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Taming the Dragon

Simon Mayo | 08:46 UK time, Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A lovely day dawning here on the estate. The birds were trilling early, the squirrels were burrowing into my 'lawn' and the mangey fox was scaring the old folk. The vernal equinox is here! Party time! Equal day and night for all! Apart from the north and south poles which both get 24 hours of sunshine today. My paper tells me this, so it is true. And the whole egg-balancing thing that you're supposed to be able to do at the equinox? Total rubbish. Must think of something else to do today instead.
I know, I'll go to another school and talk to 150 kids about the book, science and how one day Radio 2 will be their favourite station. It's worth it just to see the teacher smirk. My talk seems to have shrunk since my 40 minute opening salvo which is probably just as well. Then to Radio 2 and our guest, top dragon James Caan. The multi-millionaire recruitment entrepreneur has written about how to start a business in just 7 days. Life changing success can be yours! Etc.
So DRAGON'S DEN oldies please if you have a moment in today's hourly-burly.
Have an optimistic and spring-like Tuesday. See you after 5.


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