juliette, Devon.

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  • 199. At 09:27am on 13 Jun 2009, Hanney1 wrote:

    I have always loved springwatch and autumnwatch but this year i have become totally obsessed not being able to miss a show and find out whats happened to all those fabulous animals. It is great to have something so intelligent and inspirational on TV which really makes you want to turn off the TV and go and look at the wildlife and the landscape and enjoy the outdoors and the world around us.

    Loving the new presenters too (Kate and Simon are also great). Its given the programme a real boost and a real buzz. Martin brings an informality which is great and Chris is fantastic, being geeky without being a geek. He is making being intelligent and passionate about a subject acceptable again and may i say highly attractive. That mixture of clever, passionate and intelligent and cool punk chique has made springwatch this year very compelling. Loving your work Chris!

    Ideas for next year - A few more furry as well as feathery animals would be great and some insects like bees and butterflies would be nice. Perhaps a bit more about what lurks in urban areas too, I live in the Black Country but we still have loads of wildlife around the canals and in parks. Can't wait for Autumn watch as Autumn is the best time of year.

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  • 200. At 10:04am on 13 Jun 2009, coolrosiedog wrote:

    Would like to see more of the poet/photographer as he has such a natural flair and easy style. Also it would be good to see Simon King in the forests of North Yorkshire. In the past we have seen an abundance of wildlife in these places but would like Simon to inform us on the variety. How about a section on wildlife ponds.
    And last but not least, it would be great to see Bill Oddie, please give him our regards.

    Complain about this comment

  • 201. At 10:31am on 13 Jun 2009, zimjennyc wrote:

    Springwatch is an amazing program and has been very well done.

    My only complaint is that there was too much 'talking heads'. Why do we have to watch people talk to each other for so much of the time. Can't the talking be done over animal pictures?

    The men are all very knowledgeable. Kate is a presenter who has picked up information along the way. I am sure there is a female scientist out there who could also present.

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  • 202. At 10:51am on 13 Jun 2009, Jane wrote:

    It was the best Springwatch, Chris and Kate have been fab and Martin is so funny. Everyone seemed more relaxed and it was a joy to watch.

    How about looking at the Heronry at Swell wood in Somerset? I think the chicks hatch a bit early for the programme but a small feature looking at these huge birds crowded into the trees would be nice and also to see the chicks being fed by their huge angular parents.

    Look forward to seeing Chris and Martin return for the Autumn.
    Many Thanks

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  • 203. At 10:55am on 13 Jun 2009, CountrysideRangerRob wrote:

    A great Spring Watch. You've got a great team and we really believe you excelled.

    Why not for next year consider a Celebration of the best of Local Nature Reserves in the UK. We have four great ones here in Aberdeen where I work as a Countryside Ranger. Scotstown Moor is my favourite as there is a wetland SSSI within the Reserve. Would Spring Watch consider coming to Aberdeen and I could show you around?


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  • 204. At 12:10pm on 13 Jun 2009, skylark451 wrote:

    Please reassure us that you are going to carry on with Spring- & Autumnwatch being mainly live? The buzz of this is what makes it absolutely in a class of its own. And Chris/Kate are a winning team, no doubt about that!

    Can you please put the June 10th & 11th Unsprungs on the archive? A lot of us are desperate to see them!!!!

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  • 205. At 12:36pm on 13 Jun 2009, loudbutterflygirl wrote:

    One thing I would love for springwatch 2010 is for the series to be extended to either 5 days for 3wks or 4 days for 4 wks as for me the series is not on long enough. Watching this programme makes you appreciate the nature around us and without this programme I would probably never see many of the animals. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A BRILLIANT SERIES.

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  • 206. At 1:06pm on 13 Jun 2009, niceningrid wrote:

    Dear Springwatch,

    For years we have been following your program with great enthusiasm.
    Living in Belgium, most of the wildlife featured in the program is similar to ours (except for the mammals).
    The remark Kate made about Belgium, was a dissapointment.
    We have, although small, beautiful natural places from our coast to the Ardennes.
    Youre always welcome to visit our county and enjoy the beautiful wildlife.
    We will be happy to show you around.
    (And: we have the best beer and chocolates in the world!)
    We hope to see Bill next time.

    Nic and Ingrid

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  • 207. At 2:26pm on 13 Jun 2009, Belvoirbirder wrote:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this year's Springwatch. I thought the new team provided a good balance and Chris Packham's contribution, particularly of the real science, was excellent. In fact it was the increased use of the scientific aspects that made this programme more appealing than in the past. I have one criticism and that is the inclusion of the anthropomorphic VT stories, I simply do not see the need for them as the story they tell is fascinating enough without trivialising it in this way. I am not sure why they are felt necessary and who they are supposed to appeal to, can't be the very young as they are all likely to be asleep and there is no need to 'dumb down' for older children (or adults for that matter) there is enough of that approach elsewhere on TV..

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  • 208. At 2:31pm on 13 Jun 2009, dazzlingrubys wrote:


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  • 209. At 3:49pm on 13 Jun 2009, sparrowhawk44 wrote:

    Gorden sould travel around gardens finding more bagders or tawny owls or even a bats.This would help me so much because i know the wildlife is around our house but i dont know how to atract it to my garden!

    Complain about this comment

  • 210. At 3:51pm on 13 Jun 2009, sparrowhawk44 wrote:

    There sould be bill,kate,cris,gorden and simon next year that would be so good.

    Complain about this comment

  • 211. At 3:52pm on 13 Jun 2009, sweetkatrina44 wrote:

    I reaally enjoyed this years springwatch only one complaint IT'S NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!

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  • 212. At 3:59pm on 13 Jun 2009, grahamenb wrote:

    Without a shadow of a doubt, this years Springwatch was the best by a long way, and thats not just my opinion, but that of EVERYONE that I have spoken to. We all agree that this is due in no small part to the presence of Chris Packham standing in for Bill Oddie. He was a breath of fresh air. His knowledge of all things to do with nature was obvious as was the relationship between him and Kate. At times in the past, one could cut the atmosphere between Bill and Kate with a knife. Please can we retain this years line-up of presenters, including Martin, for the future.

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  • 213. At 4:02pm on 13 Jun 2009, grahamenb wrote:

    Without a shadow of a doubt, this years Springwatch was the best by a long way, and thats not just my opinion, but that of EVERYONE that I have spoken to. We all agree that this is due in no small part to the presence of Chris Packham standing in for Bill Oddie. He was a breath of fresh air. His knowledge of all things to do with nature was obvious, but the relationship between him and Kate made for compulsive viewing. At times in the past, one could cut the atmosphere between Bill and Kate with a knife. Please can we retain this years line-up of presenters, including Martin, for the future.

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  • 214. At 6:30pm on 13 Jun 2009, ossa_wanderer wrote:

    What a fantastic Springwatch! I thoroughly enjoyed every show and was completely hooked. I thought Chris was a great addition and really hope he'll be back for Autumnwatch - his enthusiasm and knowledge of nature was inspiring and really complimented what Kate and Simon (who are also brilliant) already bring to the show. I found the more scientific parts extremely interesting and hope there'll be more of this in the future.

    Would love to see Unsprung back but for much longer please! 15 minutes was far too short - so many more questions that could be answered!

    Would also be good if there was an update show over the weekend as four days is really not enough (greedy I know but you make the show far too addictive!)

    Finally, would love to see more mammals featured. Having said that though I really enjoyed watching the kestrels this time.

    Thanks for an amazing show!

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  • 215. At 7:22pm on 13 Jun 2009, priscilla wrote:

    More on birdsong please - the nightingale, for instance could make an interesting study unless it has already been covered in earlier years. If a song/call is heard, a name flash on the screen might help. We hear so many in the garden but are unsure what we are hearing.
    I like the intensity of the everynight watch. Spreading it into a series will lose the continuity which is what makes this programme so different. In Autumn watch you propose changinthe format. Mm go carefully before doing so. Why is it that someone always wants to change something when it it is working well?

    Regards and thank you for a delightful time again this year. P.

