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Ideas for Autumnwatch

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Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 15:24 UK time, Thursday, 11 June 2009

Autumnwatch is not that far away! Do you have any specific ideas about who, what or where we should feature? Are there any concepts, themes or debates we should bring up and discuss? If so, please post your comments below.

(Are you on the right blog? If you want to tell us about what you think of this year's Springwatch, please post your comments here. If you have specific ideas for a future Springwatch, please post them here. If you have thoughts and ideas about our website, please post them here.)

In the Springwatch spirit of constant evolution, we are thinking of giving Autumnwatch a bit of a different feel to previous years, particularly as you, our audience, have been so amazing at sending us your own incredible stories, experiences, home movies, photos, opinions and questions, as well as joining in (in your tens of thousands!) with our snapshot surveys ..... polecat sightings, muntjac deer, cuckoos and more ....

We're toying with the idea of departing from our pattern of eight shows packed into two weeks and taking the shows more "on the road", potentially making one show a week over eight weeks... thereby allowing us to really 'Watch' the full autumn season, from late September right through to mid/late November.

This could allow us to cover more of the country, and more of the season, pointing out where autumn is most exciting or spectacular at any particular stage of this dramatic and beautiful part of our wildlife year. This would also allow us to make more of all of your experiences of autumn wildlife, as they happen.

So watch this space for developments. I can safely say that things are still wide open as to what we do (and where and how). So why not offer us suggestions of your own as to how we can make the Autumnwatch broadcast event that you've always wanted.

Over to you. Get posting below. We're all ears.

Thank you!

Tim Scoones, Springwatch Executive Producer


  • 1. At 3:57pm on 11 Jun 2009, LazyRizzo wrote:

    First thoughts - the idea of a longer run over the entire Autumnal period would be terrific, although one show a week wouldn't allow you to follow a particular storyline as easily - but then that applies more to SW than AW anyway.
    Maybe a return to the red deer on Rhum - not for too long, just an update on the rut and who is king of the hill etc.
    Would love an update on the Farnes as they shut down for Autumn again - I follow the wardens' blog and it is most interesting.
    Martin could go out and about and tell us how to help our garden wildlife through the coming winter.
    Kate could try (vainly) to hold it all together and look enviably lovely as always...plus if you wanted to be a bit cruel you could send her to look at spiders - the webs on our hedges on a frosty autumnal morning are just wondrous to see.
    Simon could wibble about Shetland and area and perhaps attempt to film killer whales live in the area, which Gordon didn't manage during his short film.
    Gordon could check up on his Glasgow foxes, and grey seals, and rove about the country linking up with people and their local wildlife.
    Chris could waffle on about poodles, gape flanges, pellets and t-shirts, and generally give us his amazing scientific knowledge as well as going out to look at migrant birds.

    Just a few thoughts off the top of my head when I'm supposed to be working!
    In short - we'd like to see more inclusion of Gordon in the general feel of the team, but frankly any Autumnwatch is jolly good and well worth the licence fee!

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  • 2. At 4:32pm on 11 Jun 2009, petebumble wrote:

    I would like to see a big thing made on hedgehogs in the Autumn. With all the tips on how to get them through the Winter months especially the younger ones that may be a bit under weight and vulnerable. In the meantime I hope people will consider other alternatives to slug pellets, as I believe that they may be taking there toll on the hedgehog population.

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  • 3. At 4:58pm on 11 Jun 2009, WildBirdwatchfan wrote:

    Did you know that less than 10% of the 20 million homes with gardens feature a Wild bird feeding station & equipment to provide food during winter ?
    It would be a great idea to feature a garden makeover to create a habitat for feeding our feathered friends during winter...may i suggest a programme slot in late November ...thankfully wild bird feeding has been growing at over 20 % a year over recent years..mainly due to your wonderfull programme !
    Featuring this satisfing hobby will not only encourage kids both young & old to divert a little pocket money to a worthwhile cause but give untold pleasure .
    The price of equipment & wild bird feed has dropped considerably as retailers like poundstretcher,wilkinsons increase there sales volumes & drive prices down to affordable levels .
    When children learn from the fun of feeding birds they are interacting with nature at a formative stage...the momentum of springwatch and the timing of Autumnwatch could not be better to feature a Wild Bird Feeding Garden Project....so the idea is with you ...the good old BBC !
    The diversity of food for Birds ...Mealworms,fatballs,peanuts,sunflower seeds it goes on & on...the new modern looking greenjem metel Wild bird feeding stations enable allsorts of feeders to hang & come complete with bird bath & seed tray all for under £30...a small price for supporting nature...dont you think ?

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  • 4. At 5:57pm on 11 Jun 2009, i dont rate cuckoos wrote:

    The present format works well so I would be reticent to change for the sake of change. However, if Bill is feeling better I would like to see him do one or two features for Autumnwatch just to keep him involved. I would also like to see more on the smaller residents of our gardens-the wasps and slugs were good.
    The only major change I would suggest is to make Autumnwatch fifteen minutes long, and 'unplugged' 1 hour long.

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  • 5. At 7:44pm on 11 Jun 2009, omadarlin wrote:

    I've got a really good idea for all forthcoming Springwatch series ... keep Chris Packham because he outshines Bill Oddie in all respects. Not only is he easier on the eye he's far more respectful to Kate Humble than Bill ever was by letting her speak. I also like Martin as he's also a natural in front of the camera. I'm sorry Bill isn't well at the moment, but he's proved he can't hold it together long enough and personally I think the programme is far better without him.

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  • 6. At 8:04pm on 11 Jun 2009, blackbird wrote:

    Im a Bill Oddie fan but I must admit that Chris has really suprised me by being so good in fact I actually prefare him much to my suprise. In Autumn watch can we please have some more animals and insects and less birds I like birds but its becoming 3/4 birds and not much else. Also some common animals so when we see them we know more about them.

    cat lover (just for Chris)

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  • 7. At 8:13pm on 11 Jun 2009, GrumpyAnthonyS wrote:

    More of the stags, facinating natural history and genuinely exciting. Real world competition, better than football any day.

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  • 8. At 8:45pm on 11 Jun 2009, rachiswild wrote:

    Yes a series would be great. Can you come to the midlands please we get missed from everything in leicestershire so have to travel miles to visit sites you promote -not green! Also bring back Nightwatch!

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  • 9. At 9:28pm on 11 Jun 2009, Antaresia wrote:

    I like the idea of a longer running Autumnwatch. I can't for the life of me understand why Springwatch is not shown over a good 6 weeks- Spring lasts longer than 3 weeks!! and i don't doubt for a minute that the viewing figures would be as good over 6 weeks as they would over 3. Spring doesn't start at the end of May as we all know!

    Can't you manage 2 or 3 shows a week over an 8 week period for Autumn watch- that would allow proper development of storylines. Once a week won't facilitate the dynamic environment produced by the 4 day a week format.

    Also why can't you start a Winterwatch- it would be very exciting to see the native wildlife foraging through the colder months and there is huge scope for exciting shots and stories.

    Come on BBC i love these shows, they are the purest out there and remind me how nice the world can be- I am rocketed back to the 80s when my brother and i crawled around in the scrub catching viviparous lizards and slow worms.

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  • 10. At 9:44pm on 11 Jun 2009, Mizzcute_n_fluffy wrote:

    I enjoyed the current format and I feel it works well. The new presenters I have really warmed to so please keep them in. Was not sure about Chris Packham but warmed to him greatly over the last few weeks and find his geekiness about wildlife & poodles strangely attractive! However what I did enjoy about Springwatch was the 'unsprung' part - seeing the team interacting with each other in a more informal manner and going thru our blogs/questions online, gave a more personal feel. The cameramen who were doing odd things in the background did tickle me so keep them in as well! Maybe have the 'unsprung' part for half an hour/ as I just felt the 15 mins was too short!! Anything about hedgehogs in Autumnwatch is always a winner in my book!

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  • 11. At 9:44pm on 11 Jun 2009, SUNNYLITTLEBEAR wrote:

    As I enjoy the show so much I hope you wont change the format, it would be nice if "unsprung" ran for half an hour. It has been a great addition to the program & I do hope you will be doing it again in Autumnwatch.
    I would love to see more on fungi as it is a particular intrest of mine, I record all the diffeent fungi for my local forest rangers, it is one of the most difficult things I have ever tried to learn so a bit of extra knowledge from you all would not go a miss.
    Just keep up the good work by bringing us the best show on T.V!!

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  • 12. At 9:53pm on 11 Jun 2009, Copper_Beech wrote:

    No...please no! I love SW/AW as they are! It is great having them as a live 'event' keeping up to date with stories as they unfold, having running jokes. Seriously - don't ruin a format which is already so good.
    Also I imagine it would end up packing too much in to every show, which would leave less time for jokes, laughter and spontaneity. If it was too planned, I have a feeling the show might feel more stale.

    Familiarity breeds contempt - Springwatch/Autumnwatch is a rare and truly special event, if their is too much of it, we will just come to take this amazing show for granted.

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  • 13. At 9:55pm on 11 Jun 2009, lisburnmartin wrote:

    Dear Springwatch
    Superb series this time, yet again! (Really enjoyed the Unsprung feature too). As for suggestions for Autumn or next year, I'd be interested to see more features on Mammals both in the UK and Europe, ie European Elk and Bison. I know they aren't in the UK but these are animals lost to us and it would be nice to see a European Springwatch/Autumnwatch.

    I think it would also be great to have projects that local people could get involved with, although this may be best served on the web site and I know the programme already does this. But basically if there were web connections offered to various schemes that Springwatch viewers could register with either to support with time or finances. As part of this, the team could do a short piece on a local scheme that has made real differences to a stream or woodland not by advertising its work but by showing "how" things were done, ie what letters were written, how much money was needed, what were the key points of the action, the costs, or how many people it took to do this.

    My third suggestion is to attempt to show a whole ecosystem at work over the period of the show specifically looking at the interaction between species and targeting keyhole species. This series highlighted this obliquely but I think it gives great context to the animals and birds shown. One of the problems with the show is that while it ends, we all know it doesn't end for the animals covered and we all want to know more.

    Thanks for the opportunity to make some comments

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  • 14. At 9:57pm on 11 Jun 2009, Copper_Beech wrote:

    Oh and also, I LOVE bill oddie and I'm sure most people do also - it is mostly the moaners and complainers who feel they must get their views heard. Please have him back on for Autumnwatch.
    Remember, not ALL of your viewing audience use the website/messageboards - I feel that the website is more dominated by younger viewers who are more 'internet-savvy' and older viewers may not get their say.
    Anyway, just my thoughts on thematter.
    Thank you for such a wonderful show.

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  • 15. At 10:12pm on 11 Jun 2009, Dave_n_Derbyshire wrote:

    Do more on the CBBC, I started watching wildlife progs with my parents when very young and that interest last with you for life. Bill was very good on CBBC.

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  • 16. At 10:13pm on 11 Jun 2009, Aquarianwolf wrote:

    Personally I'd prefer to have the current format as those two weeks are something I really look forward to.

    Specials would be fine in the style you describe but please don't alter the original format.

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  • 17. At 10:15pm on 11 Jun 2009, Wildlife Filmer Adam wrote:

    I like the idea of it sort of being pre-recorded, meaning presenters could then come visit the viewers and see what's going on at their 'local patch.'

    I reckon for this year's Autumnwatch they should follow Long-tailed tits, Pied Wagtails and Goldfinches - 'cos at that time of year they all get into flocks - it will be interesting to see what they get up to and make nice features.

    If I have to, I'll do my own documentary-feature on Long-tailed tits, Pied wagtails or Goldfinches.

    There's a whole thread dedicated to the ideas of future episodes, the link is provided below:


    Wildlife Filmer Adam

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  • 18. At 10:20pm on 11 Jun 2009, Fragrant-1 wrote:

    hooray for Springwatch - what do we watch now please. Well done all the team for all their hard work, special thanks to Chris he was marvelous, Kate as ever was beautiful, and all the team worked amazingly well, so well done all of you. PLEASE make UNSPRUNG longer, its like having friends in for a chat and a laugh... roll on Autumn watch.

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  • 19. At 10:28pm on 11 Jun 2009, 23maddie wrote:

    Please don't change the live broadcasts. What other TV programme in the world allows you to type "SWT could you just pan the webcam in on...." and it happens!!!!

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  • 20. At 10:29pm on 11 Jun 2009, LazyRizzo wrote:

    Hedgehogs - warning people about the dangers of being a hedgehog in the period approaching Bonfire Night.

    Redwings and fieldfares arrival.

