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SPECIAL 1 TV: The Future

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The Special 1 | 11:40 UK time, Friday, 26 November 2010

The Special 1 and the Voyeur are at loggerheads again. Even with nine men The Special 1 is still a winner but with 11 men the Voyeur goes home empty handed. How did the Voyeur react? Plus allegations are made against Mr Capello - S1TV digs deep. Also making an appearance this week - the boy's boy aka Ronnie. Be warned you may need to get a tank* on standby for this one. Do it!

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*S1TV glossary: 'The Tank' as in 'Get Me The Tank'; phrase made famous by the boy who requested breathing apparatus due to inability to breathe following hilarious incident on World Famous Tv and inteweb show 'Special 1 Tv'.


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