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Let's go round again!

Simon Mayo | 08:05 UK time, Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Gloomy and wet here around the estate. When it started raining last night, it was a startling sound; it hasn't done that here for a while. I know there is a big regional divide and flooding is the issue after the deluges over the West Country and South Wales. But drought is the order of the day here as it has been for most of the autumn. I realise this is turning into another weather blog but that's a good thing. I find the climate chat more interesting than parliamentary revolts, the Michael Jackson trial and the X Factor. It is also less likely to cause argument and aggro than the anti-capitalist demo, the Euro or tuition fees. Plus you don't come here for that kind of nonsense, there's enough of it elsewhere. The Times columnist David Aaranovitch tweeted he was getting angry over one such issue and I replied that he should listen to Radio 2 more-he would live longer (mind you, that depends what we are playing of course-I can think of a few life shortening tunes).
Top live music today from Steve Earle! This is a good thing as Steve has been a fascinating recording artist for quite a few decades. 'Guitar Town' was a great debut but when 'Coppperhead Road' turned up, I played it every day. I also tried to interview Steve then but at the time it only took one question and Steve would talk for 20 minutes. Drugs, prison and a few wives later, he's one of the most compelling American singer-songwriters around. He's off around the UK on tour but it's drivetime first off.
And for songs? Well the M25 is 25 this week. Where would we be without it? (obviously the North Circular but you know what I mean) You don't need to have driven it to know of it's reputation so let's celebrate an orbital motorway in song.
Have a noteworthy and memorable Tuesday, see you after 5.


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