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Inside Sport: Your questions answered

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Amanda Farnsworth | 11:08 UK time, Thursday, 6 September 2007

Hello again!

Thanks, as ever, for all your comments after the first show of our new series of Inside Sport. I'll be blogging again soon to let you know what to look forward to over the series, but for now I want to reply to the points you made, both on my last post and our Inside Sport: your reaction page.

Yes we will be covering the Women's World Cup - we have a piece from Jacqui Oatley coming probably for September 24th and of course Gabby will be presenting the live England games on the BBC.

We haven't any plans to interview Chris at the moment, but we have a couple of features planned for later that fans of fast bikes will enjoy!

To Mike - I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the Lawrence Dallaglio interview. I thought it was an interesting watch and his criticism of planning for the World Cup was picked up by the rest of the BBC and many papers. But I'm not sure how devoting the first 13 minutes of the second run of Inside Sport to Rugby Union makes us 'football-centric'. You may be glad to know that John Inverdale will be delivering a series of opinionated pieces from France during the tournament - so more rugby is to come!

To those who wrote in to highlight the number of homegrown players in the Manchester City squad - I think the point James Pearce was trying to make about Sven was that he has not bought an English or domestic player. As the former England Manager, Sven might have an excellent knowledge of the domestic talent available and yet he chose not to buy any. It is of course true that he inherited some excellent homegrown talent like Micah Richards.

There was a heated debate on the missed drug test issue with Steve passionately on one side and Des on the other and I think they expressed quite a wide range of points that the public, journalists and athletes feel. The subject of drugs in sport and testing regimes is one that we shall be returning to on Inside Sport, so watch out for that.

Over the course of the run we shall be covering the exploits of the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh football teams - especially if Scotland or Northern Ireland qualify, which would be a fantastic achievement and a strong story. At the moment though, the crisis in English football is the strongest story and the one we concentrated on (although we did talk in the studio about why Scotland and Northern Ireland were performing so well, despite having the same issue of the influx of foreign players that McClaren has to deal with). With the rugby, England are the defending champions and it seemed fair enough to do a piece on that to start with. Over the course of the competition though, as I said above, John Inverdale will be doing four pieces for us covering the home nations and no doubt New Zealand, Australia and other countries too - again they will be opinionated pieces led by whetever the best stories coming out of the Cup are.


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