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  • 216. At 7:44pm on 13 Jun 2009, bobmoth wrote:

    Best spring watch yet great team of presenters dont think you could get a better team of people who know there subject and love it as well cant wait for september can we see more moths but dont change a thing as the rest is great best british wildlife prog ever (a bit of a fan l think)

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  • 217. At 8:27pm on 13 Jun 2009, dartmoorlizzie wrote:

    I loved this year's series! I have never really watched a SW series before, but was absolutely hooked! Chris is great - long may he continue! His chemistry with Kate was great, and he balanced his vast store of knowledge, with the integrity to be able to admit when he didn't know something, very well.
    The Unsprung was compulaory viewing, too, but 15 minutes was just not enough!

    Can't wait until Autumn (but I would hate to wish the summer away...)!

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  • 218. At 8:50pm on 13 Jun 2009, Wolbird wrote:

    Chris and Kate are a great combination with the addition of of Martin. I really enjoyed 'Unsprung' and would like this to be longer next time. All in all a wonderful 3 weeks. Thank you all.

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  • 219. At 9:15pm on 13 Jun 2009, Shazlovinhorses wrote:

    I think there should be less birds, yes they are very exciting to watch but most of them have the same habitat. Also you should have a clip every episode about five minutes long, and tell people each time and show them how to attract more nature. For example, how to make a homemade bird table, what habitats are good for certain animals. Other than that the show was great!

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  • 220. At 9:58pm on 13 Jun 2009, secretbutterfly1 wrote:

    My family loved Springwatch. We live near Pensthorpe and have visited before but my children were keen to visit while the programme was being filmed.

    We enjoyed the programmes, including Springwatch Unsprung and we kept a close eye on the webcams.

    My children, like most, love wildlife and the outdoors. It was a shame for them that Springwatch was broadcast at 8pm. While this was fine during the half-term break, it was too late on a school night. In previous years, there were daily programmes on cBeebies. It would be lovely if the younger audience could be catered for again as they are the naturalists of the future.

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  • 221. At 11:23pm on 13 Jun 2009, magicalDelphis wrote:

    Thank's for another great springwatch show it's been fantastic this year, as for 2010 i personally would love to see more on the sealife we get around our shores ...Kate get your wetsuit on girl :)...but what ever you decide to do for a/w and s/w 2010 please keep it live......cya's in the autumn x

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  • 222. At 02:11am on 14 Jun 2009, TitanII wrote:

    Great show again this year. Top marks to the backroom guys. Is this the start of a whole new team, looking forward to Autum. Get well Soon Bill Oddie. "Factum est".

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  • 223. At 08:44am on 14 Jun 2009, cullysmum wrote:

    Best Springwatch yet, right from the lovely opening titles. And I agree, keep Chris on, he was great. Thanks to all the team for really enjoyable TV.

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  • 224. At 08:48am on 14 Jun 2009, -Nicci- wrote:

    We live in Holland and we so like to see Springwatch. It is a beautifull show. The new boys Chris and Martin were great. Thanks for that. May be there is a sort of short item in the show for Bill Odie?
    Thank you for making a great show on wildlife!

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  • 225. At 10:40am on 14 Jun 2009, Goshawk97 wrote:

    How about holding next years Springwatch on the Isle of Mull??

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  • 226. At 10:54am on 14 Jun 2009, andymtweedie wrote:

    Can I suggest that the next Springwatch take place on the land close to my house in Leuchars, Fife, Scotland (5 miles from St Andrews). We have the spectacular Tentsmuir Forest, Eden Estuary and the accompanying grasslands and heaths, which are the home to a huge variety of wildlife.

    Myself and my 3 and 5 year old daughters regularly see the following: birds of prey (including sea eagles), small and large ground nesting / tree nesting birds, various finches, huge variety of ducks and waders, seals, deer, rabbits, foxes, red squirrels, various butterflies, black and red hairy caterpillars, tadpoles / frogs, the list could go on!!

    I have hopefully wetted my kids interest in wildlife but would love to see the programme run from here so that all the things they see on a regular basis could be shared with others and allow them to get an even greater insight into the wildlife that surrounds them!!
    I imagine that you get thousands of suggestions like this but I can ensure you that you would not be disappointed with the variety of wildlife in this area at this time of year and it would make fantastic viewing!!

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  • 227. At 11:01am on 14 Jun 2009, Highlands30 wrote:

    A printable log sheet would come in handy to record sitings,locations,times weather conditions etc. Currently designing one for myself to carry about with me as I work as a fitter in agriculture and visit a lot of farms in Norfolk and Suffolk and Essex also regularly visit Foulness Island.

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  • 228. At 12:53pm on 14 Jun 2009, so17931p wrote:

    As usual I thoroughly enjoyed Springwatch this year and get a sort of withdrawl when the 3 weeks is up. Chris Packham was absolutely brilliant and made a masterful job of taking over from Bill. Although Bill is a hard act to follow, Chris slotted in and I sincerely hope that we see Chris again next year? Well done to the whole crew.

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  • 229. At 1:56pm on 14 Jun 2009, stu_chester wrote:

    Congratulations BBC on choosing Chris Packham for this years Springwatch. Chris obviously has a great passion for nature and his funny and informative way of presenting has taken this series from being a great program to truly unmissable broadcasting.

    As previous posts have mentioned I think unsprung should be a little longer as should the whole series, I mean what difference would it make?

    I hope to see the current team back for Autumnwatch and fingers crossed Springwatch next year and beyond...

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  • 230. At 3:16pm on 14 Jun 2009, digedge wrote:

    I just wanted to say that I think Chris Packham was SO GOOD on Springwatch and he ought to be on Autumnwatch too - please!

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  • 231. At 4:43pm on 14 Jun 2009, awesomelizziejane wrote:

    Have only just finished watching (Sunday) as had to record the last three programmes while I was away. Congratulations on the best series yet! Loved it. All presenters were fantastic. Thanks again and am already looking forward to Autumn Watch.

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  • 232. At 5:10pm on 14 Jun 2009, zaine64 wrote:

    Hi to all...

    it would be brilliant if you included a greater range and variety of animals next time.

    cheers =]

    Complain about this comment

  • 233. At 6:48pm on 14 Jun 2009, hottyottey wrote:

    You must keep chris in he is so so sexy!. Please let me know if he is on anything on TV inbetween springwatch and autumnwatch as i dont know if can last that long to see him again! I remember him on the really wild show in the 80's and he was gorgeous then but he has definitely improved with age!. His knowledge and presenting skills are fantastic. I would love to have kate's job she is very lucky. Does he know how many female fans he has got. Shame he has a girlfriend!

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  • 234. At 8:05pm on 14 Jun 2009, missfrantastic wrote:

    Springwatch was brilliant this year and Springwatch Unsprung was really funny. The three studio presenters all seemed to get on so well. Chris with his "Uber Geek" facts and his Smiths song titles were instructive as well as groan provoking. Kate seemed to come into her own and Martin has lovely hair - as well as being instructive and interesting.
    Simon and Gordon were fantastic as usual.
    I hope these three will present Autumn Watch with, maybe, special features by Bill Oddie.
    We'll really miss Springwatch, what will we watch now - apart from the three special programmes. Look forward to the Autumn.

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  • 235. At 8:38pm on 14 Jun 2009, Dyppydodah wrote:

    More Beavers, Foxes & Squirrels please!

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  • 236. At 9:12pm on 14 Jun 2009, katechrisnbillfan wrote:

    Great show as usual. Loved the series! The stoat and her kits as well as retrieving the rabbits from the larder were my favourites along with the kestrels. More birds of prey please.

    Cant wait until autumn watch!

    KCnB Fan!

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  • 237. At 9:14pm on 14 Jun 2009, katechrisnbillfan wrote:

    PS - we have two house martin nests at the back of our house if you would like to come and take a look for possibly next years springwatch and they come back year after year!

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  • 238. At 9:29pm on 14 Jun 2009, Nostromo wrote:

    I have been away and missed Springwatch, so I am catching up on iPlayer. I have to say it's the best series yet and while I like Bill Oddie, I prefer Chris Packham as co-presenter and I hope he stays on for future series as well as Autumnwatch.

    As a birdwatcher, I disagree with people who want fewer birds! I am glad there's a greater mix of bird species instead of *just* wrens, tits and swallows.

    Ideas? Well, five days a week during the 3 weeks of transmission would be excellent instead of the usual four, and an weekend omnibus edition would be fantastic. Also, maybe you should come to the Isle of Wight for our Red Squirrels.