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  • 21. At 10:30pm on 11 Jun 2009, PoppyFlax wrote:

    I really like the idea of this. It would give more of a grand sweep over a whole season, rather than a couple of crammed weeks. Do you usually do webcams during Autumnwatch? I didn't visit the website for Autumnwatch last year, so I don't know if you do or not. I suppose since there aren't any cute nests to watch then it's more problematic, but the popularity of river cam this year shows that you don't just need to have cute baby birds. There are all sorts of habitats that you could plant a camera in...woodland, lakeside, heathland, mountainside, riverside, urban, etc. and all sorts of interesting creatures would wander into shot. They don't have to be big to be interesting!

    If you did do an 8 week Autumnwatch, please think about having webcams showing various different habitats. You could even do a different one each week. I'd watch!

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  • 22. At 10:32pm on 11 Jun 2009, CatCat78 wrote:

    Please don't change the format drastically. Go live, 3 nights a week maybe, so you can have an additional week? What works SO well now is the immediacy... its something emotional - to connect with the live sequences in a routine manner. Sleek feature films which have been produced like a million other pre-packaged wildlife shows are NOT GOOD for this show. Please please keep the essence of the show intact!

    Could we do an autumn feature of the new national park in the south downs? Also like to learn more about fish - there must be beautiful spawning in Scotland to be explored? And the chalk rivers? And Guernsey and Scilly - how do these islands differ from the mainland?...You guys are doing great work keep up the balance! x

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  • 23. At 10:33pm on 11 Jun 2009, LateNightSkies wrote:

    i love the show as it is, the live aspect of the show and being cnetred around one location with simon and maybe others out and about would be good, i like many others think spring and autumn watch should last 5-6 maybe eve 8 weeks, but what about doing 3 shows a week for a bit longer, and make sure they are live! also sprinwatch unsprung has been so enjoyable i woudl ove it if it could continue for autumn watch!

    i know its quite a lot to ask but hey, worht the try


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  • 24. At 10:33pm on 11 Jun 2009, Vegoutside wrote:

    Please don't change the format of Autumnwatch. The format is fantastic as it is. Do not change for change's sake! We like it the way it is.

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  • 25. At 10:33pm on 11 Jun 2009, LateNightSkies wrote:

    also sorry about the rubbish spelling in that comment ;)

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  • 26. At 10:41pm on 11 Jun 2009, Pearl-and-John wrote:

    As presumably, the reason for the change is to save money, might I make a plea for a way of saving money that wouldn't change the format of the programmes.

    Simple really, why do we have to have so many cameras looking at the presenters? Photogenic though they undoubtedly are, there are at least three cameras on the presenters, cut that to two and there would be a huge saving in wages and resources. Similarly, why do we always have to have film of cameramen filming? Time after time, they are telling us what they are seeing and filming, while we are watching them, not sharing their view and enjoying their expertise.

    Call me a cynic but it all smacks of empire building. The bigger the crew, the bigger the budget, the more important the production. Go back to basics. Let there be as little as possible between the viewer and the subject.

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  • 27. At 10:43pm on 11 Jun 2009, wrensfriend wrote:

    Spreading out over a longer period in the season is great bit it's got to be a LIVE show guys..........

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  • 28. At 10:44pm on 11 Jun 2009, madwaff wrote:

    I like the immediacy of the current format, and the relaxed fun of 'UnSprung' (what could you call an Autumn version?). I like the idea of developing the look a the season as it progresses - maybe this is where the show could extend to a Friday night - if the presenters don't have to be 'live' for that one they might stay unfrazzled!
    I'd rather you didn't go to a 'glossy show' format over the whole show; one a week wouldn't hurt, maybe concentrating on local wildlife/wildlife heroes/some of the suggestions made by others here.

    Basically, add to, don't change - It ain't broke, don't fix it!

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  • 29. At 10:45pm on 11 Jun 2009, bigredchris wrote:

    Perhaps combine the current format with the new idea by using Friday as well: keep Monday to Thursday as it is, then use Friday for the proposed new format.

    I really like the current presenting team, so please don't change them.

    I am a pond fanatic and would be very keen (as I'm sure would other Spring/Autumn Watchers) to see how Kate's new pond develops over the Summer and into Autumn. Perhaps she could be persuaded to keep a weekly "pond video diary", which could be edited together and used in one or more of the Autumnwatch shows.

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  • 30. At 10:46pm on 11 Jun 2009, errandir wrote:

    If the program was only on once a week I feel would lose the intimacy, the feeling
    we have now of getting to know these animals up close.
    Definitely keep that unscripted feeling you have got going now. Your involvement of the message boards and the blogs has been fab this year. Keep unsprung and bring watch nightwatch too!

    As topics may I suggest fungi, nuts & berries, and everything getting ready for winter in that log pile.
    An underwater webcam in the sea would be great.

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  • 31. At 10:53pm on 11 Jun 2009, greenman22 wrote:

    Autumnwatch - Please can we see more about out winter visitors such as swans and geese etc? Whoi fly in from the far north to over winter in our fair country.

    http://martinhughesgames.terapad.com (fan webpages)

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  • 32. At 10:55pm on 11 Jun 2009, Petavius wrote:

    PLEASE keep AW/SW as the nightly, live broadcast show format. The interaction between the presenters and the spontaneous happenings on the cameras is the essence of the show. Following the stories from day to day is vital. Also I must say the Unsprung programme has been brilliant - live questions and jokes between the studio, Simon and Gordon really makes us feel involved in the up-to-the-minute things going on. If it ain't broke don't fix it! The only thing that would make A/W S/W better is if it was on for more weeks as it is. Best show on telly!

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  • 33. At 11:00pm on 11 Jun 2009, ashlily7 wrote:

    Not sure how but could you spare a thought and come up with any ideas
    for people who can't "go out and get involved"/can't take photos or film for any number of reasons but are DESPERATE to do something to help the natural world on this are fabulous planet which now has so many threats and difficulties because of human activities. I cannot be alone in my situation, for example. I live in the middle of London;have no garden and am housebound. All I ever see is an ornamental tree/pigeons/blackbirds and magpies. I have tried attracting birds to no avail but am now hoping, after some advice from The Bumblebee Conservation Trust to start setting up my window boxes next spring to attract bees. Any other ideas would be wonderful

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  • 34. At 11:00pm on 11 Jun 2009, wildwoodsman wrote:

    I love the format of the shows as they are, watching the 'real time' developments of the individual animals 'live' makes the programme for me - it's almost like the nest's etc are in your own back garden!

    It's the spontinaity that has sparked off the phenomenon of Springwatch and Autumnwatch - and the likes of the Little Chris Fan Club!

    It would be great though to have 'specials' on the format you mentioned in the intro - maybe Simon King could follow the whole rutting season or a chance to catch up on some old favorites - how are things at the original Devon site? Kate could do some marine specials, maybe a series of 'specials' covering our own National Parks?

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  • 35. At 11:05pm on 11 Jun 2009, dippywingles wrote:

    Having the show four nights a week is an essential part of it's brilliance for me. Knowing I have it to come home to, after a seriously stressful work day, is a joy. I currently feel bereft wondering what I can replace it with. This is the first year I have really watched avidly and it has had a real impact on me and my desire to learn about and see native animals and birds. I would watch the programmes you have suggested, but I want them as well as Autumnwatch! I'm fairly young and live in London and none of my friends are interested in wildlife as I am, the live format of the show, the relationships of the presenters, the webcams and messageboards all work for me because they link me in with other people who understand how fascinating and beautiful wasps can be (for example)! I might just be adverse to change, Gardener's World changed recently and although I loyally keep viewing it does not feel the same and I feel I have really lost something special. I don't want to lose autumnwatch too, now excuse me I am off to find out if it is worth putting up a swift nesting box in London.

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  • 36. At 11:06pm on 11 Jun 2009, barn_owl_rocks wrote:

    An excellent series this year, missed Bill, but my opinion on Chris has changed dramatically, he is great. As for the changes I think it would be great to see Autumnwatch, and Springwatch for that matter, run for more than 3 weeks, 6-8 weeks sounds great. But as mentioned, one show a week wouldnt quite cut it. The 'live story' element of the show would be far too distorted and we couldnt keep up with anything. I think, as suggested, maybe 3 shows a week running for longer periods would be great. It gives more time to cover the full season. Autumnwatch running from September - November and maybe springwatch running from April - June. This would allow for more coverage.

    I think it would also be really nice to follow characters we've seen before. I like the cohesive nature of Springwatch, and was disapointed this year when only one the 'usual suspects' (the swallows) were looked at. I loved the return to the Heligan webcam last year showing Hanibal returning to the nest box, and also the Tit familes (like Bill's and Kate's), the Deer on Rhum and of course the feeder cams! I really do miss the feeder cams! All of this stuff we see every year, but i like it, it makes springwatch what it is. Of course the new creatures are great and its better to learn about a more diverse range of species, but i think our oldies should be thrown in too for the sake of the 'stories', only bad thing about this years show really.

    Keep unsprung! Its fantastic, should last for longer though, it's such a laugh, and it's great to see the presenters out of the constrictions of the 'script'.

    Also for Autumnwatch, could there possibly be more coverage of what is happening with the animals we watch in Springwatch. As there always seems to be a new set of characters for the season, but it would be interesting to see what and how our birds are preparing for the winter and how we can help. Once again this cohesion would be nice to reflect upon.

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  • 37. At 11:07pm on 11 Jun 2009, Goldfinch wrote:

    Ii think this is an excellent idea for Autumnwatch as it is a long season and we could see so much more! But Please, please, please do not do this with Springwatch, the live element of this series is what makes it so captivating! The only change needed with springwatch is to make the series go on for 4 to 6 weeks rather than just 3!

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  • 38. At 11:14pm on 11 Jun 2009, Bervanjack wrote:

    Please don't change the format for Autumwatch, as others have said it would loose the dramatic feel which makes it the most compelling 'soap opera' on TV - will the chicks fledge? Will Ceasar remain top stag? Will we get to see a badge?
    I fear all this would be lost and instead with a conventional documentary.

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  • 39. At 11:16pm on 11 Jun 2009, fancywhitethroat wrote:

    What a brilliant three weeks i've just had. I loved Chris, an inspiration and i really enjoed laughing out loud, cant get enough of Springwatch or any other season watch come to that.
    Well done Kate, Simon, Chris and Martin and thank you.
    Re; Balloons. Balloons are litter too, i've always been amazed that people think its alright to release balloons,i remember as a child watching BluePeter release ballons and it horrified me then as it does now to think of the thousands of balloons released for charities and at festivals. It should be ilegal to do so after all its still littering.

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  • 40. At 11:19pm on 11 Jun 2009, misssandycove wrote:

    Thought this years Springwatch was the best yet, what a great team.
    Please Please don't change Autumnwatch too much, once a week is not enough even if it is over 8 weeks. The magic of the programme is that it spans 3 weeks and i for one never get bored.

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  • 41. At 11:23pm on 11 Jun 2009, BurtonFletch wrote:

    Please dont change the structure of spring / autumnwatch. I would though like more of it ;-)

    I do keep asking though, can we have more features maybe involving Chris / Gordon regarding wildlife photography and videography??

    All about the gear and techniques used for capturing the great footage. I am very keen amateur photo / videographer and would love a feature on this. Keep it live..that is the shows main appeal.

    Maybe have Bill as a guest presenter if he does not want that full time seat back??

    Martin is a new gem, absolute natural and great sense of humour.

    Keep Simon on the outdoor locations....hes great and wouldnt be the same without those cuts to Simon.

    Please though dont lose any more presenters..you have a handful of great presenters, all giving something different, each with something to give......Chris was a great new addition, be great to see bill back in some capacity.

    Please do not fix what iant broke ;-)

    Regards. Jonathan Fletcher. Burton upon Trent.

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  • 42. At 11:31pm on 11 Jun 2009, Katherine Birkett wrote:

    Agree with Jonathan Fletcher - Martin Hughes-Games needs keeping in front of the camera. He is too much of a natural to slink off behind the scenes again!

    Martin, if you're reading this, you're welcome to go birdwatching with me any time you like!

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  • 43. At 11:37pm on 11 Jun 2009, ashlily7 wrote:

    I think it would be great if the "old" format could be adapted rather than done away with. This current SW has certainly shown a case for the series running longer with "the story" of some of the chicks has stopped without us "hearing" the end. The team today said they would do there best to update us. When/where will this be?
    It would be an interesting comparison in AW to learn what the particular species see in SW are doing now....not so much what has happened to individuals but what a species life style would be in autumn.
    I like the previous suggestion where it has been asked how a local project "got off the ground"

    I also think the new presenters have been brilliant....perhaps Chris and Bill (if he is able) could "job share"

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  • 44. At 11:50pm on 11 Jun 2009, pat-the-pet wrote:

    Thanks for a great SW. TV can go off until Autumn now as most of the viewing will be rubbish until AW.

