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Homemade heroics

Simon Mayo | 09:24 UK time, Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bright, sunny and cold and so the heating is on. Regardless of PTP's item on wearing jumpers around the house, when you get up to perform the morning ablutions, it is a jolly good thing if the radiators are kicking out some heat. And so they are.
Yesterday's cinematic adventures took me to see "Contagion" which is the new Stephen Soderburgh film starring Mat Damon, Kate Winslett, Lawrence Fishburn and many other top names. I soon forgot that I was sitting next to Sir David Frost who arrived at the last minute, and concentrated on the scary scenario unfolding in front of me. You can guess most of it; a new virus emerges from Hong Kong and spreads around the world while a search for the virus accelerates. So far, so familiar but it is terrifying because the science is so believable. It all makes sense. Time to live in Shetland. Just don't see it if you have a cough, you will not be welcome.
Seems most listeners enjoyed the Gazza chat yesterday. I thought he was engaging , funny and honest. We wish him well. Today we welcome Kirsty Allsopp to Drivetime. She is back on TV with a new series on craft. Needlework, sewing, embroidery, knitting, quilting-all my specialist subjects in one handy series. If you want to know how to weatherproof a scarecrow, design your own perfume or make blackberry vodka, Kirsty is your woman.
And actually CRAFT oldies will work nicely won't it? KIRSTY ALLSOPP tunes inspired by all the above (and not the housing stuff this time round). Scrapbooks, applique cushions and bunting ahoy!
Suitably enthused, have a noble and generous Wednesday. See you after 5.


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