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  • 239. At 10:13pm on 14 Jun 2009, TK1975 wrote:

    Please, please, please keep Chris Packham in Springwatch and Autumn Watch. He has provided a real different aspect on presentation. We all want Bill back on the team but please bbc don't let this be at the expense of Mr Packham. I also would like to see more focus on urban wildlife. I live in a town and I would like to know my local wildlife better. Why not feature a live webcam/story arc from urban setting.

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  • 240. At 10:41pm on 14 Jun 2009, Segilla wrote:

    Excellent viewing and what a relief not to have that knowledgeable but irritating Bill Oddie constantly interrupting with silly jokes.
    Keep the same team but please have a quiet word about unseemly bickering.

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  • 241. At 10:55pm on 14 Jun 2009, anna-earth wrote:

    This was the best Springwatch. Chris was great and the atmosphere between the presenters light and fun to watch. What about a summer and winter watch? Please increase the length of the Unsprung, it was good to see the rest of the crew behind all the fantastic camera work. Can't wait for autumn

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  • 242. At 11:07pm on 14 Jun 2009, Clarek7 wrote:

    Could we not have this all the time instead of Eastenders?

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  • 243. At 03:19am on 15 Jun 2009, smoothhound2000 wrote:

    Spring watch, what a great program and it keeps getting better every year. Loved the new style with chris and martin, they were just what the program needed and they seem to have given everyone a lift and were both very entertaining especialy Chris Packham he was absolutely brilliant and asusual know his stuff. Although we all miss bill and hope he will return to join the now fuller team for that bit more. Roll on Autumn watch.

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  • 244. At 08:38am on 15 Jun 2009, cilc_fine wrote:

    Thanks for a very enjoyable series of Springwatch. The mix of presenters was great. They had a good rapport, laughed a lot and seemed to have fun whilst working extremely hard. Please don't change the mix. Martin though wins the prize for the most annoying hair; I couldn't watch, the constant flicking etc made me shiver!

    I agree with those who said can we have more mammals. This year's programmes were 80% birds, far too much. I hope you can take forward the ideas posted for cameras in squirrels, foxes, rabbits etc in drays and burrows. Also how about more deer and ? wild ponies on Exmoor and the New Forest.

    I agree with comments about 'Unsprung'. It seemed more relaxed than the main programme but at the same time had a pace and sheer verve about it - thanks to Martin. I'm not sure about extending it though, you might lose that verve and pace. Best 'to leave 'em wanting more' I'd say.

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  • 245. At 09:05am on 15 Jun 2009, gardenlorna wrote:

    Hi, thought springwatch was wonderful as usual but loved Chris being there, please keep him for future programmes. Swifts!!! we need more on swifts, they are declining in numbers yet we seem to know very little about them, for example we have swifts nesting in our house last night at dusk they all came in to roost except for one which took 49 runs at the nesting site before settling down to sleep - what is that all about? It would circle round and round almost getting to the hole then seeming to change its mind, swoop past and try again. Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Also when they first arrived: they were late this year, some starlings had taken one of the nest site, there was a big fight with two starlings pinning a swift on its back on the roof but it looks like the swift won in the end. We need to know more about these wonderful creatures, can we have more next spring?

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  • 246. At 09:51am on 15 Jun 2009, rusha1 wrote:

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou to every memeber of the team.
    I have loved this years Springwatch more than ever....it has been uplifting and enriching and a privelage to enjoy such intimate insights into the miracle of 'what is'.
    What an absolute joy to see Kate free, to truly be herself, transformed by the wonderful chemistry between her and Chris.
    I do hope Chris will be able to stay on in the role, it was definately time for a change and he is brilliant and inspiring.

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  • 247. At 11:43am on 15 Jun 2009, Tina_Thud_Bump wrote:

    Congratulations to all involved for Springwatch 2009. I have watched every year so far and this one was by far the very best. The introductions of both Chris & Martin was inspired and I now think, after many years of trying, the right chemistry has been found to present the show we all love (especially now between Kate and Chris - a particular thank you to them both: Chris for being his usual great self and Kate for welcoming him to the SW fold so nicely). Roll on SW2010 :-)

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  • 248. At 2:15pm on 15 Jun 2009, batpinehouse wrote:

    Fantastic viewing for 3 weeks. Best yet.
    What about picking a number of villages and investigating what wildlife is lurking in the village that folks of the village do not know about - especially at night.

    More on plants, insects and wildflowers - please a bit less on the birdys
    More on animals we can see in everyday places that we can all have access to.

    questions and answers on the website/TV like BBC wildlife magazine section

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  • 249. At 2:22pm on 15 Jun 2009, Bluey wrote:

    I'd like to challenge the camera teams to get footage of bearded tits, not necessarily a nest but film of these beautiful birds.

    You could get out and about and pick various gardens (from small to almost as big as fields, from urban to rural) and feature the wildlife that appears in them (potential to involve a select number of springwatch viewers by using their gardens).

    Feature the problems encountered by migratory species of birds and their decline. So for this you could film over the winter months in Africa to see what happens over there and also along the migratory passages and any problems that our summer visitors may be facing on their journeys to the UK.

    You could also look into more depth about the plight of the bee population and what we, as viewers, can do to help (I have a lavendar bush in my garden that is constantly covered in bees).

    More on flora too. Spring is not just about the arrival of baby animals and migrants. You could potentially turn it into a survey, 'What does spring mean to you'. Personally for me, spring is when the trees, bushes and plants that have been bare over winter start sprouting nice brand new leaves and suddenly finding myself waking up before dawn to hear the birds singing.

    I'd just like to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Springwatch this year. Well done everyone involved.

    Bluey :)

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  • 250. At 4:23pm on 15 Jun 2009, pambro wrote:

    What a bonus Chris turned out to be...funny, friendly and brilliant at explaining possibly difficult matters in a clear and succinct way - just as a broadcaster should. I sincerely hope you can persuade him to become a regular member of the team.
    I thoroughly enjoyed every episode of Springwatch 09. I feared early on there might be too much concentration on birds, especially the smaller species, but then I got hooked on those daily dramas. The tweeties were sweeties after all.
    And aren't there some clever members of the public? I loved the clips from amateur enthusiasts.
    Thankyou for an exceptional series.

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  • 251. At 4:44pm on 15 Jun 2009, milvus999 wrote:

    Best series thus far.
    Not for the space that is the great Bill Oddie but the whole spread of interest which was wonderful and Chris Packham and Martin H-G have been knowing and a positive delight.
    If we can keep the 09 gang - ask Bill if he'd so us the honour of some bird specials - and bring in the lovely Iolo Williams for some specials from Wales then you'd have the most amazing interactive nature programme. 'Awesome!'
    A camera in a red kite nest wouldn't go amiss as well.... ::flutters eyelashes::

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  • 252. At 4:58pm on 15 Jun 2009, geoffsenior wrote:

    Hi Kate, Chris, Martin and the crew
    I know I am saying much the same as most people but my wife and I have so enjoyed your Springwatch programme this year that we had to tell you. It has broadened and is so full of interest and wildlife knowledge that the hour duration just flew by, and then it was followed by Unsprung which was so informal it was a joy. Please please bring the same presenters and crew back for Autumnwatch and we can't wait!!!!
    Best regards
    Mary & Geoff

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  • 253. At 5:17pm on 15 Jun 2009, majesticMargaret wrote:

    Could we please not have any slugs or snails next year as the latter of the two were on at lest twice and they make my family and I feel very sick thus we had to turn the tell over missing parts of the show.

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  • 254. At 5:50pm on 15 Jun 2009, Callum McPherson wrote:

    I though this year's Springwatch was brilliant, one of the best ever! Of course it wasn't quite the same without Bill Oddie, but Chris Packham is also a very good presenter and I would like to see him return in future series. If Bill ever does decide to return, why not have him, Kate Humble AND Chris Packham as the main presenters? That would be great!

    Unlike what some other people have said, I actually quite like all the bird nest coverage, and particularly enjoyed watching the kestrel nest this year.

    And lastly, I just want to say how much I enjoyed this year's "Mini Epics", narrated by Caroline Quentin. Her funny voices for the various wildlife stars made me laugh out loud! I think she should definately do some more for Autumnwatch, or even become a proper presenter!