    As many others have said Unsprung has been great fun. SW/AW have to be live and continue to give us the feeling that we're sitting amongst friends (the Presenters), sharing our love of wildlife and having a good laugh (and sharing the odd tear).

    Please keep to British wildlife either resident or visitors. There are lots of pre-recorded nature programmes featuring wildlife from other parts of the world and only SW/AW is a truly British wildlife programme.

    One thought for next year's SW: rabbits are probably one of the most popular mammals in the UK. Would it be possible to set up cameras in a burrow complex and possibly a camera in the nursery burrow to see what goes on underground! Just a thought (and a technical challenge).

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  • 45. At 11:54pm on 11 Jun 2009, vic020 wrote:

    Confused. Today's Broadcastnow has the exec producer saying that Autumnwatch will indeed be one show a week for eight weeks, yet here he is saying that it has yet to be decided. So, which is correct?

    My personal opinion, changing the format to one show a week is not a good idea. As others have said, part of the joy of Autumn/Springwatch is being able to tune in each night to follow the individual stories of the various birds and animals. Being on four nights a week and being shown live is, imo, a big part of why the show is the success that it is. Change the format to just one show a week and it becomes just another nature programme. Please don't do it.

    The Broadcastnow article also states that Unsprung will be returning with Autumnwatch, extended to half an hour. Good news if true as it's been a tremendous addition to the main show this year.

    Also, credit to Mr.Packham for doing a great job this series. Big boots to fill with the absence of Bill, but he did brilliantly, as did Martin. Hopefully the whole presenting team will remain intact for Autumnwatch and forthcoming series.

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  • 46. At 11:58pm on 11 Jun 2009, root4me wrote:

    You will loose the team spirit and fun of the show by breaking it up as suggested. The joy of the programme is that it's back to back developments and you get attached to the animals/birds/crew as a consquence. If you do a single show a week, you will lose that chemistry and fun. It just becomes yet another long running series and will have lost what makes Spring/AutumnWatch so special.
    And why do we have to have one or the other. Keep this format (it works so well as shown by the passion people have for it) AND have a weekly show. I think there is room in the schedules for some quality programmes - just drop a couple of your inane house/antique shows and give us what we want and educate the country!
    p.s. Do not change this team. It is the best series yet by far.

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  • 47. At 00:06am on 12 Jun 2009, cultureboy wrote:

    Hmmm, yes, cautious approval, but a definite NO to one measly episode a week. We need two-three episodes a week across eight weeks? And keep it live... don't tinker with the format too much.

    In fact how about two episodes a week throughout the year? Scrap a soap, sack Jonathan Ross - the money can be found!

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  • 48. At 00:19am on 12 Jun 2009, urmstongirl wrote:

    Can I suggest that Simon/Gordon goes to Donner Nook in Lincolnshire for Autumnwatch? It is a massive grey seal birthing area (don't think that's the technical term for it!). It's the only place in the British Isles mainland where you can see grey seals and their pups up close, in fact I hesitated putting it on here 'cos I don't want it to get over-run!

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  • 49. At 01:25am on 12 Jun 2009, Katherine Birkett wrote:

    If it IS to go on the road, suggest Martin be sent to RSPB Frampton Marsh, which has recently undergone a large extension. There are now three hides open at all times, a fourth hide in the visitor centre (open at certain times), new wader scrapes and a large stretch of water that will grow into a reedbed area and hopefully attract Bearded Tits and Bitterns.

    By some happy coincidence this is my local patch. No ulterior motive... honest!

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  • 50. At 01:44am on 12 Jun 2009, Voilodion wrote:

    While I don't think the core format of Autumn/Springwatch needs changing, perhaps the weekly regional format could be used as an additional special to fill the gaping hole in the schedule that is Friday ? It could also allow those of us going cold turkey after three intense weeks to mellow out by tailing things off gradually rather than just stopping dead.

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  • 51. At 06:32am on 12 Jun 2009, Regenwurm wrote:

    If the shows aren't live, you will turn Autumnwatch into just another wildlife programme. Don't destroy a brilliant format!

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  • 52. At 07:02am on 12 Jun 2009, Copper_Beech wrote:

    Maybe do a few shows as a 'run up' with 'our' the viewers exoperiences of wildlife, and then a few 'specials' after, just as you do now, but PLEASE keep the format of the live event! It is wonderful having an intense snapshot of just one part of the season, given to you night after night.
    IF IT AINT BROKE, DON'T FIX IT. You have just had amazing audience response, probably amazing viewing figures and have just put on an inspiring, educational and successful show. Why on earth would you change the format now?

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  • 53. At 07:36am on 12 Jun 2009, choughsykes wrote:

    The current format is so good, and the 'roadshow' so tantalising it is difficult to know. Can we perhaps have a mix? Keep the 3 week show, but have some shows leading up where different presenters travel around the country doing one off programmes either side of the series? Probably expensinve, but the best of both worlds for us the viewers!

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  • 54. At 07:37am on 12 Jun 2009, bobthe001 wrote:

    Please dont change the format of the show
    Its great as it is. I think its helped a lot of people form friendships on the set and also on the web . people look forward to the couple of weeks it is on
    so please listen to us the people that pay the wages .

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  • 55. At 08:05am on 12 Jun 2009, billy_hitchcock wrote:

    please please please do not change from the live format.

    the spontaneity is what makes it special. springwatch unsprung was my favourite part of this springs show.

    plus 'living' with these animals for 3 weeks is the reason people watch. making it once a week would make it a lot less interesting experience for the viewer.

    get the wallet out bbc, offer the guys a bit more cash and get them to do it for a month with maybe a couple of follow up shows a few weeks later.

    you've created something special here, with chris and martin making the show unmissable!

    please don't ruin it now.

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  • 56. At 08:35am on 12 Jun 2009, DotCom wrote:

    I like that Springwatch is live, and wouldn't like that format to change but for Autumnwatch then I like the idea of a longer series.

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  • 57. At 08:37am on 12 Jun 2009, PaulaBat wrote:

    This has been the best Springwatch ever. Please, let's see the same team doing Autumnwatch this year before even contemplating any tinkering with the format. As other posters have said, it is the live & spontaneous elements of these programmes that make them special and different from the standard wildlife documentary, enjoyable and informative though those are.

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  • 58. At 08:58am on 12 Jun 2009, mariecsf wrote:

    here we go again, having achieved a great formula someone has to change it, please leave well alone, if you want a once a week pre-recorded situation,please do.................but keep the live continuity of the three weeks(maybe only two in the autumn) but please no broken teapot syndrome

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  • 59. At 09:58am on 12 Jun 2009, orkneylady wrote:

    I would love to see the format stay the way it is!! I really look forward to SW and AW and love that we cn follow families every night and catch up with them online!! I do't think it would be so easy if you only do 1 show a week. Although I do like the idea of you being on our screen for longer! How about 3 days a week for 4/5 weeks rather than 4 days a week for 3 weeks then we get the best of both worlds!
    I would also like to point out that traveling around the country so much would surely increase your carbon footprint and I am sure that it was said that you were trying to lessen that!!!
    I would also really like to see Chris back on our screens for AW please xx

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  • 60. At 10:12am on 12 Jun 2009, jen3704 wrote:

    I love the idea of AW being on for 8 weeks, but one show a week is no where near enough, we need 2/3 shows a week over 8 weeks. That would be fab!

    I have enjoyed every second of Springwatch, and I am gutted it has now ended. Please keep the Unsprung, and could you make it longer? Half an hour maybe?

    Oh and you HAVE to keep Chris!! I will be so gutted if he is not part of the future shows!! He is so funny and such an interesting guy to listen to!

    Well Done Springwatch Team!!!

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  • 61. At 10:33am on 12 Jun 2009, alcado-atthis wrote:

    How about Bill doing a blog

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  • 62. At 10:42am on 12 Jun 2009, elpowero wrote:

    I like it as it is but would be open to change too.

    Whatever's done, please make it possible for people in the Republic of Ireland to watch missed shows online. There are lots of fans here too. We can do so on Channel 4 with 4OD, why not on the BBC?


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  • 63. At 10:49am on 12 Jun 2009, vet_tash wrote:

    I love the format of SW/AW. However running it over a longer period of time with extra programs where say each presenter has followed a particular species would be good.

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  • 64. At 10:53am on 12 Jun 2009, NotMeHonest wrote:

    My view would be not to change it too much - if you want to do some pre-recorded stuff, fine, but mix that in with plenty of the current-format live stuff - it's what makes AW/SW what it is.

    I know you don't want Springwatch feedback here, but let's just say keep AW as much like *this* series of SW as possible! Particularly the presenting team. Chris is great, and I'm afraid I was one of the many who never watched before due to just not being able to tolerate Bill Oddie. Keep Chris, *please*!

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  • 65. At 11:18am on 12 Jun 2009, alexdavina wrote:

    KEEP AUTUMN WATCH LIVE...its all about seeing developments in wildlife as it happens live, and the interaction of the presenters on live tv makes the viewing all the more enjoyable.

    Too many programmes broadcast these days are heavily edited, and the humour is usually missing.

    Please keep the format the same. It has worked over the past 5 years perfectly, why change it?

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  • 66. At 1:11pm on 12 Jun 2009, whatdudetooksquacco wrote:

    Drop Chris Packham, drop Kate Humble, keep to two weeks. Bring back Bill Oddie have a radical approach bring in ace-twitcher Lee GR Evans.
    Focus only on rare birds.

    Obviously that just panders to my prejudices but how about a take on star in a reasonably priced car from Top Gear. Get a celebrity to go and look at wildlife with particular focus on younger people to get them interested so I'm thinking soap actors, pop stars, sports stars etc.

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  • 67. At 1:44pm on 12 Jun 2009, Aviva21 wrote:

    Can we have Autumnwatch now, please, because I can barely live without seeing that sexy beast Chris Packham every evening.

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  • 68. At 1:46pm on 12 Jun 2009, Naturezones wrote:

    We at Naturzones Wildlfie Education Trust are obsessed with wild flower meadows and the vast variety of wild flowers and their importance to our biodiversity and ecology. We are based on the Isle of Wight. We are new and have just begun work with the help of an Heritage Lottery Grant to improve 10 acres of neglected ground. We are going to create seven experimental meadows with differnt planting and management schemes. We will over the life of the programme monitor and observe the success rate we achive in attracting a wider range of small mammals and insects to the meadows. We think Spring/Autumn watch should do a mini Summer watch to study the importance of wildlfower meadows - particulalry where bees are concerned.

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  • 69. At 1:50pm on 12 Jun 2009, Naturezones wrote:

    By the way Chris packham, how perfect was that? Thanks Chris for a most enjoyable and fun Spring Watch.

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  • 70. At 2:01pm on 12 Jun 2009, Spikeylesley wrote:

    NO! NO! NO! As if I'm not depressed enough this morning now that SpringWatch is over, I find out that you are thinking of altering AutumnWatch so it may not be as I am looking forward to it being.

    I am on my knees begging with you (and getting very funny looks from my work colleagues who think I have finally lost it) not to mess with the live format of the programme. It is simply the best programme on the telly.

    What you are thinking of doing sounds great and interesting but surely there's a way of doing both? Could we have the 3 weeks of 4 live programmes Mon to Thurs and an 8 week series of pre recorded programmes on a Friday night?

    So for 3 weeks it would be live Mon to Thurs and a prerecorded programme on the Friday night followed by however many other pre recorded programmes on the remaining Friday nights.


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  • 71. At 3:17pm on 12 Jun 2009, memberofearthslife wrote:

    If the Beeb is seriously considering changing the LIVE Format of Springwatch..well DONT!!.
    And if the Beeb feels a need to fiddle with programs well go "fiddle" with Eastenders for instance and leave S/W alone !!!!..
    The S/W team were awesome ..

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  • 72. At 3:40pm on 12 Jun 2009, TennisTrevor wrote:

    This goes for the next Springwatch and Autumnwatch: In The Autumnwatch i think they should document what goes on at Pensthorpe in Autumn (more wildfowl) and for Springwatch they should show what happens in the spring at Martin mere. I think that would add a special touch to the next series. Also have the xtra programme at the end of the actual show but don't call it Unsprung. I can't think of a possible name for it but I enjoy Unsprung.

