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The pot, the pool, the cup, and no Bees or Toffees

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BBC Sport | 17:53 UK time, Monday, 12 November 2007

Hi everyone, I'm Richard Irvine-Brown and I help out with, among other things, the Sports Editors' Blog and the e-mails we receive from you every weekend in response to our coverage.

Each weekend I draw together your e-mails and feedback (from this blog, from 606, from people who collar me on a Saturday night at The Yuppy and Filofax winebar) for the editors and we discuss responses.

This weekend we re-ran the Calzaghe-Kessler fight, welcomed the first round of the FA Cup and saw a British world champion crowned, and the powers that be thought, rather than have two or three short entries, why not ask what a mixed sporting audience thought?

First of all, the red ribbons on the FA Cup. Now my mum is a Chelsea die-hard so when there was a distinct lack of winners' blue on the trophy at the weekend questions were asked. Many of you also took the time to e-mail BBC Sport and point out that, evidently, we had got it wrong.

Here's what happened: The ribbons are red because it is the official colour of the Cup sponsors, E.ON. It is a contractual commitment that we display the Trophy as it is provided to us by the FA. We have no control over the choice of ribbons that are used.

Alarmingly, nobody picked up on Brentford being utterly ignored in the second round draw. Ball 40 was Luton Town. Just Luton Town.

Now, the Hatters are likely to tonk us in the replay at Griffin Park, but to completely ignore the Bees was, well... Someone else could have noticed, surely? I wonder what our Chairman, my old boss, thought.

Thank you to those who took Adrian's plea on 2 Good 2 Bad to let us know what happened in the Barrow game against Bournemouth, I've passed your e-mails on to Paul Armstrong, Adrian and the team.

As ever, we want to know your thoughts on the weekend's coverage. What did (or didn't) you like about our FA Cup coverage? What are your pick of the second round ties? (Brentford v Forest, no?)

Several Everton fans were annoyed at the lack of coverage their UEFA Cup exploits received on Football Focus and one Northern Ireland fan e-mailed several times to point out recognition of his boys across the weekend's football.

So I had a chinwag with Steve Boulton, Football Focus editor, who told me that Football Focus only held the rights to show Aberdeen from the UEFA Cup last week.

However, we tried our best to secure the competition's remaining British clubs. In the end we were able to show Bolton and Spurs but not Everton. We did verbally mention Everton's result in our round-up.

We covered England on editorial value. McClaren's future was made gloomier with the news of Rooney being out for four weeks. Likewise, Scotland's top two had played in the Champions' League so we discussed this and the fact that Celtic and Rangers were not playing at the weekend because of Scotland's historic clash with Italy this Saturday.

Rest assured, this weekend Northern Ireland's chances ahead of their games with Denmark and Spain will be discussed on the 'Focus.

Are we giving fair coverage of Northern Ireland on Football Focus? If most of the news stories are coming from the Scotland and England campaigns, are we right to follow them?

But, take in a deep breath and rejoice, Britain has a new world champion. Joining Joe Calzaghe, James Toseland, Paula Radcliffe and Justin Rose is Daryl Peach, world pool champion.

I had spent most of Saturday trying to keep up with Daryl's efforts across several television broadcasters, but any frustration at a lack of exposure was extinguished by the great news of his win.

Daryl Peach

Though you would be forgiven for missing his triumph many of you, including Daryl's uncle, e-mailed to ask where the coverage was.

Short answer, it was here.

BBC Lancashire also got to have a few words with Daryl after his magnificent win.

In direct response to your requests for coverage we've got the report up on our Snooker page now but this is a problem we have with sports that have less public attention. Take a look down the left side of the BBC Sport frontpage - we have the 'majors' there - and the category Other Sport (American Football to Winter Sports) but, for instance, no place for Pool which, Daryl's magnificent win aside, has little regular content to gain a regular online audience.

Would pool fans mind a spot on our Snooker pages when needed? Would snooker fans mind?

Previously, people have asked for more canoeing coverage but felt patronised when it is included within our Rowing pages, but are there enough of you out there interested in canoeing? What about the World Chess Championship (which we didn't cover)? Could we realistically cover Aussie Rules and expect people to favour our online coverage over established broadcasters?

If we were to cover a less-well-known sport in more depth, would it be pool? What about water polo, normal polo, bicycle polo, kabaddi, surfing, futsal, 5-a-side, ten-pin bowling, beach football, karate, lacrosse, tae kwon do, judo or mixed martial arts? (Personally, I'd love to see some rock-climbing.) But at the expense of what?

Just because they are hugely popular should fishing and dog-racing have a place online on BBC Sport?

On the topic, did you see this on Inside Sport?

Thanks once more to all of you who welcomed the opportunity to watch Calzaghe's fight against Kessler again, you're welcome. Boxing rights are some of the hardest to secure and the team behind the re-run were chuffed at the response. No promises about what the future may hold, but all known coverage details are published on this page, which is updated as soon as further information is confirmed.

And finally, to Kate, I've no idea where Alan Shearer's shirt (on Match of the Day 2) was from, though we are investigating. I may pick one up as well. And a pair of Ian Wright's smart loafers.


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