    Well, that's all I've got to say for now. Well done to everyone who worked on this year's fantastic series, and I wish Bill Oddie a speedy recovery.

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  • 255. At 6:00pm on 15 Jun 2009, MissisP wrote:

    I very much enjoyed S/W this year and thought that Chris was a great asset not only for his humour but his in-depth knowledge of the subject - I'm sorry but I think Bill has had his day. Also I really enjoyed seeing Martin on the programme and so hope that both he and Chris are kept on for A/W and for S/W next year.

    I like the format as it is rather than separate programmes, it makes me feel part of the complete experience rather than simply watching a programme and being "lectured". I've learnt a lot more about the birds that have been watched because of seeing their development from day-to-day.

    Thanks for a brilliant programme with great presenters and a fantastic team.


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  • 256. At 8:59pm on 15 Jun 2009, GarbyLand wrote:

    What a fantastic series. Chris Packham was a great addition to the team and I hope he returns in the Autumn. Would love to have seen more furry critters and slightly less birds but it was still a great series and I was completely hooked.

    Got to say on a non-wildlife-note, the last episode was a classic. I counted 7 refs (The Headmaster Ritual being my personal fave) but I've got to know, just how many Smiths' titles did you manage to squeeze in?!?

    Roll on Autumn......

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  • 257. At 9:09pm on 15 Jun 2009, 1wildlifejane1 wrote:

    I have just watched the Simon King special about getting closer to wildlife, what an amazing programme, the best TV I have seen in ages - Simon has got to be the next David Attenborough - I felt so emotional when he was hand feeding Rannoch. I have spent many many holidays in Mull, Sutherland and other wild parts of Scotland my favourite places, I now have some excellent tips to get close to wildlife. Two years ago I hand fed a robin with weevil larve which I took out of a pot of hostas, a magical moment and I have a photo to remember it by! thank you Simon for a truly captivating programme I will watch it again and again on catch up, absoulutely stunning

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  • 258. At 9:15pm on 15 Jun 2009, goldboddah wrote:

    i think the latest episode with the taming of wild deer was absolutley disgusting. It was selfish and greedy to tame the deer who will now be extremely vunerable to hunting and the fact that you recognised that made it even worse. Hunters will now know exactly what to do. good one

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  • 259. At 9:43pm on 15 Jun 2009, Stralachlan wrote:

    Less birds, more mammals & fish / marine life. And can you make Springwatch Unsprung recordable - I missed all of it this year.

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  • 260. At 9:43pm on 15 Jun 2009, Amberooonie wrote:

    Can't believe this fab programme has ended. Feel quite depressed about it. It is the best programme on TV and my kids love it. We have watched it every night without fail and can't with for Autumnwatch. Love Simon King and Kate and Chris have a brilliant rapport together. It is like one big family. Please keep Chris on the show. Now that he is on with Kate we can watch and feel relaxed as Bill was rather annoying. Well done to the whole team.

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  • 261. At 10:35pm on 15 Jun 2009, 1wildlifejane1 wrote:

    Definitely keep the current team - soory Bill Oddie but you cannot compete with Simon, Kate and Chris a great team and all the others too - a really great Springwatch this time

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  • 262. At 10:49pm on 15 Jun 2009, BBC Springwatch Web Team wrote:

    hi Stralachlan, you can watch all the Unsprungs (and loads more) in our video archive: http://www.bbc.co.uk/apps/ifl/springwatch/video_archive/queryengine?attrib_1=all&oper_1=eq&val_1_1=yes&sort_1=id&sortsense_1=ASC&page=1&pagesize=8

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  • 263. At 11:01pm on 15 Jun 2009, 1wildlifejane1 wrote:

    We often go on holiday in a beautiful setting in Northumberland - they have their own resident red squirrels which make appearances all the time absolutely magical, happy to share for a programme but got to be one of the best kept secrtes for a holiday destination

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  • 264. At 00:50am on 16 Jun 2009, u8myufo wrote:

    Great show guy`s thanks for sharing.Can we see it in High Definition next time please? :-)
    I think it would be a good idea to involve children from urban schools, as a lot just simply miss out altogether on the beauty that surrounds our countryside.A drawing or painting competition for example, with the ten best ones being treated to a day out.

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  • 265. At 02:23am on 16 Jun 2009, Marcus Rheade-Edwards wrote:

    I'm sure what ever the Springwatch team come up with as always will be Fantastic for the 2010 serise.
    There is how ever one species i think would benifit from staring in the show, and that is the Magpie, i absolutley love these cheeky birds, and would love to see their family life from inside the nest,
    so this is my challange fo the Springwatch team for 2010.

    Marcus Rheade-Edwards

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  • 266. At 09:59am on 16 Jun 2009, Pooleite wrote:

    Congratulations again on a fantastic series of progranmmes. I am, however, disappointed not to be able to hear the bird songs which you state are unavailable outside the UK. We currently live in Northwest rural France and it is a pleasure to wake up each morning since the end of March to hear the dawn chorus including the cuckoo and hoopoe to name but a few. Is it possible you may extend your information to those of us outside the UK?

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  • 267. At 11:11am on 16 Jun 2009, htiduj wrote:

    SpringWatch was good!Specially Chris & Simon...we learn a lot from them. Help us identify birds by song...when we see the reed warbler on her nest,play us a snatch of the song too. We are much more likely to HEAR birds than to see them (specially at our age!) Also, we could often hear birdsong on SpringWatch as a background to your commentary...tell us what it is! Look forward to the next series!

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  • 268. At 5:40pm on 16 Jun 2009, Lola_bun wrote:

    I think springwatch is a fantastic programme and never miss it when it's on. I enjoyed this year's programmes and like all the presenters and like others have posted would like to see Bill Oddie return to the team. think Chris should stay too!

    as for ideas for next springwatch I'm here to champion and promote the rabbit! I would love to see footage of a warren and how all the rabbits interact, the family life, the warren heirarchies etc. the rabbit is such a key animal to the survival of many of the birds of prey that i thnk it is worthwhile exploring the rabbit warren. as someone who keeps pet rabbits i'm well aware that there is a lot more to them than meets the eye and i think it would be great if springwatch could focus on the family life of a warren. i would like to see Gordon Buchanan cover this as he did a great job with the fox family!
    Simon did a great piece on last night's show outside a warren but it wasn't long enough!

    would also like to see the programme visit the isle of May and cover puffins in more depth as well as the other seabirds that are there.

    more coverage of birds of prey especially sparrowhawks as the only time i see them is when they zoom into my garden and try and snatch a bird from a feeder!

    nest/cam cover of woodpeckers would be good as would some finches such as bull and hawfinch, any of the thrush family, and I think feral pigeons would make an interesting story.

    and after my weekend visit to the Hessilhead wildlife centre i would like to see this featured and how they go about caring for the huge range of wildlife that are injured and then released once they are fit. think that would make great viewing-perhaps follow a couple of stories on birds/animals from when they are rescued to release.

    but......looking forward to autumnwatch and would like to see a winterwatch on how our wildlife cope with the harsh weather conditions.

    thanks for the great programmes and keep up the good work!

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  • 269. At 8:12pm on 16 Jun 2009, chestnutroedeer wrote:

    I think we should feature Roe deer, kingfishers, and rabbits.

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  • 270. At 10:02pm on 16 Jun 2009, sandrahj wrote:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Spring watch again this year, Chris has done a wonderful job.
    My grandaughter has made a bird house for her project in school and painted it, she will be given a certificate for doing so well.
    She has loved watching the birds coming in my back garden watching the babies which she has never seen before.
    Well done on a wonderful programme

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  • 271. At 11:41pm on 16 Jun 2009, tweet78 wrote:

    Springwatch should be four weeks long

    Unsprung should be half hour(love the relaxed atmosphere on it)

    Keep the line up of presenters the same

    Different nests would be good - on cliffs, lakes and on the ground and not predominately in bushes

    Bring the golden eagle back....i loved watching that on webcam the other year

    See you in the autumn x x

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  • 272. At 09:28am on 17 Jun 2009, springcamel wrote:

    Always liked Chris Packham from TRWS and Simon King is a star in the Big Cat Diary - have followed that show for years and always been envious of your job lol. These guys are a must keep, fantastic and knowledgeable presenting, but for me, I have to say, I thought Kate Humble's enthusiasm and sense of humour adds something special to the show. What a beautiful woman, appealing to the audience and great at her job. The 3 together make for a perfect blend. Looking forward to Autumnwatch! Kate - we never seen how your pond progressed!

