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Club v country rant

  • Stevie Miller - BBC Scotland Sport journalist
  • 14 Feb 07, 05:23 PM

stevie_miller_6666.gifsco_badge.gifHere's an analogy for you.

It's the football World Cup finals, Brazil have negotiated a tough group stage and are looking forward to the next round, when, all of a sudden, the English Premiership clubs demand the return of their Brazilian players for some league matches that weekend.

Can you imagine it? No, quite frankly, because it would never ever happen.

Yet, in the free week of the Six Nations, three Scottish players have been refused permission to train with the rest of the national squad! How has this mess been allowed to happen?

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Is the Six Nations value for money?

  • Stevie Miller - BBC Scotland Sport journalist
  • 28 Jan 07, 03:38 PM

sco_badge.gifsco_badge.gifGlasgow - The cost of rugby matches is a constant source of debate - I've certainly done my share of moaning at the price of a ticket - but does it really cost too much to see your country?

In the interests of science, and after shaking my head in disbelief that people paid £61 to watch Arsenal v Tottenham last week, I thought a little comparison between different sports would show up whether the Six Nations represents value for money or a rip-off.

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About Stevie Miller

  • Stevie Miller - BBC Scotland Sport journalist
  • 22 Jan 07, 10:29 AM

stevie millerGlasgow - I played rugby at school until the point everyone realised I was too small to be a forward and not good enough to be a back.

Since then, I've realised the role to which I am best suited on a rugby field is...


However, it has to be said that, in stereotypically Scottish style, I tend to go to the cheaper internationals, resulting in a worrying intimacy with the likes of Argentina.

My favourite rugby moment was watching David Sole slowly walk Scotland out at Murrayfield in the 1990 Grand Slam - that game was won before it had even started.

I'm looking forward to Scotland building on some good performances in last year's Six Nations and maybe a second-place finish.

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