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  • 73. At 4:20pm on 12 Jun 2009, halo99 wrote:

    As far as this 72 year old chap nesting in bonnie Perthshire I and my lady wife think you have got the presenters and context spot on...Soo going with the old addage...IF IT AINT BROKE WHY FIX IT I think that applies...Wish dear old BILL our best for a speedy recovery but please --please leave as is.....Old BILL ODIE has done his bit and passed on his massive knowledge to the younger generatin out there.. Here is looking forwatd to AUTUMN WATCH..

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  • 74. At 4:25pm on 12 Jun 2009, Beth012 wrote:

    I love Springwatch and Autumnwatch although I think if they weren't live it would not be as good and I think they way the programme is live gives more of a feel for the outdoors and it is more entertaining, please don't change it!

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  • 75. At 4:50pm on 12 Jun 2009, khardstec wrote:

    So long as the wonderful John Aitchison is back on board the show will be good but 2 shows a week for 8 weeks would be better to my mind


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  • 76. At 5:00pm on 12 Jun 2009, TheRealDerelict wrote:

    Hmmm... sadly I was unimpressed by the coverage of the fallow rut in last year'a AutumnWatch - it didn't seem to be particularly live and there seemed to be an underlying failure to demonstrate how fallow deer run a different model from red deer in their rut and especially that the individual bucks have their own individual strategies. Those who posted in 2008 that deer rutting was boring reflected the production rather than the reality. As with the red stags on Rhum you need a bit of real character development - see http://www.youtube.com/deerisible for this. Calling an animal 'Barry the Buck' diminishes the exercise. You ought to film the rut on rather more varied terrain than staking out an open field in a deer park. Deer move about and the fallow rut has some delightful tricks up its sleeve. That way you'd avoid having live shots of a field with just 2 deer in it!

    So can I suggest that this year you give it another go elsewhere?

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  • 77. At 5:01pm on 12 Jun 2009, nickiscool12 wrote:

    Fantasitc series this year i thought it would be rubbish without bill but chris is a ledgend and makes it much better and that other blokes cool aswell the producer man

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  • 78. At 5:13pm on 12 Jun 2009, firstjune wrote:

    more chris and don't forget northamptonshire/rutland!!

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  • 79. At 5:34pm on 12 Jun 2009, DotaBattlecat wrote:

    Springwatch and Autumnwatch are in their preasant format,Brilliant . They are informative and addictive for a Nature lover like myself. I think if the format changes I would`nt watch it . I personally can`t think of anything worse than an eight week recorded series calling itself Autumnwatch or Springwatch.Why change something that is and has been so successfull and extremely enjoyable for such a long time. Who I wonder thinks of these Ideas, Obviously someone who has no thought of what the real Naturewatch viewer wants. Think again or you could lose valuable ratings.

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  • 80. At 5:40pm on 12 Jun 2009, Julie Curl wrote:

    While I miss seeing Bill Oddie, I think Chris Pacham & Martin have been a great replacement. Maybe Bill could do a guest appearance in the future?

    What about covering some current issues? More on the reintroductions of the Great Bustards, something on the White-Tailed Eagles and more on beavers(I have the archaeological evidence for all three and people need to know more!).

    A bit more on herpetofauna and invertebrates would be nice too.


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  • 81. At 5:49pm on 12 Jun 2009, KimlyBean wrote:

    I only just started following Springwatch this year, so I haven't actually seen Autumnwatch in it's previous format, but a long-running one sounds like a good idea, although I would suggest perhaps two a week instead of one to allow for more close following of specific points.

    (I also know of a place just past Godrevy Point on the north coast of Cornwall - near St. Ives - where seals come up to the beach at low tide in Autumn in huge groups to breed! I would love to see it featured on Autumnwatch!)

    I loved Springwatch, the presenters are all fantastic. (Yay Chris!)

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  • 82. At 6:01pm on 12 Jun 2009, karaokequeen123 wrote:

    having just read that you may be planning a longer stint of Autumnwatch I would love that!! but.... as a live version because i really look forward to the spring/autumnwatch series coming every year and it would take some of the spontineity out of the show if it was pre recorded. its lovely to wait and see what the next day brings to the families you feature and the trials and tribulations they go to to survive.if you're going to make the series longer condense your original idea into a couple of extra weeks live viewing because that would be something to look forward to. i'm having withdrawal symptoms already!! also i would love to see you follow the common house sparrow from egg throught to fledgeling because they are such cheeky little characters and in abundance near where i live (Blackburn, Lancashire)

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  • 83. At 6:45pm on 12 Jun 2009, Chumpy Chumpy wrote:

    Like an earlier poster, I have noted the article in Broadcast in which Mr Scoones is quoted, and which suggests that the decision has already been made to change the scheduling of Autumnwatch to eight weekly shows. I also note that this seems to contrast strikingly with what Mr Scoones says on this page. It is thus with no great expectation that my opinion will actually change anything that I nonetheless plead with the SW/AW team to leave well alone.

    In my viewr, SW/AW is a unique and winning format, and I must take issue with Mr Scoones's remark about the spirit of SW production being one of "constant evolution." I'm sorry, but I just cannot let this remark go unanswered.

    As far as I'm concerned, SW/AW are still the same shows in essence as they have been since 2004 or whenever it was I became a regular and passionate viewer. Indeed, the continuity of the programme format is part of the appeal for me. Yes, there have been changes like the change of presenter. Yes, the internet now has an increasing role to play in the SW/AW experience, but, like I say, I think the essence of the show - live, and with concentrated "event" scheduling has not changed, and nor should it now.

    I've actually signed up to the BBC blog service just to make this post and I hope I haven't droned on too much. Oh, and thanks to all for the series just finished!

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  • 84. At 6:57pm on 12 Jun 2009, siriusgirl2 wrote:

    Have absolutely loved watching this years' Springwatch, new presenters and slightly different format has been like a breath of fresh air and rejeuvenated whole concept.
    Not sure about changes to Autumwatch though? Difficult when days are shorter and imagine costs of production higher with night vision cameras?
    Woudl like to see more on small mammals and how they prepare for/survive winter AND to follow the smaller birds on their migration to africa - would be interesting to see arduous journeys they undergo each year

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  • 85. At 7:31pm on 12 Jun 2009, Flisserty wrote:

    Please visit Lancashire - it has a great diversity of habitats as well as clogs and terraces! As not everyone has a garden, something to encourage people to turn their backyards into wildlife-haven-gardens would be good - its surprising what can be fitted into a small space for year round impact on local wildlife populations, including ponds, trees & shrubs.

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  • 86. At 7:50pm on 12 Jun 2009, cherryjay wrote:

    I think four shows over two weeks is too concentrated and doesn't allow for the variety you could get. I would prefer two shows a week for eight weeks. Last year I stopped watching as it seemed to be nonstop deer rutting, which got boring.

    Viewers film clips on Springwatch have been very good, but often you've only shown us a few seconds of them! More time for these please.

    I'd like to see film of the things we have seen nesting, as adults going about their 'autumn' lives.

    And some 'nightwatch' shows please. Even if its only extended stuff of the shorter films you have shown us on the evening shows.

    The quality of the webcams was outstanding this year. it would be good if you could leave some of them running from now until autumnwatch - like the ottercam, and some badgercams. Also there is always owl activity at Heligan so please restore those webcams. You missed a lot of drama there during the current Springwatch programs.

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  • 87. At 7:56pm on 12 Jun 2009, i dont rate cuckoos wrote:

    Post no.66 is talking total sense...except for the bit between 'Drop Chris...and ...sport stars etc. get yerself a new brain.
    lots of love, bill.

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  • 88. At 8:43pm on 12 Jun 2009, diapensia wrote:

    More variety for Autumn watch please.I get a bored with the same species time after time.There are other forms of wildlife in autumn,ok they don,t move around(flowers,fugi,mosses,lichens) but they are unknown to a great many people.If the bbc were to show other forms of wildlife then I think more people would notice them as they were walking in the countryside. Hope this helps.

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  • 89. At 8:47pm on 12 Jun 2009, jeanherbert wrote:

    Please, please let us have Chris Packham on Autumnwatch. He, Kate and Simon are a really fabulous team and the programme is so much better with Chris.

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  • 90. At 8:54pm on 12 Jun 2009, LucyNeff wrote:

    While I would love a longer series of Autumnwatch, not at the expense of the live broadcast. The fact that both SW and AW are live, and are on four nights a week, provides continuity and ongoing interest value. I would not favour one show a week over eight weeks - I would prefer the current format of four live shows a week, perhaps over a three or four week period (or perhaps two weeks in October, and two weeks in November).

    The latest series has been fantasic, with a huge variety of wildlife and some really compelling tales which have kept us on the edge of our seats. This is the only type of reality TV that I ever want to watch.

    As to the current team of presenters, they are great and complement each other extremely well. Guest appearances by Bill Oddie would be most welcome as well. But please, please no celebrities who know nothing about wildlife - that would make me lose interest in no time.

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  • 91. At 10:18pm on 12 Jun 2009, bruichlassieClare wrote:

    Autumwatch - oh please have some more red button after the normal programme - my husband and I had a real laugh watching these, oh and please include the live questions too Thanks Clare

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  • 92. At 10:21pm on 12 Jun 2009, widebeam wrote:

    Just a thought about Autumnwatch maybe it has already been suggested. Why not let us the audience play more of an interactive part in the program by doing more of the filming and commentary for you. Why not make use of your abundant supply of enthusiastic fans by giving them projects to carry out.

    Example: Instead of having River cam, I live on a canal boat and constantly move up and down the waterway. So I would have the opportunity to film a lot more of the river life than a fixed camera on one part of the canal or river. If during the filming something really interesting or unusual happened then more footage could be taken if not I could just move on, something like that.

    We like to take part in the blogs we like sending in our photos and films I'm sure there would be no shortage of volunteers.

    Any way just a thought and no, even though it would be an honor to be chosen I'm not making the suggestion just to get my face on the telly I really think it could work.

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  • 93. At 10:39pm on 12 Jun 2009, Michael Dray wrote:

    Please ask Simon not to repeat himself so many times during the course of one show!

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  • 94. At 10:46pm on 12 Jun 2009, prettypinkpeony wrote:

    Bring Chris Packham back for Autumnwatch, please

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  • 95. At 00:36am on 13 Jun 2009, chivepiff wrote:

    Springwatch was the best ever! Chris Packham's addition to the team was a masterstroke, he was superb - well done the BBC.
    Reading some of the earlier posts, the consensus seems to be ' if it aint broke don't fix it'. I AGREE!
    I presume that a weekly program would mean a recorded program, and that, i feel, would make it less personal. The sensation that you are 'joining' with the presenters in the experience, is a crucial part of the success of Springwatch.
    Definitely longer 'Unsprung', it was great.

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  • 96. At 11:17am on 13 Jun 2009, hypertrashie wrote:

    Plaese keep the live shows for Autumnwatch, otherwise the show will just turn into a glossy, over-produced product that can be sold on to other networks! Not live? No point!

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  • 97. At 12:20pm on 13 Jun 2009, eustacia wrote:

    Hi yes it is good to see what the public produce as well as having a based programme at one of our many nature sites. Why not go down to Dorset more around Weymouth are 3 key sites, Abbotsbury, Portland and Radipole.
    Please could the presenters be advised that they are watched by a total cross section of the opublic including children and they should avoid smutty comments, snide comments and offensive apparel that can alienate people. I know many avid nature watchers who have ben offended by Mr. Packham's t shirt and this should merit an apology. Should it have been a t shirt with a comment about Islam there would have been a massive uproar and apology........if he chooses to be an atheist and evolutionist that is his decision but he should not be offensive to others and as a presenter should take his role more seriously.

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  • 98. At 1:58pm on 13 Jun 2009, skylark451 wrote:

    One live (I hope & presume) show a week just wouldn't build up the sense of buzz and camaraderie between viewers & presenters that we have at the moment....is this a cost-cutting measure? I would also miss the 'stories' of specific creatures that would be lost if you're moving around a lot.

    If there are to be changes I would urge keeping Chris & Kate & capitalising on their chemistry & communication skills, and staying at least a week in each location. But then you can go live to all sorts of locations, so I don't see why you would need to change the base! I love the sense of being there with them, harder if they're chopping & changing places.

    The risk is that you will make Autumnwatch into a shallow, scene-hopping thing, like someone's afraid of stopping, watching & following the creatures in depth. And PLEASE don't introduce 'celebrities'! That would be such a turn-off for lots of us....

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  • 99. At 2:42pm on 13 Jun 2009, Belvoirbirder wrote:

    Please do not change this format, it is the spotaneity of a live broadcast that is part of its appeal not to mention a running thread of the various 'stories' as they develop. By all means add to it by way of increasing the amount prerecorded material and if that means extending the runtime (either per evening or number of weeks) so be it. Given the amount of unappealing programmes on TV at present this would be a welcome addition! Why not add more programmes to the schedule and use your idea of 'on the road' material as Spring/Autumnwatch specials? Judging by the number of contributions and messages from viewers how could you lose?