    Kev, Liverpool

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  • 273. At 10:50am on 17 Jun 2009, tiredofit wrote:

    Watching Simon doing his 'up-close' tricks reminded me of my own experience with the Regent Bower Bird in Queensland, Australia.

    Our friends made a picnic up and we headed for O'Reilly's where you can get close to nature in the rainforest. One of the dishes had sultanas and stuff with rice, so whilst dishing up some got spilled on the table. It didn't take long for the birds to start picking out the fruit and nuts so we deliberately sorted out some and placed it on the end of the table to attract them. Sultanas proved a favourite.

    We were informed that due to overnight storms, much of the birds natural food had been spoilt in the forest canopy. Because they had young they were desperate to find alternative sources and we were fitting the bill. Members of our party were familiar with the various bird calls and true enough they appeared on cue - all that is except the Regent Bower Bird. They were close and calling but not feeding so we moved away from the food a little and sure enough they appeared, if only to grab and depart. I eventually managed to get various species to take from an outstretched hand - all that is except the Regent Bower Bird.

    Later on during our visit to Oz we revisited O'Reilly's on a day when the weather turned sour. Having donned plastic ponchos to keep dry we eventually returned to the car park to escape the weather, only to find it deserted except for the birds in the brush. I could hear Regents but not see them and let the others climb aboard whilst I retreated to the far end to dispose of the sultanas I'd left. Scattering them around seem to attract the usual suspects - minus the shy Regent.

    At one point whilst tipping fruit into my hand ready to scatter, a Catbird settled on my wrist and grabbed some. I was encouraged and stood still to await further sorties. This turned out to be most successful as many more birds took their cue and landed, some only to grab and flee. Despite derisive calls from those in the distant car, I withstood the weather and eventually got the magnificent Regent Bower Birds to comply. At one point I had two on my hand and was deeply moved by the fact that they settled and stared intently at my face before proceeding to take food.

    I know that with the adrenaline rush and excitement one can let the imagination take over but it was almost like a thank you. I was later lauded for my efforts and persistence and widely mocked for my story telling. That is however, an experience that I shall never forget so thanks Team for a great show and Simon for reminding me of that wonderful day.

    If I remember I'll dig out and send the Photos.

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  • 274. At 11:05am on 17 Jun 2009, goodsammon wrote:

    Well done Chris difficult shoes to fill(bill)keep it going. Maybe get you both on at the same time, if Kate could bear it...

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  • 275. At 11:46am on 17 Jun 2009, courteousPiglet wrote:

    would you be interested in filming a sparrowhawk nest next spring?
    It is only one hour from London.

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  • 276. At 12:29pm on 17 Jun 2009, phoebyjane wrote:

    Hello to Springwatch - what an absolute pleasure it was to watch Springwatch 2009. Kate Humble, Simon King and Gordon Buchanan excellent as usual. Chris Packam was SUPERB. He is very knowledgeable, and has a lovely manner about him. And a wonderful sense of humour. I DO SO HOPE he will continue with Springwatch and Autumn Watch. Sadly, I do feel that Bill Odie is not the right person for this. I always felt when watching previous Springwatch and Autumn Watch that there was too much of the raised voices between Bill Odie and Kate. I felt Bill was always trying too hard to get his point over. PLEASE PLEASE keep Chris Packam in. Many thanks, Kathy of Wokingham

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  • 277. At 4:51pm on 17 Jun 2009, siriusgirl2 wrote:


    This applies to both Autumnwatch 2009 and Springwatch 2010 just wondered if you could do a feature or two for us inner city people please? You do a fair amount about town gardens but there are those of us unfortunates who live in a flat and don't have actually garden, just a balcony. Would like to do more to help encourage birds and wildlife in general and it would be helpful to see how Spring/Autumnwatch teams tackled this please?
    Also items on how to make best of your local parks would be nice.
    Thank you

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  • 278. At 7:50pm on 17 Jun 2009, bombasticjammie wrote:

    I have enjoyed Springwatch and wonder if there is anything that can be done to highlight the horrific Larsen traps? My partner and I recently found one baited with a magpie with another magpie also trapped. It is the first time I have seen anything like this and can't believe it is legal. Can anything be done to band this form of killing? Surely there must be less cruel ways of protecting pheasant eggs? Birds of prey also fall foul of these traps. We contacted the RSPB who have looked into this but are unable to do anything about it.

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  • 279. At 9:18pm on 17 Jun 2009, powerQuantum wrote:

    What make and year is the motorbike. I know thats not springwatch but I still want to know.

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  • 280. At 9:24pm on 17 Jun 2009, powerQuantum wrote:

    what type and year is the Triumph

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  • 281. At 10:42pm on 17 Jun 2009, poshJaybird wrote:

    As always I so looked forward to Springwatch, and I wasn't disappointed. Kate was her usual lovely self, and Chris was a fitting co-host - so expert on the geeky bits too. Thank you to everyone in front of and behind the cameras for making it a very special three weeks. Don't change the format: I love you just the way you are!

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  • 282. At 11:02pm on 17 Jun 2009, poshJaybird wrote:

    Oops - got carried away with praise and meant to add suggestions.

    Love the birds but I agree with previous messagers that it should be called Birdwatch. More balance between all kinds of nature in Spring:

    Flowers & trees
    Keep up the bits on insects and minibeasts but without the comedy narration. It's irritating.
    Fish, amphibians, waterboatmen etc
    Mammals including ordinary ones to show people they're really extraordinary. Rabbits, mice, squirrels, even rats.

    Oh-and can Kate stop saying 'extraordinary' all the time please? There are other words to show you're excited.

    Love the show though - keep it up!!

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  • 283. At 11:21am on 18 Jun 2009, goodya10 wrote:

    Thought this years Springwatch was as usual fantastic viewing-worth the licenece fee for the 3 weeks in spring and the 2 in autumn. Presenters were excellent and Chris needs to be the permanent replacement for Bill Oddie. When I first heard that Bill wasn't going to be the presenter this year I was dubious but Chris really impressed and I found him to be a much better presenter. I would have liked the Unsprung to have been longer as this was a good laugh. Animal wise I can't complain-always love to see the soap opera of the day to day lives of the animals featured.

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  • 284. At 1:41pm on 18 Jun 2009, annarow wrote:

    I'm a keen rower (ah hem!) hindered by my crew's seemingly endless fascination with the wildlife on our river. When we should be doing hard-core training they like to stop for minutes and look at the ducks/ heron/ watervoles. Particularly at the moment there is a family of ducklings with one little yellow one that is especially cute and very distracting.

    Can you help?!! If you could do a feature on river wildlife there would be no more excuse for birdwatching from the boat - they can record it on TV instead!

    You could even come to our river - it's a very picturesque spot just by Warwick Castle. Because we're down the river several times a week we get to watch progress of the duck and swan familys over time and like to see how they're doing (although more often than not there are less ducklings each outing)

    I suggested Springwatch idea to my rowing crew last night and seemed interested. One special request from unnamed member: if you don't like the idea could you suggest it to Countryfile instead, as long as Ben Fogle is the reporter?!!

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  • 285. At 1:44pm on 18 Jun 2009, nexteyespy1 wrote:

    Enjoyed last night's "holiday" with Martin - sea birds in Yorkshire were amazing and the wild life area in Camden a revellation.
    On Springwatch, the item on Kate's new pond was really interesting and would like to hear more. Over half-term we went to an RSPB site, Radipole in Weymouth, where my grandchild did pond dipping. We tried this at home in a pond on the farm-we were amazed and very excited to find a newtlet!
    Points for next "watch" programmes the children love it, could it be on earlier? I think an item on the life of swallows,swifts, martins would be good - we have far few swallows this year and over the last week the nesting pairs in different fields seem to have disappeared - I can find no explanation for this behaviour online. I have only seen a few single birds over the trees. On a brighter note have seen swifts- about six - flying overhead on several different occasions this Spring.

