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Hitting the net at Wimbledon

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Alex Gubbay Alex Gubbay | 11:22 UK time, Thursday, 28 June 2007

My colleagues James and Matt have talked in a bit more detail so far this week about our Wimbledon coverage on TV sports news and the red button respectively. And what is great for us in the web team is being able to broadcast all that live and on-demand video and audio on our website.

Much of it - primarily the live video and the Today at Wimbledon show - is admittedly only available to UK users because of our rights agreements. But given we do have all that rich multimedia content - including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage - we have been experimenting with the way we're laying out our tennis pages during the tournament by placing it right at the top of those pages. I'm hoping that is encouraging more of you to watch and listen to it, so would be grateful for any feedback.

Indeed, enhancing our live coverage of sports and events is a big priority for us, so in terms of Wimbledon this year, as well as the video, we have focused on improving our online text and statistics updates...

BBC Tennis on the Sport website

Our journalists based at Wimbledon are channelling their energies into constantly refreshing our main live web page - dipping in and out of all the relevant action, but also picking up all the news and gossip from around the courts, as well as the best quips from our TV and radio commentators.

So in response to queries we've had about whether we are providing a round-up of 'quotes of the day' this year, it is in these daily live pages that you will find them.

We're also keen to make our live coverage as interactive as possible, and so far we've had plenty of excellent texts from fans at Wimbledon, contributions on 606 from others at their PCs, and good responses to our live votes too. So keep them coming!

And of course, we're still providing updates on the biggest matches game-by-game... which has kept Tom Fordyce fairly busy so far!

On that subject, Angela Smith wrote in earlier this week to ask whether those 'gamewatches' are kept on the site after a match is finished because "they capture the atmosphere so well". The answer, Angela, is yes - here are all the gamewatches we've offered so far this week...

As for our statistics, we have spent a fair bit of time and effort in the build-up to the tournament refining our systems, with the aim of offering you more reliable and accessible live scores, results, draws and order of play information, while also encouraging you to visit the official Wimbledon site if you want more detailed updates.

After a few early glitches, I'm confident the new feeds have now settled down and are working well - hopefully you think the same too.

To reassure Matt B who was getting "cheesed off" earlier in the week, we hope we have now fixed the court ordering and old matches problems, though I'm afraid we won't be able to reflect server information this year.

So that's a summary of how we are approaching Wimbledon on the web. Judging by the healthy numbers of you accessing our coverage online, we're hoping you're enjoying it. But as ever, do let us know if there's anything else we should be considering, perhaps for next year, or even for our live coverage of other major events.

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