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  • 100. At 4:12pm on 13 Jun 2009, Warwickbird wrote:

    Please keep the format the same- I really enjoy the concentrated two-three week programmes and spontaneity of the live shows; they mix knowledge with a genuinely lovely atmosphere and the viewer feels part of 'the gang'. I enjoy the fact that the current format allows for input from a variety of presenters and the webcams also add to this as the animals and birds featured become familiar to the viewer and you really feel the suspense waiting for them to fledge or wondering if the badgers etc are going to make an appearance.
    I think all the presenters are fantastic; Chris is a welcome addition as is Martin and Kate, Simon and Gordon are as wonderful as ever.
    By all means, travel to some new areas of the UK and investigate some different species but PLEASE don't tamper with the format! The biggest change I would make would be to extend Autumnwatch to three weeks and have more specials.

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  • 101. At 5:19pm on 13 Jun 2009, montylad wrote:

    A longer run would be fab, as a little down now that sringwatch is over, nothing decent on tv. Chris and Kate are great, infact the whole team just brilliant, just want more.

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  • 102. At 6:17pm on 13 Jun 2009, DawnWatch wrote:

    Yes, your idea of one prog per week spread over Autumn is a good idea.

    IDEA: things that people with gardens can do in Autumn & Winter for wildlife.
    I can't think of anything, can you? Bet you can.

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  • 103. At 6:19pm on 13 Jun 2009, DawnWatch wrote:

    Actually, maybe 2 progs per week . . . as one per week might not be enough.

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  • 104. At 6:22pm on 13 Jun 2009, fabHappySnapper wrote:

    As many others have said 'If it ain't broke don't fix it'. You have a fantastic format now with S/W & A/W and to change that would be fatal. If you do what has been suggested it would then just become another 'soap' and I never watch soaps. Judging from the comments lots of other people are of the same opinion. To retain its appeal it has to be a 'live' programme and the team on Springwatch were superb this year, so let's have them all back again please for A/W. Also greatly enjoyED Unsprung, so a similar format after A/W would be good too, and make sure it's on a webcam as with S/W this time for those who do not have digital tv please. BUT DON'T CHANGE THE FORMAT!!

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  • 105. At 6:56pm on 13 Jun 2009, lisburnmartin wrote:

    As so many have said, don't ruin this programme by changing the format so radically as having one show a week. I think nearly everyone wants more rather than less programme-time but i realise that its difficult to keep coming up with new ideas.

    One way to do this is simply have less intense "live" presenter filming because I'm sure its quite a strain on the presenters to be begged for more AW/SW programmes (..."please sir I want more" seems like something my childhood told me to be wary off). I think there should be more programmes in the current format but that doesn't mean we have to keep seeing, Kate, Simon and Chris constantly trying to entertained us (not that I'm complaining about that - they are all doing such an excellent job). But a format of Tue, Wed, Thur with a longer prefilmed show on a Monday alongside a 15min live update of footage from the days we've missed. Its not really what I'd want to see, but its a compromise.
    In the perfect world I'd want 5 days a week and a half hour Unsprung show.

    Don't envy the decisions the BBC will have to make but remember there are lots of people out there (here) who want to help, are making their own films and are VERY supportive of this show. That's an asset you shouldn't ignore, if limiting resource considerations are driving the BBC's desire for change.


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  • 106. At 7:39pm on 13 Jun 2009, priscilla wrote:

    My vote goes to keeping the format; it is the intensity and not wanting to miss an episode that keeps the pot boiling and interest alive. A series becomes just another wildlife docu. Take note that other reality shows bunch programmes for impact - and like it or not, news is all about 9 day wonders before an interesting story fades.

    Think of having a mixture - intense first two weeks and then spread the follow ups, perhaps to keep special interest pots boiling. And you can mix and match presenters, surely - Bill, Chris and Kate with,of course, Simon stranded in some remore spots as ever. Don't haul him in, Simon needs the wilderness backdrop and would look silly on a sofa - especially in that ever present tea cosy hat.

    Looking forward to see what you actually do to find out if minds have already been made up and our posts are a waste of time and only a sop to media democracy as is supected.

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  • 107. At 8:52pm on 13 Jun 2009, Speranda wrote:

    I think AW would work pretty well with broader spread across the season. However I do not think this would be a good format for SW. As it was, I felt there were too many showings of "here's a bit of film someone made earlier" whether they were BBC, other professionals or amateurs, and not enough time spent on what was happening with the creatures we were following. For me, it is the 'here and now' plus the concentration on a few specific bird and animal families that make SW so special (and unlike other natural history programmes).

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  • 108. At 8:55pm on 13 Jun 2009, OldHarnser wrote:

    The drama and compulsion, for me, of SW and AW is the day to day continuity where things normally regarded as insignificant -certainly if they were seen week to week-take on much more significance.

    I would certainly stick with the Mon-Thurs 1 hour programme at a base-it gives the show a focus and a familiarity which is easy to watch and accessible for people who either "dip in and out" or come to the programme late.

    For SW, Pensthorpe is a superb location as it offers so many wildlife environments and niches. I would certainly hope it is given one more year as so much of the reserve and the local area are yet to be explored-the ternery on Scolt Head island for example, Bill would be in his element there. He is familiar with the area (ie) he knows Titchwell, let him roam the coast, with Chris and Kate at base.

    But this is about AW, sorry...

    *Keep Chris and Kate together. No brainer, surely?
    *NO celebrities! Not ever. Ever.
    *Reference to the above-DO feature local people, naturalists, environmentalists, people who love wildlife. But no "Celebrity Birdwatch" or similar!
    *Locations? Derbyshire Peak District? Yorkshire Moors? Gower Peninsula? And places you wouldn't associate with wildlife, an urban site or two-city centres.
    *MORE "Unsprung".
    *More films from viewers-some of the SW efforts were fantastic!
    *Finally-howabout "Summerwatch" and "Winterwatch"?

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  • 109. At 10:54pm on 13 Jun 2009, petebumble wrote:

    I like the format as it is. Yes as a fan of the show I would like to see it all year round instead of Eastenders. This show has been the best thing the BBC have ever broadcast in my opinion. I always new Chris would be an asset to the show at the same time I admire Bill. I hope he's well and the BBC up the budget to include them both.

    Getting on back to the wildlife it would be good to include fungi and a bit about mycology in the Autumn as well as hedgehogs.I hope Kate will continue to keep us up to date with what is happening with the Marine Bill. Probably the most important government bill this year!

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  • 110. At 00:29am on 14 Jun 2009, urmstongirl wrote:

    No celebs apart from Morrissey perhaps?

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  • 111. At 00:59am on 14 Jun 2009, mclaren2722 wrote:

    Theres nothing wrong with the current format! Was ruining Big Cat Diary and Gardeners World not enough?

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  • 112. At 01:31am on 14 Jun 2009, Pinny-gig wrote:

    I love the sound of a longer stint but PLEASE PLEASE KEEP IT AS A LIVE SHOW!! There's something very special about a live broadcast - especially as a nature programme. All those glorious events are happening in REAL time. Why fix it if it ain't broken as they say!

    The presenters were marvellous in every way this year. Well done to them and the rest of the team.

    I would also love to see the Unsprung segment be made into a 30 minute slot (again, this surely has to be keep live?!!). Great addition to the show!

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  • 113. At 09:30am on 14 Jun 2009, strixstrix wrote:

    Chris was a great addition to the team, please let's have him forever. It's so refreshing to see not so much a 'presenter' but a normal human being who does not treat the viewers like 6-year-olds, and provides unusual and interesting information in a calm and relaxed way. What could be better... So for Autumnwatch could I suggest that every word over two syllables that he says might not be greeted with gales of laughter from Kate especially(calm down dear!)and accusations of geekiness?

    Following on from that I wonder if the whole programme could be a bit less breathless, and perhaps ponder the smaller, more intricate parts of nature more thoughtfully. Could it be a bit more concerned with nature as we acually find it - pigeons, rooks, insects(what about midges? Simon was encountering them live!), pond life, rats, weeds... and not just the glamorous end of nature: what they do, what they eat, how they live. Including things we still DON'T know about them - perhaps viewers have answers! After all most discoveries about the natural world up till about 1930 were made by amateurs...

    In fact what about featuring some of those amateur naturalists of the past, like Gilbert White of Selborne? And perhaps comparing what they saw to what Selborne (for instance) is like today?

    PLEASE tell me this though - what did they feed that rescued honey buzzard on? Did local beekeepers sacrifice their hives?

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  • 114. At 09:47am on 14 Jun 2009, strixstrix wrote:

    ...Oh and I forgot to say that your format of four consecutive days a week of live broadcasting is absolutely right - I never turn on the telly with the same anticipation for any other programme. Three weeks for SW is not enough - could you make it six? Likewise for AW? But not if it means we have to have only one programme a week - getting an intense fix is all part of the fun - like Wimbledon or the Olympics, but of course much, much better!
    Could the Unsprung part be longer - at least half an hour? Perhaps for a bit more expert opinion on wildlife (Chris, Simon, Gordon)? At the moment it all sounds a bit rushed and hectic. Couldn't it be fun without being slightly hysterical?

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  • 115. At 12:56pm on 14 Jun 2009, Petulant_Petunia wrote:

    When Martin-Hughes-Games gave us great detail about the song of the wren, it opened a whole new world in the garden for us. We now know where our wren is, and that he is mature for he has a rich and beautiful song thanks to Martin's explanation.

    Please have more of this. Often our ears are the only way to find birds. It is such an intimate way to connect with them. Martin's point, in particular, about how there's always a 'trill' in the wren-song was the magic key to knowing our wren. Exploring the vocal nuances of a different bird each episode would be a fabulous addition to the show. It would be informative to know distress calls, too, and when they are encouraging the young out of the nest. After all, they aren't just singing, they're communicating and it would be lovely to have even a vague idea of what they are saying.

    See you in the Autumn!

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  • 116. At 2:31pm on 14 Jun 2009, willowfiredragon wrote:

    I like the idea of a longer run in the autumn and would really like to see the same team as for Springwatch. I feel I have learnt a lot more from Chris, love the humour and more relaxed feel overall. A longer Unsprung would be perfect. It's great fun but also provides information that is hard to find elsewhere.

    To set up an ongoing discussion forum for those of us who would like to learn from each other would be great (and if it already exists please tell me where to find it because I've been hunting high and low, electronically speaking :-)

    Loved this Springwatch!!!!

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  • 117. At 2:33pm on 14 Jun 2009, willowfiredragon wrote:

    Oh and I forgot to say..... please keep to a live show. It would lose so much if it was pre-filmed


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  • 118. At 3:00pm on 14 Jun 2009, megabillythedog wrote:

    I think it's best to make it 2 or 3 live shows a week rather than 1 a week, with one or two pre-recorded shows to fill the week. I think you should keep Chris on, he is a charming and watchable presenter. Martin is a great addition too and seems to work along side the regular presenters really well. I can't see anything wrong with the old format that you have used for springwatch, so I don't feel it needs to be changed too much,it is definitly an improvement on last years though. The springwatch unsprung addition is perfect at the end of the show because we get to see the viewers questions answered by the presenters. All in all keep the format you have now (along with the same presenters) with perhaps a few new things to keep us on the edge of our seats. One last thing to say is that I hope Bill feels better soon, but I think it's better for the shows ratings if he doesn't return to his usuall presenting role but maybe give him a little bit to do like the odd pre-recorded film here and there.

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  • 119. At 5:12pm on 14 Jun 2009, hottyottey wrote:

    One main thing for the next series - You must have Chris presenting again he was the best thing about springwatch!! His presenting skills are fantastic. Oh and the fact that he is absolutely gorgeous helps it certainly made me watch every night and the unsprung just so i could see a bit more of him! i also remember him from the 80's but he has definitely improved with age if you no what i mean!! Fantastic series of Springwatch thank you BBC

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  • 120. At 6:13pm on 14 Jun 2009, steveo6730 wrote:

    I thought this years springwatch was great, thanks beeb, I just wanted to make you aware of a fantastic new protected nature reserve in Kings norton, Birmingham. its called Jasmin Fields and has been cleaned up mainly by locals helping the ranger. its litraly a breath of fresh air and would make a great piece for autum watch or maybe next years springwatch. its been great watching your programme and then going out and noticing the local wildlife. again well done for this years spring watch the web cams are addictive!! couldnt take my eyes of the swallows. many thanks

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  • 121. At 7:03pm on 14 Jun 2009, hottyottey wrote:

    Keep sexy chris in im still drooling over him he is gorgeous please let me know if he is on TV inbetween springwatch and autumn watch i dont think i can last that long to see him again!! He is gorgeous and a lovely man, any chris packham fanclubs out there? shame about his girlfriend!!