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  • 286. At 2:21pm on 18 Jun 2009, Di Brierley wrote:

    For next time.
    I know you don't advocate interference with the balance of nature/wild creatures, but how about a bit on the various Wildlife Rescue Hospitals around the UK? See this link for various details. http://www.uksafari.com/wildlifehospitals.htm

    I do voluntary work for Folly Wildlife Rescue in Kent, & can't begin to tell you of the utter dedication of the all [voluntary]staff there..particularly at this time of the year.
    [http://www.follywildliferescue.org.uk/ ]

    More of the wonderful Martin too please! He's such an interesting guy who is MY ideal man..knowledgeable & loves all wildlife,is funny, has a fabulous motorbike & lovely LONG hair & is very easy on the eye! More than that, he expresses the views/comments like us 'ordinary' folk & is not patronising like some presenters.
    Perhaps we could see something of his property [we've seen Chris & Kate's ] & what he has done to help/encourage his local wildlife?

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  • 287. At 2:31pm on 18 Jun 2009, Di Brierley wrote:

    Also meant to say I really enjoyed Chris Packham's contribution- he fits in much better than poor Bill. Perhaps,in future Bill could do 'odd' bits, videos etc...that aren't so stressful as a full series for him?

    Keep Chris & MARTIN too...both very watchable. ; )

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  • 288. At 5:27pm on 18 Jun 2009, muttikins wrote:

    This year was by far the best springwatch we have had. Much as I love Bill on his own wildlife programmes he did tend to interupt Kate a lot. Chris has made a brilliant replacement and the programme is much more balanced with the current presenters. Best of all has been the follow up progs this week - in particular Stephen on Monday with 'Springwatch Close Encounters'.
    We get a lot of wildlife in our garden with frequent visits from a male great spotted woodpecker and a beuatiful jay which is getting braver by the day - even venturers on to the bird bath now and it is only a few feet away from the conservatory door.
    Look forward to autumnwatch and hope to see the same team of presenters. Thank you to all the crew for their magnificent contribultions.

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  • 289. At 8:58pm on 18 Jun 2009, loopooli220 wrote:

    dear all
    at the back of our house we have a lot of beutiful wild flowers and fruit trees and lots of wildlife
    the problem is its full of dog mess rubbish old toys soild nappies and even worse some of the trees have been hacked to bits a freind of mine is an mp.i had a long chat with her but we cant get gov funding to clean it up
    so ive decided to get together with people passioate about nature and hopfully create a volantery nature party.can you give me any advice on were to start
    teresa bateson [Personal details removed by Moderator]

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  • 290. At 9:50pm on 18 Jun 2009, sophiasouthfrance wrote:

    Hi, whilst I live very close to where two of you are now i.e. Pensthorpe I am now in South WestFrance (not prepared to reveal exactly where afraid of tourists). Whilst here in April I was delighted to hear my first cuckoo of the year. Comments have been made of the demise of the cuckoo and whether certain foods are no longer available to them in England and likewise the demise of the butterfly. I am delighted to report to you that cuckoos are still here. Yesterday I went for a delightful walk with our franglaise labrador, we heard at least two cuckoos, a plethora of frogs and we saw an abundance of butterflies, I am completely ignorant of names some were not that dissimilar from the red admiral except without the blue spec, some were very delicate white background with black markings and seriously pretty delicate beige ones with darker brown on the edges. We have also spotted a very unusual small bird in the garden bold white brown and black with a very distinctive head gear. I do hope that we still count for spring watch as we are in the EU and we normally reside 15 miles from Pensthorpe! Bonne nuit! Sorry only saw the spin offs tonight and now realise that you have left Pensthorpe, ca ne fait rien we are hear for a fornight but will be here again in September will that count for Autumn Watch, we do love the programmes?

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  • 291. At 11:13pm on 18 Jun 2009, empressvaccine wrote:

    Highlights were the ghost of the forest - the goshawk - and Simon Kings deer Rannoch, and the various birds of prey segments. Please, no more pop/rock music accompaniment as this isnt the natural world. It may entertain the senses but it is out of place, meaning it is adding something that should not be. If you must, then use ambient music which would be a compromise. Spend more time in a forest setting. Release a dvd box-set of the highlights of each years programmes. I agree with posting by missCherly about ego-driven distractions and stupid jokes. No more juvenile T-shirts.

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  • 292. At 12:49pm on 19 Jun 2009, Michelle_Iona wrote:

    Here's a challenge for you. How about a Scootish Wildcat family on next years Springwatch and some information about the work of Countryside Rangers and how to become one. I have the best job in the world as a Ranger in the Highlands including on Scotland's most iconic mountain but it was trial and error for me and many people would like to become Rangers, yet there is very little information on how to go about it.

    How about a competition to spend a day with Simon King filming near where the winner lives - I entered a competition with this prize when I was six and got a lovely letter (which went missing when my family moved much to my annoyance) from Simon telling me to try again when i'm older - i'm 29 now so it'd be great if there was another competition.


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  • 293. At 12:55pm on 19 Jun 2009, KellyJones1 wrote:

    Loved Springwatch this year!!! Chris was brilliant, funny and charming!! I loved Bill but we needed someone younger and fresher and he was the perfect choice. Would love to see him back in Autumn.

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  • 294. At 1:47pm on 19 Jun 2009, Linwood moss wrote:

    As mentioned many time above - Unsprung should be a bit longer. It feels too rushed at 15 minutes.

    I'll maybe get shouted at for this but... Not so much coverage of the badgers next year. Gordon's spots were great, but I think they could take a back seat for a year. Don't drop them totally, though!

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  • 295. At 8:19pm on 19 Jun 2009, empressvaccine wrote:

    The consensus says keep to the same format but I would make a change concerning presenters using someone different for each programme and then in rotation. By all means keep the same team but bring back Bill Oddie and also John Keeling who left a very deep impression. I feel that Kate would be better off presenting to children. We see far too much of the presenters so change that by showing wildlife shots or a webcam whilst they are talking amongst themselves.

    Complain about this comment

  • 296. At 8:42pm on 19 Jun 2009, wildpics wrote:

    Once again a truly fantastic show that exceeded all my expectations, and what a superb debut from Chris Packham. Although this is essentially a show about wildlife and animal behaviour, there seemed to be a lot of emphasis placed on home movies and would-be cameramen. But what about all those budding wildlife photographers out there?.....a half-hour slot dedicated to "wildlife photography" would I am sure be welcomed....tips, techniques, equipment, how to get that shot you've always dreamt of etc.,.....food for thought indeed but even if no such changes are implemented, Springwatch is still the best programme on tv this year!! Can't wait for Autumnwatch.

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  • 297. At 9:55pm on 19 Jun 2009, lulpsduff wrote:

    Thanks for another great Springwatch. Please 'Martin Hughes-Games' please stop all the hand movements and the hair flicking as it very distracting.

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  • 298. At 09:57am on 21 Jun 2009, airtour wrote:

    Really enjoyed Springwatch this year. Please can we have Chris Packham back for next years as he is the one that inspired me in to birding a number of years ago.

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  • 299. At 11:49am on 21 Jun 2009, GracePriory wrote:

    Really enjoyed Springwatch and thought Chris Packham was great, although I did miss Bill - Could we have a bit of Bill when he's better? Maybe Bill's Birdy Bit!We do surveys for both the Mammal Society and the Bat Conservation Trust,most of their work is carried out by volunteers, it would be great to see a feature on some of the work they do and how they map trends and populations, and how peolple can get involved. This year we also have large stoat litters (9 & 11) but it's also a peak vole year more food available, large litters.Also autumn is great for bats, male displaying and serenading females - could we have more bats?

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  • 300. At 9:39pm on 23 Jun 2009, purpleenchantress wrote:

    1.springwatch on a friday too please.
    2.spring watch unsprung longer and on a friday too.
    3.more like the specials .
    4.summer watch.
    5.winter watch.
    6.small films about what different soceities do within springwatch.
    7.more dirty weekends.
    8.more on a suitable hour for the younger children eg 7pm
    9.more bits for the public to be involved in similar to the cuckoo one this year

    i think thats it from me
    keep up the fantastic work it is enjoyed by so many and appreciated too

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  • 301. At 11:29pm on 24 Jun 2009, simosam38 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 302. At 2:04pm on 27 Jun 2009, KiminaMc wrote:

    Why not take the opportunity of all future Spring/Autumnwatch shows to advertise the BTO's Garden Birdwatch scheme? As people watching obviously have an interest in wildlife, why not get them recording the wildlife they see in the garden all year round? This in turn would provide valuable feedback on the highs and lows of wildlife featured in the shows, so it would work both ways?

