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More of your questions answered

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Amanda Farnsworth | 10:49 UK time, Monday, 21 May 2007

Thanks for all your feedback on Inside Sport so far, please keep it coming. Here are answers to some of your questions:

Owen Hargreaves interview
The full feature with Owen Hargreaves will run on this week's show alongside our interview with Sven!

Very sorry for changing the interview from Owen to KP at short notice last week. Because we needed to do the Carlos Tevez transfer story, I was concerned, with the Beckham in LA feature also running, that the whole programme would be football and so I changed the interview.

So, no sinister reason I'm afraid but Owen's interview will definitely run soon - watch the website for when.

Sunday programme
The Sunday programme is about 50% new stuff. We run the big interview, often at greater length, and the feature. But we also attempt to have a live guest, we do a paper review and we take in any breaking news that's happening. Finally, we look forward to the afternoon of sport on the BBC with hits from our outside broadcasts.

For some people trailing "coming ups" during a programme is annoying. But for many it's a reminder and helps them to remember the pieces coming up which are hopefully worth staying up for.

Looking at the audience for this last Monday night show, they stayed watching throughout rather than tailing off which is the usual pattern for a late night show. Obviously, part of that will be simply due to the content of the show, but trailing may also be having an impact.

Style of show
We are still developing the style of the show and I think I can say that there will be a range of items, some harder and edgier than others. If you take our feature about the hopeful paralympian Sgt Brennan, I think that was strong and newsworthy, while the Beckham feature was softer but really entertaining and informative.

This is what I said in the pre-launch blog of 11 April : "Interviews that aren't just the usual puffs for a sportsman or sponsor; features that get behind the scenes and under the skin of sport a bit; a range of different sports - not just football - and last but not least, that the programme have a bit of fun given that it's on late at night."

Judging by the response to Des Kelly's comments about sailing, there are plenty of people who think we are controversial already.

We shall see if we can be again.

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