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  • 122. At 9:27pm on 14 Jun 2009, roskierya wrote:

    Please please please don't change the format. It's perfect as it is. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

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  • 123. At 9:30pm on 14 Jun 2009, roskierya wrote:

    As Chris Packham said the whole appeal of Spring and Autumnwatch is that it is "real wildlife in REAL TIME". Pre-recorded might be more convenient for presenters, back studio teams, etc. but won't have the same appeal as live.

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  • 124. At 11:33am on 15 Jun 2009, Tina_Thud_Bump wrote:

    I certainly like the idea of an extended Autumnwatch - 2 weeks is never enough in my opinion - but I do think diluting it by airing once per week over a much longer period might well lose the spontinaity which we all love when the presenters cut to a particular webcam; update us on overnight events and so forth. So increase to 3 weeks & if I can be so cheeky (sorry Kate & hopefully Chris as this will impact on your family time) include a Friday evening episode too - maybe that could be re-recorded during the day as a catch-up programme for all that has happened in that week.

    And as a final plea - please keep Chris :-) I do like Bill, but as has been mentioned already by many other contributors before me, it now sticks out like a sore thumb how much he pushed Kate into the background with his own thoughts and opinions. Chris was respectful of what Kate wanted to say, clearly listened intently to her thoughts (so much so that he could draw on what she had said in later episodes) and the pair just seemed to hit it off alot better on screen that Bill and Kate ever did. Oh yes, and keep Martin this side of the camera too - he's brilliant.

    I think that's enough waffle from me - but do keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing more about AW as its time draws nearer :-)


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  • 125. At 4:45pm on 15 Jun 2009, Corkbird wrote:

    Just another vote to please keep plenty of the live programme. If you have too much pre-filmed it is no different from any other wildlife film. If tired I find I can dose off during bits of film, but never during live conversation. And yes, I would love to see you follow up with the 'Stag Sagas' please. It is the unexpected that keeps me watching every night. Can we have 3 weeks for Autumnwatch please. I would be happy to see Bill back doing some 'roving reports', if he is able.

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  • 126. At 6:09pm on 15 Jun 2009, MissisP wrote:

    Having just written to say how much I enjoyed SW this year I just want to say that I hope AW keeps the same format and the same presenters - they were a brilliant team and I'll look forward to seeing them again in the Autumn

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  • 127. At 6:10pm on 15 Jun 2009, Vickycj wrote:

    I would love to see the BBC sending Kate and Chris to my local playschool,in Pulborough West Sussex. My daughter would absolutely love that, especially if you could take Jelly the Frog?
    Involving Children in Autumn/Spring watch is the best concept, teach them all they can absorb and send them home with a nest box they have painted themselves or a coconut shell transformed into a nestbox, let them plant wild flowers in their flowerbeds and let them "spot" on charts what their flowers have attracted, Alot like the spotters club with PC Plum from Ballamory and following on the theme of the green balloon club.in the autumn perhaps let them look after a hedgehog, i suggest working with mrs tiggywinkles rescue centre?
    This of course would be a wonderful addition to the Cebeebies Channel and would bump up the eco beebies slot where at the moment we only see the green balloon club one day a week and REPEATED on sundays and repetetive monotonous VTs of the presenters planting seeds and making raincatchers!
    I think my ideal job would be working on Cebeebies.
    Please take this seriously
    a Nature Loving Mum of one Nature loving 2 1/2 yr old!!!

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  • 128. At 6:37pm on 15 Jun 2009, sleepypenny wrote:

    Another vote to keep the live programmes. I watched the final Springwatch as a recording and it isn't the same.

    Specials like the 3 programmes we will have this week are enjoyable but it's the immediacy of the live programmes that is transfixing.

    Too much editing and polishing not necessarily a good thing!

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  • 129. At 6:57pm on 15 Jun 2009, captainironsides wrote:

    Hi, my youngest daughter has some drawings inspired by Springwatch. I was wondering whether it would be possible to have an on-line gallery available to host people's drawings and paintings? Springwatch and Autumnwatch offer so much imagery to turn into artwork.

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  • 130. At 7:05pm on 15 Jun 2009, Tabatha wrote:

    Would not wish to see any change f.t.b. as the new team has just come together and as such has a long way to go until it needs refreshing. I like the idea of live programmes and this should be retained.

    The only thing I would add is a one off programme say a week or so after the live broadcasts have finished in order to update viwers with the conclusion to the various the story threads.

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  • 131. At 9:33pm on 15 Jun 2009, sarumegret wrote:

    Don't think it's wise to make these series longer - I'm still trying to catch up with last week! What about more plants - especially in Autumn - I know they are static but at least they don't fly/ run away and over time you could have some interesting time lapse stuff eg development of seeds/ fruits.

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  • 132. At 10:00pm on 15 Jun 2009, LateNightSkies wrote:

    I Know i commented a while back, but it was horribly inarticulate, so i wanted to repost a new post, which included all of my views ;)

    I personally enjoy the live and interactive aspect of the shows.

    The way that we, the viewer, can follow the plights and successes of the animals through the LIVE shows and on the webcams, in their day to day lives, it brings a sense of reality and re-inforces the fact that we are watching nature as it happens.

    I also enjoy the way that the LIVE shows portray the commeradery between the presenters and the rest of the crew, especially in the "Unsprung" add on, to the main programme.

    I think it would be good to show more of the country at each time, but to do this surely the producers could just add a few more Simon type roving reporters?

    The idea of Autumnwatch spanning the whole season is a good idea and would allow us to see a real time change in the animal's behaviour and habitats. However, in order to do this i feel it would be better to have 2-3 LIVE shows a week and 1 pre-recorded feature?

    Sorry this post is hideously long and i have probably stil missed somethings out, but this is coming from the youger generation of S/W and A/W viewers and i believe also covers the vast majority of viewers in general

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  • 133. At 10:50pm on 15 Jun 2009, beszie wrote:

    I love both Springwatch and Autumnwatch. I would love to have them run all year round, but understand that resources to fund something on that scale would be far too high. (Unless the Beeb slashed all the soaps and gave you their budgets!!) Could we perhaps have a weekly hour long programme throughout Summer and Winter too??? Perhaps updates on animal and bird families we have been following as they breed and grow, migrations and general behaviour. I learn so much from these programmes and just six weeks a year isn't enough.

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  • 134. At 11:17pm on 15 Jun 2009, Happidog wrote:

    Please, please, please keep the new team if it is at all possible. Chris and Kate make a great team up front. Simon is solid and great as usual. Gordon and Martin are great additions too. Extend the interactive bit at the end to about half an hour.

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  • 135. At 11:19pm on 15 Jun 2009, mulelover wrote:

    Hope I'm on the right bog site! Living in rural Irland and no broadband things are a bit sloooooow!
    Suggestion, how about some coverage of the crow family?Is there amore evocative country sound than rooks coming in to their rookery in the evening(beats rutting deer any day !)I believe they have a very complicated order of hieracy and social life?Magpies are great opportunists , highly intelligent and lovely to look at.Ravens are I'm sure becoming more numerous and again a lovely sound.I know nothing of crows and very little of hooded crows.It would make a chnge from cuddly littlesmall birds or georgeous birds of prey

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  • 136. At 10:47pm on 16 Jun 2009, sejackson208 wrote:

    How about a short-eared owl fetaure in Autumn Watch - if it wouldn't be too early for them. They never seem to get much of a look-in against the tawny and barn owls?

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  • 137. At 11:39pm on 16 Jun 2009, Marcus Rheade-Edwards wrote:

    Where as I think your ideas of sending Autumnwatch around the country on a "road show" style program are a great idea, I personlly would hate to loose the "LIVE" element to the show, as i feel this is one of the programs many unique features.
    If it were me producing the program, i would definatly keep the live format to the program, and incoperate the "road show" as a part of the program (in several short indents).
    I fear that if the currant and fantastic format to the program is altered to much the program my fade into the history books, and i would hat to loose such a brilliant program, in fact the thought fills me with dread.
    I hope my frankness causes no offense to the program producers, but you are doing a fantastic job as it is, and as the the old saying goes "if its not broken, dont fix it"

    Marcus Rheade-Edwards

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  • 138. At 07:14am on 17 Jun 2009, bertieban wrote:

    I would love to know what happened to the wonderful sea eagles we saw in Mull last autumn. They were called Skye and Frisa and I have never seen anything so magnificent. It would also be interesting to hear more about the scheme to tag lambs in the hope of establishing whether or not the sea eagles are resposible for a large number of deaths as the farmers claim.

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  • 139. At 08:37am on 17 Jun 2009, Downsman wrote:

    Thank you Tim for another excellent Springwatch and inviting suggestions for future changes.

    Unsprung incorporates a very important development, because it makes us viewers feel we are part of the programme. How about making the emails & message boards items central to each programme.
    Martin Hughes-Games handles the Unsprung programme brilliantly, so I do hope he has enjoyed coming round to the front of the camera and will be back with us for future programmes. In fact, how about asking Martin to become the main presenter? I would not be sorry to see the replacement of the comedy-duo formula.

    Each programme can be geared, as far as practical, to the questions submitted by viewers, with the presenters picking up threads for their contributions.

    Keep the jolly get-together at the end of each programme, it rounds it off nicely and leaves us all feeling happy.

    I subscribe to a forum for those with a broad interest in wildlife, from which I have gained a great deal, because we share our common interests. I feel the same sense of being part of a community whilst watching unsprung.

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  • 140. At 10:36am on 17 Jun 2009, Corkbird wrote:

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  • 141. At 10:43am on 17 Jun 2009, Corkbird wrote:

    Unfortunately we who are not living in the Uk do not get to see Unsprung - the BBC block it on the internet for anywhere outside the UK. Reading about what has been said etc is so frustrating. Can anyone explain why we can't be allowed to see these videos, webcams etc ? We view BBC TV via a digital service that costs us 34 per month. We used to be able to watch videos then that went last year, now the webcams have gone too, and Unsprung.
    If the BBC wants to get value out of the programmes they could repeat the programme showing this week. I could not watch Simon on Monday and our VCR refused to record it. Now I have to go out on Thursday too !!!

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  • 142. At 12:40pm on 17 Jun 2009, The Fish wrote:

    I loved the new format SpringWatch and the team and crew. The best ever!!! How about a one week slot at the start and two week slot at the end of Autumn? The first week could get people out and about counting anything that moves to assist in polls. The results could be delivered in the final two weeks. The weeks inbetween could allow viewers to capture their own Autumn Watch events (picture and video) and improve garden habitats. It would also allow the AW team to create 'special' films for those rarer encounters.
    PS - don't get rid of "Unsprung".

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  • 143. At 2:45pm on 17 Jun 2009, davsann wrote:

    Hi Springwatch loved the show very much, but here with some suggestions for aut 2009. I do like the idea to extend the program over more weeks . I would like to suggest that you show more difficult birds to locate and observe, two examples are Bittern and Bearded Tits. The birds which you featured this season although good and very interesting, are quite easy for your average nature watcher to find,are you up for the challenge.
    Kind regards

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  • 144. At 10:36pm on 17 Jun 2009, KimlyBean wrote:

    I know I alreayd posted but I just wanted to make two things completely clear;




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  • 145. At 11:30pm on 17 Jun 2009, hushwingcharwal wrote:

    I have been feeding badgers,putting nest boxes up and watching wildlife on a golf course for 25 years. I asked this golf club if they would provide funding to pay for the bird feeding stations I have recently put up.I am now to receive £250/year to pay for birdfood and feeders. Maybe featuring this in a future programme may encourage other clubs to do the same.

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  • 146. At 3:27pm on 18 Jun 2009, AnitaJEvans wrote:

    On the today's (18/6/09) BBC news page for Wales there's a story about a cottage on the Gower the vincent trust has refurbished especially for bats. Can you get one of the secret camera's inside there so that you can do a piece or stream live images of the bats life style? don't know when best time for bats but I guess getting permission etc will take a while so you could start work on it now ready for next spring if Autumn is a quiet time for bats?

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  • 147. At 3:37pm on 18 Jun 2009, AnitaJEvans wrote:

    P.S could you consider a weekly/bi weekly nature watch similar to the weekly gardnersworld slot. That way viewers would get a regular update for what to watch out for when. e.g March primroses and frog spawning. July rare bees and butterflies end of autumn to December hibernation of species and unexpected warm weather bringing these animals out of hibernation etc. This way nature enthusiasts get regular updates on what to see when.