    Please see 'www.bto.org/gbw'


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  • 303. At 2:43pm on 30 Jun 2009, Springtide28 wrote:

    I was an avid viewer of this years Springwatch and loved every minute! Please!, The BBC needs to consider creating a Springwatch and Autumnwatch DVD or DVD series. I'm an Australian living in Britain and would love to share some of the wonderful wildlife and naturalist experiences of Britain with family back home. The shows really do make for timeless viewing and a DVD would be a great way of celebrating and marketing the beautiful natural habitats and fauna that Britain has to offer. Please consider BBC!

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  • 304. At 00:11am on 01 Jul 2009, Snaz wrote:

    How about a Spring visit to East Dorset Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation ,affiliated to BCT, to see licenced educational bats in the hand that have been injured as youngsters mainly by cats. This could be used to encourage people to keep their cats in an hour before dusk until after dawn,saving thousands of young bats and other wildlife lives each year. Bats only have one pup per annum, and not all females will breed each year.75% of bats being brought into care are from cat attacks. A small percentage of these are able to be released back after antibiotics and vet.treatment.Cats hear bats in the roosts and catch the pregnant, stressed mums and youngsters as they leave the roost. A pregnant or lactating bat can mean the loss of two lives. Tiny lost bats can be reunited with mothers sucsessfully if she is alive and well.Educational bats have a role to save their fellow bats. Spring is a good time to remind all cat owners that they have a responsability to care for their local wildlife.

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  • 305. At 5:33pm on 01 Jul 2009, daringignorant wrote:

    I've seen lots of insects I don't recognise just recently. I've photgrahed them but don't know how to get photos on to blog. They are like horseflies with black and red spotted wings. When they fly they look red. They seem to land on clover and thistle. The site is near running water. Can anyone identify them for me? sorry if it's a really well known species.

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  • 306. At 10:30am on 02 Jul 2009, recentcabadviser wrote:

    1) We stopped watching Springwatch last year as we found Bill Odie's
    Comments and jokes so sexist and vulgar. Very much enjoyed this year-the team are courteous and fun . Oh! and the information and images were great.
    2)An injured polecat was found on the road in our village to-day -NEEN SOLLARS (Worcester-Shropshire border) DY14 0AH
    Please pass on this sighting to Simon King!

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  • 307. At 12:52pm on 03 Jul 2009, cazturner66 wrote:

    OMG i have loved SW this year, Chris made the show so much more interesting and i learned so much more then any other year, hes even got me giving wasps a little help in hand in my garden ! lol - PLS STAY CHRIS and thank u to ALL of the fantastic team for keeping my whole family of animal lovers fully glued to the screen and giving us so much to talk about

    Caroline from brighton

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  • 308. At 12:56pm on 03 Jul 2009, cazturner66 wrote:

    ps sorry but id rather see chris on AW then bill - anyday !

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  • 309. At 1:12pm on 03 Jul 2009, cazturner66 wrote:

    pps i agree with most of the above unsprung was great and would be even better if it went on for longer, the format is perfect, and the presenters are just fantastic as any member of a family would have a fav, (personlly i love watching them all) but like many i would just love to see more of the same pls ? i dont think nests should be fewer on the show tho i personally found all the birds this yr fantastic ! and surly its the focas of springtime anyway?
    many thanks

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  • 310. At 3:58pm on 03 Jul 2009, battynicola wrote:

    Complain about this comment

  • 311. At 4:10pm on 03 Jul 2009, battynicola wrote:

    I appear to have an empty comment above, not sure what went wrong but my suggestion for next year would be for bats to make an apperance. I have just discovered I have bats, probably pipistrelles in my roof. I live in a normal detached house, not old and they are under the barge boards at the side. I have learnt so much about them over the last few days and with more and more of their natural habitats being destroyed they are nesting in our homes more frequently. Springwatch would be an ideal place to show what they get up to and teach others that actually they are better house guests than most humans! With them and their habitats being protected by law it is important to educate people that actually they do no damage and their droppings are more like dust. I feel really priveledged that they are in my roof and am loving watching them emerge each night

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  • 312. At 9:31pm on 09 Jul 2009, LadyCloudsHill wrote:

    I got hooked on the 'Unsprung' bits - it was all so much more personal and real and I found it naturally powerful. This alone was enough to encourage me to step outside and see things differently and to start digging for a long hidden passion about Wildlife.

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  • 313. At 8:51pm on 11 Jul 2009, dillsom wrote:

    At last, now the Odd-one is gone this series is worth watching again!
    But why is there not more coverage on the plant life? Afterall, without it there wouldn't be any furry or feathery things to look at! Although Bill's gone there is still one annoying niggle that remains and that is Why do you have to give wild animals pet names? Come on, we aren't all without imagination.

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  • 314. At 11:16am on 12 Jul 2009, jackandeleanor wrote:

    Can anyone help? My daughter's Primary School want to site a bird-cam nest box (sold in this case by RSPB, who are unable to provide someone locally) and need advice as to where to site it, when how the electrical bit works.....would the BBC like to come and visit as part of the next Spring watch?

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  • 315. At 02:13am on 21 Jul 2009, twinsimosam38 wrote:

    i love your program but i wish the bbc would try to do more to eradicate animal cruelty as you are in a very privilaged position.im sure you could do more towards this.,for instance making kids aware of this on programs like newsround for example and encouraging youngsters to report anyone they see being cruel.ty simosam38@yahoo.co.uk

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  • 316. At 2:32pm on 23 Jul 2009, fortonsteve wrote:

    Springwatch?? Why call a programme this when it is about wildlife in the Summer? Shortest day, driest summer months May and June.....Spring starts in January with the new life of bulbs coming through the ground!! Lets have a real SPRINGWATCH!
    Does the BBC really know its seasons?

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  • 317. At 5:49pm on 25 Jul 2009, Rebecca2608 wrote:

    Well my daughter loves the show she watches it evrey night she thought that chris was very funny and she thought this year it was exellant !!!!

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  • 318. At 1:54pm on 29 Jul 2009, superseams wrote:

    My nan has bees with red bottoms they are not bi9g they are small.They like my honeysuckile butshe justs sees lots of them.And thats it really.So do you know what kind they are.

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  • 319. At 09:13am on 30 Jul 2009, stevetrees wrote:

    I love the new show,with Chris Packam. Been a fan of his for many years.
    To answer your springwatch question "Why do dippers dip"? It's all about camouflage through movement,as they live surrounded by moving water. As they dip,their white bib-flashes resemble the flashes of reflected light around them on the water's surface. If they remained still they would be more conspicuous. Other waterbirds which dip in similar fashion and for same reason include the wagtails and sandpiper.
    Rather more importantly,and my reason for contacting you,is my concern over your nestbox design for Barn Owls on the programme.
    Open box type are attractive to both Barn Owl and Tawny Owl. This results in the more aggressive Tawny's evicting and often even killing the Barn Owl residents. I learned of this in 2004 from the Rutland Water Wildlife Manager, Martin. They lost several Barn Owls to Tawny attack (as may have happened on your show if the fight continued off-camera). To prevent such hostilities Rutland Water use specially designed Barn Owl boxes,which Tawny's will not use.These are about tea-chest size,with a landing board on the front,but with an 8" or so entrance leading into a corridor, which then opens into the chamber,in effect creating a baffle. Not sure why this puts Tawny's off. Maybe they have less sensitive hearing than Barn owls and so can never be exactly sure of what might be 'lurking' just around the corner. I would suggest that you replace your Barn Owl box for Springwatch 2010 with a box of this design. This would also inform the general public not to put up Owl boxes which may inadvertantly cause Barn Owl deaths. For info on this improved Barn Owl nest box design contact Martin at Rutland Water Wildlife Reserve, on 07885940722.

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  • 320. At 10:01am on 30 Jul 2009, stevetrees wrote:

    1. It would be great if you could feature the elusive Welsh Pine-Marten on next years show. There are a few of them in my valley and I have a good idea of where to find them.

