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Still no beard

Simon Mayo | 08:22 UK time, Thursday, 9 February 2012

Good morning to all bloggers far and wide, the estate cold and neglected this morning. Too many things to do and no time etc. Long day yesterday at the Lowry Centre in Salford for the Folk Awards and I hope you enjoyed some of the tunes we had for you. Starting with the Dubliners was a fine moment- an awesome parade of facial hair! And 50 years of tunes is some record. I thought Ralph McTell's speech while presenting them with their award was a lovely moment.
But the highlight of yesterday's show was Don McClean. He's played on the show before of course but I thought yesterday when he played "Everyday" and "Castles In The Air" was one of those 'I should work for nothing' moments (not really Bob in case you're reading this). And still a fabulous guitarist too. And getting an extra half hour was a treat too. One other highlight to mention- Jackie Oates. I wish I'd taken a photo of her singing and playing 2 instruments at the same time, with her eyes shut. She was our last guest but, as it turned out, top of the bill. Congratulations to all the winners last night, there'll be a few sore heads in Salford hotels this morning.
So today Nigel cooks something like braized slow simmered rack of lamb in drizzled gravy jus and pickled cabbage. Or something like that. And oldies? It has to be FABIO/HARRY tunes please at your discretion. What an extraordinary story!
Have a clear-headed and smile-filled Thursday. See you after 5.


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