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Climb Every Mountain - Our intrepid Rod Hogg

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Chris Kane Chris Kane | 13:39 UK time, Thursday, 13 August 2009


The exploits of our intrepid adventurer Rod Hogg are remarkable and I just wanted to highlight some of his achievements.

His plan for 2009 is to see the summit of Kilimanjaro (Jan), Denali (Mount McKinley,Alaska) (June) and for dessert Mont Blanc  - he ascended Denali on 13th June and in fact he's just back from successfully climbing Mont Blanc 


How does the man do it? Rod has had a long term ambition of climbing Denali which for many mountaineers is almost as difficult as Everest! It seemed only sensible therefore to add in the other two for good measure.

The Denali adventure required a lot of support and Rod has asked me to thank, on his behalf, all those who supported him both before and during the expedition.  It has been quite an adventure and he has raised in excess of £700 for Children In Need. If you would still like to contribute to CiN please follow the link to http://www.mycharitypage.com/RodneyHogg/



As for his latest exploit that of climibing the highest mountain in Western Europe he tells me that it went very well. I suppose, given his various training runs leading up to this, one might assume that this would be a walk in the park for Rod.  However mountain climbing requires a lot of training and team work -  if you get it wrong the consequences can be catastrophic!

Rod tells me that it's essential for the team to work together: it's important that the team is built around people you can trust, form a bond with and recognise that effective team working is about recognising that a good team is only as strong as its weakest link. 



Rod and his teammates have been very successful and much of this has to do with knowing the importance of good team work! - Something for us in Workplace to ponder on?




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