    2.Over the past 25 years I have developed ways to establish native trees on over-grazed land,without the necessity of any protective- fencing,stock removal,loss of grazing or change of land-use. I have thousands of well-established trees growing at well over 100 heavily grazed sites,mainly in the uplands of Snowdonia. Viewers might find this of interest and it may serve to encourage others with grazed land to have a go themselves.

    3.Woodpeckers are notoriously difficult to attract to nest-boxes. I've come up with a triple-chambered design which they love. One of my boxes was visited by a Greater Spotted Woodpecker only 5 minutes after putting it up in the tree. You could put one of my boxes up for the springwatch 2010 show.

    4.It would be good to raise public awareness and highlight the plight of the Hen Harrier,with a nest-cam to show breeding ecology. My friend John Parry and I are wildlife film-makers (John has previously contributed to the show,with Anglesey Red Squirrel and Raven footage). John has a hen harrier nest very close to his house,which we could perhaps film for next years show.

    5. I know of a poolside Otter Holt which is used every year. We could get great footage of the young at play etc for next years show.

    6. Would be great to do a feature on ancient trees and highlight their wildlife value. Same feature could also 'big-up'the ancient practice of pollarding,which enables wood-harvesting, but allows for the trees continued survival and regeneration,despite grazing by cattle and horses,and also promotes the trees longevity. Indeed most ancient trees are 'pollards'.

    7.I have a raven nest on a spectacular crag,just next to my house. A nest-cam on this would be rather wonderful for the show

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  • 321. At 10:54am on 03 Aug 2009, aquaspaniel wrote:

    Loved springwatch and the 'new' team. I am currently watching wildest dreams and thought for autunm watch as Simon is always on his lonesome why not have him visiting some amatuers giving some guidance and tips on how to capture some remarkable images.

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  • 322. At 4:00pm on 03 Aug 2009, Morainejoy wrote:

    Would it be possible to see more of the wildlife in gardens, especially around ponds? We have had our first visit from a grass snake today, and have a moorhen who swims here daily

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  • 323. At 5:26pm on 21 Sep 2009, diapensia wrote:

    more wildlife variety with guest presenters please.

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  • 324. At 10:44pm on 02 Oct 2009, nettyjen wrote:

    I would love to see a program with a dedicated period of time to what
    i should be seeing in my medium sized garden pond ( no fish) I see all kinds of things i do not know what they are,, WE do have frogs, plamate newts, diving beetles, water scoropins, pond skaters, dragon fly nymph.. etc. but other thins i do not know....

    How can we encourage toads to spawn, we do get newts an frogs, there are toads around and there is farmland, hegdes etc on two sides of the garden...



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  • 325. At 10:51pm on 02 Oct 2009, lordNoggin wrote:

    We have just started a wildlife garden @ our local school and will be planting old varieties of local Bedford (Laxtons) apple trees, the children love to search out the insects from logs and look at them through special magnifying glasses, we watch the programme all the time.


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  • 326. At 10:19pm on 03 Oct 2009, inmygardenthereis wrote:

    I so wish you would come and meet our TAME Muntjac. His name is Derek and he lives at Forest Park Riding Centre in Santon Downham in suffolk. He helps himself to the horse food by squeezing through the cat flap to get into the food room. He is very used to people, and will take food from your hand. We don't know how old he is but he has been here for about 18 months, 2 years. If you do the show from Pensthorpe next spring we aren't far from their, we are in the heart of Thetford Forest.

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  • 327. At 2:59pm on 06 Oct 2009, FalcoP83 wrote:

    A great place to go for Peregrines in their natural environment is Falls Of Clyde. They nest on a steep sided gorge of river Clyde with a viewing area on opposite side so you are level if not looking down on the nest. And when the young start flying they are fearless and come right over beside the viewing area-often even ontop of the marque! And the rest of the reserve is very pretty too!

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  • 328. At 06:02am on 09 Oct 2009, somersetgirlinoz wrote:

    I wonder if Springwatch would consider coming to Western Australia. I have been amazed at the wildlife we get here. In my garden there are lorikeets, parrots, galahs, honeyeaters, magpie larks to name a few. I really miss our wildlife from the U.K but found that I am enjoying learning about the native wildlife here too. Kangaroos, possums, dolphins and pelicans Please consider coming!!

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  • 329. At 7:43pm on 31 Oct 2009, grasyl wrote:

    every year i put up my bird box, and always get visitors,but should i take out last years nest, or leave it for the newcommer

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  • 330. At 6:42pm on 07 Nov 2009, Kez123 wrote:

    Could be better if you did a segament on Britians best wildlife garden. Would be nice to see how much wildlife a regular persons garden had. Would also like more mammal variety .. mice,rats,rabbits, that sort and more birds. Less chit chat between presenters. thanks. Springwatch is still brilliant!

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  • 331. At 6:33pm on 21 Nov 2009, Hazel Winters wrote:

    Hi, just wondered if you were doing anything on Tawny Owls again? If you are and you would like one in the studio, we have females which we use for education! Please get in touch via animal.talks@tiscali.co.uk and we'd love to help!! We also have other animals you might be interested in!! Thanks!!

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  • 332. At 3:08pm on 25 Nov 2009, Laura Thompson wrote:

    I am working for the National Trust, and currently some of the Devon properties are co-ordinating an event in Plymouth next spring. We would love for Springwatch to be involved - any chance of that?

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  • 333. At 11:13am on 08 Dec 2009, Caroline Edwards wrote:

    I am passionate about simple changes we can make in our gardens to encourage wildlife and was pleased to hear you mention the need for ivy as a main source of nectar and food. Could you please explain or do a factsheet on what you can grow and more importantly - when to prune? It upsets me to see people with hedge trimmers hacking back ivy in Sept/Oct, just as it is about to flower or in late Winter, just when the blackbirds are waiting for a feast of berries in Spring. I am a keen gardener and it was not easy for me to understand which plants can be pruned to give maximum nectar and berries to begin with but now we have a haven for butterflies, moths, bats, bees and birds. Please could you share this on the programme?

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  • 334. At 6:30pm on 18 Jan 2010, Robin33 wrote:

    After the fun few days of snow in January 2010 the big thaw began!! Unfortunately we found a few casualties of the snow and ice in our backgarden! The pond had become a graveyard! After the ice had gone we found 14 frogs and 2 newts all dead! It was a horrible sight! After watching Snow Watch I thought I heard that it was okay not to break the ice on the pond. However we did have a ball floating in the water as usual to create a hole! Can anyone explain why we lost so many in our pond? What could we have done to help them survive? Did anyone else find lots of dead frogs and newts?
    We took some photos in case anyone is interested?!

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  • 335. At 9:14pm on 17 Mar 2010, BethannW1 wrote:

    I live on the North Wales coast, our village has streams running through on the way down to the sea. We have dozens of toads in our back yard each year. They fall down the steps and can't get out, they have even dug out a hole under the steps. I would love to know how far back their DIY cave is?? They are content living in the flower pots in our yard until I eventually carry them away. My 4 year old daughter is fascinated by them- there are many things I never knew about them... the peculiar noises they make, the way they walk and don't hop......I would be interested in seeing a feature on toads in one of the next series

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  • 336. At 12:52pm on 25 Mar 2010, Sam Unsprung Researcher wrote:

    Great ideas everyone! Thanks for your suggestions.

    Sam :)

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  • 337. At 7:54pm on 02 Apr 2010, Julie Wishman wrote:

    Hi I live in a second floor flat and have lots of pots and plants on my balcony, I have 2 pidgeons who have nested in my conifer pot right in front of my patio doors! As the whole front of my flat is glass doors I can watch them all day, they swap shifts and just sit patiently, we only have one egg about 3 days old and apparently it will take about 18 days to hatch, so watch this space!

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  • 338. At 8:11pm on 10 May 2010, MatrixWalker wrote:

    I keep hearing people on nature programmes expressing concerns about bird populations on remote islands around our coasts decreasing. Being interested in evolution I believe that these species have taken millions of years to evolve to thier present form, so where where they during the various ice ages that would have made these islands uninhabitable?

    I know how the team like a challenge :-)

    West Sussex

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  • 339. At 9:36pm on 11 May 2010, Lee wrote:

    Think that you should visit our garden as I think we must have the greatest number of bird species visiting us. Current count is 40 - we are lucky as we live in rural Wales- see you soon!!!

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