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  • 148. At 6:39pm on 18 Jun 2009, coventrybee1 wrote:

    Keep the live shows as this is the best part of the show. Also keep the Unsprung but make it 30 mins as it stops just as it is getting started.

    Keep the presenters as they are. Bill was good but I preferred Chris Packham and I know of people who now watch the show because he is on it, who wouldn't have if Bill still did it. Perhaps bring Bill back to do a few features or special guest appearances.

    Maybe over the winter have 2 or 3 one-off specials, focusing on a few of the lesser known animals of the country in more detail. Or possibly several 5 - 10 minute mini programmes, such as they do with Coast which is forever on for 10 minutes in between other programmes.

    Also please visit the Midlands, we never seem to be featured here in Warwickshire!

    Overall, don't tinker too much with the main show, if it isn't broke don't fix it.

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  • 149. At 10:18pm on 18 Jun 2009, SimonKnott wrote:

    Live ! Live ! Live !

    You need to keep Autumn Watch like Spring Watch ~ and it needs to be Live ! With a half hour *Red Button* direct interaction with viewers this worked the best with their questions over the internet to the presenters Chris, Simon and Kate...

    Chris & Kate were good and Bill could do some Bird stories, bird migration, how to ID birds from songs and how to look after Birds in Autumn...

    Less rutting deer and more variety of wildlife ! Like Fox, Badgers, Birds, Squrrel, Hedgehoge, Amphibian, Reptile, Sea creatures... where do insects go in Autumn... Bees @ Butterflies hibernation ?

    More viewers photos (from Flickr) and viewers videos too !

    More how to look after Wildlife in Autumn...

    How to help nature and groups to join !

    Think more live ! viewer interaction ~ the 1 day a week prerecorded format is for Nature programmes only...

    Simon :-)

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  • 150. At 11:17pm on 18 Jun 2009, greatWOODYPECKER wrote:

    Thank you to all SW presenters, wonderful show again, just glued to my telly.
    I particularly enjoyed Simon Kings programme, How to watch wildlife.
    Simons easy style of presentation, which is full of enthusiasm and displays a wealth of knowledge makes viewing a pleasure.

    Its obvious he loves his work, with a lot of effort, time and patience he shows what can be achieved with wild creatures espciallally with the his friend Rannoch. It surely must have given him a great deal of satisfaction.
    I myself had a similar experience with a feral cat, slowly gaining its confidence over a period of almost six months I managed to get him to feed within a foot of me,totally thrilling .

    Eagerly waiting for autumn, why no summer and winter?

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  • 151. At 07:33am on 19 Jun 2009, Bunnygirl333 wrote:

    I absolutely love spring & autumnwatch & would simply ask for more of the same.
    I like Bill too & wish him better in time to participate. However I thought chris was a genius choice. I have loved him since really wild show days. I thought he & martin brought a fresh perspective that enhanced the already fantastic team enormously. I would like a longer run but please twice a week at least? Also as a parent - please bring back cbeebies/ cbbc involvement. In short please bring back the team for as long as poss & keep concentrating on local wildlife to get us all involved. Thanks.

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  • 152. At 08:15am on 19 Jun 2009, VintageCarriageTours wrote:

    Martin Hughes-Games was brilliant, awesome, in such a short time we learnt so much about wildlife, truly stunning.

    INVITATION: I would like to invite Martin to Great Malvern, an area of outstanding natural beauty, where I would take him on a cruise of the area in my old 1930's style convertible car, with the roof down so that we can listen to the birds singing and breath in the fresh Malvern air.

    An hour with Martin would be truly brilliant, listening to him bring to life my limited knowledge of surrounding nature.

    If Springwatch want to record the event and further promote Great Malvern and the surrounding area that would be especially wonderful, Great Malvern, Dymock and Kempley are famed for inspiring great composers, poets and writers, Martin's visit would amplify knowledge and be an exhilarating experience for everyone having an interest in nature.

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  • 153. At 08:36am on 20 Jun 2009, WisbechAnnie wrote:

    Why not take a look at the Welney washes, and all the Siberian swans that come in for the winter....what a sight that would be....
    Also could we take a look at hedgehogs and how they nestle down to hibernation for Winter...
    Lastly please lets keep Autumnwatch live....as the feeds are second to none and this years Sprinwatch team must be the best ever...so please don,t change the line up...If Bill is feelin a little better maybe he could do one or two feeds for you as it would be good to have him involved ,,but Chris and Kate together are dynamite....

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  • 154. At 8:18pm on 20 Jun 2009, i dont rate cuckoos wrote:

    how about features on 'exotic' non native species, little egrets etc.

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  • 155. At 08:49am on 21 Jun 2009, esoxesox wrote:

    last november i was out walking accross uncut fields;i was suprised to put a hen pheasant up she had 7 newly hatched chicks.we all so discoverd a black bird siting eggs in a barn at the end of december unfortunatly th cold snap killed the chicks off.autum watch should have a look for out of seson nesting.idea yes

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  • 156. At 11:16am on 21 Jun 2009, windmillcat wrote:

    Really loved Springwatch - in fact I look forward to Spring and Autumn watch all year. I think the idea of covering the whole of the season is good, however at least two episodes a week - maybe Mon and Thursday (and an hour each) would be better and allow us to feel a sense of continuity. I like the idea of travelling around Britain but I do feel that there should be a base and please please don't lose the regular presenters - Kate, Simon, Gordon...they make the programme just as much as the wildlife imo. As for the Bill/Chris debate I liked Bill but I felt that there was a more equal relationship between Kate and Chris and I would like to see him return.
    I would also echo what another parent said - please bring back the Cbeebies episodes. I know they have Green Balloon club now but Spring/Autumn watch really gave the children a sense of connection with the season and my little ones can't watch the adult version until I have vetted it (dying chicks gasping for breath tend to upset them!).
    The most vital thing though is please please don't lose Simon, Kate, Chris or Gordon. I also really liked Martin and would like to see more of his features on how we can enjoy the natural world.
    Tbh I could happily have a whole channel devoted to Spring/Autumn watch all year round but I realise this maybe unrealistic.

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  • 157. At 9:46pm on 23 Jun 2009, purpleenchantress wrote:

    please dont completely change your old and faithful way the "watches" are done - could you not includethe travelling towards the end of the series and the do a weekly show for a few weeks after running into nov ?

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  • 158. At 07:49am on 25 Jun 2009, TheRealDerelict wrote:

    I don't want to see a repeat of SmithsWatch - whatever was said about it being a bet etc the Smiths thing was as scripted as hell, and highlighted how scripted the rest of the programme so why have 3 presenters? Using I-player means I can usually reduce the previous night's programme to 10-15 minutes. Perhaps you could post a running order of the previous nights' programmes to help those like me who catch up with it in our lunch hours? Thus if someone wanted retrospectively review the badger sequences they could do so in a more efficient manner. That should reduce some of the bandwidth issues for the Beeb...

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  • 159. At 10:20am on 27 Jun 2009, lionsuperpaige1 wrote:

    hi spring watch, i love your programme, but could unsprung please be longer, I live by the Warwickshire moor Tamworth, and my dad takes me for long walks to see all the wildlife over there, it would be great if you could visit this wonderful place. My family and I cant wait for Autumn watch, I think you are all fantastic. Please keep up the excellent work you are all doing. xxx

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  • 160. At 08:42am on 29 Jun 2009, tkd wrote:

    a great show would include Bill, Kate, Simon, Chris, Martin and Gordon or would this be too many people
    well done for an excellent springwatch

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  • 161. At 6:26pm on 30 Jun 2009, bluesummersapphire wrote:

    I think the format for Spring/Autumnwatch is just right and shouldn't be messed around with. In fact, it would be great to see a programme in the winter and the summer as well. The presenters strike the right balance and I think that the reporting is always excellent. The only exception I can think of, to the general quality of the programme, are the small films shown with narration as I think they are quite amateurish and I can't imagine who they appeal to. They seem to be just a time filler and I think they diminish the overall quality of the programme but maybe I'm in a minority.

    It would be interesting to see more in depth coverage of environmental issues without getting too bogged down in the politics of them. Having said that, I believe that an occasional programme with questions sent in by viewers on wildlife issues which are of concern, like, what is being done about the diminishing sparrow, swift and starling population in this country posed by a punchy Chris Packham to our beloved polticians, would make for informative and pretty lively tv. Most of the adults who watch Spring and Autumn watch must be interested in this aspect of the natural world and I think the programme could be just a little more political with a small 'p'. I learned that balloons were a danger to wildlife and can't believe I had never even given it any thought before - it opened my eyes to the horrors of them but how far can that be taken and do politicians really care enough to do something about it?

    How about an extra programme in the roadshow format in between the regular programmes..maybe that would work well but clearly it will cost!!

    Finally, it would be good to see Spring/Autumnwatch come to London...somewhere like Putney Heath which is relatively unknown but full of wildlife. It might just combat one or two prejudices as most of us have to live in urban areas and I think it would be a fair representation of this.

    Many thanks to the BBC for such informative and entertaining tv..by far, one of the best programmes on television.

    to the BBC for such a wonderful programme and to all the presenters for their stimulating input..it makes for wonderful tv, arguably the best programme on it.

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  • 162. At 2:52pm on 07 Jul 2009, MaddyBluebellWood wrote:


    I have a local feature for your consideration for 2009 Autumnwatch. Our children's hospice is situated in the middle of a nature reserve- we have get lots of animals all around us- who visit us regularly! and it's amazing for the children to see wildlife up close. We're also creating our own Bluebell Wood on the site by tree planting so in years to come we can attract a greater variety of wildlife.

    If you are interested in this feature please let me know

    Many thanks


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  • 163. At 9:43pm on 09 Jul 2009, LadyCloudsHill wrote:

    Untamed Autum or something. I love those juicy ends but I kick myself for suggesting that you dont make this piece longer, there is something so much more tantalising with these snippets. Everyone was great in the Spring, I wanna come and help...

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  • 164. At 4:10pm on 13 Jul 2009, Jenpar wrote:

    Could you do something about the kites now flying so impressively over Oxfordshire? This afternoon they are wheeling about against the changeable sky, crying out for filming. Rather like enormous swallows.
    I have no idea where they nest, or anything much about them except that they live mainly on carrion. The way they fly above a field being harvested suggests they are not averse to an escaping rodent, too.

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  • 165. At 7:27pm on 21 Jul 2009, foxydarren wrote:

    Hi. I have had a fox which I have called Darren coming to the house now for almost 3 years. I have heard that it is not possible to a hand feed a fox. Darren comes every night for his meal. I can call him and he will come to me and eat out of hand. He is so gentle when he takes his food that I have no fear he will bite me. I have video of me feeding him. Would you be interested in showing him on springwatch ?

    Thanks Foxy darren

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  • 166. At 8:43pm on 30 Jul 2009, craigus78 wrote:

    Hi team,

    Here are some of my ideas:

    1. Bird calls and identifying birds by their calls like the different types of warblers that always get a raw deal has just being another brown bird.

    2. A springwatch live insect search where the presenter can go out and see how many different species as possible in a 5/10 minute time limit.
    Insects do not seem to be a big part of the show and should be covered more for that most young kids first incounter with wildlife is with minibeasts.

    3. Trees - The types of leaves and Identifying the different types trees after all their deserve a bit of credit from us.

    4. Animal intelligence - unusual footage of animals being brainy

    5. Species locations - what species can be found in your local area - by chosing a different county or town each day and highlighting the rarer species in that area.

    6. Invasive plants - what to avoid buying at the garden centre, as we all know too many invasive species have now endangered many native species.

    7. Reptiles - not much is said about our lizards and snake species.

    8. A wildlife photogrphy competition for amateur photographer nothing to techie so that anyone can get involved. prize could be a years subsciption of BBC wildlife magazine or rspb bird feeders/ boxes etc

    9. Humble's House Sparrow count - as we all know the house sparrow population has declined so a national House Sparrow count would be great(like the Cuckoo count in Springwatch).

    10. Great Wildlife walks: Many people want to see wildlife but dont know how.
    A guide to how to watch wildlife from the kit to use; down to the best locations to see it.

    11. Ask Packham: What Chris doesnt know about wildlife isnt worth knowing so a set of really difficult questions by the viewers would be a good fun.

