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Dare you support Manchester United?

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Steve Boulton | 09:48 UK time, Saturday, 30 December 2006

At Football Focus we are planning to make a film in the new year about who you want to win this year’s Premiership title. Be honest now, is it Manchester United or Chelsea? (For the purposes of this blog I’m discounting the possibility of a ‘third’ challenger.)

If you actually support either of the league’s top two, your choice is obvious. If not, you may well have spent the last decade or so resenting Man United’s success. All that money and popularity. All those trophies. Difficult to accept graciously.

But suddenly Roman Abramovich has given many fans the ultimate dilemma. The devils or the deep blues, see.

As a Leeds fan, this season is a particular quandary. Manchester United have never been my second team. And the 1970 FA Cup final defeat to Chelsea is still too recent to forget. So now I’ve got a feeling I last experienced when I was seven years old. Two of my best friends held parties on the same day at the same time. Several miles apart. An impossible decision to make without seriously upsetting myself. Tears were shed - and remember I did have half of something to celebrate on that occasion.

Anyway, unless you want Chelsea to win a third straight Premiership, you have no choice. You have to become a closet Manchester United fan. But can you? Please let us know so we can complete this important sociological study for our special report on Football Focus.


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