    Thank you


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  • 167. At 9:24pm on 30 Jul 2009, secondbutterflyman wrote:

    I'm a keen wildlife conservationist and follow, amongst other subjects the plight of the British Butterfly. I have just returned from Fuerteventura having successfully filmed the King of the butterflies the "Monarch". If you think the Painted Lady's flight from North Africa is some feat then think again-the Monarch fly's 3500 miles across the Atlantic and it may well be the year when this butterfly with a 4 inch wing span is seen on the West Coast of Britain. It is now estimated that 20 million Painted Ladys' swarmed into the UK earlier this year. However, the icing on the cake for me was finding that a pair of "Collard Doves" had built a nest in the parasol umbrella by the pool, and yes, there were 3 eggs in the smallest of nest being nursed by mum. Without "further adooo" I set up shop with my equipment and filmed the young hatching and continued to monitor their progress for 10 days before sadly having to return to the UK and our lovely weather? I have very close up footage on DVD, 16.9 true 1080 format on HD broadcast quality - the frames move a bit on occassions as I was balancing on a chair as the flies were playing havoc around my legs - in my humble opinion I think this would may a fantastic feature to report supported by stunning shots in the next program. I have particpated in several features for BBC both national and local (Souteast) the latest being the Painted Lady but I must say I felt privileged to have been afforded this unfettered opportunity to witness evolution at work, to see the female Dove feeding her young was a sight I shall never forget. I will finish on an old cliche "Love a Dove"!

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  • 168. At 08:00am on 31 Jul 2009, secondbutterflyman wrote:

    BTW its Collared Dove - Sorry

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  • 169. At 5:04pm on 09 Aug 2009, I-Boston wrote:

    It would be good to see you tackling the harder subjects in wildlife and conservation, as well as the more positive 'fluffy' side. For instance, recently yet another Golden Eagle has been poisoned on an estate in Scotland. This time it happened to be a well known bird that had been tracked by satellite transmitter for two years, by Roy Dennis.


    Every eagle death is abhorent, not just the more 'famous' ones and this strikes me as a golden opportunity to cover the subject of birds of prey persecution in more depth. So many campaigns on non-wildlife related subjects have been given added impetus by being led by a famous name. You can't get more high profile than either Autumnwatch or Springwatch or the trio of presenters.

    So let's see some harder hitting coverage. If you have the public caring about their wildlife, then get them energised to do somethign about it. Asking them to support the RSPB's campaign against persecution of birds of prey is surely an opportunity the BBC should be taking at the very least? http://www.rspb.org.uk/supporting/campaigns/birdsofprey/index.asp A campaign spearheaded by one of the presenters who feels strongly about it would do the world of good.

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  • 170. At 8:25pm on 15 Aug 2009, Barbara wrote:

    Thought the team did a great job on Springwatch, but would like to see Bill back if he wants to join in.

    Loved the idea of 8 weeks coverage, but have always loved the live and immediate feeling of the previous programmes - will once a week be able to convey this? If webcams and blogs can fill in the other days it might work.

    New venue - North Cave Wetlands was only created recently, following a spirited campaign by local people opposed to the original plan, which was to use the land as landfill - so there were suddenly lots of supporters for a wildlife project that would prevent this! It's already had notable sightings - a little auk, green-winged teal, lots of avocets and many more - so I think it would be interesting to many people as an example of how quickly a site can be created and become established.

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  • 171. At 5:58pm on 18 Aug 2009, oneram wrote:

    Hello to Springwatch,

    Firstly congratulations on a terrific show, long may it continue. Still missing Bill but enjoying Chris on the programme.

    My idea for the new show in Autumn would be to greatly emphasise the importance of real wildlife habitats in our own back gardens e.g. hedgerow and wild flower planting as well as insect and wildlife homes. I know that you guys have touched on it in a small way but speaking to many people in my local area, that have taken an interest in Springwatch, are still very much in the dark about what more we can do to benefit the local wildlife.

    Having put the above into practice in my own back garden, I have been amazed at the increase in wildlife on a daily basis. I have only installed a native hedgerow all around the back garden.

    Simply installing a hedgerow I have discovered a new found passion to lead me to the next level of wildlife observation.

    If the program can reiterate that decking and fencing has no benefit to wildlife whatsoever, then maybe we can return to a greener environment in our own backyards for the wildlife to utilise and us to enjoy watching.

    Looking forward to Autumnwatch. Cheers Dean.

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  • 172. At 4:22pm on 24 Aug 2009, oneredsquirrel wrote:

    As Autumnwatch is going weekly , Can we have the programme in HD please

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  • 173. At 12:09pm on 25 Aug 2009, RiverColneProject wrote:

    I run the River Colne Project, based in the Colne Valley, nr Huddersfield. We have just completed a well regarded Bat Project over the last 3 years, culminating in the building of the first ever BAT TOWER.

    In 2007 the River Colne Project, a voluntary environmental organisation in West Yorkshire, joined forces with the West Yorkshire Bat Group to train volunteers and conduct a comprehensive bat survey of the Colne Valley. This groundbreaking survey recorded all of the eight species of bat previously recorded in West Yorkshire. No other West Yorkshire site can boast this diversity of species. I was invited to give a presentation at the North of England Bat Conference in March 2009 to publicize the survey due to its unique methodology.

    Population distribution maps were produced highlighting barriers to population expansion and areas where bat numbers were low. This survey enabled us to get a £25,000 grant to deliver a programme of targeted habitat improvements.

    The Bat Tower, the focal structure of this project, has been designed based on a mill chimney so that it sits comfortably within its environment and reflects the industrial heritage of the area. Its design is unique. It provides innovative internal roosting opportunities for a variety of bat species. The Tower stands 6m tall above the River Colne with an entrance tunnel projecting towards the river.It is circular, 2m diameter tapering to 1.5m and constructed with a 7.5m vertical concrete internal chmber which is clad with local yorkshire stone. The 5m access tunnel allows flight access directly into the internal chamber from the river (also allows person access for monitoring. Not to be biased but it looks brilliant!

    If the format of Autmn Watch is to be more 'on the road' perhaps a stop to see the Bat Tower would be worth a detor.

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  • 174. At 7:42pm on 26 Aug 2009, saintphilippa wrote:

    Hi, I've just joined. Do the Autumn watch team fancy a quick trip to the South West of France, where I live? 1) At the lake nearby over 500 egrets roost in a single tree every evening, it's spectacular - like a magnolia tree in full bloom. The late arrivals can't find room and, reluctantly, go to a neighbouring one! 2)There are coypu (considered as vermin but very endearing) an elderly friend of mine feeds them carrots and bread by hand. 3)Sadly I found a dead polecat on the road yesterday, so there must be some around. 4) The bird life is amazing, kingfishers, bittern, NIGHT herons, crested grebes etc.5)We are in the flight path of cranes migrating Northwards towards the end of October, first you hear them, then you see the arrowheads of flocks, it's spectacular. (We could accommodate an exploratory team and we have fields where you could set up stuff!)

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  • 175. At 00:24am on 02 Sep 2009, BeverleyLincolnshire wrote:

    I am looking forward to Autumwatch. The bird cams are great but how about a Water Vole Cam,we have plenty on our lakes! They are great to watch and are one of Britains protected animals. They have great characters and interact with each other in a very gentle manner.

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  • 176. At 9:31pm on 02 Sep 2009, bizarreForest wrote:

    Although both Springwatch and Autumnwatch have featured the Forest of Dean on more than one occaision, are you aware that the Forest now seems to have a small population of Skunks?
    The local newspapers have recently reported sightings with photos. One Skunk was recently hit by a car and was thought to be the only one, but since the article appeared more people are reporting sightings.
    May make interesting viewing?

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  • 177. At 7:47pm on 08 Sep 2009, carolelove wrote:

    Hi - just need to know if BIll [please please - fingers crossed] is coming back and does anyone know what a white heron is ?

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  • 178. At 12:44pm on 16 Sep 2009, zoosandparks wrote:

    I love AW and SW, but I don't think that the same amount of feedback will be generated by having the programme 1 hour per week. Friday at 9pm is not good timing - people will go out and forget about it, or go out straight after and not respond. I also think that there are many people who watch the programme who do not have, or want to use, computers to interact after the shows. They will probably become alienated by the new format.
    PLEASE can we have MORE Gordon and less Chris.

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  • 179. At 8:25pm on 16 Sep 2009, sensibleTigerteacher wrote:

    I have driven from Poole to Bournemouth most week days for the last 3 years. Every day I drive past a park between 7.25 and 8am and at about 7.30am every day seagulls start to arrive because at 7.55am every morning, 7 days a week, an old local man walks over to the park from his house and feeds them 2 bag fulls of bread/scraps. I would be fascinated if you could explain why these seagulls show this kind of regular behaviour, especially since they are not in the area any other time I drive past. I think this would make an interesting story if Autumnwatch is down this way. Hope it's not too late!

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  • 180. At 2:01pm on 22 Sep 2009, MarJus wrote:

    Something on hares would be great! I'm lucky to see brown hares on an almost daily basis on my way to & from work, but very little is shown about them on TV! This could include the mountain hare (which I've only seen from a distance so far) and the Irish hare too!
    Anything on insects is good! Love the 'unplugged' too! Hope that will be back and definitely LOVE the new team!! Can't wait for AW and SW next year!! Keep up the great work!!!

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  • 181. At 8:17pm on 23 Sep 2009, lesleyfarnsfinch wrote:

    Really enjoyed Springwatch and looking forward to Autumn watch.Would love it if you could visit the Nottinghamshire area - we have some brilliant wildlife around.Would be great if you could have Bill Oddie doing a guest appearance. Really valued Chris's knowledge ,can't wait for some more.

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  • 182. At 7:43pm on 28 Sep 2009, Deb wrote:

    I was looking for the autumnwatch board, couldn't find it - I guess it's not up and running yet and then found this. I am really looking forward to autumnwatch this year - the weekly format sounds great. Hares would be good as I went to look for some at Talacre in North Wales and wasn't sure whether I was looking at large rabbits or small hares (at bhp biliton)! Also bird irruptions would be interesting - I have yet to see vast amounts of waxwings! I personally would like more information on prints (in snow, mud) so it's obvious what's what and I do have all the sheets but to see the actual thing in detail would be helpful and perhaps two similar ones next to each other. Just booked to see Chris at the Chester literature festival so if you're reading this we'll see you there - with two teenagers (one of whom wants to be a wildlife photographer) so I am hoping there'll be something for them in your presentation (hint hint!!)

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  • 183. At 6:50pm on 29 Sep 2009, carolelove wrote:

    I saw starlings formation flying last week and now have frogs jumping about in the rain on the patio..............................
    where on earth is Bill ? and what on earth are you on about Chris Packham - the world needs Pandas!

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  • 184. At 6:55pm on 29 Sep 2009, carolelove wrote:

    I think the hares are a great idea for spring maybe but the Bats in Huddersfield/Colme Bat Tower sound facinating.

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  • 185. At 6:27pm on 30 Sep 2009, HanskiDS wrote:

    Wondered whether you would be interested in filming an urban kingfisher in our local park in Cardiff (CF23). Its in a little oasis of green in an otherwise built up area. Not quite sure how he (and i think his mate) have found their home here, but it is wonderful to see that distinguished flash of blue when i walk the dog in the morning! There is also a young heron in the vicinity too, and I think I may have seen a Grey Wagtail, as well as the usual ducks.

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  • 186. At 8:34pm on 02 Oct 2009, Oddiefan wrote:

    I don't care, I am just so excited......

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  • 187. At 10:09pm on 02 Oct 2009, townsend7 wrote:

    On 28 Sept, I had swallows still on nest feeding young chics. I was amazed as there were No other swallows still about. This was on the west coast of Cumbria.

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  • 188. At 10:10pm on 02 Oct 2009, townsend7 wrote:

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  • 189. At 10:22pm on 02 Oct 2009, davidhutchins wrote:

    You asked about Chiffchaffs singing at this time of year. We moved to our home in South Somerset almost exactly 3 years ago in September 2006. There was a chiffchaff singing from a tree in our garden then which surprised us. We heard it again each autumn since and again this last week near Green Down where the Blue Butterfly lives. We assumed that they always did that and that we just had not noticed it before

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  • 190. At 8:16pm on 23 Oct 2009, ellenndan wrote:

    Could someone please help with info re why the shy retiring Jay can be seen everywhere in October and November and not seen other times.

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  • 191. At 3:38pm on 21 Dec 2009, Ryan wrote:

    Hi, Everyone
    let me firstly take this op to hope you all had a fab and merry xmass, I am Ryan Dior, writer/Actor, I must ask you to have a look at this dvd I was asked to get involed in, Produced and directed by an up and coming star in her own right, Emma Cepek email mecepmaker@yahoo.co.uk a name not to be forgoten in the future for sure, it tells a factual happening that is going on in Sothern Cemerty Manchester, about coservation and wild life that inhabits such places, have a look and judge for yourselfs take care Ryan X

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